Jude Law, 47, thinks it would be ‘wonderful’ to have his sixth child with his new wife

Jude Law looks casual but very trendy with original Achilles Low white sneakers

I was a little bit surprised when Jude Law got married again last year. Jude’s personal/romantic life had been a mess for years, and when he started up with Phillipa Coan, I didn’t think they would last – she’s 15 years younger than him and not in the Hollywood/London entertainment community. She’s a psychologist! Like, a real professional with a regular day job. I just didn’t think it would last, but it did and they did a lowkey half-elopement at a town hall in England last May. Coan seems to have been a big stabilizing force on Jude, and he seems happier in general. Of course, the man has also fathered five children that we know of. So would he have one more with Phillipa? He says he would:

Jude Law said it would be ‘wonderful’ to have another child with wife Phillipa Coan. The actor, 47, admitted to the Daily Telegraph that he would ‘absolutely’ love to have a sixth child with the psychologist, 32. Gushing about the possibility, he said: ‘Of course! Absolutely. I’m fortunate to be with someone where I’m having more fun than I’ve ever had in my life.’

Jude shares 23-year-old Rafferty, 19-year-old Iris, and 17-year-old Rudy with his first wife Sadie Frost, Sophia, 10, with Samantha Burke, and four-year-old Ada with Catherine Harding.

Of their relationship, and how they have a ‘stable and healthy, wonderful family existence’, he continued: ‘And that involves my kids who are young adults… and then the younger ones are just so much joy and so much fun. I love it, so absolutely, why not [have another]? I’m very lucky to be involved with someone I’m madly in love with. So the idea of having more children would be just wonderful.’

He told the publication that he is now a ‘more stable and boring and level-headed’ person than he has been in the past, so he doesn’t feel the need to keep his personal life in the public eye.

[From The Daily Mail]

Jude is 47 years old now – maybe the post-Sadie years were his “lost years” or some kind of almost-midlife crisis. I certainly thought (at the time) that his thing with Sienna Miller was very midlife-crisis-y, and then he cheated on her with the nanny, and then he kept getting women pregnant, and on and on. That was basically a 12-year stretch. Did his work suffer during that time? It didn’t really – he’s always worked a lot (gotta support all those kids) and he’s always had a lot of variety in the projects he’s chosen. It’s kind of cool that the beautiful young man turned into an attractive character actor, right? Anyway, he probably will have another kid with his wife. And maybe he’s just that kind of guy – he wanted to have a lot of kids. Sigh…

I love his coat.

Jude Law attends the Sundance Film Festival  in Utah

Jude Law attends the Sundance Film Festival  in Utah

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  1. Boodiba says:

    He’s probably one of those guys who can’t perform with a condom on.

    • Andrea says:

      There are a lot of men I have found who don’t like the way condoms feel—quite frankly nor do I. I have always been on birth control.

      • Casey says:

        condoms do more than protect from pregnancy.

      • Lady2Lazy says:

        Yup, unless you are in a monogamous relationship for at least 6 months, condoms are a must. I’m sure you don’t have to wait that long now, but that was my mantra when I was single. Plus a test provided by both parties before the condoms come off. I learned the hard way in that my ex husband provided a doctored test when in fact he had herpes and I found out when I was pregnant with our son!

  2. SJR says:

    The ego on this guy. Stop having kids, you tool. The planet has more than enough citizens.

    Is this the woman he was cheating with? Child support, Jude, that is the draw for your constant interchangeable females, who all declare they simply must have your child. Yeech.

  3. Veronica S. says:

    Yeah, I’m sure he loves having kids, particularly since he’s unlikely to be the one doing any of the serious parenting work. 9_9 Men like him are such tools.

  4. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    What. A. Mess. I hate that I still find him attractive. *sigh*

  5. Jem says:

    He is so hot. Also, enough kids!

  6. clomo says:

    He’s like a bunny in springtime. Elon too.

  7. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Meh. I don’t see the big deal. He and his wife have been together for some years now and she is of an age where she probably wants to have kids. I have no issue with how many kids someone has as long as they are taking care of them. Reproductive choice goes both ways.

  8. The Recluse says:

    Kind of like Rod Stewart? Lots of kids?

  9. waitwhat says:

    I side-eye these guys who are “happier than ever, blah blah blah” b/c my ex is one of those guys. My serial cheater, chronic liar ex, who demonstrates time and again that leopards don’t change their spots (I would love to warn all of womanhood, but then I look batty so I just try not to watch). All the best to Phillipa in dealing with his proclivities. And MeghannotMarkle, I also hate myself for still finding him unbelievably attractive!

  10. Bex says:

    No, I don’t find him attractive. Sure, he’s fit and good looking. But seriously, 5 kids with whom he obviously doesn’t actually have to deal with on a day-to-day parenting level. Wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole.

    • G says:

      Can all the lovely posters asserting that he has no interactions with his children share where they got that from?

  11. Audrey says:

    He is so hot!

  12. Ali says:

    I have three friends, all women, who got married young had children, got divorced remarried and had more children. All three have kids ranging from about 4-21 in each family. They are lovely people and all the kids are great. I think these things sound worse on paper sometimes than they actually are.

  13. emily says:

    Of course he would love more kids…he doesn’t have to birth them or take care of them! eyeroll infinite

    Ive always thought he was gross, but then again I was too young to know he existed when he was in his ‘prime’

  14. Onomo says:

    To all the people fine with this – You are fine with Mick Jagger and hugh grant and…I can’t even think of a famous woman who has done this.

    If you are honest I think you can admit that it’s hard enough managing life with one partner and any kids with them, let alone many ex-partners and the children you have together.

    Time is a limited resource. Good parenting requires a lot of time and community and stable relationships and consistency. I just…don’t see how jude Law or anyone else on set or away or working 90 hour weeks for months at a time and dating and in a new marriage can be present for 5-6 kids with lots of different partners and age ranges. The really hard part of parenting is the busy work but also bonding through thick and thin- the night time wakeups, the being there for a sick kid, modeling via showing what loving relationships look like by sticking around and caring for the community and family in ways big and small, setting boundaries, etc.

    Maybe I just have different expectations of parenting than some of y’all.

    • Sophie says:

      Spot on.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      This comment would apply if all of his children were small. They arent.

      I also find it judgmental in the extreme of people who choose to have larger families. And that includes women who choose to do so.

  15. Minorbird says:

    He is still sexy as heck to me, I just did a lil wiggle in my chair..oh and I love his acting.

  16. JoJo says:

    I don’t get why we’re calling out that he’s 47. Are we calling out the fact that he has so many kids (and with different women)? Or the fact that he’s 47? Or both? Cameron Diaz just had a baby at 47. Janet Jackson at 50. Laura Linney at 49. Gina Davis at 48. Rachel Weisz … etc. into infinity. For men, having kids at this age is a nothing-burger. It’s been going on forever.

  17. Blueskies says:

    I seem to see these 15 year age gap relationships/marriages everywhere, especially among celebrities. A lot of times the guy has older or grown children and they then have more kids with the new, younger woman. Super convenient for the man who get to chose their involvement thereafter. It’s just so common, it’s hard not to judge.

    That said, these can be perfectly amazing, healthy family dynamics where everyone gets along and does their bit, including exes and grandparents. Jude has always struck me as very involved with all his kids, if not necessarily day to day. He has a chipper, focused demeanor with a bit of a bon vivant tossed in. He probably loves all the positive stuff about it, seeing his older kids mature and come into their own and enjoying the cute little ones and having tons of energy for both. It’s all very middle-aged Englishman popping round to see his brood, lol. Hugh Grant comes across the same. Honestly though, six kids would be quite enough because come on, it looks ignorant at best. I can 100% believe he brings no protection methods into these relationships. And circling back to these 15 year gap relationships, the women are wanting their first child or more, so the phenomenon keeps repeating.

    Hopefully he’s mellowed. It’s funny to hear him talk about the possibility of another child as though he and his wife haven’t discussed it. Add me to the group that find him hot. Not just in looks but in talent and how he carries himself. And that voice. Pretty much the only occasional cad I would never turn away from. #shamefaced