Jameela Jamil’s bf: ‘Her being attractive & successful doesn’t mean she hasn’t been sick’

One of the more controversial stories last week was about Jameela Jamil being called out, via the Instagram stories of an investigative blogger, for possibly fabricating the stories about her various accidents and illnesses. Jameela was getting negative press prior to that for coming out as queer in the wake of criticism for her involvement as a judge a ballroom show. It was a complicated story in that it was first reported that Jameela would emcee, which is not the case she is only a judge. The ballroom community was upset that an outsider was filling a position for which so many other people were more qualified and experienced. Jameela coming out after that seemed disingenuine, to put it gently.

The writer calling Jameela out for her various medical stories, Tracie Morrissey, compiled so many examples from Jameela’s print and video interviews and social media. Jameela has contradicted herself multiple times, she’s added and changed key details of medical incidents, and she’s told stories that have been disputed by other people there, namely Mark Ronson. (If you’re unfamiliar with the background for this story, read our post on it.) People questioned Morrissey’s motives, they went after her personally, and they pointed out that she’s profiting from this as she has a Patreon where she’s posting additional details. It also made people uncomfortable because so many of us have been dismissed for our illnesses, both visible and not. (Without getting into too many details, this has definitely happened to me.)

Jameela Jamil’s boyfriend, musician James Blake, posted in defense of her, noting that he’s witnessed her medical issues, including her two cancer scares. Here’s what he wrote and if you can’t read the text, People has some of it in text form.

“It’s pretty disgusting to watch the woman I love just be dog piled on every day for such ridiculous things… She does this because she had such a difficult life. Because she doesn’t want others to feel alone, gaslit or ashamed the way she has.”

“I am there for her swollen joints, her dislocations, her severe allergic reactions, her constant high fevers,” he said. “I was there for her concussion, her 3 months of seizures, when the doctor gave her the cancer diagnosis, and for all her operations and their complications due to EDS [Ehlers-Danlos syndrome]. I can feel the lumps in her back from the car accident and see all the scars. I am there when she turns down amazing job opportunities because of her health limitations. I actually live with her. Her being attractive, tall, and successful doesn’t mean she hasn’t been sick.”

“Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is a very real, very debilitating condition,” he said. “More and more people are discovering they have it, but because it’s vastly under researched and the patients, as with most invisible disabilities look well, people constantly doubt and mock those suffering. May none of us every know the pain and frustration of that existence. I feel lucky not to, watching how many jobs and fun nights out my girlfriend has had to turn down because of what her body can and can’t do. Huge, life changing jobs.”

[From Twitter via People]

I believe that she has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which is devastating and real, I believe she has ongoing difficult medical issues. I believe that she has had very scary incidents she’s recounting. Both things can be true: Jameela can have very legitimately awful medical conditions and she can be exaggerating and changing her stories to make for good headlines. She seems to enjoy poking fun at herself and that’s a positive way to cope with what she’s been through. I’ve no doubt that she’s had some really terrible things happen to her. As Kaiser mentioned in our first story about this, there is a definite conversation to be had about women being gaslighted for their medical conditions. That doesn’t mean we can’t notice when someone seems to be changing their story. (These are not minor changes either, please watch the Instagram stories and/or read the original story.) I also think that this became convoluted by the “Munchausen’s” armchair diagnosis, as if Jameela was making everything up. I don’t think that’s what’s happening here at all and it’s not fair to her to frame it that way.

Jameela has called Morrissey a “weirdo stalker” with a “viral conspiracy thread” and she also DMed her for 7 hours defending herself, according to Morrissey, who has posted some of Jameela’s messages to her Instagram stories and more to her Patreon. I’m not going to get into all that, you can see it at the end of her Instagram story thread.


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  1. Alissa says:

    I don’t know, there’s always been something about Jamila that I find irritating and not impressive. like I get what she’s trying to say about the Kardashians, but a b-level celebrity punching up and tearing down other women in the name of feminism just seems more like an opportunity to make headlines for herself than doing anything worthwhile. she seems quite full of herself when she talks to.

    I don’t know what the deal is with her coming out as queer or her multiple exaggerated stories. I suspect she just likes a lot of attention. but maybe it’s legit.

    however, having two cancer scares is not the same as being a cancer survivor. at all.

    • Yellowrocket says:

      I was so confused by the cancer stuff too. Because she did say she had cancer.

      She tweeted that she had a breast cancer scare but then she also said she had cervical cancer? I don’t know. It does feel gross to speculate about that but I am interested to hear if anyone understood that part better than I did?

      • Kasia says:

        She tweeted she HAD CANCER TWICE: “I would just like to say, that as someone who has been chronically ill my whole life, and had cancer twice, I find it EXTREMELY offensive that there is a cultural taboo around ageing,”.https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/jameela-jamil-cancer-twitter-chronic-illness-ageing-taboo-a9147066.html

        Now she tries to change the narrative by saying she only had cancer scares. I also had a cancer scare buy I never claim I had cancer. That’s just disrespectful for real cancer survivors.

        And plain stupid. She was so inconsistent in her stories that it was only a matter of time that somebody would pick it up.

        She also said she is partially deaf, she spent a year or something in a wheelchair. I am afraid that women are not being taken seriously with respect to their medical issues just because of ladies such as Jameela, who attempt to draw attention to themselves by multiplying their alleged health woes.

    • WTW says:

      I’m going to give Jameela the benefit of the doubt, and I don’t care about her one way or another. Have never seen any of her projects. Just know her from social media. With the cervical cancer stuff, perhaps she was told that they found cancerous cells on her cervix, and they quickly treated the problem. I have never had cervical cancer, but I know there’s a pretty quick procedure that can be done for early-stage cervical cancer. My aunt had cervical cancer and it was treated very quickly.
      Personally, I have a half-dozen health diagnoses, and I often get told that I look healthy. I don’t look like I would have these problems, and, yes, I am tall like Jameela and have been considered attractive. People have an idea of what a sick person is supposed to look like, and I’m including both physical and mental health here. If you don’t fit the bill, your illnesses are questioned.
      I do find it disturbing that Jamil was DMing the reporter for hours. It’s her health. It’s a private matter, and she doesn’t owe the public any more information. If she had common sense, she’d stop discussing her personal life as much.

    • Chimney says:

      Punching up is okay, it’s always good to call out the powerful. Especially when it leads to positive change related to harmful diet products

      • Anna MC says:

        agreed @Chimney – I find the criticism of her calling ppl out on shilling for lax products to be so inconsistent. Taking ppl to task who are effectively doing the work of the patriarchy is not “tearing down other women”.

  2. EB says:

    I have an autoimmune disease, so I’m used to being not believed and I came all prepared to defend Jameela. However…it really seems like she embellished/invented certain injuries and illnesses for greater effect, and I’d prefer she just admit it rather than double down.

    • Xi says:

      Even if she embellished and exaggerated events, that doesn’t justify the dog piling. It’s literally nothing in the big scheme of things. One can call her out and move on. But making vural threads and promising to “expose” her in Patreon? That’s too far. Disgusting really.

  3. Miumiiiu says:

    Love her, and believe her. Her partner seems lovely too . She has so much to offer, and is offering it. Thank god for people like her in today’s society. What do the people she’s punching up at have to offer other than toxic values?

    • Some chick says:

      There is nothing wrong with “punching up.”

      Punching *down* is problematic. Because it involves picking on someone with less power.

      Punch up all ya want! That’s how it’s supposed to work!

  4. brinibini says:

    I know Jameela answered questions about her health on Twitter, but did she address the cancer topic? I didn’t see anything, but maybe I missed it.
    I can understand if she exaggerates some stories for better story telling, but turning cancer scares into actual cancer is pretty disgusting.

    • Yellowrocket says:

      On her twitter the other night when she was replying to someone She said she had a breast cancer scare and that her cancer was cervical?

      Her twitter is private now so I can’t go back to see exactly what she said

  5. T says:

    I believe she has invisible illnesses and medical diagnoses, but the cancer scare vs stating she’s a cancer survivor (twice for that matter) is not okay. I also thought the convenience of coming out as queer in the face of criticism was not good. I think she has absolutely lied or exaggerated for the press, and she also struggles with health issues. Something about how she comes across on social media is so off-putting, almost egocentric despite her claims of doing so much good. I don’t wish poor health of anyone and hope she finds relief, and I also hope she goes away for a while.

  6. Trish-a says:

    I just want to tossle those bangs/fringe every time I see her. They look like drapes. Love her on the good place.

    • LaUnicaAngelina says:

      Omg! The bangs! They’re horrible and that tiny part in the middle looks terrible. I say this as someone who likes bangs on others and sometimes on myself.

      • Jane says:

        His fringe is soooo much worse. Maybe they have secret forehead tattoos like Amber Rose! hahahahah

      • Becks says:

        I feel the same way! I actually like bangs too, but not hers. They are terrible and so distracting. The first thing I notice about her are her awful bangs, not good!

    • NΞΞNΔ ZΞΞ says:

      Yes! Thank you! They are flat out ridiculous and look like a bad wig.

    • minx says:

      Those are so bad!

  7. OriginalLala says:

    Two things can be true – she can absolutely have several illnesses and be dealing with medical issues, and she can still be kind of a crap person who lies, manipulates the truth, and is thirsty for attention. People are complicated and complex.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Agree wholeheartedly.

    • K says:

      Exactly, both are possible, even if they seem to contradict. Almost everyone I know has some contradictory qualities once you get to know them fully. She can genuinely suffer with certain ailments and in other ways embellish the truth in a way that suits her penchant for storytelling, entertaining or acting like a bit of a self-righteous martyr. I wish she would just choose her public battles more wisely, but she thrives on the attention and sympathy she gets from her social media platform. Unfortunately, tons of people are like this, she’s just the one under the microscope right now because someone called her out so aggressively.

    • emmyb says:

      They say the best liars weave their lies in with the truth. Which is exactly what she’s done.

    • JulieCarr says:

      Yep. IME most people who lie and exaggerate about their health do have some medical problems. That’s what gets them started, they enjoy the care and attention they get for their issues, but then that’s not enough anymore and they start making things up and pretending to be much more ill than they actually are.

  8. Cait says:

    Only came here to say “Jameela Jamil’s bf????” Put some respect on James Blake’s name!!!

  9. Adrien says:

    I believe she’s really ill but she also exaggerated things. I do that sometimes not only because I am malingering but also because I want my boring life to sound interesting. I knew people knew they’re bullsh*t but I tell them made up medical conditions anyway. I won’t go as far as cancer scare because that could come back at me and become real.
    Celebs do that all the time. The difference is many of them don’t position themselves as feminist icons. Lena Dunham gets called out a lot because of her performative wokeness. I am always giving her the benefit of the doubt but I won’t be surprised if she was found out to be lying. Meanwhile no one really cares about Jessie J, Yolanda Hadid or even Jacob Wohl because they are not held to high moral and ethical standards than those who are body positive activists on twitter.

  10. Mtec says:

    I don’t know why exaggerating a story make her a liar now. Comedian and celebrities do that as well all the time to make conversations more interesting in interviews. So the bee story might not have happened how she said, let’s crucify her for that now? Seems a bit harsh to me seeing as they all do it.

    • Alissa says:

      uh, because if she exaggerates to say she lost a tooth, broke her elbow, and her nose, but in reality she was just a little bruised – that’s a lie.

      she should try just not talking so much. the more she talks, the less she helps herself.

      • Mtec says:

        Totally, but what’s the harm if it’s just for entertainment? I feel like we’re gonna be really disappointed once we start learning how much actors and comedians exaggerate and lie in their interviews and socials. like why are people SO angry with her, and taking this random person’s video as proof when Jameela has denied it. Why are we so willing to give credit to a random person who’s out to discredit another just cause they find Jameela’s stories annoying? Does that merit this level of hate? It’s a bit much IMO how motivated people are out to cancel her cause of this. It’s a bit ridiculous.

  11. Sarah says:

    Links to the IG stories are not working for me. Anyone else? Have they been taken down perhaps?

  12. Lala11_7 says:

    There is a list of public people whom I ACTIVELY avoid anything they professionally have to offer…WHOLLY based on how they interact on the internet…

    Jameela is at the TOP of that list

  13. PPP says:

    OK though are we going to forget that Tracey Egan Morrisey is the dirtbag who once opined that she was too smart to have been sexually assaulted? Was often a dick on Pot Psychology? Got fired from Vice for harassment? That’s who spent hours and hours promoting this conspiracy to further her career as a “journalist”. Honestly, publishing someone’s private communications is a shitty move by a shitty person with no sense of professionalism.

    • Jamie says:

      THANK YOU!
      I remember her all the way back to her days on Jezebel when she posted under the pseudonym “Slut Machine.” She’s always been very problematic (not for the name; for her “opinions”) and I wouldn’t trust or believe anything she writes.
      It looks like she’s promoting that Patreon on Jameela’s name because she doesn’t have a real job anymore. That should tell people something.

    • Steff says:

      Yup. Red flags all around. Jameela may be overzealous but ultimately she’s harmless and does not deserve to be exploited by this hack journalist.

    • lucy2 says:

      That sounds awful and very unprofessional. And like more harassment.
      I think it’s pretty awful to investigate someone’s health and medical issues like that. If people don’t believe JJ or think she’s exaggerating…fine. Ignore her.

    • Diane says:

      So they are both of questionable character is what I get from this? One being sketchy does not mean the other one isn’t. It’s a people in glass houses thing.

  14. amilou says:

    I hate Tahani on The Good Place. That is all.

  15. Hikaru says:

    She changed her peanut allergy story from having been born with it to claiming she got it in her 20s because she had mercury poisoning form her leaky tooth fillings…

  16. girl_ninja says:

    The real problem is that lady Tracie Morrissey who decided to take it upon herself to be the Jameela judge Jury.

  17. Div says:

    Multiple things can be true at once:

    1) Jameela has serous medical problems.
    2) Jameela may have exaggerated some of her issues.
    3) If she really had Munchausen’s (and I don’t think she has it), making fun of her/calling her out is…bizarre. It’s a serious mental illness.
    4) Jameela can be problematic, and it’s okay to call her out. But sometimes “calling” someone out over shit, especially shit that is not that horrible (it’s not like she was caught using racist slurs or in blackface), can verge into this online group attack that comes across as cyber bullying.

    I’d also point out that as someone who has a rare autoimmune disease, I was diagnosed with two different conditions until they found out what was truly wrong with me. So I suppose I would seem like a liar because at one point I was like “I have x” and then it turned out it wasn’t “x.” And my mom had stage zero breast cancer, which is something where you have cancerous cells but it has like a 99% survival rate. She feels weird saying she had cancer, because she looked and felt fine, had surgery, and that was it, so she sometimes didn’t mention it. It’s perfectly possible she had the equivalent type of cervical cancer.

    • Hoopjumper says:

      Thank you for this comment. Very well said.

    • anneliser says:

      Totally agree, +1.

    • Veronica says:

      Yeah, that’s the whole thing for me. Even if she does have a mental disorder, that is…chronic illness? This digging into the “truth” of medical diagnoses by people who aren’t directly involved with the person in question is vaguely unsettling to me. Be very careful pushing that line of thought as acceptable. HIPAA exists for a reason.

  18. Kyra WEGMAN says:

    Ehlers-Danlos is a condition where your connective tissues are overly flexible. That means you are indeed incredibly injury prone and the healing process is wildly variable. Additionally, it’s a poorly understood condition with a wide and inconsistent group of symptoms. I haven’t followed this super closely but other than being dramatic about her injuries (which may be more dramatic in her than in a person without EDS) I don’t see how this is a thing other than that people don’t understand EDS very well. It can be scary if you’re a sufferer and there aren’t a ton of medical answers or certainties. A bit of compassion might be better than being bitchy/suspicious in this instance. If you think someone’s thirsty for attention, well, yes — she’s an actor, it’s part of the stock in trade. But that doesn’t mean she’s faking it.

  19. DiegoInSF says:

    I wonder if she realizes she made this story 10000x bigger than it would have ever been. Who am I kidding? She’d have to have one ounce of self awareness to realize that. Hopefully she never makes her Twitter public again.

  20. anon says:

    Me personally, I just can’t get with the butt-cut bangs. Lose the 13-year-old bangs, ffs.

  21. Pixie says:

    Talk about a Barbara Streisand effect! I saw the insta story really early on and it had been up for a few days with minimal attention, until she directly addressed it and the story blew up. She also just did a 4 page Notes App to address the rumours which was wholly unnecessary. Her publicist must hate her. Hate to say it, but there is no doubt in my mind she is lying about many of her ailments. The ED may well be the only thing she has, but considering the sheer volume of things she has lied about, it is not unreasonable to look at even that with a sceptical mind. The fact that she is doubling down on having cancer twice is shocking (when she has spoken extensively about the cancer scare but never about the actual cancer she supposedly had!). As well as the broken nose/elbow when she is on video totally fine, not to mention the bee/car incidents that just sound like complete fabrications. I am not going to diagnose her but she is clearly in desperate need of attention, and I hope she seeks therapy. And lots of it.

    • K-Peace says:

      Exactly how i feel too: skeptical. She has lied about so much that i have a hard time believing her about any of her supposed ailments.
      And like another poster said, why would you even want attention for all these various physical ailments?? At least she’s healthy enough to work and socialize, etc., which is a lot more than many people have! Be grateful for what you do have and stop complaining about what is wrong (or supposedly wrong) with you, and get on with life. (just my 2 cents)

    • nb says:

      One of my Aunts is kind of like this. She does have some serious health problems but she also grossly exaggerates them/seems to always have something wrong with her, and she ‘one-ups’
      as well. I think it’s just a way for her to get attention or for her to feel like people care about her? It’s really strange, to be honest, because like you said I wouldn’t want attention for having physical ailments either.

  22. Case says:

    As someone who has a lot of medical issues and chooses to live my life to the fullest in spite of those issues, I have a hard time with the “poor me” people who endlessly talk about everything wrong with them. It’s my choice to be private, obviously, but my friends only know one tenth of the stuff I deal with, and I like it that way. I can’t imagine WANTING attention for medical issues, honestly. It seems like such a desperate way to get attention.

    • Scarlett says:

      This! Exactly! Pretty sure the only person who knows about all my mayhemic health issues is my husband. I’ve been through all kinds of BS but there are literally children out there who can’t eat 3 meals a day and women who are held as sex slaves. No one wants to hear about your poor yet still privileged drama. She talks about it every chance she gets and has, at the least, overly exaggerated much.

    • Kay says:

      Thank you! I have chronic conditions and look totally normal and I do not appreciate jameela trying to be the face of invisible illness, all she does is make us look histrionic. I’m just a person trying to seem normal and keep up with my coworkers, not get discriminated against because of my disabilities and symptoms. She doesn’t understand how PRIVILEGED she is to be able to go on and on about heat health problems without consequence.

  23. sa says:

    Why would I want to look at the instagram stories and give more hits to that? That person seems gross to accuse someone of having munchausen’s.

    We all give different details about things at different times, so if Jameela Jamil is giving one detail one day, and a different detail another day, that does not mean that she’s making anything up, but it’s really easy for people to read something on the internet and jump to conclusions.

  24. Middle of the road says:

    Guilty dogs always bark. She spent 7 hours trying to defend herself?? If she was so sure of herself she would have just laughed it off, said okay Jan, and moved on. Maybe mention something on social media, but don’t make a big deal about it. People who get caught in their web of lies are so tangled up in them they have a hard time explaining themselves. I think she’s full of sh!t at this point. Sure maybe she had something wrong with her, but it seems she multiplies the suffering all for attention. She likes attention. It’s obvious and if she doesn’t get it she makes up another ailment or this happened to me story so she can get a reaction.

  25. anneliser says:

    EDS is associated with anxiety problems. I do not have EDS to the same extent as Jameela, but I am “benignly hypermobile.” I come from a long line of hypermobile hypochondriacs.

    I basically think Jameela likely has hypochondria in addition to fairly severe EDS, but that is an ACTUAL MEDICAL PROBLEM and does not mean you’re a thirsty, attention-seeking jerk. She probably needs to be getting medical help for her hypochondria, but the problem with hypochondria, which is basically a form of OCD, is that people with hypochondria don’t realize their health worries are exaggerated or unrealistic.

    I was in therapy for many years before I saw someone who pegged that my real problem was hypochondria/OCD more than the generalized anxiety I had been diagnosed with for years. Learning to frame my anxieties as per the above has helped me not freak out quite so much every time I notice some random new itchy bump on my body. Presuming she has hypochondria (which might be erroneous–I am definitely extrapolating based on my own experience), Jameela might not have found a therapist who has gotten her there yet.

    In addition, she has “real” EDS rather than hypermobility and probably does have actual health problems in a way that I don’t–I’ll be the first to admit my hypermobility is more of a curiosity than a big problem for me as far as physical health goes. When you have a tendency toward hypochondria, it makes it very tricky to know what medical things to take seriously and what isn’t a big deal.

    My mom, for example, kept going to the ER with panic attacks, and the one time they basically told her to go home and calm down … it turned out she had finally had a very mild stroke. There’s basically never getting her to have a realistic perspective on her health issues ever again.

    Be compassionate, because you never know what someone else is actually going through.

  26. Sam the Pink says:

    She’s lousy. She was on Twitter white knighting over Caroline Flack, pushing a petition to crack down on the tabloids for going so hard against an unstable woman, and then people started posting her own tweets – Jameela was one of the people attacking Caroline because she was signed on as presenter of a show that featured plastic surgery. She is a hypocrite and a liar (at least about the cancer thing). She has never met a cause she couldn’t make about herself.

    • Annie says:

      As much as Jameela Jamil annoys me, I don’t think it’s right blaming her in any way for what happened to Caroline Flack. Criticizing a public figure for a decision they make in their professional life is not the same thing as going after them with a personal smear campaign like the tabloids do. Caroline Flack did not deserve the horrible treatment she got from rags like The Sun, but she willingly made her living in the public sphere as a role model for young viewers and she should not be exempt from moral criticism.

      • Sam the Pink says:

        I’m not blaming her for her death – Caroline made the decision there. I’m talking about Jameela’s two-faced behavior. When news of Caroline’s death broke, she was on Twitter bemoaning how “cruel” people online had been to her – despite the fact that she herself had been ragging on the same woman for hosting a show that Jameela personally deemed bad.

        And exempting her from criticism? She was signed up as presenter of the show. If you take issue with the premise of a show, isn’t it a better idea to take it up with the creators, producers and network that airs it? The presenter in reality does not have any creative control over a show (something you’d think Jameela would know, since she’s been one too). But she chose to single out Caroline, as opposed to those others. Which just tells me that she’s a thirst trap first and genuine activist second.

  27. Deanne says:

    While I’m never going question a person’s medical conditions , because I’m not a Doctor and not everything is obvious just by looking at someone, she’s definitely someone who exaggerates and even lies to get attention. She claimed to be a two time cancer survivor, then dialled it back to just cancer scares. Those two situations aren’t even close and are actually very disrespectful toward people who have actually gone through a real cancer diagnosis. Also, she’s clearly changes her story and her tune about everything as it suits. her. She’s publicly and rather harshly criticized Caroline Flack in the past and now she’s blaming social media and the press for her death. She seems to be a faux feminist who is much more interested in making ever single thing about herself, than actually affecting change or helping others.

  28. Annie says:

    Tbh my gut feeling has always been that she has some emotional issues. She craves attention and blows her own horn to the point where you cringe a little, and she seems to center herself in every possible social issue. That wishy washy wokeness of hers is basically her career now, and she has to keep feeding the Twitter machine to stay relevant. That also means coming up with random personal suffering stories that will at some point blow up in your face when you can’t keep track of your own lies or half-truths.

    As for her claims that she’s helping people overcome anorexia, shifting global cultural conversations etc I think she’s a bit deluded. Pointing fingers at the Kardashians isn’t exactly groundbreaking, and there are thousands of activists who have been doing important work for years not only in the Twitter sphere but on the ground with communities. I’m not saying her activism is never sincere, I just get the impression she first and foremost wants to be seen as famous and relevant (or “attractive and successful” in her boyfriend’s words) and her activism is partly a vehicle for that.

    • Originaltessa says:

      Yeah, I think I agree. I think it was crazy for this person to do this to her, but I think there’s some truth to it, and Jameela has been telling some whoppers and over-inflating basically every story. Cancer scares become cancer, and two bees become a swarm of killer bees. Lena Dunham comes to mind for me.

  29. Kate says:

    I have EDS and the comorbid disorders are VAST. I have to take over a dozen medications every day. I can’t imagine having car accident injuries on top of it. Who really cares about her health issues anyway and the story of it? If things seem out of place or order or whatever people can honestly just pipe the hell down. The brain fog is so bad especially when in a flare, I don’t always communicate properly. It’s seriously overwhelming, and I think she’s trying to bring awareness and may not always know the right way to go about it or if things get lost in translation in different interviews… I wouldn’t even know how to start sharing my experience with this condition to people who are so hype about hypochondria ready to pounce because they don’t understand. It’s ok that she’s not perfect at sharing her story, and I’m sure the stress of people hounding her only makes it worse but she’s going to choose awareness anyway and just keep pushing through it. Leave her alone.

  30. Scarlett says:

    When you get diagnosed with cancer, I promise you, there is nothing confusing about it. Anyone who lies about that can’t feel too bad for being called out.

  31. Flamingo says:

    Tracie wrote for Jezebel back when Jezebel was relevant. She’s a fantastic writer.

  32. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    She’s always seemed like someone you ‘feel’ you should support, and her causes are just and valid; but she comes across as such an arsehole that it’s impossible to do so.
    No idea whether she’s lying, massaging the truth as a fear/sympathy tactic or completely misjudged. But still – sorry, arsehole

  33. starryfish29 says:

    The issue isn’t that people don’t believe she’s had problems in her life, and busting out this “pretty people have problems too” nonsense is completely disingenuous. The issue with JJ is that she keeps doing problematic things, claiming them as learning opportunities and then turning right around to do them again. How many times can you do that before people reasonably start to think that you aren’t really that interested in learning, and are just performing wokeness?

    With the recent controversy over her HBO show, it’s the perfect example of how she loudly proclaims herself an ally until she’s actually asked to walk the walk, as they say, everyone is woke until it costs them something. She took a job that should have gone to someone with a legitimate understanding of that community, and instead of admitting that just like so many others she wasn’t being quite the ally that she claims to be, she pulled the worst stunt of all by coming out as bi as a way to deflect from the valid criticism she was getting. Maybe she is actually bi, which is great, but she absolutely used it as a means of deflecting criticism from the LGBTQ community. She’s exhausting.

  34. Star says:

    Wow, I never in a million years thought James Blake would get involved in gossip like this (and credited as Jameela Jamil’s bf, hahaha). His music is amazing and he is very low key. I wonder if this puts a strain on their relationship. He seems drama-free.

    I think Jameela exaggerated/lied about the cancer and some of the other things, but that most of it is true. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the commenter above who mentioned hypochondria as an anxiety disorder is right on the money.

    Tracie Morrissey has been problematic for more than a decade, old Jezebel readers remember.

  35. Tee says:

    I thought she was queer

  36. Dizzy says:

    I had 2 cancer scares in the last 17 months. One I had to have surgery and have an ovary removed. The other, I had to have a painful procedure on my thyroid, but I do not have cancer. I felt depressed and sorry for myself for a while but I never told anybody I have cancer because I don’t. Very happy and fortunate