Us: Scientology is in crisis, membership is dwindling, they’re being exposed

Us Magazine is featuring this latest lawsuit against Scientology on their cover, even though the recent developments are not good for the brave soul suing the cult. Former Scientologist Valerie Haney is suing the CoS after narrowly escaping in 2016. She claims she was forced to work 100 hours a week and kept in solitary confinement. We’ve heard so many stories like this about Scientology and they’ve been exposed as committing horrific human rights abuses. Unfortunately Haney’s case has been sent to arbitration, with a panel to be chosen by Scientology, meaning that she’s going to be harassed further rather than get justice. The good news is that US decided to put this on their cover, with quotes from cult expert Tony Ortega, who says that Scientology is on the decline.

“They take these lawsuits very seriously,” Scientology critic and Underground Bunker blogger Tony Ortega explains in the new issue of Us Weekly, noting that its leader, David Miscavige, “loves a good fight. He’s going to put his best attorneys and an amazing amount of money on it.”

On January 30, a judge granted the church’s motion to take [former Scientologist Valerie] Haney’s case to arbitration. (She is accusing the institution and Miscavige of kidnapping, stalking, human trafficking, false imprisonment, libel, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress.)

Lawyers for the church, however, say Haney signed documents while still a member — and shortly before she officially left in 2017 — agreeing to resolve disputes internally with the church. (The church has also repeatedly and vehemently denied Haney’s claims, slamming her lawsuit as baseless.)

And now that Haney’s case will not be heard in a court of law, she will have to face the members of the church’s internal court system called “A Committee of Evidence.” “The decision is made before anyone walks through the door,” explains Ortega. “Everyone knows it’s a joke. It’s not real justice.”

Don’t expect celebrity followers to turn their back on the institution either. It’s unlikely Cruise or other high-profile members will distance themselves from the controversial organization anytime soon, says a source.

So if Haney is going to want to come out triumphant, she and her legal team are going to have to put up a fight. “I think sometimes attorneys go into this thinking, ‘Oh I can handle these guys,’” adds Ortega. “But they really don’t know that Scientology fights everything like it’s World War III.”

[From US Magazine]

In the video on US’s site they add the quote from Ortega that’s in the title of this story. He said “the church is in crisis, membership is dwindling and its practices are being exposed in ways we’ve never seen.” Thanks to brave former members like Haney and Leah Remini’s show, it’s well known among young people especially that Scientology is a dangerous cult. That said, Leah Remini shouldn’t be on the cover with the other cult members like she’s complicit in this, she’s been fighting Scientology for years! Scientology is not going to get young people to join but they still have powerful celebrities who won’t speak out and they’re going to continue to harass defectors. As Ortega said the word is out though, Scientology is on the wane.

Sidenote: I like how US is just taking ads on the cover now. No shame in that.

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  1. doofus says:

    Good, because F*CK THEM.

    and that pic of Cruise in the tux is the FIRST EVER pic I’ve seen where you can tell he’s had “upkeep” done.

    • Keekee says:

      Where the heck is Tom Cruise…he has the ability to disappear for years.

      • Sarah says:

        He has plenty of “compounds” staffed with cult captives providing “free labour” for him 24/7.

      • Snappyfish says:

        The less I see of Cruise the better. I can’t watch his movies as he no longer is capable to be a character (actually that happened years ago) I noticed it in Valkyrie. The actors were all their character & then for some reason Tom Cruise was in costume milling about with them.

        As for the Cult of Scientology. Good riddance.

      • H says:

        Cruise is more than likely living in Clearwater. He bought the penthouse of a building near the Fort Harrison Hotel, aka Scientology central. Apparently, he bought other apartments in the building for family members (sister, mom, son). Locals in Clearwater hate the Scientologists, but the Church has bought up so many buildings downtown (it’s an empty ghost town except for the Starbucks) and infiltrated the city council, police, etc. There’s nothing normal folks can do. I hate Cruise and his ilk. I will be glad when the ‘Church’ falls apart and Miscaivage is dead. They’ve destroyed enough lives.

    • Second your feelings Doofus. The only place this latest victim can win is in the court of public opinion because their arbitration team is going to do everything they can to destroy her and they have the money and determination to do it. Hope she has good friends and powerful mental health support. I’d like to believe they are on the decline, but I think that is wishful thinking: They are too rich, too entrenched, and know how to play a truly nasty game.

      And — PS — I still want to know what happened to Miscavige’s wife!

      • pottymouth pup says:

        I’m wondering what CO$ has over the judge that she ruled to validate a contract Haney, for all intents & purposes, signed under duress (she was in a cult that controlled all aspects of her life so she didn’t not truly have free will to refuse to sign away her rights)

    • emily says:

      Scio is so sick & I especially am FURIOUS Danny Masterson’s rapes haven’t got attention from the media. One thing that would make even more of the public sickened by Scientology?


      I bet if they mentioned those things in the mainstream media, it would get tons of prime time traction.

      These people are evil incarnate. The IRS is full of COWARDS for letting this cult intimidate them into NOT auditing them, or even getting away w/being a ‘nonprofit’ bc ‘church’


      The real estate scio has just hides their billions in revenue. Reminds me of the catholic churches & the vatican vatican that have SO MUCH MONEY. so much secret. Loaded w/THOUSANDS of protected ped0philes. Churches should Not be tax exempt. Also, hey over there, Elisabeth Moss! How is your scio membership going? Cuz NO ONE has called that hypocrite out & she’s by far the most successful – career wise – scio out there in the industry right now. Everybody else is deservedly a hasbeen.

      Rant over, sorry 😐

      • doofus says:

        I agree on the mainstream media doing an expose. I will not allow any Cruise vehicle on my TV screen. for so long the BF didn’t understand why I was SO adamant about it. Then I had him read the interview/article in The New Yorker with Paul Haggis called The Apostate, and he finally started to get it. but most folks don’t read the New Yorker mag. it needs to be on a network news show and it needs to be a several-parter, so they can cover all of the evil. Remini’s show was a good start, but it needs more.

        I also fully agree on churches being tax exempt…I will NEVER understand why they are, esp ones that have billions in revenue from “donations”. I mean, the former Pope wore CUSTOM MADE PRADA shoes. WTF? how many poor and starving kids would that have helped? what happened to a vow of poverty? oh, that’s only for the nuns who work in third world countries. the male members of the clergy are treated like royalty. yet another reason I left the church, the strict hierarchy where women can only be servants/minions, but not leaders.

        as for Moss…not sure why she gets a pass from so many who otherwise have nothing good to say about $ci. Like, they RAIL about how evil is it, but with Moss, they look the other way because Mad Men and The Handmaid’s Tale are so good? Mad Men, fine…she wasn’t really “the LEAD” so, whatever…but The Handmaid’s Tale?…pfft. just read the book if you want to know the story.

  2. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    It’s not enough. On the decline? That’s all we have? Pfft.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Right. And how in the heck is it possible that they can commit any crime at all yet the only resolution is mediation by them? It makes no sense.

  3. trout predator says:

    i feel dumb but who are those people in the bottom photos? I recognize Walmart ScarJo and Tom but who are the other 3 women?

    • doofus says:

      Nancy Cartwright, Laura Prepon, Jenna Elfman, and Erika Christiansen (sp?).

      (Wasn’t sure who you were referring to as “walmart scarjo”, which, BTW, is brilliant.)

      • trout predator says:

        Thank you! I meant Laura Prepon – less so now that she’s a brunette but in her That 70’s Show/straight to video Karla Homolka movie days especially!

    • Celebitchy says:

      Walmart Scarjo!! Who is that? Doofus got the names right, I tried to pick Scientologists who have defended them. Christensen was born into it but she’s defended them.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Maybe Jenna Elfman is Walmart Scarjo?

      • trout predator says:

        I meant Laura Prepon! They look and sound so alike to me!

      • holly hobby says:

        Jenna Elfman has crazy eyes in that photo. I cannot watch anything she’s in after I learned she was a $ci

      • Godwina says:

        Ugh, I agree about Elfman, who I like to avoid (see also: effin Cruise) but I have to admit she’s been amazing in the latest seasons of Fear the Walking Dead. I wanted to hate her character but I can’t. John and June 4evar!

    • Sarah says:

      And not pictured, but never forget that Elisabeth Moss is a part of this cult too. Born into it, but benefits nonetheless.

      • Golly Gee says:

        and rapist Danny Masterson, who is being vigorously defended by”The church” against four five women who have accused him.

  4. Keekee says:

    I love the underground bunker it is riveting and so disturbing what these people get away with.

    • Godwina says:

      Agree. Seems some big guns at the top of law enforcement are being paid off, because doesn’t seem real they can move an inch under all these allegations.

  5. Valiantly Varnished says:

    It’s disgusting how many celebrities are still a part of this cult

  6. Stef says:

    This article makes me happy! Scientology was created by a science fiction writer and has always been a dangerous cult, just like NXIVM and others.

    I put Scientology in the same category, although a less extreme version, of Mormonism. Like so many other modern “religions” that have sketchy “founders” who’ve basically just written their own “bible” and created a system of control for financial and personal benefit and prey on the vulnerable. They have incredible power, don’t pay taxes, collect tithes, and are one of the wealthiest organisations in the world.

    Tom Cruise is the worst and I applaud Katy and Nicole for escaping. So glad to hear this BS cult is declining and so many people are aware of the damage and manipulation its members face.

  7. Mumbles says:

    I cannot wait for the book on how this scam imploded. And kudos for everyone who worked to do it. I admire Leah Remini, and all the folks who’ve appeared on her great show. And I remember seeing Mike Farrell from MASH back in the day sounding the alarm about it even before it was a blip on people’s screens (and getting harassed for it). And Ortega has been working on it for years.

    I wonder if what the “Church” thought was a great idea – putting Tom Cruise in the forefront, that bonkers video they released with him talking like a crazy man – was the beginning of the end, because it made people realize how insane it all looked. And it was Cruise firing Pat Kinglsey that was the impetus. For years Kinglsey protected Cruise from himself and when he fired her and put his sister (also in the cult) in charge of his PR, the floodgate of crazy opened.

    • holly hobby says:

      Pat Kingsley was a miracle worker. She managed to tamp down on the crazy for years. Tommy is his own worse enemy.

  8. SJR says:

    CoS is losing members? In decline? Well, GOOD!
    Pull their tax exempt status as a church, shut them down, toss David Miscave in jail where he belongs, ASAP!

    Honestly..WTF can they possible have on Tom Cruise that keeps him in?
    He has huge personal wealth, how much more $$ does he think he needs?
    If Cruise would break away publicly, denounce these frauds, I think that would be the biggest news story of the year!

    Rotten, vile cult ruining peoples lives!

    • doofus says:

      I wish he would. he’s a good actor, and I enjoyed watching his movies until I found out how horrible $cientology is…now I won’t watch ANY of his films. even stuff like Risky Business.

      if he broke free, he’d have a HUGE “re-birth” and surge of new/former fans.

    • Golly Gee says:

      He is treated like a god. He has as many Scientology slaves is he wants to do his bidding. And they’re not allowed to talk to him or look at him. Leah Remini thinks this is one of the major reasons he will never leave.

      • holly hobby says:

        Yep I don’t think he’s afraid like Travolta. I think he actually gets off on the power.

  9. JC says:

    They just opened a new center in my parents town ( Dublin OH). I can’t figure out who their target audience is? Lots of money there but I’m not seeing a lot of people who would be attracted to that.

    • Josephine says:

      they seem to target people who think homosexuality is some sort of problem/disease/weakness, so conservative areas. they also seem lilly white as a group. i think mostly they target areas where people have money but still feel slighted and unhappy. and that describes a crap ton of places, not just your parents’ town.

      • JC says:

        Dublin is a very established community and very diverse. I don’t see the vulnerable target community there at all.

    • Silver Charm says:

      I’m thinking OSU students?

  10. Silver Charm says:

    Hillsong is scooping up the young recruits.

    • sassbr says:

      A girl I went to high school with in NJ somehow got into joining Hillsong and is doing missionary work. She is truly an anti-choice nut job.

    • HK9 says:

      Hillsong has one of the best worship teams in the business. (And yes I say business because that’s just what it is) It creates that atmosphere that keep those young recruits, and unfortunately, they are indeed nut jobs.

  11. lucy2 says:

    I’m glad they’re finally seeing dwindling numbers, though I can’t imagine how they can recruit anyone these days, with so much dirt about them exposed now. All of the hard and dangerous work by the people fighting it is paying off.

  12. Layla Beans says:

    The eyebrows on Laura Prepon and Jenna Elfman – wow.

  13. Deanne says:

    This is such a human rights violation. Is this judge being bribed?. She’s being forced to go and be judged by a panel of Scientologists, who view her as literally being evil for speaking out against Scientology. She doesn’t belong to the religion any more. I think it was Mike Rinder who said that this is like a Catholic who has accused a priest and the church of abuse, being ordered to undergo an exorcism. It would never happen. I know that the LAPD and District Attorney Jackie Lacey are completely useless when it comes to Scientology, but this judge too? Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker is a treasure trove of info on this disgusting cult. His book The Unbreakable Miss Lovely gave me nightmares. Scientology celebrities need to be called out during interviews, but they never are. They are allowed to lie and claim that Scientology has millions of members, has no problem with LBGTQ people (blatant lie) and that they have the only successful drug treatment program in the world. They are complicit in the abuse and I don’t give a rat’s ass if they were born into it or not. They all need to be held accountable. Oh yes and where’s Shelley MIscavige???

    • Golly Gee says:

      Scientology contributes lots of money to the LAPD and they hold some sort of annual picnic for them as well for networking and getting cozy.

    • megs283 says:

      Yes, I don’t understand how this works. It sounds like she (accidentally?) signed her rights away. Can we even do that? Scary.

      • Algernon says:

        You can’t sign your human rights away, that’s what “inalienable” means in the Bill of Rights. However, signing a document like that could be used to show that you made an informed decision in sound mind, that you knew what you were doing and *wanted* to do it. It’s an insidious way of trying to indemnify yourself from future accusations of abuse.

  14. Cosmo says:

    I hope they get shut down. Why do so many people want to be part of this cult. All they do is take your money and dictate your life.

    • Algernon says:

      In one of the CO$ documentaries, Paul Haggis said he and his wife joined because they were getting sober and the program CO$ runs is apparently really effective for people struggling with addiction. It was only after they’d been in a while that they heard about the aliens. Pre-internet, the public face of CO$ was self-help and twelve-step programs.

      • lucy2 says:

        Someone I knew back in school apparently got involved a while back for the same reasons. I don’t think they’re in too deep, but they posted something about it last year or so, and everyone was quick to caution them against it, so at least the general public’s feeling is that it’s no good.

  15. Nancypants says:

    Good. I hope the door hits them in the ass on the way out.
    Can you imagine? Cruise hasn’t seen Suri in like 8 years because her mom took her and escaped.

    Do you ever watch Investigation Discovery? They are exposing Jehovah’s Witnesses for child molesting and cult sh$t.

    Honestly, when I saw J. and Bey sitting during the Ntl Anthem and all, I thought they might have joined not that I really care..
    JWs don’t stand for the Ntl Anthem, don’t believe in the Flag or military service or any of that but, apparently, are into molesting children not as though they are the only religion that does.

    Do you remember Cruise’s interview with Katie Couric? She tried to get him to talk about Scientology and said something like, “You have to admit it’s pretty weird.” and he got all red and butt-hurt.

    • doofus says:

      the child molestation happens, unfortunately, in just about EVERY major religion.

      it’s because clergy are “respectable” members of society, and are basically given a free pass to “counsel” or “tutor” or “guide” children with no parental supervision. pedos are DRAWN to positions like that (teaching, scout leader, etc) because it’s a (kinda-sorta) protected position and parents tend to trust people in those roles.

      ETA: let me be clear – not EVERY person drawn to those jobs is a pedo…I know that the majority of those people are good people and actually DO want to help kids and provide themselves as a role model, esp for kids who don’t have that in their lives. but it also draws the pedos because it’s easy access to kids in a trusted role.

      • Golly Gee says:

        I was thinking the same thing. Singling out Jehovah’s Witnesses is misleading. Every religion has its skeletons which include molesters.

      • Nancypants says:

        I stated that. “…not as though they are the only religion that does.”

        I didn’t single them out at all but Investigation Discovery is.

      • pineapple says:

        I am a Scout Leader. We are not allowed to be alone with children. We have to have two adult human Scouters together at all times. There is a huge awareness of this issue now. My husband has coached hockey and the same “two deep” rule applies. These organizations have huge insurance policies against pedophilia now. It is not tolerated.

        Anyone trying to “council” children alone???? Do not let them.

      • doofus says:

        Pineapple, that’s good to hear.

      • Rose says:

        Slightly off topic. Mr Rose and I need new windows and doors. We were doing research on a fairly well known company and they will not do in home consultations unless two adults meet with the contractor. It’s their policy and do not make exceptions. I instantly thought something happened or allegedly happened.

      • Bunny says:

        Same, Pineapple. I’m a scout leader. We took the Boy Scouts’ “Two Deep Leadership” training that emphasizes that there can never be fewer than two leaders with a child at any time.

        Valuable training for anyone working with children.

  16. sassbr says:

    How do they even stay afloat? All the celebrities are leaving and pretending they were never in it (like Beck.) Their only big moneymakers are Tom Cruise and Elisabeth Moss and I guess Bart Simpson. The rest are Kirstie Alley, Dharma from Dharma & Greg, Michael Pena, Rapist Masterson, Donna Pinciotti, the not famous Elfman brother, Anne Archer, and maybe Juliette Lewis? And then a bunch of even lesser knowns.

    • K-Peace says:

      And don’t forget John Travolta.

    • adastraperaspera says:

      I believe they have over a billion dollars in real estate investments. That’s what I think all the locations they open in tons of cities across the country are for–just a type of laundering money into real estate and calling the buildings “churches.”

    • Deanne says:

      They have “whales’ who donate millions and millions to the church every year. Even the average joe parishioner will pay a minimum of 250,000 dollars to get up the bridge. Other than a few, the vast majority of the celebrities who are Scientologists are c or d list at best. Everything in Scientology is about bleeding money from parishioners. If someone accuses you of doing something “out ethics” , you could be on the hook for 40,000 dollars of auditing in order to avoid being declared an SP and losing all of your friends and family. David Miscavige keeps repackaging every book, lecture etc and every Scientologist is expected to buy the supposedly new versions for thousands of dollars. Even people who reached OT8 had to pay to do it again. The Sea Org members are slaves and staff are paid next to nothing so salaries aren’t an expense. It’s a money making scam that a bunch of cowards gave tax exemption to and apparently the FBI are just going to sit on their hands and let the abuse continue.

  17. Ann says:

    Michelle Stafford and Sharron Case from the Young and the Restless soap are reported to be in to cult as well.

    • H says:

      Yes, I love Stafford as an actress but cannot support her any longer. She’s OT8 apparently. She did the Free Winds thing a couple of years ago. She’s in deep. All her friends are Scientologists if you check out her Instagram. She’s just low key about her membership.

      As for Sharon, she’s way further down the Bridge, maybe OT3 and hasn’t moved up in years. Maybe she wants out but is afraid of what they’ll release about her. She probably pays fees to keep them off her back.

  18. adastraperaspera says:

    Good!! I would love nothing more than seeing them shut down. Their cruise ship “Freewinds” is where they enslave many people. Tom Cruise had one of his huge birthday bashes onboard. He totally knows what is going on. They treat him like a god.

    I have a friend who grew up with and knew Nancy Cartwright very well, until Scientology took her off the rails in the 90s. Nancy was sucked in by mentors when she was trying to break into showbiz in LA. Typical way that Scientology still tries to lure new people in–through their “Celebrity Centers.”

  19. Ramona Q. says:

    F—k that terrible, destructive Super Bowl Body Secrets article. Go away and leave us alone for the love of god, wasn’t just watching them exhausting enough, Jesus!!!

    I don’t see post-super bowl articles for men about how to get the body of a pro football player. They can watch and not feel the need to emulate. Exhausting.

  20. tica says:

    Scientology has recently started advertising on Directv in our area, Central Florida ,and has their very own Scientology channel here. I hope they are on the decline and that is the reason they are now doing commercials. I mainly watch Netflix and I refuse the watch The Ranch with Danny M. because he is a scientologist. I used to love him in the 70’s show before i knew he was a member

  21. boobra says:

    i was about 15 when i stumbled across the Dianetics series at my local library. read the first few pages and decided that Mills and Boons novellas were far more believable. i make it my duty to actively hide the scientology crap behind other stacks on random shelves. i know it’s petty and definitely annoying to the librarian who must reshelve the books correctly..but it gives me so much joy knowing that I’m screwing Cruise and his followers from duping more lost souls