Ben Affleck had son’s room decorated with a Patriots theme & giant Tom Brady head

Ben Affleck was on Jimmy Kimmel last night. He’s promoting his movie, Triple Frontier, which is getting a theater release on March 6th and is coming out on Netflix March 13th. He looked freshly scrubbed. I don’t know how else to describe it but his skin was really smooth looking. Maybe he got laser resurfacing or something, but he’s like Bradley Cooper and needs a beard.

Affleck went to the World Series with Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel and they shared those photos of them with the “I’m With Stupid” arrow shirts, particularly the one where Affleck was in the middle and the arrows pointed to him. Affleck told a story about bringing his kids with him to a game and telling them he’s from Boston. He said Samuel, 6, told him “Dad, you’re from Boston. I’m from LA.” He said that made him feel like a bad dad so he got his son’s room decorated with an entire Patriots theme. I thought this was a put on but apparently it’s real and I’ve included some screenshots below.

I know a lot of guys from Boston in LA. So I got the New England discount, got some friends who are painters, carpenters do a little work in my son’s room to help him understand where he comes from, at least spiritually.

This is not a bit
This is in my home. That is a gigantic football dissected by a slide.

That is a chair. That is Tom Brady. My ex wife thinks its creepy.

And that’s the wall. I think it’s totally appropriate for men to make totems and idols out of other grown men.

That’s what we do with our children we take our neuroses and put it on them.

You realize how sick that is?
If this is still on Youtube by the time my son is in therapy he can just show them.

I did send a picture to Tom Brady. He sent my son a football and a jersey signed.

So Ben’s six year-old son wasn’t into the same sports teams as him and Ben took it upon himself to decorate his son’s room with Patriot’s stuff. That’s what Ben likes, not what Samuel likes. This is creepy and narcissistic to say the least. You decorate a kid’s room with their favorite things, not your favorite things.

He also talked about ending his role as Batman, and I feel like we’ve been talking about this for so long. (Two years ago he was unsure about whether he would do the standalone Batman movie.) This is news again because it has been officially confirmed that he will be replaced with someone younger. Ben said “I tried to direct a version of it. Worked with a really good screenwriter. Couldn’t crack it. Thought that it was time to let someone else take a shot at it.”

Then they had a weird ceremony involving Guillermo dressed in a Robin suit, a faux Batman suit with Tom Brady’s number on it, and the sequin jockstrap that Matt Damon wore in Liberace: Behind The Candelabra. Affleck completed the ceremony by saying “I’m not Batman” and it was mildly funny. I was hoping he would use the voice though, he missed an opportunity for that. There are surely fans of him as Batman but he didn’t embody the role to many people. On some level he knew that

Update: Here’s video of that section about his son’s room, it’s on YouTube now:

Here’s the part where he says he’s not Batman anymore.




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  1. Renee says:

    Could he be more narcissistic?

  2. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I can’t image hearing my son say that and then decorating his room to force my history. WTF??? When my sons began showing all their loves and interests, their rooms reflected that! My gawd.

    • maisie says:

      You know that kid is sleeping in another room now. He’s lucky he has a normal mother & lives in a big house with plenty of extra bedrooms. Let dad sleep in that ridiculous shrine to his nanny-schtupping partner in infidelity when he comes to visit. Jesus H. Christ on a hoverboard, I think all that Botox has addled Affleck’s brain.

      • Jenfan says:

        This is his room at his dad’s house. He probably doesn’t stay there that much. Lives with his mom.

  3. elimaeby says:

    That poor kid is going to spend a lot of time on the “Raised by Narcissists” Subreddit one day. I feel bad for him.

  4. whatWHAT? says:

    he was the worst batman, even worse than Clooney, and that’s saying something.

    neither of those two have the sarcasm/charm/swagger-yet-self-deprecating-ability that Batman needs.

    ETA: this is interesting on an other level. If Dad spends time with Son during formative years, fandom often tends not to matter WHERE the kid lives. I have friends who moved to this area from other places (Dallas, Arizona, Florida, etc.) and their kids, who grew up in NJ, are fans of Dad’s/Mom’s teams, because they watched the games and read the sports page together. If Affleck’s son isn’t a Boston/NE fan, it makes me wonder how much time he actually spent with the kids before the divorce. just sayin’.

    PS – I know that’s a generalization…some kids want to like what their friends like, but it IS what I’ve experienced.

    • Rapunzel says:

      Technically, if I understand correctly, the kid didn’t say anything about teams, only that he is not from Boston. So I say Ben was totally overreacting.

    • NOTus says:

      I disagree. He was a great Batman. So far Affleck was the only Batman who had the trained buff body build. And his acting was great too.

      The script just sucked. DC just rushed for no logical reasons and didn’t take their time to develop their on-screen universe as Marvel did. None of that was Affleck’s or any other actors fault. Even though it might be unfair but if there is one to blame, it should be Mr. Zack Snyder imo.

  5. SamC says:

    This is much ado about nothing. Lots of parents decorate their kids rooms with their team preferences in hopes they’ll become fans too, or just because they don’t know how to decorate a boys room and it’s an easy option, especially since the son is still young. At least he’s not growing up in NY with a Red Sox loving parent (talk to my brothers about that, lol!). Of all the narcissistic things Affleck may do this is the least offensive IMO.

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      I understand where you’re coming from. However, my hubs is a stark-raving mad fan of the Cowboys. Unwavering since childhood. It’s embarrassing. Our babies had the onesies, the jackets and memorabilia. They grew up watching dad watch his team. And when they ventured outside the realm showing interests in other teams, other sports or no sports, no problem! The youngest wanted nothing to do with sports. Even at six, he knew he wanted to try to draw his anime and soldiers. So we bought him a sketch pad and decorated his room with anime inspiration. So yeah, this douchebag is really…a douchebag.

    • Lightpurple says:

      My brother-in-Law wallpapered my first nephew’s bedroom with Patriots wallpaper and bedding when he was a baby. Both boys wore Patriots winter coats until they were about 7 and voicing their own fashion choices. One still wears the colors because they suit him best. The room is now covered in hand painted murals because the older boy is an artist. He doesn’t watch football but one of the murals contains the Patriots emblem for his Dad.

      Affleck will have no problem exposing his kid to Boston sports culture in Los Angeles. There are plenty of places that serve as gathering spots for Boston fans.

    • Raina says:

      The level of serious here is insane lol.
      Find this funny as hell. Kid can ALWAYS change it. Whatever. Kinda cute actually.
      Yep, am saving up for my kids therapy, too. I figured he could eventually go to mine and get a family discount.

      • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

        It sooooooo is lol. Some men and their sports afflictions are riDICKulous. I guess some women too. I personally love too many things I can’t imagine sinking all that emotion into men pileups on turf. I have to leave the damn room if these ‘heroes’ start talking.

      • TheOtherSam says:

        The level of serious Boston team worship as Ben shows here is the normal way of life in Beantown and environs. No one would bat an eye at this level of devotion, in New England. Personally, I think his son’s room is awesome – where did he get that Brady helmet chair lol?

  6. Beatrix says:

    Can I just say that it really irks me when parents push sports team fandom onto their children? It’s so weird to me when I see kids decked out in sports team merch and screaming utter loyalty to a sports team when they can’t possibly have developed that attachment on their own -especially not when the team of choice matches their parent’s choice. It’s one thing to spend time with their children at sports events as a bonding experience, another thing to convince the child that they too “love” and admire a team to the point of fandom. I find the whole thing very strange.

    I’ll add that my husband spends most Steelers games (his proclaimed fav) on his phone looking at reddit or reading other things he’d clearly rather spend his time thinking about. He doesn’t actually care about football on the inside, but would never admit it and the love of the team was pushed onto him by family. When you inherit a love of something simply by means of habit, repetition, tradition, is it really something you love?

    • Ang says:

      Exactly all of this, Beatrix. I used to like football when I was younger but the whole fanaticism and loyalty thing is also strange to me when you look at it objectively.

  7. feebee says:

    This won’t make your kid love you more Ben. It probably just makes him sad every time he goes into his room. His team was beaten by your team and you decorated his room like that? What an ass.

    Jimmy needs to leave John Krasinski’s house alone for a bit and go and decorate Ben’s room with the Yankees or something.

  8. Tiffany says:

    When Matt Damon got People’s SMA all those years ago (and wasn’t manspaining) there was a video segment and the off camera interviewer asked what he would do if none of his daughter’s were Red Sox fans.

    There was a long pause and then Damon answered, ‘ I really don’t have a answer for that kind of betrayal’ or something along those lines.

    It came off funny at the time, but now, I don’t know………

  9. Jenns says:

    Does he have a picture in there of the nanny wearing the Super Bowl rings?

  10. Kebbie says:

    He definitely needs to grow his beard back, he looks much better with it.

    And as others have said, a lot of times kids idolize their parents so much that they naturally gravitate towards their favorite teams and sports. Maybe if Ben spent more quality time explaining to Samuel why he loves Boston teams, or taking him to Boston, he’d also like those teams. Decorating his room with that stuff isn’t going to accomplish anything.

  11. PhillyGal says:

    Poor kid.

  12. Nancypants says:

    It IS creepy.

  13. Mimisnowball says:

    We do not need to see photos of his child’s bedroom. I never want to hear another word about how his kids’ privacy is forever invaded by the paps (that he and Garner have on speed dial). Selling his kids’ private lives to promote his Netflix movie and make himself look like a good parent is deplorable IMO.

  14. Jenfan says:

    There are pics of him arriving at kimel- he brought his kids – 1st time I have seen either of them do that. None of the clips I saw mentioned them being there – so I guess maybe backstage?

  15. Eeeeeeetrain says:

    I’m much more thrown by his demeanor than his…narcissism, questionable parenting whatever. Poor thing seems like he’s a man in a mid-life crisis out on his hundredth job interview with no bites. So tense, try-hard and uncomfortable with that squeaky voice…just no.

  16. Carolnr says:

    I stayed up to watch him last night.( i do like Ben) i do not know if i was struggling to stay awake but i had trouble understanding him. He was talking so fast & seemed very anxious almost like he was racing. He actually made me feel anxious just listening to him!
    Tom Brady seems like a safe subject for him to talk about. I was not sure whether the Batman topic was going to be addressed but when it was, it was done half heartedly. He was not into that skit at all!!!
    Samuel was born in LA. His daughters lived in Boston with them for a short time. What If Samuel wanted a Jerrod Goff themed room?

  17. Svea says:

    Ex Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey was just on Politically Incorrect and said his children are REQUIRED to be New York METS fans. They can like who they please in any sport besides baseball.
    This is a thing. At least it’s not like my friend’s husband who expects his son to share ALL his hobbies and interests.

  18. DesertReal says:

    That head is terrifying.
    What a stretched to capacity balloon faced idiot.

  19. Skwinkee says:

    If I came home to my bedroom decorated in Tom Brady’s face I would light it on fire.

    This will backfire spectacularly on him.