A portable humidifier, a slow-feeding pet bowl and blue light blocking glasses

A portable humidifier with a night light
Jocey asked if we could find her a portable humidifier. (Please ask for any products you’d like and I’ll research them!) This is actually something I was shopping for last week due to Coronavirus fears. I didn’t find any full size humidifiers I wanted as many of them had bad Fakespot ratings and/or were said to be hard to clean. This under $20 portable humidifier has 4.5 stars, over 1,600 ratings and an A on Fakespot. Users say it puts out a lot of steam, that it’s great for traveling and is quiet and easy to clean. It has two modes, intermittent and constant, and has an auto shutoff when the water gets low. (You are not supposed to put essential oils in it. If you’re looking for an aromatherapy humidifier here is one with a B on Fakespot.)

A slow-feeding dog bowl that will help your pet’s digestion
I saw another slow-feeding dog food bowl featured on one of those “top things on Amazon” lists. That one had a bad Fakespot rating. This has over 1,300 reviews, 4.4 stars and an A on Fakespot. This is a bowl with channels in it to slow down the rate your pet eats. It’s made of food grade material and is BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free so you don’t have to worry about your dog chewing it. It holds two cups of food. Owners of greedy dogs call it a “miracle” and say that while their dog was pissed off at first they did figure out how to use it. It’s said to stop dogs from burping and vomiting their food and to be easy to clean by just sticking it in the dishwasher. Some people say the little rubber stoppers on the bottom don’t work, but that they put it on a mat and that solved the issue.

Broom holder command hooks for quick and easy organization
I looked through so many mountable mop and broom holders and they seem like too much hassle. These Command hooks are a breeze to install, they don’t damage walls if you remove them carefully, and they hold a lot of weight, up to four pounds. These have 4.6 stars, over 2,100 ratings and a B on Fakespot. There are user photos of these in the garage holding rakes and shovels, and they’re so strong they can hold swiffers and small vacuum cleaners too. People say these work well, are a great space saver and that they’re stronger than they expected.

A super absorbent memory foam bath mat in so many colors
I need a new mat for the area in front of my washer and dryer in the unfinished basement. I think this memory foam mat would be a good option for that and it comes in so many colors and sizes. This has 4.5 stars, over 790 ratings and a B on Fakespot. Reviews call it “very thick,” “soft,” “absorbent,” “better than expected” and with “no slip” compared to other bath mats. Now I just have to decide what color I want.

Battery operated tealights for safe and authentic-looking ambient light
I looked through so many electric candles trying to find some that had good ratings. These have 4.2 stars, over 800 ratings and a B on Fakespot. They’re cute little electric tealights that look like they have wax dripping over the side. They come with batteries and have a timer so you set to go on at the same time every day. They turn off automatically after six hours. These candles would look great in glass holders (from the dollar store!), on their own, or as part of a display. Reviewers call them “cute,” say they produce a “nice, warm” flickering light that looks realistic and like how easy they are to use.

Blue light blocking glasses to reduce eye strain
You know how when you only just learn something exists and then become convinced that you need it? I keep hearing about blue light blocking glasses and my eyes have been bothering me ever since. These blue light blocking glasses come in 11 different colors and prints, all under $10. These are the ones I’m getting! They have 4.8 stars, over 2,700 ratings and an A on Fakespot. People call them “adorable,” “comfortable” and say they can feel the difference they make in reducing eye strain and headaches from computer and phone use. I ordered these and will let you know how they work. (Here’s a link to a different style of blue light blocking glasses that have a B on Fakespot.)

A budget planner and expense tracker to keep you accountable
I saw a different version of this Clever Fox budget planner listed on Buzzfeed and then read a review that recommended this original version as it includes a calendar. This is a planner with sections for paying off debt, saving for specific goals and tracking bills and spending habits. If you’d like to learn more about it they have a video that shows its features. This has 4.6 stars, over 2,500 ratings and an A on Fakespot. It’s small, lightweight and comes in 18 different colors. People call it easy to use, high quality and a great introduction to budgeting. They also say that it’s motivating and helps them understand budgeting as a simple day-to-day task instead of seeing it as overwhelming. (Here’s the updated version that I saw recommended. That’s the first photo below. That one also has an A on Fakespot.)

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17 Responses to “A portable humidifier, a slow-feeding pet bowl and blue light blocking glasses”

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  1. pottymouth pup says:

    I can’t speak for the brand of slow feeder you featured but Outward Hound has the same design as well as other designs that are a couple of dollars cheaper.I’ve used multiple brands and designs over the past 10-15 years so I can speak from experience as to the high quality and durability of the Outward Hound slow feeders as they’re my go to for fosters who need to be slowed down or who could use some extra mental stimulation. I have a couple that are > 5 years old (1 used by my now late staffy and one still in use by my TWC) and they’ve held up very well (and yes, they are dishwasher safe)

    • Noli says:

      My dog just flips the plate to get the food :(
      I use an empty water bottle; put his food in there and make a small hole at the bottom. He has to keep moving the bottle to get the food :)

  2. Snazzy says:

    I need those blue light blocker glasses – I spend my life on the computer!
    Checking now to see if they ship internationally :)

    • Snazzy says:

      Ugh no one (not even Amazon.de) ships these to Switzerland

    • What. . .now? says:

      Ugh, Snazzy that sucks, because these glasses work. I’m in front of a screen 8-9 hours a day, and my eyes were getting so tired. I bought some of these glasses, and it has made a huge difference.

      You can tell the difference in these glasses because when you hold them up to pale screen/background the lenses actually look yellowish instead of clear. Hopefully, you can find some in your area, they work!

  3. Georgie says:

    I have blue blocking glasses that really make a difference since I stare at a computer screen 8 hours a day for work. There have been times I forgot to wear them and the minor headache I develop mid-morning reminds me I’ve forgotten to put them on! I also have another pair of SUPER dorky (they look like safety glasses!) blue blockers that I try to rock for an hour or two before bed and I swear that helps me sleep.

    Super excited to try the humidifier and possibly the memory foam mat! The budget journal appeals too! Thanks!

  4. manda says:

    I have that slow feeder bowl and it is very good. Our dog used to inhale her food, and she frequently threw up. This really stopped that. I can’t remember the last time she threw up. My little sweetheart!!

  5. Trufflefries says:

    I have the mini humidifier and while I can’t say I’m in love with it, I have hope! I found it easy to use and travel with and very easy to clean. I love the intermittent setting!

  6. Allergy says:

    “Their dog was pissed off” :)

  7. Samanthalous says:

    I use an excel sheet for budgets, I saw the envelope method and I am thinking people don’t keep money in banks anymore, I feel like that’s a thing now.

  8. olebrumm says:

    I am looking for a bedside clock that can be fairly dim, has USB charging ports and inside temp gauge. I don’t even need it to be an alarm. Any thoughts anyone? I’m sick of being blinded by my current one every time I wake up!

  9. lucy2 says:

    I was just thinking about getting blue light glasses! I’m contemplating Lasik to fix my vision, but think the blue light might help right now too, I’m on the computer too much.
    I have a tiny portable humidifier the size of a soda can I got a while back, perfect for occasional use. That one looks good too.
    And I have those hooks, a multi-hook strip in my pantry – holds so much!

    • What. . .now? says:

      Lucy 2 get the glasses. They work. I’ve been using mine for over 6 months now, and it’s made a big difference. Less eye strain so I’m not so tired at the end of the day.

      My glasses look like the ones pictured, except instead of pink/red mine is blue and the second pair tortoise — less than $10 for two pair on Amazon. (US)

  10. What. . .now? says:

    The glasses work! I have some and love them.

    That mat looks yummy. . .so many good colors too. . .

  11. RoyalBlue says:

    Yep. Love slow feeding bowls. I have five types, one similar to the one in the picture and the others for him to figure out how to get the kibble.