Jeff Bezos dropped $165 million for an LA estate, a love shack for Lauren Sanchez

Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos watch the Wimbledon Men's Singles Final on Centre Court. London, United Kingdom - Sunday July 14th, 2019.

A few weeks ago, Page Six had an interesting piece of gossip about Jeff Bezos. Despite the drama with Lauren Sanchez’s family – her brother is currently suing Bezos – Lauren and Jeff are still very much together and very much in love. The Page Six item was about how Jeff and Lauren were house-hunting for a love nest in Los Angeles, and how “price was no object” for their shack of love. Bezos and Sanchez were quietly touring homes in Beverly Hills and Bel Air, and all of the homes had $100 million-plus price tags. Well, good news, I guess? They found a love shack. A $165 million love shack.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has reportedly just bought the most expensive property in Los Angeles from David Geffen, another unimaginably wealthy man, for $165 million. (It’s the Warner Estate, which spreads out over nine acres in Beverly Hills.) That’s a wild amount of money for anything — I mean, aside from a 747? — but especially for a place you might presumably live in. (Bezos spent around $80 million on a few New York apartments earlier this year, so it’s not clear where his five-foot, seven-inch frame will primarily reside.) For context, $165 million is an eighth of a percent of Bezos’ $131.9 billion net worth.

The Warner Estate was designed in the 1930s for Jack Warner, who was the former president of Warner Bros.; it took a decade to construct, and has terraces, guest houses, a tennis court, and a golf course. That’s a lot of house. Dang!

It is literally impossible to imagine just how rich the wealthiest people on the planet are. The difference between their bank accounts and yours — yes, you, the person reading this — is that they can spend the monthly interest on their holdings and buy things like airplanes and islands. It is probably important to note here that Amazon paid zero dollars in federal income tax on $11 billion in before-tax profit in 2018; this year, it will pay out $162 million on $13.3 billion in profit — a whopping 1.2 percent effective tax rate.

[From The Verge]

Yeah… I’m with the Verge on the whole “EAT THE RICH” vibe and as I get older, I hate rich people more and more. That being said, just from a realistic “how do you live” perspective, I don’t understand spending that kind of money on that big of a house. You’re not living in a house, really, you’re living in a giant shopping mall and you know what? Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos would probably be a lot happier if they had just gotten a smaller little love shack.

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56 Responses to “Jeff Bezos dropped $165 million for an LA estate, a love shack for Lauren Sanchez”

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  1. Flamingo says:

    There’s no fool like an old fool. He’s not really that old, but it feels fitting.

    • Eliza_ says:

      Yes ma’am. She saw a sucker. Learned all his mid-life crisis hobbies (flying for example) because she just happened to be so cool, probably doing the cliche ‘your wife doesnt understand you like i do,” then had her brother leak the affair to push a divorce. Now it’s the “us against the world” narrative. I am still surprised there’s no ring yet. But maybe he’s learned by almost slipping into 2nd place for wealth after his divorce?

      • bros says:

        Also, he is apparently a very lazy non hunter type. both she and his ex wife were right under his nose, one he met at work and one was a neighbor. this is not a guy who likes to travel for his food.

        he could have done SO much better than the mediocre neighbor with the demonface.

      • Jumpingthesnark says:

        Mackenzie Bezos sips her tea, smiles to herself…..

    • Patrizio says:

      The ex-wife I thought is such a natural beauty- nothing like this rictus grin woman.

    • Dani says:

      I swear. Every time I see an article about these two I wonder how dumb this guy actually is (super dumb, it seems).

  2. Snowslow says:

    Ugh, sick of rich people too (I have to work with some of them, all worried about taxes that have no influence whatsoever on their lifestyle but I digress).
    Also agree on the huge house thing. At some point it’s no longer human, no longer to have friends over, no longer to wrap presents, no longer to play bowling or use a gym in privacy. It’s about having too much money and then give it over to some designer to play with and then show off the house a third of which you don’t live in to an architecture magazine.

  3. Jessica says:

    Ugh. He really is THAT DUMB. meanwhile she’s the cat that got its cream.

  4. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    To be that rich, spending that kind of money on yourself is so telling. Whenever I’ve had any decent amount of money (just a lot more than my usual measly pot to piss in), I spend it on everyone! Let’s go out! Let’s all go eat! Let’s go shopping (but Mabs, I really can’t afford it–frak that, I’m buying)! Let’s, let’s, let’s….. Lol. One of my most favorite things to do is treating. And if I had Bezos money? All my friends would have Bezos money. This is probably why I’m poor. 😋

    • Eliza_ says:

      He’s spending it on his boo, tho. Lol.

      Seriously though he’s criminally short on charity. The non-profit in his name was never given “personal” contributions from Bezos. He’s given 2 billion to make low income schools (a plan which hasn’t previously worked out as a plan for betterment, so hopefully his is more innovative), but he only recently gave it because he kept getting crapped on for not doing more, again this is 1% of his current worth (this was pre-divorce so less then) and a 1 time donation. So it sounds huge, but for him it was nothing. He’s also one of the few billionaires in the US to not sign a life pledge for charity. He thinks it’s going with him apparently.

      • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

        You know those homes in New Orleans, Brad Pitt’s homes lol? How fast could they be fixed, remedied and wholly finished with this kind of available funding? I’d swoop in and git her done.

  5. Brittney says:

    Two cheaters gloating. Him and his thirsty gold digger cat women. Disgusting .

  6. MaryContrary says:

    She really needs to lay off the fillers and plastic surgery-she’s heading straight into Jocelyn Wildstein territory . . .

  7. ItReallyIsYou,NotMe says:

    Is it possible that this is a tax shelter thing?

  8. Mamasan says:

    I’m sorry. She looks like the Joker. I’m so going to Hell.😩

    • Sally says:

      I will be right there with you because I think the same.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Save me a seat on the flight to hell, that smile is exactly the same as the joker and she needs no make up to achieve it! This is nice light gossip. His ex wife is presumably keeping the kids away from most of this mess so it is just one old fool and one woman presumably gloating but so frozen by her overuse of vanity tools that she is like a caricature of the joker. I am all for a little medical help to keep things fresh but does she look in the mirror and see what we see? Dial it back a bit! Man alive they are perfect for each other and for gossip.

    • KellyRyan says:

      Make room :) First thought, what has she done to her face.

    • The Recluse says:

      She scares me.

  9. Lori says:

    She could write ” goldigger for dummies”! I mean she was on it w texts pics of bezos that she gave to her brother. That sped up the marriage break ups real fast! Bezos looks like a fool and she has no reason not to keep smiling…

  10. MoreSalt says:

    Her face makes me uncomfortable. I’m so happy I don’t live in a place where I feel pressured to eff with my face as I age.

    • Westerner says:

      Since I don’t knowingly know anyone in the nip, tuck, and filler world I’ll ask here. If you get tired of your inflated lips and cheeks, can you do anything about it? And if you can, do you then just look like a regular aging person?

      I’m 70 and look every year of it, but at least I recognize myself in the mirror and I don’t scare my grandkids.

      • bub244 says:

        I have no personal experience but my understanding is that fillers will dissolve with time if you don’t top them up, so they are fairly ‘reversible’. Any surgery though will have to be physically reversed by other surgery.

      • Berlin George says:

        Most fillers can be somewhat dissolved with a substance called Hyaluronidase, but only for hyaluronic acid-based fillers like Restylane. However, it is not foolproof and at times not all of the filler will dissolve equally. Sometimes you end up looking worse. And yes, they do dissolve on their own w/time but IMO this chick just keeps getting more and more filler pumped in before anything can wear off. #Subhuman

      • My Dogs Asleep at My Feet says:

        A good follow up question is when the fillers stretch out your skin does your skin snap back or are you left with sagging, floppy lips?

  11. Eliza_ says:

    If Amazon paid the regular tax, you can bet your butt that money wouldn’t have come out of Bezos’ pay check but the already barely paid workers salary

  12. Allergy says:

    Pay some taxes Bezos.

  13. Agnes says:

    Eat the rich indeed.

  14. Layla Beans says:

    Good lord is he dumb. Like, we can all see what she is! Even his security dude saw it and yet here we are. Godspeed Jeff, you dumb ass.

  15. Chimney says:

    He looks like he’s gotten some work done, yes? Soon they’ll be a matched pair!

  16. Busyann says:

    I dont think Lauren would have been happy in a smaller love shack. She seems thirsty.

  17. Mee says:

    Stop shopping on Amazon guys. If you’re buying everything on there and it’s your first stop when you need something, then you’re contributing to his pocket. I’ll search high and low and hit brick/mortar shops before I shop on Amazon.
    I’ve also cut back on NFL watching, they also don’t pay Federal taxes.

    • McMe says:

      I have never ordered a single item from Amazon and never will as long as that choice is still an option. I sadly had to give up WholeFoods too but it’s not as good anymore anyway.

    • Pineapple says:

      Yah, I won’t use Amazon either. They have built a GIGANTIC storage facility near my home.

      Once that guy can hire cheap robots, turn off the light, heat and save all of the utilities money … those jobs he provides will be gone.

      Pay tax Bezos … someone needs to start a shirt company. XO

  18. Alberto Delano Cox says:

    You know, you’d expect the Wealthiest Man in The World to be familiar with the sunken cost fallacy, and how it applies not just to business. Like, dude, you are the Wealthiest Man in The World, you’re in great shape, you are… ok-looking, YOU LITERALLY HAVE A STUDIO, and you still stick with what they made with Carrot Top’s socialite sister just to prove the point that it was worth it to wreck your marriage?
    Or maybe it’s just karma for all the labour violations and tax-dodging.

  19. PineNut says:

    she looks like the Joker without makeup.

  20. The Recluse says:

    A fool and his money…and he has a lot of it to lose apparently. Boy, is he doubling down on the mid life crisis behavior. I feel for his kids watching this, dealing with him and his dubious girlfriend.

  21. Starkille says:

    At what point does wealth acquisition become a sort of hoarding behaviour? Whatever the point, Beelzebub here is long past it.

  22. Mrs. Peel says:

    He’s buying the expensive, huge house to compensate for his wee stature and tiny willy.

  23. Zantasia says:

    She wants to be on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, perhaps? Lol

  24. olliesmom says:

    The things we do for love. A fool and his money……. Oh, I could go on but I won’t. His ex-wife is laughing right now. Idiot.

  25. Texas says:

    I can’t with this BS. Treat your employees better. Pay your taxes. It is outrageous to spend that much money on a house when you aren’t paying your share. The rich. Gag.

    • Cali says:

      I used to be so “whatever, it’s their money” but my god, at what point are they satisfied? It’s gross. I could not sleep at night knowing I had a bajillion dollars that could change the lives of SO many people/families and yet did nothing about it. Blech.

  26. Over It says:

    Could’ve fixed the water in Flint with that sort of money. But you do you.

  27. mahru says:

    some people are trash, no matter how much wealth they might accumulate

  28. olala says:

    They are so vulgar. Yes after thinking what word will describe him, her, their behaviour and use of money the only one came to my mind: VULGAR

  29. Christina says:

    That’s how I feel, Becklu. He and all the others like him. They say that we can’t tax these big corporations because they will leave to a d take their business where it is easier to exploit people. I say let them go offshore so that we can have California and a Washington and New York back. But a lot of Americans think that Trump, Bezos, Zuckerburg and company are too important and will raise their standard of living, so they are lauded and protected by our government. We are for capital (money), not people.

  30. Aang says:

    It’s not really his money if it’s been stolen from society in unpaid taxes, or from the workers in unpaid labor. People that rich don’t work for “their” money. Other people work and they collect the profit of under paid, exploited labor.

  31. Eliza_ says:

    Not really criminal but why is it allowed to have new Rockefellers, who was a son of a b, which just leads to economic depressions. Yes the market is good for the top 0.0001% who can highly profit from it but the majority of the country are in debt. It’s disgusting these global commerce enterprises let 5 people make obscene wealth and the majority of employees live in debt struggling. I know it’s “his” company, but fair wages and fair bonuses need to be better distributed for the best of a country and the world. I’m not talking communism, but maybe not pay yourself tens of millions more than then next executive down The fact that his product (selling goods at cheap prices) benefits from the pay gap is a self fulfilling circle.

  32. My Dogs Asleep at My Feet says:

    Amen Becklu.