“Self’s” bitchy statement about photoshopping Kelly Clarkson

Self Magazine editor Lucy Danziger, who counts J.Lo among her best buddies, has issued a cringe-inducing statement in response to the outcry over how much thinner Kelly Clarkson looks on the cover of Self this month. Without outright admitting that Clarkson was Photoshopped to look thinner, Danzinger claims that the picture was retouched to “make her look her personal best,” adding “I think this photo is the truest we have ever put out there on the newsstand.” Give me a break. If that’s the case, it shows how “true” Self normally is.

Kelly Clarkson may not have an issue with her weight, but a digitally slimmed-down image of the singer on the cover of Self magazine is causing waves online.

Lucy Danziger, editor-in-chief of the women’s health magazine, is speaking out in defense of “retouching” the 27-year-old singer in order to make her “look her personal best” on the September issue.

“Yes. Of course we do retouching,” Danziger writes in a post on Self.com. “Did we alter her appearance? Only to make her look her personal best.”

Calling Clarkson “the picture of confidence,” Danzinger writes, “I think this photo is the truest we have ever put out there on the newsstand.”

But many readers have expressed disappointment and outrage over the digitally slim Clarkson. “Hey, hi, Self ladies: None this changes or explains the fact that YOU ALTERED THE BONE STRUCTURE OF HER FACE,” write one reader on jezebel.com where the controversy is stewing.

Adds another reader: “Taking out red eye and airbrushing a pimple would be making her look her personal best. You completely changed the way her body looked. Why even bother asking Kelly Clarkson to pose in your magazine if you didn’t think her body fit into your idea of what was best?”

In the Self article, Clarkson defends her figure. “When people talk about my weight, I’m like, ‘You seem to have a problem with it; I don’t. I’m fine!,’ ” Clarkson says. “I’m never trying to lose weight – or gain it,” she added. “I’m just being!”

This is not the first photo flap the singer has been involved with: In January Clarkson wrote on her blog that “they Photoshopped the crap out of me!” on her All I Ever Wanted album cover image.

[From People.com]

How haughty was that statement from Danziger? It’s like she’s saying “Yes, we photoshopped the crap out of Clarkson, but she needed it and still isn’t up to the Barbie standard we usually present.” What the hell is that “truest” photo crap? That just makes me angry. If they didn’t think Clarkson was worthy of the cover, they shouldn’t have put her on it. Clarkson is lovely as she is, and it’s not fair to her to Photoshop her so much slimmer and then present quotes from her inside the magazine that contradict the image they’re presenting. Self’s cover this month reveals their priorities. All the large text is about “Slim Down,” “Foods that Fight Fat,” “Body Confidence… Reach Your Goal Weight,” and then – way up in the corner in much smaller font it says “Kelly Clarkson: Stay True to You and Everyone Else Will Love you Too!” Everyone except snotty fitness magazine editors who think you need a lot of help looking your “personal best” and still remain their “truest” cover ever.

Update: I read Danzinger’s entire blog entry on this issue, and I stand by my original assessment: it was bitchy. Here’s an excerpt where she says she even Photoshopped herself – after she ran the marathon for goodness sake!

When I ran the marathon five years ago, I was so proud of myself for completing it in under five hours and not walking a single step. But my hips looked big in some of the photos (I was heavier then), so when I wanted to put one of them on the editor’s letter in SELF, I asked the art department to shave off a little. I am confident in my body, proud of what it can accomplish, but it just didn’t look the way I wanted in every picture.

[From Self.com]

Here is Lucy Danziger with J.Lo last August. She helped train Lopez for that mini-triathalon she did at the time. Credit: WENN.com


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  1. Mrs. Darcy says:

    Eew that woman’s legs are gross! Rather be curvy like Kelly than look like a man! I don’t think she was being that negative, I mean they photoshop “perfect” looking people like Jessica Alba, of course Kelly will be attacked with the photoshop brush with a vengeance. I don’t agree with it but most people seem pretty aware that all pictures are airbrushed now. I do agree it contradicts Kelly’s love thyself message but that’s nothing new.

  2. Lem says:

    i jst read a self at the chiro’s office.
    the whole mag seemed to be LA, LA, LA…you’ll never be as good as us.
    Complete with the cautionary tale of a diet. How we are now supposed to call it a cleanse or detox. Step by step instructions on ‘how to’. Including quotes from a woman who ended up in hospital over it saying ‘many people can live for years on raw food, so don’t give up’
    it’s sad… from a mag supposedly respecting health and self.

  3. gracie says:

    Wow. I like a lean woman’s body but this Lucy chick is bordering on a Madonna-like body. Like a body that is too toned, too tight, too trim in some ways. Side by side, she makes JLo look like the much more attractive woman, because JLo still has soft curves and a nice plumpness that is very appealing.

    I think it’s hilarious that Kelly is fine with herself AS herself, and everyone else is running around screaming about her “body issues”.

    Man, it must take a very tough and focused mindset to be ok with yourself in Hollywood. It’s brutal.

    Kelly must have to spend all day with her fingers in her ears saying lalalalalalala to drown out all this crap.

    Go Kelly!! I think she looks wonderful and like a real woman.

  4. elisabetta says:

    wow Lucy’s legs are built

  5. Firestarter says:

    If you ask me, Lucy looks a bit man-ish and needs some retouching herself.

    These are the reasons that so many young girls starve themselves to death and have poor self-esteem issues, because they see these photoshopped magazine covers and try to attain these unrealistic images that the cover models portray. You would think that a magazine promoting health and fitness would maybe want to be more honest with their covers.

    People need to rebel against photoshop! It is the devil. Check out the ridiculous Nia Long photo for PETA, the entire lower half of her body is a cartoon. Jessica Rabbit looks more real. When are people, primarily editors of magazines, going to realize that this fakery of photoshop undermines what they are trying to sell. You cannot sell false beauty. Perfection does not exist and there is nothing wrong with flaws, they add character and they are REAL! Even great beauties are flawed, and people need to embrace these things instead of going out of their way to hide them.

    Look around you, most women today are more plastic than a Barbie doll, and they sure as hell do not look pretty like Barbie. Their faces are so plumped and botoxed they have no expressions. It is like a world of Stepford Wives and it is because of these magazines that women no longer look human, and they don’t even look pretty.

    I apologize for rant but this Photoshop business has long irked me.

  6. Cinderella says:

    Damn, Lucy needs photoshop from the neck down.

    Kelly may not like being retouched, but I’m sure she understands what will happen when she’s put on a cover.

    If she is okay with her weight, fine, but she should be a little pickier regarding her wardrobe. The outfit on the right is quite flattering. Lord knows she can afford to dress better than the outfit on the left.

  7. Victoria says:

    This is SAD because SELF WAS a good magazine but not anymore! I stopped buying it a long time ago.

  8. Hunter says:

    I used to actually like this magazine.. it was the last one I would buy amongst the other horrid ones that tell girls HOW-TO-DO-EVERYTHING-BECAUSE-YOU-ARE-DOING-IT-WRONG attitudes. Disgusting. Yeah, I stopped buying Self a long time ago as well.

    Go Kelly for being a real woman!!!

  9. Bodhi says:

    Wow! Her face really DOES look different! Did Kate Winslet have a Photoshop flap a few years back?

  10. ElizabethM says:

    After seeing Danziger’s photo up there, I’m suddenly grateful I’m overweight. I’d rather look like Kelly than like a freakshow exercise addict.

    Team Kelly for the win.

  11. justathought says:

    with a voice like clarkson’s who needs looks…but she IS a pretty woman, with or without the touch ups. lucky girl.

  12. hatsumomogirly says:

    That Lucy chick looks like Mrs.Mann from scary Movie!

  13. fizXgirl314 says:

    All these magazines are just another version of goop… giving you advice that you probably can’t/won’t follow because the normal human being doesn’t have the resources or the time… so you just end up hating yourself over it… screw them…

  14. Shelly says:

    Lucy is disgusting. She could stand to put a few pounds on herself. That doesn’t even remotely look like Kelly on the cover. Self should be ashamed.

  15. the original kate says:

    oh, the irony that this lucy person would photoshop anyone! her arms are revolting. her legs are, too. actually her face is not great either – she looks so hard and stringy. whenever women starve themselves or get tons of plastic surgery to look “beautiful” they always end up looking like men – square and tough. at least kelly looks soft and pretty, if a bit chubby.

  16. Fat Elvis says:

    Those bulging veins are nauseating. They look like worms slithering around under her skin or something. Barf.

  17. mollination says:

    Lucy’s issues are obviously deep-seated in some serious self criticism that Kelly just ended up being the target practice for. She photoshopped her hips!?!? How much more narrow and manish could those hips be for christ’s sake??

  18. tooey says:

    Danziger should have had those roidy viens photoshopped out of her pictures. The thing that disturbs me most about the Self cover is it seems to be a bait-and-switch thing. Most everyone knows Kelly Clarkson is a bit bigger than in the past, big deal. But this hyper-slimmed image of her on the cover along with the large-print headlines exhorting slim-downs, taken as a whole, it implies that Clarkson has slimmed down and you’ll learn how she did it if you buy the magazine. Nice sales tactic, half-a-step above your average tabloid…

  19. fizXgirl314 says:

    it warms my heart to see women banding together 🙂

  20. Carolyn J. says:

    That “sticker” graphic right over Kelly’s (excellent) booty is what makes me laugh. Is that their way of slimming her down?

  21. Kerri says:

    Lucy looks like…the old woman in the shoe meets G.I. Joe (would say G.I.Jane, but the image of Demi is too good for her). Ewwww!!! Disgusting. Looking at her makes me not want to work out ever.

    She should look at Kelly and see what a real woman looks like.

  22. Katyusha says:

    I don’t know. While Lucy may be a little too muscular ( I realize there is such thing), “real women” work out, too. Not all women are chunky or curvy or whatever. So comments like that never made any sense to me.

    Also, I don’t know why people assume she’s starving herself. It’s really difficult to build muscle like that (in her case) if you don’t eat.

  23. Kikker says:

    Ewww. Lucy has Madonna arms.

  24. pixiegirl says:

    I don’t see anything thing wrong with retouching skin and blemishes, etc. I just think it’s totally false advertising to airbrush someone’s ENTIRE BODY! Do editors think people will stop buying their stupid magazines if they stop completely altering images?

  25. sephorablue says:

    Kerri–get a grip. You’re saying “real” women can’t look like athletes? Ask Serena Williams if she thinks she qualifies as a real woman. It’s silly to say a muscular woman looks like a man, because guess what–we have all the same muscles in our bodies that men do. And just think what a body that looks like that can do. I think that’s a POSITIVE thing.

    And for the record, I think Kelly’s adorable just as she is.

  26. Ironhead says:

    I can’t decide whether to feed her a sugar cube, or put a bit in her mouth and ride her around Manhattan.

    Wilbur….come in the baaaaaarn.

  27. Jules says:

    Lucy should have photoshopped herself from the neck up.

  28. maxpurr9 says:

    i’m all for kelly being whatever weight she wants, but i would sure appreicate it if she put better clothes on. but that’s just me being selfish….

  29. Ramona says:

    Kelly Clarkson is an ungrateful spoiled brat who never thanked American Idol for giving her a career, all she ever did was put the show down by making crude remarks about it and calling it”Ghetto Idol” when she was on there….Every chance she got she always had a smart or sarcastic remark to make about Clive Davis or Simon.
    Kelly has replaced her once beautiful voice with a high pitched screaming screeching sound that I guess her handlers and her classify as music…her weight is the least of her problems…she needs to work on her smug attitude and look in the dictionary under the word ‘Humble’…