Ben Affleck: Adam Driver made me a hero to my kid on his birthday

Ben Affleck at the premiere of Warner Bros Pictures' " The Way Back" at Regal LA Live in Los Angeles
Ben Affleck has been working in Paris on that historical drama he co-wrote with Matt Damon and Nicole Holofcener. (Go here to see photos of him in a blonde wig. Damon doesn’t look much better, he’s got a mullet.) It co-stars Jodie Comer and Adam Driver. Ben was on Jimmy Kimmel this week. He was in his element and seemed really comfortable, he’s close with Kimmel and it shows. To start Ben told a story about how he was in competition with Matt for acting roles in their high school drama club. It was pretty funny.

They also talked about Tom Brady, with Ben saying that Tom called him “The King of Boston” when they first met in their 20s. (Ben gave Tom the compliment first and Tom just turned it around.) It was super cute how Ben admitted fanboying Brady. He said “I look up to him so much, it makes him uncomfortable.” That’s around 5 minutes in if you want to watch that part. Kimmel reminded Ben that he built a shrine to the Patriots in his son Samuel’s room. You can see that here, I covered that. Samuel doesn’t even like The Patriots!

Ben also told a story about how Adam Driver made him a hero to Samuel, who thinks Star Wars and Kylo Ren are real. Ben had to film in Paris right up until Samuel’s surprise eighth birthday party last month. He told Adam that his son was so excited to hear he knew Kylo Ren, so Adam recorded a birthday video for Samuel. Ben’s plane to LA was late and none of the presents arrived, but he had the video from Adam along with some presents from him which made Samuel’s day.

I had to show up to my son’s party with no gifts for him. I had this sinking feeling. Then [my employee] goes ‘Adam heard you say it was your son’s birthday, so he called your assistant, got your address and sent some presents and signed a card and a picture of Kylo Ren. And I took those presents and watched him open all those other presents. I said ‘Sam my presents didn’t get here on time. But I did get a present from somebody who really wanted to make sure you had a gift. Kylo Ren.’

He opened the presents. I played him the video of Kylo Ren. It was incredibly moving. Adam made me a hero to my kid and I will never ever forget it. It meant the f’ing world to him.

[From Jimmy Kimmel Live]

I love that story! That’s so sweet that Adam did that for him. After that Ben talked about his movie The Way Back, which he called “an inspiring cathartic movie. You’re going to have painful, difficult things in life. What matters is how you get past it, how you overcome that.” He said the script was smart and didn’t pull punches and that he enjoyed working with the teens who were the basketball players.

This is Ben at his best. I can see the difference in him now that he’s been sober for a while and I like this version of him.

After that Kimmel showed Ben and Matt’s costumes on set. They’re ridiculous and it makes me wonder if it’s going to be a comedy. Here’s that interview!

Ben Affleck is seen on Despierta America morning show to talk about "The Way Back"

Ben Affleck at the premiere of Warner Bros Pictures' " The Way Back" at Regal LA Live in Los Angeles

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  1. Case says:

    I think Adam Driver is a super solid, humble, good dude with tons of talent and I have a much higher opinion of him than I do of most of Hollywood, lol. This is a lovely story.

  2. SB says:

    For someone who is always bitching about his kids’ lack of privacy, he always has an anecdote (and a timely pap stroll with them) ready. So sick of him and his bloated, drunk ass. He needs to be over.

    • Lisa says:

      Yup. Talking about them generates interest which leads to more pap activity. It’s not hard to understand the correlation. There’s a spot in hell for celebs who use their kids to generate good press for themselves.

  3. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    As long as you look like a hero Ben.

    On the other hand, Adam is awesome.

  4. Emmlo says:

    My hardcore crush on Adam Driver has intensified. Didn’t think it was possible, but here we are! 🥰

  5. LidiaJara says:

    Love Adam, sigh. I was so creeped out by The Shape of Water I had to watch Michael Shannon interviews for like a week, to flush that character out of my brain.

    Watched him and Adam Driver do an Actors Roundtable or something and it was great and it was how I learned Adam was a Marine nd brings theater to enlisted folks, which I love so so much.

  6. Carolnr says:

    I think Ben does feel comfortable around Jimmy. I like that he talks about his children. It is one thing to talk about your children & quite another to have paps following you & your children when you are “off the clock.” ( at your children’s events) If he didn’t talk about his children, people would be saying things like he doesn’t even talk about his children, etc. I don’t think the guy can win!
    Ben is definitely looking so much healthier & it is nice to see!
    Janina Gavanker was on GMA this morning. She spoke so highly of Ben & it seems like the cast has a lot of respect for Ben & his struggles with alcohol.
    I rewatched the Accountant last night & am anxious to see Gavin O’Connor’s directing…

  7. StormsMama says:

    This is sweet. I just hope his sobriety sticks bc I feel like he will fall REAL HARD if he falls off that wagon again.

    That all being said
    Isn’t is amazing that Adam was able to send presents and sign a card and record a message
    Yet Ben couldn’t get it together to get his own presents to his sons party? This has me still a little suspicious of Ben. You had PLENTY of time to get those presents there Ben!! The party was in LA!!
    Ugh anyway. I do wish him well.

  8. Diamond Rottweiler says:

    Man, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Against all best evidence, despite whatever malfuckery he’s obviously doing to his face presently, I always have a soft spot for him. My Gen X heart can’t quit him. LOL.

  9. Nibbi says:

    Gawd, all I can see is the eye surgery. The obvious blepheroplasty or whatever that chopped-eyebag-procedure is called. He doesn’t look like himself, not even his younger self.
    Bleh he’s long been on my epic meh-column along with fellow mansplainer and Weinstein bro Matt Damon. They were cute and charming as hell… 20 years ago, It’s gonna be pretty hard for either of them to leave the ol’ shit list at this point.

    Adam Driver, on the other hand, is delicious, yummy, hot af, captivating, intriguing, interesting, mega-talented, and thus-far not-skeezy-at-all, and Adam Driver just being associated with Ben Affleck in this post makes Ben Affleck look better.

  10. Estelle says:

    I just sighed when I saw this post, but decided to read it and watch the video.

    Sobriety is a remarkable thing. What a difference a sober vs non-sober Ben Affleck is. He has a long road ahead but I’d put money on him. His children, in this particular example, his son, are huge motivators for him to be a better man. I can see him being that.

    (Jennifer Garner is still my fave of this couple though).

    (And Adam Driver … now that’s something !!!)