Please don’t believe that Sussexit was some kind of scheme by Duchess Meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan Duchess of Sussex visit to Canada House, London, UK

I’ve referenced the slew of negative, nasty articles and “quotes” about the Duchess of Sussex, all of which came pouring out in the wake of the Sussexes’ announcement that they would step down as senior royals. We learned on Monday that the announcement worked well enough to shake up those crusty old fools and get them to comply with the bare bones desire of the Sussexes, which is to get out of the UK and to not be full time working royals. It’s been clear for a while that Harry and Meghan are a unit and they’re on the same page about everything. The joy they both exhibited at Canada House was evidence enough in retrospect. It was like a weight had been lifted from their shoulders and they could see freedom. Still, most of the British tabloids would have you believe that this is all Meghan manipulating poor Harry, and that Meghan is dangerous because she has a case of Ambition. Here’s something new (or newish): the Daily Mail has an interview with an unnamed “friend of Meghan,” with the kind of insidious nastiness you would expect from a “friend of William.” Honestly, this friend sounds like Samantha Markle.

Meghan Markle has the full support of her mother Doria Ragland as she and Prince Harry quit as senior royals, while a friend of Markle’s exclusively reveals to that she has no ‘intention’ of ever returning to the UK to live.

Meghan has the backing of her Los Angeles-based 63-year-old mother, who ‘was really worried about Meghan… and is relieved that her daughter is putting her mental health and well being first,’ the insider said. Meghan, 38, herself admitted to struggling after the birth of Archie, as the friend explained Meghan was ‘miserable in the UK’ and ‘wasn’t sleeping well and started having anxiety attacks about her future.’

Now across the pond and last spotted in Canada, the friend said of Meghan: ‘This was her plan all along, to eventually leave the UK and build her own empire with Harry. Doria is very much about being true to oneself and so of course she will continue to encourage Meghan to take the road less traveled.’

Meghan’s friend revealed that she has no ‘intention’ to return to the UK to live permanently, saying: ‘She doesn’t want to raise Archie there and she doesn’t want to schlep back and forth. She’ll make extended visits but that’s it. They are looking for a permanent residence in Canada. She said she wants a country house in Whistler outside of Vancouver and a home in Toronto. What Meghan wants, Meghan gets. This was her plan all along, to eventually leave the UK and build her own empire with Harry. Meghan wants to make millions and this was never going to happen if she didn’t make a drastic change with Harry. She wants to be up there with [Jeff] Bezos and [Warren] Buffet. Some of her friends thought she would eventually divorce Prince Harry and marry a billionaire. She always talked about marrying a billionaire before she met Harry. Now she doesn’t have to because together they will make their own billion dollar empire. This is what she has wanted all along.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I’m sure there are a lot of people who believe this, or believe a version of this. I think Meghan has always had ambitions and she still has ambitions. I don’t think those ambitions have much to do with creating a billion-dollar empire of Sussex Royal-branded tchotchkes though. I think Meghan and Harry both have ambitions… to grow the Invictus Games, to do more high-profile and comprehensive charity work, to find worthy causes they can help, and to raise their son in peace without a racist press attacking him every minute of his life. The idea that Meghan married Harry as some kind of master plan, some kind of epic scheme… well, it feels like the kind of racist trope found adjacent to the Angry Black Woman.

Britain's Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex react during their visit to Canada House in thanks for the warm Canadian hospitality and support they received during their recent stay in Canada,  in London on January 7, 2020.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, WENN.

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  1. OriginalLala says:

    The tabs won’t leave her alone, coming or going. Canada is a big country and we don’t really care about celebrities in our midst, I think they will be happy here

    • Bella DuPont says:

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen or experienced so many people work so incredibly hard to destroy one person.

      It’s frightening. Can she really not defend herself from this? At what stage can she sue for slander? Never?

      • It’s gross. And if they think people can’t see through it, they’re wrong.

      • Lucy De Blois says:

        I believe she’s doing what is possible in her situation. And more. She’s fighting the big monsters and let the small ones run free.

        I believe Harry didn’t have a clear intention of cutting himself off RF; if he didn’t marry her, probably he would be ok doing the buffon of the family (remember Kate’s statement SHE was giving Harry advices? Of course, big BS but fits his old image), hanging around with the wrong crew… and life goes on. But he married and got a baby. And, for all we saw, he is the kind that CARES about a family. He displayed an unexpected maturity that even his own brother didn’t know was there. Surprise!!!

        And nobody would stand the unheard connexion: a black Duchess!! Horror! Only Harry could have brought it on us. What the RF did was to try to cut HER loose from him. Not to cut both of them. I saw several times (on very ordinary people) identical strategies to separe a couple. Boy! The RF is tradicionalist! All the tricks they use are older than time itself. No imaginative tricks.

    • Clo says:

      I don’t really Care if they comme live here, but I strongly refuse that canadian people pay for they security. We have better things to do with our taxes, like funding for people who can’t work, our Health system, schools and éducation for our kids.

      • OriginalLala says:

        oh, I totally agree on that point Clo!

      • Deanne says:

        Absolutely. I don’t know anyone who is okay with Canadian taxpayers footing the bill for their security. I understand that they feel they have to get away from Britain, but they and they alone should be responsible for the cost. If the Royal Family pays, it still means the British taxpayer is on the hook, but Harry IS a British citizen and Meghan isn’t Canadian. I can think of a thousand more worthy things to spend taxpayer money on than Harry and Meghan. They aren’t refugees. They are extremely wealthy in their own right. Hopefully Charles will cough up the money from the Duchy of Cornwall. Canada is dealing with a lot right now in terms of losing so many citizens in the recent plane crash. Meghan and Harry need to take care of themselves.

      • Sunshine says:

        CLO Bradby specifically said that they do not want the titles or the security. What they want is to be left alone. The tabloid media is
        Whipping up a frenzy with lies. Let’s be honest, which one of Meghan’s “friends” would speak to the daily mail?

      • notasugarhere says:

        Bradby is making it up and loving the attention. He has books to sell.

      • PrincessK says:

        Why are people constantly banging on about ‘my taxes’. It is a drop in the ocean to ensure that they are not murdered by lunatics. In any case l am sure that Harry and Meghan will work their socks off to raise funds and awareness of issues surrounding health and education etc and in the end have more impact on certain things than bureaucracy and tax expenditure. Harry and Meghan cannot just disappear and be Mr and Mrs Normal with no need for security, and the money they have would be exhausted within years if they had to pay for the quality of security they need.

      • ADS says:

        Guys, please note (forgive me if you have already) that there is a hardcore cohort who are making a point of bringing up ‘Canadian tax payer dollars’ re security for the Sussexes under every article written about them. It is obvious these are trolls or bots working hard to drum up hostility and lack of support. Just something to bear in mind when you engage on this topic.

      • Jane'sWastedTalent says:

        Yes, I’ve noticed this too. Thank you for pointing it out.

      • DrG says:

        I’m Canadian and really don’t care. Idk why Canadians would act like our country is poor. We can afford it, and the once-royals could contribute a lot to the country. I’m no fan of monarchy so hey, let’s help end it and give them a home away from that toxic cesspool of a nation. Meghan is probably a permanent resident already and I’m sure Harry can purchase his status easily. It doesn’t take long to immigrate to Canada right now (7 months total in my very recent experience) so idk why people would be freaking out about them jumping the immigration queue. We have the space and we could use the distinction as a nation ourselves. Wouldn’t it be nice to start 2020 off by not simply being America’s political dumping ground for once?

    • Nahema says:

      @OriginalLaLa, that’s an interesting take because a lot of what I’ve read points to it not being all that much better than the UK and I do wonder whether the grass is really going to be greener for them in Canada.

      I’ve seen so many comments like’Canadians value privacy’ or ‘Canadians don’t care about celebs’ and yet a local in the place they were staying said the area was usually completely quiet and you’d be lucky to bump into another dog walker and yet as soon as everyone found out who was staying there, suddenly everyone was out walking their dogs.

      I’ve also read suggestions that a very large percentage Canadian people are upset about the idea of footing the Sussex’s security bill and weren’t overly welcoming of them or Royals in general. The figures seemed very similar to those in the UK.

      It’s going to be very interesting to see how tis plays out but if the Sussex’s really want to help themselves, focussing on how to pay for their own security will probably make a big difference to their popularity.

      • OriginalLala says:

        Where I live/work there are often celebrities and politicians around (ie: Meghan was at my workplace for an event before she met Harry with lots of prominent people) but people *generally* don’t make a big deal about it.

        I cant’ speak for all Canadians obviously but can only speak from my experience living here my whole life and seeing how we generally react to celebs in our midst.

        As for security, I don’t want to pay for any BRF member who chooses to live here.

      • Can we all just give them a few months at least to work out their financial independence which I’m sure is all inclusive. They have stated as clearly as they can their intentions to work towards financial independence. It was restated again in the brief statement from the Queen, where because the statement was brief, everything said in it was important. Finances are complex and it can’t happen overnight although many people on this site’s threads seem to think they should have been financially independent an hour after they dropped the announcement. Give it a rest, please

      • Charfromdarock says:

        The grass is greener in that we don’t have tabloids or Piers Morgan type talking heads in Canada.

      • kerwood says:

        @Nahema, you’ve spoken to a ‘large percentage of Canadians’, then?

        Right now most Canadians are mourning the death of 57 Canadians who were murdered last week. We’re not stressing the Sussex family. I have a feeling the overwhelming majority of the ‘Canadians’ who are suddenly so concerned about how are tax dollars are spent couldn’t pick Wayne Gretzky out in a lineup.

      • Lady D says:

        @Nahema, Where did you read the information that a very large percentage of Canadians are upset about footing the Sussex’s security bill? This is the first I’m hearing of this.

      • Rosalee says:

        I keep wondering who are all those Canadians who object. The majority of Canadians are in mourning over the senseless loss of 57 Canadians. Many of us are still devastated over the news of losing a neighbor, a friend, or family member. We have seen televised images of a tiny shoe or a burned Toy Story knapsack to recognize Canadian children were caught in a cross fire. Each major city lost someone valued, someone loved. FYI the Canadian Taxpayer Federation the organization quoted in the British tabloids and New York Post regarding the costs associated with security has 5 board members and 10 staff located across Canada they are all middle class white conservatives who scream and stamp their tiny delicate feet for headlines. I have had many debates with their reps..basically they are idiots.

      • Scotchy says:

        Nahema didn’t say she’d spoken to a large percentage of Canadians, she’d read it. Posters here for the most part are polite and genuine. Yes many are mourning the unnecessary loss of 57 Canadian citizens but it’s a genuine concern to some of us have. Please don’t belittle it. In case you were wondering, I could most certainly pick Wayne Gretzky out of a line up.
        @LadyD there was an article in the CBC that said the Cdn government hasn’t determined how their security would be paid for and whether or not Canadians would be responsible for some of the bill. Prior to that there was a false article stating we would be responsible so that’s where all the uproar came from. Personally all the press has become kind of insane and I am burning out on these stories. It most certainly isn’t her fault. At first the drama was intense and I was pretty curious but now it just seems sad. If they plan on living in Canada I hope they contribute ( as I have said a million times), go through due process to become residents and not just siphon. The world is burning/melting/, our communities are more fragmented than ever, having two more celebs hiding out with some other 1% folk in beautiful BC isn’t going to change that.

      • Erinn says:

        “and yet a local in the place they were staying said the area was usually completely quiet and you’d be lucky to bump into another dog walker and yet as soon as everyone found out who was staying there, suddenly everyone was out walking their dogs”

        We had Jaded and joanne post on the thread about where the dog walking stuff was discussed. Jaded said it’s a HUGE area for dog walking, and joanne said they live close to that area and next to a walking path and there’s always a steady stream of dog walkers. I think people tend to not notice things that are normal in their area if they’re not taking part. Like someone without a dog that they take on long walks wouldn’t be paying much attention to someone who was walking their dog past. Or how if you buy a particular brand/color of car- suddenly you start to notice how many are in your area because you’re looking for your own. The cars were always there – they just weren’t on your radar until you had the same one.

        When something is new, people are going to want to get a look. I’m sure people did take an interest. But it’s not a rabid interest. We had Sparkles filming in our town for a few months – we definitely kept our eyes peeled but never saw him and we didn’t go looking. People were really respectful.

      • blue36 says:

        While the royal family made some news in Canada, the 56 Canadians that were killed in the airplane crash in Iran has been dominating news headlines right now. Almost all news organizations pushed the royal family story to the end and focused more on the Iran crash, stuff going on in the US (people blaming Trump for Iran taking down the plane), politics, etc. It hasn’t gained that much traction to be honest.

      • carmen says:

        Lady D & Kerwood – take a look at the comments in response to articles in the Globe & CBC. And yes, Canadians can be devastated about the Canadians killed in the plane crash in Iran AND also have an opinion on how their tax dollars are spent.

      • Jaded says:

        @Erinn: thank you. People on the lower island (near and around Victoria) are blessed with any number of parks, hiking trails and off-leash dog-walking areas so to say that any place is devoid of people until H&M show up is just nonsense.
        @Naheema: Which local are you referencing? I’ve read all the local press about how charming H&M were, how they actually walked up to a couple trying to take a selfie while they were hiking and so Meghan stepped over and asked if she could take the picture.

        It is my belief that if they do end up spending part of their time here in Canada, probably Vancouver Island as Victoria is in the running for the Invictus Games, they will pay at least a portion of the security involved as this seems to be one of their mantras – that they will become self-sufficient over time as they pull away from senior royal duties.

      • fluffybunny says:

        You Canadians are classy. I like you guys. Doesn’t hurt the your Prime Minister is hot. I’m flying through you this summer on Air Canada and I’m quite happy with my flight decisions.

      • Pity10 says:

        I’m sure most Canadians don’t know much about this, but if you ask should Canadians pay for British royals security pretty sure à majority would say no. I mean who wants to pay for royals who are wealthy. If you are Canadian and want to pay, wow you are a big fan!!! We don’t have any details on how this is going to work. Security is really the big issue, as it is expensive.

        Also I’m not sure they really want to be left alone as some on here think. They just may want more control over their image and issues they support. One big thing about being a British Royal that sucks is you have to go with the firm in general. You don’t control your image. I guess some try in the background behind the scenes, but it’s easier directly. It is understandable how a former actress would want her image to be controlled by herself. In this way I would say Meghan might be the origin of this as she has lived another way, which Harry hasn’t. I think the whole thing is a good idea if done well. It saves money, makes the monarchy smaller. As long as they don’t try to monetize off the royal brand or still use some royal and public money I have no problem with this, not that my opinion matters. That would be the only way it would make me sour on it, and they have no signs showing they would do that. Time will tell.

      • PrincessK says:

        Who is Wayne Gretzky please and what has he got to do with anything?🤷🏽‍♀️

      • eyfalia says:

        Wayne Gretzky is a very famous Canadian icehockey player!

    • AnnaKist says:

      I agree Bella. I was watching a panel show last night (I’m in Australia, so it’s almost 1am here), and one of the panelists, a journalist who really should have more sense, STILL believes that Meghan, having once been an actress, “is just playing a role”, implying that she had all this planned from the start. What can you do with that kind of thinking? I mean, if it is just “another role” to her, wouldn’t she have been better off sticking with the *more prestigious* role of Duchess of Sussex, in Britain, playing their game, being subservient to The Firm and reaping whatever rewards she could, rather than going out on their own, running a business, earning a proper living etc.? It doesn’t matter what she does. She is never going to win, or even be accepted by many people, and is going to get slammed unmercifully along the way. At least this way, they’ll be mostly away from all that and living their own life on their own terms. I’d have done the same.

      • And yet, they all like to say she’s not a very successful or particularly good actress because her highest peak was a minor network show. Either that or she ranks on the level of Meryl Streep in her role as Duchess.

      • fishface says:

        If MM had the kind of ambition she’s being accused of demonstrating, marrying Prince Harry would not have been the cleverest move. If she had been welcomed with open arms in the UK,there would have been no reason, need or support for becoming financially independent of the BRF, or ‘bullying’ Harry into stepping away as a senior Royal. For people to say that she had this level of Machiavellian intention or ability to single-highhandedly make this happen is just next-level racism-inspired drivel. However, say she did plan all of this. So effing what? No crime has been committed. It’s not unethical. And it’s only distasteful to those people looking for any excuse to beat up on her. Because God forbid a black woman has ambition, right?

      • Lucy De Blois says:

        What kills me is: the very same insulting people that were claiming H&M should be cutt off the RF, should earn a living like everybody, go somewhere else than UK, are the very same people outrageous with their boldness to cut off from RF, earn a living, etc..

        I only see that they WANT the RF to cut them off, to suspend their income, and to send them away from UK. Not the contrary.

    • Mego says:

      Canadian here and I’m fine with it. Could be a lot worse like the Trump family.

    • Me49 says:

      I wonder if they’ll move to the US once Trump is gone. Isn’t Archie already a US Citizen because Meaghan is one?

      • Mac says:

        Yes, Archie is a US citizen. Although I doubt the rampant racism in the US will end when Trump leaves office. Canada may not be perfect, but I hope it is better than the US and UK.

      • Noodle says:

        I’ve heard in a couple of gossip sites that she wants to live in LA. Whether that’s true or just a gossiper assigning to her aspirations of fame remains to be seen. LA would be a good place for them; close to industry, Doria, generally good weather.

      • Shirleygailgal says:

        I understand the Duchess *may* have said something like “I won’t live in the States as long as trump is the president” or something along those lines. Canadians may have a fiduciary duty to pay for SOME security as he is our Prince Harry as well as England’s and his queen is our queen too. It’s complicated and will resolve in weeks, maybe months, not hours or probably not even days

    • Nancy says:

      I put a meme of Yoko Ono saying I broke up the Beatles, next to Meghan saying, take a seat. Shockingly! FB didn’t print it. I think what they’re doing is wrong. To say she was abused is laughable. On this site alone, ppl fawn over them. She evidently can’t handle the stress that comes with the job she fought so hard to get. She should leave. Diana was treated horribly from start to the grave. So run Meghan run….

      • MariaS says:

        When tolerating printed lies, death threats and racist abuse is part of the job, its time to quit. So they did. And people like you are STILL angry. A job she worked hard to get? And by work you mean falling in love with a man who loved her back and started a family with her? Or the disgusting trope of the calculating, social climbing harlot? Commenters like you illustrate why they’re pulling back.

      • Bunny says:

        “To say she was abused is laughable. On this site alone, ppl fawn over them. She evidently can’t handle the stress that comes with the job she fought so hard to get. She should leave.”

        She’s not property. You don’t own her. She’s not yours to abuse because she married Harry.

        It isn’t “part of the job” to be threatened. Being called names in the press endlessly, day after day, isn’t what she signed up for.

        No one could handle the daily stress of being attacked, picked apart; called racial slurs; having your child called racial slurs (Archie has been called names by a BBC radio host and others); having your husband’s own family make racial slurs with no consequences (looking at you, Princess Michael of Kent); and being pilloried for doing what Kate is praised for.

        Just admit it: you think she deserves the abuse.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Another tumblr theme showing up on CB.

        She has faced violent, racist hate from the British media for three years. Plotted physical attacks from idiots on tumblr, two white nationalists jailed for attempting to assassinate Harry as a race traitor.

        All these two asked for was equitable treatment, not for there to be a clear anti-Meghan narrative. It is all rooted deeply in racism, but Nancy I’m sure you don’t believe that.

      • Guest says:

        how did she fight to get her “job?” She married a prince who, by all accounts, pursued her pretty hard at the beginning of their courtship. They dated. They married. Where’s the “fight?”

        And she may well have been ABLE to handle the abuse, but in what world is that a metric for success? Why would she? And pointing out that her mother-in-law died because of abuse isn’t really a great reason to stay.

        And the Yoko Ono thing? Not original or funny.

      • fatladysinging says:


        So, you’re up in arms and SHOCKED! that Facebook didn’t publish your dumb meme, yet can’t understand why a woman who has been dragged through the press and drubbed for behaving EXACTLY like Kate, should not be annoyed or fed up at all.

      • Tour malinn says:

        If you think Meghan was not abused by the press just look at these headlines in the collection of Buzzfeed:

        The comparison, the double standards compared to Kate’s press coverage for example is sickening. (At least I felt sick reading it.)

      • PrincessK says:

        Yoko Ono didn’t break up the Beatles, that was just another misogynistic narrative.

      • mess says:

        Wait was Meghan supposed to just take it from the tabloids until she’s run to the grave too?

        Smart people learn from history.

      • Lucy De Blois says:

        Maria certainly got a point. Everyone who marries in wealth families are seeing as social climbers and money-hungry. Some are and some are not. It depends of the person.

        Kate for sure was. I saw girls sticking to the point of catching a guy, but she is a hors concours. Not only because of the time (that was seeing before) but because of the exposure and the risk of being marked for life if she didn’t get it.

        All of us are humans. Who wouldn’t be fascinated if a real prince fell in love for us? The palaces, the wealth, the dream, the parties and… the love, if it comes to it.

    • Amy Too says:

      I think it’s going to be like the thomas Markle thing. The press will continue to make stuff up and belittle her and compare her to Kate, but eventually it will be obvious that they seriously have no access. They don’t have any real idea what the Sussexes are doing or not doing, and they won’t be getting leaks from the palaces about it either when Meghan and Harry are in Canada because Meghan and Harry won’t have to share every little thing they do or are planning on doing with the RF. People will start to realize that their articles don’t say anything new and never contain any actual facts. And so, like what happened with Thomas Markle, people will lose interest in reading articles that don’t say anything new or newsworthy.

  2. Rapunzel says:

    It makes zero sense that anyone would join the BRF with the intention of leaving it.

    And this whole “Meg wants a billionaire and now she doesn’t have to divorce Harry cause he can be a billionaire too” is ridiculous. Harry is part of the BRF, and financed luxuriously. This is clearly not a real friend speaking. Meg’s real friends would never say this twaddle.

  3. T says:

    I think a lot of things can be true. I believe Harry has long wanted to forge his own path away from the BRF. I believe that the British tabloids were nasty and racist.

    With that said, I do not discount every story that paints Meghan as being something of a social climber, at least before she met Harry. And that she may very well be anxious to establish an empire utilizing Sussex Royal.

    Again, I think this was Harry’s decision through and through, and he absolutely had validity to want to protect his wife and son from the gross tabloids and his dysfunctional family.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      All of this “wanting to establish an empire” talk is embarrassing and very telling about the people who spout it. This is exactly the Svengali conspiracy type of nonsense that’s being criticized in the post.

    • Sarah says:

      ” I still believe that Meghan has long had her sights on elevating her status any means possible. (Which could also be said for Kate, too.)”
      I agree, and I don’t see this as a bad thing at all. You have a lot of people, usually white and male, who are dominating society not because of their talents, but because of their gender and skin color. Why shouldn’t a woman, and especially a woman of colour, try to elevate herself and go after what she wants?

      • T says:

        I don’t think being ambitious is bad either. Which is why I think it’s OK to say if someone is ambitious, has bigger ideas for themselves, etc.

      • T says:

        And you’re exactly right: White men are praised for their ambitions when women – especially women of color – are vilified.

      • Maria says:

        You’re not seriously comparing Kate with a woman who has held a job since she was thirteen, are you?
        Working hard and wanting to be a force for good is not the same as social climbing. This thread veers into very Daily Mail territory.

      • Noodle says:

        @Sarah, and in the case of the RF, the men are “selected by God” and nothing else matters. They don’t have to do much more than exist and pass on their blood to heirs because they are the chosen ones.

      • Sarah says:

        @Maria, I think my overall point is that I see social climbing more broadly and less negatively than most people. But I understand that most people use it to slam Meghan in a sexist and racist way.

      • Maria says:

        Using this terminology still codifies Meghan as attempting to overreach herself. And it’s also patently untrue – if she were a social climber, she’d be satisfied with being part of the Royal Family (Kate is).

      • Marie says:

        Being ambitious and networking are not bad things at all. I would rather be labeled as ambitious rather than not. My son was labeled as ambitious by his teacher and it was a good thing lol

    • STRIPE says:

      I tend to agree. Especially since ultimately, we know almost nothing about all of these people, Meghan in particular. She could be a total social climber, she could not be. She could be somewhere in between. I don’t see how someone could say they know one way or another without knowing her personally.

      • L4frimaire says:

        Frame it any way you want, social climbing is a loaded word with negative connotations. She is a striver, and yes smart and ambitious. I also think they’ve been in survival mode for the past several months and their exit plan was more in reaction to the toxic atmosphere. As for the complaints about security, it is better than use something like RPOs because there is more accountability and the parameters of their protection are more closely defined . Can you imagine if they used a Blackwater or Executive Outcomes style private security firm that have clients like oligarchs, etc , and there was an incident where people got hurt? Solutions aren’t always simple.

      • Mac says:

        Meghan spent many years working in an industry where it is all about who you know. She networked like every other actor to make the contacts and connections essential to her livelihood. I would not call that social climbing. I would call it good business.

      • February Pisces says:

        I used to work in the media industry and networking is essential to get jobs. Most television and film work is only for a few months at a time, so in order to keep getting work you have to put yourself out there all the time. It’s really hard and very few people make a living. There is no stability at all. So I wouldn’t call it social climbing at all. I think when people do nothing but hunt down rich men to fund their lifestyle whilst they sit back and spend their days shopping, that is more gold digging/ social climbing.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      @T except when it’s used to describe black women it is used as a racist trope. Always has been. Black women who have ambitions and goals are seen as attempting to be “above their station”. Which has been the overall theme of every racist piece written about Meghan. That she should “stay in her place”. Which is why there is such vitriol about her marrying Harry.

      • Kebbie says:

        Yep. It’s all about how they frame it and they’ve long framed Meghan’s “ambitions“ as threatening. As some kind of indictment of her character.

        They frame everything Meghan does in a negative light, as evidenced by that Buzzfeed article comparing Kate and Meghan’s headlines. Meghan touches her bump because she’s vain, Kate does it because she’s tender. Kate’s designer fashion is chic, Meghan’s is Hollywood and unbecoming of a royal.

    • Myra says:

      Why must an ambitious woman be labeled. Nothing is wrong with wanting to achieve success in education, business and yes your life partner.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Because of patriarchy and misogyny ambition in men is admirable but ambition in women is nefarious, after all patriarchy is founded on women being secondary to men, on women being property.

    • kerwood says:

      @T, ‘establishing an empire’? God forbid. BEWARE the Empire of the American BI-RACIAL Duchess!!!!!!

      Sometimes I wonder if people listen to themselves.

    • Ava4eva says:

      I’m patiently waiting for someone to explain why Megan and harry needed to tradeMark the Sussex brand MONTHS ago. Why even need to trademark a royal brand if they truly want to step away from being royals?

      Not so easy to explain and keep Meghan looking innocent and rosey.

      • MsIam says:

        The Cambridge’s foundation name is also trademarked. It keeps people from using it for things that could be embarrassing or even worse fraudulent. So nothing nefarious about that at all. The original charity with Will, Kate and Harry has been trademarked since 2013. The new one with Will and Kate since last year.

      • Rose says:

        To keep someone from getting it. Trademark squatters are a thing.

      • Becks1 says:

        It’s very easy to explain. It was a standard move among royals to protect their name and brand. I know the idea of a “brand” sets people off but the royal family is all about their brand. I assume Charles has trademarked things related to the Duchy of Cornwall, his title as PoW, and Highgrove.

      • L4frimaire says:

        Trademarking is standard for foundations to prevent others from using their logos and materials for profit or fraudulently. All of the Royals have done that. Try selling your own t-shirts with the Princes trust logo and see how long before you get a cease and desist letter. Also, at the same time the Sussexes did their trademarks in June, the Cambridge foundation did the exact same thing that month. Look it up. Check out that viral Buzzfeed article on press coverage on Meghan versus Kate. They have a section on the trademark thing. And yes, they should be protecting their brand and foundation.

      • Guest says:

        Wow. So snotty – it is so easy to explain. And it would have been super easy for you to find out on your own that all of the royal foundations have done likewise.

        Next, why don’t you try to find out why Meghan wears shoes that are half a size too big, or why sometimes she wears her hair up and sometimes she wears it down. Maybe it’s some sort of code to her secret SOHO house backers.

        So many things to investigate, so little time.

        Thank you for your patience while it was explained to you.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Just like W&K and other BRF royals trademarked their titles years ago Ava4eva?

      • val says:

        You could have used your “patient” fingers to google LOL. Why do you think? Did you question the beloved Cambridge klan when they did the same thing?

      • ADS says:

        The Cambridges have trademarked, as has Prince Charles. The Duchy of Cornwall brand is well known in the UK and sells food such as biscuits, cakes, cheese and other branded items for profit. If you can, please go to the Waitrose (UK supermarket) website and look up the items yourself.

        Now that you know it is a standard and common move and that the heir to the throne himself profits from his own royal trademark, I hope you will do what you have urged others to do and rethink your position in the light of the new information you have. Perhaps even consider the possibility that when people say that there is a double standard operating here they actually are basing that on (readily available) facts.

    • MA says:

      A true social climber would cling to the BRF that represents the pinnacle of society. Not retreat to Canada and step back from tiara events and other occasions to strut as the 4th “highest” female in the country.

    • jenner says:

      I agree that the truth is somewhere in the middle. Some people have elevated Meghan to a weird saintly status where they think she is perfect. She is not, she was in the Hollywood game for quite a bit and this has definitely shaped how she thinks.

      • Elizabeth says:

        The Duchy of Cornwall sells all sorts of stuff with its name and coat of arms to support Charles and his sons. Royal weddings are also monetized with tea towels and so on. I have a cake platter from the queen’s coronation. Yet somehow Harry and Meghan making a living is so appalling and outré???

      • Tina says:

        I think it could be true that there is racism in the British press and she is treated more unfairly compared to the Cambridges

        that Meghan never really intended to stay in Britain and she had a Hollywood attitude that turned off a lot of people at the palace. Meghan has barely given England a chance…I mean even Goop and Madonna stayed for 8-10 years.

      • Shirleygailgal says:

        @Elizabeth..was in England in October. The Duke of Cornwall’s white cheddar cheese is the best I have EVER tasted. and it is patented and copy-writ up the wazoo – the label took me forever to read

      • Guest says:

        @Tina OMG I totally forgot when those two famous white women weren’t hounded out of the UK!

        Meghan came with a reputation and it was not a reputation for having a “hollywood attitude.” Stop trying to rewrite her history.

      • PrincessK says:

        @Jenner ….So what is so devilish in being part of the Hollywood game? She wanted to be an actress and had a tough time because she wasn’t black enough or white enough. She worked hard and for an actress in America where most people fail she was very successful. How has Hollywood negatively shaped how she thinks ? Meghan has always been confident and socially conscious and the quality and impact of the work that she has done in the UK really impressed me. And yes, she is a saint for standing up to the most vile and despicable campaign to break and destroy her. Her husband has now said enough is enough, we are getting out.

    • Amy Too says:

      I think Meghan is someone who puts her own health and happiness first. That’s sort of radical. As a woman, and commoner, and POC, and wife, and mother, and member of the RF, she’s not supposed to do that. The only people who do that consistently are wealthy white men. So many of us have been conditioned to believe that life is supposed to be hard and difficult, your job is something you endure because you have to make money, you have to stick around and support your manipulative and shitty family, you should put other people’s needs and wishes and expectations above your own, you don’t want to appear fickle or “full of yourself” or trifling for making changes just because you want to and the change benefits you. You should always wait for the “right time” when the change you want to make will be most convenient for those around you. It takes courage to cut off toxic family members, it takes courage to walk away from a job you don’t like, it takes courage to put yourself out there in order to get what you want. But how many people, after leaving a bad romantic relationship say “I wish I had done that years ago”? How many people wish they had quit their miserable job sooner? How many people wish they had moved away from their hometown and family sooner? Or cut off a toxic friend? Or switched from their stable but boring career to something more exciting? How many people say “I wish I had learned to paint sooner, written this book sooner, bought the car I love sooner, bought this horse sooner”? A lot of us.

      Meghan has always had the guts to just do what will make her happiest. To leave situations that aren’t working out for her. The fact that words like “ambitious” are seen as being loaded insults, is a problem. The fact that someone doing what is best for them is considered selfish and scheming, is a problem. People deserve to be happy and live their best lives as long as they’re not using and abusing people along the way. As long as they’re being responsible about it. I think Meghan went into the full time working royal role with integrity, determined to do her absolute best, but when it began to feel like she wasn’t living her best life anymore, she decided to make a change instead of waiting it out to see if it would get better in 2 or 5 or 10 years. She went in with honest intentions but wasn’t afraid to step back from a bad situation when she needed to. No one else is going to make sure she was happy, fulfilled, and content with her life, so she has to. She wasn’t going to live a miserable life just so that the BRF wouldn’t look like they were racist bullies. She isn’t responsible for the decisions they make or how they look. She’s advocating for herself. A lot of us are jealous of the people who have the guts to move through life advocating for themselves and making decisions based on what would make them feel happy and fulfilled because we know, deep down, that we’re not ballsy enough to take those big risks and we sometimes resent the people who take big risks for their own happiness and end up thriving.

      • Ronja says:

        Thank you for this comment – it’s so true and also inspiring. It may ever seem like a good time or an easy decision, but sometimes moving on, or away, is the best thing.

        We live in a world where ambitious looks good on (white) men, but is a negative personality trait on women (of colour even more so). I think it’s great Meghan values their health and well-being and has the guts, together with Harry, to cut that toxic tie away in such a public space.

  4. lemonylips says:

    When it comes to women, the word ambition is portrayed like some horrible disease. I’m white, but EE, working in London. Trust me it wasn’t good when I was ambitious back home, and a lot of times it’s even worse here. I can’t imagine what it must be like for women of colour. I can see how in UK society women are treated a lot of times. And they believe that they have an open mind. Brexit just enhanced these issues and it’s horrible to witness all around the world. I hope we soon go to the time where women of all colour and religion will be shown respect. I for one would celebrate any woman who is ambitious. So why is it a bad thing? Oh, yeah, I know… cause it puts the privileged ones in a position of actually having to prove their status. 

    • HCR says:

      ” So why is it a bad thing? Oh, yeah, I know… cause it puts the privileged ones in a position of actually having to prove their status. ”

      thanks for explaining this so clearly Lemonlyps!

      An Australian friend of mine told me it is called “tall poppy syndrome” – when one wants to rise above the rest they cut off it’s head!

      • lemonylips says:

        uuuu you know it has a positive aspect to it too. like when you actually are the best at something and grow and then others have to follow your lead or bust. wish that would work.

  5. Sarah says:

    Wait a minute… Just a few months ago, the same tabloids were accusing Meghan of manipulating Harry into marrying her because she wanted so badly to BE PART OF the RF. Now, she is manipulating him into LEAVING? Which one is it?!

    • Guest2.0 says:

      IKR? It gives you whiplash the way the narrative constantly changes.

    • Kebbie says:

      She was plotting to be a princess from a very young age. She was obsessed with Diana and the royal family. She achieved her lifelong dream of becoming royalty. Then, despite royalty being the most important thing to her, she chose not to give her son a title. Then she chose to not mingle with the Queen and three future Kings at gatherings in the summer and at Christmas. Then she chose to walk away from it all. Makes perfect sense to people hellbent on making her a villain. I remember DM comments about how she was “eyeing Prince William” because she was obviously desperate to be Queen 🙄

      • fluffybunny says:

        She’s just American. We all love us some Princess Diana. I grew up on a street named after her. I’ve also got a tiara. Am I plotting to overthrow the Monarcy? No. I’m just an American who grew up watching Disney princess movies.

      • Kebbie says:

        I was being sarcastic. Sorry, I assumed that was obvious. The narrative that she was obsessed with royalty but is now electing to leave is nonsensical.

        I don’t think she was ever obsessed with Diana or becoming a princess. They just painted her that way to imply she was conniving, that she pursued Harry and for reasons other than love.

        There’s an old video of her being interviewed and she is asked if she prefers Prince Harry or Prince William. She could not have been more indifferent. She basically just shrugged and said “I don’t know.” But the tabloids painted her as someone out hunting for a Prince.

  6. Trish-a says:

    Then give her a Oscar. Because what I see is two people madly in love. Like people have said, they are like magnets. I believe l what she said, I knew it would be hard but I thought it’d be fair. And it was not. It was disgusting.
    You are right though, she’s being dragged right now all over social media. By mostly Americans who don’t know crap and wear red hats.

    • Shazza says:

      I ACTUALLY saw a post where they were questioning if Harry were real or a doll???!!! I don’t go down rabbit holes but when did THIS become a question?

      • fluffybunny says:

        Where might one purchase their own Ginger Avenger doll? My husband wants a life sized Boba Fett. If he gets one then I can get a Prince Harry. Proceeds of course would benefit the Sussexes foundation.

    • Pity10 says:

      Did you get the magnet line from Twilight! They do look in love, and I hope you are right it’s for a long time, but we just see pictures and video who knows for sure. It would make me sad if they broke up, but it would just be another time the world got it wrong. Not Oscar worthy, but here’s hoping it’s what it looks like.

  7. ShazBot says:

    I’m honestly getting to the point where maybe I’m being gaslighted by these trolls and am starting to question myself?!
    I just really hope that they’re nice, good people in love and that they stay together and live their lives as humanitarians with a quieter private life.

    • Miumiiiu says:

      I don’t know if they’re good people or not, and it doesn’t affect me either way , but I appreciate that sussexit, regardless of why it happened, shined a big light on the royal family. I think it planted a seed when Elizabeth II wrote “public funds” about Harry (that he’s not taking them.) it will hopefully make people think about why and how many royals do take public funds. Something that the queen doesn’t usually refer to.

  8. Taryn says:

    Ugh, my in laws are already starting with the “she took our arry!” narrative. Of course the media is going to blame her, people take issue with intelligent strong minded women and ESPECIALLY one of color. And the people who latch on to any reason not to like her will hold this grudge for ages. It will be a couple of years of them doing their own thing and growing their charities until the smoke and headlines die down, but inevitably they will be fine and happier. Hopefully by then more people will realize how poorly she was treated when they stop being spoon fed by the Fail.

    • Kristin says:

      Remind your in laws that Harry is a 34 year old husband, father, war veteran, creator or Invictus, creator of Sentebale and not a child incapable of making decisions on his own. It drives me crazy how people act like this isn’t a man who has experienced war and done things with his privilege. Why don’t want people want him to grow? They would be happier if he was still hanging around Vegas naked!

    • ArtHistorian says:

      The “our Harry” narrative is just gross – he’s not the property of the public, of people who don’t know him.

      • lemonylips says:

        yep and that is one of definite reasons he left. Wills is a property. Unless he doesn’t wanna crown. Lol to that.

      • Mich says:

        At least they say “our Harry” with a sense of loving ownership. When Archie was born, the media line was that Meghan had zero rights in terms of how the child was born or first introduced to the public because the British taxpayer had paid for him – like they were some kind of chattel slaves.

      • bigrockcandy says:

        And we don’t really want him. I know everyone on this site thinks his racial slurs are no big deal, but as a member of the group he was using slurs against, I don’t see why I’m told I have to forget them. I hope he doesn’t teach those particular ones to his child.

      • Maria says:

        “I know everyone on this site thinks his racial slurs are no big deal”
        No one said this.
        ” I don’t see why I’m told I have to forget them.”
        No one said this either.

        Coming from a family unleashing racist attacks on his wife, this attitude is not surprising. He has apologized and tried to make up for it, a decade later.
        Whether that’s good enough for you is up to your feelings, but nobody said either of those statements here.

      • ADS says:

        ‘I know everyone on this site thinks his racial slurs are no big deal…’

        I’m a Black British woman and I did think those comments and his behaviour were reprehensible at the time. But he apologised and has made a point of recognising and calling out racism and intolerance. And let’s not pretend that him using his platform to name what is being done to his wife – i.e. racist victimisation – is not a big deal. It is. And it has literally made him a target for far right groups who now want to see him dead.

        For me – and quite frankly any reasonable person who genuinely believes in redemption – what he has done to combat racism is enough for me to move on from his past stupidity.

  9. Toot says:

    I love that top photo with the smiles knowing the won’t be dealing with the royal rota no more. 😄

    • Belli says:

      I’ve just remembered that when they left Canada House Meghan gave the photographers a little wave goodbye.

      A bigger goodbye than any of us realised!

  10. Lurker says:

    It’s not our business but It wouldn’t surprise me if we eventually discovered that the press being so cruel during Meghan’s pregnancy may have caused some post-partum issues for her. I do think there may be some truth in that. Everyone wants to believe Meghan and Harry are the perfect and happy golden couple but even golden couples have issues. I believe Meghan and Harry had every intention of sticking it out while QEII was alive but eventually stepping down during Charles’ eventual reign but the media became too much and affecting their mental health.

    • Becks1 says:

      I definitely think it took a toll on her. I was looking at pictures today from Benjamin Wareing, a photographer, who was posting pictures of Meghan from a year ago on his twitter. She looked happy. And even before that, when I look back at pictures from the polo match (#polobaby) or the garden party with Charles and Camilla – she looked happy, confident, at ease in the situation. Then when I look at the Lion King premiere, for example – something shifted in her demeanor. It could just be the particular pictures I’m looking at, but I think you can pretty easily see the strain she was under.

      Just the fact that Elton John put out that statement about the private plane tells me how much that news cycle upset them.

    • Amy Too says:

      I’m thinking of the first trooping the color when people think Harry was mean to Meghan and she looked like she was holding back tears. I think she was probably very emotional postpartum. My little theory that I have no evidence for is that they brought Archie to trooping but he didn’t come on the balcony (I think that part has been reported as true), and maybe Meghan heard him cry inside the palace. She turned around and acted like she was going to leave, maybe to go to the crying baby, but then was told/reminded she had to stay. Perhaps she had some postpartum anxiety and was especially emotional and worried about Archie’s health and safety, especially at the palace surrounded by courtiers.

      • fluffybunny says:

        Which would all be perfectly understandable for a new first time mom suffering from anxiety surrounded by those horrible people and hearing her baby cry and she couldn’t comfort him.

  11. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    “Doria is very much about being true to oneself and so of course she will continue to encourage Meghan to take the road less traveled.”

    Because the royal road is lousy with bumper-to-bumper traffic? Too many potholes? Pedestrian congestion? I’ve never been on the royal road…is it really that busy?

  12. Toot says:

    Harry let everyone know in their engagement interview how it was going to be, but folks didn’t believe him.

    Harry said he and Meghan were a team and that whatever came their way would be basically them against the world because they chose each other. People just seemed to forgot or thought he was just saying words

    Well, they learned Harry wasn’t just talking. 😄 Love it!

    • Ali says:

      No one believed Harry.

      But I’m sure he’s used to that

      • morrigan01 says:

        No one ever seems to listen to the things Harry says or take what he says seriously. I saw an article clipping on twitter that talked about Harry at Eton when he wanted himself, William and their friends to start their own newspaper to counter all the stuff, particularly lies, the tabloids said about him and his family. William and the friends apparently just laughed at the idea. But, if you think about it, this would have been back in the 90s, and Harry was basically talking about starting up their own blog in a way.

        And of course you have him having said for years that he wanted to leave the RF, particularly after he left the Army and talking about how free to be himself he felt during the time he was there.

        Dude wanted the Press and Royal Reports TWICE to leave to leave the woman he loved alone, that he would protect her and his child at all cost. Again, they didn’t take him seriously, and just kept doing it.

        So yeah, Harry IS probably used to being ignored and not taken seriously. These people have never seen *him* just what they THINK he is – or should be.

      • Toot says:

        Yep, Harry is a man of his word, Love it!

  13. Sofia says:

    I thought the tabloids said that Meghan was desperate to join the royal family?

    And now she never actually wanted to join it in the first place?

    Which is it?

    • Jaded says:

      It’s the tabloids. They publish lies. Meghan and Harry tried to make it work but both came to the realization that between the filth the tabloids were writing about them and the constraints put upon them by “the firm” and “grey men”, they knew they couldn’t accomplish what they wanted to without recusing themselves from the public eye.

  14. Becks1 says:

    LOL. Some people believe anything.

    I personally believe that Meghan entered the royal family in good faith, intending to be a full time working royal. She seemed excited to use her platform for good. And I think while Harry has wanted out for a while, he seemed resigned to his role. But it seems that the negative campaign really wore on them, which I think we can all understand.

    They’re going to have a good life and they are going to do great things, so I’m excited to see their next stage.

    • In the words of a woman wise beyond her years, “They are going to thrive, not just survive.” I wish the three of them every happiness. I think they are going to grow their charitable activities and make a positive impact.

    • sunny says:

      This! Of course she is ambitious, nobody pursues action, a career requiring hustling and constant rejections if they aren’t. Nobody marries into the Royal family if they aren’t ambitious or value status at least a bit. But also Meghan has proven to be kind, empathetic, smart, hard-working, and loves Harry.

      Of course she married into this insanity in good faith. There is no way she was plotting a billionaire exit strategy of “by marrying and having a child with me, I will get so much racist hate and abuse, Harry will want to peace out of his insane family and then we can go make bank.” This narrative is so insane and implies a degree of scheming that is especially dangerous to women of colour who are often portrayed in media as having lower moral character.

      To say nothing about how these narratives rob Harry of his agency.

      I am amazed at her fortitude in enduring this crap and I think she and Harry will be just fine and will do amazing things together. So many of us are rooting for them!

  15. paranormalgirl says:

    Like Harry isn’t a 36 year old man with his own mind, his own will, his own hopes, dreams, and ambition. Gawd, they love infantalizing him, don’t they? He’s not that little kid walking somberly behind his beloved mother’s casket anymore. And he’s tougher than they give him credit for being. He fell in love with Meghan, ostensibly because they share their goals and dreams. HE has always make his decisions. He just has a family to considering and protect now.

    • And they should have seen how strong he would become the moment he stepped behind that casket. I couldn’t have done it. I remember how I felt watching and praying he found the strength to get through it.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        I don’t know how he did it. And to think this is the man people seem to think is incapable of thinking for himself.

      • Shirleygailgal says:

        he made it clear, if I remember correctly, that he felt that making him (and maybe also his brother, I don’t recall) was child abuse. I remember thinking it was at the time.

  16. Maxie says:

    I’m sure they both wanted more from their lives than opening charity shops in Northern towns.

    You don’t befriend all these big ballers if you plan to live a boring life in Windsor.

    • Originaltessa says:

      Honestly, this. There’s money to be made and a life to live outside of the family that would control every aspect of their lives. They know this, and they decided, together, to go for it. There’s nothing wrong with ambition and wanting to make money. I’m sure they intend to do a lot of good too, that’s just their nature. But when your new bffs are Oprah, Serena, Amal, and Barrack, it seems unlikely you’d be interested in sitting back during an election, or cutting ribbons in small towns. They want more. Now they will see if they can get it. It’s not always about the luxurious life, but the way that you get that life. I think they’re more interested in putting in the work.

      • kerwood says:

        @Maxi.Meghan knew Serena before she even met Harry. Oprah is a friend of her mother’s. I’m not sure when or how she met Amal Clooney. The Obamas were Harry’s friends.

        People are so jealous of the friends the Sussexes have. Is it because ‘celebrities’ have absolutely NO interest in associating with the Cambridges, future King and Queen Consort or not?

      • Shirleygailgal says:

        @kerwood….ooooooh, great point!!!

      • Amy Too says:

        There’s always this idea that “you need to be grateful for what you have because some people have it worse,” that is meant to keep people in their place and prevent them from moving on to something better for themselves. “Adult child who is being asked to stay at home and take care of your toxic and manipulative parents until they die, at least you have a family to take care of!” “Middle class suburban mom who is being told to stay with her cheating husband, at least you get to stay home with the children and drive an SUV.” “Senior royals who are being asked to suck it up and accept racist bullying from the press and your family for the rest of you lives, at least you get tax payer money and a tiara!”

  17. Belli says:

    She wasn’t in the meeting, she wasn’t even in the country and yet she was still somehow pulling the strings?

    With that amount of power, she should be Prime Minister!

    • Guest says:

      Clearly her magic vagina works remotely!!! Controls him all the way across the Atlantic.

    • FilmTurtle says:

      That’s hilarious. So, so true. (She probably could be the PM, though, the way things are going.)

      There is a gossip blog (American) I used to enjoy because it was well-written and seemed to be well-sourced, but they’ve full-on embraced MEG THE MANIPULATOR and attribute all sorts of nefariousness to her. I’m fairly sure it’s being done for clickbait, but it’s unleashed serious poison in the comments, which have always leaned to the right, politically. But it’s still nauseating. It feels like two or three steps away from pitchforks and torches.

      • Calibration says:

        @filmturtle, BG? I used to enjoy that blog but the Meghan hate there is out of control. They claim inside sources when it’s all straight out of the daily mail. I’ve commented on the patently false stories but the never get published. So BG deliberately skews its comments. And they are politically conservative

      • FilmTurtle says:

        @Calibration Yep, it’s BG. Again, I’m fairly sure it’s clickbait. But, as you said, the utter Meghan hate is out of control.

  18. Maria says:

    If this is all true, the UK and the Royal Family deserve it.

  19. Phuggi says:

    Did you guys see the side-by-side comparison of headlines regarding Kate and Meghan on BuzzFeed? It spells out so clearly and terrifyingly the racism Meg has experienced and pure vileness of the UK press. She should run far, far away.

    • Sarah says:

      Yep, I did. And yet people are still denying her treatment had anything to do with her race. The acrobatics people will do to deny racism are on Simone-Biles-at-the-Olympics level.

    • Mich says:

      I am really surprised that the Sarah Vine article about her “niggling concerns” over their engagement photos hasn’t gotten more exposure. Huge cover of the Daily Mail on Dec 27, 2017. Combined with ‘straight out of Compton’, her ‘exotic DNA thickening royal blood’, her social climbing ‘just’ 150 years after her ancestors were cotton slaves, the increasing narrative that the British tax payers own her and, more importantly, her son, calling her uppity, and more – the blatant racism is undeniable.

    • FilmTurtle says:

      That was alarming, wasn’t it? *shudder*

  20. Flamingo says:

    If your supporters are praising you for making power moves, then your detractors are going to call you scheming and manipulative. Any woman working in corporate America knows this. I certainly don’t think Meghan was in this as some sort of long con, but this isn’t a new narrative. Any assertive, ambitious woman in a power position faces similar criticism. Look at Hillary Clinton in the last election. In an effort to downplay her role as Secretary of State, making deals and kicking ass, her team had to turn her into a boring “aww shucks, look how relatable I am” Grandma so that she would have a shot of winning.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Or Kamala Harris. I firmly believe that was a huge part in how all that went down. Some people think Warren is like a sweet grandmother who accidentally fell sideways into politics. But Harris? Portrayed as evil, ambitious, hard-working WOC who chose not to have children on her way to the top, must tear her down.

      As one quick reference, Marianne Cooper’s Why Women (Sometimes) Don’t Help Other Women article in The Atlantic.

  21. Myra says:

    The Brits and the British press know deep down that lost 2 great ambassadors for their country over BS. TQ knows this is well. She probably also realizes that under William the Monarchy (as she knows it) will cease to exit. TQ should have stopped the bullying, petty jealousy and down right envious behavior from William in the beginning…just imagine where the RF would be had she. Now they’re back to where they started prior to Meghan but without their most popular member and the world quickly turning the page….good luck with that.

    • L4frimaire says:

      100%agree. The worst part about this was most of the smears were over bullshit things like what she wore, so called protocol lapses, what her house cost, what she ate, how she touched her belly. The kind of things most people never pay attention to or is considered fairly minor. Even the private jet was blown way out of proportion, even if it was probably the thing that did merit scrutiny. However the Cambridge Flybe stunt revealed their true nature and lack of support for the couple. They also diminished the work they did and try to mute the impact. The Vogue magazine issue was the most blatant example of trying to sabotage her work. They did really good work within the framework they had. The Royals really blew it on trying to break this woman and chasing her out. Yes I wish they could have held on longer, but Im sure a huge factor was not wanting to raise her child in that atmosphere, especially when someone like Andrew was being coddled. I hope they find a balance in their life and work in both the immediate and long term future.

  22. GuestOne says:

    their narratives don’t make sense- “she loves the spotlight” but then she moved to sleepy Windsor from London& didn’t do the hospital photo call& they criticised her for being too private& told her to go back to America for privacy .

    “She planned this all along”- sure that’s why she married another guy first and was an actress who did saucy scenes with outspoken views-knowing that the royal family has a history of loving divorced Americans especially mixed race ones who are politically engaged.

    “She’s manipulating Harry& forcing him to leave his family etc”- sure classic tragic mulatto tropes being used. Not like Harry said previously he had wanted to step aside&had to be talked against it by the Queen. not that he’s railed against the press before and has been very litigious previously.

    Also funny how much less concern there was for Meghan when she left her mum, friends, career etc behind for Harry & his family who would be like the big ‘family she never had’ but that doesn’t seem to have been the case with royals (or their staff) briefing against her as a degree wife, someone he should bed not wed etc. Given his own& his family’s history of racist comments etc was he deceiving her that she would be accepted?

    I think she went into this wholeheartedly which is why she did loads of engagements pre wedding, did tours& researched charity scene, launched cookbook straight away. I imagine the lawsuits are going to bring more press attacks& they aren’t aligned with the rest of the family on dealing with the press. I think if she had been supported by the family at all the press might have calmed down but as they didn’t & with a political climate that is toxic in the U.K- she’s become the right wing whipping post who are determined to sully even her projects. Also seems the work environment is toxic with not being able to trust staff etc. So I think they are only stepping down as senior royals now in order to remove themselves from the toxicity but will continue to support the family.

  23. Liane says:

    I have no problem with Meghan desiring to be “Bezos-level” rich, because based on everything she’s done so far, she’ll put that money back out into the world to uplift others. Maybe her ambition is to be the most famous philanthropist ever. I’m cool with that.

  24. Loretta says:

    Why the society is always so scared about an ambitious woman? Bravo Meghan, you’re a real queen.

  25. fatladysinging says:

    Meghan and I would never get along, because (as far as I can tell) she is a social climber, and I’m a lazy layabout who would (will ?) be completely happy, for the rest of my life, watching Masterpiece Theater all day long, while smoking joints in a trailer park home.

    That said, I still like her and think she’s getting a raw deal. Because there’s nothing wrong with “social climbing” — humans have been doing it since humans existed. White men are cheered and applauded for it ALL the damn time!

    So go get your Bezos money, woman! I’ll be cheering you along from my couch!

    • kerwood says:

      Nothing can compare to waiting around for almost 10 years, waiting for a ring. The Middleton’s are OLYMPIC level social climbers. Meghan is minor league in comparison.

      • fatladysinging says:

        Oh hell yeah, Kate is a “social climber.” And it’s never bothered me about her, either.

        What I don’t like about Kate is that she is a casual racist who thinks she should be beloved because she’s thin and white.

        I think the only difference we have is that I don’t think “social climbing” is a bad phrase or disparaging. Or, I think our society is mighty hypocritical for framing it as something bad, when it’s what our society is all about.

      • Jane'sWastedTalent says:

        People seem confused as to what social climbing is. It’s not working hard and succeeding. It’s not networking. It is befriending someone (or otherwise creating a social link) for the purposes of exploitation. It is *using* and manipulating people and then dropping them for the next set, and it is not exclusive to women. It’s the behavior of a conman or the personality disordered.

        I don’t believe that Meghan is a social climber.

      • fatladysinging says:

        If that is the definition, Jane, then NO, I don’t think she is.

        I always thought of social climbing as…well….literal. Someone who ascends the social ranks.

      • Jane'sWastedTalent says:

        That’s how I’ve always understood it, based on people I’ve met over the years. I could see them using it more broadly in England, since there’s so much obsession with social class. Maybe there anyone who rises is a ‘climber,’ I could see them thinking that way.

        Love your name, by the way. :-)

      • kerwood says:

        @fatladysinging, I hear what you’re saying.

        Most of us are where we are because of ‘social climbing’. My mother came from very humble beginnings and if she hadn’t decided to CLIMB out of her circumstances, she wouldn’t have gone to England, met and married my father and had me.

        There was a time when social climbing was the ‘American Dream’. I guess it’s only bad when a Black woman does it.

      • fatladysinging says:

        Exactly, @Kerwood!

        But Jane set me straight. Looks like I’ve misunderstood the term for decades. So no, I don’t think Meghan is a “social climber.”

        Curiously, where in England do you live?

      • Jane'sWastedTalent says:

        Sorry I was so heavy-handed, I didn’t meant to come barging in like some social authority, just trying to explain why that term is so negative. I’ve ignored the bigots trying to make it into a racial term (like the RRs) because that was never what it was about and trash doesn’t get to define social usage.

        Also, honestly, it must be privilege too because I never dreamed it was being used that way. Is it? Besides by the garbage RRs and their ilk?

      • fatladysinging says:

        No, no, Jane! Thank you! Without you, I would’ve gone on using “social climbing” incorrectly…probably would have got my ass beat at some point if you hadn’t corrected me!

      • Jane'sWastedTalent says:

        Well, maybe if you called someone that they wouldn’t have liked it… : -)

    • notasugarhere says:

      She’s an ambitious woman who worked hard for her education and in her profession. To you this translates as ‘social climber’. You’re obvious, even down to the ‘but I still like her’.

      • fatladysinging says:

        Wrong. So very, very wrong.

        I am a Meghan STAN! Like her, I am a black woman, whose husband left his toxic family for. I get Meghan more than you probably could possibly imagine.

        Like I said, I don’t think “social climbing” is a bad thing. I’m American. It’s what our society was built on.

      • Jane'sWastedTalent says:

        I think it’s just confusion in terminology, nota.

      • fatladysinging says:

        Yes, Jane. Thank you. It’s definitely a misunderstanding in terminology. Today I learned that for the past 30-plus years I’ve misunderstood the term! LOL.

        Because yeah, my husband and I are like the Ozark version of Harry and Meg, and I adore them. I just know that she and I would never get along, because I am one LA-ZY mutha, who’s squandered dozens of opportunities because I just don’t like being around people or doing what must be done to “make it.” You could say that I’ve “leaned in” to grumpy mediocrity.

      • Jane'sWastedTalent says:

        I’m lazy too (obviously!), and I feel exactly the same about being around people, lol, and yes, sadly, I’ve squandered huge opportunities myself. But all this has made both of us who we are. On my part, compassion and empathy never came naturally to me, so I think it was beneficial in some ways- a chance to become human. And it sounds like you’ve formed a fantastic family unit with your husband, which is incredibly aspirational. Anyway, tl, hopefully Meghan is as tolerant of differences as she is hardworking and wouldn’t have a problem with either of us. And here’s to the road not traveled, lol!

      • fatladysinging says:

        Wow, Jane! So similar. I, too, had a hard time with empathy and compassion when younger (granted, not all my fault; I was in an otherized situation and had to do what I had to do to make it through the implicit bias gauntlet every day — so I built up a hard-ass shell). HOWEVER! Since fucking up and coming to terms with my mediocrity, my capacity for compassion and empathy has grown tremendously. I forgive like a champ, these days! Cause we’re all fucked up in some way. Sure, I’m still a judgy bitch, but at least I feel bad about it now. :-)

        No, but in all seriousness, at the risk of sounding like one of those people who curates their social media accounts and uses “blessed” hashtags, I’m kinda glad my life isn’t “awesome” by modern-day standards, because I do feel…well…super grateful that I’ve learned some lessons that many people will never get to in their lifetimes…if that makes sense.


      • Jane'sWastedTalent says:

        Totally makes sense, and you seem like a super-cool person I’m glad I got to ‘meet.’ Running late today, but I’ll see you around in the threads hopefully : -) Cheers!

      • notasugarhere says:

        It is the constant ‘but I still like her’ ‘I’m a big fan’ that accompanies the negative words that make it difficult to understand.

      • fatladysinging says:


        When I said “I still like her,” I was referencing the fact that I had just said that “we wouldn’t get along” because of our different approaches to life. Me = lazy and unambitious; She = go-getter and driven.

    • L4frimaire says:

      I have absolutely no problem with them making money hand over fist as long as they pay and treat their staff well, give back to the community, and pay their fair share of income and property taxes. In fact, I hope they start right now.

  26. Cee says:

    No one, and I mean NO ONE, marries into any Royal Family without being ambitious.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I don’t think Chris married Madeleine because of royal ambitions. Sofia the p 0 r n model targeting and marrying idiot CP, sure, but not Chris. He refused a title when they tried to force it on him, he refused to become a working royal. He’s taken his family out of the country and only returns when pressed.

  27. Sass says:

    What…the f-ck. I have nothing else to add except that I hope eventually they’ll leave them alone!

  28. S808 says:

    Really tired of people downplaying Harry in all of this. I’m convinced people still see that little boy walking behind his mothers coffin cause there’s no reason to be babying this man to this extent. Harry has wanted to leave the family before and has shown that he doesn’t play about Meghan multiple times. People chose not be believe him. I bet all the money in my bank account he proposed stepping back.

    • carmen says:

      Or making him out to be a “yes” man, blinding agreeing to everything Meghan suggests. GMAFB

    • February Pisces says:

      It’s All apart of the ‘Meghan is manipulative’ narrative. He is looked down on for loving his wife, who must have hypnotised him with her lady parts. William and Kate have ‘the perfect marriage’ all because of her ability to be treated like a doormat.

  29. Iknow says:

    I went to dinner with some mom’s from my kids’ school, who all ranged in age, who were mostly white. Can I tell you all how much they ALL blame Meghan. To them, she was a social climber, who married a prince to get money. And since she can’t be the STAR, she is forcing him to leave his family! Look how close the brother’s were?!?! So you know I had to whip out my Celebitchy handbook and set them straight. Most notably, introducing them to Rose. They had no idea. Unlike myself, they don’t read about the Royals, except for those glossy pictures of them on a balcony, waving and smiling like they like each other. I really had to set these so called feminists straight and say that Harry isn’t some simple minded fool. He has autonomy and Meghan cannot make him do what he doesn’t want to do. One woman said to me, she is doing what some of our son’s wives will do to us! It was one of the most frustrating things.

    • Me49 says:

      Once of my FB friends posted a meme of Meaghan and called her “trash” and yet she goes on about how “classy” W&K are.

    • What. . .now? says:

      Good for you for letting them know what the deal is. I’m glad you were there to offer the opposite and more truthful version of events!

    • lemonylips says:

      I had a similar talk with my London based friends. They were, to be fair, supporting the Sussexes but they never saw Will and Kate for who they really are and were shocked. Like, ok this makes sense. We spent a lot of time juts going through CB articles :)

  30. helonearth says:

    I don’t understand the UK media. Every member of the public I have seen interviewed or commenting on this are very pro Harry and Meghan, yet the press/media in general continue with this narrative that its all Meghan’s fault.

    Proof once again that the media is run by old white men who think everyone must agree with their opinion even if its clear that is not the case. Urgh.

    • Loved that article when I read it. There’s also a great one that a woman wrote for — I believe a Canadian paper — The Star. It’s titled something like… the fairytale I tell my children to explain Meghan and Harry. Premise is that all the royals are put in glass bottles when they go out in public so they can be seen but not touched. But The royals keep putting Meghan in a bottle that gets smaller and smaller and tighter and tighter each time they send her out. She cries that it is too tight and she can’t breath and is told, this is how you get to be one of us. But she can’t breath and the press keep screaming, she’s not one of them, make it smaller. She’s dying, bottle gets smaller, everyone’s screaming, see we knew it all along — she’s not one of us. She’ll never be one of us. Finally, she and Harry break their bottles, take a deep breath, and run towards freedom. It’s a very clever article. And, as the author says, she wants her children to know that fairy tales can have a very dark side. So very Brothers Grimm. .

    • ATLMathMom says:

      As I dropped him off with the close friends who would tend to him in my (brief, finite) absence, I scratched his belly and whispered into one of his floppy ears: “The plan is in its final phase.”

      This made me snort out loud! Thanks for the laugh.

  31. Snap Happy says:

    The worst thing the tabloids have found out about her is she cut toxic people out and stands up for herself. Did Harry think she was really going to thrive in the royal environment? Was he honest with her? With himself about what it would be like?

    • Tiffany says:

      Compared to how the family treated his other girlfriends, yeah, I think he did think that. The press was one thing, you would not expect that from family. So now, he is gone.

      • morrigan01 says:

        Actually I think he thought he knew how vicious the press could be because he DID say in the engagement interview that he did try to warn her, but that even HE was shocked about how bad it was, which caused him to issue his now famous first statement.

        The thing is, I think he thought his family would stand up for her when this stuff with the press was going down. That they would protect her and that publicly support her. And they didn’t. There was nothing. Any pushback wrt the tabloid smears, again, all came from only him.

        And I think *that* is what Harry can’t forgive. Because *he* would stick up for other members of his family who he thinks are treated unfairly. He stuck up for Kate. But not one person in the family – the family Harry *publicly* said would be the one she never had – would do it. Or, at least, no one in the family who had the clout to do so where it would be meaningful publically would do it.

        And this is just leaving out if the rumors/hints that it was the Cambridges themselves who were behind the attacks on Meghan from the tabs in the first place. (Because if that is true, then Harry will for sure never forgive that).

        So yeah, he likely really DID think, once she was in the family fold, it would be okay. Man ended up getting a rude awakening instead. And so yeah, the things he always talked about doing but was talked OUT of doing *because* of wanting to help his family, became the thing he finally did to protect his family – his wife and child – when the rest of his family failed to live up to the expectation he had for them. Because by *not* helping they showed they didn’t care about people he *himself* loved.

      • Lady D says:

        Reading your comment made me realize that Harry doesn’t have to do a tell-all interview at all. There is going to be enough information coming out in court about who was feeding the DM stories about H&M that a tell-all won’t be necessary. I think this court case is going to be very damaging for William, and there isn’t a damn thing he can do about it. I wonder if Charles is sweating too?

      • kerwood says:

        @morrigan01, well said. I think the betrayal by his family is what led to all of this. He honestly thought that his family were good people who would protect the woman he loved because he loved her and he THOUGHT that they loved him. It must have been mind-blowing. No response when his child was called a monkey?!?!?

        Harry wants to get Meghan and Archie away from these terrible people. They’re his family and he will always love them, but he has to protect his IMMEDIATE family; they come FIRST.

      • Amy Too says:

        I think he thought it would get better after the wedding when she would officially be a royal with no going back, so it wouldn’t make sense for the press to keep insisting she wouldn’t make a good royal. Because she would be royal. And he probably thought that as long as she worked and didn’t flash people, she wouldn’t get the kind of “Waity Katie, keen Kate, flashing Kate!” stuff that Kate got. She got those kind of articles because of things she did and didn’t do, not just because of who she was. When it didn’t get better after the wedding he probably thought it would get better during her pregnancy and after baby was born because everyone loves a new royal baby and treats pregnant royals like very special and fragile Precious Moments dolls.

    • S808 says:

      I think he thought she’d thrive in the work aspect of royal life and he was right. I think he underestimated how supportive his family would be and just how trash they are.

      • I don’t think he ever saw toxic William coming. I think he has been truly blindsided by William.

      • morrigan01 says:

        @JA Lowcountry Lady

        If it is in any way true that William, Kate and their team were behind the tabs treatment of Meghan and spilling to them, and Harry really DOES have hardcore proof of it, then I’m thinking the blindsiding Harry must have felt was epic. Because he clearly thought Meghan would be getting the family she ever had with his family. And, instead, she got . . . *this.*

    • Snap Happy says:

      @morrigan01 – great comment. This is def a betrayal by family. I’m curious how much came from Charles. The floodgates really started when the tiara story came out which came from leaks from his biography.

  32. Tiffany says:

    I really see Meghan as a practical person and I do not believe that she would have accepted Harry’s proposal and then married him and then had a child with him if they were not on the same page with pretty much everything. Dude has made it clear for years that he wanted a change and he found someone who was not only on board with it, but also smart and determined enough to help him get there.

    It is pretty telling that they locked down a life and plan together in 3 years time.

  33. CatWomen says:

    I’ve been following this and before, there are videos of petty little situation that are imho what caused a break. The 70th anniversary for Charles has vid of Megan and Harry being asked to leave in the middle of a party . Another magic moment is the ‘stand back, only seniors’, moment , they are chastised for walking ahead. Whose family acts like this? The protocol of one hundred years ago led to this.

    • tempest prognosticator says:

      Wait. H&M were asked to leave Charles’ party??

      • malikaeyes says:

        It’s the issue of the way the site only posts Golden Halo posts about them – sometimes it skips over toxic treatment by Charles or Liz because the narrative at the time was that the Queen was some secret progressive amazing woman and Charles adored Meghan because of… art or something.

    • Jaded says:

      Ummmm….they were there, greeting guests and mixing with everyone. Don’t know where you’re getting this nonsense but please post a link.

      • Bebe says:

        It’s on YouTube

      • Jane'sWastedTalent says:

        I’ve seen that claim before. There’s video from Charles’ 70th birthday garden party from when she and Harry were leaving that people insist shows that she and Harry were thrown out. I couldn’t find the original video (which was edited to make her look bad, zooming in on her… ehem… walk, amongst other things) but here’s another. Starting at 6:40 is where they claim Harry and Meghan were asked to leave (just take the spaces out):
        you tube. com/ watch? v= xGO4m TQnseU

        If you have the patience to watch the whole thing, you’ll notice how the aides kept trying to chase the camera crew away from Meghan and Harry, and how exclusively focused on the Sussexes the media was.

  34. kerwood says:

    The tabloids have been racist and vicious but they wouldn’t be if they didn’t think they had an audience. They do. Their audience is overwhelmingly middle-aged White women, mostly American who spew pathological hatred at a woman they feel has taken away their birthright.

    For many of these women, the only thing they have going for them is being White. They could always dream about becoming a princess because they knew that was forbidden to Black women. Meghan Markle didn’t just smash that fantasy. Now, thanks to Meghan, little Black girls were able to dream about meeting a prince and becoming a princess. That’s something that these twisted people couldn’t allow. They’ve been trying to destroy Meghan ever since.

    The Duchess of Cambridge is the standard bearer for mediocre White women and they’ve held her high. But vicious people can’t turn it on and off. With Meghan out of reach, they’re going to need another target. I pity whoever they set their sights on next.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Meghan isn’t going to be out of reach. None of this will decrease the attacks against Meghan in the press. The tabloids will attack everything, from where they live to every deal they make. That toxicity will not change, but at least they might end up free from being held back by William in their private charity work.

    • DM2 says:

      I wouldn’t feel one ounce of pity if they did their real due diligence and kept the screws on Pedo Andy. For a change. Stop for just once with the misogynistic attacks against the women in the RF and focus on the males who really deserve it.

    • malikaeyes says:

      This is… unhinged.

    • Jane'sWastedTalent says:

      Agreed- except, can we say at least say ‘substandard’ white men and women when talking about the garbage people? ‘Mediocre’ is far too generous. :-)

      Do you think they’ll go after Kate again? Or the York girls since they can’t get at Andrew? It seems like Bea’s coverage has been less than favorable. You’re right that the appetite of a bully is never satisfied.

      Whoever they pick will leave them wanting though. They won’t be able to sink to the twisted depths that racism provided them. I’ll bet this will frustrate them, I wonder what they will do.

  35. Guest2.0 says:

    So are the tabloids really trying to slyly go after Doria and drag her into this mess now?

  36. anon says:

    The only things that are true in this story are the following:

    1. Yes, Doria supports her daughter (because of course she would, duh).

    2. No, she does not ever intend to live full-time in England, ever again. She’ll go for Her Majesty’s birthday, Remembrance Day and other important events, but otherwise, she’s out.

    Here’s the one untrue thing:

    She has no intention of divorcing Harry and “marrying a billionaire.”

    Finally, errybody needs to calm down about “ambitious, manipulative” Meghan.

    Harry Mountbatten-Windsor is no dumbcluck. Pretending that “poor Harry” has been deceived or manipulated completely diminishes his own voice and agency – and none of this was going to happen without him. He knows the Firm. He knows all the players. He knows how the system works. He had hoped against hope that they were at a point where someone like Meghan could be accepted, since he is not the crown prince and is way down the line of succession now.

    But that didn’t happen. So, he has no real reason to live out the rest of his life in what amounts to “rich prison,” watching his wife and children take a beating for even perceived transgressions. And for what? Five percent of public funding? Perhaps average citizens around the world have a hard time grasping the financial strings and the misery that comes with it. He has money. He doesn’t need public funding to survive. And he was completely willing to chuck it all and walk away. In reality, he’s the one with the power to make this happen. Not her.

    At the end of the day, this was ultimately Harry’s decision.

    • I had a great job once. From the outside, it looked like great boss, great co-workers, excellent pay and benefits, lot of perks, fantastic work environment and private office in a rewarding industry. From the inside, I came to find that I got up every day and tiptoed in to a nest of actively poisonous vipers from boss on down the chain. The whole environment was toxic. I developed anxiety attacks, retrenched, told myself I could find the positive. A year later, I became healthy enough to walk away. Ended up being one of the best decisions I ever made. Sometimes all you’ve got is that leap of faith. I applaud both of them.

    • morrigan01 says:

      Besides the obvious reasons that people want to blame this all on Meghan, they also can’t accept that Harry would give up being a Royal for a biracial woman. It’s what’s causing them to completely ignore the fact that Harry had to be talked out of giving it all up before he ever met Meghan.

      Accepting that fact means accepting the fact that Harry *always* had one foot out the door long before this. And that, with the way his wife and son were being treated *and* that his family took no steps to ever try and protect her from it, (even in some small way), that it is all on those specific quarters corner as to why he’s now fully walked away.

      The idea that Meghan is going to divorce Harry to marry some billionaire reads like some haters fantasy fiction BTW. Up there with all the other hater-fantasy fiction they’ve been writing wrt her since she and Harry’s relationship first became public.

  37. MA says:

    I thought Meghan was the gauche famewh*re who wanted to raid the Crown Jewels, wear tiaras, and work too much. Now she’s … retreating to CANADA, lessening the possibility and frequency of tiara occasions but also not fulfilling her duties and somehow trying to make MORE money with a decreased spotlight? Make it make sense.

  38. Leftie says:

    Meghan is a lot of very good things: smart, ambitious, hardworking, articulate, and beautiful.
    And, like most people, she has some negative triaits( or so it appears). She appears to be impatient, stubborn, and a bit too sure of herself.
    I say the latter because she entered a “company” expecting to hit the ground running her way, instead of taking the time to know its culture. One doesn’t change IBM overnight.
    She showed her impatience and stubbornness by waving off advice from the dusty courtiers who can and will kill you.
    Within the family, she may not have made attempts to befriend them. It is a two-way street, after all. A more patient person might have done so.
    Whose idea it was to hide where she gave birth, the godparents or the walk to the christening, ( or even to tell the family well in advance when it would be( is just plain silly. If it was Harry’s idea, a cooler head would have pointed out you don’t feed the lions red meat.
    Maybe he or she did and it didn’t work.
    Hiring all her old agents, lawyers, and a questionable pr firm, was again waving red meat to the UK press and the family and left the impression Meghan is in charge of Harry.
    As for her clothes, well she needed a wardrobe. Could she have spent less?. Yes. Would it have made a big difference? Probably not.
    It’s a very sad state of affairs for all concerned.

    • Maria says:

      This comment….good God.
      She entered a family known for working for the public. That is what she was trying to do. It’s not her fault they wanted to co-opt it and overshadow it and minimize it.
      She did try to befriend them. It’s not her fault they responded with blackamoor brooches, giggling at her wedding, pinning the actions of her family on her.
      Harry and Meghan are allowed to dictate how their child enters the world. End of story.
      Why should she have to shed all her contacts when Harry agrees they should use them?
      Your comments about “waving red meat” in front of the lions is victim blaming. She’s been abused since we heard she was DATING him.

    • Penguin says:

      She’s not perfect. H&M have made plenty of PR mistakes such as the costly engagement dress (should have saved it for their private photo album) however, Meghan could have been perfect and they still would have found things to criticise.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Penguin – precisely. The criticism she received had nothing to do with any missteps she might have made. Like someone said on here a few days ago, they kept moving the goalposts for her.

      • Sofia says:

        @Penguin: You mean the engagement dress she brought from her own money because you don’t get access to the royal piggy bank unless you’re married?

        Let’s stop acting like Meghan was broke and destitute when she married Harry. She made good money and has worn lots of expensive pieces wen she wasn’t married to Harry

      • The dress could have been loaned; after all, she was still a private citizen and not a member of the royal family. Many designers lend gowns.

      • morrigan01 says:

        Personally? I think that dress was a “leftover” Meghan has had hanging in her closet that she either got free or at a VERY reduced cost to wear to some Hollywood function that she ended up not going to or something.

        Some people don’t get that the ready to wear clothes most Hollywood actors are seen wearing at award shows are gifted to them either for free or at a VERY reduced cost. Sometimes they get to keep the clothes if they were purchased at reduced cost.

        I’d bet anything Meghan likely has one or even two other pieces of clothes just like that dress hanging around that she got while she was working on Suites.

    • notasugarhere says:

      To address just a bit of this:

      There is nothing wrong with the way they handled the son’s birth or christening. He is a private citizen, was always going to be. There were not huge announcements when Autumn Philips went into labour, because it is not the public’s business. Likewise, there is no need for their private citizen child to have a public-access christening. Given how the press has attacked everyone who has ever smiled positively in their direction? Of course they sought to protect their friends whom they chose as godparents. Nothing wrong in any of that, because Archie is not public property.

      • morrigan01 says:

        Yeah, Archie’s birth in no way required some Lindo Wing brewhaha. Kid is 7th in line, plus wasn’t given a title.

        Frankly, attacking them over Archie’s birth and christening was all about the RRs not being able to make money off any photos from such event AND this continuing theme of trying to say that Meghan desperately *wanted* all that stuff for her kid. They were insistent that Meghan would want the same high-profile birth and presentation that the Cambridge kids would have. She wasn’t and didn’t. They were certain that she would demand some high-title for Archie. She and Harry decline any title for him whatsoever.

        Plus that Lindo Wing thing only first started with Diana when she gave birth to William and Harry. Before that, royal babies were born in palaces behind closed doors. And you wouldn’t get a picture of them until a few days (or even weeks) later.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      People comb through her actions and try to find something wrong with them, no matter how innocuous.

      The list of bad traits you assign to Meghan actually reflects poorly on you.

    • Jaded says:

      @Leftie: Since when do you know all the details of her personality, working habits, how much her wardrobe cost and whether or not she paid for it? How do you know? She entered her marriage and the royal family with as much intelligence, respect, kindness and willingness to throw herself into whatever good works she could with Harry at her side. If she wanted to give birth in private? SO WHAT? She didn’t brush off dusty courtiers and thumb her nose at the Queen for God’s sake, but like Diana, she would not be constrained to a “Kate-like” role of cutting ribbons and making pretty gardens. She is VASTLY more intelligent than that and she has so much to offer the royal family that it is inexplicable why they didn’t realize it. That’s where the ugly racism kicks in. She’s bi-racial, divorced and has a mind of her own. So what? That’s how things get done instead of simply sticking to royal protocol, having baby after baby and showing up for the occasional chi-chi event.

    • Rose says:

      Whose idea was it to “hide where she gave birth”? Because she has autonomy over her body during a very traumatic medical event? Good god, this comment.

  39. Penguin says:

    One thing is correct however, I don’t think Meghan has the intention to ever permanently live in the UK again. She’s made that clear by heading back to Canada. And actually it’s better to let Harry deal with his family, they are his baggage.

    He knows Meghan’s worth more than any of us and he’s sticking with her. Who knows they may divorce in 10 years. The stats indicate as with any marriage this may happen. However, Harry made his choice of a strong independent woman, one who would Never have have suited William- could you imagine?

    • Peg says:

      Well, he would be following his Father, Aunt and Uncle example, oh you though he would the first in his family to get divorce.
      Why ten years? Is that the new talking point.
      So Meghan told you where she is going to live in the future, you’re telling the wrong people.

      • Penguin says:

        No need to be so jumpy.

        40% of marriages end in divorce- it’s a fact of life. As you point out many members of Harry’s family have divorced, as have Meghan’s parents. My point is – Who knows what will happen in the future- nobody. The stats are the same for H&M as for anyone else who gets married. They may stay together forever, they may divorce- nobody knows what the future holds

        As I say, Harry feels that Meghan is worth marrying/defending to the press/sticking up for in front of his family and that is what is important in their marriage not what we think.

      • Jaded says:

        Peg – that is unnecessarily salty. I am Canadian, I live in Victoria, capitol city of the province of British Columbia, on Vancouver Island. It’s totally apparent that H&M see this area of the world as one that will give them privacy, security, and a connection to the Invectus Games that are in the running to be held here. We’re part of the Commonwealth, and ironically the press here are very respectful and when they were visiting they were pretty much left alone.

        Many people divorce – I have, my current partner has – what’s that got to do with anything? And both Meghan and Harry have referenced their love for Canada, and especially the west coast and Vancouver Island. Nothing new here, it’s not a commentator’s vague conjecture, it’s the truth.

  40. Andrea says:

    I don’t think Meghan was a social climber, she simply fell in love. My mother on the other hand grew up poor and specifically told me a few years ago that she married my father for his money. They have a terribly dysunctional relationship; she was verbally abusive to both me and my dad throughout my chilhood as well as physically abusive to me as well. She is a social climber for sure. She cannot leave him because she has very little savings of her own. She has looked for other rich men, but its never panned out.

    I am 38 and have lived in fear of a male version of my mother, going after my money. I have sadly dated several men who are opportunistic…we forget men can just as much as women in our society be social climbers. I have a dear friend now that something is blossoming with and he has had the same fears as me.

  41. ME says:

    I’m guessing when Archie starts school he’ll be doing so in Canada? How would they manage traveling back and forth from the U.K. then? Private tutors? If they choose to have a second child must it be born in the U.K.? So many questions. I just hope Canadian tax payers aren’t left with their security bill, that is not fair.

    • morrigan01 says:

      Archie will go to school in Canada or the US. I’ve been saying this since that “North America” thing in their statement was said.

      I don’t think they want to live in the US right now, especially since Trump is President. Meghan said – before she was dating Harry, back when Trump was racking up primary wins in January and February – that if Trump actually became President, she was going to stay in Canada.

      We’ll see what happens after the 2020 Election. But given everything going on in the US, even if Trump does leave office, I think their primary residence will be Canada and the US will be where they go to work out any projects they want to do, as well as sometimes Vacation/visit family and friends like Doria. So yeah, Archie and whatever sibling he may have in the future were always going to go to school somewhere in North America, and I think that will likely be Canada.

      The UK will barely see them, and if they ever bring Archie and any future siblings across the pond anytime soon again, I’ll be shocked. IMO Archie won’t set foot on UK shores again until he’s at least 8-10 years old (unless the Invictus Games somehow gets held there before then), and then it’ll just be for a visit or something. IMO the primary deciding factor for this whole thing has been both Harry and Meghan wanting to protect their son. They will not be bringing back to the UK anytime in the near future.

  42. Justin says:

    They excluded her from the call becuase she was t needed. That is racism and sexism and just real bad.

    They exclude her on everything. They dont pay for her to come back they are horrible people.

    • Peg says:

      Did you see the two people Harry had in the car with him, most likely one was a lawyer.
      They had their plans all laid out.
      Omid (a real journalist) said the Sussexes agreed there was no need for Meghan to call in.
      How do you know what they pay for or don’t, if she wanted to be there she not Archie in Canada.
      I will agree that their not the nicest people, and I don’t buy the granny act put on by the Queen.

    • Lorri says:

      Meghan released a statement saying she WAS NOT EXCLUDED. She just chose not to join in.

  43. mihie says:

    A whirlwind romance, marriage, move to a new country, and baby within a couple years or so – too many life-changing events all piled up at once. Now moving again burdened with more family estrangements. They’re certainly not making it easier on themselves.

    • Peg says:

      This is the 21st Century, it’s not like they are moving every three weeks.
      Estrangement from families don’t usually happen without a reason.
      Meghan, “I want to thrive not just survive.”

    • Tina says:

      I agree that the timing of this could have been handled better. Didn’t the Sussex’s own palace staff warn them about going public with their website and instagram announcement before getting the Queen to sign off. And to announce it on the eve of Kate’s birthday. Even if they have been treated horribly by the Cambridges that seems like a very unprofessional thing to do and opens them to criticisms. On the Kensington royal instagram there are pictures and public support for both Meghan and Harry and the Sussex royal instagram does not refer to the Cambridges at all. I could see how that would bother palace staff who are hired to support the royal family as a group and not just favor one side vs another.

      • Sunshine says:

        Tina. This is the problem…. we don’t know anything, we are assuming. For
        3 years now I have been writing that you should not read tabloid.

      • mihie says:

        Isn’t this site dependent on tabloid fodder to some extent?

      • Supposedly, Wooten gave them 10 days to respond or he was printing his leak. (Which beggars the premise that they were the source of the leak.). The 10th day was the day they went public, (with Harry still being blocked from talking to the Queen). If William was behind the leak to Wooten, then I’d say that was poor planning on his part. Of course, he had already given Kate his early birthday present the day before having Rose be part of their walk to church.

    • mihie says:

      I agree that announcing it on the eve of K’s birthday smacks of disingenuity. Could’ve waited a week.

      • notasugarhere says:

        All of this started because W&K leaked to their mouthpiece Wooten. The one cozy with somebody on Kate’s PR team. The timing for all of this rests squarely with W&K and their leaks.

      • mihie says:

        Sure, it may have started with W&K leaks but equally H&M didn’t HAVE to announce it on the birthday eve. They could’ve waited a day, especially since they know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of this sort of thing.

      • kerwood says:

        Was this some kind of landmark birthday for Keen Katie?

      • notasugarhere says:

        Wait a day when William was trying to spin the narrative that he was in charge, he was making the decisions, and throwing W&K under the bus? No, they were absolutely correct to release their statement when they did.

      • Marie says:

        Does the world stop spinning because it was Kate’s birthday? It had to come out because of the leak.

      • NewKay says:

        @MIHIE why? Smacks just about the right tone to me. Black people are also asked to be the better person, turn the other cheek, humility in the face of adversity- F that. This isn’t a Hollywood movie with the good ole downtrodden Black person who is going to rise above. Let them meet petty with petty.

      • Jaded says:

        Kate’s birthday is not a national holiday. They had to do it when they had to do it because of the Cambridges leaking to Wooton. William continues to believe he is a PR genius and tries to preempt the Sussex’s releases. And it inevitably backfires on him even though the pro-Bill and Kate stans look at it as a deliberate attempt to undermine Bill and Kate because…Kate’s birthday!!! Waahhh!

      • Lady D says:

        Are you for real? The Sussex’s are going through literally life altering trauma but we are supposed to worry about Kate’s freaking 38th birthday being overshadowed? Do you think Willy deserves a slap in the face for the slap in the face he delivered to Kate on her birthday church stroll? Blatant disrespect to Kate. What say you to that? Did you find it beyond disgusting that Willi would do that to her?

      • Kebbie says:

        Who gives a f*** if her birthday was the next day? Is she 8? Does the special birthday girl need all the attention to herself like some kind of child?

        Her husband shouldn’t have leaked the Sussex plan the day before her birthday if they didn’t want the Sussexes to release their plans the day before her birthday.

      • morrigan01 says:

        This “they should have waited until after Kate’s birthday” nonsense is the same exact nonsense as the “Meghan should wait longer until after Kate gives birth to her 3rd child to have her wedding” nonsense.

        The world doesn’t revolve around Kate. Meghan and Harry and Archie’s lives don’t revolve around Kate. If it’s true that William (and Kate’s!) people leaked the info to Wooton, then they should have thought twice about doing so if her birthday was so damn important. No one with any ounce of political savvy was going to wait 24 hours to counteract a spin campaign beginning against them if they already have their side of things ready to go. As said, her birthday isn’t some national holiday.

        I swear, some people really are into infrtalizing Kate and acting if she’s some fragile child. I know why that is, but I don’t feel like going into that whole social dynamic when it comes to white women and black woman right now.

    • notasugarhere says:

      That reeks of tumblr.

      Harry made it clear in the engagement interview but some people chose not to listen. He chooses Meghan, they are a team, no matter what. Whatever decisions they’ve made have been made together because they are strong. Stronger than the BRF at this point.

      • mihie says:

        Well, she’s stronger than I’d have been in the same situation. I’m just saying it’s understandable to feel extremely stressed under the combined pressure of new spouse, new country, new culture, new baby, all within a couple years. Maybe they should’ve waited between each stage to get fully adjusted. Everything was fast-tracked, especially unnerving given the pressures of public life.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Felipe and Letizia had the same timeline, in fact they dated a shorter period before marrying. Not everyone needs 10 years to give up on finding a better person to marry and settle as William did.

  44. Peg says:

    Well the Army guys are a all over throwing their support behind Harry.
    Not sure if this guy is the President of (Sentebale) he was on the news talking about what A great asset Harry is to the organization, and they support him for making decisions for his family and he thanked Meghan for organizing the fundraising From the play Hamilton.
    The HUB cookbook is no. 5 on British amazon, a political reporter on Twitter told his followers to buy the book.
    The BM is probably saying damn nothing we do is stopping people from supporting the Sussexes.
    British Vogue is going to continue doing articles on forces for change.

  45. Molly says:

    Meghan moved to a completely different continent an ocean away and the Bitter Brits still can’t let her go or give her peace. To the British People: The world has already seen an ugly Britain don’t make it worst….let it go!

    • mihie says:

      Do you really think they’ll let her be? They followed Diana everywhere she went across the world for years. Running away from your problems seldom resolves them.

      • Myra says:

        Who’s running away from problems?

      • yinyang says:

        Canadians don’t like celebrity news as much as the Brits and US. Also Canada is a Commonwealth nation who’s support for a foriegn figurehead is getting weaker every passing year, Brits stalking and smearing a taxpaying Canadian will set them over the edge.

      • mihie says:

        Neither of them are Canadian taxpayers – and there’s been no indication they’d apply for citizenship so far.

      • mihie says:

        @Myra, me :)

      • notasugarhere says:

        They not running away. They are a team, have been from the beginning, but no one wanted to hear Harry say that. I’ll bet discussions about possibly leaving the monarchy and setting out on their own as charity powerhouses was part of their discussion from the first dates.

      • Jaded says:

        They’re not running away from their problems, they’re finding a way where they can do the work they’re passionate about with the constant intrusion of tabloid lies, racist threats, a f*cked up royal family who cares more about their “position” and “respectability” than about dealing with real-life problems like Prince Andrew consorting with underage girls and being friends with a human trafficker and his sleazy procurer Maxwell. I’d do the same thing if I were in their place.

      • Shannon Bullock says:

        But Meghan would have paid income taxes during the 7 years she lived and worked in Canada, right? She may not be a citizen but I think she has probably contributed a significant amount in tax dollars?

      • morrigan01 says:

        @Shannon Bullock

        Yes, Meghan would have paid Canadian taxes on top of US taxes while she was living there and working. I don’t know the exact breakdown of what she would have paid to whom, but I do know it was said that one of the (many) reasons Kawhi Leonard chose to go home to LA and not stay in Canada was the whole tax thing.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        @mihie I don’t think they will let her be. This is just the beginning as they have it out to destroy her And her reputation. now. She has become the new Diana. I hope she wins the lawsuit and causes them to go bankrupt.

      • Pity10 says:

        @notasugarhere I think you are wrong about discussions on maybe leaving the “firm” began from the get go. That to me seems calculated and not them. I mean you take money for the house, wedding, titles and then you quit rather soon already planning to bail. I just don’t see them as that. Plus, Meghan tearfully said in that interview she never really expected it to be this way. She was mainly talking about the press, but just one of many factors facing them could make any person want to quit. I think they went in thinking it could work and then it didn’t work spectacularly so. They discussed what to do and both decided on this. I do think Meghan was probably the leader in this thinking cause she had lived another way. Royal is all Harry’s known, and even though Harry’s royal wasn’t as awful as Meghan’s royal it still sucked. I think Meghan being the leader here is brave and good. Not sure why showing Harry another way that could potentially save the monarchy money and maybe their existence as they can’t have a monarchy with tons of people draining public resources is really such a bad thing. This event plus larger mistakes might make the monarchy fall, but if it was done right it had the opportunity to save it. Why is Meghan being a leader bad to the press or even to people on here. Yes they are a team, but in this instance I do feel Meghan was the leader on starting this, just as Harry is the leader on working out the details as it is his family and he has more experience with it. That’s how a good team works. If you are the British tabloid press you take a good thing like that and twist it to make it seem other.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I think it would have been in there. This is the job, we’ll weather it together, but if it doesn’t work we agree we’ll find a way out together.

  46. GuestOne says:

    The Queen& all related parties knew about these plans. There’s discrepancy about whether she knew they would release the statement when they did& its content. Times said Harry thought he had the go ahead, but another Times source thought the statement would be more vague. The reporting about what the Queen knew is similar to the Andrew newsnight interview. Changes depending on narrative. If there hadn’t been that leak to the Sun& them publishing the Canada story- maybe statement wouldn’t have gone out the night before Kate’s birthday- sure wasn’t to slight her but to get ahead of the story. Again leakers fault.

    Sussex Royal’s Instagram had pic of Meghan& Kate at Wimbledon & Harry, William at the Netflix David Attenborough premiere in their year end video. They also included pic of William in Harry’s bday post. Trolls attack Sussex Royal for any mention they make of the Cambridges on their account so I don’t blame them being light on family content. But if talking social media It would have been nice if KP had removed racist slurs etc about Meghan the same way they tend to do on mentions about Rose.

    According to what we know so far they may be splitting time between Canada& England so not sure it’s fair to say that Meghan hasn’t given a chance yet& for all we know the decision to base in Canada part time could be driven by Harry. Didn’t Diana talk about wanting to live in North America post divorce?

  47. Moxie says:

    So, you don’t like what the British tabloids say about Harry and Meghan but you believe everything they say about William, Kate, etc? How is it that so many people on here seem to know that everyone in the royal family is evil except for American Meghan of course and her husband, Harry. How do you know that everyone in the BRF is so nasty? Why do you think Meghan is a naive, innocent person? Is it because she is American? I’m very curious.

    • fatladysinging says:

      It’s the BRF’s INACTION that reveals its character. If they WERE decent people, they would have stood up for a woman, new to their family, being hounded by racist reporters. If they were decent, they would have recognized the double standard attacks against Meghan (Meghan was pilloried for doing the same things Kate was once praised for) and supported her. But they didn’t, because they’re not that decent.

      • Mary says:

        @fatladysinging, you are absolutely right. The various, or one of the, palaces could have shut down the very nasty narrative that the British tabloids have been pushing regarding Meghan being an uppity, demanding, pushy, selfish etc woman. Instead, they do absolutely nothing to admonish the Press about their horrible actions toward Megan. Contrast this with their willingness to jump to the defense of Kate anytime anyone even dares to suggest that she uses Botox or hair extensions or might have raised her voice toward Meghan.

        When the whole story about Megan taking a staff member to task came out and it was reported that Kate spoke harshly to Meghan, saying that she was the only one that could speak to the staff, KP came out right away and said Kate did not do that. However, there was no mention of Meghan not upbraiding a staff member – implying strongly that Megan was wrong and had indeed done that.

        Let us also talk about all of the palace leaks about Meghan that were not stopped or even countered by the senior royals. E g , Angela Kelly should not still have a job given her leaks to the Press.

        The palace courtiers and Senior royals clearly did not have Megan’s back.

    • mihie says:

      @Moxie, I think most of the commenters are woke Americans so it’s only natural they will feel defensive on her behalf. I’m from a what used to be referred to as a “third-world” country so my perspective is different.

    • Because we decide which tabloid story most suits our predetermined narrative and go with that one was truth while divining who leaked it to who…or if we don’t like it, it is completely made up. There are no gray areas. As a bonus some of us have great insight into the inner thoughts, motives and emotions of both our favorites and perceived rivals and can project all manner of motives based on such.

      And because comments are heavily moderated to go with the flow.

    • A says:

      I think it’s because people recognize that there’s a enormous disparity in how the Cambridges and the Sussexes are covered, and that a lot of this is fueled by racism, and that this racism leads to lies and slander for the sake of the readership, which many of us are aware of and willing to point out as the untruths they so obviously are. But yes, let’s make this about how she’s American.

    • GuestOne says:

      @Moxie- where did you see me say everything reported about the Cambridges is true? If anything it’s their staff actions my post referred to. I personally believe a lot of the issues are because of a power vacuum at the top and courtiers jockeying for position.

      Discussions about the Sun’s leak coming from KP’s PR have been in reported in non U.K., non tabloid press so has a tad more credibility than the usual U.K. tabloid garbage. The royal reporters themselves say the palaces have been leaking. And re their social media-it’s been toxic since Meghan arrived but I’ve seen messages on twitter where people have been blocked from talking about Rose or calling Andrew a paedo so there is some type of monitoring going on for some royals.

      As fatlady said the royal family’s inaction has made clear the issues& lack of support for Meghan. William accused of bullying Harry in the Times- immediate statement but months of reports about RF relationships with Meghan-eg senior royal alleging saying she’s a degree wife: silence except to deny a report that Kate had shouted her down about treatment of staff. It’s pretty obvious& in contrast with visible support for Andrew (tbf his actions are more threatening to the institution)- not very smart.

      The reporting on Meghan is harder to believe because they lied from the start eg the Fail claiming she was from an area she wasn’t& even claiming a woman from the area as her aunt when they aren’t related according to her court papers. Or the Sun claiming she had done porn etc. You can also tell that a lot of the royal reporters/experts have a real distaste for her- many have been caught out this week looking ignorant on US TV eg Penny Junor denying racism in the coverage& then talking about ‘coloured people’. Some of the reporters engage with anti Meghan trolls& have been caught retweeting them so yeah hard to believe their reporting won’t be coloured by some bias in a way that wouldn’t apply to the white, English royals.

      Their reporting is also typically agenda based too- coercion to get access/punishment for lack of access or to feed bigoted readers. A few keep talking about how they haven’t had a chat with Meghan/don’t have her number& obviously there was restricted access at the wedding/birth photocall/christening so I’m assuming lack of access plays its part in their reporting.

      Also they are inconsistent eg Kate is mentoring Meghan, then they were feuding, then actually it’s the brothers who are feuding, then they are bonding over motherhood, then they haven’t spoken in 6 months. It’s a joke.

      I would guess it’s Harry who drove press access restrictions but it’s Meghan who has mainly paid the price. I don’t blame them for keeping godparents secret. There is a troll army that attacks the brands she or Doris wears and even now the charities she has visited so they would definitely do the same if they knew who they were. There’s a sick obsession people have with Meghan.

  48. Well-Wisher says:

    In some areas it was expected that she would be blamed for Prince Harry’s need to protect his family.
    Leaving for a while seems like a good idea.
    When the news broke , I read the some of the comments in the Daily Fail and recognized the glee and sudden realization that Harry is also leaving then fury. The predictions began once more about the divorce.
    Thankfully they have some distance from it.

    On another note, the Daily Liar has answered the pending lawsuit and has engaged the useful idiot using text messages between him and the Sussexes. It seem weak as it is based on the People’s article that defended the Duchess earlier on.

    It will be interesting to see how this ends. I hope the Sussexes know that “this too shall pass.”

    • Mary says:

      That article is absolutely ridiculous and is clearly an attempt by the Daily Mail to try to get the Sussexes to drop their lawsuit.

      Much of what was brought before the court by their defense lawyers appears irrelevant to the actual suit brought by the Sussexes. They clearly wanted to just stress what a bad daughter Meghan is and how they can use the courtroom to further damage Meghan’s reputation. They appear to be trying to threaten them with exposing as much negative information about Megan as possible. Even if it is irrelevant to the actual case.

      Also it is funny that in defending themselves for releasing excerpts of the letter they are releasing text messages that Megan sent to her father. Are those not covered by the by the copyright laws?

      I really hope that the Sussexes see this lawsuit through. Besides, they don’t have to be in court when bad dad testifies! And, really, do we think Thomas Sr. would actually testify if it came to that? I think he would have another “heart attack” and be unavailable.

      Finally, I think that the Daily Mail does not want to see this come to court because Thomas Sr. is such a liar. Statements that the defense made in their filings absolutely contradict other things that he has said. For example, his story now is that Meghan and Harry did not contact him after the wedding. However in an interview on TV, I believe it was with Piers Morgan, he specifically stated that he spoke with them a day and a half after the wedding. I remember it because it was so weird that he was so specific with the timing, This was shortly before someone leaked that they were going to honeymoon in Canada. A lot of people wondered if they had fed him that information to see if it leaked.
      Anyway, I am looking forward to Thomas proving that he actually did have a minor surgery performed. Because, I for one, do not believe it.

      So sorry for the long post but this Daily Mail / Thomas lying, mean collaboration really irks me!

  49. Tashiro says:

    This doesn’t even sound right. This piece makes no sense. So MM has always had her sites on being a princess even though she was previously married, had a career etc. She kinda went about it in a roundabout way. Making eyes at William because she wanted to be queen? Right…… Harry’s been wanting to step back long before Megan came on the scene. He met the right woman and is not willing to sacrifice his family’s well being.

  50. Patty says:

    You know things have to be bad when g/f packs up the thanksgiving turkey and xmas train and leaves with out a one fingered salute .
    How bad is it that you leave your toddler and travel thousands of km , pick up the dogs and not be seen again at the palaces … what kind of shit does any other outside tolerate. And BTW , that Piers Morgan is a raciest tea bagger

  51. Lowrider says:

    There is no future for Harry in the royal family.

    He has no real role yet he is limited in what he can do with his life. He would also have to watch while his wife and child(ren) are ridiculed and groomed by the media as hate figures and media punching bags. (see the Yorks). If he remained and his marriage ended in divorce there’s no way in hell he would ever find a woman that would want to marry into that family!

    Stepping down was his best and smartest option.

  52. Bread and Circuses says:

    If she wanted to make a billion, they wouldn’t be moving to Canada. Not with America ~right~ ~there~.

    I, for one, welcome our Sussex overlords. I also wish them peace with their baby.

  53. Artsygirl says:

    If they really want peace and privacy, they should live a quiet life in Canada which is their choice. Stop being celebrities, stop promoting their brand and live like the regular family in a quiet community..if they are still going to live public lives then it defeats the purpose. Also, they should prove that they want to be financially independent by paying for their lifestyle with their own money.i.e., secutirty, bodyguards, if they still need them.

    Stay out of the limelight and eventually people will forget and won’t pay attention to you anymore. That’s my 2 cents. If they really find the royal life that toxic and unhealthy.

  54. Fern says:

    Harry is the main ‘problem’ rather than Meghan. He has expressed that he liked being ‘just Harry not a royal’ in the army. He stated that he considered walking away from the RF years ago but decided to stay and carve out a role for himself. He found a soul mate in Meghan. All the bad press and family issues seem to have pushed them into making a choice that works for them. I’m sure that if they were still adored and felt warmly towards other royals – that they would have stayed in their positions longer. They have little to lose except some taxpayer funding that they are called parasites and attacked for receiving anyways. Their role has become an enormous burden and they have been vilified by the press. Although I don’t care for either of them personally, I respect their choice and can’t say that I wouldn’t do the same thing if I were in their shoes. It’s really on Harry because he is the one who fully understands his royal duties. But it seems like he never was fully committed to them in the first place – judging from his prior comments. He was right that he isn’t going to be the King – so he can do what he likes – which includes leaving his position as a full time senior royal. The Firm will go on. I bet Prince Andrew is glad the spotlight is off him now. ;)