Will the Queen eventually remove Harvey Weinstein’s CBE honor or nah?

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In Queen Elizabeth’s mind, what’s worse? A) raping a teenager who was trafficked to you by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, B) Being BFFs and rape-buddies with Jeffrey Epstein, C) raping, harassing and abusing hundreds of women over the course of decades or D) wanting to live a life free of constant racist abuse and harassment? I think the Queen will always believe that D is the worst. HRH Prince Andrew still has his titles, properties and dear old mummy’s support. And it looks like it will be just be one giant headache to remove Harvey Weinstein’s CBE, his honorary Commander of the British Empire title, given to him by the Queen in 2004.

Harvey Weinstein isn’t just losing his freedom — he might also lose his royal honor. The shamed movie mogul’s conviction for rape Monday has sparked fresh calls Wednesday for him to be stripped of his CBE — a move British Prime Minister Boris Johnson supports, according to the Times of London.

Queen Elizabeth II had awarded Weinstein, 67, his honorary CBE — short for Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire — in 2004 for his outstanding contribution to the British film industry. It is the second-highest honor the Queen can bestow, beaten only by a knighthood. The conviction led to calls for him to be stripped of the title — now that he is no longer best known for his “services to the film industry,” as one Labour MP wrote in a formal request.

“We have long been aware of these ‘services’ and the impact they have had upon so many women,” MP Chi Onwurah wrote, noting Weinstein’s sex assaults in a formal parliamentary letter to the committee that would make the decision. Allowing him to keep his CBE, Onwurah wrote, would be to “continue to honor Mr. Weinstein at the expense of all those who have experienced sexual violence and especially his victims.”

The prime minister’s rep insisted that the decision was ultimately a matter for the Honours Forfeiture Committee — but the UK Times said he supported Weinstein getting stripped of it.

“We are crystal clear that unwanted behavior is completely unacceptable. We condemn sexual violence in all its forms,” Johnson’s spokesperson told the paper. The UK Times said the decision is a “secretive” process — and would ultimately need to be approved by the Queen.

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Yes, I realize that this is not (entirely) up to the Queen, but here’s the thing: as we’ve seen very recently, if the Queen wants to punish someone, she makes it happen. The fact that she didn’t make it happen in Harvey Weinstein’s case says something to me. And please, I don’t want to hear “Weinstein was only JUST convicted!” We’ve known what he was for years. Everyone involved – from MPs, the palace courtiers, the Queen, the Honours Forfeiture Committee – should have gotten the ball rolling on this a long time ago. I guess the palace only moves swiftly when it involves Meghan and Harry though.

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9 Responses to “Will the Queen eventually remove Harvey Weinstein’s CBE honor or nah?”

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  1. Charfromdarock says:

    She seems to have a soft spot for rapists so it’s doubtful she will push for removing the honours.

  2. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    Old Brenda’s fully capable of cognitive dissonance where her pwecious boy is concerned; I can absolutely see her removing HW’s honour while protecting ‘poor Andrew’ from all those ‘dreadful rapacious women’

  3. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Well QE clearly has no issue with sexual assaulters so Im going to say no.

  4. TheOtherSarah says:

    Well, no. How whould she justify taking away Harvey’s CBE honor while letting Pedo Prince keep all his titles, royal residences and privileges?

  5. Guesting says:

    My bet is she didn’t even remember bestowing said title. I think she will remove the title because of outward pressure. The real question is once she removes Weinstein’s title will she finally be forced to strip Prince Andrew of his HRH – probably not and the hypocrisy continues

    • BeanieBean says:

      Right. My guess is these decisions are made by committee–of the notorious gray men? She just doles them out, takes a sword to them, and is done with it. I’m sure the honorees blend over the course of decades.

  6. Alyse says:

    She approves it, it’s for the committee to make the decision and bring it to the Queen for her to decide on. The Queen might have been heavily involved in issues within her family ie Harry and Maghan’s exit, but she’s not a big decision maker really, she mostly just approves things. I don’t think the Queen can really be blamed for this not coming up earlier.

  7. Spicecake38 says:

    She should,but wouldn’t that be hypocritical considering Andrew has lost no HRH,etc.I realize Andrew hasn’t been convicted,but…
    Keep it consistent,Liz