Lili Reinhart in Marc Jacobs at the VF Oscar Party: lovely or frumpy?

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Lili Reinhart showed up at the Vanity Fair party in this bubble sleeve, watercolor Marc Jacobs. Am I nuts for loving this? If you showed me this on a hanger, I’d dismiss it outright. But on Lili it was so fun and fresh. I love the way the flower incorporates into the neckline and how soft the netting makes the skirt. I don’t even mind that her makeup palette matched her dress. The low pony was fine but the straight hair around the face was a little severe for such a romantic look. I love her earrings though.

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Lili’s Riverdale co-star Camila Mendes wore this very detailed Moschino. I generally like trompe-l’œil printing on gowns, but this is too busy with the striped skirt and patterned arms. I think I might have actually liked this if the top was solid back, even with the gigot sleeves because I like how the skirt gives the illusion of palazzos. Everything together looks too costumey. With her hair styled as such, she looked like she’s about to dance in The Nutcracker. But jay-sus, kudos to her tailor, that gown fit her perfectly.

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Katharine McPhee wore a simple lilac Christian Siriano column dress with a cut out on one side. I’m not a big fan of this kind of side detail, but the silhouette from the front is so good, I think I can overlook the shark bite side. Her throwback hairstyle is perfect for the dress and I like that her jewelry is minimal to emphasize the little sleeve detail. I hate the chain detailing on the cut out but the finishing is why I dislike them so much, it makes the dress look like a craft project. Otherwise, she looks amazing.


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  1. Lucy says:

    Call me crazy too but I absolutely love both Lily’s and Camila’s. Are they two different type of bonkers? Yes. But the color combinations, the structure of both gowns and the girls’s faces somehow work altogether to perfection. You’d think that two starlets would incline for something short, sweet and sparkly (nothing wrong with that, not at all). And yet here you have these young women breaking that mold.

    • Jillian says:

      Agreed! Both of those gowns are stellar, they’re killing it

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      I love them both too and I don’t think they’re bonkers. Just really bold with a strong POV. Which I love.

    • Normades says:

      I love both these daring dresses and both of these actresses. They take the most ridiculous dialogue in Riverdale and still make it work (kinda like the dresses). I hope they both have great careers.

  2. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    OMG, I’m in love with the top two. Wholly different but artistically stunning, in. Love.

  3. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Both Lily and Camila look AMAZING. I love that they both went bold but with completely different looks. Lily’s dress is so spring and pretty. And Camila’s is bright and edgy. I would wear Camila’s dress in a heartbeat.

  4. tealily says:

    Ugh, she’s just so very pretty. I’m not sure everyone could have pulled that one off.

    I think Katharine McPhee’s gown looks to plain from the front.

  5. TheOriginalMia says:

    I love Lili’s. Agree with you about Camila’s. A solid color would have been perfect, but can I say it fits her dark coloring. Well done, Riverdale girls! Katherine’s is okay. The chain mail was a bad decision, but otherwise, a safe dress.

  6. Grant says:

    Yikes. Kat looks nice. The other two dresses are hideous.

  7. Sass says:

    Ugh the poufy sleeves are on trend I see. No thank you.

    McPhee is the only one in this set I kind of like.

  8. Bookworm1858 says:

    Lili looks so much like Judy Greer to me in these photos – it’s insane!

  9. Emma Axelsson says:

    I love Lili’s look. Does it seem more suitable for a dreamy editorial spread in some artsy fashion magazine? Sure! But it’s beautiful and whimsical, and above all fun! I feel this year, particularly on the Oscars red carpet itself, most looks were pretty…boring, for lack of anything more imaginative.