“Judge Judy is ending after 25 seasons, but she’ll be back!” Links

2019 Daytime Emmy Awards
Judge Judy is ending after 25 seasons, but she’s not retiring!
[Socialite Life]
Cat stuck on electric pole rescued by Toronto Hydro [Dlisted]
Sandra Oh in a cute polka dot dress [LaineyGossip]
Dries Van Noten runway looks [Go Fug Yourself]
The Invisible Man was top at the box office [Pajiba]
Review of The Invisible Man (spoilers) [Jezebel]
Public Enemy fired Flavor Flav over political differences [Towleroad]
Shailene Woodley and Caitriona Balfe at the Stella McCartney show [Just Jared]
Janelle Monae is working this Balmain look [RCFA]

The 46th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Arrivals

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19 Responses to ““Judge Judy is ending after 25 seasons, but she’ll be back!” Links”

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  1. Erinn says:

    It’s always so amusing to me how happy and energized she looks in ‘regular’ photos compared to when she’s staring at idiots on the show.

  2. NVYwife27 says:

    I just adore Judge Judy! I’m glad she’s not gone for good.

  3. NVYwife27 says:

    Repeat comment for some reason

  4. Jaded says:

    She gives the best “withering glare” I’ve ever seen.

  5. Ann says:

    Judy is backing Bloomberg so peace out, JJ. I hope she finds some cozy nook on extended cable and any influence she caries rides off into the sunset with her. I recall one episode of Judge Judy where she corrected a girls grammar when she said “I seen it” and JJ said “YOU SAW IT!” That is one of my biggest grammar pet peeves so no ill-will towards her, just hope she doesn’t stump too hard for Bloomberg.

    • Spicecake38 says:

      Seen/saw is my biggest grammar pet peeve!

      • minx says:

        My peeve is “I could care less.” That means you COULD care less! 😒

      • Spicecake38 says:

        I KNOW! I could NOT care less means just that!But mixing it up changes the meaning,entirely ugh…

      • Shirleygailgal says:

        @minx…I got ‘schooled’ on this on another site because I pointed out exactly as you said and apparently in different countries it has different meanings/implications. I didn’t understand the point, because I read it as you and @Spicecake38 does…which was why I brought it up. In the end, I just said Oh, didn’t know that and moved on…but seriously? Does it mean something different in Britain than it does here?

    • Prof Trelawney says:

      “between you and I” is my go to grammar pet peeve…

  6. Veronica S. says:

    The dream, man. Twenty-five years of raking in dough for being That Bitch.

  7. naomipaige99 says:

    I absolutely love her! Judge Judy is a tough cookies. She tells it like it is, and doesn’t have time for the BS. She can spot/read a liar from a mile away!

  8. Ann says:

    I watch her everyday. She’s such a pistol.

  9. Snazzy says:

    I read the series of tweets and Flav and I understand nothing

  10. Nikomikaelx says:

    Didt she make a big deal about how she’s not a feminist? lol good riddance

  11. dlc says:

    Janelle Monae managed to look good in the Balmain and the Stella. Shalene looks ok in the Balmain and like a sister wife in that Stella Mccartney!

  12. holly hobby says:

    Is that Judge Judy’s real hair? I’m so used to seeing her in her trademark cut. So it’s a wig?

  13. Jo says:

    I didn’t recognise her smiling. She’s just a sweet old nanna really…