Bill Gates’ daughter Jennifer is engaged to fellow equestrian Nayel Nassar

Bill and Melinda Gates have three children: Jennifer, the oldest at 23, Rory, 20, and Phoebe, the youngest at 17. I like that we really don’t know anything about the Gates kids – they’re not falling out of nightclubs or running over people in their Ferraris as they scream “don’t you know who my father is?” Jennifer Gates is the “most public” of the Gates kids and that’s because she’s an equestrian and show-jumper. The horse world is dominated by the wealthy and elite, and I would imagine Jennifer’s equestrian life has cost her parents a significant amount of money over the years. Anyway, at 23 years old, she’s still a show-jumper and she graduated from Stanford a few years back. I think she’s been with her boyfriend, an Egyptian-American equestrian (and fellow Stanford grad), for several years already, and maybe they were college sweethearts? And now they’re engaged!

Jennifer Gates, the eldest daughter of billionaire businessman Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates, is getting married! The 23-year-old Stanford graduate announced her engagement to equestrian Nayel Nassar on Instagram Wednesday, sharing a photo of her reaction after her new fiancé proposed during their snowy ski trip. In the picture, a visibly surprised Jennifer can be seen wearing a large diamond ring as she leans against Nassar in a snowbank.

“Nayel Nassar, you are one of a kind. Absolutely swept me off my feet this past weekend, surprising me in the most meaningful location over one of our many shared passions,” she captioned the sweet shot. “I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives learning, growing, laughing and loving together. Yes a million times over.”

Nassar, a show jumper, also posted photos of the proposal on his own Instagram account, writing, “SHE SAID YES!! I’m feeling like the luckiest (and happiest) man in the world right about now. Jenn, you are everything I could have possibly imagined..and so much more. I can’t wait to keep growing together through this journey called life, and I simply can’t imagine mine without you anymore. Love you more than you can possibly imagine, and thank you for making every single day feel like a dream to me. Here’s to forever!”

Jennifer replied to the touching note in the comments, “Yep crying again its fine life is perfect rn you’re everything to me.”

[From People]

It’s very sweet! Judging solely from the photos, he seems a bit goofy and like he’s truly in love with her. Is it a thing that Nayel proposed to the 23-year-old daughter of the second richest man in the world? Honestly, I don’t think it’s a huge thing. For one, I’m pretty sure Bill and Melinda Gates are giving away almost all of their money to charity, so it’s not like Jennifer is in line for some huge inheritance. She probably has a trust or something and she probably uses it mostly for horses and horse-related activities. That being said, I do get a vibe similar to Athina Onassis and her now ex-husband Doda Miranda. They were horse people too.

Photos courtesy of Instagram.

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  1. Digital Unicorn says:

    Congrats to them.

    But yeah I agree, am getting Athina Onassis vibes from this pairing but her parents are shrewd and Bill has a rep for being someone not to mess with.

    • Paula says:

      See, I don’t get those vibes at all. They are both in their 20s, both from the US (even though he rides for Egypt), both graduated from Stanford, both from close and super rich families.. They have way more in common then horses (which is the only thing that seemed to have linked Athina to her much older ex)

      • Snappyfish says:

        She is also in medical school. She has been away from the show circuit of late & just returned this past weekend w/a horse that has also been away for a time (injury) they both did wonderful. I’m really happy for both of them. Great riders each but he is exceptionally gifted.

        I wish them both the best. As I have said many times, horse people are different & make the best matches. I love when barns merge!! Best wishes to all. Not a whiff of Athina here. In Athina’a defense she did finally toss Doda to the curb. Best part of that is he got basically nothing.

      • Adrianna says:

        He’s going to fool around eventually. Maybe not for 10 years or so but it’s going to happen eventually…..especially in that world.

      • ME says:

        @ Adrianna

        Not all men cheat. By the way some women cheat too ! Maybe these two will have a long, loving, solid marriage.

    • Em says:

      No Athina vibes at all – Athina was a teen sheltered heiress. Doda dumped his baby mama for a meal ticket.

      These two are same age, same place in life. Been together awhile. Seems pretty normal to me.

      And I know I’m going to get torn apart for this but…. these two have a similar level of attractiveness. Doda had a total douche bro vibe and Athina is more of a nerdy pretty. Didn’t fit.

      Go ahead and tell me I’m being judgmental 🙂

      • BeanieBean says:

        No, I completely agree! That was my recollection of Athina and Doda–he was older, was already in a relationship, had a kid, and he zeroed in on her. And she was very very sheltered.
        I’m not quite sure about the ‘similar level of attractiveness’, but as they are the same age, same education, same wealthy background–yeah, they’ve got a lot in common.

      • BorderMollie says:

        I agree, but still consider 23 very young. They should aim for a long engagement, imo.

  2. Lisa says:

    Congrats to them.

  3. Sandy says:

    They look like a great couple with similar interests. Looks genuine and wholesome 😊👫 I wish them the best.

  4. Abby says:

    Aww..they seem pretty presh. I am curious if she will inherit anything substantial (by peasant standards) from her parents or if they are truly giving it all away.

  5. Michael says:

    I think Bill Gates is on record saying that he plans to donate almost all his money to charity when he dies and his children will get something like $10, million each. Of course he may have changed his mind since then and who knows how much he has been supporting her lifestyle in the meantime but I do not think she will be a billionaire when her parents die. Also I am assuming her fiance also comes from money. Going to Stanford is not cheap and neither is riding horses.

  6. Keekee says:

    What’s the point of having so much money and not sharing the wealth with your kids as long as their productive members of society. I think it’s just harsh when these very wealthy people decide to live their kids with little to nothing I.e The Spellings

    • Taryn says:

      A lot of people have the mindset that since they earned it, not their children (especially people who are THAT wealthy), they don’t have an obligation to leave their children everything. Which is true, they don’t. Very likely their kids have grown up never wanting or needing for anything in their life, affording the best schools, private tutors, world traveling, connections, life experiences etc. That is worth more than any inheritance because it sets them up for a very successful life regardless of their parents money. No one is going to not hire a Gates child. No one is going to not invest in a Gates child startup. Wealth like that after they have passed will only last a few generations anyway, why not donate it to people in need to make a difference?

    • Cassandra says:

      I think they’re getting multiple millions-which is more than enough for most people. Not to mention his children will have the education and connections to make millions on their own.

    • Josephine says:

      They are sharing the wealth – I don’t know many people who would feel that getting $10 million dollars they have not earned as some some of hardship. Both Bill and Melinda have been very clear over the years that not giving the kids all of the money is a gift to them, a way to enable them to strive for their own goals, which may not even include money.

    • windyriver says:

      Bill Gates has said he was inspired some time back by an article about Warren Buffett, where Buffett said he wanted to leave his kids “enough money so that they would feel they could do anything, but not so much that they could do nothing.”

      They co-founded The Giving Pledge in 2010, where other exceptionally wealthy individuals have pledged to give at least half their wealth to philanthropic causes.

      In fact, some time ago Buffett himself pledged a major amount of his fortune to the Gates Foundation, and has been making good on that pledge by substantial donations over the years.

      • qwerty says:

        This is the ‘rags to rags in 3 generations’ problem James Hughes Jr talks about in his book Family Wealth.

    • Tanya says:

      But isn’t that the whole argument for estate taxes? Do we really want children of billionaires having that much influence and power? I’m sure she’d lovely, but I don’t want to rely on the parenting skills of really rich people to keep our country from turning into even more of a kleptocracy.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Ten million doesn’t sound like ‘little to nothing’ to me.

    • holly hobby says:

      They paid for her tuition and hobbies and food and shelter. I’m pretty sure that’s all that’s obligated. She’s studying medicine too. I’m sure she’ll be fine without daddy’s money.

  7. Scal says:

    From peering at her Instagram they’ve been together a few years. And she’s a med student so clearly a smart woman-I don’t get Athina doda vibes at all.

  8. LadyMary says:

    From pics, he’s not that into her. She is so in love with him though.

    I hope her pre nap is iron clad. I see a messy divorce / scandal in her future. He started dating her at 19 when he was 24?

    Thats so young for her, and I am just getting bad vibes.

  9. Patrizio says:

    Good looking couple.

  10. Originaltessa says:

    Aww, they’re cute. She has such a warm smile. Best wishes!

  11. SamC says:

    Another not getting the Athina/Doda comparison at all. These two are similar in age and education, he didn’t leave a long term relationship/child for her nor has he been encouraging her to get all sorts of plastic surgery, etc.

    Am guessing he also comes from a wealthy background if he’s both a Stanford grad and a FT equestrian.

  12. Alexandria says:

    I think both Bill and Melinda are shrewd enough to do background checks etc or request a prenup. People and marriages can change. Anyway wish them the best and a happy life ahead!

  13. SB says:

    IDK where people are getting this $10 million inheritance figure from. Gates bought his daughter a $20 million home in NY for her horses, and I’m sure it’s not the only one.

    • Originaltessa says:

      Yes, this. Liquid cash inheritance? Perhaps $10 million. Stock, property, assets? Billions. Even if they want to keep it simple, it will still be billions.

      • Algernon says:

        This exactly. His statements about inheriting his wealth are not about disinheriting his children, he’s just not going to leave them *one hundred* billion dollars. The Gates kids will be more than set for life. Just graduating wthout student debt and having mortgage free homes is a huge boost, but they also have trusts. He probably won’t leave his kids liquid cash, but by the time he passes, the Gates kids will likely already have a billion or more in their trusts, which is exactly how it worked out for the Buffet kids. Warren B gave his kids “only” one billion, he’ll leave the rest to charity. Gates intends to do the same.

  14. Minal says:

    I wish I could buy into this fantasy that these are just two ordinary people who’ve fallen in love and will go on to have a good life together, but I’ve seen too much of life now to believe that. When there are vast sums of money and power involved, there is always corruption and ugliness. Never forget that the rich are truly different from you and I.

    • M says:

      Yeah but, she’s crazy rich and famously rich and that will always be a factor. She’s still gotta choose to trust people and love them and let them love her back. If anything I think their big risk is that they’re too young, although that’s another thing that does work out for some people. Love is risky for all of us in different ways.

  15. Miss Hill says:

    Ponies! Horse people get my vote forever. There’s a quality you have to have for horses to trust you. Good on them.

  16. Tess says:

    The horse world is not at all dominated by the wealthy. There are many many layers to the horse world and a great variety of ways of caring for them and participating in horse activities, sport, work, therapeutic or pleasure, and mounted or not. A few of the equestrian sport sectors (though not all) that are very visible to the public appear to require vast amounts of money to participate in and certainly, as in most human sport or hobby pursuits, having money to spend on it can give you an advantage, but by no means is the horse world dominated by the wealthy. The vast majority of horses, like 99.9%, in the US and around the world, are kept very modestly by people who sacrifice a lot and work very hard to meet their needs and advance in their relationship with their horse(s) and sport (if they compete, a great many do not). There is also a very large dark underbelly of irresponsible overbreeding and lack of resources to care for older or otherwise unfit horses that leads to abuse, neglect and slaughter for meat. The horse world should not be defined by what most people see on tv and in magazines. It’s deeper and more dimensional than that, for better and for worse.

  17. Ae says:

    They’re a really cute couple! And I highly recommend Melinda’s book “The Moment of Lift”.

  18. qwerty says:

    That picture looks shockingly like Cate Blanchett pre-Elizabeth.

  19. Emily says:

    She looks so much like her mom! A mini Melinda! They both seem besotted with each other and I’m sure will go on to lead extravagant horsie lives. Also Bill Gates has gone on record to say he will only give his kids about $10 mil each after he passes away with the majority of his fortune going to charity (I’m sure there is a clause if he predeceases Melinda). So Jennifer’s fiancé won’t be inheriting billions through his future father in law.

  20. bitchy architect says:

    23 Seems a little young to be getting married to me. I would not want my nieces to get married at that age- your brain isn’t fully formed until 25. But then again i’m an old krone. ( and loving it) But I think I read somewhere that statistics for your marriage lasting are better as you get older…

    • Oddsnends says:

      I was 22, my husband 25. That was 30 years ago and we’re still happy together. She’s an adult who has access to good advice. I think there’s reason for optimism for this young couple.

      • L4frimaire says:

        30 years ago getting married that young wasn’t unusual, still a bit young but not totally weird. Now it is. People are just starting out, often with huge student loan debts or just starting careers. Just don’t see the rush when there is a lot of living to be done. Granted where I live , most people don’t get married until their 30s.

  21. TuxCat5 says:

    Too young.

  22. Grace says:

    I don’t know too much about either but I think they are adorable! Super young, but adorable! I envy people who find their true love at a young age! I wish them happiness and love. It’s refreshing to see the child of a super famous, super-wealthy family NOT being famous for being a brat, a drunk, or famewhore.

  23. JByrdKU says:

    All I see is the massive privilege of having billionaire parents.

  24. Le4Frimaire says:

    Who in the modern world gets married at 23? Hope they put that engagement on ice for a few years.