The Sussexes knew they would leave the UK as early as May 2019

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, pose with their newborn son

I spent most of yesterday in a state of agitation because I was just SURE that on the one week anniversary of the Sussexit announcement, there would be another big announcement about the royal deal being hammered out. There was not. I got worked up for no reason. It does appear that all of the major royal households are working on it, and my hope is that they’ll have some big announcements by Friday. Who knows though – the Daily Mail says that the discussion is so complicated and there’s so much stuff to work out that Harry might not fly to Canada by the end of the week, and that he might have to stay through the weekend. We’ll see. My guess is that he doesn’t want to spend that much time away from Archie and Meghan. As for the endless conversations about the Sussexit timeline and when everything changed for Meghan and Harry, People Magazine has another excerpt from their exclusive cover story:

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s desire to have a normal family life played a huge role in their decision to step down as senior royals. The couple welcomed son Archie on May 6 — and a palace source tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story that by that month, “they knew they were going to hit the nuclear button.”

While a rift developed between Prince Harry and Prince William, stemming from a conversation where William warned his younger brother against things moving too fast with Meghan, many imagined the siblings working “shoulder-to-shoulder” as they got older, according to a source. However, that proved to be more complex in reality.

“When Meghan came around and she was interested in making changes, he welcomed it,” says a friend. When Archie was born, the couple’s focus shifted even more to “doing what’s right for their family,” adds another friend.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex released a statement last week announcing their intent to “carve out a progressive new role within this institution.” Though the particulars are still being worked out, Meghan and Harry want to focus on “their own causes with a little less constraint and still be supporting the institution and the monarch,” says a friend. But there was bewilderment within the palace walls at the couple’s statement that they look forward to “continuing to collaborate with Her Majesty the Queen.”

“You don’t ‘collaborate’ with the Queen,” one courtier says. “To say that about the Queen is remarkable.”

[From People]

Oh for the love of God, the courtiers are still f–king salty about the wording of their Sussexit announcement, give me a f–king break. I’m also going to need people to stop with this absolutely asinine cover story that the root of William and Harry’s difficulties was William basically telling Harry to slow his roll. I’m sure Harry took offense to that, absolutely, and I believe it happened. But truly, so much OTHER sh-t happened after that between William and Harry. The idea that Harry is leaving because he’s holding a grudge over William telling him to slow down, pre-wedding? That’s designed to make Harry look petty, and it erases the full-throated smear campaign waged against them since the fall of 2018. As for the Sussexes deciding to leave around the time of Archie’s birth… I remember that two-month period and it was horrendous. The media was treating Meghan deplorably in March and April of last year.

Prince Harry and Meghan Duchess of Sussex visit Canada House in London

Also: Harry announced the location for the 2022 Invictus Games.

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Here we come Düsseldorf 🇩🇪! The new home for the 2022 and sixth Invictus Games. Having previously been held in London, Orlando, Toronto, Sydney, and upcoming The Hague this year in May – Düsseldorf will welcome over 500 competitors as they showcase their talents, determination and camaraderie to the world! The #InvictusGames is an international adaptive multi-sport event, created by The Duke of Sussex, in which wounded, injured or sick (WIS) armed services personnel and veterans show the world what they’re capable of in a series of adaptive sports, ranging from wheelchair basketball to indoor rowing. The Duke, having spent 10 years serving in the Armed Forces, set up the @WeAreInvictusGames to celebrate the power of sport rehabilitation (both physically and mentally) and to generate a wider appreciation for those who served their country beyond their time in uniform. Participating in the Games plays a significant part in the recovery journey of WIS Servicemen and women. It doesn’t just heal the individual, it heals the whole family. • “I hope everyone in Germany is ready for what will be an incredible week of sport! I have no doubt that the German public will get right behind these Games and that every single competitor can expect a warm welcome and an amazing atmosphere.” – The Duke of Sussex For more information of the announcement, visit Video © @WeAreInvictusGames

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  1. Lurker says:

    I truly believe their rift is over Harry stating his desire to leave The Royal Family. I think William out of anyone saw that Meghan was giving him the courage to get out and didn’t like it. I think keeping Harry in the fold has been a difficult task even before Meghan came in the picture.

    • Mego says:

      No. The rift is because it became clear to Harry and Meghan that William and Kate were behind the smear campaign in the media. That is the reason period.

      • Lurker says:

        I have no doubt William and Kate are behind the leaks. I just think William thought he could run Meghan off.

      • Lucy De Blois says:

        Replace the word “william” by “all the family” and that’s gonna be more accurate about who wanted to run MM off.

        And one good point of MM situation is: Diana was just one. MM has Harry to support her. And he showed with all letters how important his family is.

      • Elisa says:

        No, not only them. Charles played a key role in the smear campaign (his biographer started it) and TQ is complicit because she let it go on and on and on without lifting a finger.

      • Mego — You do realize that none of us know any of these players personally and we are all just gossiping, right?

    • notasugarhere says:

      This was decades in the making. William likes Harry the Scapegoat, he relies on it, is dependent on the idea and has been his entire life. It took years for Harry to find his own strengths via the Army and independent charity work, but he’s been steadily separating from William since he founded Sentebale at 19. Finding Meghan, learning to recognize the abuse in his family, and the treatment of Meghan by the press, W&K, Andrew, the Middletons, other royals?

      This rift isn’t about Harry and Meghan wanting to leave; them leaving is the result of a rift that has built over years.

      • Lurker says:

        Building towards a more independent Harry, yes. But I think while the royal family is not a healthy family we’ve no idea exactly what their family life is like. We also don’t know just how fragile Harry’s mental health has been over the years. When you think on it, we genuinely don’t know much about Harry other than what he’s shared.

      • notasugarhere says:

        We know they have all used Harry for PR, William especially, for decades.

        All this banging on about Harry’s mental health, assuming it is negative? You’ve fallen for William’s gaslighting ‘fragile’ comment and are going all-in on supporting that narrative.

      • Lurker says:

        Is it gaslighting to be concerned for someone who lost their mother at the age of 12 and has openly discussed this traumatic incident and his own mental health? Clearly no one in the family is truly concerned except to gaslight but it doesn’t make the concern less true, especially in the face of gaslighting.

        You are making the royal family far too intelligent and machiavellian notasugar. The reality is that they’re all quite dull and unintelligent. The royal family doesn’t change until it is forced to. Historically this family doesn’t act, they react. The smear campaign against Meghan is a clear reaction by members of the family. I’m not saying Harry is in the wrong. I believe he is making the right decision I don’t believe the monarchy will survive the next succession.

      • Redgrl says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised if it also included Harry being pissed at William for his wandering sceptre. I’m obviously only speculating, but supposedly he was fond of Kate at some point – and even if he wasn’t, he would’ve remembered how devastating Charles cheating was to Diana and been angry at William for putting his wife through the same shame and hurt that their dad did to their mother. To add insult to injury, William gets to shut all of the press down and Meghan gets dumped on again to cover it up. Slow drip of cruelty that eventually became unforgivable.

      • Abena Asantewaa says:

        @Eliza, you do realise that Robert Jobson wrote an unauthorised biography about Charles at 70? I am a bookseller, and reading reviews are part of my job. Charles had nothing to do with it, and I don’t think he will smear Meghan or Harry, he has nothing to gain, and not in his interest. However, he is guilty of not doing much about the press, of whom he fears so much. The Queen will not smear The Sussexes. However, they are all guilty of non- action, and losing control of the courtiers.

      • BabsORIG says:

        I’m amazed at how some people are hellbent on turning Harry’s life and entire being into some sort of Katefest, this is response to @Redgrl. Why would William’s cheating make Harry leave this den of vipers, because Kate is THAT important to him? Why would this particular affair bother Harry so, when none of the others did? It has been widely reported that Harry wanted to leave this family way back around 2007, you think he had no reason back then but just wanted to spite his family? Look, this has been brewing for years and years and it has absolutely nothing to do with Kate Middleton. It was widely reported that Harry was not happy about being forced to leave the job he loved to come do William and crown supporting work. So when you consider the timeline, Harry was convinced by his father and grandmother to stay around 2007. I believe there had to have been promises that there’d be changes in situations and I believe none of those promises were met. Come 2014-2015, the royal machine grinds Harry to a halt forcing him to leave the army to come do senior royal duties (I remember Harry saying that all his life he’s been trained that his lifelong duty is to support his brother) to support the crown. So I believe at this point Harry knew no one in that family cared about him but cared more about how he could be used to sustain the monarchy. I believe that was the time he made his decision to leave. Notice that, after 2012 Vegas scandal, Harry made a conscious decision to turn his life around. By 2015, the Harry of old was long gone and Harry was carving out a path of his own and changing into the man he wanted to be. I’m thinking the RF at that point start panicking that there won’t be no more scapegoat Harry. They see Harry had created IG, he’d trekked to the north and south poles for wounded soldiers, he had his Sentebale going, all while the heir had nothing to show and be remembered by, so Harry’s mistreatment went into higher gear in efforts to clip his wings. Harry was flying way too high than his family wanted him to. I believe by the time Meghan came along, Harry had already decided that he’d had enough and wanted out. Meghan just strengthened his resolve. The malicious racism towards his wife and child both by the RF, the courtiers and the media machine were the last straw, Harry wasn’t gonna be here for none of that so here we are today.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yes, it is gaslighting to keep banging on on William’s theme of ‘fragile Harry’, doesn’t know his own mind, being manipulated by woman, etc.

        Harry has talked about his mental health in the context of him addressing his issues and getting stronger and stronger. Insisting he is ‘fragile’, weak, out-of-control is part of William’s strategy. IMO Harry’s mental health is fine; William’s is in danger.

        Yes, the royals and their courtiers are Machiavellian. Look at how news of Andrew has disappeared, how they are all rallying around to do anything to save the monarchy no matter what is does to Harry and Meghan. The BRF are concerned about the survival of the working royal family and the heir line.

      • PrincessK says:

        It has been stated that the problem between Harry and William started long before Meghan arrived, and that it was a festering wound and when Meghan appeared and strengthened Harry, the plaster was ripped off. But of course Meghan is getting the blame.

    • Bren says:

      My thoughts exactly. That’s why the announcement of Meghan’s pregnancy sent everyone who was against the marriage from the start over the edge. They thought the daily smear campaign would be enough to drive Meghan away for good but they underestimated Harry’s desire to protect the family he has always wanted.

    • Lorrie Biltoft says:

      I think the rift started because Harry didn’t approve of William’s affair with Rose. Harry and Kate have always been close. I think Harry was disgusted with William. I think William used the media to smear Megan as retaliation.

      • Lurker says:

        While there may be truth there, I find this unlikely to be the complete reason due to the fact it seems Kate joined in on the media smearing and seemed to treat Meghan with rudeness on occasion.

      • Spicecake38 says:

        I don’t think the rift is down to one thing,probably years in the making,but I also had thoughts that whatever went down with Will and Rose was a huge problem for Harry especially after finding love with Meghan and then having their child.Sometimes you just can’t look away anymore even with someone you love,and then scapegoating Meghan to take the heat from Williams wrongdoing was enough.
        And then Andrew the perv prince giving that awful interview…I would leave too…Awful people.

      • kerwood says:

        I can’t see why Harry would care. It wasn’t the first time William cheated on Kate and Harry had his own WIFE’S happiness to concern himself with. Kate had already shown that she wasn’t going to be much of a friend to Meghan.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        Eh…I think it’s more that he’d only be pissed about William’s affair because he used Meghan as a scapegoat to cover it up. That wasn’t retaliation; that was the cause. I doubt he’d care about his brother’s indiscretions otherwise.

      • TheOriginalMia says:

        @Lorrie, this rift doesn’t have a thing to do with William’s affairs. It has to do with Harry’s wife, the smears, the racism. Harry isn’t placing Kate above his own wife.

      • Marie says:

        I don’t believe it is just that. Kate has known William is a cheater. He cheated constantly when they were dating and I am sure Harry knew. I also don’t buy that Harry and Kate were close. He was nice to her at engagements but Harry has even said they don’t see each other that much. Just family engagements.

      • Becks1 says:

        I’m with Spicecake in that I think the rift has many causes. I think the smear campaign and then the birth of Archie, who was almost immediately subjected to the same smear campaign, was the nail in the coffin though. I think at that point the wheels started turning for real. We can discuss why the smear campaign started – I think it had a few different causes – but I think that was the final straw. But Sussexit was definitely a consideration by the time Archie was born.

        I said this yesterday, but consider their nanny. They had to have known they were going to be splitting time between different places when they hired her. That makes a difference in her work visa (for Canada, if she’s British, which we don’t know), in her lifestyle, etc. They knew at that point they weren’t going to be in the UK 100% of the time.

        Re: Rose. I don’t know if Harry would care per se that William was having an affair, but he would def care if that rumor was immediately shut down and he couldn’t do anything about the attacks on his wife.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Or if news/investigation of the affair was shut down in exchange for ongoing negative articles about Meghan. Not just unable to do anything about the attacks on his wife, but knowing his brother William and his new friendliness with the press was a big reason for them.

      • Becks1 says:

        @notasugarhere, please report farther down, lol.

      • Peg says:

        I don’t for a minute Harry spent time worrying about what William was doing in his personal life.
        Now Only if William would stay out of Harry’s business.

      • (TheOG)@jan90067 says:

        Harry knew Wandering Willie ALWAYS cheated on Kate from the get go. He cheated on the current gf to GET WITH Kate if the first place. There were many pre-engagement break ups and getting back together. Most notable being the one where her mother told her to lose weight and get out and be seen, flashing her legs getting in and out of cars; going in and out of clubs getting papped, and of course, the “make up kiss” totally staged in front of WW’s car with them making out (never seen before or after).

        Harry could care less about Will’s cheating ways, in that respect. He lived through most of them already.

      • Genessee says:

        I don’t understand why everyone thinks that Harry would be “outraged” over William’s cheating? Why project a “saintly” image on Harry? For all we know, he also had a wandering eye when he was with Chelsy or Cressida. Or Harry could just be like every other guy and supported Will’s cheating/”finding his bliss” as long as HIS family wasn’t affected — which it was– and the rift might be because Will threw him under the bus and it affected Meghan.

        Don’t forget, blood is thicker than water/bros before hoes/etc. etc. etc.

        Just because they saw how their dad’s cheating affected their mom, doesn’t mean that the boys will automatically swear to never cheat on their future spouses. Don’t forget, Diana cheated too.

        In fact, because it’s generally “accepted” that royal men (from all countries) cheat, means that they probably grew up thinking this was normal. It certainly worked out for Charles – and they can use him and Camilla as an example of why cheating might not be so bad after all if you end up with your best match.

        Maybe they realized that their parents were never a good match due to “duty” and decided to make their own choices for their future partners instead of following so-called “duty.” (see Harry’s current actions as he tosses duty out the window)

        Who really knows, but I’m not gonna elevate Harry to an ideal pedestal when I know full well he is only human and flawed.

      • Feeshalori says:

        I don’t think Harry cared that much about William’s wandering scepter as he did that William was also in bed with the press to throw Meghan under the bus to cover it up.

  2. Nina says:

    We all knew. The press and the royal family bullied Meghan during her pregnancy.
    They had no mercy for the baby inside of her.
    It was a warning that they were ready to destroy their marriage at all cost.

  3. sparker says:

    That narrative being pushed makes Kate look like the Ivanka Trump of the BRH. Has she ever said anything in support of Meghan against the press or is she truly complicit? I can see what the benefits would be for her not to, but the backlash against privilege is undeniable and don’t most people want to be on the right side of history with this?

    • Sarah says:

      They are members of a racist, white supremacists organization. I don’t think any of these people are interested in being on the right side of history.

      • Mac says:

        Ivanka is a grifter who has traded on her name her entire life. Meghan is a career woman who is accustomed to supporting herself and is looking to resume a professional career,

    • Shirleygailgal says:

      nope, apparently not….

    • Mac says:

      If Kate had spoken out, the media would have framed her as the glorious white savior and that is an ugly look. Not to mention Kate doesn’t have the clout to tell the media to back off. Charles and the Queen, however, do have the clout and should have used it.

      • Elisa says:

        How anyone expects Kate to speak out for Meghan when the most senior royals Charles and TQ have stayed silent as a grave is beyond me. I don’t follow the Royals that closely but it’s quite obvious that Kate will always toe the line – which in this case was throwing Meghan under the bus.

    • Tina says:

      I think there are strong similarities between Meghan’s new half-Royal role to Ivanka Trump as “First Daughter”. They both show up to events as non-experts for the photoshoots and social media boost (like Ivanka speaking at CES ) and they plan to profit off of their father/in-laws status.

      • sunny says:

        Interesting comparison but I would argue only one(Ivanka) poses like an expert where Meghan has positioned herself as an advocate who is there to publicize issues and with the ability and humility to learn(more like Angelina Joile). Another key difference is that the Crown has limited political power unlike POTUS.

      • Becks1 says:

        except, that’s what all royals do, including the queen. They show up to events as non-experts for the photoshoots.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yes Becks1, but that doesn’t feed Tina’s tumblr idea. Harry and Meghan have shown that they aren’t only about showing up, but showing up dedicated to working on the problems and doing real work. That puts W&K and their photo ops to shame.

      • Peg says:

        Please, Ivanka never had a job that was not given to her by father.
        The Trumps used the Money from their charity for personal gain, they’ve paid back three million as yet ordered by the court.
        So please check your facts.

      • Silas says:

        @Tina. The Queen, Charles and William made their finances a secret for a reason. *That* is profiting off of the royal brand especially if they are not paying their full share of taxes or hiding money as shown in the Paradise papers. Your royal family is corrupt.

        *That* is the similarity to the Trumps who are misusing the office for personal gain while avoiding scrutiny. Andrew’s Pitch at the Palace made it very clear how empty any scrutiny is when it comes to the royals. Harry and Meghan will actually be subjected to more scrutiny now.

        So you had favored royals making money and Harry and Meghan on a controlled allowance. And now they have stepped away to start building their own financial freedom. They do have the royal boost and it can’t be taken away from them especially while the rest of the royals continue with their behavior.

      • Jaded says:

        @Tina, Ivanka is nothing but a grifter hanging onto daddy’s coattails and weaseling her way into a title-less job at the White House where she Barbie-breathes meaningless word salads about empowering women and gets a fat paycheque for actually doing nothing substantial AT ALL for women. Her stuff is made in sweat-shops remember?

      • AMM says:

        The driving force isnt about profiting. That’s why they said “working towards” financial independence. They wanted out of the Royal Royta so they didn’t have to legally entertain the tabloids that smeared them. In order to do that, they had to get rid of the Soverign Grant. With the grant gone, and the money from Prince Charles running out once he becomes King, they have to make a living. Their drive is not being dependent on tax payers, so the tax payers cant claim to own them. They will be able to use their clout to make money, true. They definitely benefit from the royal status. But they are also very involved humanitarians and want money so they can keep up their work. They arent trying to build a fashion empire or become celebs like the Trumps. They are trying to be independent philanthropists, and they need money for that.

      • Stacy Dresden says:

        But philanthropy is at the heart of Meghan’s planned activities rather than whatever the fcuk Ivanka is up to lately.

      • Bunny says:

        Except that Ivanka has never had a job her daddy didn’t buy her; and Meghan forged her own path.

        Additionally, Meghan has her own money, fame, and following.

      • Marigold says:

        I don’t buy the comparison at all. Whenever Americans discuss the royal family, politicians in the US, or their families, get brought up as comparisons.

        Here’s the thing: Ivanka is playing politician’s helper for four-eight years. Meghan married an institution that is based on bloodlines, not votes.

        Ivanka is hustling a 4-year gig. Meghan bought in for life. It’s not even remotely the same. They’re on two separate planets. Ivanka is the facsimile of a Prime Minister’s daughter…not a royal.

    • OriginalLala says:

      Well they are the British Royal Family, their history (and present day) is littered with racists, classists, and criminals who stole, plundered and destroyed others to enrich and empower themselves. They’ve never been on the right side of history.

      • Tina says:

        There are ethical rules about what the royal family and US politicians (I know Prince Andrew/fergie and the trumps have both been problematic) can accept as gifts and get paid doing. Stepping away in a half role to profit from the royal brand is exactly like what the trumps are doing. and many of Meghan’s friends are also problematic arguably for the same reasons. Aren’t the Mulroneys like the Trumps of Canada and her friend Misha Noonoo is married to the Kushners best friend. I just don’t think Meghan and Harry are as deserving as progressive role models as say the Obamas.

      • MsIam says:

        Except @Tina, the Trumps are not stepping away from anything, they are all in. They are using the office of the president to cut all kinds of deals. Trump feels he is entitled to do this BECAUSE he is the president. Harry and Meghan are trying to create a separate entity for their own financial security. Now whether that can be done, it remains to be seen. But I think if you are trying to picture them as grafty and greedy you are looking at the wrong royals. It is wrong to lump Prince Andrew and his shady undercover finances with what Harry and Meghan are doing.

      • Nic919 says:

        Ben and Jessica Mulroney are not the Trumps of Canada. They haven’t scammed people for decades like the trumps have. While Ben’s dad was PM and there was sketchiness there after he left office, there is nothing to suggest Ben is part of grifting schemes like the trump kids. He’s been an entertainment reporter for years now. I don’t even like him, but it’s insane to compare them to the worst family on earth.

    • Nikki* says:

      There’s no proof that Kate was complicit in smearing them, despite many posters here believing it’s gospel. I really think the rift is with the brothers, and I think both William and Charles have thrown Harry under the bus to make themselves look better. I think Meghan helped Harry to see it clearer after years of gaslighting by Harry’s entire dysfunctional family.

    • Sally says:

      Kate should be ashamed of herself, as a future queen. In my opinion, I believe Kate was jealous of Meghan. Kate was used to being the only female. She felt slighted when Meghan was getting all of the attention. Meghan was like a breath of fresh air also smart and beautiful. Meghan had a life before marrying Harry, something that Kate never had. I hope that years down the line, Little George does not treat his sister and brother the way Will has done. The both ought to think about that. It could happen.

      • morrigan01 says:


        “In my opinion, I believe Kate was jealous of Meghan.”

        Exactly. That right there is all that is required to know about the Kate and Meghan dynamic. And I think it was anon (who’s been correct in many things regarding what is happening) who said that Kate’s jealousy compounded them moment Meghan got pregnant.

        Archie was the factor no one, including Kate, factored in. I don’t know about Charles or The Queen, but I don’t think William and especially Kate wanted him to be born. The couriters for *sure* didn’t. A stress miscarriage is probably something they were all really hoping for.

        But nope. Archie was born, and so he too was beginning to be thrown under the bus. What the hell does everyone think was the meaning behind those asinine articles about Archie needing to play with his Cambridge cousins or he’d be a spoiled brat? Come on. Even if they’d been able to run Meghan off, Archie was still a factor now. So some clearly wanted to control that kid asap and make sure he knew his place while growing up – which was behind the Cambridge kids, *Kate’s* kids. She’s the mother of the future King, her eldest son should be the one getting the world-wide attention, I’m more than sure she and Carole Middleton both think this.

        The minute Archie was born I’ve no doubt that Meghan’s maternal instinct kicked in in full force. She may have been able to deal with William’s dickishness and Kate’s jealousy when it was solely directed at her, but them coming for her baby boy? No way. She knew no one was going to have her son’s best interest at heart; not Will, not Kate especially not the courtiers. And I’m sure by that point Harry knew it too. He knew what his life was like as “the spare.” Archie isn’t even that in the pecking order. That kid was looking at a lifetime of being thrown to the wolves if he was too popular/more popular globally than his Cambridge cousins (just like his parent). So they got him outta there.

        *That* is why he was left in Canada when they came back for a bit. And they will not take Archie, or any siblings he has, to the UK any time soon in the future either. Meghan is a mother now and Harry always fiercely wanted kids. Those two are going to protect their son and any other kids they have no matter what.

    • Eugh says:

      No one liked/believed my Aristo tea when I last gave it, but Kate’s friends sht talk Meghan and say she’s absolutely horrid and the two don’t get along.

      Rose pruning confirmed was in the same teapot. There is an understanding in the Cholmondeley household.

      • Becks1 says:

        Wait, I don’t remember this tea. Kate’s friends say Meghan is absolutely horrid?

        And the Rose thing is definitely true?

  4. minx says:

    Not surprising.

  5. kerwood says:

    I agree that it’s absurd to think that Harry would hold William telling him to ‘take it slow’ so seriously. Harry probably laughed in William’s face and said ‘Like you did with Kate?’. Harry probably then explained that he was in love with a grown-ass woman with a career and life who didn’t have 10 years to hang about.

    The rift came because William got jealous. Harry was the screw-up. William could always count on looking good ‘in comparison’ to Harry. Harry had cleaned up his act a lot BEFORE he met Meghan, but after he married her, they became SUPERSTARS, leaving Normal Bill and Keen Katie in the dust, where they belonged. William started stamping his feet and, probably with the aid and assistance of Carole Middleton, joined the smear campaign against Meghan.

    I can imagine that Harry probably decided to leave England the moment a BBC commentator called his baby a ‘monkey’. That would have torn it for any father.

    • MrsBanjo says:

      This exactly.

    • Mego says:


    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      I agree on all counts.

    • MellyMel says:

      Yep! Completely agreed!

    • S808 says:

      Yup yup yup to this 100%. I bet Harry told Meghan to start packing the house up after the monkey comparison.

    • Nikki* says:

      I agree with everything you said, except I doubt Carole Middleton is running to the media for smears. Y’all really think she is a Game of Thrones character! I think she was a super ambitious woman who wanted her daughters to marry well. She probably is enjoying her 4 young grandkids, and happy knowing both her daughters married well and are set for life materially.

      • MsIam says:

        @ Nikki a super ambitious women? An ambitious woman would say to her daughter “Girl go get your own!” Not wait around for some guy to marry you. Especially a guy who is a known cheater. I hope that Kate will do better by Charlotte when she is older.

      • AMM says:

        @NIKKI. You don’t have to be a Game of Thrones character to have press connections, which Carole does. Carole has been known as a Kris Jenner type person since well before Meghan came around. Even the DM commentors, who are notoriously awful and always Pro Kate Middleton, have started questioning why Pippa Middleton is suddenly getting multi page coverage in the DM. They covered their vacation religiously and now shes getting papped doing coffee runs. There was some natural interest after she went viral with Kate’s wedding, but that died down. Now they are rolling out the red carpet for them again and people are curious as to why.

      • Jaded says:

        Carole Middleton is a master manipulator. She purposefully and deliberately groomed her daughters into the spotlight and educated them on how to catch a rich, prominent and possibly royal family member for a husband. In an unfortunate turnabout, she also created a couple of daughters who have never relied on their own intelligence, ingenuity and drive. They are both strangely devoid of any sense of creating their own lives, following their own passions, developing their own focus on what matters to them most. And that’s a shame because if they’d had a mother who created a sense of purpose, learning and giving in either of those two girls it could have made a huge difference in their lives. At least Pippa has much more freedom to do what she wants with her life but Carole has managed to trap Kate in amber, forever visible but forever frozen in her development as a human being.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Carole has been in bed with the Mail on Sunday for two decades. Yes, she is a large part of the pro-Kate, anti-Meghan propaganda.

      • Nic919 says:

        Carole did a recent interview trashing Meghan’s work ethic so of course she’s a part of the smear campaign. Meghan was doing better than her daughter and making Kate look lazy, which admittedly wasn’t hard to do.

      • Jane'sWastedTalent says:

        That was beautifully said, Jaded. The last line is lyrical and haunting.

        I hadn’t heard about the Carole interview. Wow, that’s rich.

        Funny, I guess I kind of always assumed she’d be blocked from gaining the kind of influence she seems to have.

      • PrincessK says:

        Also note that Prince Charles cannot stand Carole Middleton. He knows what she has been up to and the control she has over the Cambridges but he doesn’t want to get into a fight with William.

  6. Rianic says:

    The monkey birth announcement – I think that was one of the NOPE moments for them. Sort of like you will endure certain things out of people, but when your children are dragged into it, it becomes another matter.

      • Some chick says:

        Thank you for bringing the receipts.

      • Nikki* says:

        Wow: that is beyond vile. Wanted to second thanks for sending the link, making us aware of just how incredibly vile it was. Boy, how depressing. Agree with everyone that this would sure make most parents get the heck OUT. I’m glad the guy was fired, and glad for all the people who refuted his BS excuses.

      • pottymouth pup says:

        and, of course, there were people defending Baker all over the place including some woman saying people call their children monkey as a nick name. Yeah, that totally ameliorates the long-term history of dehumanizing POC as sub-human by depicting them as monkeys or gorillas SMDH

      • morrigan01 says:


        He was fired but he got his job back. So there weren’t any real lasting consequences for what he said.

      • PrincessK says:

        I didn’t know he got his job back, how come? The idiot pretended that he didn’t know Meghan was biracial, and this is a man who works in the media.

    • DS9 says:

      I doubt that was it. That idiocy is the least surprising thing that’s happened

    • That chimp photo and all the press comments around it about how it was being misinterpreted had to be a strong indicator to the Sussexes about how the press would go after Archie as he grew up. What caring parent would willingly inflict years of that sort of racist attack behavior on a beloved child. Best to get out now, while Archie is young. Meghan and Harry were much older than William and Kate when they got together and both had been out in the world. Meghan was a successful career woman, who still took time to participate in many charitable endeavors; Harry served two tours of duty in a war zone and came back and created Sentebale and the Invictus Games. Both had had serious relationships that didn’t succeed. All it took for Harry to grow into the man he was becoming was the right life partner in his life. When you marry older, you know yourself and your needs better. I also think that William started this and Charles came on board in his own dithering way and the family fell behind the future and future future kings as that’s how they roll.

  7. FHMom says:

    I would never underestimate the hard feelings caused by a close family member criticizing a girlfriend/spouse. It can cause a severe rift that last decades. I’ve seen it happen. If William was cool to or said unkind things about Meghan, that pretty much could have started it all.

    • Some chick says:

      I feel the same. I’ve also been left out to dry by those who should have had my back. They totally got played by a narci/socio, who was using the “triangulation” method – aka “divide and conquer.”

      They do it because it works.

      The buttered-up party often doesn’t even notice, while the mistreated party often works harder and harder and harder, despite getting nowhere. In the meantime, the narci laughs.

      I’ve been caught in this dynamic more than once. Once, I was the prize pony (I didn’t see it happening, I was dazzled). Once, I was the goat (easier to see it then, when your “friend” treats your partner like royalty while bagging on you – in big ways and small). Both times, it worked – to disastrous results.

      I’ve never been the manipulator – I wear my heart on my sleeve. But now at least I know how to spot them. Usually.

      If you think someone is trying to drive a wedge… beware. Saying “I love you!” and then stabbing you in the back is one obvious clue. But it can also be very subtle. Are they nice to you?

    • LadyMTL says:

      My father stopped speaking to his older brother; this happened a few years after I was born. My uncle’s wife (I can’t really call her my aunt because I never knew her) kept saying bitchy, mean things about my mom and my dad just got fed up and cut ties. They literally never spoke again, and when my uncle died a few years ago neither my dad or other surviving uncle went to the funeral. In a way it made me sad, because that was 40 years’ worth of anger and resentment, but I totally understand how my dad felt.

      TL: DR – don’t mess with someone’s family. It will probably not end well.

  8. KellyRyan says:

    H&M have leverage covering all of that, “what if’s,” before leaving. The monarchy self, other sabotages, and at this point I can foresee them exiting the family at anytime.

  9. Shirleygailgal says:

    getting fired for that tweet wasn’t enough. Calling it a gag…pathetic….pretending it wasn’t racist AFTER it was pointed out how racist it was…despicable.
    I bet the fact many, too many supported him “legendary broadcaster” … my foot, I never heard of him…a legendary broadcaster? Walter Cronkite was a legendary broadcaster. Not this guy. Anyone know what he’s doing these days?

    • Dilettante says:

      Probably writing for Piers Morgan. Birds of a feather..

      • There’s the other villain in this saga — Piers Morgan —. He is high up in Murdoch’s tabloid press food chain. He started driving the rabid press attacks the minute he was “ghosted” by Meghan. Which he has always blown into some almost biblical affair. He got everyone in Murdoch’s empire singing the same attack dog tunes and as it was profitable, it spun from there. Like shirleygailgal says Piers is no Walter Chronkite. It isn’t about journalism with him it’s about some sick need he has to tear Meghan to death and the revenue it generated meant he was allowed to keep going. Murdoch has truly given Piers a bully pulpit for nastiness. The guy is practically frothing at the mouth every time he writes or speaks about Meghan.

    • AMM says:

      The Peirs Morgan thing astounds me. He has made it very clear this is a personal vendetta, and yet he is allowed to continue to influence millions of readers with his own agenda. And they continue to believe everything he says, despite knowing he absolutely hates her and is getting revenge. How can the general public be so gullible? How can the British press allow this? The one good thing I can say about the US is that he would have been fired here. Not even just because of Meghan. I saw him objectifying a meteorologist a few days ago. Petitions would have started immediatly and advertisers would have pulled out within hours.

      I never understood how powerful and awful the british tabloids were before I started following the Sussexs. I know there are plenty of actual reputable newspapers and sites in the UK, but they all seem overshadowed by one angry, pathetic man.

      • MsIam says:

        Piers Morgan is like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson in the US. Not surprising that Fox News is also owned by Murdoch. They use the cover of “we’re entertainers, not journalists!” to get away with saying the most vile things and nobody holds them accountable.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Oh AMM. In the US he’d be president or Supreme Court justice or on Fox and Friends.

        England has Boris, we have Trump. Same everywhere.

      • AMM says:

        @Elizabeth. I do tend to block out the whole presidency thing. Trump has so many terrible moments I forget about them all. So sadly, you are probably right.

        I do believe that the thing with the meteorologist would have landed him fired in the US though. It was on air and while the US wouldve kept him behind the scenes in some capacity, I do believe the they wouldve caved to public pressure and taken him off air. It’s less about the US corporations being morally better and more about the political climate in the US.

      • kerwood says:

        I’m convinced that Piers Morgan thought that Meghan was his golden goose. He probably thought he could ride her coat-tails to the very top. I also get the feeling that he had/HAS a massive crush on her. Meghan probably quickly realized what a creep Morgan was and ghosted him. That’s what happens when you come from a terrible, dysfunctional family; you learn how to cut people off FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION.

        Piers Morgan is acting like a jilted boyfriend, not like an actual journalist. We know he has no dirt on Meghan because he would have spilled his guts ages ago. He’s made enough enemies that when he fucks up, AND HE WILL, the tea is going to be SCALDING.

  10. BlueSky says:

    I truly believe Harry has been fed up for years.
    My hot take on all of this is I do believe Harry never really got to grieve for his mother in a way that would have been healthy. I can’t imagine not only losing your mom in such a violent and senseless way but being forced to walk behind her coffin and listen to thousands of people crying and wailing. Plus I don’t think it helped that the RF worked hard to erase her. I agree with the previous post about Harry working on himself for years before he met Meghan. I think they had a lot in common and were passionate about the same things and causes. I also think maybe she had traits and characteristics that reminded him of his mother.
    I also think he was reliving the trauma of watching helplessly as his mom was being treated by the press and the RF. I imagine watching Meghan’s reaction to all the negativity brought back a lot of memories.
    I think he got to a point where he was going to protect his wife in a way that he could not protect his mother.

    • Chrissy says:

      Well said, Blue Sky. I agree. He finally reached his tipping point, with Megan’s help, and had enough support to do something about it.

    • Lurker says:

      I think you are the closest out of all of us to the truth. I think a lot of us think of this family as trying to outdo each other in Machiavellian maneuvers but in reality the answers have always been there when it came to Harry.

  11. Meg says:

    So much of the smear tactics used are so familiar to me when dealing with toxic people in my own life. Even companies I’ve worked for when going to HR with issues from coworkers or supervisors and in the report they write they downplayed the numerous examples i gave and only mentioned one of them to their superior which me seen petty for coming to them about it. Same with relatives I’ve spoken up to about their poor treatment of me. ‘give me another chance’
    another chance? Insinuating I’ve only given them one chance and they only mistreated me once despite the numerous examples I’ve given them. They only care about covering their own asses so that means making their victim look petty

  12. mj says:

    Amazing how in all the controversies through her life, Meghan has never done anything wrong. It’s either a mean ex-friend, ex-family member, ex-staffer, ex-inlaw, and so on that’s spreading these lies about her.
    Meanwhile, in all the controversies through Kate’s life, it’s almost always Kate that’s to blame.

    • Tina says:

      I think Kate and Meghan probably did not get along and they are always two sides in a conflict. Probaby Kate and her sister did leak things to their friends in the tabloids as I am sure plenty of courtiers have leaked about Kate through the years. I still think Meghan and Harry opened themselves to unnecessary criticism (that cannot be blamed on the Royal family) by not getting the Queen to sign off on their website and public announcement or doing a joint public announcement, by Meghan leaving immediately after the announcement, and by doing it on the day before Kate’s birthday. I wonder who is advising them on PR because these things just fuel the anti Meghan conspiracies.

      • notasugarhere says:

        With W&K leaking all of this to Wooten, or via Wooten’s connection in the KP offices? Harry and Meghan had to release their website and announcement before they were ready, to get ahead of yet more W&K spin.

      • Lady D says:

        ‘Twas William that forced their hand. According to Harry, they had an agreement with the Queen over when to release it and then Sneaky Pete Willie blabbed to his reporter friend.

    • Becks1 says:

      The only people who care the announcement came around Kate’s birthday are crazy Cambridge stans. That’s just ridiculous. And had KP not leaked to Dan Wooten, the Sussexes would not have rushed the announcement.

      And what controversies in Meghan’s life are you talking about her? Her father and sister don’t count. The friends who are saying negative things about her haven’t seen her in YEARS.

      Sheesh. To quote Nota – Tumblr is here, yes?

    • mj says:

      Well, I hope all works out. Sure, the RF might have had their doubts about the relationship pre-wedding, but once they married and especially after baby was born, things would’ve worked out. Harry was one of the most favored royals. Everyone liked him. Why would they want to make his life miserable? Makes no sense.

    • Sunshine says:

      MJ maybe Meghan knows her worth and her boundaries. That’s a lesson for all of us.

    • Le4Frimaire says:

      Whatever Meghan did or didn’t do, she keeps it tight to her chest and doesn’t leak all over the place, unlike some others or put all her business out there. When the Sussexes leak anything, it seems very directed. They made some mistakes but everything is amplified with them and downplayed with the others. As long as Prince Andrew is out there, there is no reason to keep acting like the 6th in line is a problem for the Royal family. The lack of leadership on the part of Charles and William, no cohesiveness or support for them or their work shows what the real issues are. With the Sussexes gone, the Royals can go silent and dull again, and that’s better for all involved.

      • Andrea MacAulay says:

        Wow; I have read all the Celebitchy posts regarding this situation and yours is the most level headed and mature response. It’s nice to see another reader’s post that does not hate on someone. I now get why some posts or sites shut off comments – this particular RF issue (Sussexit) brings out the worst in a lot of folks. Thanks for your thoughts!

      • Nic919 says:

        There’s really nothing Harry and Meghan have done or could do that compares to the actual crimes Andrew has committed. And yet the vitriol from the UK media about them is insane, as if their actions remotely compare to that of a man who has raped underaged sex trafficked girls.

    • Maria says:

      The people who spread things to the press about her are trash, objectively. It has nothing to do with whether she’s done anything wrong. But others who are milking her for cash and publicity are telling far more about themselves than her.

    • MsIam says:

      Look at the character of the people who are releasing this stuff, that should tell you something. Especially some of these so called family members. As far as Kate being blamed for anything? Other than this website, tell me where that has happened? She never puts a foot wrong, remember?

    • AMM says:

      What controversies though? The only thing we know is that she had a distant turned awful relationship with her fathers side of the family. And that the Sussexs released their statement early. That’s all we know for fact. The rest of the “controversies” are all just random “sources” saying random mean stuff. Nothing that weve seen and nothing that’s ever been confirmed by a single person.

      Neither of the two actual issues can even be attributed to her. Her sister really is unhinged with multiple personal legal issues and is estranged from her own children. Her father was caught selling pictures to tabloids before he was cut out from the wedding. Facts. And Dan Wooten got ahold of the story and from his own mouth admitted he gave them ten days to respond. Harry doesn’t play games with the press and released his own side of the story at the deadline.

      If there were actual controversies to cover, the tabloids would. They wouldn’t rely on digging up Meghans sisters dogwalkers aunts bestfriends neice to tell the press that Meghan likes attention.

      She was in her mid thirties with a hollywood past when she joined the family, and they couldn’t dig up a single legal issue or scandal on her. All her coworkers and charity co-chairs have nothing but great things to say. Even her ex husband had been quiet about her.

      • Nic919 says:

        Guys we are over looking that she kept the blender from her ex husband. That’s pretty horrible. Really unforgivable.

  13. Guest says:

    I think harry knew what was coming. Meghan was torn apart in the media and the nastiness was starting to turn towards archie.

  14. Lara K says:

    The queen not “collaborating” is a HUGE problem – it just makes the institution more outdated faster.

    I know the RF is supposed to provide “stability” or whatever, but not moving with the times just errodes any value they add. This is what happens when you marry either your cousins, or social climbers who are willing to completely subvert themselves for a title. It’s really sad.

    • And yet, as one British royal historian said on PBS the other night — because they will not change, it has been catastrophic changes that have saved them and kept them going strong. He took two events in modern history: Edward’s abdication (imagine if that Nazi lover had not abdicated) and Diana’s death (and worldwide backlash on her perceived treatment by the royals). Both fundamentally forced major changes in the way the monarchy went about its business. He believes that in order for the monarchy to survive, they must streamline as many other surviving royal families have done. He thinks Charles gets this. He said however that — as per usual with the royals every major change is messy because they are emotionally stunted non-communicators — the Sussexes pulling away is going to help them restructure — for the better. He believes history will bear this out.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        “Emotionally stunted non-communicators” really seems to describe the House of Windsor. Their major problem is that these are reactionary, emotionally stunted people who don’t communicate well and who let their egos rule. The BRF is just such an utter mess and considering how they repeatedly have had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the future, it is actually quite impressive that they still have the position they have (though generally it is large-scale, cataclysmic social/political changes that bring down monarchies). Still, the Windsors aren’t making it easy for themselves.

  15. lunchcoma says:

    That timing makes sense to me. They wouldn’t be the first couple to have a baby and then realize they need to make major career changes and set hard boundaries with family members.

    I’m willing to believe that William isn’t the main problem. I suspect it’s the family as a whole and Charles in particular.

  16. Mego says:

    I agree the more blatant examples like the chimp cartoon, Straight Outta Compton were egregious but so were the endless death by a thousand cuts micro aggressions and dog whistles. It was absolutely horrible and damaging. I was so really relieved to see pictures of Meghan working yesterday because I have been very concerned about her well being.

  17. Happy_fat_mama says:

    “… I got worked up for no reason.”

    ohhh my dear Kaiser. You work so hard. Celebitchy fans appreciate you! oxoxoxoxo

  18. STRIPE says:

    I suspect this was death by a million paper cuts, with things happening before and after Meghan. Once she was involved, though, it all may have snowballed quickly, because he had to consider her and their child.

  19. S808 says:

    Harry has probably been over it for a LONG time. I still maintain my stance that Harry is the one driving this separation. He’s wanted out even pre-Meghan and the treatment of his wife and child are the perfect reasons to fly the coop.

    I don’t think Harry gave a shit about William’s comments on his relationship cause and I say this with little offense as possible but look who he ended up with? he’s in marriage of business and convenience, he has no room to make comments. I think Harry finding out that Will was throwing Meghan (who was PREGNANT at the time) under the bus to divert attention from his infidelity is what killed their relationship. Everything from KP after was Will (&Kate/Carol trying to get good press) acting in anger cause they’re at odds, throwing alcohol on the fire, ESPECIALLY the budget flight fiasco.

    • Green Desert says:

      So right on all points. I hate the narrative that Meghan is driving this…Harry has been unhappy with the institution ever since he was forced to walk behind his mother’s coffin. And he was vocal about his feelings. The treatment of Meghan and Archie and the lack of public or private support from his family, especially his brother I think, gave him the confidence to do what they’re doing.

      God, Will and Kate look worse to me every day (who they are, not how they look). The lack of condemnation of racism in the press always bugged me, but that budget flight stunt just accelerated my dislike of them. And I’ve decided that the Kate supporters who are all “William doesn’t let her have a voice, it’s his fault” can have all the seats. Some people will make excuses for a pretty white woman until the end of time. She could outright use a racial slur and they’d be like “William made her say it!”

  20. BellaBella says:

    Well, on another note, how exciting for Dusseldorf, which is kind of considered the Cleveland of Germany. (German readers, please correct me if I’m wrong — the last time I was there was in the ’80s.) So, yay for Dusseldorf!!

    • olive says:

      i was in dusseldorf last year and my german friend said it’s actually got the reputation as being the fashion and financial center of germany! it’s a beautiful city, especially around the river and harbor.

  21. Mignionette says:

    The timing of this makes 100% more sense.

    They had Archie. Fell in love with him and realised the weight of their responsibilities like all new parents. They then had a few weeks of utter shit storm over access to Archie and realised they needed to get the hell out of dodge to give his title-less little self a normal life.

  22. Noodle says:

    Last weekend there was a post by that vile Sarah Vine, where she referred to Harry as “damaged” and incapable of doing anything. Like, is this what we have come to? He is so “damaged” that he wants to take care of his family? He is so “damaged” that he wants to collaborate and bring energy and life to this rotting (from the inside, mind you) institution? I have to ask… what does “Not Damaged” look like to her? I would love to hear her opine on how to live a healthy, engaged, meaningful life.

    • Didn’t look damaged today at the event at Buckingham Palace. He looked hot…..and strong! Also, Lainey mentions in her post that because event was at BP. BP was in charge of which press were allowed to attend. She said it’s a strong indicator about how they think of Harry, in that BP allowed ONLY ROYAL ROTA reporters to attend.

  23. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    The Queen (or her courtiers) didn’t like the word “collaborate”? Well, excuse me. I suppose the Queen is entitled to unquestioned deference to *her* choice of words at all times, simply because she was the first born daughter of the second son of George V? So much so, that other people are not allowed to use perfectly cromulent words? If that’s the case, then I would like everyone to stop criticizing Harry and HIS “entitlement” to money, security, perks, etc., simply by virtue of HIS birth as the second son of King Charles III. Either they are entitled to certain things by virtue of birth alone, or they are not. I’m American, so this whole “birthright” seems stupid to me. BUT, what I dislike even more is the hypocrisy and double standards.

  24. Izzy says:

    “You don’t ‘collaborate’ with the Queen,” one courtier says.

    You do now, b!tches.

  25. L4Frimaire says:

    One good thing to come out of this stepping back (not exactly quitting) is that I have stopped looking at the UK tabloids. No interest on clicking on them now. Same with royal reporters. Wont comment on their posts or muting them. I’ll check this site. twitter and Sussex royal insta, as well as more reputable news sources. I’ll wait for real news and move on from this tabloid dreck.

    • BarbN says:

      And I have been able to break my nasty addiction to Blind Gossip, Crazy Days and Nights, and (I’m a bit of an astrology buff) to, which is authored by a British woman named Marjorie Orr. A recent reading of hers was so hateful regarding both Harry and Meghan that I decided – no more clicks from me. She called them “whiny snowflakes.”
      I won’t read this vitriol anymore, and my life is cleaner for it.

  26. Ames says:

    THAT. Right there. That “collaborate” bullsh!t.

    Leave. Run. And don’t even think of looking back.

    Freaking VIPERS.

  27. mva says:

    Have we completely given up on the theory that the viciousness really started when it was announced Meghan was pregnant at the same time as Eugenie’s wedding? I’ve assumed that a great deal of the dialled up nastiness started with the Yorks who didn’t like the wedding they had long awaited and hyped, being overshadowed. We know Andrew wants Eugenie and Beatrice to be headliners in that family and they keep getting relegated to the back row. Of course he is oblivious to the fact that his own actions as well as Fergie’s have made it impossible for the girls to be full time working royals. I don’t know that all of it can be traced back to the Yorks but I felt they should be prime suspects for much of it. And once it starts, it is easy for others to “pile on” with a little piece of nastiness until the whole thing became nasty. The overtones and undertones of much of what was written about Meghan was very hurtful. Those who are now claiming there was no racism are being willfully obtuse. Even when it wasn’t racist, it was unnecessarily mean and nasty. She was new to the country, newly married, working hard, and pregnant. Difficult for anyone who isn’t living in a fishbowl of Royal life.
    I wish Harry and Meghan and Archie all the very best in their new lives and welcome them to Canada. I hope everything will work out for them.
    The Queen and the rest of the family will have to get along without having Harry and Meghan to kick around anymore.

  28. blunt talker says:

    Comparing their baby to a monkey when it was born-I can hear them saying that’s it we are getting the fuck out. The Royal family as whole share most of the responsibility for not protecting Meghan /Harry-poor Archie is new to the world and some evil hearted radio dj said this vile statement. If this media did this to Meghan the mother. don’t think they won’t do it little Archie. Archie is driving this decision. These royal reporters and courtiers are some mean-ass shitgibbons. Sink so low to attack an innocent child.

  29. Sojaschnitzel says:

    Hello from Düsseldorf. So we’ll have Harry and Meghan here in 2 years? That’s gonna be fun. <3