Duchess Meghan made an appearance at a Vancouver women’s center

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It’s a little bit funny that the Duchess of Sussex has done more public events and charitable events in 2020 than the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and yet Meghan is the one exiting stage left. Meghan has been back in Canada since last week – she went back to Vancouver Island (reportedly) just after she and Harry dropped their Sussexit announcement. They didn’t even bring Archie back to England after the holidays, which was the surest sign that Meghan was completely done with all of it. But she’s not done with highlighting great causes and charities. Meghan took a seaplane to Vancouver yesterday and she dropped by the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre for tea and photos.

After being seen for the first time since news of her royal exit, Meghan Markle stopped by a women’s center in Vancouver. The 38-year-old continued her philanthropic efforts on Tuesday at Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, where she discussed “issues affecting women in the community.”

The community center, which provides support and basic necessities to over 500 women and children every day, shared a sweet photo from Meghan’s visit on their Facebook page, explaining Meghan and the women enjoyed tea together. “Look who we had tea with today! The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, visited us today to discuss issues affecting women in the community,” the post reads. In the photo, Meghan happily poses in the middle of a beaming group of women.

In photos obtained by Daily Mail, Meghan was pictured boarding a seaplane bound for Vancouver. She was seen bundled up for the snowy weather in a long green jacket with the hood up — the same one she wore heading out to a yoga class in Toronto back in March 2017 — and notably flashing a big grin.

[From People]

One thing the whole Sussexit mess has made me realize is that I actually would like to see more of Canada. Vancouver seems cool, Vancouver Island looks beautiful and Toronto and Montreal seem like beautiful cities. As for this… as Lizzo said, you could have had a bad bitch. Meghan WANTED to do this in England. This was her goal, she would have loved to champion women’s issues and domestic violence shelters and advocate for marginalized communities and people. But the toxic combination of racism from the British public and media with a tone-deaf monarchy has led to this.

Harry is due to join Meghan in Canada tomorrow or Friday. Which makes me think we’ll be getting another official announcement from Buckingham Palace today or tomorrow.

Britain's Meghan, Duchess of Sussex reacts during her visit to Canada House in thanks for the warm Canadian hospitality and support they received during their recent stay in Canada, in London on January 7, 2020.

Photos courtesy of Facebook, WENN.

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  1. Mignionette says:

    I honestly believe this is the life she always wanted. Looking at her past engagement pre-Harry and her mother’s career I believe she felt stifled to really engage given the reams of Royal protocol. The treatment by the UK press and establishment merely solidified that decision.

    I admire her strength to just strike out and say you know what enough, no more toxic families and UK press laced with institutional racism for me.

    Imma bounce and live the good life with my family.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Me too – this is something that she cares about as does Harry. They are really a good match in many ways.

    • Alexandria says:

      Yes I also believe this is her true passion and she used acting as a means to try to use fame for good. She is also an excellent public speaker. You can say it’s because she’s an actor but not all actors can speak well outside of a script. When I see Harry and her doing engagements I always look at their eyes. Their eyes are engaged and this is something that can be but is difficult to fake. I don’t know why these two are hated by the press. Harry also served the country in the military, does he not even deserve some respect for that? Now Harry’s previous army mates have also spoken out against the disrespect and highlighted Harry’s dedication and caring ways. The racist UK press and courtiers are disgusting.

      I hope Meghan joins forces with Angeline Jolie too. That would be awesome and these 2 would rock.

      • TQB says:

        Yes to all of this!! Her acting experience may make her comfortable in front of crowds but she speaks well because of her commitment and passion. I agree about the look in their eyes. All they ever wanted to do was serve the people. Their treatment exposes the fact that TRF only do that to justify their existence, not because they actually care.

    • Amy Too says:

      The casualness of it all probably also helps the women she is visiting to make a closer connection with her. She’s not a stiff woman wearing a $4,000 coat dress with matching heels, handbag, and hat, who is being followed around by photographers and thus very aware of making sure she looks good in photos. She can give her full and complete attention to these women, stay as long as she wants, talk about whatever she wants, and feel physically, emotionally, and sartorially comfortable. And the woman she’s visiting can feel the same. They’re not going to feel scrutinized and intimidated by the press that would follow her around in the UK on engagements, and they might be able to see her less as HRH the duchess of Sussex, super wealthy and formal aristo.

      • SomeChick says:

        Once again I agree with your thoughtful take, AmyToo.

        I think she genuinely thought that life with Harry would be a wonderful opportunity to do charity work, support causes dear to her, with a loving, like minded husband by her side. Which, it could have been. But, naah. Thanks, BRF.

        I’m glad Archie was safe and sound in Canada when this all went down. TQ trying to snatch the baby would be (and look) awful, but when has that ever stopped them from doing anything? There’s a reason it’s called enTITLEment! (The root word for “surly” is “sir” – just say’n.)

        I think Harry has receipts on all sorts of things, but likely the leaky sources. And also I suspect some horrendous racism from someone(s?) in the BRF. And I suspect he showed those receipts to Granny in their private meeting. Plus, the plane stunt. Come ON. We all have receipts on that!

        Love that Meghan is all, k, seeya! I’mma just go do what I came here to do!

      • Betsy says:

        Nah. It’s not the clothes, it’s Meghan’s actual interest in the issue and the people who the issue affects. She could do this in any outfit. What it takes is a willing spirit – something William lacks.

      • Redgrl says:

        @amytoo – good points!

      • yinyang says:

        Yes the narrative of Meghan being the big spender is a weak one. This is what real women wear in the todays world, this is what I wear. Not some flighty $1000 dollar dress matched with some designer shoes and handbag and $10000 coatdress in whatever shade I fancy today, and it’ll all end up in the back of an endless closet never to be seen again . When people complain about Meghan’s spending while labeling Kate the frugal Duchess I’m like…ok breath…I can’t even.

      • Lise says:

        It’s just people sitting around a table, brainstorming ideas together for helping vulnerable women in the community. I love this approach.

    • Meg says:

      That they didn’t live in denial about how bad it was and let it come between them as a couple which many divorces in that family mention the press and extended toxic family put a strain on their relationship.
      To claim their own power, we don’t have to put up with this. The pressure they’d feel not to do this, seriously good for them

      • Lise says:

        Distancing from their toxic family members truly requires great strength. I applaud this difficult decision they have made.

  2. aquarius64 says:

    She looks wonderful. Stay strong Sussexes.

    • Jegede says:

      And pregnant???😏😏

      Me thinks that’s why she & Harry wanted to get out of dodge ASAP.

      • Kaiser says:

        I’m starting to think that too, Jegede

      • Chaine says:

        My thought too, she is still gloooowwwwing and that boxy top is suspicious!

      • Ripley says:

        I dislike bump watch, but must admit it was the first thought in my head after “what a bad b*tch”… I think it’s the way she’s standing.

      • Becks1 says:

        I’m starting to buy into this theory as well. She did wear that sweater on Suits apparently, and it looked the same, but still…..I think her being pregnant would explain the sense of urgency here and why they felt the need to leave NOW.

      • TheOriginalMia says:

        She looks great. Happy. But yeah, she looks boxy. I thought so at Canada House. Reminded me of the Hubb cookbook launch when it was suspect, but hidden well.

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        I hate womb watching but I don’t think she’s pregnant. The sweater is just baggy. We just saw her in a slim skirt during the Canada House visit with no bump in sight. In fact she looks like she lost more of the post-baby weight while they were on Holiday.

      • minx says:

        My first thought too.

      • Bread and Circuses says:

        I’m a local, and Vancouver is reeeeeally freakin’ cold (for Vancouver, about -10C) right now.

        Sometimes a sweater is just a sweater! :D

      • I said this earlier on a different thread; if they are pregnant it could certainly add to their need to have this resolved ASAP. Who wants to basically be held prisoner at Frogmore for more of the insane press attacks and focus on pregnancy and what she owes to the country as to her body and their baby. I mean the accepted cost to each British person for the entire Royal family is about $1.54 per year. That’s not even the price of a good cup of coffee; why on earth they think it entitles them to practically be in the delivery room astounds me. I also have always wondered if all that stress during that time created health issues with her pregnancy. If she is pregnant, I think Harry told his grandmother when the two of them had their PRIVATE meeting on Mon.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        I think so too. She is glowing and not from the cold wind chill. Either way they gave a master class in owning your power. IMHO this honors Disna more than 1000 cosplay outfits and Peter Pan collars (on George) ever could.

    • swirlmamad says:

      I agree with @valiantlyvarnished….when we saw them at the Canada House visit she was in a very slim fitting outfit and there was no visible bump at all. I think she’s just going the casual route now because she CAN. She looks lovely.

    • PrincessK says:

      Well, one thing for sure is that with the next baby she will be looking forward to a more stress free pregnancy than the one she endured at the hands of the British racist vulture press. To me the way she was treated was the last straw, l was totally enraged by the relentless bullying and tormenting of a first time mother to be who was trying to embrace a new home country. I just cannot forgive them, especially the Daily Mail, and l would love to be called as a witness to describe the torture she was subjected to.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        I could not agree more. Bullying a first time or anytime pregnant woman is the lowest of the low and made me furious for her.

      • yinyang says:

        I think Diana would be heartbroken knowing what the press had done to her baby. Harry was still very young when his mom died, he always clung to her. And all this is like getting your heartbroken all over again all in an effort to lift up Kate. The british press is just beyond disgusting I have no words. And Charles and William didn’t even lift a finger to protect him. I would be furious if one of my kids didn’t speak up while the other was getting torn apart.

  3. Becks1 says:

    I love that she did this. It definitely sends a signal – “I’m still here.” She’s going to do her thing, and do it better than she could while a FT royal.

    And, she looks fabulous.

  4. Belli says:

    Thanks to the press, the palace and a toxic segment of the public, Britain has really lost out.

    Harry has an engagement tomorrow, I think, so will be heading out after that.

  5. Silas says:

    So, thoughts so far. During the engagement and the wedding , up until the summer of 2018, the Queen and Charles both seem very welcoming and then the Hub cookbook came out, Kensington Palace started leaking and by the Fall after the successful tour, the smear campaign was in full effect.

    Now we have a statement of support from the Queen, Charles being strategically quiet but supportive through money, and William having extracted his statement of support denying being a bully from Harry.

    But already there are negative leaks from the meeting against the Sussexes. I think what happened with the initial show of support and then true feelings coming out later is happening all over again. Meghan and Harry haven’t won yet and I hope they recognize that they will be punished for daring to set boundaries but it will happen behind the scenes.

    • Amy Too says:

      I think this is a major part of why it was so difficult for Meghan, especially. People were nice and polite to her face, but then would go back home and leak all their grievances to the press. If she did something “wrong” or made a “faux pas,” no one would tell her to her face. It’s like every time she interacted with any of the family or staff, they were keeping a running tally in their mind of all the little things she did that weren’t quite right, all while smiling to her face. That kind of back stabbing must’ve been brutal to deal with. You have no idea what’s going to happen after any of your family events or engagements. You might think you did so well and everyone had a good time, but then you read in the tabloids that your lack of hat, wrong color nail polish, and those 5 seconds you walked in front of someone, were apparently grievous offenses.

      • Nina Simone says:

        I can’t even imagine. It must have been so brutal. And she always appeared with a smile on her face. She’s so strong.

      • Bettina says:

        I totally agree. I can’t imagine what that is like in the position she was in. Being new and then left hang out to dry. I’m sure it was done on purpose too and then appear in public smiling and acting like everything was ok. I couldn’t have done it. Shows how strong she is. I wish both great success in their future endeavors.

        Three of my SILs are backstabbers. They act all nice in your face and there are plenty hugs, smiles and I love yous and as soon as you turn your back the knifes start flying and even the most innocent comment is turned around and used against you. We played the game as long as my MIL was alive. As soon as she passed we quit. We haven’t attended one family get-together in 6 years. It does wonders for your overall health when you cut toxic people out of your live.

        What’s the deal with this Piers Morgan. I stumbled on his show the other day flipping channels and he looked and sounded totally unhinged. I never saw him on TV before. I read some things here that he said but it’s totally different when you see him on TV vs written word. He came across as obsessed and on a personal vendetta against the DoS. Did she kill his puppy? He needs some hrs on the couch. What a turd cutter.

      • anon says:

        @Amy Too

        THIS^^^ is exactly what happened. Exhibit A: “Making Kate cry at the bridesmaid’s fitting.”

        That’s the point on the timeline when the screw started to turn. Meghan simply asked the nanny to help control Charlotte (who was acting up and making it difficult for the other kids to get their fittings on a tight schedule) and nothing was said, nobody “cried.”

        But sure enough, it popped up in the tabloids that Meghan made Kate burst into tears. That’s not how it went down. But that’s when she began to realize that perhaps Kate was more passive-aggressive than she appears.

        Also, let’s be clear about one other thing: Everyone knows Dull Bill cheated with Rose Hanbury. That’s not up for debate. Meghan also had a problem with two things here: 1. That William was palpably not into H&M in spite of his own hypocrisy; and 2. That Kate put up with it – in spite of being cheated on while pregnant, herself.

        It was all very Stepford Wife-ish on Kate’s part, while Meghan got thrown under the bus. So it’s not hard to imagine that Meghan looking at the whole landscape like, WTAF, who *are* these people?!

      • There was one article this past week or so that talked about Harry’s anxiety attacks returning, but also mentioned that Meghan was to believed to now be suffering from this as well. The article suggested this as one of the reasons she returned a day or two early to Canada. — as coming back escalated them. The article came out just days.after their Canada House When all the hoo rah rah came out about her daring to sweat. Sweating is one of the 4 major anxiety attack visible symptoms. I suffer from anxiety attacks and had to change my life and jetison situations and people that were triggering them in order to get any real relief. If she has developed anxiety issues, I could see why she is in Canada and as far away from that toxic British situation as possible.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Amy Too I think that is spot on. It is magnified by the fact that she is a woman of color and this polite to your face knives out behind your back was even more intense. It is like every appearance was rigged with land mines tgat were only just for her. No one would survive that without a giant toll on their health.

    • Aa says:

      I think you can point to when Meghan had her friends post about the Hubb cookbook as an early issue. It was the right thing to do for the women who were benefiting from the book, but it reminded the courtiers of how much of a global reach Meghan independent of the palace. If you look at the Tim Shipman stories the theme is courtiers living in fear that Meghan could not be controlled. So they tried to corner Meghan and Harry and beat them down into submission. That backfired because Meghan and Harry were willing to risk fighting their way out of the corner and in to freedom.

      • GuestOne says:

        @AA that’s a good point. I forgot that the cookbook was promoted on social media by Serena Williams etc. Pissed of the press that they weren’t needed to make it a success but trying a new approach (and most organisations let alone the monarchy struggle with change& new person being like why don’t we try this way) & also as you say showing potential reach, probably was alarming. I remember Ingrid Seward said she had upset the courtiers with secret charity visits when she got to the U.K too.

        Basically what’s happened is like what happens in most orgs when they have tokenistic approach to diversity. The individual is welcomed& people pat themselves on the back but they don’t really want your input. So heaven forbid you have your own ideas based on your experience on how you want to use your role. Then your colleagues bitch about you behind your back, undermine you until you leave.

        I’m curious what’s going to happen to their staff at BP if they are part time.

      • Belli says:

        Based on what we see and stories about grumpy courtiers, their part time might well be the equivalent of other royals’ full time.

  6. Digital Unicorn says:

    Good for her – I want an ID on the parka she is wearing as I covet.

  7. Sierra says:

    She looks really happy and I am happy for them both.

  8. Nina says:

    She looks happy and relaxed.Her skin is glowing.I love to see her so happy

  9. OriginalLala says:

    @Kaiser, Canada is worth visiting! Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal are all awesome cities but if you ever come up for a trip, check out the Maritimes or Newfoundland – I lived in Newfoundland for 7 years and Nova Scotia for 3 and they are some of my favorite places in our huge country :)

    • Pineapple says:

      And P.E.I. it is like a cheap, friendly version of Martha’s Vineyard. And Vielle Quebec, an old stone walled city in Quebec, you would swear you are in Europe. The food, the art, the restaurants … it is amazing. Kaiser, we are so, so, so lucky. We really are.

    • Me Again says:

      I love Toronto- I think I’ve now chosen our family vacation this summer. We’ll try to get to PEI as well!

      • OriginalLala says:

        PEI is beautiful, and has some really stunning beaches. Cape Breton is also a very cool spot to visit, especially if you like fiddle music!

      • Becks1 says:

        My husband and I went to Toronto for our 10th anniversary and LOVED it. We def want to go back. We also visited Victoria this summer and again, loved it.

        I follow the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) on IG and I recommend it to anyone. Its a really smart and funny Instagram. Whoever is running it knows what they are doing.

      • Erinn says:

        Adding Nova Scotia beaches to the list. Carter’s Beach in particular is stunnnningggg. It looks tropical in the summer – like Caribbean tropical – white sand, super clear water.

    • Guest2.0 says:

      Canada may get a tourism bump from the Sussexes settling there. That’s a nice side benefit. My daughter is in school in Guelph and we’ve enjoyed visiting her and exploring Canada on our visits. We had a great time in Toronto.

      • deezee says:

        If picking her up at the end of the school year, head further noth and try Flowerpot Island on Georgian Bay. Gorgeous spot with clear water to shipwrecks below.

      • mtec says:

        @Guest 2.0
        I hope we do get a tourism bump! I live in Toronto and unfortunately flights within Canada are so expensive (sometimes it’s legit cheaper to fly to LA than Vancouver!) but i’ve always wanted to visit BC and other provinces west (and east!) from where I am. So far only really been to cities in Quebec, (and Montreal is lovely and such a fun city!!). I know our airline industry is kinda messed up, but does anyone think more tourism, and interest in visiting Canada could somehow produce cheaper and more available flights to see what this beautiful country has to offer?

        Either way i’m excited to have them in Canada and see all the wonderful things they’ll contribute to the country and it’s cities/communities.

      • PrincessK says:

        It has already been reported that tourism has increased.

    • Sammy says:

      Meghan seems to be a lovely person, I wish her, Harry and that cutest baby Archie all the best.
      We spent two weeks on Vancouver Island 4 years ago and I truly fell in love with the beautiful nature, the friendly people, it was all absolutely stunning.
      The hidden gem we stayed for a few days at is Hornby Island, the jewel of the Gulf, it’s near Vancouver Island, and it is like Hawaii, but much, much better and cheaper.
      The Butchart Gardens near Victoria were magnificent, also Victoria itself is really a nice city and Nanaimo was lovely.
      I would highly recommend visiting Banff National Park, Lake Louise and Jasper National Park, we did a hiking vacation this summer there for two weeks.
      The hiking was phenomenal, but it wasn’t enough time to see so much beauty, next time we are doing 3 weeks.
      We stayed in Banff in a great hotel with a wonderful spa, one day we had a picnic in the park in the town and a group of deer were walking around the park, what a memory.
      I will admit that as an American, I kind of ignored Canada, not on purpose, just happened without thinking, but after going to Canada a few years ago for a business trip, I definitely regret not travelling to Canada before.
      Especially since Canadians are really the nicest people I have ever met and the country is safe to travel and with US dollars it is really very affordable to visit.

    • Lilly (with the double-L) says:

      Canoe journey has been around Vancouver Island several times and this upcoming summer too. It’s beautiful and a great way to see it is from the water. We’ve paddled through Dodd Narrows a couple times now, that gets your heart rate going. I’m glad they’re in a beautiful area and Canadians have been very welcoming as we’ve come through, so I hope H&M have the same experience – based on things so far, I’m optimistic.

  10. Em says:

    See, they never would have let her do this in the UK – there would have to be some form of patronage, or occasion, she would be picked over for her choice of clothes, or taking a sea plane, they would gripe over security or whatever. Basically they would turn something good into some horrid act against the monarchy and British civility.
    Good for her for stepping away!

  11. Amy Too says:

    She looks so happy and relaxed and more casual than when she was a full time UK based senior royal. She looks like a real person, and not a 1950s throwback royal robot. No coat dresses and fussy hats, here.

  12. Flying fish says:

    Good for her.

  13. Marjorie says:

    For the last 6 months I’ve been watching the Instagram races between Sussex and Kensington. We’re currently at 10.7 million for Sussex and 10.9 million for Kensington. Every time Sussex goes up and and nears closing the gap, Kensington swells. I think it’s rigged, and I think it drives the Cambridges (esp. Will and Carole) nuts.

    Of course I’m obsessive myself.

    Meghan looks fabulous.

    • Belli says:

      The gap was very steady at 500k for a long time. And it really did seem like every time Sussexroyal would go up, Kensingtonroyal would soon follow and that gap was held. Which does raise an eyebrow or two when Sussexroyal is the newer account, posts more and is in the press more.

      If there was any artificial though, it’s clear that it couldn’t be kept up this week without attracting suspicion, so Sussexroyal have caught up to be 200k behind.

      We’ll have to see whether they’ll be allowed to catch up or overtake though!

    • Silas says:

      I think years ago, all the bought followers were deleted on one of the social media platforms. I think it was Instagram but I’m not sure. Of course now things have gone back to the way it was before but it would be hilarious if the deletion happened again and the numbers for the Cambridge account fell drastically.

    • OH NO says:

      I just don’t believe that KP insta growth…

      But if it’s true, they can take comfort in the fact that those numbers are direct result of people hating their sister in law.

      Meghan was the best thing to happen for Kate’s fan base…

    • fatladysinging says:

      You’re not the only one! And I’m a conspiracy theorist about it, too. It’s like every time the Sussex account rises, someone in Kensington Palace hops on Fivrr and buys a few hundred thousand more followers.

    • S808 says:

      I’ve noticed it to too. The likes to follow ratio is really off which is usually a sign the follows are “artificial”

    • Nocturne says:

      Yes! I’ve been following the numbers too. When the Sussexes first started their account the Cambridges only had something like 3.5 million followers, but as the Sussex numbers grew, so did theirs. It was really strange because for a long time, no matter how many followers the Sussex account gained, the Cambridge account would always have 500,000 more followers. And this was consistent during major Sussex life events such as Archie’s birth, when you’d think that the Sussex account would finally outstrip the Cambridges.

      At first I thought the Cambridges were buying followers, then I realised duh, it’s all the racist white people boosting the Cambridges’ account, now I think it’s probably both.

    • FureverPuppy says:

      When you follow sussexroyal, there are automatic suggested follows like Kensington royal, which may cause the piggy back effect.

      • Erinn says:

        This. I think that’s one of the main things causing it. They really do try to promote related content, especially after you follow someone new. Some people are genuinely happy to follow both, too. It’s not always either, or. Some people also will follow people they hate – just to see the stuff they’re doing.

    • Mignionette says:

      The KP insta page is BLATANTLY being inflated. When you consider the follow to engagement ratios and factor in those rises it’s a crock of shyt.

      Typically when new followers join it’s following some sort of event and the comments will mirror that. It’s clear that the RF/ establishment are trying to send a message as to whom the real heir is.

      This is literally another case of the electoral / college vote in the US and the First Past the Post system vs the Popular vote in both countries. We will wake up in a decade from now and learn of the mass media manipulation. PR is going to be a booming trade / career and the RF will be forever damaged for anyone who is interested.

    • Abena Asantewaa says:

      That’s funny, that is what I thought about The KP IG. Something dodgy is going on with the numbers, unless of course, people who follow The Sussexes also go and follow The Cambridges, that would explain the silmultaneous bump in numbers at KP IG.

    • Flying Fish says:

      i agree, the growth of the KP’s Instagram page is suspicious to me as well.

    • Nucks says:

      Wouldn’t it make social media sense that fans of one house would hate-follow the other’s insta? Not that there isn’t fakery…

    • Mego says:

      Someone on Twitter today said they did an audit of SR Insta and it came back 100% clean. KR would not permit them to do the audit. FWIW

    • RoyalBlue says:

      10.8 million now.

  14. AnnaKist says:

    In the middle of the palace imbroglio, she’s still out doing her thing. Considering what we know about the royal life and it’s members of the family and myriad staff, I think she and Harry not only made the right decision to exit, but that they are going to have a successful and much happier amd peaceful life. And really, it’s what’s we all all want.

  15. Pineapple says:

    Dear Gosh … I just love this woman. I am horrified at how petty and juvenile The British Royal Family are. I am thrilled for Meghan and Harry. Thrilled. If more of us cared to have truly, truly meaningful impact, imagine what the world would be like?

  16. Nev says:

    I just have one thing to say….


    I can’t. In the good way.

  17. S808 says:

    She looks refreshed. Looks like one shitty royal family doesn’t stop no show! Do they rally part time royal’s engagement counts?

  18. My3cents says:

    They go low
    She goes high

  19. Tdotgirl says:

    Well this is….random. What exactly is her connection to Vancouver anyway? She lived in Toronto previously. Did she spend any significant time in Vancouver or British Columbia before? I see this as being strategic. She can’t very well do nothing. But sure let me call up a random womens shelter I have no connection to for tea and a photo op. And you guys just eat it all up.

    Most of us here in Canada are not pleased about this. This selfish move will no doubt cost us money. Our PM made assurances to the Queen that they will work something out apparently. I think we all know what that means…

    • Becks1 says:

      They’ve been staying in british Columbia for the past several weeks.

      My guess is that the next Invictus Games will be in Vancouver.

      Also, re: the random womens shelter. That’s kind of what they all do. Visit places they have no connection to…in order to establish that connection.

      • Tdotgirl says:

        I know they have been staying there my only question is why. Her connection to the country is Toronto on the complete opposite coast. It’s not as if Toronto is swarming with paps.

      • Jaded says:

        Actually it’s Victoria, on the island, that is in the running for Invictus. I live in Victoria and couldn’t be more thrilled that these two lovely people will be here a lot in future.

      • GreenTurtle says:

        Isn’t BC renowned for its natural beauty? I wouldn’t find it particularly noteworthy if Americans from Boston or Washington DC spent several weeks in Northern California or the U.S. Rockies.

      • Erinn says:

        I know a lot of people seem to think Canada ends at Ontario, but let’s keep in mind you have Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, and Newfoundland / Labrador further east. It’s not like she’s going from kissing the cod in Saint John’s NFLD to living in BC.

        Ontario might be called east coast, but it’s also considered central Canada. It’s not like how NY is considered east coast because it’s on the eastern edge of the country.

      • Becks1 says:

        And apparently its Germany for the IG games in 2022.

    • S808 says:

      “But sure let me call up a random womens shelter I have no connection to for tea and a photo op.“ even if this is what she’s doing….what’s the issue? This is great press coverage for a women’s shelter. Based on her work with Luminary Bakery and The Hubb kitchen Meghan isn’t a one and done type of person when it comes to charities outside the charities she supports on behalf of the crown.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Griping and complaining about someone trying to do good for others. Never ends, does it?

      • Mignionette says:

        It’s virtue signalling don’t you know. I bet that shelter has been inundated with donations since she visited. Well done Meghan.

      • LAB says:

        I just had an argument with my mother about this. How is it bad for someone to want to help, no matter how big or small? (She also hates Meghan for no other reason than marrying Harry and having the expensive engagement photo dress.)

    • Mumbles says:

      I’m with you, very odd. What does she know about this organization? Curious if this was the life she wanted to lead in the UK, why she wasn’t doing it. Was the Royal Family preventing her from visiting women’s shelters? Maybe the answer is yes, in which case, that’s terrible.

      • Maria says:

        She was doing this. The Hubb project started out because she was doing visits to the Al-Manaar Cultural Heritage Center. She included Luminary Bakery in her Forces for Change because she started out by visiting it. She made visits to Shout, she made visits to Smart Works before starting her project. She’s not deviating from her usual pattern as far as I can see.

      • Sass says:

        @Mumbles that’s literally what she was doing in the UK. See: Luminary Bakery and The Hubb AND SmartWorks. Try and keep up.

        Some of y’all people I swear. Get a hobby

      • Rosalee says:

        Nonprofits in Canada do not work in silos, we have networks, coalitions, national working groups to share information, best practices, and work together in raising awareness of various issues impacting community members. Meghan was a volunteered for different groups in Toronto therefore she would be aware of shelters, food banks and other groups across the country. The Executive Directors in Toronto know the Executive Directors in BC…

      • morrigan01 says:

        @Mumbles LOL! My god you people are not original in the least. I’ve seen this exact “why wasn’t she doing this in the UK” comment at least *twice* on twitter at least under posts about this visit.

        She *was* doing this in the UK. She was doing this exact thing, with the Together Cookbook, and SmartWorks collection and other things. But people instead decided to rip on her for writing positive messages on bananas, accuse her of breaking protocol for daring to close a car door, called her vain for holding her baby bump and call her newborn son spoiled and comparing him to a monkey. So she left just like the haters kept saying she should because her doing things like THIS apparently wasn’t as important as refusing to show her newborn son off the day she gave birth to him, or that in trying to help Grenfell Tower victims to raise money she was helping terrorist supporters as the Daily Mail gleefully alleged (but wasn’t true).

      • joanne says:

        Meghan volunteered at a Women’s Shelter in Toronto for 7 years. The downtown Vancouver Eastside is notorious for the poverty and rough lifestyle. As a Canadian, I’m grateful she is bringing attention to it. They need ANY help they can get. Meghan has performed a huge public service here.

    • lucia says:

      That’s literally the “job” of royals. To go to random places and bring them publicity and raise them money.

      • Mumbles says:

        Not “random” places. They go to places where they’ve met the people who run it, where there is some relationship. And maybe there is one here. Maybe Meghan was introduced to this shelter when she was in Vancouver for their break. But you’d think the shelter would mention that.

        Maybe this is the beginning of a relationship between Meghan and this shelter. That would be great and very admirable! And time will tell if it happens. If a few months from now it turns out to be a one-off, it will come off as a PR stunt. Time will tell.

      • Maria says:

        The shelter seems satisfied with her visit and its implications now. The fact that you apparently aren’t is a separate thing and unrelated.

      • olive says:

        @Mumbles there’s nothing odd about this visit whatsoever. every relationship with a charity has to start somewhere.

      • Nic919 says:

        Most Canadians who somewhat pay attention to things know that the east side of vancouver has a huge issue with drug addicts and poverty. CBC and CTV have done stories about this and if she was living in Toronto, she probably would have heard about it in the news. It was addressed when the Olympics took place in Vancouver as well.

      • Didn't Leave the DTES for this says:

        @mumbles Oh nooooo, someone did something good but for impure reasons??? Well then! I shall notify Bonnehomme Carnivale immediately!

        I see this tactic used a lot to ding lefties, esp during metoo, maybe because it’s actually in Jordan Peterson’s bestselling book, and its like so what? It’s not the gotcha you think it is.

        I don’t care WHY a good deed was done, just that is WAS done.

      • JaneBee87 says:

        @Maria +1

    • fatladysinging says:

      When black women prioritize their mental health needs it’s “selfish”; when white women do it, it’s “self care.”

      • Tdotgirl says:

        When it’s going to put undue burden on another country’s taxpayers yes it is selfish. Black or white makes no difference to me.

      • Maria says:

        I hope you are as vocal in your community about Canada divesting from the monarchy as you are about Meghan coming to live there.

        Nobody should have their tax dollars go to someone they don’t feel represents them.

      • kerwood says:

        @Tdotgirl, so I can assume that you’re taking a break from your own work on social justice issues in Canada to comment on celebitchy?

      • Jaded says:

        @Tdotgirl: you do know that Meghan and Harry have made it quite clear they do not want to be a financial burden on anyone. The average cost per Canadian to support royal trips here is $2.00 per year. Boo f*ckin hoo.

      • fatladysinging says:

        To Tdotgirl and Maria,

        My husband and I DO have a place in Canada. We do pay taxes there. And I’m fine with about a dollar of my money going to their family’s security, because there are a LOT of crazy racists out there who would kill. That said, I think they will transition to paying for their own security.

    • Gatorlover says:

      Are you sure you know Canada? Flight time from Toronto to LA is five hours.

    • SomeChick says:

      Perhaps THEY want to be on the west coast. She’s not working in Toronto any more. BC is a shorter flight to Doria’s, too.

      I love how y’all wanted Meghan out of the UK so bad and now that you’ve got your wish you’re still all salty. Just goes to show, she can never please some people. So why waste time and effort trying?

      Personally, I dug her Duchess style, but I dig seeing her looking so happy even more than that.

      Also, here’s Buzzfeed with a look at media coverage of Meghan being slammed for doing the exact same things Kate was praised for doing – side by side headlines from the same publications. Even down to eating avocados!

      This has been posted in other threads, but here it is again for those who have just tuned in:


      • morrigan01 says:

        They are salty because pics like this shows that:

        1. she’s not hiding away and crying and showing “remorse.” Yes, I saw someone actually say she should show *remorse*. (What they think she should remorseful for, I can only guess. Daring to be black/biracial and daring to be *proud* of that fact while marrying a prince? That the prince went with her and she didn’t make him stay behind?)

        2. she’s already moving forward with her life, and not missing a step or any of the Royal stuff she left behind – the stuff they kept telling themselves over and over that she wanted *really badly*, which leads into –

        3. it not the life they have kept repeatedly telling themselves she would go and lead once she was kicked out.

        (And the fact that she *wasn’t* kicked out but left on her own accord is also something they are salty about btw).

        They have told themselves repeatedly she’d go back to LA and back to acting. But because, just like Harry, they never pay attention to anything she actually says, she was always planning to mostly give up acting anyway whenever her show came to an end. It’s sad, but 40 is pretty much the age ceiling for the majority of actress in Hollywood, and Meghan more than likely knows that. So she was thinking what the next phase of her life was going to be once her show was over, and she was always into charity work. That, politics and her work with the UN was clearly the direction where she was starting to head when she met Harry. Those are the things she wants to work and focus on now, not her acting career.

        And she hasn’t lived in LA for almost 10 years now. Us native Californians tend to usually have California in our DNA, and will always come back, and she totally WILL come back for visits I’m sure. But if it’s to work, it’ll for sure be one the production end of things, and have next to nothing to do with her getting some starring role in some new Marvel movie or something like that. You’ll be seeing Meghan with more Producing credits than any type of acting credit going forward, mark it.

        So yeah, that’s why they’re salty. And they will continue to remain so because even with her gone from the Royal Family, it wasn’t on the terms they wanted it to be on.

      • swirlmamad says:

        Salty for days! They can stay mad. This is exactly why the DoS needed to break free and do what was best for THEM. The haters can continue to complain and get their blood pressure up.

      • Tdotgirl says:

        Who wanted her out of the UK? Surely not I. In this case I wish whe could have found a way to stay there and make it work. Why does walking away from being senior royals mean they needed to leave the country? They could be part time and live somewhere further away. It’s a big country no?

      • notasugarhere says:

        They didn’t get what they wanted, which was Meghan leaving without Harry. Poor tumblrs.

      • GreenTurtle says:

        @SomeChick, wasn’t that article crazy? You kind of digest it and get irritated at the specific incidents, but seeing a bunch of them aggregated was horrible.

      • swirlmamad says:

        @Tdotgirl they couldn’t even move to another country and get a moment’s peace.

        “Why does walking away from being senior royals mean they needed to leave the country? They could be part time and live somewhere further away. It’s a big country no?”

        Are you actually serious with this? They are STILL being harrassed with slam pieces coming out what seems like hourly.

      • Didn't Leave the DTES for this says:

        The British Press are acting like Narcissists who just lost their Codependent partner/punching bag; the only people who attack you for setting a boundary against abuse, because then they can’t get their high off abusing you.

      • morrigan01 says:

        @swirlmamad thank you. Seriously, they have moved almost 5000 miles (over 7000 km) and 8 times zones away and the UK tabs are STILL on their asses and following them. Why stay in the country that contains the source of that press abuse if you can’t stop it even when you are now living on a entirely different continent?

        Plus, Canada’s laws are much more stricter about press invasion fwiu.

    • Jordana says:

      @TDOTGIRL “most of us”? You speak for 36 million people. I didn’t know. I guess I and everyone I know didn’t take your national survey.

      • Tdotgirl says:

        Yes I will say most. Have you read articles or social media platforms? Most people here take issue with the potential cost of this. What are you reading that says anything different?

        Why would Canadians be happy about this?

      • MadFab says:

        Tdotgirl: Maybe don’t speak for all Canadians. I’m familiar with people who work on the DES in Vancouver and they are thrilled not only for the positive attention but for anyone who helps to destigmatize both that part of the city and the people who live and work there. Showing up to spend time with the women at the centre demonstrates that both financial support and human connection are important.

        As for the costs of security, that hasn’t yet been determined. But I tend to find that anyone who squawks about “my taxpayer dollars” actually has no idea how taxes are collected or allocated.

        Finally, the response from Canadians has been mostly positive, your Twitter observations notwithstanding.

      • Jaded says:

        Tdotgirl – do you honestly think we’re all as stupid as that? That we don’t read social media (which is 90% bullshit) or national papers or news websites? We CBers are a pretty well read lot and I don’t care for your snappish attitude. Meghan and Harry have already made it quite clear that they weren’t being allowed to do what they wanted to do in the UK, and they were constantly being trashed by the gutter press in a very racist manner. Their lives were being threatened. William was leaking and throwing them under the bus whenever he could. So don’t speak for me and don’t speak for all Canadians. I admire them for what they’re doing and I welcome them with open arms to my city, Victoria BC.

      • Erinn says:

        Literally the only person I’ve seen outraged in my own social sphere is my xenophobic asshat 70ish year old uncle who lives in Quebec. But he also thinks he’s super clever when he says “Tru-dope” and when he spreads incredibly offensive outright lies from fringe “news” sources.

      • sammiches says:

        Erinn – LOL @ “Tru-dope”. That’s almost as witty as “libtard”, hey? I love how people are using such dumb insults thinking they’re so clever these days.

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      @TDOTGIRL & Mumbles…the shelter could have written to her/their office requesting a visit or a desire to be highlighted on the Sussex IG. And Meghan did what she regularly does and out plan to action and visited them. She’s doing what she and Harry both stated they wanted to do. Philanthropy without the Royal Rota and the courtiers’ input or approval.

      • ME says:

        Philanthropy usual involves a generous donation of money. It didn’t state anything about her doing that. I think it’s still nice of her to have made those women’s day. It would have been amazing to meet her.

        With regards to comments up top…yes Canadians don’t want to pay for their security and we shouldn’t have to. At the moment there are many RCMP officers protecting the home she is currently staying in. The Queen better work something out because us Canadians shouldn’t have to pay for this.

    • marni112 says:


      I totally agree with your comments !

    • Lady D says:

      What is this ‘most of us’ crap you espouse? I live outside Vancouver and everyone I’ve talked to is thrilled they are here, and away from the racist Royal Family.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        Lady D, you’re Canadian?! Why did I randomly think you were British? Are you a Brit who lives in Canada? Or a Canadian Who once lived in Britain?

        (Not that it’s any of my business of course, but curious 🙂🙃)

      • Tdotgirl says:

        Maybe because you are in Vancouver and there is local buzz about this? I’m in Toronto and anyone I’ve talked to is concerned about cost. It’s not like they’re hated or anything but the question of cost comes up. And I’ve seen it in articles as well with most trying to figure out what this will cost us.


      • Who ARE These People? says:

        I’m in Ontario and the general feeling seems to be, “good for them, they’re welcome, we just don’t want to pay for them.” If their financial independence is genuine and doesn’t come out of Canadian coffers, they will blend in soon enough. Probably having a ceremonial Governor General and an apparatus that views the Queen as our Head of State costs us more.

      • LNG says:

        Most of what I’ve read has people happy or neutral on them coming here, but a hard no on taxpayer money being spent on them. The vast majority of Canadian press is VERY different from the British press, so I’m not surprised they want to live here, and I think residence in a commonwealth country is necessary for their part-time royal plans. I think that if Canadian taxpayer money is going to be spent, they’re going to have to make a pitch to the Canadian people about value for that money. We already pay for one representative of the Queen (the Governor General).

      • Lady D says:

        Bella, I’m Canadian, born 20 minutes out of Toronto, and moved west to BC when I was two. All it took was one Ontario winter:)
        For the record, I am British in my soul and I am positive I was British in a previous life. Not just British, but a British bobby. I read English authors, I eat the British way with tea each day, I drink about 14 cups of tea a day, I can speak the lingo, and I have a lot of dreams about being a British cop. They always take place in the fog, but I know I’m a cop. Weird eh?

      • lagomorph says:

        So there is actually a poll out ( Angus Reid Institute) and it found 73% percent of Canadians don’t want to pay for M&H’s security. I do think the increase in tourism would *more* than cover it but I can understand not wanting to pay on principle. (Being from the US I find the whole idea of a monarchy archaic and silly.) I think if they’re smart the family will cover it, at least initially. It’s a such a huge expense that I could see the temptation to write a tell all just to cover the costs. If Canada doesn’t cover it they are getting a great deal. Two popular members of the British royal family with the associated increase in tourism for free.

        (The poll put PH’s popularity rating in Canada the highest at 69% followed by PW at 68% and the Queen at 67%.)

    • Bella DuPont says:

      @ tdotgirl

      Yes, I completely see where you’re coming from. So many transgressions from this selfish couple:

      - First, “randomly” and disrespectfully imposing themselves on Vancouver Island without Tdotgirl’s express permission, 😨

      - Aggressively gatecrashing a Charity who are desperate for secrecy and are allergic to support; 😳

      - And then frightening the poor women in attendance, bullying them into taking a picture, and I’ve heard rumours she left a few of them in tears after shouting at a baby sitting in the corner 🤯

      @ tdotgirl Clearly, she’s taking the f-cking piss. The Police need to be notified immediately.

      • Jordana says:

        Haha Bella! Love it!

        TO Everyone doing the “we are outraged that WE have to pay for their security” dance:
        Calm tf down. They said they will become financially independent. I’m sure the BRF can cover a couple security bills while the details are worked out.
        They announced their plans a couple days ago, these things take time. Find something else to be ‘outraged’ about in the meantime

      • Elizabeth says:

        Oh god forbid Meghan try to do anything positive with her life! There is just absolutely no pleasing some people. I love her genuinely supporting women’s issues and not just saying nice sounding things in a speech.

        As for tax dollars, did you not read their statement because they address that? They specifically say they don’t want to be a burden and there are specific laws they have to deal with. Why not take a moment and take that at face value while they sort it out?

        Imagine if they didn’t have protection and there was an attack that harmed or killed one of them. Because of their fame they draw a lot of death threats. When was the last time you or the average citizen had even one death threat? And yes it’s a serious political matter. They do have a national position. His grandmother is literally the embodiment of the state. Unless you want independence (which frankly I would!), what’s your deal with these two? And that’s a much larger issue than just them so why target just them?

      • notasugarhere says:

        Well Done You, Bella du Pont. The repetitive new set of tumblr-themed posters on here are so obvious.

      • GreenTurtle says:

        Not to mention her slick and calculating PR moves. Don’t you know that PR is always evil and using it to defend and/or build one’s reputation and brand is evil????? Also, being philanthropically inclined is bad, because these charity do-gooders are only ever doing it to make themselves feel good. One should never derive enjoyment from helping others, ever. It’s highly suspicious and selfish.

    • kerwood says:

      @Mumbles, where did you get the information about the PM’s assurances? Did he do this in between the memorial services? I have a feeling that certain forces have a vested interest in getting Canadians riled up about the Sussexes plans to stay here (if they DO plan on staying here). I’d like to say that Canadians are perfect and above all that, but I’ve lived most of my life in Canada so I know we have plenty of small-minded, petty, mean-spirited people here.

    • Svetlana says:

      Another Canadian piping in. They can pay their own freight. Hundreds of First Nation reserves across this country are without drinking water and the idea Canada should be footing a multimillion dollar security bill for this pair is patently ridiculous. And yes, dipping my toe into the social media waters of opinion, the majority of Canadians feel this way.
      She’s a US citizen, he’s a UK citizen, members of one of the richest families in the world, so why doling out free security services is even a consideration is beyond me.

    • buenavissta says:

      The climate here in Victoria is similar to that in the UK, just a bit colder. Also, have you been here? It’s gorgeous.
      This is one Canadian that is pleased to give this family a safe place to land. They can do their good work here. The UK’s loss is our gain.

    • Annabel says:

      I don’t think the couple’s choice of Vancouver is especially mysterious. By all accounts she’s very close with her mother, who lives in Los Angeles, and Vancouver to LAX is a very easy flight. She might have more ties to Toronto, but Toronto-Los Angeles is like six hours, and we all know that long flights with young children are hell.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        The idea that there’s something wrong or nefarious in the Sussexes moving to a place that none of them have lived in previously is ridiculous!!! Just as the idea that she shouldn’t support a charity that she hadn’t visited before. Connections and relationships all start somewhere. Those are really weird criticisms.

        However, I do think that it is completely fair that Canadian citizens don’t want to pay for their security. It is a big expense because they are, sadly, targets. I think that the BRF ought to pay for security from their private fortune, which is very large (don’t forget the money that QEII has stashed abroad per the Panama leak). Harry and Meghan ARE part of their family and one of the reasons they’ve stepped back (NOT left) is the lack of family support during an onslaught of public abuse. I do think that it would be great if they can become completely financially independent from the BRF – but that isn’t really possible right now in terms of security and the daily running of their foundation but that should be their long-term goal.

    • Jaded says:

      Tdotgirl – don’t speak for all of us here in Canada, I think Meghan is a lovely human being and they would bring a lot to numerous Canadian charities. I hope the Invictus Games lands here in Victoria where I live.

      • ME says:

        What makes you think they are going to spend their time in Canada doing charity work? I thought the whole reason they want to be part-time royals is so they could focus on having careers and making their own money? I can honestly see Meghan going back to acting. Harry might open a business or something, who knows. But I really don’t think they’ll be spending their time doing a lot of charity work here.

      • Guest says:

        @ME If you think Meghan is doing this so she can go back to acting, you really have not been paying attention.

      • ME says:

        @ Guest

        How are they going to make their own money then? They want to be financially independent and I can bet you Hollywood has already come knocking on Meghan’s door. Just you watch ! She has every right to go back to acting if she so chooses.

      • Jaded says:

        ME – because Meghan and Harry are independently wealthy and don’t NEED to go back to anything. Their focus is and always has been during their relationship a desire to give back, to create a buzz around the organizations and charities they feel will do the most good. I don’t know where you got the cockeyed notion that they’re going to focus on money-making careers.

      • morrigan01 says:


        Meghan not only made about $5 million *before* she married Harry, she will get residual payments FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE for all her TV and film work, not to mention having a pension through SAG, aka the Screen Actors Guild, which *every* working actor in the US has to join. She was still earning her own money while she was in the Royal Family, never mind right now.

        Next, Meghan is nearing 40. Like it or not, most actresses start tapering off of receiving work at that age, something Meghan knew was going to happen to her, so she was already starting to make moves to work in politics (her other passion) though charity work and other things like UN Women before she met Harry. Another thing will likely be production work, aka producing things like documentaries and such. Starting a production company is what most actors who move away from acting start doing.

        She isn’t going back to acting. All her moves pre-Harry – everything she was saying pre-Harry – indicates this. The most acting she might do will likely be voiceover work, and even then it’ll likely be narration and not, you know, voice work for animation or something like that.

    • kerwood says:

      @Tdotgirl, actually Toronto IS swarming with paps and it gets even worse when a high profile event takes place, what with all those airports in the GTA which makes it easy to fly in. I’m surprised you don’t know that, being from Toronto and all. Have you never been in town during the film festival?

      • Tdotgirl says:

        TIFF is a different beast. Most of that media is international. Also its expected that the press will be there. Sure there is media present for high profile events and red carpets but most celebrities can walk around with no problem. We do not have a pap problem here.

      • ME says:

        Toronto is only “swarming” with paps during TIFF. The rest of the year you won’t see any…not like in LA and London. Come on now.

      • kerwood says:

        There are paparazzi in Toronto ALL the time because a lot of filming happens in Toronto. I live downtown and have seen them, especially outside the major hotels.

    • Bailie says:

      Please DO NOT SPEAK for all Canadians!
      I’m thrilled that they want to live in Canada and so are my friends and many of my coworkers.
      It’s a GREAT PR for Canada!
      Some people don’t use their brain, the amount of money it would cost to protect Meghan and Harry is nothing for the amount of world wide positive attention Canada will get.
      Please, Canadian Government use my tax dollars to protect Meghan & Harry instead of buying military equipment and fund military operations to appease the US war mongering government!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • ME says:

        How about this, those that don’t want to pay for their security and “opt out” of it when filing taxes lol. I’m happy they want to live in Canada and respect their privacy, but hell no do I want to pay for their security…but by all means you can go ahead and pay if you want !

      • Bailie says:

        @ ME :

        Sure put your tax money where ever you want.

        I’m more than happy to contribute my tax dollars to Harry and Meghan’s security needs in Canada.

        I will much rather pay for that than MANY bunches of lazy and no good government officials that are nothing but a burden to the Canadian taxpayers.

        I’m certainly no monarchist, but I appreciate Meghan’s and Harry’s willingness to do something constructive and put much needed attention on important issues.

        It is definitely an excellent and positive PR for Canada, my colleagues oversees have been wondering about visiting Canada in our last few Skype meetings, since the news broke about their desire to live in Canada, which is the first in 8 years I have worked for this firm. ( my first job after university )

        Some people are way too shortsighted and suffer from seeing the much bigger picture.

        No amount of advertisement money can buy the attention this couple will bring to Canada, period.

        Talk about a massive PR win for Canada.

      • February Pisces says:

        I think if they plan on working there and it definitely looks like it, they could bring a hell of a lot of money to the Canadian economy. As long as they bring in more money that they cost, it’s a win. It actually makes me want to visit Canada, it looks like a nice place to visit.

      • ME says:


        Meh, Canada does pretty well with the amount of tourists we get each year already. We’re doing just fine with or without the Royals. People are acting like they had no idea Canada even existed until Harry and Meghan stepped foot here lol. It’s not shortsightedness, but ok you can believe whatever you want, I respect that. I’d rather have my tax dollars go to charities DIRECTLY. M & H are millionaires, they can pay for their own security (which is what I am hoping they will do because they seem like very caring and genuine people).

      • Guest with Cat says:

        You actually have a valid point. I’m from the US and all the photos that have accompanied the articles about the Sussex family have made my jaw drop. I never thought of vacationing in Canada before, but now I can’t decide what part of it I want to see first because there are a number of promising destinations.

        Unfortunately I am doing some work on my house, so I can’t take much of a vacation this year. But that just gives me a year to research this gorgeous country and plan a really good itinerary.

        Also Canadians may not appreciate how attractive and progressive this makes Canada look: the American Duchess and the British Prince chose Canada as their refuge from an abusive, racist press and oppressive bureaucracy that tried to make them sound obnoxious for working too enthusiastically for charity. Good grief Britain. What have you done? (I wish I had a dollar for every post I saw asking “Harry, what have you done?”)

  20. Ravensdaughter says:

    I can see them living in West Vancouver-where celebrities like Michael Jordan play for the summer and wealthy and not as wealthy Canadians live. It’s just outside Vancouver and there’s a fantastic view of the bay!
    Vancouver is a fabulous city. (I live in Seattle-Vancouver is way better!) Lots of art, beautiful views of the water, civic pride, and decent winter weather (for Canada).

    • morrigan01 says:

      Also Vancouver, BC shares the Pacific Time Zone with the West Coast of the US, particularly California where Meghan’s mother is. And the flight time between Vancouver and LA is much less than the flight time between LA and Toronto (3 hours vs 5 1/2 hours).

    • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

      It’s also not a long plane ride for Doria to come visit 😊

  21. Busyann says:

    I love them! I have a feeling we are going to be seeing much more of them than we had before.

  22. Jane says:

    Love love love everything about this! Her old coat and flat boots that look so comfy; her lack of ridiculous British approved hat; her chosing a women’s shelter and bringing the issue global reach, without engaging the press. She’s so clever and so pretty and kind.

  23. Joanna says:

    I wish I was as photogenic as she is! She literally can’t take a bad picture.

  24. Peg says:

    The women at the shelter are who matters, and if someone can brighten their day for an hour, why should it bother you.

    • Guest2.0 says:

      Exactly. And I’m sure the shelter will benefit from her visit. The exposure will lead to more donations and in turn the shelter will be able to help many more people. God, some people are just hateful and awful and complain about every damn thing.

      • windyriver says:

        So, a question. Have seen the debate on here whether the royals have any significant benefit re: overall tourism to the UK. From comments, it appears, not so much.

        Have there been assessments anywhere about whether the royals have a significant impact re: their events, patronages, visits – for example, in terms of additional donations/funding flowing to organizations?

        I’m sure there’s an impact for specific organizations,, but overall how substantial has it been in the context of the overall question about the value of the monarchy?

      • Maria says:

        That’s an interesting question, windyriver. Ultimately, I don’t think there are any large-scale assessments of this – partially because there are so very many patronages and causes the Royals officially align themselves with. The Queen herself is patron of around 500. I think the number worldwide with the entire Royal family is about 3000. This of course depends on the criteria of how you are judging them, whether they are a charity or another institution. Given that, it could be even greater. It also depends whether it’s a larger scale initiative like Invictus, or cutting ribbons etc etc.
        I think ultimately the only way to get that answer is to focus on the initiative or charity in question. But like all other Royal family activities, it’s going to be shrouded in a bit of mystery. So someone like Meghan who gets projects off the ground that are tangible are always going to be valuable assets. Another way the RF dropped the ball on this one.

  25. Dal says:

    Vancouver is beautiful surrounded my nature and you can still enjoy the the city life ! I’m sure with the expensive housing market they can afford it

  26. Sass says:

    She is so short! I really had no idea! “Though she be but little she is fierce” – Shakespeare. She took a seaplane. A SEAPLANE. How badass is that?! Kaiser you are right. They could have had a bad bitch. Their loss.

    • notasugarhere says:

      As Japan could have had a powerhouse in Masako but chose to beat her down for two decades.

      • Sass says:

        @Nota thank you for using that word, powerhouse. It was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this piece but I was trying to make breakfast for my kids and was rushed and forgot to add it. She is absolutely a powerhouse!

      • L4frimaire says:

        I thought of Empress Masako when I heard this announcement.I heard she literally went into hiding and withdrew from the public. She only started to emerge recently in the last few years. I don’t think Meghan wanted that for herself, because that’s the impression the tabloids wanted from her. You can be a duchess, as long as you are silent and step back. I think this is what is needed for her at this time. It could have been done more on the down low until the leak forced the statement. I think she did meet a lot of good people in the UK, but the loudest voices were the most hostile ones. A bit of family support could have made all the difference.

      • Dilettante says:


  27. Lara says:

    You know I always kinda thought that the British public weren’t racist and would say it was just a minority that were – but with the reaction to this and other things I would say it’s the other way round and the minority aren’t racist.

    I made a few innocuous comments on twitter recently, supporting Meghan and Harry and the abuse I received was incredible and I have the privilege of being white! God knows what it would have been like if I wasn’t.

    • Lilly (with the double-L) says:

      I lived in London for almost 10 years and went to the University of London and the only racist encounters I had were with Australians (sorry Aussies, they always hate to hear this). But, The Root has had comments and an article about how much London/UK has changed, or maybe just more overt, like we found here in the US that it was all just hidden. It was, or seemed, better in an international city, but now *shrug*. But, I do want to thank you @Lara for continuing to speak up.

    • Dee says:

      The royal reporters are racist. They’ve been writing slanted articles as soon as Meghan came on the scene. Look at the filth in Richard Palmer’s Twitter feed to start. The RRs thought they had their Fergie to Kate’s Diana and they’ve been writing the script that way.

    • Hotsauceinmybag says:

      I’m Afro-Latina and my ex was a white English man. I had instances, they were rare but nonetheless they happened, where I experienced racism in southern England. It’s actually one of the reasons we broke up – I told him about my racist encounters and he was more upset about the fact that I was calling people racist more than the actual racism. It broke us and it broke my heart.

      I think English like to attribute their social issues to classicism but race is inextricably linked to it. Ask any Briton of color.

      I also experienced a ton of xenophobia as well (I’m American) and lots of stereotyping of me being a Latina. I’ll always remember England fondly but I’ll never forget the things that were said to me or happened to me over there.

      • Chimney says:


        I’m sorry you had to go through this. Your ex is a complete tool for not supporting you on something so basic. You’re definitely better off

      • Hotsauceinmybag says:

        @Chimney thank you for the support. I was heartbroken at the time but I now know I’m better off. I learned a lot from the experience, though I wouldn’t wish it on anyone else.

        I guess my original post was to say that racism does exist in England and is just as rampant as it is here in the States. It simply hides under a cover of classicism and faux multiculturalism.

    • morrigan01 says:

      I always thought Britain was better than the US when it came to race. They’re not. If anything, watching this play out, they are actually more . . . deluded is the only word I can think of to describe it. Plus it is interwoven in a class system that snears at upward mobility, (people “staying in their place”) while upward mobility is looked upon positively in the US.

      All this makes me realised that all the conservative commentators in the US who would always say that England was way more racist than the US were . . . well, not *right* in that regard, but they could at least see that all the talk about that *not* being racist was nonsense.

      And there has always been a layer of anti-Americanness there clearly as well. There are probably layers about what that’s all about as well.

      • A says:

        The lack of honesty about their own racism is what makes everything worse. I don’t usually say it because it’s really stupid to say it, but at least Americans are aware of the history they have to reckon with, in some capacity. The British are wholly myopic on the issue. It’s not that they’re more racist necessarily, it’s just that they refuse to be aware of it. They get flat out insulted if you try to make them aware of it. They’re sort of in the same place that American used to be until quite recently, where the simple lack of awareness about institutionalized racism meant that being called a racist was taken as a personal affront. I’d be somewhat understanding, but as someone who is from a country that suffered greatly under British colonialism, I’m finding that really difficult, lmao.

        Canada, sadly, is sort of similar. I’m sure Meghan had a lot of good experiences when she lived here, but I’m a little scared that they’re approaching it from the same belief that it’s some kind of non-racist utopia where nothing bad ever happens and everyone is nice and quirky and friendly and polite. We have a lot of our own issues wrt racism that we are just not contending with.

  28. Sofia says:

    It’s nice to see that the Sussexes are going “business as usual” in the midst of all this (mostly manufactured) drama

  29. Myra says:

    Canada is a beautiful country, I’ve had the honor of visiting twice. Would love to see Canada through the eyes of Meghan as she has done with so many other countries. On another note: Meghan is always one step ahead of the media and the RF. Her visit to the woman’s shelter took the wind out of the Cambridge’s visit today. The RF and the press can NEVER say she doesn’t have a work ethic and is really dedicated to good. It’s not pretend it is the REAL THING!

  30. Anna says:

    There was a brilliant tweet I saw this morning where a fisherman declined to ferries a paparazzi over to a location where Meghan is staying. Wish more people were like that.

    • Betsy says:

      That’s a decent person right there.

    • joanne says:

      Yes, and it’s a new business for boat charters that he has started. He said he could have used the money but felt it was wrong to violate their privacy.

    • carmen says:

      Hopefully there are a lot more people like him in the area. Paps and tabloid reporters should not be given any assistance whatsoever.

    • Jaded says:

      I live in Victoria and saw that news piece. That’s what Vancouver Islanders are like – laid back, nature-loving and they really don’t care much about celebrities. They’re treated like regular folk.

  31. carmen says:

    It was so nice to see her visit the centre – wonder if she will be establishing a longterm relationship with them… The Fail seems to have someone stationed closeby as their article is credited to Martin Gould in North Saanich.

    As nice as it is to see the photos, it is disturbing to think that the Fail is monitoring her movements and hunting her down.

    • Guest2.0 says:

      Yes…it seems the stalking will continue unabated. Guess it was wishful thinking to think the distance would help the Sussexes, but the British media is determined to keep their cash cows.

      • SomeChick says:

        This is why they need security. Charles should be shelling out for it, IMO. I’m sure they will work something out in due time. Since they haven’t yet, there’s no point speculating.

  32. Margareth says:

    Meghan is such a great woman.

  33. Boo says:

    It’s so disappointing the way she’s been treated. The comments sections on the royal family’s various Instagrams are pretty bleak. I also find her reaction to be quite inspiring and empowering. Good for her. She has carried herself with dignity in an extraordinary and difficult situation.

  34. MellyMel says:

    Don’t know how anyone could have an issue with this. She’s amazing and this is clearly what she is good at. And she looks so happy and relaxed.

  35. Thaisajs says:

    I thought this was really smart of Meghan. She’s providing an excellent example of what she and Harry can do while they’re living in Canada — living their lives while also spotlighting worthy causes and charities. She’s already doing the thing instead of just sitting around talking about it like some royals (cough…Kate…cough….cough).

    I do, however, have sympathy to Canadians who aren’t excited about the idea of paying for Sussex’s security costs. As an American who has to pay for the security costs of Donald Trump’s many worthless adult children, I understand the desire to not do that.

    • Marie says:

      I’m American and I agree with you but no matter where they decided to stay that country would have to pay their security. They are high profile people that get a bunch of death threats, sadly. I would much rather have my tax dollars go toward them than Trump lol.

    • Marie says:

      I’m American and I agree with you but no matter where they decided to stay that country would have to pay their security. They are high profile people that get a bunch of death threats, sadly. I would much rather have my tax dollars go toward them than Trump lol.

  36. ooshpick says:

    My mum used to volunteer here. She is a passionate anti-royalist. I have mixed feelings about it all but I am a huge advocate of services like this one so ….sigh…give credit where credit is due :)

  37. Emily says:

    Meghan just had a baby 8 months ago, any “bump” might still be there as her body recovers.

    • Nelly says:

      Shh don’t tell them that they are so use to Duchess coatdress being skinny as a stick 2 months after having a baby they don’t know that many women allow their bodies to heal first.

  38. Hotsauceinmybag says:

    So happy to see the Duchess is staying true to her passion of doing good for others, especially with grassroots and local organizations. Eff the Royal Rota and British tabloids and all their sh*t stirring + blatant racism.

    As a note, Kaiser, I think you would love Canada. I have been to Montreal which has gorgeous architecture/amazing food and I have been to Victoria on Vancouver Island for an overnight trip during a visit to Seattle. We took the ferry from Seattle to Victoria and saw some whales (yay!) and then the natural beauty of Victoria was breathtaking as well. The people are also so, so nice, it was like an “island” vibe but a little colder in terms of weather.

    I hope everyone has a chance to visit Canada! I’d love to go back soon.

  39. Gatorlover says:

    For those pushing the ‘security costs burdening Canadian taxpayers’ line, note there has already been significant positive PR from people talking about wanting to visit Canada now, how beautiful it is, how much it has to offer, how welcoming the people are … Even with all the viciousness in the UK the Fail had to acknowledge that Meghan had a significant positive effect on the economy.

    • Tdotgirl says:

      Vancouver is oversaturated with tourists as it is.


      Many other beautiful places to visit though.

      • Jaded says:

        Do you live in Vancouver? Have you visited Victoria? Every city in the world has tourism, that’s what helps their economy. I live in Victoria, and visit Vancouver frequently, and what you’re pushing simply isn’t the true story. Sorry Tdotgirl but your antipathy towards Canada’s west coast is baseless.

      • olive says:

        @Jaded yeah, and a LOT of people living in a popular world city like vancouver or amsterdam or paris or tokyo etc says their city is oversaturated with tourists and not to visit. it’s not going to change tourists visiting, sorry.

      • Gatorlover says:

        Ditto what Jaded said. And I’m not talking about paparazzi-fed tourism trying to get a glimpse of the Sussexes, but the positive exposure they will give to Canada as a whole as they will be working on charitable and environmental causes throughout the country.

      • swirlmamad says:

        I highly doubt it’s any more saturated than New York City or Hong Kong or any other large cities around the world. Seems as though you are trying to discourage others from visiting Vancouver, far less M&H choosing to live there for some reason.

  40. Tdotgirl says:

    No I live in Toronto. I don’t have an issue with the West Coast I was only speaking to the previous comment about how this will boost tourism to Vancouver. I had read something recently about how tourism has been a concern there so I just linked the article.

    • mtec says:

      I didn’t read the article your linked, but I understand the concern you raised. Tourism anywhere can have its pros and cons. For example with major events like Olympics being held in “developing” countries, a sudden surge in tourism like that can end up crippling and economy for years to come because the interest just as suddenly dies down and that country is unprepared for the imbalance.

      I am also from Toronto, and have seen the ups and downs of this city becoming more congested than it can handle, but I honestly think since the Sussexes apparently plan on making Canada their part-time home for years to come (hopefully) that, yes, it might take time to adjust to the interest, but eventually it will prove beneficial to the country (ex. The Billions in tourism the royals bring for the UK economy every year).

      For the couple decades i’ve been in Canada I have always wished people would have more interest in exploring it, and I’m not an economist by any means, but my hope is that their influence serves to make visiting and traveling within Canada more accessible to everyone (and of course boot funds/profits for local charities and businesses).

    • Jaded says:

      I doubt very much tourism will increase in Vancouver or Victoria or Bumblefuck or wherever they decide to reside on a PART-TIME basis. It will be Victoria winning the Invictus Games in 2021 that will increase tourism here in Victoria, not some part-time royals.

    • A says:

      Tourism is a concern worldwide. London also suffers from the same issues regarding tourism. So does Paris. And Venice. And Montreal. Acting like people are suddenly gonna descend on Vancouver just because they want to see Meghan and Harry and getting angry with them for it is about as ridiculous as yelling at the British royal family for having the temerity to live in Britain.

  41. Bethany Karger says:

    What was the purpose of her visit?

  42. Charfromdarock says:

    Shine on Meghan, shine on!

    I’m in St.John’s, everyone here I’ve spoken to is supportive of them settling here in Canada.

  43. Marigold says:

    Can I just say how much I have enjoyed watching Meghan slowly and naturally regain her pre-pregnancy figure? It’s been the kind of process for her that a lot of non-celebrity women go through. Whatever we looked like before, it generally takes a minute for our bodies to bounce back. That can be forced if you get a trainer and a nanny and spend the first 6 weeks after baby working out like mad, having a few procedures, and eating 800 kcal per day.

    Meghan could have done that, but she didn’t. Instead, she embraced it, took her time, and has slowly regained her prior figure over a period of months. She looks truly healthy, and now that she’s been out of that horror show with an ocean to separate her from the British tabloids a bit, she also looks bright and happy again.

    It’s been a joy to see a famous, powerful woman display an example of healthy, slow, and normal post-partum recovery. These ladies who show up two weeks after giving birth at their pre-baby size and shape–I mean, kudos because it was work, but it’s not what will happen for most mothers. I just thought it was worth a comment. She’s done very well.

    • mtec says:

      Agreed! Unfortunately a lot of people see her figure now and think she must be pregnant again, just because she might still look a bit fuller from her pregnancy.
      She’s always been into fitness, yoga, and healthy eating, so I think it’s really cool she’s probably just back to the level of activity she was used to before she was pregnant, and not trying to exercise excessively or doing extreme fad diets, of which neither is meant to be maintainable long-term.

      I highly doubt she’s pregnant again, to me it just looks like what you said, she’s gradually shedding weight, and I think it’s just because it’s part of her routine.

  44. Watson says:

    As someone who lives in Vancouver, and has volunteered for community organizations working with people in the Downtown Eastside, I will be the first to say that highlighting this organization is damn good work.

    Vancouver is a beautiful city but we also have a lot of drug abuse, people struggling with poverty and housing costs, and Racism against indigenous communities. Indigenous women are abused and murdered at an alarming rate, (look up highway of tears), and if Markle can focus attention on any of these issues more power to her.

    • kerwood says:

      @Watson, thank you for saying that. I think that Meghan is trying to send a signal that she wants to make a contribution to the country she’s staying in and not just be a rich aristo lounging around. Apparently that’s not enough for people who seem to wish that she disappeared from the face of the earth.

      The choice of the shelter is very intelligent. So many people look at the beautiful surface of Vancouver and don’t see the ugly underside. The indigenous population has a lot of issues, especially indigenous women. Anything that ANYBODY can do to bring attention to this issue is welcome. We Canadians have done next to nothing while indigenous women are murdered EVERY SINGLE DAY.

      The Duchess of Sussex is doing more than most Canadians have done. I include myself in that. I have several friends who work with indigenous Canadians and I support when I can, but I could do more. If a bi-racial, American former actress who is now a member of the British royal family can get us to get off our butts, then I say, GOD BLESS MEGHAN. And THANK YOU

      • ME says:

        I’m not sure what Canadians you know but myself and the people I know have volunteered/donated money to many Canadian organizations over the years. Please don’t act like Meghan going to a shelter (which was very nice of her) is more than what most Canadians do. That is really sh*tty of you to say about your fellow Canadians.

      • Jaded says:

        @ME – most people I know have NOT done any volunteer work at shelters, half-way houses, etc. other than throwing some money at them. Besides money, they need someone who can attract attention, promote the issues that drove these women into shelters, and increase funding. As Kerwood states, tourists coming to Vancouver only see the great restaurants, beautiful scenery, outdoor sports and whale-watching. They don’t see the frightening underbelly of drugs, prostitution and homelessness, especially with our First Nations people. I’m impressed by the work you and your friends have done, but the truth of the matter is not everyone in Canada is as charitable as you are, and it wasn’t “sh*tty” of Kerwood to point out what remains a sad truth.

      • kerwood says:

        @ME, congratulations on your altruism, but I stand by what I said.

      • Nic919 says:

        Meghan did some thing nice and it’s amazing how people are trying to turn it into something nefarious.

      • A says:

        @ME, good for you, but I’ve also heard a ton of racism and generally disgusting attitudes questioning the necessity of having to care about MMIW, from otherwise entirely altruistic Canadians who would never accept the reality of how racist they are. Comments like, “Why do we have to care so much, all they do is drink and get free money from the government and work as prostitutes,” from the same middle aged women who work at women’s shelters no less. I’ve long since learned that altruistic behaviour alone is not a good indicator of how much compassion a person has. And some people who work in the non-profit sector doing “good work” are some of the most narcissistic, self-involved, self-congratulating dipsh-ts to ever exist. All while ladling out soup to homeless people who they purport to care about so much.

        So let’s hold the comments on how other people are doing so much more, yeah?

  45. THEREALME says:

    Nice gesture to visit. Real work would have been done if Meghan has given a donation. I for one am tired of just “bringing awareness”. It was great that she could do this without the crowds etc. I think that since it’s not royal work anymore it will not be as big a deal and she will enjoy that more.

    • Watson says:

      “Nice gesture to visit. Real work would have been done if Meghan has given a donation. I for one am tired of just “bringing awareness”.

      @THEREALME, Come again?

      She just single handedly brought worldwide attention to an organization that no one outside of Vancouver knows about. The idea of giving a single donation is great, but the PR Meghan markle brings increases donations and attention that is worldwide. Maybe if more people knew about our problems, more government funding would be directed to fix it!

      • THEREALME says:

        I don’t mean to sound rude but many reporters have covered this shelter and the highway of tears has had a lot of attention on television etc. And not just in Vancouver. Vancouver has been ground zero for the opioid crisis and is well known. I highly doubt that “worldwide” attention will make any difference to donations. Do you think the world ie. India, China, South American countries etc will donate? The world has so many issues and only so much money. What would really make a difference however would be putting the money which Canada is currently paying for their security into this shelter. That would be truly progressive.

      • Jaded says:

        @THEREALME says: Canada is paying next to nothing for their security, they are either paying for it themselves or the BRF is. How do you know she didn’t make a donation? PR works. Getting eyeballs works. She’s done this kind of philanthropy for almost a decade now, she knows what she’s doing.

    • Dee says:

      If she only handed over a donation, then people would criticize her as cold and uninvolved, just “throwing money at the charity” and not caring. She cannot win.

      • Le4Frimaire says:

        Regarding donations, Sussex squad gave a shout out on Twitter with links to donate. They always mobilize supporters to raise money for the Sussexes causes.

      • notasugarhere says:

        They’ve also conducted their own Sussex-related fundraisers around things like the baby shower. They announced another one, wanting people to donate enough money to plant 10,000 trees before Archie’s first birthday. They exceeded their goal in only a few weeks.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        The way that people constantly move the goalposts for Meghan is exhausting to see.

    • AMM says:

      I work in the mental health field, which is notoriously underfunded and often overlooked in comparison to other issues in the country. Trust me, one donation is not as effective as a partnership or a very high profile person “bringing awareness” to the cause. I’d much rather she do what she did with the cookbook. Bring awareness and help set up an income producing charitable event that the organization can continue for years to come. The cookbook will continue to bring in money, and they are now set up to expand on that if sales ever stop. That’s worth way more than a one-off donation.

    • Eugh says:

      I disagree, this one is one area that needs relentless amounts of awareness – missing and murdered Indigenous women. This topic is completely ignored all the time in this country.

    • Guest says:

      First – you don’t know that she hasn’t made a donation.
      Second – there were literally a dozen people on twitter that I saw who were going to make a contribution on the strength of her visit alone (the amazing #sussexsquad who have been stalwart in their support of her and her charities over the past couple of years). Her visit matters.

    • notasugarhere says:

      It brings attention to the charity, to many people who were not aware of it before. That is what their job includes – working with charities to help raise funds. Kate failed to do this with EACH, which is why they had to bring in Ed Sheeran and Rose/Rocksavage held a fundraiser. Because Kate wasn’t doing anything, and because she is so lackluster, her visiting a charity does not tend to increase donations. Whereas Meghan visiting a charity and making it public does tend to bring in donations.

    • Lise says:

      I’m Canadian and I have never heard of this organization. Their follower account on Twitter has quintupled since last night. The beautiful pendant she wore has also been discussed and has led me (and many others I’m sure) to the Instagram page of the artist to learn more about her work. I’d say this was a pretty successful visit!

  46. Faye G says:

    As a Washington resident, I am kind of stoked that Megan is going to be based just up the road from me! BC is a very beautiful province, I might have to make another trip up there soon…

    Seeing these photos reminds me just why Megan is so popular, she really shines when she reaches out to charities and communities of women. I have no doubt she and Henry will go on to do great things, once released from the constraints of the royal palace they will I have no limits.

  47. Andrea says:

    As an American living in Toronto, I dislike living here. Bc has more of my vibe. I can see why they chose BC, it is far more laid back and less cold (and I don’t just mean the weather). I am hoping to move back to the states this year.

    • Jaded says:

      Thanks for the shout out for BC Andrea. I moved to Victoria from Toronto 5 years ago and never looked back. Good luck on your move back to the US.

  48. Nibbi says:

    I feel like this is sort of a badass move for her.
    Sure, the engagement feels genuine, she’s clearly signalling her desire to continue good work in the country, the organization is definitely being boosted…
    But damn. If it were me, being at the heart of an absolute firestorm of international media frenzy, to say nothing of clearly intense in-law back-biting drama… having just travelled long distances & having a small baby to consider and a husband surely going thru all kindsa emotional stuff his own self who’s yet to get back … I’d be pretty much in the fetal position at the bottom of my closet singing la-la-la & pretending it would all go away.
    She’s just tough & clearly a good fit for her role

  49. Melri says:

    Additional kudos need to be given to Meghan as it is not easy to get around Vancouver this week. We are covered in snow yet she still came over to visit the shelter. Vancouverites are not great with snow because most of us do not have snow tires for the 4 days out of every-other-year when we have snow. For the same reason, we also do not have enough snow plows nor salt/sand/grit trucks. Our weather is milder so when the snow starts to melt, then it gets cold again in the evening, this melt turns into ice and black ice. In other words, the streets become an ice rink. Plus, we are very hilly here. Today is a snow day for all the schools here too. Other Canadians and people from snowy places laugh at us for our incompetence in the now, but we really do not have the infrastructure in place since it snows so infrequently here.

    • DM2 says:

      I’m a Maritimer, but lived on Van. Island for 7 years, and it *didn’t snow once* the whole time I lived there — I was so homesick for some snow! I used to look dreamily to the mountaintops to see some…so I was wondering if M & H would maybe have a little “buyer’s remorse” these past few days out there – lol!

      • A says:

        I moved away from Vancouver to the east precisely to get some snow–but funnily enough, it’s not snowing much here, and it just snowed before I left Vancouver, lol! I grew up in Toronto, and I totally get how you feel.

        @Melri, you’re absolutely right. It’s so frustrating to see the roads get iced over and everyone having to bunk down for a week or so to wait for the cold weather to pass.

    • Juliette says:

      Agreed, it’s a mess out there. I couldn’t get to work and likely won’t tomorrow either. They’re calling for 90km/hour winds later. This happens so rarely I don’t even own snow clothes at all. We are on a hill and the busses stopped last night.

  50. Peg says:

    Lainey did a decent write up about this, visiting the center for women.

    • Melri says:

      Thanks, Peg! It is a good write-up. It really explains why her visit to a downtown eastside women’s shelter is an important and poignant event. It is not just about our unfortunate women going through socio-economic issues, addiction, abuse… Her visit is also to bring to awareness the plight of the forgotten women, especially the indigenous women, who have gone missing with inadequate attention (police, government, press, etc) given to their cases.

  51. Didn't Leave the DTES for this says:

    To be really left alone, and for maximum shade to the Royals and England, they should move to Montreal, Quebec, the province that replaced Victoria Day with Ste Jean Baptiste Day. Also, it’s our best city and the Laurentians are great.

    I am also side-eyeing the amount of bleating about funding security from your wallet personally. This the most Canadians have seemingly ever cared about how our tax dollars are spent. It’s interesting, that. Hope we’re all reading Jane Jacobs final book and demanding transparency for municipal to provincial funds around here. We’re doing that, right?

    • Nic919 says:

      Oh yeah and I am sure all these concerned taxpayers who hate rich people voted for the NDP in the last election…. oh wait the NDP lost seats?

      So much concern trolling today.

      • A says:

        I mean, to be fair, the NDP lost seats because the Bloc Quebecois won a bunch of them in Quebec while running on a similar-ish platform with some healthy amount of racism against minorities on top. But the point still stands lol. And I highly doubt they’d be relying on public funds anyway, so whatever.

    • notasugarhere says:

      They also *conveniently* scheduled legal Moving Day for July 1 (Canada Day). O the Petty.

  52. paddyjr says:

    Meghan looks great! She and Harry seem to shine at these casual, informal events where they can just talk to people.

  53. paddyjr says:

    Meghan looks great! She and Harry seem to shine at these casual, informal events where they can just talk to people.

  54. Skatrine says:

    As a born and raised Montrealer, I can tell you my city is definitely awesome! I agree the Maritimes are also really great and friendly and beautiful

  55. Annie says:

    OMG, it’s so sooo weird seeing my friend in that photo with Meghan. It’s kind of surreal after seeing all this Royal coverage and following H&M’s journey to now see Meghan in my city and so close to home.

    • A says:

      My god, YES. I have family who live perilously close to wherever Meghan and Harry are living in Vancouver Island. One of them said that their landlady had been out walking her dog and run into them or spotted them or something. It’s so fcking wild.

  56. Justin says:

    Your friend she homeless too?

    Oh la la terrible.

    She can wear same jumper diff day. Why people mad she wear same thing while in a home for people with no home.

    Please stop be so mean to the duchie

  57. blunt talker says:

    The USA Today’s article really explains things in words any normal person can understand. They are probably thinking of using a 90 days-three month period per year. Meghan will pay taxes on any earned income outside the US-it won’t matter for her. Harry could avoid double taxing by staying 90 days or less because it is the same in Canada and Britian on tax issues. That would have them in the UK for about 8-9 months-doing royal work and tours for the monarchy.They could steer some Commonwealth activities to Canada which would be them representing the monarchy. What I found most relevant is the 90 day period of being away. People this is an experiment to see how this would work in 2020. Hell I want to see how they would do this and watch the action.

  58. A says:

    I haven’t read the comments, so I don’t know if anyone else has brought this up just yet, but I am deeply surprised that she decided to brave the weather, and the roads, to do this. My goodness. I’m not in Vancouver right now, but the climate is an absolute sh-tshow. My phone hasn’t fully adjusted to being away, so I’m still getting a ton of alerts from the public transit asking people to stay home if at all possible. It snowed, and then rained, right before I left, and the temperatures went down to -13 on Monday, which iced the whole damn place over. Kudos to her for sticking with it though!!! And I’m definitely sure that the people there appreciated the visit.