Florence Pugh in Ulyana Sergeenko at the pre-BAFTA reception: ’80s nightmare?

Celebrities attend the BAFTA Nominees Party

Just note, these are just some photos from the pre-BAFTA reception at Kensington Palace on Saturday night. BAFTA hosts a cocktail party/dinner reception at KP every year, and lately (?) the reception has been sponsored by Chanel. There’s been some reorganizing of the pre-BAFTA events too – Harvey Weinstein used to throw a huge pre-BAFTA party on the Saturday before the BAFTAs too, but now that he’s persona non grata, the big party is this palace reception. And like always, BAFTA president Prince William did not attend, even though it’s literally just a short walk from his home. Oh well.

Anyway, I just wanted to talk about some fashion, mostly because Florence Pugh wore one of the most ‘80s-revival looks I’ve seen in years. Everyone says the ‘80s are making a comeback and I’ve been in severe denial about it, because I really want ‘90s minimalism and flannel to make a bigger comeback. But it’s official now, isn’t it? This dress is Ulyana Sergeenko and it is so bad!!

Celebrities attend the BAFTA Nominees Party

Saoirse Ronan wore a look from the sponsor, Chanel. This is… sad? The black hose and the shoes ruin it. The dress itself might have been cute if it was properly styled. Which reminds me that… Saoirse’s fashion tour for Little Women (promo and awards season) has been really, really bad. It wouldn’t be so notable except that her fashion was amazing for her Brooklyn and Lady Bird promotions and awards seasons. What changed?

Celebrities attend the BAFTA Nominees Party

Laura Dern also wore Chanel. Those satin pants, we have to laugh. That being said, my nemesis is basically wearing satin lounge pants, a lace pajama camisole and then she just added a blazer to make it seem like she wasn’t about to go to bed early, right?

Celebrities attend the BAFTA Nominees Party

Zazie Beetz (who is in Joker) and her boyfriend David Rysdahl. I love this, actually, and I love that Zazie is getting out there and doing awards-season parties and events. Her part in Joker is rather small, but it’s such a big (dumb) movie and I would love it if her awards-season hustle paid off with more exposure and better work. The look is just a great little black dress, perfect for the smaller-chested ladies. My rack would look terrible in this.

Celebrities attend EE British Academy Film Awards 2020 Nominees' Party in London

Taron Egerton and his girlfriend Emily Thomas. LOVE her velvet suit soooo much. He looks great too!

Celebrities arrive at the BAFTA Nominees Party

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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15 Responses to “Florence Pugh in Ulyana Sergeenko at the pre-BAFTA reception: ’80s nightmare?”

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  1. liriel says:

    It must be difficult to dress for awards season since most actress get it wrong.

  2. Snazzy says:

    I will forever hate the open toed sandal with the single strap on the front. A Very lazy shoe!

  3. Lucy says:

    The couples are my faves!!

  4. Originaltessa says:

    Florence looks like Kelly and Brenda on Prom night. Just make the dress black and add a big white bow.

  5. line says:

    Creatures must no longer really have not many imagination because who wants to relive the clothing nightmares of the 80′s. It was horrible in the 80′s it was still the case in 2020.

  6. Amy says:

    Ok, but imagine Flo’s dress with a peekaboo shoulder cutout and fitted sleeves. I feel like there’s a hot dress buried under there somewhere!

  7. josephine says:

    Laura Dern is super skinny and she looks like a huge block here. Awful, awful all around.

    Love Emily’s suit – really sleek.

  8. Yamayo says:

    Florence looks like an ice skater there.

  9. Claudia says:

    I want that velvet suit and I’d wear it everywhere. She looks great in it!

    Florence – oh dear. Her Bafta dress was even worse, a huge pink nightmare.

  10. DS9 says:

    I like florence’s dress and shoes but not together.

    I’m guessing Saoirse is just trying new things. She’ll find her groove again and likely one that’s more in line with what she likes.

  11. Veronica S. says:

    I don’t mind Florence’s dress, but it’s definitely very 80s and not what I’d expect for the BAFTAs. The shoes a tad matchy matchy. Maybe shouldn’t gone metallic?

    Saorsie’s dress would be fine without the hose. It needed a cardigan or something on top to balance out the heaviness of the bottoms – and a closed toed shoe if they really wanted the hose.

  12. T says:

    Florence and I are the same height, a tad on the shorter side, and I find these kinds of designs really overwhelm shorter statures. It throws proportions way off.

  13. Ctgirl says:

    Holy crap! That’s the same dress a friend of mine had to wear as a bridesmaid in 1994. It was terrifying then and it’s more terrifying now.

  14. Valerie says:

    omg, I don’t know what I was expecting when I saw ’80s nightmare,’ but it wasn’t that Queen of Hearts look. I kinda like it? I like Saoirse’s better, and Zazie looks great. My favourite look of hers was the dress she wore to the Lucy In The Sky premiere. Dreadful movie that she didn’t get enough time in, but she really killed it that night in Toronto, haha.

  15. Anna S says:

    Emily Thomas looks like a cross between Drew Barrymore and Katie Holmes. And I totally love her velvet suit!