Will Duchess Meghan attend this year’s Met Gala with Edward Enninful?

Meghan Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry Duke of Sussex pictured at Field of Remembrance in London

The gossip about the Duchess of Sussex in the British media runs the gamut from silly, obvious lies to wild exposition to spiteful cruelty. You can choose what to believe, and maybe you don’t believe any of it. For me, I just try to be reasonable and pragmatic, and ask myself whether I honestly believe that Meghan did or will do certain things, and whether that seems “in character” for her, given what we already know about her. So with that being said, I sort of believe this one story, which is that Meghan will probably attend the Met Gala in May.

Meghan Markle is set to make her first Hollywood appearance since quitting the Royal family at the star-studded Met Gala in New York. The Duchess of Sussex has been invited alongside Vogue editor Edward Enninful to the prestigious fashion bash on May 4th. With a theme based on Virginia Woolfe’s Orlando – which sees its central character change sex – the former Suits actress, 38, is expected to adopt a “glamorous androgynous” look.

A source added: “The Met Gala is for the Who’s Who of showbusiness. Naturally Meghan was one of the first names on the guest list, and Edward’s team are excited that the two will go together. Meghan is keen to step out occasionally without Harry so that she can establish herself once more in Hollywood.”

[From The Sun]

To me, this seems reasonable. I imagine Anna Wintour has already reached out to Meghan a million times over the past few years, and Wintour probably personally invited her to the Met Gala (which Wintour organizes). Enninful is one of Wintour’s favorite people too, so perhaps Wintour was like “you could go with Edward!” As for the theme… Meghan has already shown a love of trousers, trenches, pantsuits and menswear-inspired clothing, so I imagine she’ll rock a tuxedo or something.

Meanwhile, here’s a story I don’t buy at all. This comes via the Mail on Sunday. They claim that Meghan’s agent – ?? – has approached Disney and offered Meghan’s services in any upcoming Marvel movie.

She has previously urged female workers to channel their ‘inner Wonder Woman’ to take on the world – but now Meghan Markle could become the real deal. For the Duchess of Sussex wants to play a superhero in a blockbuster movie – and has told her agents to ‘actively search’ for a suitable role. Meghan has made no secret of her wish to return to acting as she seeks financial independence and has already reportedly signed a charity voice-over deal with Disney. The studio also owns Marvel and the rights to all its comic-book characters, which could pave the way for Meghan’s role in an action spectacular.

Meghan’s agent, Nick Collins, of Hollywood’s formidable Gersh Agency, has been busy fielding offers and a source said last night: ‘He has said she wants her return to acting to be part of an ensemble cast in something like a superhero film. He’s actively seeking such a movie for her. He’s saying she is available and open to the best offers. Meghan is planning a series of meetings in Hollywood. She has already done the voiceover for Disney and now word is out that she’s looking for a superhero film, as a voiceover or even on screen.

‘She knows she can’t carry a film as an actress. People won’t be able to get past the fact she’s Meghan Markle. But she’s determined to act again and she thinks a big, ensemble film is the way to go… something that pays big but which doesn’t put her front and centre. Pretty much every A-list actress including Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lawrence and Halle Berry have starred in superhero movies. There used to be a certain stigma attached to Marvel films but now they are the biggest market in the world. That’s what Meghan wants.’

One top Disney executive told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Meghan needs Disney more than Disney needs Meghan. She’s a controversial figure. There have been reports of a deal but that’s not true beyond the voiceover work.’

[From The Daily Mail]

This… is not real. I don’t doubt that Meghan has contacts in Hollywood and any agent will want a meeting with her, but she’s not going to hire an agent who will then go to Disney and ask for a role in a Marvel movie. That… just does not seem real. Also: Meghan is NOT a controversial figure. She also understands her “brand.” Her brand is not “supporting role in a Marvel ensemble.”

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex visit

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  1. Scollins says:

    I hope she doesn’t go as it’s become trashy imo. Anna Wintour lost all credibility with kanye and kim, kylie bs.

    • Olenna says:

      I hope she doesn’t go as well. On another note, that MoS article is a hateful, disgusting mess.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        I do not think she should go either and hope she stays home.

        The Met Gala is not a place for true Royalty.

    • MrsBump says:

      I hope she doesn’t, but i think she will à la Amal Clooney when she co-hosted with Anna Wintour.
      And the press will obviously feast on this for weeks.

    • Dilettante says:

      +1 You are so right, BTB

    • Flying Fish says:

      I hope she does not attend the MET Gala. The other story is bull.
      The MET Gala is not on brand for her. Anna and her MET Gala seems like a hot bed for stupidity. Meghan should stay away.

    • FC says:

      Can you imagine the photos of her in the same frame as the Kardashians, and how that will play out for weeks in the tabs? She knows that’s not a good look. Unless she consciously stays near Beyonce, Amal, and the Vogue peeps — or if she gets crafty and brings one of the women she featured in the Vogue issue she edited — I don’t see it happening.

  2. Sofia says:

    I… kinda don’t want her to go the Met gala? I’m aware Bea has gone in the past along with other royals but if she goes it’s the usual shit of “she wasn’t supposed to go!”, “she isn’t sticking to the theme!” And “she’s doing it all wrong!”.

  3. Belli says:

    I don’t know, as much as I would LOVE to see it I’d be surprised if Meghan did go to the Met Gala.

    The superhero bull though… I actually laughed. Honestly I’m sceptical that she has any intention to return to acting, let alone a Marvel film. A voiceover for charity is one thing, but I don’t see her doing anything more than that or a documentary.

  4. Ali says:

    It’s all lies.

    Unless it is posted in Sussex Royal on Instagram then its just fan fiction.

  5. Harla says:

    I believe that IF Meghan makes a return to acting it will be in support of a charity or initiative in some sort of documentary form not a Marvel movie. I could much more easily see her producing a movie but again only in support of a cause dear to her.

  6. Becks1 says:

    Oooh that shade about “she needs Disney more than Disney needs her.” I doubt that’s an accurate quote, or if it is, the “top Disney executive” is probably some random person who worked for Disney once upon a time – but in itself its true. Disney is DISNEY. Disney doesn’t “need” Meghan Markle. But, Disney likes to make money, so I’m sure its not turning its nose up at the idea of working with her beyond the voiceover for the documentary. Controversial figures often make money. (and I don’t think Meghan is controversial.) But its definitely the kind of quote that’s put into the article to “put Meghan in her place.”

    Anyway – I don’t even believe that she is thinking about a Marvel movie or anything similar. I don’t know if we will ever see her return to acting, but I guess time will tell.

    I also don’t really think she will attend the Met gala, but again I guess time will tell.

    • Nic919 says:

      It would be a pretty crappy agent to blab to the media like that before a deal was made. It’s the DM though so obviously not real.

      I don’t think the Met Gala thing is real either, although it seems more plausible.

      • Becks1 says:

        Right??? What “top exec” at Disney is running to the MoS to make that snarky comment about Meghan Markle? I don’t think its real, but the Mail’s gonna Mail so of course they got it in there.

    • Erinn says:

      Yeah, the phrasing makes the intention clear, regardless of how true it is.

      If she wants to be involved with the industry, it’d be nice to see her working behind the scenes producing or directing. We could ALWAYS use more women’s voices out there, and I think she’d work hard to assemble a diverse team.

  7. Silver Charm says:

    @Sofia they’ve worked together for nearly 15 years and she’s posted about them and their kids a number of times, so yeah, I’m comfortable saying they’re friends. She has reported exclusive info about them and had a blind about how Kate was treating her before they were married. They’re close and that’s fine.

    And yes, they do give info to friendlier North American press, most notable is the People article with sourcing from five friends. Also fine.

    Whether or not Jessica is the source of HS leaks, I don’t know. I was just theorizing why she may get the blame.

    • Sofia says:

      While you might be right, I don’t think Jessica is leaking. If she was she would have been told sternly to knock it off or she would have been cut off.

      And once again I doubt the Sussexes would be giving exclusives to Lainey when they could go to People or Harper’s Bazar. Those two newspapers probably have a wider readership than Lainey, who at the end of the day is a gossip blog and is treated as such.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yeah, whatever the relationship between the Mulroneys and Lainey, no way are they leaking to Lainey about the Sussexes. I know people put a lot of stock in that one blind item, but we don’t even know if that’s true, and if it was, that was basically the one leak and it was years ago. Lainey is not a mouthpiece for the Sussexes.

        I am sure Jessica does “leak” at times but its always with the express permission of Meghan and its probably directly to People or Omid.

      • Sofia says:


        I understand people don’t like Jess for various reasons but I don’t like the fact that she’s been singled out by almost everybody. How do we know that she’s leaking? How do we know Serena or Amal aren’t leaking? Priyanka comes off as thirsty so how do we know she isn’t leaking either? And how do we know Meghan’s friends are talking? What if they aren’t and the Fail is making up sources? What if it’s Harry’s friends? What if it’s the palace?

        Dislike or hate Jessica all you want but I think it pretty much sucks for her to be singled out all the time

      • Becks1 says:

        @sofia – what? No clue what you are talking about, I don’t dislike Jessica at all.

      • Sofia says:

        @Becks I wasn’t referring to you specifically. I was just referring to people who are reading this who may not like Jess.

        Sorry if I wasn’t clear!

      • Becks1 says:

        @Sofia oh gotcha. From that perspective, I agree. I actually like Jessica so some of the vitriol she gets makes me roll my eyes. And she is definitely a target for the anti-Meghan brigade and honestly, I think its sexism and classism. I know Jessica comes from money but I think there’s this sense of her being “thirsty” (I don’t like that term honestly) and a stylist etc as if those are negatives and people use those things as criticism towards Meghan – “of course Meghan loves the spotlight, she’s BFFs with Jess Mulroney” etc. It bugs me.

  8. I could totally see her showing up at the Met Gala with Edward Enniful but I love that the article says it’s her first Hollywood appearance. The Met Gala may have a lot of celebrities, but it’s far from a Hollywood appearance given that a) it takes place in New York and b) is for a New York institution that is celebrating it’s 150 anniversary, and the Costume Institute is a worthy cause. If she does go, I suspect that she and Edward will choose an outfit for that is tasteful and on theme.

    • NextToMe says:

      I noticed this too. The writers are so dumb that they don’t realize Hollywood and New York City are across the country in two completely different states in a republic 40x bigger than their own.

  9. MCV says:

    I hope she goes, why not? Although it would be way cooler if her first time attending was hosting it.

  10. Loretta says:

    That Marvel story sounds like BS to me.
    I would love to see Meghan at the Met Ball

  11. anon says:

    This story is 95% bullshit.

    I’m sure she is looking for appropriate projects, but “appropriate” is the key word here. And so what if she is?

    Also, no one at Disney, one of the most tightly controlled corporations on the planet in regards to its messaging would say anything like “She needs us! We don’t need her!” That’s just pure fiction.

    But unsurprising, given the source.

  12. Tiffany says:

    Wow, I know this has been said but it is worth the repeat, The Sun is total garbage.

    Orlando is more that just about transgender.

    I am surprised that they did not flat out call Meghan a man in that story.

  13. MJM says:

    Considering the sources these are just fabrications.

  14. TheOtherSarah says:

    I agree with you, Kaiser. Meghan does know her brand, and I don’t think she sees her brand as sharing a “red carpet” with the Kartrashian-West Klann.

  15. Guest with Cat says:

    Those costume parties are weird and creepy, in an Eyes Wide Shut kind of way from the photos I’ve seen. Or rather some of the costumes are. But I would love to see Edward Enninful’s and Meghan’s take on the theme. I can see this rumor possibly being true. Meghan may decide to attend some events like this to keep her social profile at a certain level as well as cement her position among lucrative contacts for fundraising. And so forth. It helps if someone from the royal family has already attended one of these events.

    • Carrie says:

      Hi Guest with a cat, Diana attended the Met Gala in 1996 wearing that amazing slip dress.

      At this point I see the “family” as trashy. Meghan’s behaviour has pretty much been impeccable – the petty family not so much and the world is seeing this.

      I think M & H should enjoy their freedom and make as many contacts as they can to ensure their total independence from that wretched ‘family’

  16. Elaine Stritch says:

    It feels like a logical place for them to show up, right? Kind of a mix of celebrities from different areas. She does love a suit- I’d love to see her do full androgyny.

    I can’t imagine the press if she does go back to acting in any capacity. All about how she manipulated Harry to leave the family because she missed acting and used him because she wanted to be famous and now she’s FINALLY achieved the level of fame she’d been chasing but never found from years as an actress and blah blah-exhausting!

  17. Hannah says:

    I kinda hope Meghan doesn’t go to The Met Gala because it’s become super trashy, but I also would love to see her on Edward Enninful’s arm. It would be amazing if Meghan could co-host, like Serena did last year. Lolz 😂 for days that Meghan wants to be a Marvel superhero. Puhlease! I do foresee her and Harry possibly producing and directing some kind of documentary about Africa / the environment / GBV or something aligned with both their philanthropic ideals. But definitely not a superhero movie.

  18. Guest2.0 says:

    Hope Meghan’s lawyers add that Daily Mail to the long list of vicious lies the Mail’s written about there. Talk about fan fiction. It boggles my mind they can just make up crap about someone and print it.

  19. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    I’m sure that Disney would jeopardise its fanbase and status by stating that Meghan is divisive. Sure, Jan.
    And a Sure Jan + Eye Roll at the Marvel nonsense. Like the poster above, I hope all this crap is added to the lawsuit. Would love it if the Fail/Dumb ended up paying the Sussexes’ security bill FOREVER

  20. MellyMel says:

    I would love to see her on the Met Gala carpet (the photos!), but she probably won’t and maybe shouldn’t. I feel like she’s going to continue to have a working relationship with Vogue though.

    • Becks1 says:

      I don’t think we will see her at the Met Gala this year. I think in future years we might (I’m thinking 5 or 10 years down the road) but not this year.

  21. Lyn says:

    Shouldn’t the Met Gala rumour be filed under the same bs as the Oscars rumour?
    The British media are just going down the entertainment calendar & attaching Meghan’s name to the major events.
    They are desperate for her to validate the she wants to be an actress again line they have been peddling.

    They are so unimaginative and stupid and absolutely don’t know a single thing about her future plans. Its telling that when it comes to Meghan doing any work all they ever envision for her so far is a reality show on Netflix bc its Jessica’s show or a Disney Marvel ensemble film because she’s doing voice over for Disney on a documentary.

    Even the Met Gala rumour is only being printed because their basic thinking has gone from “oh Edward and Meghan worked on Vogue, they were shown laughing and being friends on video, next fashion event is Met Gala, Vogue UK will be there, Edward will be there, i.e this means Meghan will be there”. And the gullible ones will buy it.

  22. Sass says:

    I knew the second piece was garbage but I literally LOL’d when I read “Meghan needs Disney more than Disney needs Meghan.” People at Disney would never say something so unprofessional to any news source unless they’re looking to leave and never return 😂

  23. AMM says:

    I’m fully on board with the Met Gala. Its organized by Vogue and this year they released the numbers showing that she co-edited the best selling Vogue in decades. She has a reason to be there other than being a famous name.

    The Marvel thing makes me laugh. Mostly because the big ensemble Marvel movies are over. I doubt shes gonna go be in a yet another terrible Fantastic Four remake, or one of the indie X-Men spinoffs. A petty part of me would like to see her in Black Panther 2, but that’s just to watch the racists heads explode. I’m pretty sure that movie is already in post production though.

  24. RoyalBlue says:

    I would love for her to do the Met Gala. Straight up tux with a twist. If she shows up with Marcus watch the BM heads explode.

  25. Undine Spragg's Vanity says:

    Turning up on the Met Gala red carpet and/or starring in a Marvel franchise would probably open Duchess Meghan up to some amount of criticism about using her BRF connections to launch herself into the Hollywood set, considering she never made it there on her own merit as a TV actress. So if I was part of the Sussex PR team, I would advise her to stay clear and not give the haters any more ammo. These are just my opinions, please don’t attack me for expressing them.

  26. MsIam says:

    Marvel is still working with Jeremy Renner on his Disney+ show so yeah, “controversial figure” *eyeroll*. These tabloids just make the dumbest sh!t up ever. As far as the Met Gala, she should go if she wants to. Meghan deserves something fun in her life just like everyone else. Haters be damned. They will always find something and she can’t live her life based on that. Otherwise she might as well have stayed in prison, er I mean the royal family.

  27. L4frimaire says:

    Again the tabloids so want her to go Hollywood. They’re obsessed with it. The Met gala might be possible, but they are not ones to reveal their plans far in advance, especially with so much change happening during this transition. Also it was a bit of a circus the last few years. Also, no way they would drop that major news in such a anti-climactic way, especially to some shady tabloid. I do think that people want some sort of visible presence from Meghan after she steps down, hence all this speculation. If they’re mostly making speeches or doing charity work and fundraising behind the scenes, they will be a lot less visible, which bothers a lots of people, fans and foe alike. They will be speaking for themselves so until it actually happens, it’s not happening.

  28. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    I personally hope she doesn’t go. That would just add too much fuel to the “Me-gain” fire. I’d love to see what she wears but just no. Let’s not go there.

  29. Sunday says:

    The Met Gala story just seems like fishing, similar to the reports about them attending the Oscars, but the Disney story is so random that it makes me think it was a strategic plant to test whether someone would leak it.

    • yinyang says:

      This whole press fiasco with Meghan has taught me never to believe them, a lot of local and national news channels report these Disney voiceover and superhero tv series rumours as facts. Meanwhile British Press think if they humiliate her enough she’ll talk.

  30. Jaded says:

    I don’t think she’ll go to the Met Gala – it’s become full of celebrity trash over the years and Meghan is light years above rubbing shoulders with the likes of Madonna, the Kartrashians, et al. Sends totally the wrong message and it would come back to bite her as some fame-seeking social climber begging for Anna Wintour’s approval.

  31. GuestOne says:

    Queen Rania, Princess Diana, Charlotte Casiragi and Princess Beatrice have attended the Met Gala so royals have attended previously. However, Hello mag has said she’s not attending. No idea how reliable they are (they debunked the Oscars presenting story too) but hope it’s true. British Vogue is meant to be doing some gala in November so would be nice if that’s her big fashion event.

    • L4frimaire says:

      That makes much more sense, the November event, than the Met Gala.Seems more her type of thing and aligns with her goals more. The. Met gala is too much of a frenzy. Regarding the theme, the Sally Potter film adaptation of Orlando with Tilda Swinton is one of my favorite movies of all times.

  32. I am just not in to policing private citizens, which both the Sussexes will be starting April 1. No one has the right to decide what they do, who they befriend, where they live — just as no one has the right to decide that about me. If Meghan goes or doesn’t go to the Met Gala it is her personal choice not ours. If she goes, I’m here for discussing her outfit.

    • yinyang says:

      This is true. She shouldn’t have to live at the mercy of the British Press and the DM Trash anymore.

  33. Watson says:

    I hope she does go. People will crap on her no matter what anyways. Might as well piss off the tabloids in style!

  34. Awkward symphony says:

    I could see her doing it like Amal in the future but certainly not now! Perhaps something like hosting a “forces for change”/tributes to artists who made change theme in aid of charities.
    There is nothing wrong with this idea. Diana attended too https://www.eonline.com/news/932121/princess-diana-at-the-met-gala-is-the-ultimate-throwback-thursday

  35. lili/lirael/whatever says:

    I wasn’t sure but your comments are almost 100% that she shouldn’t go and it’s true. Surprised that her date would be editor not Harry.
    I don’t know a lot about MET gala, I didn’t know it was as trashy, good to know.
    To be completely honest I have no idea what Meghan wants to do and should do right after stopping royal work. Ok, giving speeches is one thing. But what fun or fun and work combined stuff? Like I know Kate would be happy to be stay at home mum but Meghan not so much. If you were advisors what would you say?

  36. Courtney B Lawrence says:

    And people will squaw about ‘protocol’ in the BRF and forget Beatrice attended a couple years ago.

    I hope she doesn’t go for a variety of reasons but it’s going to be ridiculous to criticize her as ‘show biz’ if she does.

    But who knows. It’s probably like how she was going to appear on a reality show or give her first interview to Oprah/Ellen or was in talks with Oprah and the Obamas and on and on. It’s like a Meghan version of Mad Libs. Just start filling in things randomly and *poof* your new headline/rumor.