Kanye West will cozy up to anti-LGBTQ Evangelical leaders this weekend

Kanye West makes a quick trip to his office

Something just occurred to me: you know how Beyonce sent pieces from her Ivy Park X Adidas collection to so many of her celebrity friends (Laverne Cox, Diplo, Reese Witherspoon, Janelle Monae, Yara Shahidi, Cardi B)? Even Hailey Bieber got a package from Beyonce!! Well… it’s funny that Beyonce didn’t send sh-t to any of the Kardashians, right? I mean, Beyonce’s goal was to send clothes to “Instagram influencer” celebrities, people who would give her free promotion on social media and in pap strolls. That’s what the Kardashian-Jenners were built for. But it looks like Kendall was the only one who got a package… and that might just be because Kendall is already an Adidas model. Kanye West didn’t get sh-t and he has, like, a billion dollar contract with ADIDAS!! And Beyonce still didn’t send him anything.

Anyway, this post was supposed to be about Kanye, I just thought I’d mention that mysterious Kardashian absence from the Ivy Park promo. The Kanye story is about how Kanye has gone so far into his Fake Preacher Mode that he’s now cozying up to some of the biggest homophobic bigots in the country:

Kanye West will be featured as the headliner of Awaken 2020, a 10-hour-long prayer rally in Arizona, which is being billed as the “first epic evangelical stadium event of the decade.” West has announced that he will bring his gospel choir Sunday Service to the Jan. 18 event, which will take place at the Sun Devil Stadium in Phoenix, Ariz.

The appearance by the hip-hop mogul is being seen by many in the Evangelical community as a way which will be used by God to “help spark the next national spiritual awakening in the United States,” according to Arizona-based conservative news site The Western Journal.

According to the event’s page, organizers of Awaken 2020 are inviting participants to “open the door and enter into a new era, a new decade, of revival that is bringing a movement of signs and wonders, healing of the sick, and preaching of the gospel.” West will join a roster of high profile anti-LGBTQ cusaders in the “monumental movement launching a new decade of awakening America back to God at a critical time in our nation’s history.”

[From The NY Daily News]

According to the Daily Beast, the roster of evangelicals includes various preachers who have spoken about the “spirit of lawlessness” of homosexuality, and worked towards discriminatory LGBTQ legislation. That’s who Kanye is cozying up to these days. We knew he was a misogynist already, and now he’s making anti-LGBTQ moves. What next, racism? Or did that already happen when he hugged a white supremacist in the Oval Office?

Kanye West keeps a busy afternoon at the studio

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  1. ME says:

    How does Kim feel about this? She’s very pro-LGBTQ. How can you be married to man that shares ZERO beliefs as you?

    Maybe the Kardashians did get an IVY PARK promo package but refuse to promote it? We don’t know.

    • kerwood says:

      I firmly believe that Kardashians are encouraging Kanye in all of this shit to give Kim an excuse to dump him now that she’s taken all she can get from him. That’s not to say that Kanye isn’t responsible for every vile and disgusting thing he says and does but once upon a time the Kardashians would have ALL been covering for him.

    • Green Desert says:

      Kim is pro-Kim. She’ll put on and take off various causes like costumes and whichever culture she wants to appropriate at the moment. Let’s not give her too much credit. She’s not responsible for Kanye, but I don’t for a second believe she cares about anyone other than number 1.

      • ME says:

        I was aware of Kim Kardashian even before her tape and you can say what you want about her (there is a lot to say) but one thing she has always been is pro-LGBTQ.

  2. BL says:

    Well, God-willing one of his children will be gay. Then Kanye will have to be accountable for his actions.

    How do these “preachers” sleep at night when they promote discrimination and hate?? They are the opposite of what Christianity is suppose to be.
    It makes my blood boil!

    • Anna says:

      Oh no, please. Don’t put that on the child. It’s terrible to be gay in such a homophobic home environment let alone society at large especially in the current political climate. Parents don’t necessarily become “accountable for their actions” when a child is gay or comes out as gay. There is a lot of trauma and sometimes even the worst happens. I pray those kids will be protected and able to be who they are apart from the homophobic madness of their father and the evil Black-designer-baby-making Kardashian family. Kids barely had a chance from day one.

    • Lady D says:

      I had extremely racist parents. Between us four kids we had six children, four of them are First Nation. My parents had to eat their words and a whole lot more, especially when their friends started throwing their own phrases back at them regarding the kids. To their credit they seemed to love all their grandchildren equally.

  3. Christina says:

    Kanye is just expressing the beliefs of a lot of church going Christians in the Black community. I mean, he’s also an arrogant narcissist, but being Black and gay is hard. Anyone who grows up Christian from any community gets this.

    I’m not gay, but when I told a “friend” that I was no longer Catholic nor Christian, he told me, “Awe. You are a great person, but you are going to burn in hell.” So supportive.

    • kerwood says:

      As opposed to White Christians who have opened their arms and churches wide open for the LBTQ community?

      The canard that Black Christians are more homophobic than the rest of the world is racist bullshit. Are Latinos, who tend to be Catholic, known to be pro-LBTQ? What about Asian Americans. If every Black man, woman and child in the United States was a homophobe, they would STILL be unable to enact the hateful legislation that WHITE homophobes have enacted.

      • Christina says:

        Kerwood, did you bother to read the part where I wrote, “Anyone who grew up Christian from any community gets this”.

        Read all the way through before you throw stones and save your righteous indignation for someone else.

        Kanye is a Black man who is the subject of this post, so I mentioned what I know as a Mexican-American woman raised in a primarily Black and Mexican low income community in the United States.

        Reading is fundamental.

      • kerwood says:

        @Christina, Then read what you wrote. You made a comment about the Black community. You didn’t say ONE WORD about being Mexican-American or where you were raised in your comment but I guess I was supposed to read your mind, even though it’s hard to maneuver in narrow spaces. I responded in an attempt to correct your ignorance. It’s unfortunate that my kindness is unappreciated.

      • Belinda says:

        Ummm pretty sure she was not comparing, just providing context re:Kanye….

      • Christina says:

        Oh, Kerwood, you weren’t being kind. What you are is arrogant. I shouldn’t have to explain what I am to you, but I did because you think that you are educating me about something I live. You also must realize that every minority in the United States isn’t religious. Religious people are a subset, though most people in the U.S. identify as Christian.

        Thanks, Belinda. Much appreciated that you read and clearly understood what I wrote.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        “It’s unfortunate that my kindness is unappreciated.”

        this was sarcasm, right? because you weren’t really trying, “kindly”, to “correct her ignorance”, you were being reactionary and were aggressive about it. you didn’t read (or absorb) her whole comment, she called you out, and you responded with snark (and an insult) instead of a mea cupla. all you had to say is that you misinterpreted it and leave it at that.

        and she shouldn’t have to qualify her post with her race, ethnicity or hometown. you made the assumption that she didn’t know what she was talking about, and she doesn’t have to justify herself to you.

      • Christina says:

        WhatWhat, many thanks. ❤️

        The perils of blog commentary, lol!

      • kerwood says:

        Oh @Christina, you don’t think I’m kind?

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I’d tell that “Christian” friend that only G-D and judge and what he said was blasphemy. dude thinks he knows more than GOD?! isn’t arrogance/pride one of the seven deadly sins?

      methinks that your “Christian” friend will be in hell before you will.

      • Christina says:

        Yeah, WhatWhat, he’s no friend of mine anymore. He really wasn’t when he dumped his beliefs onto me.

        He was an old boyfriend who tried to reconnect on social media. He was properly discarded.

      • pottymouth pup says:

        I have folks say that to me (going to Hell b/c I’m Jewish) and express “concern” I tell them not to worry about me; if there is a G-d and he’s just, he’ll do what’s best. If the person is an a-hole about it and I don’t have to be diplomatic, I may add in a dig that it must really suck to worship such a petty, insecure & arbitrary deity, and a bunch of words about how doing something just to get into heaven/avoid hell isn’t being moral or a good person at all

      • whatWHAT? says:

        “properly discarded”…lol, and well done.

        pottymouth pup, if there’s a God, I like to think (s)he cares more about how kind you are, and how you treat others more than where you go to worship, or if you even GO to a house of worship at all.

    • Anna says:

      Christina, don’t listen to this nonsense. Everything you said is absolutely right.

      • Christina says:

        Thanks Anna and WhatWhat. As a fellow recovering Catholic, I can relate. I did enjoy The Two Popes, though. I disagree with the church on everything concerning women, the LGBTQ community, and their handling of pedophile priests, but I do appreciate the exchange in the movie about modernizing Catholicism. There are so many people in the church that it’s important, in my mind, to understand where they are coming from.

        The oppressed always know more about the oppressor than the oppressor knows about the oppressed.

    • Belinda says:

      That friend is sick. The catholic church has priests that R*PE CHILDREN.

      not all, but a LOT of organized religion seems like organized evil. The irony.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        yeah, your last sentence is why I call myself a “recovering Catholic”. I was raised going to church every sunday, but I dropped out of CCD before I was confirmed because I had a LOT of question/issues with the Church’s stance on things that conflicted with what I believed.

        like birth control/abortion, women in positions of power in the church (why do I want to be a part of an org that doesn’t allow women to attain the highest ranking IN the org?!), the abuse of course, etc. I dig Jesus’ teachings about being kind to people, but I don’t need a church to tell me to be those things. esp one that discriminates and hides abuse of children.

  4. grabbyhands says:

    I can’t wait to hear how his grifter wife and her family spin this one.

    I’m going to assume either some manufactured drama is on its way, or Kim will suddenly deign to bestow her attention on some appropriately downtrodden soul and pretend to be a justice crusader again so there will be a positive PR spin about how woke she is in hopes that it will deflect from how she is signing off on all this.

    People can say all they want about how she isn’t responsible for his actions, but at the end of the day, he’s using her PR machine to push this religious zealotry and they’re all okay with it because it brings them what they most want – attention. Their marriage may have put her back on the map, but without their PR muscle supporting this insanity, people would have written him off a couple years ago and this new mania would not have had anywhere near as much of a foothold.

    How people support either of these megalomaniacs is beyond me.

  5. Dorothy says:

    Yeah and he says KK goes to Church every week hahahahaha his backyard is a church now just like all the basement evangelicals 👌again they’re just like the Trumps and people don’t care how disgusting or selfish they get – some people still keep giving them money and writing articles about them

  6. Dorothy says:

    Yep already happened they SUCK

  7. HK9 says:

    This is going to be a hot mess. A bunch of christians who want Kanye to address lawlessness??!!?? Pot meet Kettle.

  8. fatladysinging says:

    Meanwhile in the Kardashian bunker, marketing minions and writers are furiously crafting Kim’s divorce from Kanye…they thought they had 2 more years to build drama, but his recent right turn has accelerated the timeline.

  9. minx says:

    He’s disgusting.

  10. Michael says:

    Given all the rumors about Kanye it is both ironic and not at all surprising that he would cozy up to an anti LGBTQ pastor.

    • LORENA says:

      YUP! talk about self loathing

      • Cindy says:

        Please let’s not fall into this narrative all homophobes are closet gays and that homophobia is always born from self-hatred. Happens, it’s an important discussion, but this is a married man who is also a religious fanatic who has been sexualising women in his lyrics and videos forever.

        If you’ll act like every homophobe is a closet gay. you’re taking away all the blame from straight people and religion.

    • Belinda says:


      & they don’t even live together lol

  11. AnnaKist says:

    Honestly, I’d not be shocked if he linked up with that vile Westboro mob next. He is such a plonker.

  12. Annaloo says:

    Sorry to say this, but as a black woman, I have to call this out as it is: Kanye West is a modern day Uncle Tom. Between wearing the Confederate flag to his blatant embracing of an administration who has white supremacists at their most gleeful in ages, I don’t know what else to call him.

    I’m going to work on a painting of Kanye as Trump’s lapdog. I mean, what else is he?

    • insertpunhere says:

      Kanye West and other people like him always remind me of Serena Joy, in The Handmaid’s Tale, but I like your Uncle Tom analogy.

      He’s cozying up to people who hate him, thinking that they don’t hate him because they’re “friends,” and he doesn’t realize that given the opportunity, the GOP would screw him just like they do every other POC. Money won’t protect you.

    • Christina says:

      @Annaloo. ❤️

    • DragonWise says:

      Absolutely, Annaloo! Let’s not forget the “30 showers” he had to take after Amber to prepare for pure as the driven snow Kim. He denigrates us whenever he can in the hopes of aligning himself with his oppressors.

    • Joanna says:

      Well said hon. He’s been performing for white people for a long time. Jmo. I hope that’s ok for me to say (I’m white) but I feel he would sell out his own race for white approval. Every white person I’ve met who’s loved that flag has turned to be a racist.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    It’s not surprising because for *whatever reason* Beyoncé really has never seemed close to Kim. She’s never done anything with her that I know of. I think they sat next to each other at a fashion show once or something. I always assumed she disliked Kim on a personal level but who knows? maybe she didn’t feel comfortable with how public Kim was with her personal life because Beyoncé is typically very private. Maybe she didn’t like the constant cultural appropriation. Maybe Kim is the one who doesn’t like Beyoncé. Who knows. I would honestly be more surprised if they actually ever did do something together.

    • kerwood says:

      I’m not a Beyonce fan but I always got the feeling that Beyonce couldn’t stand to be anywhere NEAR Kim Kardashian. Why would she? Would any A-list celebrity want to be seen in public with a reality tv porn star? Not to mention the fact that the Kardashians kept pushing the narrative that Kardashian’s bi-racial daughter was ‘prettier’ than Beyonce’s Black child. I’m sure Beyonce was very happy when Kanye and Jay-Z fell out because it meant she wouldn’t have to associate with Kardashian any more.

  14. Cindy says:

    Not surprising at all. I’ve come to expect the worst of Kanye at all times. He’s lost it.

    • Anna says:

      Been saying this for *years* about KW and people told me I was a hater.

      • Call_me_al says:

        I’m sorry people said this to you! He has his good moments (arguably), but he is clearly a mentally ill narcissist.

  15. ChillyWilly says:

    A national spiritual awakening, eh? Because our entire nation should be Christian. Ugh, so gross. Kanye is so pathetic.

    • pk says:

      Kim is very similar in this way. I remember during a very old episode of KUWTK, they were setting Khloe up with an on-line dating profile and one of the questions was what religion the guy should be and Kim said “He has to be Christian” and then Kourtney turns to Kim and says “but Scott’s Jewish”. Kim said nothing back. I know their show is scripted and all but that scene felt kind of real to me. I really believe Kim would be upset if her kids marry someone that’s not Christian. Kim and Kanye are more similar than we think. She’s not just “putting up with him”…she’s agreeing with him.

  16. Guest with Cat says:

    I always find it hard to be infuriated by Kanye since he had such an obvious major mental health breakdown. He has not looked right in the eyes ever since and I don’t think he’s quite well. I think he really lost his way from the shock of his mother’s death and it has all been downhill since then. He really never did seem like he had his ego under control, anyway.

    Even if he were mentally stable, I think he’s in a toxic environment that enables the worst of his impulses. The kind of celebrity that has enriched his wife’s family and a large part of his own career successes thrives on controversy, and that isn’t conducive to encouraging good judgment.

    • Anna says:

      My mother died and I haven’t taken KW path. We all suffer terrible losses in life with different kinds of hurdles to deal with whether mental illness or other. Should every man in this position be given a pass? Look at the current president. Women and Black women in particular *never* get the benefit of the doubt; we’re thrown under the bus every chance people get. He has access to the best doctors and unlimited money for therapy or whatever else might help. You’re right about the ego. The point is, he is and always has been an egotistical misogynist and probably a narcissist, too. Now he can add internalized racist and raving homophobe to that list. Good riddens to KW.

      • Guest with Cat says:

        Hi Anna, I am not trying to give him a pass. I guess I was trying to find a polite way to say I think he really should be under the care of a mental health care professional and not running around starting religious movements and presidential campaigns.

        You’re right, he theoretically has resources and advantages the rest of us can only dream of. That’s why I wonder why he’s not in a more quiet setting getting himself together.

        I am not a doctor so I can’t render any kind of credible opinion on the state of his mental health, but as the daughter of a parent who has had to be hospitalized several times for multiple recurring psychotic breaks, I see a look in his eyes that has me concerned he is traveling a similar path that my parent had to travel back to a level of healthy functioning.

        Even if he’s not in an active state of psychosis, if he’s under certain medications, I am not sure he’s in a fit state for me to fairly judge him as a person, because I know from first hand observation that the necessary medications themselves can mask a person’s true and best self. I can judge his actions and what he says, and I do. But are these the actions and words of a man in a healthy state of mind?

        I wonder if he would be this extreme if he were well. From my family’s experience of it, recovery from a psychotic break is a long process and requires a great deal of responsible oversight on the part of family members and medical professionals. And it doesn’t happen in a few months. For us, it has been a lifetime of effort to first get a positive trajectory going. And then maintaining it has been something of a delicate balancing act all these years.

        Really, if I were Kim, I’d try to get him into some creative endeavor that is less public. If his ego is too huge to permit that option, then a responsible party needs to insist he get more treatment until his logic and reason can balance that ego.

        I just don’t see him getting even a fraction of the care and oversight my family worked hard to provide with vastly limited resources.

        I get that he is completely unlikable for most or all people here. But he still is a human being who deserves proper care and supervision over his recovery from a very severe and very public breakdown. I remember how badly vacant and broken he looked. I have long found the speed of his so-called recovery not particularly credible and his subsequent return to public life rather alarming.

        Has he really been healed from that horrific state or was he patched up just enough to get him back in the public eye to keep the Kardashian family rolling in endless publicity and power?

        If he is mentally well, fine he deserves to be cancelled for collusion with vile people with vile hatreds. But if he is still sick and his health care is not being managed as it should, in my humble opinion, we are looking at his exploitation.

  17. StellainNH says:

    He is such a narcissistic piece of crap. He should be forever canceled.

  18. Katie says:

    It’s terrifying that he’s probably going to be president. It’s insane that he’s using the same blueprint Trump did by rallying the Evangelicals years before his actual campaign and no one is talking about it. No one is taking it seriously (just like the early days of Trump) but it’s really looking like Kanye will president and Kim will be first lady in 2024 unless the Dems can pull off a miracle and block him. It’s madness but it’s already happening.

  19. adastraperaspera says:

    This is to benefit the GOP. Kanye works for the same people Trump works for (trans-national organized crime syndicates). His current gig for them is to infiltrate and divide the African-American community to suppress votes for Democrats. He’d be stripping in a gay club if that’s what needed to be done. It’s not personal for him–it’s just how he gets paid and keeps from getting his legs broken.

  20. Tpoe says:

    I can’t tell if he’s genuinely lost his mind or of this is all just a marketing strategy to sell his crappy album to evangelical teens

  21. Keira Lee says:

    Too bad you, guys, didn’t make a post about ho Kanye fell off horse while riding it INSIDE the church during one of his crazy-ass anti-christ performances.

  22. Hoot says:

    I hate living in a state that hosts these gatherings. Here is a quote I found under a videotaped segment of a news broadcast this morning, after Kanye’s “Awaken 2020” appearance: “Hundreds of people gathered at Sun Devil Stadium to see Kanye West at the Awaken 2020 event.” Lol.

    The weather was beautiful, so you’d think supporters would’ve come out, right? But Sun Devil Stadium was barely 25 percent full, at most, with the majority of people only present around the time Kanye was on stage (early evening, for 30 minutes onstage). The tickets were free, and you had to register beforehand. It did not “sell out” as the media purported in the days leading up to it, thank G-d.