Roman Polanski won’t attend the Cesar Awards for fear of being ‘lynched’ (ugh)

French actress Valentine Monnier accuses Roman Polanski of raping **FILE PHOTOS**

The Cesar Awards are being held tonight in Paris. The Cesars are the French equivalent of the Oscars, meaning the highest awards for film in France. The Cesars generally reward people and films within their own bustling film industry, but occassionally, non-French people get nominated and even win Cesars, like Kristen Stewart (she was the first American woman to win a Cesar in an acting category). Roman Polanski isn’t French (by birth) but I think he has French citizenship, and he has spent much of his life – post-LA-rape-case – in France and Switzerland. I would need to speak to a French film industry person, but I feel like Polanski is generally accepted as a Franco-European director at this point.

Anyway, Polanski’s film An Officer and a Spy ended up getting 12 Cesar nominations. It became a huge deal, because there are French activists and artists who say that #MeToo still hasn’t really come into the conversation in France. Polanski is a rapist and a child molester, and many women have come forward in recent years to tell their stories about him. So… the Cesar nominations were a huge deal, and long story short, the board of the Cesar Awards resigned in protest of Polanski specifically. So, will Polanski even come out to the Cesars? Non! He made the announcement yesterday with a statement about how he feels “lynched.” This motherf–ker.

France’s equality minister and feminists were outraged at his 12 nominations, including for best film, given that Roman Polanski is still wanted in the United States for the statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl in 1977.

“We know how this evening will unfold already,” Polanski said in a statement to AFP. “Activists are already threatening me with a public lynching, with some saying they are going to protest outside,” the 87-year-old added. “What place can there be in such deplorable conditions for a film about the defence of truth, the fight for justice, blind hate and antisemitism?”

Earlier this week, French star Adèle Haenel, who last year accused the director of her first film of sexually harassing her when she was 12, criticised the Césars for honouring Polanski. “Distinguishing Polanski is spitting in the face of all victims,” she said. “It means raping women isn’t that bad.”

[From The Guardian]

“Activists are already threatening me with a public lynching, with some saying they are going to protest outside…” Ugh, those are not the same things? People were saying that they would protest outside and inside the Cesars. “Protests” do not equal “lynching.” If he’s going to claim antisemitism – which I do not believe is the case here – then perhaps he shouldn’t throw out such a loaded word dealing with racism against the black community. Also: it’s not f–king antisemitic to point out that someone is a rapist and child molester!!

Anyway, the French Academy will be electing a new board after tonight’s Cesar Awards, and they’re probably also going to try to put in some safeguards so that rapists don’t get 12 Cesar nominations ever again.

French actress Valentine Monnier accuses Roman Polanski of raping **FILE PHOTOS**

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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16 Responses to “Roman Polanski won’t attend the Cesar Awards for fear of being ‘lynched’ (ugh)”

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  1. naomipaige99 says:

    What a wussy!!!!!!

  2. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    We live in hope

  3. Lisa says:

    No words but I should not be surprised at his audacity or cowardice.

  4. TheOtherSarah says:

    Ferme ta g***, saleté de pédophile.
    He is a revolting individual. I hope every time his name, his movie or one of its actors is mentioned, they get booed. Loudly. Hopefully, he won’t win anything.

  5. Jessica says:

    Polanski was born in France to Polish parents who moved back to Poland when he was young. That’s where his French citizenship comes from, and how he was able to flee to France back in the 1970s and have the right to stay there. I would consider him Franco-Polish.

    As for the ‘lynching’ comments…yikes.

  6. The Recluse says:

    And the worm has turned.
    He should consider retiring and just staying off of people’s radar from now on before the authorities find and finally do something about his past conduct.

  7. Some chick says:

    Ugh, this turd floats up again!

    It does appear that #MeToo is a thing in France now. Which isn’t exactly happy news, but we all know it’s everywhere. At least it is getting out.

    Being anti rape is not a bad thing! I hope he doesn’t get an award handed to him.

  8. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I still can’t believe this piece of sh!t won oscar and standing ovation from the Academy Awards. Or that so many celebrities were willing to sign a petition in support of him. Just disgusting.

  9. Valerie says:

    lol, reap what you sow, dirtbag.

  10. Chanteloup says:

    There are not enough fires in hell for this f-ing rapist to burn in.
    He’s an a$$hole, and for me there is no question about it – A$$holes don’t make art.
    Someone could sh!t on a canvas all day, and depending on their digestive issues, some of the patterns might be interesting or colorful – But it would still be sh!t.
    Go away, you pathetic loser Polanski. I DO. NOT. CARE. ABOUT. YOUR. STUPID. FEELINGS.
    Only about the feelings of those whose lives you shattered.

    /end rant

  11. Absurdist1968 says:

    And then they awarded him with Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. Ugh.

    • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

      Yes, just saw that that despicable c*nt won a Cesar; several actresses walked out. Read an article in the Guardian recently claiming that #MeToo is only just taking off and that France’s rape laws are antiquated, to say the least. If that’s the case, Paedo’s win is part of a pattern

  12. Normades says:

    And he was! The host, female comedian Florence Foresti roasted his ass hard several times during the night.

  13. He shouldn’t have even been eligible! Too many girls and women are hurt by rich powerful men to allow them honors or praise of any type. Jail is where they belong.

  14. Trashaddict says:

    His misuse of the word “lynching” just underlines his atrocious lack of sensitivity. I pray that his karma catches up to him.