Will Duchess Kate adhere to the ‘sustainable’ dress-theme for this year’s BAFTAs?

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at BAFTAs

Prince William has been BAFTA president for one decade now. He…has done very little for this prestigious patronage. Every single year of his presidency, he’s refused to attend the pre-BAFTA dinner held at… Kensington Palace, his home. One year, he skipped the BAFTAs because he had just come back from vacation and the poor sausage was too exhausted from all that leisure time. William was criticized for that and for phoning it in with the BAFTAs for many years, and the criticism finally got to him. He and Kate have attended the BAFTAs three years in a row now. Last year, their BAFTA appearance was actually quite glamorous, because you-know-who was around.

Anyway, William and Kate are confirmed to attend this year’s BAFTAs, coming up Sunday, February 2. William will present and introduce the Fellowship (an award for producers) to Kathleen Kennedy, who has screwed up the Star Wars franchise, but hey, she’s hired a bunch of British actors and they film the bulk of the SW films in England, so there you go. The biggest news will be Kate and whatever she’s wearing though, let’s be real. Kate really doesn’t do many big red-carpet evening-wear appearances, although she’s increased her tiara-wearing palace appearances. So, the hype around the BAFTAs FASHION has already begun:

Kate Middleton and Prince William‘s upcoming date night at the BAFTAs comes with an unexpected fashion twist! The royal couple have confirmed that they will once again attend the glitzy event, but there’s a new dress code in place this year. Guests attending the British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards — the British equivalent of the Oscars — on February 2 have been asked to “dress sustainably,” according to the London College of Fashion.

“This awards season BAFTA are doing more than ever before to consider sustainability across its awards ceremonies, including inviting guests to ‘dress sustainably,’” the style guide reads. Guests are being encouraged to be a “voice for change” by re-wearing, renting or wearing vintage. If guests do insist on buying something new then a list of sustainable brands, including Reformation and Stella McCartney (coincidently both favorites of Meghan Markle), have been suggested.

The guidelines are part of the academy’s plans for their first-ever carbon neutral awards ceremony. “Sustainability is very important to BAFTA, and we’re doing more than ever before,” a spokesperson told Harpers Bazaar, adding: “The goal is that the EE British Academy Film Awards 2020 will be carbon neutral, working towards having a net positive impact on the environment. From travel and food, to branding and materials, BAFTA is ensuring the awards are as sustainable as possible.”

[From People]

People Mag points out that the last time the BAFTAs tried to do a specific dress theme, Kate didn’t participate – that was 2018, after the sweeping Me Too stories and after women decided to dress in all black at the Golden Globes. The BAFTAs tried to replicate that all-black theme a month later, and Kate opted instead for a muted green dress. I wasn’t super-offended, but I wondered why Kate didn’t simply wear a black dress, you know? It wouldn’t have been a massive political statement to adhere to a theme and sartorially say “rape and sexual harassment are bad things.” But given all of the Royal Family’s environmental moves as of late – cough, cough – my guess is that Kate will probably do something on-theme. God knows, she already has plenty of frocks she could rewear. I would love to see her try a vintage look though, how cool would that be? But would she try a Stella McCartney look? God, I hope not.

EE British Academy Film Awards (Baftas)

EE British Academy Film Awards (Baftas)

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  1. Cidy says:

    William looks like white bread next to Kate. William looks like white bread next to a shrub bush with scarf on, poor man. *sarcasm*

    I think if Kate wasnt as smothered by William she would have a better chance. I think her biggest anchor is him. I hope she does something interesting!

    • Lori says:

      I agree with u about the William and Kate dynamic. I think she would have accomplished more with her work if he had been remotely supportive of her. And seeing how he was with his brother’s wife, i wouldnt be surprised if he was behind some of the waity Katey, lazy kate sh!t that has dominated her press for years.

      • Harla says:

        Well remember when they broke up for a time and she joined that women’s rowing crew for charity? When they got back together she quit due to pressure from Clarence House, leaving the other ladies in quite a lurch. Kate has had opportunities to stand up for herself but she hasn’t and isn’t going to start now.

      • Maria says:

        I read she dropped out of the Dragon Boat race in 2007 because William wanted to go on vacation but the official excuse was “too much publicity”.

      • betsyh says:

        Cidy and Lori,I disagree. I think Kate sees herself as the support team for William. And with any independent initiative, she confirms with him that it is what he wants her to do.

  2. Eleonor says:

    In this case she could opt for a repeat.

  3. Sofia says:

    She has some nice dresses that I would love to see again so she definitely could adhere to the theme

  4. Eliza_ says:

    Umm don’t ALL the actresses rewear clothes off runway. So their outfits won’t change? They’re basically “renting” the dress for the night as it gets returned.

    Kate will probably rewear one of those reception dresses there’s only pictures of her arriving in the car. So it’s “old” but 95% unseen.

  5. Snap Happy says:


  6. Spicecake38 says:

    She will probably have something bespoke to LOOK like vintage,okay I hope not.But…
    I think she could do something truly vintage and look great,but I doubt she will.

  7. Sass says:

    She looked so good on this evening last year. Absolutely stunning.

    Will looks just as kaiser described. Poor old sausage indeed.

  8. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    She could rewear and one of her dozens of gowns, especially one where we’ve only seen snaps of it from the car. I don’t think she has enough depth to consider that but maybe I’ll be surprised.

  9. Caroline says:

    What if she wears one of Diana’s gowns? William still owns some, they were on display last year.

  10. Miriam says:

    I doubt she’ll participate. With Meghan gone, her budget is probably increased and with her love of buying endless SIMILAR blue coat dresses she’ll definitely commission another bespoke McQueen. Another incentive is having the tabloids on her side. Why repeat when you know they wont share estimates like they do for Meghan

  11. Belli says:

    If she does, the tabloids and their readers will praise her for her sustainable credentials with no hint of irony.