Kate Hudson says she’s seriously thinking about having a fourth child

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I’ve said this before, and I guess people are still sort of surprised by it, but I’m a Kate Hudson stan. I just like her? She stays in her lane, she makes fitness clothes and has babies and she’s not trying to convince us that she’s the best actress or best mother or most successful Gooper or whatever. Kate keeps it simple. Anyway, because her acting career has largely fizzled, Kate has put a lot more effort into her side projects. Her latest is a new vodka label? Broke: people creating makeup lines. Woke: people creating liquor lines. Seriously, why don’t more celebrities do it? Kate’s liquor is called King St. Vodka, and that’s why she appeared on The Ellen Show this week, to shill for the vodka.

In this video, Kate and her brother Oliver talk about their kids – they both have three kids each now, and Kate talks about how she kind of wants another baby. Kate is 40 now, and her youngest, Rani, is 16 months old. Kate’s oldest is Ryder, who is 16! Anyway, they talk about Rani a lot and she seems like a cool baby.

In this clip they play Truth or Drink, with Kate’s vodka. The headline is that both Kate and Oliver have smoked pot with their parents. Which doesn’t surprise me at all! Also: I’m sure that when they’re talking about their parents, they mean Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, not Bill Hudson.

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  1. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    For the sake of climate change, Kate, please stop at three

    • Hotsauceinmybag says:

      Given that her athleisure brand is very likely unethically and unsustainably made, I don’t think she gives a crap about the environment.

    • anneliser says:

      Cut out the mom shaming. It’s really none of your business how many kids other people choose to have.

      • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

        @AnneLiser Yes. It most certainly is my and every other person’s business how many children are brought into a world that is lurching towards disaster. From the Californian to the Australian/Tasmanian bushfires, we are at tipping point. And every new child in the West has 20x the carbon footprint of its counterpart in the global south. Cut out the cries of ‘ooh, momshaming’ and just think: what kind of world will those kids grow up in, where will they be in thirty years’ time, if no care is taken? Will they be fighting a war over resources? Dying from rising sea levels? Fauxrage isn’t appropriate here

      • Lilah casting says:

        No one said anything about Kate being a bad mom that amounts to mom shaming if she wants another child why not concided adoption

      • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

        @Lilah Casting An excellent idea, and one that should be encouraged.
        I’ve made the decision not to have children myself because of the environmental disaster we’re living in/under. I am open to the idea of adopting when I’m more financially stable: it’s repeated endlessly, but there are SO many children in need of safety, security and love

      • JaneBee says:

        For those outside the US (and I think quite a few commenters here are indeed located in other countries), the ‘just go adopt’ mentality is very simplistic and often a flippant comment that seems to be thrown in to temper otherwise antinatalist positions. 

        While there is a very large adoption pool in the US, this is not the situation in many other developed countries. In France, the Netherlands and Australia, the number of children (not just infants) available for adoption is minuscule. A couple of years ago, in Australia’s second most populous state, over a twelve month period, there were 54 children for adoption versus thousands of applicants (and that figure excludes would be single parents who are prevented from even applying). 

        And before you throw out the ‘well go save a child from a developing country’ line, inter-country adoption remains problematic on many fronts. It is expensive ($50K+) and often beyond the means of the average person. The industry itself is riddled with unethical and often criminal behaviour – some adoptive parents have later discovered that their adopted children were separated from functional, loving families to be adopted out to by agencies who make enormous profits. If you follow the nowhitesaviours instagram account, you can find details of some ongoing cases and the legal efforts to retrieve these children. There is also a strong lobby movement against inter-country adoption by grown adoptees who believe that it causes irreparable harm. This is particularly the case where children of colour are adopted by white families living in largely white communities and there is zero appreciation of the ‘cultural acclimatisation’ burden being thrust upon the child.   
        Adoption is not a simple, straight forward topic. I agree with Anneliser that rather than attempting to control women’s bodies (just stop and think about the company you share when doing that), the only way that we can stop the impending climate disaster is by systemic change that targets industry. Maybe lobby for a ban of coal based power, non-reusable plastics, over-consumption of meat, disposable fashion, etc rather than telling women/families not to reproduce. If not having a child is your personal contribution to stopping climate change, that’s absolutely your choice. Policing other women’s uteruses becomes a very slippery slope. 

    • anneliser says:

      Is it your business? Really? Do you think your environmental concerns mean you get to what, force abortions on any woman who has more than 1.7 kids or something? Talk about fauxrage …

      In my experience, most people who use your kind of rhetoric are just using their environmental “concern” to mask their general misanthropy and dislike of children. I want to save the world for the kids! Not for … kids who will never exist because some judgmental person decided they get to be the arbiter for other people’s family size decisions.

      • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

        Please tell me where I advocated forced abortions. Then take your hyperbole and shove it.
        It is every woman’s responsibility to consider what effect their reproduction will have on the planet. It is every man’s responsibility to do the same. Sorry if this is a hard truth for you, but the world in its current state is dying. The anthropocene era has seen the die-off of the most species, animal-insect-amphibious-aqueous, in recorded history. We’re something like twenty harvests away from crop failure. Rather than shrieking, look at the facts

      • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

        PS ‘in my experience’ – anecdote is not the plural of data; it’s an excuse for an ad hominem

      • anneliser says:

        I don’t think any indivuidual person’s decision to have an extra kid is going to have that big an environmental impact. This is a great example of shaming people for their individual choices rather than demanding the kind of systemic change from our political system that would actually help save the planet.

      • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

        You evidently missed the part about the 20x impact of a child in the global north vs the global south.
        Yes, political decisions need to be made, but the state cannot be expected to make all the decisions for the electorate. Personal responsibility and accountability should not be mandated or forced from above.
        You seem to use an awful lot of language that is judgmental, and value judgments about the characters based on your own opinions rather than available data. To have an argument rather than a debate, carry on with talks of shaming. But a rational conversation should rely on logic and big picture assessments rather than resorting to personal insults

      • anneliser says:

        I have long been aware of statistics about individuals’ environmental impact in developed countries vs. less affluent countries. That still doesn’t make it your business how many kids other people have, and I have no idea why these statistics make you think it does.

        I guess it’s good that you just want to shame people who have large families instead of, you know, mandating some sort of dystopian family planning system, but I’m going to continue thinking it makes you a judgmental busybody.

      • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

        @Anneliser And yet again, you’re putting words in my mouth and thoughts in my head that are a projection of your own. Not mine. You know absolutely nothing about me. Nothing.
        No point in attempting to debate with someone this unreasonable – I find you exhausting. I’d only advise you to keep your ad hominem to yourself. It’s not a good look

      • JaneBee says:

        @anneliser +1

  2. LahdidahBaby says:

    Omg that baby is adorable and oozing personality!

  3. SM says:

    Too much of excitement in that video. Which also proves she is an ok actor because her brother is just annoying with all that enthusiasm. As for kids, she seems content with being a mom so I say, she should do it if that makes her happy. But what does that mean in terms of her relationship? I thought having kids will different men was sort of her thing.

  4. Mia4s says:

    I clicked to see if this one time Academy Award nominee was in the news to promote an acting project…..nope! There really is no place now in Hollywood for a nepotism-benefiting blond actr…oh wait she’s 40. I get it now.

  5. Naddie says:

    How about the sequence of The skeleton key, Kate? HOW ABOUT IT?

  6. lobstah says:

    Not to be a debbie downer, but this story made me cry. I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant and we got some bad news back on our genetic screening yesterday, and pending further tests, the baby has a chance of having some severe disabilities. So, we might have to end the pregnancy. And my heart is broken and then I see people like Kate Hudson having tons of super healthy babies and it’s just like a hobby for her and it just makes me so envious. Sorry, had to vent. It’s been a shitty week.

    • Sophie says:

      That is so, so rough, @lobstah. I’m thinking of you and your little one. Those tests are not always 100% accurate, so I hope this ends up being an error. Hang in there. ❤️

    • e-fanty fan says:

      Hugs for you!

    • Originaltessa says:

      Ugh, I’m so so sorry. Hugs. I know there are no words to make you feel better, but stay strong and try to take care of yourself.

      • Anne says:

        Sending you the biggest hug <3
        Who gives a cr… about spoiled celebrities, they would not survive 3 days in the real world.

    • Jo says:

      That’s tough news to get and it’s made more difficult because you don’t have a definite answer yet. I wish you all the best whatever the outcome and hope you have lots of support around you regardless. It’s okay to feel anger, resentment and sadness because thats your way of coping right now. Make sure to pamper and mind yourself until you can find out for sure what the future holds.

    • Ann says:

      I wish you all the best @lobstah. Sending infinite hugs.

    • Spicecake38 says:

      Lobstah,this is your post so I won’t go to deep except to say I experienced a very similar situation,and I’m terribly sorry.
      If your results are from the usual testing done around 15-17 weeks they can be very unreliable.Talk to as many people as possible-nurse practitioners in the ob/gyn field can be very helpful,they were to me.
      I know how you feel about her having another baby,like just so fun…when your own situation is as difficult as anything can be when you should feel joy.
      My second pregnancy ended,but I have a beautiful daughter and for that I’m so grateful,but I’ll never be able to have more,and that’s okay .
      I really really hope and pray that you will find answers and somehow be able to have the child you want so much 💕

    • anneliser says:

      Hugs and positive thoughts. My sweet neighbors went through this during the pregnancy of their first child, and while he was born a few weeks early, he is totally healthy and thriving. I hope you have a similarly good outcome. I do not judge people for ending pregnancies for any reason, but bear in mind that many people with disabilities also live happy, thriving lives. Treatments for common issues such as spina bifida have come a really long way in the past 20 years.

    • lucy2 says:

      I’m sorry. Wishing you the best.

    • anon says:

      I’m so sorry. I understand. Sending you love and positive energy.

    • Bookie says:

      @lobstah – Wishing you all the best and many, many warm wishes and hugs and hopes for positive outcomes for you and your family.

    • K-Peace says:

      Lobstah, I know i’m a day late here but i just saw your post and wanted to offer you support and to tell you: I got pregnant 2 years ago at age 41. We had a special ultrasound done where they were looking for signs of Down Syndrome due to my age. And they found a “marker” for Downs.—Something about, there was a “shiny spot” on my baby’s heart. And as i understood it, all babies with Downs have this “shiny spot” on their heart. So it was something pointing toward my baby having Downs, which was devastating news. However, rarely, normal babies can also have this “shiny spot”, just randomly. So it didn’t mean that my baby definitely had Downs. But combined with my age, it was something pointing toward him possibly having it. So we had to have further testing done, through some blood work. And then there was an agonizing 2-week wait for the results. The longest 2 weeks of my life; it was torture. The results came back that he almost definitely didn’t have Downs, and i ended up delivering him at 40 weeks, completely healthy, normal, and perfect. He is now a year-&-a-half old and is right here running around the room, playing with his toys, and making me laugh.—He’s the joy of my life. So i just wanted to tell you my experience to say that sometimes you can get news that it appears something might be wrong with the baby, and then you can still end up having a perfectly healthy baby. I know the torture you are dealing with right now.—My thoughts are with you.—Hang in there and keep the faith that things might turn out ok.

  7. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Everybody and their mother has a liquor line now:
    The Rock
    Henry Cavill
    Ryan Reynolds
    George Clooney
    Kate Hudson
    Nick Jonas
    Drew Barrymore (who also has a makeup line!)
    Channing Tatum
    David Beckham
    Justin Timberlake
    even Bob Dylan!

    In other words…no. We dont need anymore celebrity liquor lines. Lol.

    • Ellie says:

      If I were Justin Timberlake, I would sell off or end that liquor line now. I didn’t even know he had one, but that’s NAGL after that New Orleans cheating(?) mess.

    • Dani says:

      George Clooney’s is probably the only good one. Casamigos is my fave tequila.

  8. MaryContrary says:

    She always bugged me but I started listening to her podcast and I think she’s great. Her brother (who I had thought was cute) is actually more annoying.

  9. Josie says:

    I like her and I’ve liked a lot of her movies. She should try an HBO or HULU/Netflix series. TV right now is a lot better than most of the movies put out today. I hate how she is slut shamed for having kids with different fathers. She seems like a good mother and has an okay relationship with their fathers and she sure didn’t do it to get child support or anything.

    • anon says:

      No one is “slut shaming” her. But her kids are going to need therapy. That’s not judgement. That’s just the nature of families (no matter how rich or poor) who are so blended up one side and down the other that no one can keep track.

  10. Lurker says:

    It must be really nice to casually say you might want a kid and have it happen…not everyone’s fertility journey is that easy. It’s hard sometimes just seeing people (at 40!) having kid after kid while struggling with your own shit. Brb… 😭

    • Flamingo says:

      I so feel you on this! Sometimes I have to remember to tamp down my envy of people who can sneeze and get pregnant at 40. I swear everywhere around me people are having “Oops! We weren’t even trying. What a happy accident!” pregnancies. My first took cycles of Chlomid, IVF, and finally a third fertility doctor who tried an IUI that somehow miraculously worked. Not to mention a few miscarriages along the way. We are really considering having one more and I am not looking forward to having my husband jab me with hormones every morning, constantly tracking my temperature, and following my ovulation calendar like it’s my job. Kind of takes the fun out of baby making!

  11. ChellyPie says:

    Won’t she need to break up w her baby daddy first?

  12. ChillyWilly says:

    Baby Rani is cuuuuuuute as a button!

  13. Allli says:

    i feel kind of bad but yes, my first thought was who will the next father be?

  14. BL says:

    I like them both but Kate is an INTERRUPTER.

  15. anon says:

    Okay, so. I don’t *dislike* Kate Hudson.

    But let’s get real. If she was anybody else living in standard-issue America with three (3!) kids by three different men, she would be seriously dragged for it. The fact that she’s rich and famous does not give her a pass. For example: I have a nephew whose mother had five kids by four different men and every single one of them have issues. So while I have no doubt that Hudson’s kids are well cared for, there will at some point come a reckoning that all the money and wealth in the world can’t fix.

    And before all of you start in, the same goes for the men in the same boat, including Eddie Murphy, Mike Tyson and Mel Gibson, who have like, 22,000 kids between them.

    I’m not advocating for the false “nuclear family” argument, but I am saying that these situations are no fun for the kids of these people.

    • Lulu says:

      @ANON LMAO at you thinking any kid anywhere is perfectly well-adjusted with no issues. I grew up in a Bill-and-Claire-Huxtable version of Black America and every dad was a breadwinner and every mom a housewife or profession-with-flexible-schedule-for-kids. People were still effed up and have issues. It’s life. It’s being human. There is no formula for being perfect.
      You sound truly ignorant.

  16. Jules says:

    I watched some of this clip and they both come across as incredibly smug and pretentious. The Tom Cruise story also seemed rehearsed and inflated. It’s all for show and there’s really nothing to see her except rich celebrity kids talking about being rich celebrity kids.

  17. Sheree says:

    I think Kate Hudson has a natural talent as an actor and I would love to see her I some Indie movies or thrillers. I loved her in the role of Penny Lane in “Almost Famous “. Another good movie she played in was “Skeleton Key”.