Edie Falco flips between CNN and MSNBC and sews to calm down

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Edie Falco stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about her new CBS show, Tommy. Edie plays Abigail “Tommy” Thomas, who is the first female police chief of Los Angeles. She hadn’t been to The Late Show for about six years, so she and Stephen talked about how she’s been spending her downtime. Edie said that she likes to sew while watching the news (and Stephen’s show). He tried to get her to agree to sew something for him, but she declined, which was funny. Edie also talked about other jobs she’s had, including waitress and assistant at a costume shop, where she answered the phone all day long. Since she’s playing a police chief, Stephen asked Edie whether she’d had any run-ins with the police, and she mentioned that since she’s gotten a Vespa, the cops in her neighborhood have been nice to her, but that she’s going to eventually end up getting a ticket. The interview was a fun watch. Here’s more of what she told Stephen:

On what she’s been doing
I spend too much time watching CNN. I’m a little obsessed. That and MSNBC. If they go to a dog commercial I have to change to MSNBC. I’m terrified of missing whatever the latest little piece of news is.

How do you calm down?
I sew. My grandmother was a seamstress [but] I discovered sewing on my own. It’s a little psychotic but I enjoy it and it really does calm me down. I make little useless things that nobody needs or wants, but it does not take away from the joy I get by putting them together…

You make me calmer. I watch your show and I calm down.

What’s the biggest project you’ve taken on?
I’ve upholstered a number of couches. Not well. I sewed a couch I did it totally wrong. There was a lot of rubber cement involved.

On waitressing and her early jobs
I waitressed [almost] 20 years. I could handle a lot of stuff,but just don’t look at me, don’t talk to me. It was the people I hated. Food I could handle. You put people in I’m screwed. I’ve had coins thrown at me. This was in the early days when people used to be able to live in New York for not as much money.

I answered phones at a costume shop. Liza Minnelli was getting fitted in the room right next to me. [She got a call and didn’t respond.] I opened the door and Liza Minnelli was naked.

[From The Late Show via Youtube]

The Liza Minnelli story was both hilarious and horrifying. I would have probably dropped dead from embarrassment right then, though I hopefully would have tried a few more times to get Liza’s attention before resorting to opening the door of the fitting room. I’m not surprised that Edie can’t remember what happened, and that she didn’t tell Liza when they met, but I have a feeling that Liza is going to find out soon.

I am a constant nervous wreck right now, both because of the news and life generally. I don’t have cable, but having a Facebook account means that I don’t miss much. I have tried knitting, but couldn’t get the hang of it, and I have so many friends who knit, sew, or crochet and find it relaxing. I tried painting for a bit while I was writing my dissertation (abstract images, nothing interesting or fancy), but was reminded last week that maybe I should take it up again to see whether it helps my anxiety. Edie’s comments about sewing makes it seem like a good idea.

Here’s her interview!

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  1. Esmom says:

    I really want to take up painting, too! The rest of my family is insanely talented with knitting crocheting and knitting but I missed out on that gene, big time. I love when people can just calmly knit while talking or watching TV or hanging out. I have to concentrate so much and still make so many mistakes that it’s in no way a stress reliever.

    I also am addicted to the news (not on TV but online) and always feel like I’m missing something potentially big if I tune out for a few hours. This era is really something and I look forward to the day we have some normalcy restored in DC.

  2. StellainNH says:

    I bring my crochet every where—in the car, at town meetings. I find that if I don’t have my crocheting with me I feel stress.. I had tried sewing, but I started calling my sewing machine a swearing machine, too stressful for me.

    I love Edie. I’m glad she’s back on television.

  3. Boodiba says:

    I love Edie in everything she’s in, though I probably won’t watch any of the present thing bc cop shows of any kind are not my thing.

  4. Nancypants says:

    I think I first found her on The Sopranos and at first I thought, “She doesn’t know what her husband and family does.” but then BOOM!
    She knew all about it and knew where the money, guns, jewelry and probably some of the bodies were hidden and she used it as a threat later on in the show.

    I liked Nurse Jackie. I binge watched that one.
    I don’t usually care for police shows but I’ll give it a shot since she’s in it.

    I used to do embroidery. I monogrammed dish towels and embroidered dish towels and quilt squares and stuff. I don’t really care for it anymore.

    When stressed, I go to work or scrub something.

  5. Valerie says:

    Love Edie, but I wouldn’t watch any type of news to calm my nerves! lol.

  6. Charfromdarock says:

    I’ve had to majorly step back from the news, I still follow CBC news alerts and some local journalists on Twitter so I’m not completely ignorant.

    I’ve deleted my FB app too. I still have an account and check it every other day.