Is Queen Elizabeth still salty about the Sussexes not bringing Archie to the UK?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle continue their visit to Africa

There’s still the belief or theory that because Archie Mountbatten-Windsor is in the line of succession, Queen Elizabeth II could somehow “take custody” of him. Like, there’s a widespread belief that QEII could simply grab the child and claim that Archie is property of the crown and there wouldn’t be anything anyone could do about it. This is false. A similar argument was made when Charles and Diana divorced, there were “scholars” arguing that William and Harry were the heirs, therefore they “belonged” to the Queen and Charles. Diana still got joint custody in the divorce, because even with all the titles, it was still just a standard divorce and custody dispute.

I just bring this up because I’ve noticed the comments on this blog and other places about how the Queen could just, like, “take” Archie. She cannot. It would be kidnapping and it would be a huge crisis if she tried. That is not the reason why Harry and Meghan have not brought Archie back to the UK in 2020. They haven’t brought him back because the Windsors suck and because Archie’s just a baby and he’s not going to be used as a prop in the Windsor psychodrama. Speaking of:

Still holding out hope. Queen Elizabeth II fears she is missing all of Prince Harry’s son Archie’s milestones, a source reveals exclusively in the new issue of Us Weekly. The 93-year-old monarch is “heartbroken over the thought of not getting to see her great-grandson,” the source says. “The queen would love to have a relationship with Archie, but it’s looking unlikely that will ever happen.”

Harry and Meghan Markle’s 9-month-old son has been living in Canada with the couple following their decision to step back from their royal duties.

“The queen’s worst fear is that she may never see Archie again,” the source says. “She’s trying to stay optimistic about this situation and would never stoop to casting any aspersions on Meghan’s character – even after everything that’s happened.”

“The last thing Elizabeth wants is for Harry to feel estranged from his family and she made her feelings clear about this in the meeting,” a second source told Us.

According to the first insider, Prince William and Duchess Kate, who will be reunited with Harry and Meghan on March 9, also want to have a relationship with Archie.

“The Cambridges respect that Harry and Meghan have a lot going on,” the source says. “But they feel family should come first.”

[From Us Weekly]

This is passive-aggressive horsesh-t and I have no doubt that the Windsors are all working themselves into a lather about how Evil Meghan is “keeping Archie away” from the family. Meanwhile, the family threw Meghan and Archie to the wolves for months and months. F–k them. And the idea of Will and Kate insisting that “family comes first” is really hilarious. I mean, clearly, they don’t feel that way and it’s just Us Weekly, etc. But lord, these tabloids really have their storyline, don’t they? Poor Old Petty Betty thought she could throw the Sussexes under the bus and still demand to see Archie? As if.

Oh, and Dickie Arbiter had some thoughts too! He told an Australian outlet:

‘I’m sorry, there isn’t an excuse for not bringing him. After all, he’s got to meet his family, his family are not going to get a chance to see him for quite some time, because Harry and Meghan are going to be in Canada or the United States,’ he told Nine News Australia. ‘There’s always the excuse, “Well he’s too young to fly”; babies fly all the time, they flew Archie down to Southern Africa in October for that visit, so it wasn’t too far to take him there, so I believe that they should bring him.’

Asked if it was ‘spiteful’ not to bring him, Dickie replied: ‘Well it is spiteful, it’s inconsiderate as well, and the Queen is going to be 94 in April, she’s not going to be with us much longer. Prince Philip is going to be 99 in June, he’s not going to be here much longer. You’ve got to be practical, he was in hospital at Christmas, he looked pretty frail when he came out, and he’s up at Sandringham, nobody’s seen him, and he is frail. People do get frail at that age and it would be a great pity if Archie wasn’t brought over so that his great-grandparents could see him.’

[From The Daily Mail]

This old bitch would know a lot about spite. If the Queen and Philip needed to see Archie so badly, they should have done something about the smears. And the Queen shouldn’t have exiled the Sussexes when clearly they wanted to still work for her in some capacity.

One more thing: Keir Simmons says Liz doesn’t even like babies.

archie harry2

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II reacts during her visit to Wolferton Pumping Station in Norfolk, east of England on February 5, 2020, where she officially opened the new station. - Wolferton Pumping Station allows the surrounding 7,000 acres of marshland, whi

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  1. Miss M says:

    Dickie is an idiot. Archie should see Prince Philip even though “nobody’s seen him”. God. These people.

    • kellebelle says:

      Agreed on Dickie. The queen isn’t “salty” about not seeing Archie. She could care less. It’s something the British press is fabricating to make Meghan look bad. No one was interested in him while was there, what’s the fuss about now?

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @kellebelle – I must agree with you. If QEII wanted to see Archie she would have requested the Sussexes bring Archie to the UK. The Sussexes would have gladly complied with her request. No such request was made therefore Archie is not coming.

      • DarlingDiana says:

        I said a long time ago that although I’m sure the Queen would like to see Archie, it is really her grandson with whom she has shared a close relationship that she most wants to reconnect with. Afterall, the aging Queen isn’t likely to live long enough to have true relationships with any of the younger grandchildren like Louis and Archie. They won’t remember her.
        Making Archie the focal point of grievances between the Sussexs and the BRF seems unfair to me.

    • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

      She couldn’t be bothered to see much of him when he lived 2 miles from her! She left for Balmoral and didn’t look back… didn’t come back for his Christening. God knows practically nothing is getting Phil off the Pharm. As for The Egg and GreenKeenKatie wanting to see Archie, and “have a relationship”, yeah, again, like they bothered when H&M were living just a few miles away. BULL.

      Besides, as selfish and narcissistic as they all are, do they really want to expose a 9 month old to the possibility of Corona Virus that’s sweeping the country?? How f-ing cruel to even *want* that!

      • windyriver says:

        Re: the christening – I think TQ and Harry and Meghan probably had communicated and agreed the date was okay, but TQ wouldn’t be able to be there. That week she was in Edinburgh for the annual Holyrood Week, and she had a very busy slate of events, including a garden party for thousands. I’d be tired! Don’t recall if she went to Balmoral from there, but it would make sense, rather than go all the way back to Windsor.

        Meanwhile, it was 4th of July weekend in the US, so likely convenient for some US guests (and godparents?), and that’s why H&M wanted to schedule it for that date.

        If TQ is suddenly wearing gloves, she knows there’s a major health issue going on.

        Agree about Will and Kate for sure. Philip is probably too old and too far away to care, and even if TQ cares, she may also be one of those people not that interested until a child is a toddler.

        Mostly though, Dickie is a total ass, and this is all just the BM trotting out yet another creative angle for stories and clicks, in the absence of real information.

      • Becks1 says:

        I’m of the opinion that the christening was not a big deal. She missed Louis’ too, so it wasn’t a slam against Archie IMO. She made damn sure she was there for George’s though, lol (which makes sense.)

        BUT – I think she made sure she was there for George’s because he is the future king, and it was a momentous occasion, formal portraits, etc. And again, all that makes sense.

        I just wish she had realized that being there for the christening of Archie would have gone a LONG way as it was also a momentous occasion and a historic one for the royal family.

        I don’t think it was meant as a slight that she didn’t attend, I just think it shows how tone deaf the family is about some of these things that no one realized how it would look if she missed it.

      • Totally agree The OG. And the press is still pushing that Meghan has left Archie in care of Mulroney who lives on the other side of Canada. Do none of these people have a map of Canada? IF — because none of us know for sure at the moment —- IF Archie stayed home, why wouldn’t he be tucked up in his home on Vancouver Island with his full time nanny? My god, he’s 10 months old, how much would he even retain from a visit at this age? Someone should clue the royals in about FaceTime or Skype if they are so desperate too see him. Although nobody in the family seemed to interested when he was living in Windsor. PS — I saw that segment Keir Simmons did on the Today Show yesterday and it was hilarious. The female tv host just couldn’t believe it, but Keir kept saying, no really — the Queen doesn’t like babies. I’m neutral on babies myself, until they get a bit older around 18 – 24 months….when I find there emerging personalities much more interesting to me.

      • The Recluse says:

        That alone is a no-brainer.
        This is not the time to be taking a child on such a trip. It’s risky enough for the grown ups.

      • A Guest says:

        The reason we got the picture of the Queen, Prince Philip, Harry, Doria, Meghan and Archie on the day he was introduced was because it was already known that the Queen would probably not going to be at the christening.

        Of course, the Keen Mafia threw a fit because there wasn’t a photo released for any of the other kids when the Queen saw them for the first time.

      • windyriver says:

        @Becks1, have to disagree with you on this one…

        The picture A Guest refers to, the one released after Archie’s presentation, is what I consider special and significant. For all we know, the same is done for each new baby, but AFAIK, Archie’s is the only picture we’ve seen. It says a lot: 1) TQ saw Archie within 2 days of his birth; 2) it’s a private audience, just TQ, Philip, and Doria (no Charles, no Will, etc).; 3) there’s more emotion than we usually see – TQ and Philip are both relaxed and smiling (TQ is casually dressed, plus no black handbag in sight!); 4) BOTH grandmothers are front and center around Archie; and 5) it was the first picture we saw of Archie, when the world was most eager to see him, and the photo viewed widely.

        It looks like a comfortable, intimate event, and IMO that picture made the important statement.

        I just don’t think the christening two months later, and the official picture, was as significant or had the same impact (plus, Will’s in the picture, looking like a pill). Having said that, what is interesting about the christening photo, though, is that in a few years, it’ll be a picture of Doria standing next to the now King of England. IMO, having Elizabeth in it wouldn’t have added much. As I implied above, if she was going to be at Archie’s christening, she likely would have asked them to change the date, but I suspect this was what was best for Harry and Meghan.

        And – love love love that picture of Harry and Archie…

    • Prairiegirl says:

      Has Dickie never heard of photographs? Or Skype? There are lots of ways to ‘see’ people, guv’ner.

    • Caitlin Turner says:

      Come on I wouldn’t take my less than 1 year old child for a 4 day trip either with the jet lag and all the corona virus crap going on. If she did take him the British press would be saying she was putting Archie in danger.
      That being said we have a bunch of corona cases popping up here in Vancouver so?

  2. Melissa says:

    I still haven’t seen a decent source for the reports that they’re not bringing him. It sounds to me like made-up BS from the RRs so they can write about how evil she is for keeping him away all week. Dollars to doughnuts he’s coming with her.

  3. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    Ol’ Brenda could have had a relationship with her great grandson if she’d, you know, stuck up for his parents, especially his mother, at ANY time, or, you know, gone down to see them at Frogmore.
    As for Penis-with-Teeth and Kween’s reputed ‘family comes first’ bullshit – there are no words. Or an entire essay, but they don’t deserve that time and attention.
    -Indeed, Kaiser: Dickie Arbiter really is an absolute bitch

    • manda says:

      That is exactly what I was thinking. She was never around when he was actually there, so what is the big deal now?

      • carmen says:

        The big deal has nothing to do with the Queen – it’s the British media who are chomping at the bit to see him so they’ve got more material to provide to the rabid, hateful commenters on their sites.

      • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

        @Carmen So they can see how ‘dark’ or light’ Archie is, and how textured his hair is, and then wheel out all kinds of genetic ‘experts’ to explain to us all just how different’ it is to have a person of colour in the Royal Family, and use software to predict what he’ll look like at twenty one, and stir the racist arsehats into an absolute frenzy, and get 50,000 clicks per story.

    • bamaborn says:

      We’ve gone from “Petty Betty” to “Ol’ Brenda.” I’m spitting out my coffee. Lol!!

    • Moneypenny says:

      Brenda was there for the important milestone of the press calling her great grandson a monkey. She did nothing.

    • clomo says:

      Every time I see the name Dickie Arbiter I think dickish arbitrator.

  4. Zapp Brannigan says:

    “so I believe that they should bring him” Not your baby so not your decision Dick(ie)

    • WingKingdom says:

      Oh man that line made me see red. How precious that this rando thinks his opinion matters here.

      • Enny says:

        Pretty sure there wasn’t a coronavirus pandemic when Archie went to South Africa, but, you know, FACTS, Dickie 🙄

    • Moneypenny says:

      Seems like Dickie graduated from the Trump School of Public Health.

  5. manda says:

    She purposefully missed a major milestone by not going to the christening, IMO

    • Humbugged says:

      As was posted up thread ,H and M planned for the Christening to take place during Hollyrood Week because it fitted the US holidays .So it was a cancel National events or go to the Christening deal .

  6. Lyn says:

    They are so stupid. Why would any parent put their baby on an airplane for commercial travel at this point during an outbreak?

    They are tryong to get sone public outrage going but mo one cares. They are the babies parents and know what’s good for him. And everyone else is way too busy trying to keep their own family safe to care.

    I do love that they no longer have the taxpayer argument so they are using the Queen.

    • manda says:

      omg, yes, I didn’t even think about that!

      I somehow keep forgetting about the coronavirus (privileged viewpoint, I know; but it will be here in due course and the US healthcare system is NOT prepared for it at all! We have too many people with bad or no insurance and no sick leave! This will be bad)

    • Actually it’s amazing they haven’t dragged the ‘taxpayer argument’ into it, Lyn. Until April 1, the Sussexes are still officially working royals. Maybe they figure just trying to ‘mommy shame’ Meghan is more than enough.

    • Ennie says:

      A friend is taking her 2-3 mo old kid from Asia to Latin America to meet and visit her grandma. They bought their tickets before all this hoopla, and they cost a lost, the baby will probably be mostly covered up and touched only by her mom who will be very careful and wearing masks, too. I am still worried for them, but the baby is not so mobile yet, as is a toddler touching things and putting Them in her mouth. they might get away with the trip.

      • Carmen says:

        If I was your friend I’d swallow the loss and tell Grandma she will have to wait until the pandemic is over before she can bring the baby to visit. The last place you want a baby to be in a pandemic is stuck 39,000 feet up in a closed space for 10 or 12 hours. Send Grandma a bunch of photos and videos for the duration.

      • Tigerlily says:

        Ennie. Wearing a mask only works if an infected person wears it to protect in infected from their germs. An uninfected person wearing a mask has nose & mouth covered but bacteria/viruses could enter via the eyes.

  7. Sunshine says:

    Didn’t this come up at Christmas and it turned out that none of Princess Anne’s grandchildren showed up either? Royal reporters are salty they aren’t making any money, Windsor’s are salty because he can’t be used as a shield and the online haters want to see what colour he is and the texture of his hair (yes I have seen comments stating this). May he continue to remain where he is safest.

  8. Rapunzel says:

    ” there isn’t an excuse for not bringing him”- At the very least, Coronavirus is an excuse!

    “After all, he’s got to meet his family” – No, actually, he does NOT have to meet his family. They have not treated his mother like family. And they weren’t rushing to see him while he was in the country, so they can get bent.

    The British Media, BRF and British people do not own Meg, Harry, or Archie, and it’s clear that’s pissing off the media and family.

    • Swack says:

      And is he really going to remember meeting his “family” at this young age?

    • ShazBot says:

      Also, there’s an 8-hour time difference between Victoria and London – it would be stupid to bring a 9 month old that far for less than a week and mess up his whole schedule.

    • Carmen says:

      His family had plenty of time to spend with him while they were living in England, had they wanted to. I don’t think any of them will lose any sleep if they never see that child again.

  9. Vexa says:

    If she wanted to see him so desperately she should have gone to his christening

  10. GuestWho says:

    Royal Dickie is a vicous old biddy. This entire narrative is as hilarious as it is galling. A baby has got to meet his family? Jeezum. That is reaching. Nobody cared about spending time as a family when they lived in the UK.

    and the prince phillip angle is a weird one: “…He’s up at Sandringham, nobody’s seen him, and he is frail. People do get frail at that age and it would be a great pity if Archie wasn’t brought over so that his great-grandparents could see him.” If nobody is seeing PP, why would Archie be the one to visit him? Make that make sense.

    • kellebelle says:

      Exactly, well said. Dickie Arbiter is a pompous ass, nothing more. And everyone commenting on the queen not being at Archie’s christening is right. Where was she then? What a load of crap.

  11. GR says:

    So nuts for so many reasons! As everyone here keeps mentioning, Archie was right there at Frogmore for months!

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I think we are assuming that QEII lives her life as any normal grandmother (read Carole Middleton) just popping in to see grand-kids because she passed their house and saw her daughter-in-law’s car in the driveway as she driving home from an appointment at her hair salon or with her horse trainer

      QEII does not operate this way. Every minute of every day is scheduled and planned out even when she is on “vacation” at Balmoral.

      I am not saying QEII is correct in the way she behaves. I am saying that we may not be judging her behavior from the correct angle.

      • livealot says:

        True, but she is the QUEEN, she can MAKE time. You can plan in advance all you want but you still have to leave room for regular life occurrences, such as marriages, pregnancies, and all that entails with new and old family members (graduations/christenings, VISITS) etc.

      • Becks1 says:

        There were some stories around the time of Balmoral (when H&M didn’t go) that the queen did see Archie frequently, she would stop at Frogmore on her way home from church when she was at Windsor. That story quickly got swept aside bc it didn’t fit with the narrative about how the Queen cant stand Meghan, but it made sense to me at the time. I’m sure it was planned, she wasn’t just “popping round” to see them, but I could have seen that happening a few times.

      • MsIam says:

        The Queen makes time when she wants to make time. Period. She’s seen Archie as much as she wanted to. No one was keeping him from her.

  12. Becks1 says:

    Keir Simmons segment was awesome. I love that he started out asking who was leaking information like the 4 hour lunch with Harry and Petty Betty. None of the other RRs seem invested in asking that question, but its important and I liked that Keir brought it up almost immediately.

    Also, the bit about the queen not liking babies is hilarious because its probably true. Would she probably like to see Archie? I’m sure, but she would probably want to see him for 5 minutes and then she would expect him to be whisked away. I don’t get the vibe from her, in general, of being a baby person, and I can also see at her age just being over it. She’s not going to have a relationship with Archie, but she’s also probably not going to have one of any significance with her other great-grandchildren either.

    • Marie says:

      Keir saying that anyone that knows the Queen knows she doesn’t like babies was interesting. Dickie was her private secretary in the 80’s. So I am sure he knows this but is just spreading his hatred for Meghan. He also swore up and down that Meghan wouldn’t get a title when she married Harry.

      • GuestWho says:

        ” He also swore up and down that Meghan wouldn’t get a title when she married Harry.”

        Which was after he swore that Meghan was just a fling and Harry would never marry her.

        He’s like a freakin’ seer! 😉

      • BayTampaBay says:

        i do not like babies either. Once children are old enough to order off their own menu at Shoneys you can drop them off at my house anytime.

      • Lady D says:

        My favourite age are the three year olds. I love the non-stop “why” that accompanies everything you say to them. I could and have spent hours just answering their questions.

      • MsIam says:

        Why would he think that Meghan wouldn’t get a title when she married Harry? If Camilla got a title when she married Charles what reason would there be for Meghan not to get one? Other than the obvious one Dickie?

    • DarlingDiana says:

      Didn’t scroll down, sorry. Agree with everything that you stated. It seems obvious to me.

    • Olenna says:

      I enjoyed Simmons’ comments as well. I don’t know why lil’ Dickie keeps harping on about this. Folks lit him up on Twitter the last time he tried to make a federal case out of Archie staying Canada. He’s just an obstinate old racist.

  13. HK9 says:

    Bitch doesn’t get to be salty about anything at this point.

  14. Lisa says:

    Absolutely not.

  15. Mtec says:

    “ Queen Elizabeth II fears she is missing all of Prince Harry’s son Archie’s milestones…”
    —you mean like his christening she didn’t bother to attend?

    Liz don’t give a flying f about another great-grandchild. If she did she would have issued some sort of statement to protect his parents and after he was depicted as a “chimp” by the tabloids.

    Do people also like to conveniently forget that Harry, Meghan and Archie ARE a family? So yes I agree, THEIR family should come first, not the one that’s been stabbing them behind their backs all along.

  16. Courtney B says:

    Victoria arbiter is so much better than her dad. She’s more analytical and less gossipy. Certainly less bitchy. Like with Meghan’s ‘no nude stockings ‘ during her engagement photocall ‘controversy’. She pointed out it’s regular but not protocol (unlike what everyone squawked about) .

    • GuestWho says:

      She’s better, but she can still be a little passive agressive. She’s one of the “on-line trolls are so mean” without denouncing – or even admitting – the way the media whips people into a frenzy. That can be frustrating.

      • Courtney B says:

        She’s been pretty sympathetic to the Sussexes from the start though. Calling out the chimpanzee comment (which I don’t think any of the other royal reporters did?) and saying the royal tradition of not responding was a mistake in this case. But she’s not going to think they haven’t made any mistakes. But I’ve read over her tweets and she’s pretty kind and understanding to them. She was on cnn too when sussexit broke. She’s also been calling on Andrew to testify in the Epstein case.

      • GuestWho says:

        @Courtney – I absolutely agree that she has dispelled a number of BS protocol complaints, among other things. But she does push the be-kind thing in regard to internet comments, but really refuses to acknowledge the part the media play in the hate. That is really my big concern with her – especially when her father is such a D-bag. She is pretty even-handed in in her reporting.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think she is definitely more even-handed than say….English or Andrews, but there are still some things that she has said that have caught me off guard, and I think “um, wow.” I cant recall specifics now though. She is definitely better than her father but that’s not saying a whole lot.

      • Abena Asantewaa says:

        @Guestwho, I will defend Victoria Arbiter, she has most of the times defended Meghan, and is more analytical, she is not bitchy at all, completely different from her father. Please let’s be fair and not visit the sins of her father on her, afterall she is a 40something year old. Victoria has always been fair to Meghan. Let’s not creat new enemies for her, Mehhan needs all the allies she can get.

      • Abena Asantewaa says:

        @Guestwho, I will defend Victoria Arbiter, she has most of the time defended Meghan, and is more analytical, she is not bitchy at all, completely different from her father. Please let’s be fair and not visit the sins of her father on her, afterall she is a 40something years old. Victoria has always been fair to Meghan. Let’s not create new enemies for her, Meghan needs all the allies she can get at the moment.

    • notasugarhere says:

      She’s the one who goes on and on about growing up in KP because of her father. She was playing fairly nice with Harry and Meghan until they hired Sara Latham. Back of her mind, did she think she could worm her way into her father’s role but in Harry and Meghan’s Household? I think she’d give up pretty much everything to have that kind of royal power position.

    • Prairiegirl says:

      She’s been quite even-handed when she appears on Omid Scobie’s podcasts, that’s for sure.

  17. Kay says:

    I don’t believe, for a single minute, that Petty Betty really cares all that much. She gives zero fucks. Wild Bill and Katie Keen gave her three proper (white) heirs to maintain the monarchy.

    I think she cares about being out maneuvered and the optics of it. That’s about it.

  18. S808 says:

    Britain is a hostile environment when it comes to Meghan and Archie so it’s understandable not to bring him. No one in that family knows what’s best for the little guy except his parents and if they believe it’s best to leave him at home then that’s that. There’s no reason to even be discussing this. If they wanna see Archie so bad they can hop on a plane and hightail it to Canada.

  19. Flamingo says:

    I don’t think QE has taken an interest in any of her great grandchildren. Sure, she’s posed for a picture or two, but I’ve never seen her interacting with them. I don’t really think she cares if she sees Archie or Mia Tindall or Charlotte.

    • DarlingDiana says:

      Yep. She is in her nineties now too. If she had any interest in a generation of children, I think it was her grandchildren including the Yorks and Phillips. She was too busy with her own children and, likely, uniterested. She is too old with her great grandchildren. Being a grandmother seems to have been her sweet spot which is often the case.

  20. aang says:

    She barely parented for own children and we are supposed to think she’s desperate to see a great grandchild? Plus she’s 90+ and probably just tired and over everything including babies.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Charles has the same problem IMHO. I do not see Charles as that interested in his grandchildren and Tiggy Legge-Bourke actually called him out on this one when all the “jealous of the Middletons” nonsense was being pushed by The Daily Fail. This was discussed in a Sally Bedell Smith book on Charles published in 1917.

      • February Pisces says:

        Wasn’t Charles disappointed when harry was born because he was a boy and had red hair? This family is unbelievable.

      • Becks1 says:

        There’s a book on Charles from 1917!?? Wow, that person must be a psychic 😉

        Supposedly Charles was a relatively involved father as these royal fathers go – Diana apparently would kick him out of the nursery.

        @February Pisces – I’ve heard that Diana told Charles it was a girl (he reportedly really wanted a daughter) even though she knew it was a boy. But i’m not sure how true that is.

      • Tessa says:

        Diana did not tell Charles it would be a boy. And besides that, they could have tried again.

  21. Valiantly Varnished says:

    The old bat lived on the same PROPERTY as as Harry & Meghan when they were at Frogmore and didn’t visit Archie. But we’re supposed to believe she cares about seeing him now? Lol.

  22. lemonylips says:

    She can’t have her cake and eat it too. Remember when all of the Fail and such press used this for Meghan? I’d love to use it in this case.

  23. RoyalBlue says:

    Petty Betty can take two seats right next to her gold piano. The deal is, she gets to see him if she gets rid of the Rota or directs them to stop abusing her grandson’s family. Otherwise she can enjoy all the FaceTime sessions in the world with him.

  24. boobra says:

    I’m ignoring all the negativity in that press leak just to come here and say that this pic of Archie in his little bear cub hat with his dad fills my heart with absolute joy. Harry made the right decision to stand by his family.

  25. Bryn says:

    I’m sick of hearing this family first bull. If your family is toxic then screw that.

  26. GG says:

    First of all QEII is N O T shaken up over H&M taking the decision to leave Archie at home. I feel anything she would be like “yes, quite right, that seems sensible.” Because I actually believe that she is really not into babies. Maybe she’ll want to meet Archie when he can shake her hand. So for all the whinging the RR are doing about his absence, their whining has no merit.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      When Diana wanted to take baby William on the tour of Australia she really put up a big fuss with courtiers. The courtiers went to QEII and QEII said “Let her take him. She will never make that mistake again”. QEII, especially with the Corona-virus on the loose and running wild, would be the first person to see the sense in and understand leaving Archie in Canada.

  27. Carrie says:

    4 total and absolute dicks:
    Arbiter, Palmer, Kay and Fitzwilliam.
    Never have 4 gossip bitches been so accurately named.
    Archie will be wherever his parents deem him safe to be . With them or with safe and loving careers. They are his parents, they choose. Not the racist BM and certainly not either of the trashy families.

    • CrbnFtprnt says:

      Thanks to Meghan (yes just Meghan) Arbiter and Fitzwilliam, have a steady income stream slagging her off for any medium that will pay them. They are vile racist trolls that the tabloids can hide behind with the “royal title” claim
      GG: Archie is putting his family first – Meghan and Archie, Lizzy and her klan can eat dirt. Whether or not they bring Archie it is not about Petty Betty and the vultures, it’s about what H&M this is best.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Does anyone know the true nature of Bill Cambridge’s relationship with Richard Kay?

      It was always been my understanding that Richard Kay cannot stand William.

  28. Scal says:

    He’s less than a year old, she’s only going for a week, and it’s flu/Coronavirus season. How is this even a debate? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  29. Aurora says:

    “Family should come first.”

    Isn’t that exactly what M & H are doing? They’re putting their own little family first. The media seems to forget that Harry, Meghan, and Archie are indeed a family.

    • notasugarhere says:


      Where was this ‘family should come first’ attitude when W&K skipped out on the poignant 10th anniversary service for the Queen Mum and Princess Margaret? That was incredibly important to the Queen, who had lost her Mum and her sister within a month of each other. Not a government engagement, like The Commonwealth service, but a *family* event.

      W&K chose a skiing holiday instead of attending. B&E were also on ski holiday, but they timed it to come back for the church service. The only one not there was Edward, because he had a Duke of Edinburgh awards event that was scheduled months in advance.

      US weekly forgetting all the years when W&K chose the Middleton family over the royal family.

  30. Janey says:

    I just visit this site now for the crazy commentary and comments about the Royal Family. So entertaining..

  31. Loretta says:

    Dickie is one of the worst. I still remeber when he was keeping to say that Meghan was only a flirt and there wasn’t non way that Harry would married her.

  32. TheOtherSarah says:

    This is one truly ridiculous “controversy”.
    1/The RR have no idea whether or not Archie will be coming with Meghan. There are just trying to create controversy based upon nothing.
    2/ The question of whether Archie is coming or not to the UK should be left entirely to his parents, and no one else. Certainly not, the old bat who did not give enough of a sh$t to attend his christening or protect him and his mother from the racist, rabid British press.
    3/ You just KNOW that if Meghan actually brings Archie with her, those same RR will be the first ones to call her a bad mother, exposing him to the Coronavirus outbreak, disrupting his sleep patterns and so on and so forth. So hypocritical.

  33. GuestOne says:

    For the Queen being disappointed read the British press instead. Sounds like they want a pap shot to see what Archie looks like. Some of the press backlash is also because of the press missing out on money making opportunities like hospital photocall.

    The nerve of some of the press to attack this woman throughout her pregnancy potentially causing real stress& then when baby they clearly didn’t care for arrives- expecting her to pose for them immediately so they can make money. Awful people.

  34. ShazBot says:

    You know, I think a lot about the polo match where Kate had her hands full with Louis, but also did engage with Archie (via Meghan) AT ALL. We hear how Kate loves babies and is so great with them, and she appears to be at her engagements, so I think it’s really weird that she sat on the ground next to them and didn’t look at him/coo at him/ask to hold him. That polo match was a golden PR opportunity if they wanted to send a message, and in the end, they did.

    • carmen says:

      Agree with you that the polo match was a great opportunity for Kate to interact with them and she blew it.

      I beg to differ on how “great” she is with babies. We see pr shots of brief interactions during an engagement, not extended periods. I have no doubt she loves her own children, but like anything else she does during an engagement, it’s play-acting and going through the motions. She’s hardly a baby whisperer.

    • bluemoonhorse says:

      JMO but that polo match thing was set up to show there was no feud – but all it did was show there was something wrong. The interactions were like two separate people – strangers – sharing the same space.

    • It was reported — leaked by someone there with the teams — that right before the match — on the Polo grounds — William started screaming at Harry about something to do with staff and they really got into it. They then went out and pulled it off for the public. After I read that story I went back and looked at all the photos. Remember all of us commenting how unhappy Harry looked after the match when he was standing by vehicle rubbing his face with a towel with Meghan and Archie with him. Some thought he was upset with Meghan, but it would make sense he was still angry with William. Looking at Kate’s lukewarm engagement with Meghan/Archie, made me think she and Meghan knew about the fight and were trying to look neutral.

      • Prof Trelawney says:

        I also think Kate learned long ago to just follow William’s lead on everything, not have any opinion or personality of her own. Thought that again re-watching her at H&M’s wedding, while William sneered, she kept looking over at him as if trying to join in the sneering… Meghan actually having a personality and Harry loving her for it is no doubt part of what so rankles William…

    • Marie says:

      I never bought that Kate is “oh so amazing” with kids. Her lack of interaction with Archie is proof of that. Regardless of how she feels towards Meghan, she could have tried to interact with Archie. It sent a clear message.

  35. Nola says:

    There are many reasons they not choose to bring Archie. I don’t know about all of you, but I don’t bring my children on work trips with me (& let’s be real — this is a work trip for H&M). Or Perhaps they intend to go somewhere alone afterward. Or perhaps they just don’t want to fly internationally with a baby (god knows I wouldn’t!).

    I don’t think the plane is as much of a concern for coronavirus (since I assume they would fly private with Archie, and can then control who comes on the plane / exposure). But Europe itself certainly has a larger outbreak at the moment than North America — why risk it with the baby? I’d keep him home too.

    I don’t think QE or Philip really care about whether they see Archie or not. If they really cared so much, they can fly over. Yeah they’re 90+ but they didn’t seem to make an effort before. It’s mighty convenient to now cry wolf about it so H&M can be the bad guys for moving away. The media doesn’t know what they’re taking about. You ever notice that the articles all claim family member X is the favorite. Harry’s favorite; no, it’s Zara; now it’s Savannah because she’s the first great grand. Sophie is her Favorite DIL because she’s so reliable; the York girls have her soft spot. Yadda yadda yadda. It’s ridiculous.

    • February Pisces says:

      It’s like being the queens favourite is the highest of accolades, which would be fine, but seeing as her pedo son is her fav child, I’m guessing her judgment is a bit off.

    • Col says:

      It’s ridiculous to say an ill 98 yr old should cross the continent. Those days are over.

    • notasugarhere says:

      They could fly to Canada if they wanted to. When the Queen and Philip fly long distance, they have a bedroom set up in the plane and every luxury. No reclining seats for them.

  36. rawiya says:

    I’m PETTY, so if I were the Sussexes, Meghan especially, I would NEVER bring him. And I’d make sure any photos of him were always 3-6 months old. On his first birthday, I’d post a throwback photo of when he was born. F the media. F the queen. F the Cambridges.

    They called him a monkey. They said he wasn’t real. They said the photos of him at 3 days old were actually of a doll. Then they said he was real, but not Meghan’s. Then it was he was real but not Harry’s. They hated the photo of his feet. They said he was too big, too small for his age. They had problems with the Christmas photo because he didn’t look like the baby from South Africa, he was too young to be crawling etc etc etc. They say he doesn’t need security because no one is out to hurt him.

    No one from the BRF to the media deserves Archie!!! I really wish Meghan could get away with hiding him until he’s 18 like Michael Jackson did with his kids! (Or heck, even Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes.) I’d be sad because he’s cute as a button, but I’d be more happy knowing the British press was mad.

    • L84Tea says:

      There are STILL people out there who continue to believe that Archie is a photoshopped/not real baby, or that Meghan did not give birth to him. It’s just absolutely absurd.

    • DarlingDiana says:

      We’ve not seen Archie at any time that the Sussex s haven’t planned except, perhaps, once during the dog walking. If they don’t want us to see him then we won’t. It is up to them.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Not true. Paps caught photos of him and his nanny, with Meghan, arriving at an airport. And also caught him when they deplaned from their trip to France.

  37. bluemoonhorse says:

    Love that photo of Archie in his hat, with the mountains behind him. What happiness this family has gained by walking away.

  38. nicegirl says:

    One of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made has been to limit the contact of my family members who support (have never denounced the behaviors and have not sought justice for those hurt) the pedophile in my family from my two sons. The Queen should be worried. I’m not sharing my children with my folks who support their pedophile son, either. The kids are usually used as pawns in this type of situation and a big NOPE bringing your own darlings into it. I’m team Archie and f the queen and her support of disgustO Andrew. Barfbag son and momma there

    • Your kids are lucky to have you, nicegirl. Few people are willing to rock the boat, even to protect their own children, sadly. I’m sorry you had to have that person in your life, and were forced to make that decision.

  39. Cosmo says:

    These people just don’t stop. Poor Meghan. The horrible stuff that the royals have said about her is not right. I wouldn’t have my child within miles of these people.

  40. Lila says:

    If it isn’t a horse, a corgi, or PedoAndrew, I don’t think the old queenie cares about having a relationship with it.

    • Enny says:

      Throw in a daily Dubonnet or four and, yes, those are Betty’s only true loves in this world.

  41. Mel says:

    Yeah, I don’t believe for one minute that a 94yr old and 99yr old want to be bothered with small children for more than 5 seconds at most. Give me a break with that.

  42. jugebair says:

    I melt every time I see that shot of Archie and Harry, with Archie in his little boots and pompom hat. It is beyond adorable. Love it.

  43. TheOriginalMia says:

    Their kid, their choice whether or not to bring him. And it isn’t as if they didn’t live in Granny’s backyard for 6 months of his life. If she or Phillip really wanted to see him, they could have. I doubt they see any of their great-grands all that much. Funny, how none of these tabloids ever lament Charles missing out on Archie. Always mentioning either the Queen/Phillip or the Cambridges. I want Charles to have a relationship with Archie. I wanted the same for the Cambridge kids, but that is a two-way street. Charles will have to make an effort to visit Archie where he is.

    • It is on record that the Cambridge children did not meet Archie until the polo match they all attended. It has also been reported that William and Kate didn’t meet him until right before his christening. So, I’m not buying this RR BS about Harry’s family being desperate to see him.

      • TheOriginalMia says:

        Yep. It’s all a bunch of BS, trying to drum up outrage. They didn’t care about Archie or his mother before they left. They don’t now.

      • Mary says:

        Early last fall, Mike Tindall stated to a reporter that he and Zara had not met Archie yet. Given that neither the Sussexes nor Tindalls went to Sandringham for Christmas, I am wondering if they have even met Archie yet.

      • DarlingDiana says:

        Whatever the interfamilial problems were/are they existed prior to Archie’s birth and that didn’t change it. I don’t know why people are surprised by this. Whether it was the BRF that didn’t want to visit his parents or his parents that didn’t want the BRF as visitors is really the issue, not innocent Archie.

      • February Pisces says:

        I remember when harry was single and he was being interviewed on some American tv show, and they asked him about being an uncle, or ‘fun uncle harry’ as they called him then. I can’t remember exactly what he said, but the subtle look on his face gave him away, and I just knew that he mustn’t see much of George and Charlotte. Louis wasn’t born yet. He doesn’t hide his feelings well. But I got the impression then that something was up for him not to be around his nephew and niece especially considering how much he loves children.

  44. Jaded says:

    Dear Queen – please save your salt for your pervert of a son. There’s a ton more shit coming down the pipe that you’ll have to deal with.


    Virginia Roberts

  45. Cate says:

    Meghan and Harry are obliged to do what is best for their child, period. If they think it’s best for him to remain in Canada, then everyone else needs to accept that. There are plenty of good reasons not to take him: illness exposure, it makes the trip more of a security headache, they don’t want him being used as a prop by the media, they don’t want some crazy person potentially getting through security and doing something to Archie…any of those things would be a perfectly valid reason to leave him at home.

  46. Mrs. Peel says:

    If she misses playing with children, there’s always patty-cakes with Andrew.

  47. mahru says:

    such a cute lil’ happy baby

  48. Kimber says:

    The queen cares ‘so much’ about her grandson and his family that she removed all pictures , like they don’t exist- even when they aren’t as the RR loves to say ‘leaving the royal family’…instead they are suspending senior royal duties. What caring grandmother does that?

  49. aquarius64 says:

    DICKie Arbiter is speaking for the rest of the coven the real reason for being mad: no pictures for their papers. Meanwhile Harry and Meghan have been seen in London; Meghan looking fierce.

  50. Well-Wisher says:

    This might be another instance of writing/stating fiction with the hope of getting collaborative facts later. Recently it was the upcoming visit to the Met gala.

    It been proven that King Archie sells,so the pack wants him back no matter what consequences would be towards his health and safety. He has been re-designated the “black friend” by the BM(tabloid) and some of his relations from the non-titled entity.

    The royal “dick” had his talking points ready – part of the abusive pack trying desperately to inflict social and financial impositions in order to revert to the untenable status quo.

    I hope that the RR will be respectful of the heir celebrity and his wife in Ireland as they cosplay and entertain their guests. No need to trigger him by whinging about the Endeavour Awards. Please stay in Ireland and have the celebratory drink with the heir. The alternative will be malicious leaking which is getting tiresome.

  51. February Pisces says:

    Didn’t the queen leave her two toddler children to go on tour for months on end? I’m sure she would like to see him, but I doubt she actually cares that much.

    • Thea says:

      And didn’t she greet Charles with a handshake when she got back from said trip? Real warm, that Brenda.

  52. Ennie says:

    Ridiculous article (not yours, CB, the original one).Great grandmas with so much on their plates will not complain about missing “milestones”, heck she was not so present with her own children, and that is her upbringing, her children mostly raises by nannies, and more at a distance, top that with her being queen and Surrounded by sycophants.
    Now, Charles, he might want to see his grandson more often and all that. I don’t project because even then he could go on without seeing him for months, as most people who live away from relatives have to endure.

  53. megs283 says:

    Oh gosh, I feel so sorry for you guys in Great Britain. I didn’t realize that you don’t have Skype or FaceTime…

  54. L4frimaire says:

    This whole narrative is such BS. In a normal world, mom and dad have relocated to a different country, so will visit with the grandkids either during summer or Christmas holidays. Get a grip. I really don’t get this obsession with seeing Archie. Yes he’s super cute but give it a rest. It’s a work trip during a global pandemic. We are being advised to cancel or postpone non- essential travel and a lot of companies are doing so. As for Will and Kate, it’s none of their business, let them stick to their lame jokes. No one ever sees baby Louis, I seriously wonder if they’ve forgotten about the little chap. These people are seriously whack-a-doodle. No matter what they do it would be criticized so what they do with their baby is their business. Meanwhile, Meghan was spotted in London leaving a lunch date with Harry. They both looked stunning and beaming.

  55. Belli says:

    “The Cambridges respect that Harry and Meghan have a lot going on,” the source says. “But they feel family should come first.”

    It does. That’s why Harry’s taken his family to Canada.

  56. Suzieq359 says:

    If TQ wanted to see Archie she could have requested his presence. She really wanted to talk to Harry. BTW, while we’re counting down her exit, how often does she see William’s kids?

  57. Malcolm H. says:

    It’s been made clear for awhile now that ‘Ol Liz doesn’t care much about children or babies, as she had very little to do with the upbringing of her own children. She doesn’t care.

  58. jferber says:

    To be clear, when William says, “The family comes first,” he is actually saying that HIS nuclear family comes first. To be even snarkier, he means himself, alone, personally. William is “the family.”

  59. Louise says:

    Really? She wasn’t so fussed when her own children were young.