Elizabeth Warren destroyed Michael Bloomberg at last night’s Dem Debate

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The mainstream media, which is 90% white dudes, has been trying to erase Elizabeth Warren from the Democratic primary narrative for months. It was all about Joe Biden, then it was all about Bernie Sanders, and then it was about Pete Buttiegieg, and currently it’s all about Mike Bloomberg. Dudes love to talk about dudes in 2020, basically. I was sad when Kamala Harris dropped out of the race, because love or hate her, she would have called out those motherf–kers like crazy. So in the spirit of Kamala, Elizabeth Warren decided to go OFF at last night’s debate. Here’s a taste:

HELLO YES I WILL INVEST IN THIS. She wasn’t done there. After Bloomberg gave a terrible answer on his own history of sexual harassment and sexual discrimination, Warren once again went off:

And here’s Sen. Warren shrugging off the Bernie Sanders/Bernie Bro situation with a few lines, then talking about what she wants to talk about.

Here’s some post-debate analysis of Elizabeth Warren’s performance by Senator Warren herself:

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  1. girl_ninja says:

    She bodied him. And it was needed because the Bloomberg hype was nauseating and anger inducing. He is Trump and Trump is him.

    • Jen says:

      Warren isn’t even my top choice of candidates and I found myself cheering along from home.

      I can’t stand Bloomberg.

      • B n A fn says:

        She should have called out Biden to, Just about two weeks ago Biden called this college student at his rally a “lying dog faced phony solder”, if she is being honest call all of them out. What about Bernie with his million dollars in the bank and three homes, also his wife embezzling millions from some college in Vermont. How about Elizabeth using loopholes about being of American Indian ancestors to get ahead. Talk about Pete and his problems in the black community. Amy with her problem with recommending sentencing of minorities. Let’s put all the card on the table and let us decide, don’t just pick and choose.

      • D says:

        These are politicians trying to win a political primary. Being strategic about who you attack, on what issue, and at what point in the race is essential to winning.

        She (and all the other candidates) should absolutely pick & choose who they’re going to attack based on what makes strategic sense at the time & what is most likely to help their campaign. Warren’s campaign received a major boost last night because of her relentless hammering of Bloomberg – this would not have happened if instead she’d dutifully spent her limited speaking time attacking everyone equally out of some sense of fairness.

      • sandy says:

        B N A, what are you on about? Warren didn’t use her heritage to get ahead, and Pete has plenty of support from the black community back home. (The biggest agitator against Pete in South Bend is a political rival who ran for mayor last year and came in fifth).

        No candidate is perfect but let’s not parrot half baked talking points from the GOP.

      • B n A fn says:

        @Sandy, we can disagree on our views but do not accuse me on using GOP talking points. I don’t watch Fox or anything to do with #45. I’m sure you noticed I have not used his name, I refer to that person in our Whitehouse as #45. I’m not a group think kind of person, I think for myself.
        About Elizebeth, I’m not sure I believe she can do what she is saying about health insurance, and that’s my big voting issue. I want gun control and less crime, those are things I’m looking for realistic answers.

      • yanka says:

        sandy, Warren didn’t lie about her heritage to get into university, like the right often claim, but she did identify as “American Indian” on a registration card for the State Bar of Texas. That’s… not great.

        But I agree that sort of stuff should be between her and the American Indian community, and it mostly seems to have fallen by the wayside.

      • Lightpurple says:

        @Yanka, there is absolutely no advantage to putting that on a bar application. Nobody but the people processing bar membership every see it and bar membership is based on test scores and whatever degree requirements the state imposes. Race, ethnicity, gender aren’t factors in bar admission. Prospective employers never see that application. Instead, they get a certificate from the state’s highest court’s clerk that the lawyer is a bar member in good standing.

      • Deedee says:

        To the people dissing warren on her heritage— I truly believe she thought she was of Indian heritage, because she would never have gotten an DNA test and then release the results. That would be dumb, and warren is not stupid. She apologized to the Indian community. Let’s move on. We’re never going to have a “pure” candidate, but she has fought in the past for the common man and has gone up against the banks and Wall Street during the Great Recession. Look at her track record and don’t get caught up on this trivial nonsense. As for Bernie, he made a couple million off a book he wrote. So what? Is he refusing to pay taxes on it? Or does he want to redistribute it?

    • sa says:

      “He is Trump and Trump is him.“

      I don’t think it’s fair to say that he’s Trump. He is terrible, no doubt, but he’s not at Trump levels of terrible. He was the mayor for multiple terms and some people think he did a good job (as a New Yorker, I never voted for him), but he at least does his job and seems to realize that it’s not all about enriching himself.

      Don’t take this comment as an endorsement of Bloomberg, “not as bad as Trump“ is still not good.

      • Nicole r says:

        Fellow New Yorker agrees.

      • lucy2 says:

        True. He gets some points for the environment. I do not want him to be the nominee, but even with all his horrible baggage, I would still vote for him over Trump.

      • ReginaGeorge says:

        Fellow NY’er, non-Bloombito supporter and I too agree. Equating him to Trump is a stretch.

      • Mac says:

        Bloomberg is as illiberal as Trump, but he is smart and capable. I find that very chilling.

      • Edwin says:

        “He is Trump and Trump is him”

        He is Trump and in my opinion one of the worst mayors of all time, here are the similarities. He believed and Inforced the “stop and frisk” just throw them up against the wall, As he racially profiled black and brown people. He’s misogynistic, made those women sign NDA,s. Took away the air rights here in Brooklyn so now all these towers are sitting here labeled as affordable housing which is non affordable. We here in New York voted for him not to have a Third term as mayor and he overrided the voters with the help of Christine Quinn who then was theN speaker of the N.Y. City council. So here we have trump who seems to believe that as president he shouldn’t leave office even if he’s voted out. So yes he is Trump and Trump is him. The homeless here in the city we he left are the highest since the 70’s. I would go on with more similarities however I feel my point was made. One last thing he brought himself Mayor of N.Y. now he wants the presidency.

    • tiredTreaded says:

      Ya’ll loved Bloomberg a day ago. Now everyone is cheering EW for eviscerating the new kid at school. He had ONE day to prepare. His only job was to remain cool & collected. We have to remember- WE’RE ALL ON THE SAME TEAM. There is only one dragon and that’s trump- the rest of us peasants need to stop smacking each other around and secure the gates!!

  2. (TheOG) jan90067 says:

    SHE. WAS. ON. FIRE!!! It was truly a “Take No Prisoners!” evening. I think she, Amy, Pete, even Joe did great. Bernie looked like he was going to implode (a girl can wish!). Bloomberg looked like a fly caught in a spider web.

    But frankly, I wish they’d stop attacking each other, and tell us of their plans to decimate #TangerineTwitler.

    • Sierra says:

      Totally agree, Dems are attacking each other instead of focusing on Trump.

      Don’t they realise anything they say now towards the other nominees will be used mercilessly by the Republicans against the eventual Dem nominee?

      • Scal says:

        @Sierra. THIS. When Pete started on his we can’t have the options be a socialist on the this side with bernie or a hidden republican with Bloomberg I wanted to smack him

      • bakes says:

        As the field continues to narrow, they have to go up against one another and show differences in their backgrounds and what they plan to accomplish. Frankly, getting these differences\weaknesses public now makes them more prepared for the general. It is a practice round for the campaign against Trump, and you want whoever the candidate is to have taken the hits so they are ready to respond to the attacks he presents.

    • Giddy says:

      It was so beautiful to watch her go to work on Bloomberg. Go Elizabeth! I was cheering for her and loved watching her carve him up! I had the feeling that anyone near Bernie probably got sprayed with spit as he got worked up. I fail to see his appeal, and he has promised programs that cannot be paid for.

      • D says:

        Those programs can be paid for – if the richest country on Earth can pass massive tax cuts for the wealthy and find billions for its astronomical military budget and initiatives like Space Force and the border wall, we can definitely find money for healthcare or Warren’s universal child care plan.

        The question is do we want to pay for these programs, what do we want to prioritize, what do we value, & what are we willing to fight for.

        Another question is are we going to continue to let the GOP dictate to us what is possible? God knows Republicans have never let Democrats do that to them.

      • sa says:

        @D, I wish there was a “like“ button for your comment

      • Mac says:

        If you read Warren’s 2% wealth tax plan, it clearly maps out how all of her proposals will be paid for.

    • yanka says:

      Attacking is part of the process, but Amy’s constant snipping at Pete is getting tiring. She’s attacked him more than anyone else that’s been on the stage, despite many of their positions being similar (I do know that means they’re reaching for the same voters). Considering one of her staff members that she verbally abused is also gay, I’m starting to wonder a bit…

      • sandy says:

        I can’t with Amy. She says she has experience that Pete doesnt but couldn’t name the Mexican president or any of his policies Ina telemundo interview when they are one of our largest trading partners and she says she helped write the trade bill. It’s telemundo! Didn’t you think they might ask about our Mexico policy?

        Criticism on this front has nothing to do with sexism, it’s completely legit, and Warren won’t be there to save her on the debate stage if Klob’s the nominee against Trump.

      • yanka says:

        I just couldn’t help but think, when I go into a meeting with potential clients, there’s a lot I try to memorise but you can be well sure I know the name of the company and its president and VP, or CEO and CFO and COO, etc.

        I’m with you – between her and her staff, no one thought they should make sure she knew the name of the Mexican president before sending her on Telemundo?!

        Though maybe her staff were too busy dodging the binders she likes to throw to prep her properly.

      • Mac says:

        I have to wonder if Pete stole Amy’s puppy, or punched her favorite teddy bear or something because her animus toward him is really intense.

      • Deedee says:

        I think amy goes after mayor Pete because they’re moderates and both middle Americans and they have to separate themselves apart from each other. But the behavior, especially on her part last night, upset me. She didn’t know the name of Mexico’s prez and he pointed out that she should have known given her position on the subcommittee on manufacturing, trade, and consumer protection. She tried to accuse him of calling her stupid, which I don’t think he meant, and said she just forgot his name. I don’t know if she did forget or didn’t know, but she handled it poorly imho. And then she snubbed him after the debate. She’s going to need a thicker skin, especially if she wants to go against trump.

    • bros says:

      yup. no mention of his pardon spree, his claims that he is totally justified in reaching into the justice department to interfere, offering a quid pro quo to julian assange, etc.

      cant stand it. we do not need this long drawn out primary. sick of bernie and his toxic leftist MAGAs

  3. Lucy2 says:

    She destroyed Bloomberg, and rightly so.

    She’s one of the few who I feel got into this for the right reasons, and in my opinion is the most prepared, competent, and passionate about what needs to be done. I think she would make an incredibly good POTUS.

    • Esmom says:

      I’m with you, Lucy2. I also like Bernie but his supporters are a huge liability. And I’ve been beside myself that Bloomberg’s support is growing. And when I think of how much good all his money that he’s spending on promoting himself could do, I feel sick.

      • lucy2 says:

        Bernie is lower on my list, but if he gets the nomination, I’d be satisfied with Warren as VP, if she’d take it.

    • bakes says:

      Agreed – I have volunteered with Warren’s campaign in NH and have a reoccurring donation setup to help continue to support her as she moves into Super Tuesday. If she does not pull out strong wins then, she will likely end up dropping out. If you are for Liz, or any other candidate, I highly recommend getting involved with the campaign (donate, canvas, call, text).

    • Deedee says:


  4. JanetDR says:

    Love her, always have! Excuse me while I go donate again.

  5. Becks1 says:

    She was on fire. She clearly has these prepared barbs, but she delivers them so well.

    I’m hopeful that this performance lifts her in the national spotlight again. The press has treated her shamefully over the past few weeks.

  6. OriginalLala says:

    Bloomberg is vile, I’m so glad she destroyed him…

  7. Diana says:

    She KILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love her and I’m glad I voted for her in NH.

  8. Sarah says:

    Bloomberg is terrible. Stop and frisk should have been the end of his political career but no…He’s a lot like Trump but way smarter (and richer).

    • Who ARE These People says:

      And yet not smart enough to realize that people want his money, not him,and not smart enough to prepare for the obvious questions.

      • Sarah says:

        @Who ARE These People
        You’re right that Bloomberg was shockingly under-prepared. Everyone could have guessed the kind of questions he would be asked at the debate… everyone except him and his team. I guess that’s what happens when you go through life buying your way into stuff you don’t deserve, rather than earning them.

      • D says:

        There’s no way he didn’t know – there have been multiple high-profile, negative news profiles about him over the past 2 weeks.

        Maybe the problem is elsewhere – like, is he willing to be coached/take advice from the professionals on his team? Does he think he knows best about how to handle those questions? Do his advisers feel like they can challenge him on that & remain employed?

        Does he feel like the misogyny & racism just won’t matter to much of the electorate, or that they secretly approve of stuff like stop & frisk, or that Dems will basically give him a pass if they think he can win?

      • Rapunzel says:

        WATP- My tin foil hat theory: Bloomberg isn’t really interested in winning. He just wants to needle Trump and prevent someone like Warren from getting into office because she’s an anti-trust specialist who would hurt his big business. It’s no coincidence that Bloomberg entered as Warren was on a rise. It’s no coincidence that Warren is the candidate that’s been neglected by the media. Those big media conglomerates are owned by big businessmen like Bloomberg. They want Bloomberg as a wild card to pull focus from her so the Dem nominee will be more pro business/status quo.

  9. Sarah says:

    Warren MURDERED Bloomberg and it will fuel me through the rest of the winter.

  10. Erin says:

    As someone pointed out on twitter, The big loser in tonight’s debate, besides Bloomberg, are all the politicians who endorsed his candidacy. There was no secret about who he was, it’s just out in the public now, and it will be brought up to question their judgment. He has more endorsements from DNC members and Democratic politicians than Warren does.

    • yanka says:

      It’s been out in the public all along. The reason it hasn’t destroyed him is that, unfortunately, there are plenty of people who don’t care about NDAs (with the thinking of, “He made dirty jokes and women got hundreds of thousands of dollars? sign me up!”) and there are plenty of people who don’t think Stop and Frisk was bad.

  11. Mara says:

    538 recently had a load of new polls that put Sanders (37% chance of nomination) in front and Warren joint last with Buttegieg (1% respectively) – I wonder if last night’s debate will change that

    • B n A fn says:

      I’m just saying, be careful what we wish for. Last night they were tearing each other apart and not one Glove was laid on #45. Do we believe nominating Bernie is the best thing for democrats. Sanders is not a democrat and I doubt Sanders will beat trump, IMO. Are we saying we want another 4 years of this madness.?

      • LP says:

        Idk, it’s the primaries and last night was the democratic debate- people should be making the case for who they think the best candidate is, and “not trump” is only part of the answer. Once we’ve decided on a nominee then we ALL need to rally and vote blue no matter who!

      • Mara says:

        I’d be interested to know as a non-American, which candidate do American commenters think has the best chance of beating Trump?

      • kgeo says:

        I think everyone hates Trump though??? I guess I just don’t know what they could say at this point that we don’t already know.

      • JanetDR says:

        @Mara, Some people feel that a man has a better chance, those people are generally men, but also my 89 year old aunt. For me, it has always been Elizabeth Warren. She is no nonsense and has a plan for all of her ideas. The mainstream press (which is all owned by the wealthy) has not been mentioning her at all * which has been odd, but understandable since they are terrified that they might have to pay a fair share of taxes.
        * For instance talking about first, second and fourth place but skipping over 3rd , a truly remarkable omission.

  12. Jen says:

    When he kept insisting the NDAs were consensual, I wanted to reach through the television and punch him. I was glad Liz was there to do it (with words).

    • notpretentious says:

      Exactly! They were forced to sign before getting settlements. He is Trump and Trump is him indeed!

  13. 10KTurtle says:

    Bloomberg is an awful person, Trump Part II. He has said if he is not the nominee, he will pour all of his money into campaigning for the eventual nominee, and pay his staff to work for the nominee’s campaign. I am struggling to reconcile these two facts. I just hope Warren is still an option when my state finally gets to vote.
    Also, does anybody know what happened between Klobuchar and Buttiegieg? They have such unconcealed hatred for each other.

    • Erin says:

      Pete must remind Amy of one of her staffers and she thinks she can get away with bullying him like she does with everyone else working for her.

      • ME says:

        I really didn’t like the way she spoke to Pete last night. He was actually very polite to her. The part where she said “We can’t all be perfect like you Pete” really bothered me. It’s something an immature kid would say. Amy really impressed me at the last debate, but last night I got a bit of a sour taste from her.

    • yanka says:

      10K, I pointed it out above but one of Amy’s staffers that she verbally abused and threw stuff at is gay, and her hatred for Pete is clearly so specific and personal and barely related to his policies that it’s hard for me to buy that there’s zero link between those two things.

    • 10KTurtle says:

      Thank y’all, I wondered if it must be something personal. I’m very sad to have to consider that it might be homophobic.

    • Malificent says:

      I think Klobuchar is very smart and capable, and I love when she tells it like it is. She has consistently performed well in the debates out of all of the candidates.

      But the allegations that she has a pattern of consistently poor behavior with her staff are a problem — and I didn’t like her “I’m a perfectionist” excuse. How you treat people that you perceive as beneath you or “serving” you says a LOT about your character. And the fact that she’s Minnesotan and rude is especially distressing! (I’m from the upper Midwest and used to live in Minnesota.)

      Me watching Amy is like going out to dinner with some one you’re really interested in, only to discover that they are really nasty to the waiter and stiffed the tip on the coat check girl. Some people argue that the expectation of kindness is misogynist. But I don’t think the answer is to lower the bar of expected decency for women; the answer is to raise the bar for men.

      My armchair psychoanalysis is that she’s picking on Pete not because he’s gay, but because she perceives that he should, by rights, be the weakest member of the remaining pack — and it infuriates her that that little Rhodes Scholar whippersnapper is further ahead in the game than she is. If Pete was 15 years older and had a couple of terms in Congress under his belt, she’d be picking on another candidate as the runt of the litter.

      • Tina says:

        I think he also attacked her in previous debates. It was unwise of her to get into it with him in the debate but he IS unqualified compared to her and probably the most unqualified person still in the debates. He should not be there compared to all the other people who had to drop out of the race earlier.

      • sassafras says:

        FWIW, I listen to the Pod Save America podcast and they’ve made several comments about how no one on any of the campaigns like Pete/ Pete’s campaign. They don’t go into details so I’m not sure why but it feels like insider baseball stuff.

      • Malificent says:

        Yeah, I listen to Pod Save America too, and have heard the comments. I’m also waiting to hear the details about what the specific annoyances are with Pete’s campaign — is it because Pete’s running out of his league or because he’s a Machiavellian Beaver Cleaver? Or likely a little of both?

        Klobuchar and Buttigieg are swimming in the same lane, so it makes sense that they are going after each other — but her dislike of him is definitely visceral. IMHO, she needs to work on her poker face when she’s going at him.

    • bakes says:

      Amy has talked about the fact that if she had Pete’s experience she would not have a chance in the race. Her dislike of him has to do with the lack of experience combined with his place in what she views as her isle of the campaign (moderates). Unfortunately, she has to pull from both Pete and Biden to secure the nomination and I’m not sure she will be able to do this. It’s this split among moderates more than anything that has lead to the Bernie surge. If the moderate wing of the party comes together around one candidate, they could beat Bernie to the nomination.

  14. HoyaLawya says:

    She destroyed him. Love to see it. I’m hoping she isn’t just clearing Bloomberg out for some man to swoop in and benefit.

  15. Badrockandroll says:

    I yearn for the day that “destroyed”, “melting snowflakes” & “burn” are not words used regularly to describe political exchanges. Do you think that that day will ever return, or is civility one more thing that #45 and his followers have taken away forever?

    • yanka says:

      I think it’s part of the cable news shout shows, John-Stewart/John-Oliver environment. Everyone has to be said to DESTROY or EVISCERATE or COMPLETELY DISEMEBOWEL everyone else, instead of what actually happens, which is someone points out a thing that happens and people boo or cheer and then the rich people on stage shake hands and go home.

      • JanetDR says:

        I don’t mean to be rude, but questioning if you have ever watched John Stewart or John Oliver because what you write is not their language or attitude at all!

    • LP says:

      I think being civil when people’s fundamental rights have been under attack for decades is just going to let the attacks continue, which is ironically not civil at all. There’s also been a lot written by smarter people than me on how “calls for civility” are a good way to keep oppressed minorities in their place.

  16. AmunetMaat says:

    She was on beastmode and I love it. She really was giving him the business, and when she did I laughed at his stupid reactions and faces.

  17. Aang says:

    She did fantastic! I also loved when Bernie told Bloomberg that he didn’t in fact earn billions of dollars all by himself but had some help from his workers.

  18. Keira says:

    Tuesday this week, The Daily podcast (NYT) had a great expose on Bloomberg. Lots of scary stuff.

    • B n A fn says:

      I have not decided on who to vote, for as yet. I’m wondering are we saying #45 would be better than Bloomberg? I live in New York during Bloomberg mayoral time, one thing I say is, crime was down under Bloomberg, Stop and frisk was bad, he inherited that from Rudy, she should have done something about it. Today, I’m scared to go in certain neighborhoods because of crime. Just last night someone working in a bodega was killed over a cigarette, crime is on the rise again, just saying. I think we have to take time and look at the big picture instead of picking out one or two negatives.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        This comment does not sound as if it comes from a real person. Something about the use of the word bodega and the sudden from he to she.

        Crime was already down before Bloomberg took office; his policies targeted minorities just as Warren said.

        No one said Trump would be better than Bloomberg.

        Bloomberg sold NYC to the ultra-rich (like himself) and that included protecting money laundering and other white-collar crimes by the ultra-rich. The city is changed because of him and his policies. There are other Democratic candidates who could and would do better, and who don’t have to buy their way in either.

        He was unprepared, did not lay out his vision for the country, and did not make a case for how he could beat Trump. His history is being vetted. People want his money, not him! Too bad, so sad.

      • B n A fn says:

        WRTP, I’m a real person, writing while working and not paying attention. I’m sure you understand what I was saying because you replied, no shade.
        I’m just saying, I don’t feel safe in certain areas in NYC right now. I see crime going up again, not happy. Bloomberg is not a favorite of mine, hell, right now I have no favorite and I’m scared. I cannot see living another 4 1/2 years with #45. As soon as he’s on tv I changed the channel, I cannot take the daily lies, insults, screaming ect. Now I watch GSTV or news at night. I used to post every day, had to stop because i thought it was not good for my health. I commented today because of the debate last night. I will continue taking a break from this madness that #45 is putting me through. I hope whoever we pick will bead him, that’s my only hope right not. Have a great day.

      • Rapunzel says:

        “I’m just saying, I don’t feel safe in certain areas in NYC right now. “- “certain areas”? That’s sounds suspiciously like code for “areas with lots of POC.” I can see why WATP thought you weren’t real- you’re talking like a FOX news anchor.

        And Btw, If you were a POC and dealing with Bloomberg’s stop and frisk, you’d feel unsafe in every area. Think on that, please, before you gripe.

      • D says:

        Looking at the big picture – as in long-term effects:

        I think that Bloomberg becoming the head of the Democratic party would seriously change (or damage, depending on your view) its “brand” & identity, change its constituency, shift it to the right on economic issues (this will probably also be reflected in the judges that get nominated) & foreign policy, and alienate a significant portion of its most reliable base voters.

        In addition, there is definitely a revitalized, emboldened, & fired-up grassroots left/progressive movement in the U.S. that would not just disappear. I could see a Bloomberg win convincing them that attempting to change the Democratic party from the inside is impossible and instead leaving to make a serious attempt to build a progressive national party that starts by running for local elections & state legislatures before trying for higher positions.

        Whether this is good, bad, or neutral (i.e. Democrats are able to replace the more liberal/left-wing voters they lose by attracting more conservative voters) depends on your own political views & what kind of party you want the Dems to be.

      • anatolia says:

        Rapunzel, it’s a bit silly to pretend that big cities don’t have areas that are less safe.

      • lucy2 says:

        No, 45 would not be better than Bloomberg. Bloomberg is dead last on my list, but I’d still vote for him over Trump.
        4 more years of Trump would be devastating for civil rights, the environment, national security, the Supreme Court, and democracy as a whole.
        Bloomberg is AWFUL, but Trump is still worse, IMO.

    • Jerusha says:

      When is that ”revitalized, emboldened, & fired-up grassroots left/progressive movement in the U.S” going to get busy working to elect city councillors, county commissioners, school board members, mayors, governors, state AGs, and all the other down ballot slots instead of coming out every four years to act as spoilers and hand us such disasters as GWB and DJT? That’s the question I’d like answered. I’d be thrilled to be able to work for and vote for a Green or Socialist for those spots, but I will not vote for them in the presidential race. They have not done the work to reach that level. We still basically have a two party system nationally and it’s either a not perfect Democrat or a perfectly corrupt Republican. That’s the way it is and will remain, imo, for the foreseeable future. The Earth is too fragile to keep allowing the likes of trump, his enablers, and his cultists to rule. We have to coalesce behind a viable candidate. I was a Bernie fan 25 years ago, wish he’d run then, but I just don’t see him winning nationally now.

  19. Mellie says:

    Loved it, I’m not a Bloomberg fan at all. I think it’s total BS that someone is late to the party and can just join in. I know he raised money or whatever he did and all that crap, plus he’s a total a-hole, racist dick, so there’s that. I was nervous at first, but I don’t think he’s gonna get the nom.

  20. Sofia says:

    I love her. She has done so much to stop predatory banks and credit card companies from taking advantage of people.

  21. Anna says:

    As far as I’m concerned, she is the only one on that stage with integrity. Elizabeth Warren gives me hope. No matter what happens, she is out there. She made it this far. That means there is still hope in a bleak, bleak world ruled by grey and selfish men.

  22. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    It was nice to see. BUT. I have faith no more. Hey remember that group? You want it all but you can’t have it. It’s in your face but you can’t grab it lmao. Anywho, I think as close as I can allow myself to get to this race is MAYBE quarterly updates. I’m striving for severe limitations concerning political news and polls especially. Washington has made me an angry person. I’m doing this for my health lol.

  23. boredblond says:

    Warren did fine in her takedown of Bloomberg, but that’s pretty easy pickings. She remains afraid of Sanders followers just like repubs are scared of the magats. If Sanders stays at 25%, that means that 3/4 of the party, forget 2018 crossovers, want someone else! Warren is trying to rebrand herself as more moderate, but I don’t think it will work..she continues to be lumped in with Bernie.

    • Betsy says:

      She has a lot of crossover with him but lacks his massive ego and nebulous plans. Also her followers are pretty uniformly kind people. The same cannot be said of Bernie’s paid staff or his followers.

      She didn’t go for him because as someone said upthread: pick your battles. Heck, she probably figures another heart attack is going to level him. I’m pretty sure no cardiologist would recommend running for President (on the wrong ticket, to boot) to a recent heart attack victim.

  24. MellyMel says:

    Bloomberg is literally Trump and I’m offended that he’s bought his way into this race. He has no business being up there with the other candidates and I’m glad Liz went after him last night. It was glorious! I was on team Kamala and Warren was #2, so now she’s my pick and I’m getting tired of the media trying to erase her before the majority of the states haven’t even voted in their primaries.

  25. Other Renee says:

    The media has absolutely been trying to erase Warren and it’s a shame because she is by far the most qualified candidate. I pray it’s not Sanders. A nearly 80 year old man with heart problems would be eviscerated by 45.

    Whoever the nominee is, I hope that person focuses on what he or she plans to do and not on how awful 45 is. That’s not going to influence anyone not to vote for him. Didn’t work last time, won’t work this time.

  26. Kathryn says:

    I love Liz and she was on fire. I have very mixed feelings about Bloomberg. I worked in NYC and he appointed some of the best and brightest to run city agencies. These people and their staff were great to work with, and they oversaw some very innovative ideas and policies. Yet Bloomberg sold the city to the developers who gutted middle class/affordable housing. Look at what happened to the area surrounding the High Line. Made Manhattan into a city populated by very part time residents in their shiny new towers, trust fund kids, other very wealthy people. And he did very little to improve the public schools.

    • Annaloo says:

      I lived in NYC while he was mayor and ITA. He is a true double edged sword. Effective, he gets the job done, but there is a sensitivity chip missing

      In my eyes, he was mayor of Manhattan….not the rest of the city. :-(

  27. Annaloo says:

    Warren had a FANTASTIC night. She truly has sincere heart. I feel her care about people.

    Bernie- ugh! I’m glad people are pushing back hard on his free puppies and cars for everyone vision and calling out the immaturity and bullying tactics of his Bernie Bros following. If there’s going to be a lead progressive, it should be Warren.

    Klobuchar- what was that last night? She was really irritable, I could believe the stories on her treating her staff terribly after that performance.

    Buttegieg- charming as ever, but I feel the wind is out of his sails

    Bloomberg- surprised he didn’t mention his support and work with Stacey Abrams to fight voter suppression. I think he’s still the fighter we need for climate change and we want him (and his money) in our side

    Biden: go home, Joe. Enjoy your life, enjoy your family. You’ve served the country well and now you should be able to just retire. Please.

    • sassafras says:

      I agree with all this. I keep saying I wish Pete had won a few bigger elections before this, because experience is good (after what we’ve been through) but at the same time, he’s intelligent and educated enough to manage the executive branch. I could see him being our Trudeau/ Macron-esque golden boy… maybe.

    • lisanne says:

      I kind of get why Klobuchar hates Pete so much. She has much deeper governmental experience than him, and yet he had the audacity to question whether she has enough experience to be President. Plus, it must irk her that this inexperienced guy is getting so much attention. I find him vastly annoying, and I don’t have to stand next to him on a stage!

      • yeyeye says:

        agree, an interesting thing about Pete is that whereas i believe many do find him “charming”, i really can’t stand him. he seems completely insincere and calculated (to me). we’re all so different! lol

  28. Josie says:

    I am not a Warren fan but damn she killed it last night. She destroyed him on that stage and she did it with facts! It kills me what the main stream media and the Democrats are doing propping up Bloomberg as their savior against Trump. Make no mistake, we will be trading Trump with just another Trump. Bloomberg is a sexist and racist who truly believes he is above people just like Trump. All of these videos, tapes, lawsuits are just starting to come out. It will only get worse from here. I will take any nominee that isn’t Bloomberg even though I’m not thrilled with any of them that are left but we’re stuck at this point.

  29. YAS says:

    Honestly, I think the Bloomberg pile-on should have happened later and everyone should have been piling on Bernie because I have serious doubts about his electability in the general election. With that being said, I deeply despise Mike Bloomberg and watching Warren knock him around was highly enjoyable. Bloomberg’s technocracy has some good effects because he funds a lot of gun control and climate change efforts and I think that’s to be commended, but let him stay in that lane because he also has demonstrated that he is utterly unfit to wield executive political authority in any way because his technocracy also leads him to enact policy that absolutely denigrate the civil liberties of the citizens he leads all because he follows data and enacts the easiest most straightforward solutions that are obvious to him, a man with huge racial and economic blind spots, to try to address them regardless of whether they’re good public policy (stop and frisk, spying on Muslims, making formula difficult to come by in city hospitals and trying to reduce women’s access to baby formula in order to encourage breastfeeding, etc etc). Please give Democrats your money and stay out of politics.

    • Tina says:

      I was hoping Bloomberg could cancel out Bernie in the primary and we would have an electable, moderate candidate that could actually win in the general election. Looking like Bernie is more and more likely the winner of the primary and will cost the democrats the WH, Senate, and maybe the House in 2020.

      • YAS says:

        I was hoping a moderate other than Bloomberg would have proven to be a true challenger for Bernie in the primary. Bloomberg was honestly last on my list of candidates. But I think there are too many candidates in the moderate lane, esp since Warren is very clearly trying to peel off Pete and Klobs voters, and it’s splintering the moderate votes and essentially leaving Bernie to run away with the whole thing. And like, I disagree with Bernie on like every single economic policy he has put forward (keep in mind, I think he’s a skilled diagnostician I just disagree with him very strongly about the remedy), but none of those policies have a snowball’s chance in hell of passing because the Senate will not flip and the GOP certainly is going to remember that Congress is a co-equal branch of government and start to serve as a check on the Presidency again. So as a free-market libertarian, Bernie’s socialism is a non-issue for me.

        The problem is that there are a lot of voters out there in the Dem coalition who aren’t as tuned into politics, don’t give a d*** about foreign policy, government corruption, the integrity of the courts and the justice department, and the actual philosophical underpinnings of the Constitution that are currently on life support in a Trump presidency, so they’re either going to stay home, vote Trump because the economy is fine as far as they’re concerned, or just not vote for the presidential ticket at all.

        I’ll be the random libertarian who’ll canvass for Bernie in Maine (so’s I can canvass for Susan Collins’ democratic challenger because that woman needs to go) and if there are any moderate Democrats who are going to be on the fence about voting for Bernie, I think I can help there, but I’m increasingly despondent about the fact that I don’t think there is a persuasive argument to be made for a Bernie Sanders presidency to disengaged voters who are skeptical of the economic aspect of the progressive agenda.

      • minx says:

        If Sanders is the nominee we’re going to get wiped out.

      • Sibiling says:

        “If Sanders is the nominee we’re going to get wiped out.’

        Maybe in your bubble but the polls tell a different story.

      • YAS says:

        @Sibiling: Sure, but those poll don’t mean anything because the actual general election hasn’t happened yet. The GOP and the Trump campaign are going to throw their full arsenal against the Democratic candidate, probably with the help of the Russians. In the beginning of April 2016, HRC was 10 points ahead of Trump in a head to head match up poll. By the end of the general election, she was within the margin of error.

        Do I genuinely and sincerely hope whoever the democratic nominee is wins the general election? Yes. Do I think a self-described democratic socialist can win a general election in the country we currently live in? No. Happy to be proven wrong, but I really don’t see it happening. Especially given that a recent poll said 53% of the voting population of this country will not vote for a socialist.

    • YAS says:

      @DURY JUDY: yes, 60% of Americans make less than $40K a year. And 53% of Americans also responded that they would never vote for a socialist. The former does not negate the latter. If it did, the poorest state in the country (Kentucky) wouldn’t routinely elect Republicans for most political offices. They don’t even like Mitch McConnell, but they’ll take him over a Democrat. His statewide poll numbers have been in the toilet for years.

      RE: the general, I’ll be happy to be proven wrong. And even though I’m a free-market libertarian, I will vote for Bernie. But not every non-Democrat, non-progressive voter is willing or interested in being the same.

      I do not watch the View and get all the AOC content I care to consume via Twitter, so I know her shtick and don’t need to give the view air time or views just to get exposure to AOC’s talking points.

  30. sassafras says:

    I refuse to get on the Bernie is inevitable train. Can we let some POC vote before we anoint him, please?

    • minx says:

      Can’t stand him.

    • Tina says:

      It’s bad enough if Bernie loses the WH. But he will cost the Democrats Senate seats and maybe even the House. Think about how Labour was recently wiped out in the UK election. The democrats have a chance in flipping the Senate seats in places like Arizona, all of that is at risk with Bernie (and by association AOC, the squad) as the lead on the ticket.

  31. Leah says:

    Bloomberg couldn’t buy enough salve to cool the burn she gave him. It was fun watching trump 2.0 squirm.

  32. Bex says:

    She was magnificent and it is embarrassing for us that somebody as unqualified as Pete is ahead of her. She should be the slam dunk nominee in this field.

    As for Amy and Pete- yes, of course it’s personal. He’s running a campaign just to boost his profile in the most important election imaginable. He’s not remotely ready to do the actual job while she’s worked for years to get to this stage.

    • L4frimaire says:

      I really want it to be Warren. I like how she excoriated the banks in the senate hearings a few years ago, been consistent and prepared, and she’s tussled with Trump already. Glad she neutralized Bloomberg. He should take his money and support other candidates. The rest look old or too inexperienced. Sanders seems cagey on the medical records and nothing optimistic there. They need to start debating real issues and talking about Trump. That’s not being brought up enough.

  33. Aimee says:

    I think she is great too but do you all really believe this country is ready to elect a woman? I know, I know, Hillary won the popular vote but she didn’t win the election. Half of this country (side eyeing Trumpsters) would rather elect a squirrel than a woman.

    • Tina says:

      that’s why even though none of my friends agree I was saying Joe Biden early on. He has the best polls in the swing states compared to the rest of the field. His age is an issue, but Bernie is old too and he had a heart attack!

    • Bex says:

      The blue wave of 2018 was driven by women though.

      The biggest swing demographic this year is probably suburban white women. I imagine they’d be more for Warren than somebody like Sanders.

      This feedback loop of asking whether a woman can win is 100% the reason she’s not the frontrunner though. People are so scared and I can’t count the number of times an acquaintance has mentioned that Warren would be the best POTUS but that beating Trump is more important. Voters are second guessing what a random farmer in Pennsylvania is thinking.

  34. Minnie says:

    Warren is absolutely right about Bloomberg, however the sad truth is that Trump and even Bill Clinton proved that people don’t really care if their President is a sexist douchebag. I don’t think focusing on that will get her any votes she already doesn’t have.

    • Scollins says:

      Don’t dismiss 2018 results so quickly please.

      • Minnie says:

        I’m not, I’m just saying that she won’t get new voters just for reminding us that Bloomberg is no better than Trump in the morals department. At the end of the day, people want to know her plans to better their lives and at least where I live all the news we get from Warren is stuff like this instead of her actual government plans. That’s not really her fault, but I don’t think it will help her in the long run.

  35. Sheree says:

    I wish they would stop attacking each other and discuss how they intend to beat Trump. Also, I am disgusted by Bernie running again. Doesn’t he realize that him and his boys are part of the reason Trump is in the WH? Bernie likes to blow smoke up everyone’s ass, when he knows that the GoP would block most of his talking points. And as a registered Socialist in his past, the GOP machine would dig up old hippie marches and sound bites from his Socialist past, and they would turn him into a full blown Communist by election time. Look what they did to a Purple Heart medal winner, John Kerry. They played dirty and he ended up looking like he didn’t deserve his award and he was totally swiftboated. I’m just trying to figure out who could win the WH back from the grifters. I was going with Biden/Warren. He’s a centralist that may draw disgusted Republicans to him and Warren would be set up for the next election to run. We can’t keep arguing about every issue, and attacking each other at the debates is a Trump game. I am pissed that egotistical Bernie can’t stop jumping in the election. If he’s going to run again, why not Hillary? I think she should take her rightful spot as Madame President. She’s the most experienced person that we have had in a long time. But I’m sure that she is done with all the BS. I still remember how Bernie and his possie were so indignant at the Democratic convention. And of course, the political genius Susan Sarandon right along with him. He took his sweet time giving his support to Hillary, and continued to bad mouth her at the convention. I wish we had a strong passionate person in the race, like President Obama. Too bad he can’t run again. But at the end of the day, I’m a “Yellow Dog Democrat” an old Southern saying that means I would vote for a yellow dog over any Republican. One thing is for sure, we have to get it together. I can’t take 4 more years of Trumpism. I almost fainted when he got the electoral college. My daughter was crying because she was so excited to have a female president.

    • Scollins says:

      I feel exactly the same. I’m wondering about Bernie already getting stealth aid from Russia and Repubs due to Bernie’s spoiler success the last go around. They’ve had nearly 4 yrs for plotting.