DM: Is Duchess Kate ‘singlehandedly’ carrying the royal family? LOL.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Ireland, Dublin

With this job, I look at a lot of photos, all day, every day. I try to choose photos which I think “match” the story I’m writing, and if I’m writing about fashion, my main goal is not about any sort of narrative, it’s about which photos best show off the dress or ensemble, what is the best angle on the handbag or jewelry or hair. And after spending years looking through photos, let me tell you something: at a photocall, premiere or royal event, you can pretty much find a photo to suit any narrative you want. If you want to believe that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are completely in love and have a very strong marriage, you can find photos very easily to support that narrative. If you want to believe that Will and Kate have tension in their marriage, or that he’s an a–hole and she’s dull as can be, you can find photos to support that narrative too.

What bothers me is that outlets like the Daily Mail take the photo selection/photo-editing one step further with their insistence on writing stories with quotes from a “body language analyst.” In the Daily Mail’s case, they are really only doing this to support their prescribed narratives – the body language expert for the DM will obviously extrapolate that the Duchess of Sussex is a “narcissist,” and that she’s “acting” and that she wants people to look at her. That’s the narrative the publication wants to sell. So take this more as a window into the British tabloid narrative on the Cambridges, and what they’re trying to sell. They got a body-language expert to discuss William and Kate’s vibe during the Ireland tour. Some highlights:

Kate Middleton is ‘almost singlehandedly’ carrying the Royal Family right now and is proving a pillar of strength for her ‘under pressure and anxious’ husband, a body language expert has claimed. During the trip, body language expert Judi James observed how Kate took the lead at engagements, illustrating the ‘energy and power she is putting in as she steps up to the plate’.

‘Kate does seem to be carrying the royal firm almost single-handedly right now,’ Judi told FEMAIL. ‘In many of these poses she is taking the lead, approaching the hosts first, instigating the humour, and engaging in conversations using some very active gesticulation. She also looks quietly watchful of William, throwing him several cues of encouragement, suggesting the split from his brother is taking its toll. William’s subliminal gestures of what looks like anxiety do seem to have increased. Like Kate, he has been full of smiles and charm on this trip, but his body language ‘leakage’ suggests he feels under pressure right now.’

She added: ‘I would say overall that all the dramas in the royal family and the split between the two brothers might have brought William and Kate even closer, with him appreciating the way she has shown her own strength and ability to take over, plus what has probably been her strong emotional support too.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Having looked through a lot of photos of the Ireland tour, let me tell you… this woman is full of sh-t. Yes, there were *some* photos where Kate is doing her doe-eyed, looking-up-at-her-man thing. But for the most part, William and Kate look utterly estranged from one another, or like she’s making an attempt to make a connection and he couldn’t care less. But I’m no body-language expert, obviously. Isn’t it interesting that the Ireland Tour – best remembered, perhaps, for Kate’s absolutely bonkers style – is being presented to the DM readership as an exercise in Kate’s embiggening? Poor William, uneasy lies the crown on his bald head, but at least he has Keen Kate to “singlehandedly” carry him through the trauma of having successfully exiled his younger brother’s family out of the country.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Ireland on day 2 of their visit

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Ireland on day 2 of their visit

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Ireland on day 2 of their visit

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red and Backgrid.

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  1. Flying fish says:


    This article is pure bullshit.

    • Amy Too says:

      “instigating the humour” is apparently the positive spin for her manic hyena grinning when everyone else looks neutral. Oh no, she’s not overacting and trying to make it look like she is SUPER ENGAGED and SO HAPPY TO BE HERE! She’s just “instigating the humor.” The reason everyone else is frowning in the photo is because they haven’t heard the end of the Duchess’s super funny quip yet.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        Look, I’m no Kate fan. But I’ve always given her a “pass” on her manic grin. There could be many reasons for it — she smokes, so maybe she’s going through nicotine withdrawal when she can’t be seen smoking in public. And/or she also can’t be seen yawning at an event, so she could be wired/hopped up on a lot of caffeine. And/or she’s been “instructed” to behave this way, and she has to fall in line. And/or she overacts because she’s under William’s critical eye and cannot risk falling short of his expectations. And/or she’s been “stepforded” (like her fake accent) to a point where she doesn’t even know who she truly is anymore. I have a whole list of reasons to criticize Kate, but the manic grin isn’t one of them (unless it’s scaring young children).

      • bettyrose says:

        Mrs. Krabapple -

        All of your possible explanations are way funnier than any criticism. But I would hate to be judged for my public persona, too. I have resting indifferent face. If I had to fake-smile all the time, some misogynist creep would have to be punched in the face for my amusement.

    • mazzie says:

      I just want to say I love you for using stupse. My reaction as well.

    • mari says:

      Amen. I think it looks like the Waleses are compensating (overcompensating, actually) for Sussexit as though they’re realizing it just might have backfired on them.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      And yet, we all knew these types of articles were coming.

      What I don’t understand is how anyone can think “carrying” the monarchy is a good thing? The monarchy is an archaic, classist, racist, misogynistic institution that has no place in the 21st century. “Carrying” the monarchy means supporting a bunch of racists and hindering modernization and enlightenment of Britain. Kate shouldn’t be praised for that (if it was actually true, which it’s not).

    • Kristina says:

      I do think she is single-handedly carrying the BRF, though. She’s the only young, full time, female royal, and a future consort. I think of the bunch, she’s the only one people focus on in events.

    • They look like a couple that’s about to split up.

      William acts like Kate isn’t there, and he’s not “with” her. Kate looks mopey, tense, and try-hard.

    • New_Kay says:

      @flying fish Bajan!!!!!!!!

  2. Mar says:

    Well she looks really tired

    • Elisa says:

      Are you on insta? On their feed there are videos of Kate playing table tennis and some sort of field hockey game and she looks energetic and happy (as usual when she is doing sth sports related).
      As written by Kaiser, it depends which pics you choose to support your narrative.

      • carmen says:

        Of course she looks energetic and happy – this “work” is the adult equivalent of a kid being out for recess & play time

      • Nahema says:

        Completely. I’m so glad that Kaiser pointed that out because so often on here and elsewhere I see people talking about the body language or how they look tired, dull or stunning and I feel like people think that one split second snapshot tells the entire story. Body language experts aren’t worth anything unless they’re looking at the whole lot, not a couple of photos or a 10 second video clip. The exact same applies to Meghan and Harry. I’ve seen those so called experts saying their marriage is clearly in trouble, based on a couple of photo’s. It’s stupidity and some people will believe whatever fits their narrative.

  3. Flying fish says:

    That pink dress with the ruffled neck is just ridiculous.

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      Katie Kosplay still trying to invoke the magic of Diana through wardrobe.

      The thing Dolittle the Dull Duchess can’t get her wee mind around, even after all these years, is that it was never the clothes, it was the personality… something she can never buy, bespoke OR off the rack.

  4. Belli says:

    “In many of these poses she is taking the lead, approaching the hosts first…”

    I thought that this was a massive, scandalous, unacceptable no-no for royal wives! In violation of protocol and disrespectful to her husband who outranks her etc etc etc

    • Calibration says:

      @Belli only when Meghan does it. Then it’s an enormous scandal

    • Yes, Belli — the future future should always be in the lead, not the non-blood married-in shop girl. Also, I would love this oh so knowledgeable body language expert who has been paid to spin her expert opinion in a certain way, to explain why William constantly folds his hands over his manhood! What is that saying — in body language-speak? Seems strong, mentally healthy William didn’t sell so well so what, now the RR is spinning poor broken-hearted William leaning on strong loving wife. There is so much spinning from William’s team and the press that I don’t see how they can stand upright. It makes me dizzy. Yes, one photo or selected photos can spin a narrative, but so can one, compromised body language expert. I want to see some credentials and I want the expert to have an independently formed opinion.

      • bluemoonhorse says:

        Whoever pushed this narrative is going to be scorched by Will. If it was Katie’s mum, well she better beware of crossing the street and be on the lookout for big red double-decker buses.

  5. pineapple says:

    It boggles my mind, that people can still appreciate these two after their awful treatment of Harry. Boggles my mind.

    • Bohemian Angel says:

      Thank you Pineapple! Says a lot about some people…

    • GuestWho says:

      Sadly, I think some people appreciate them FOR their awful treatment of H&M.

    • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

      @Pineapple Anyone who reads the Wail and believes it, without taking into account the a) endemic racism and b) the fact they’re being more than ‘ordinarily’ vicious because Meghan is (rightly) suing them is probably a lost cause, to be honest

  6. Originaltessa says:

    I mean, if you discount Harry and Meghan, what’s left of “the family” is pitiful. I’m not a Charles fan. He’s void of any real personality or genuine feeling. I feel the same about William. Andrew is a pedo. Philip is a walking corpse. And the Queen… well. So you’re left with Kate and her kids. Pretty sad.

    • MJM says:

      Carole phoned this article in obviously however Kate is now the only remaining member of the Royal Family who has some appeal apart from her children. I don’t find her charismatic but she is beautiful and generally photographs well. Unlike Harry and Meghan who are a force together, Kate shines more without William and that is a liability. They are not connected – photos of them suggest she is trying and he DGAF.

      She has stepped up her duties and engagements this year so I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that she is carrying the RF in terms of pr. Problem is Harry and Meghan are taking much of the interest in the RF with them and the bullying of Meghan has angered and alienated people who were interested in them before. Also the scandal around Andrew has been a major blow. Not much but an empty husk to carry now I’m afraid.

      • SomeChick says:

        Well I guess they should have thought of that before they allowed Meghan, Harry, and Archie to be savaged by the royal “reporters” day in and day out for such a long time.

        As to body language – I’m no expert, but in those photos on the couch she is leaning away from him to the point it looks like he has bad breath.

        Also: the Great British Bakeoff Brushoff.

        You don’t need a body language expert to tell what is going on in those umbrella photos.

      • SomeChick —- the Great British Bake-off Brushoff —— that is soooooo funny. Thanks for the laugh. 🧑🏻‍🍳

  7. KBeth says:

    She’s just so bland.
    I do enjoy seeing photos of the children though, they are adorable.

  8. emme says:

    Yesterday I saw a bunch of pics and videos of them being smiley and more touchy feely than usual during this trip so I’m not sure I agree that they look estranged. They were linking arms at one point too. It’s easy to pick and choose pictures when people are looking away from each other and run with that narrative.

    • cherriepie84 says:

      That’s essentially what Kaiser said and I think she was bringing her point across with the pictures on the post.

  9. Aria says:

    There is something about her face . I dont know what it is . She looks great upto her face and the rest of the body seems normal so she may not be pregnant. Also her wrinkles are back and lines in forehead which means no botox . Is there any check injection for fuller cheeks ?? Her face alone seems very different. From these photos and Ireland diana cosplay pink dress in that pink dress she was heavenly photoshopped.

    • emme says:

      I hate to comment on people’s skin, but yes it does look like photoshopping goes on from her official photogs. Some people just don’t age as well as others. Is she still smoking?

      • Aria says:

        For me her cheeks alone looks fuller . Can people gain weight on cheeks alone because rest of her body is normal that’s why I said she may not be pregnant. Also getting pregnant at this time is not wise choice beacuse people will complain about another mouth to feed and queen may not like it beacuse if she is pregnant she will make excuse and disappear for two years now Sussex are out who will carry those engagement. Plus it also spoil her image which her mom works very hard to sell to public that she single handedly save the British royalty and British whiteness. If she is not working then those pr will look like stupid.

      • Coco says:

        It’s 2020. Smoking?

    • Beach Dreams says:

      It’s possible that she got fillers for her cheeks. I think some photos from the tour are being photoshopped; lighting is making a difference too, but not enough to explain some of the discrepancies of photos from the same event.

    • Jaded says:

      I think her face looks different because she’s the skinniest she’s ever been. She looks drawn and haggard when her photos haven’t been photoshopped. I’m not body-shaming her, I think she’s having a tough time in her marriage, with Sussexit and Willileaks, and with the extra work this has entailed. She’s just not cut out for the job and the stress is showing. I’m inclined to think she is being treated for an ED.

  10. heygingersnaps says:

    “Kate Middleton is ‘almost singlehandedly’ carrying the Royal Family right now and is proving a pillar of strength for her ‘under pressure and anxious’ husband,”

    Ooh lala, I wonder if Willieleaks is frothing at the mouth at this portrayal of him.

    • Harla says:

      He’s “fragile”, don’t you know.

    • Originaltessa says:

      Yeah, he’s not going to like this.

    • Ainsley7 says:

      This has been the narrative for years. Kate is the strong one and Will needs Carol to make him cheese on toast because he’s sad or something. I’m pretty sure this is his narrative since he’s never tried to fight it and regularly plays into it.

    • kellebelle says:

      I nearly retched when I read that. What a bunch of balls, seriously.

  11. Harla says:

    All these stories about her coming into her own now and having more confidence now, make me cringe for her. To be so inept at one’s job that it takes almost 8 years to become moderately competent and have that fact bandied around by the world’s press would be beyond embarrassing, at least to me.

  12. Cidy says:

    I dont agree that they look estranged. After watching the H&M video yesterday (stunning) I watched one of the tour videos from Ireland and.. they look fine? They didn’t seem to be even acting more touchy feel-y, all the touches were the same brief ones they have always had. And they did look at each other quite a bit. I dont think we can judge a couple from another couple by their body language, I dont think they are PDA folks.

    I do kind of agree that popularity wise.. Kate is carrying the royal family. I kind of disagree with the general idea that Kate would be “nothing” without William, I think that William needs Kate more than Kate needs William. William is like wallpaper,as much as Kate gets dragged on this site for being wallpaper or boring I kind of disagree, she might not be the most innovative person but she does bring a lot of energy, and seems to enjoy herself. I dont get the vibe that a lot of you get about her, and I dont know if it’s because in motion she seems so different or what.

    That having been said, I know that is not the tone of the article, the article tone is “look at Queen Kate.” Which has been part of the embiggening campaign.

    • Maria says:

      Honestly I feel that, as crappy as it is, the only person who is carrying the Royal Family in terms of popularity is the Queen. No matter what she does, they will always say the Royal Family sucks but they respect the Queen for her decades of “service”. There are uproars here and there (NOBODY is talking about her shielding of Andrew the way they should) but for the most part…

      • Beach Dreams says:

        She’s basically the only reason the British press hasn’t unleashed all the dirt they have on the royals. Too many people respect her for the outlets to go all in. When she’s gone, the Firm might be in for some nasty surprises.

    • Aria says:

      I’m sorry what is or who is Kate without William?? Are you one of Kate tumblr fan , then it’s not site for you. She entire identity is William girlfirned now wife and mother of his kids. She is energetic lol most of the engagement she looks exhausted and uninterested.

      • emme says:

        I think maybe she meant that Kate is more popular than Willian. People generally don’t care as much about him when he is doing solo work (same with Harry, Meghan outshines him). Obviously when they were kids and growing up there was always a lot of interest about Diana’s boys, but now as married men? Their wives/kids are what people pay attention to.

      • Aria says:

        Emme no Kate is not popular than William. First queen second harry third William fourth only Kate. Those kate being popularity is fake which was spread by her fans and rr to put down Meghan. If Kate is popular why only 200000 people took the survey in uk?? That too many of her fans even said they took the survey eventhough they are non uk people and that survey can be taken multiple times. Those kate being popular and fashion ion and that she is only the hope are the pr sugar from mama middleton . All wife’s are disposal to Windsor men. If charles survived kicking diana out of the marraige I’m pretty sure william will be more than fine. Beacuse kate is no way near the popularity of diana . Mama middleton clearly in panic mode that’s why so many sugar article about Kate being this that etc. After peter phillips, I think mama middleton realize that Windsor wife is very much disposal and press will quickly turn against the married ins.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Emme from that perspective I agree, that Kate is more popular than William, but in the long run that doesn’t matter, bc if William wants a divorce, Kate will become unpopular very quickly. (I’m not saying there will be a divorce, just saying that Kate’s position is relatively precarious in terms of the royal family.)

    • Becks1 says:

      William does not need Kate at all. Barring an abolition of the monarchy, William is going to be the king of England. without him, Kate is “just” the mother of the king after him.

      I don’t get the “energy” you are talking about at all – in sporting events or active events, sure, but not in the more structured settings.

      • emme says:

        Obviously he is more important than her in the long run, but just from what I see in the media, the wives seem to get more attention than the husbands.

      • Nic919 says:

        Diana was and remains over 20 years after her death, more popular than Charles and we can see how much that actually matters to the monarchy. It doesn’t. The married ins are always expendable, most notoriously the wives of Henry VIII. So when even someone as charismatic as Diana can be tossed aside and the institution moves on tells you just how little Kate matters to the process.

        The tabloids cover kate more than William because of her outfits, but really she doesn’t have that star appeal despite the PR trying to tell us that for years. This article is more of the same.

      • Cidy says:

        Becks1 –

        We can agree to disagree about Kate and William who needs who, not like it matters they wont ever divorce lol but I do see where your opinion is coming from.

        Maybe energy is a bad word? That’s all I can use to think of it. Watching her in motion perhaps I can say she is way more engaged than he is. Even at structured events, I know a lot is made of her smile and nodding like she just does a “smile and nod” and maybe it’s because that’s how I engage? I smile and nod but that doesnt mean I’m not listening. But from everything I’ve seen (which is truthfully not a lot, sometimes Cookies makes youtube videos pop up.) She does a lot more talking than him, hand motions than him, facial change than him, even in structured events. She is a little socially awkward but the video I saw yesterday she was perfectly energized and engaged. She just seems more “available” than him. If that makes sense.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Cidy – I do agree with that about how she interacts with people as opposed to him. He seems to do well when he’s at a pub event or something (I feel like he’s doing a lot of those lately) but at other events he seems very stand-offish and….not interested.

      • Harper says:

        To me, the only time Wills ever looks like he wants to be where he is is when he’s watching a professional sports match. Otherwise, his professional engagement energy is basically “looking for the door.” Kate seems to have slightly more tolerance for the engagements, but I chalk that up to the fact that she gets to play Diana at those times.

      • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

        @Emme The women are more important because they’re clotheshorses and mobile uteruses. They have no other purpose than to shake hands, smile, wave and say ‘oh really?’ or how nice’. When they show personality, individuality and spirit, they are attacked. Hilary Mantel’s description was absolutely on the nose.

      • Dali says:

        I don’t think that Will needs Kate in particular, but let’s be real. Women are more interesting to look at. We are prettier and we can wear pretty clothes, dresses etc. W&H wear suits in different shades, black, grey, blue. That’s it. Letizia, Maxima etc. The wife’s are always much nicer to look at. W&K are together like almost 20 years? We know them, we’ve seen them, we get bored with them. M&H are more glamorous and fresh in love. Meghan dresses more modern and much better then Kate. And again, we know Kate for so long. Both W&H don’t need a wife to be important. They were lucky Enough to get out of the right V. But as i said, it’s more interesting with a women by their side. Especially when they get older. They are no more twenty something’s partying Boys.

      • yinyang says:

        I agree. Just like William is something only because he is a part of the monarchy, same as Kate. If she wasn’t his wife…or she wasn’t rich she would be no one special, with that boring personality she wouldn’t even make a mark on her residential street let alone all of britian. I doubt she would be on PTA, too lazy, she would probably be overweight and a drinker, have a lot of kids and collect welfare (that wouldn’t change lol). William doesn’t seem like the smarts to be anything if he were born a poor man. They’re both completely unremarkable.

    • GreenDress says:

      I think that William has accepted his lot with Kate ever since he made the commitment to propose and he is resigned to living out his future with someone very ordinary yet in many ways perfect for the role in terms of her compliance. I do think he sees her shortcomings and gets tired of being the one with natural confidence and ease but over the years I feel that since marrying her and together with his hair loss, he has somehow embraced becoming an old, dull man who is happy to let the Middletons become his almost surrogate family, and that he no longer even sees himself as a the former golden playboy that he used to be. He really did use to be very glamorous and whilst I think the two of them have always complimented one another (maybe it’s because they’re both tall, he’s blonde, she’s brunette), she actually does outshine him now in a superficial sense. Yet on a deeper level I think that he has become very uptight and restrained so as not to overpower her. Her own lack of personality and “shyness” is so glaring that I think he holds back in order not to totally dominate and look as though he is being a gentleman in encouraging her have her “voice”. In other words, that was a long way of saying that I think she cramps his style yet he realises he has to be a gentleman about it.

  13. Maria says:

    I noticed they look more touchy-feely here. The better to make everyone forget about Shruggate!

  14. Beach Dreams says:

    Wishful thinking on the media’s part. They so desperately wish that Kate were even a quarter as active and interesting as Meghan. What’s funny about this excerpt is how they’re framing Will as frail and dependent (especially amusing after what he said about Harry last fall). Camilla Tominey was recently building up Kate and talking about how she was finally stepping out of William’s shadow, how she was shining despite him being the star…I just find it interesting that this is the narrative that’s currently being pushed on her behalf. Not sure it’s one William or the Firm would be too fond of.

  15. Margareth says:

    When you see the pics of Harry and Meghan of last night and then you see Cambridges pics LMAO they look ever more dull. No charisma, no star quality.

    • carmen says:


    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      Harry and Meghan are sparkles in a glass of champagne, or sugar crystals on a patisserie. You know just looking at them, they’ll make you happy. They are a joy to watch.

      Will and Kate are mushy peas and mashed potatoes. You look at them and see duty. As in “I’m forced to swallow this dinner, but I’m not happy about it, I wish mum would stop putting this crap in front of me and honestly I’d rather make myself a marmalade sandwich”.

    • I think history has shown that The Firm is allergic to “star quality and charisma”, so William and Kate and Charles and Camilla are perfect for it. No one is supposed to outshine the Monarch — no one!

    • Redgrl says:

      @margareth – yes, this is very true
      @tiara – that’s awesome. Makes me think of avoiding liver as a child..

  16. S808 says:

    This is obvious and low key pathetic PR but I’m surprised there’s been no counter stories about William carrying the monarchy. All these stories making him seem like window dressing in comparison to Kate and there hasn’t been much rebuttal.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Yeah, this and some other brow-raising comments in the media make me think that this is largely a Middleton-based campaign. The palace would never cast William in an unflattering light for Kate’s sake, not even to take a swipe at the Sussexes.

  17. Lyn says:

    Well when you look at what’s left after Harry and Meghan depart then I could see that. The Queen’s own children are vary degrees of unplatable.

    Charles has a good legacy but he’s not engaged with anything to any degree of warmth. And the public feel the same about him. Not to mention the ghost if Diana still haunts him. Andrew is done, Anne is matter of fact and occasionally rude, Edwards is a non entity. People don’t care about them or their wives.

    So you are down to William, who is quite off putting. The more he tries to be relatable the more people are disengaged. And he has no credible achievements or deep bond with any group. This pales in comparison with Harry (and Charles), look at how much the military and veterans have Harry’s back.

    So there best bet is Kate, she has a perfectly bland persona. She doesn’t offend anyone with opinions or actions. But you know that will only work up to a certain point, people are increasingly asking for them to justify the institution and Kate is most certainly never going to be the reason people say “oh well the Monarchy is useful afterall”. Interesting times ahead for them.

    • Harla says:

      After the Sussex’s officially “leave” there will only be 4 people under the age of 70 left and the Wessex’s are in their mid-50′s. I don’t know how the Royal Family is going to engage the younger generation and be relevant to them now and in the near future. If George follows his father’s model, he won’t be taking on full-time royal work for another 30 years or will William deny him his years of playing pilot (or whatever George is interested in)? Once the Queen dies, the royal family will have a huge fight on their hands, fighting to remain relevant and engaged with a people and Commonwealth that are already questioning their worth.

    • Becks1 says:

      Both you and Harla have good points. I don’t want to say kate and William are “holding the monarchy together” bc the Queen is doing that, but it is going to be interesting to see what happens over the next few years. Kate wears designer clothes and nice jewelry and has pretty hair, but that’s not enough to carry the monarchy forward. Or maybe it is at this point.

      • carmen says:

        Kate wears designer clothes and nice jewelry and has pretty hair
        Lol – I don’t think Kate’s fashion choices are doing her any favours – the past several posts are testimony to that. Realistically, she can’t replace Meghan – She lacks her drive & charisma and “star power” , but she can buckle down and try to emulate her work ethic and demonstrate that she is there to work and accomplish things like Meghan did consistently and from day one.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Carmen I don’t think they are either but the Cambridge stans have been loving her outfits, LOL!

    • Lorelei says:

      @Lyn here’s a great article about exactly this:

    • Chelle says:

      Honestly, the blandness might just save them after Charles’ reign. On a day to day, people will forget they exist. Like hiding in plain sight. They’ll be trotted out much like they were for the Trump visit then hie on back to Norfolk. While I think it’s true that unveiling plaques and pouring a pink has its place, the current model that W/K follow just isn’t viable/sustainable in a modern world. H/M and even Charles has shown them that. William had become too complacent and thus too comfortable/petulant/arrogant/disdainful in his unchallenged/uncontested/inherited role IMHO. I don’t feel like I’ve found the right word or words but you all get my meaning.

  18. BUBS says:

    Letting someone else’s light shine doesn’t mean that yours would dim. Will and Kate missed a huge opportunity to utilize the star power of Harry and Meghan for the good of the monarchy, all because of jealousy! The individuals formerly known as the “Fab Four” could have equally represented two faces of the monarchy in the 21st century: one conservative (albeit dull) and eager to carry on the traditions of a king and queen consort in waiting; and another, glitzy and glamorous, which would have infused so much stardust into a dull institution and made it very attractive! Harry and Meghan have undeniable charisma that could have been used for the betterment of The Firm…something Will and Kate clearly lack. In the end though, the losers are definitely not H and M…a fact that became more pronounced after their spectacular outing at the Endeavor Awards last night. Moral of the story: Know your place!

    • Amy Too says:

      Seriously. No one can be all things to all people. Will and Kate trying to be super glamorous and sexy and progressive would probably upset all the people who want them to be conservative and traditional and boringly dependable. And switching back and forth between being the conservative upholders of archaic and classist tradition and being the fresh, modern, cool royals would upset the people who enjoy them more when they’re being young, progressive, and relatable. Trying to be all the different things that everyone could possibly want, makes it look like you’re wishy washy and have no convictions: you’re just pandering to whichever audience you’re currently in front of, and that weakens your overall appeal and credibility.

      It would’ve been so much better to divide and conquer with Harry and Meghan. Because even after pushing H and M out completely, I doubt that the Cambridges are really going to start doing all the fun, progressive, innovative projects and events that H and M do now. And they’re not going to be traveling around the world all the time, connecting with all the POC in the commonwealth countries. So what was the point of getting rid of H and M if you have no intention of taking up the role that they played in the family? Now you’re just going to lose all of those tours, cool projects, the more progressive mindset, and the people who believed that the RF is maybe more liberal, younger, and modern than they originally thought. The Cambridges are putting all their eggs into the conservative, boring, traditional, white, misogynistic, classist basket and thinking that that will make them MORE viable going into the future? How?

    • Harla says:

      I agree @ BUBS, but it wasn’t only W&K who missed the opportunity to utilize the Sussex’s star power, imho the entire family and their staff failed completely. If anyone of them had shown the smallest bit of public support while the Sussex’s, especially Meghan, were being publicly abused then so much could have been avoided. But in the end, whatever dirt the British press has on the members of the royal family has made them weak and afraid, unable to stand up for what’s right and now the whole world has seen their cowardice and can’t unsee it.

  19. Dutch says:

    Eh, she is, at least in terms of positive exposure. That’s what they always wanted from her, generally vanilla, solid, supportive, silent. For all the going on about being horrible at her job, from the BRF view, she’s doing exactly what is expected of her.

    • L4frimaire says:

      I kind of agree with this, hence the never puts a foot wrong narrative. They don’t want anyone to outshine William, but they seem stifled and curdled. It’s almost painful to watch them trying to do real work because it is way outside their comfort zone and skill set. Maybe people should stop expecting more of them than who they actually are, but not sure who exactly they are, and not sure it’s enough.

      • MsIam says:

        I agree with your comment. The BRF wants white bread for lunch and that is what they get from W&K. I think Meghan and Harry too for that matter represented something they could not understand or control and therefor they perceived them as threats. I think if Harry had married some bland English ( or even an American WASP) girl who would have upheld the status quo then he would have gotten the stamp of approval eventually. But him marrying Meghan, the ultimate outsider was too much for them. But W&K are exactly what they want. They media may cry tears of boredom over having to cover them for the next 40-50 years but not the BRF. I think they are breathing a sigh of relief.

      • Amy Too says:

        Msiam, but it seems stupid that will and Kate are playing to the BRF because most of the members of their family will be dead in 5-10 years. Kate might be just what the boring old members of the RF want right now, so she’s able to slip under their radar and avoid any critique by playing the dull silent stepford wife, but is that a viable long term plan? Once the queen and her cousins and advisors and Charles and his siblings and their advisors die, will and Kate are going to have to appeal to the people of the UK. And even now, it’s obvious that they’re just not appealing. No one cares about them. People actively dislike how boring and conservative they are. I can’t imagine it’s going to get better in 10+ years when the UK will be even younger, more diverse, and with each new generation being more socially progressive and less interested in fussy ancient traditions (and religion) than the last.

  20. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    If that’s the best that the Royal Family has got, they’re all doooooomed.
    The Sussexes break the internet by turning up for an evening do: the Cambridges awkwardly twist their hands and put on sloane ranger ruffles. Tragic

    • Agree Andrew’s Nemisis — Broke the internet with a what — 1 minute walk from a car to a door. Three days in Ireland and it’s mostly just been reported in the British press. Trouble is the Firm wants to remain a conservative, class-ruled, reminder of Empire, so Meghan had to go just like Diana had to go. Maybe The Firm cannot control who has worldwide charisma, but they can control who is allowed to stay in the Firm and who is not. The Queen was raised to take the long 1,000 year view and believes the monarchy will outlast any one person or any scandal. I think as long as the Queen lives, that viewpoint holds, but I think media intrusion is now a ravenous, blood thirsty beast that eats its own. I think it is going to get ugly when the Queen’s reign ends and Charles and William do not have that historical respect and kowtowing from the media.

      • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

        @JALowCountryLady (hello again!) You’re exactly right. The Queen has been part of the fabric of this nation for SO long and the majority of the people who grew up with her also hold those antediluvian views that are not only anathema to my generation and Gen Z but repugnant too. For all his many faults, Tony Blair’s Premiership did usher in an entirely new way of thinking that has normalised diversity rather than seeing it, as you rightly point out, as an extension of Empire and all the power that connotes. The Queen has passed into quasi-mythical status and in herself possesses all the unshakable arrogance of her class. Charles may find some appeal because he’s a strong environmentalist (though he might want to start suiting the words/feelings to the actions: no more private planes). But William has nothing to recommend him or inspire loyalty: he’s stuffy, grand, precious, humourless and bereft of ideas. I highly doubt that he and Kate can sustain any appetite for the public to continue subsidising them, ESPECIALLY as our standards of living increase, we become accustomed to them, and any imperilling of them while a single family is claimed by birth to be untouchable remains unaffected by stock market crashes, pandemics and climate change.

  21. Beach Dreams says:

    And as for William and Kate’s interactions, I saw more of the usual. They didn’t seem any more ‘comfortable’ or at ease with each other. As is the norm, Kate did a lot of smiling at William while he occasionally returned the favor. It *was* pretty funny how they invited photographers for a totally casual stroll through nature. I didn’t realize people would use those absolutely “candid” photos (including one where Will is clearly checking for the cameras) to argue how ‘loving and affectionate’ they supposedly are 🙃

    • Nic919 says:

      That stroll photo op was pretty sad. It’s not like they were so busy on their 2 1/2 day tour that they hadn’t had time to relax.

  22. KellyRyan says:

    Complete lack of chemistry between both. One photo, K attempts to look lovingly at W and he looks off in the distance. The more we see of H&M’s success, the more we’ll see the BRF’s failure to thrive.

    • Jana says:

      Wills may look like his mom, but I think he has his father’s personality. He knows Kate was the perfect choice for the mother of his children, but she’s not who puts a tingle in his dingle.

      • Tessa says:

        he has the Spencer oblong face but looks like his father when he attempts the “mugging.” But personality wise he is like his father now.

  23. Becks1 says:

    I watched a video from when they met….I think it was the president….and it was…weird. Like everyone is standing there, getting their picture taken – Kate looks directly at Will and kind of gives a little laugh and a big smile, like William just told a joke, but he didn’t say anything. Then she looks straight ahead again. But the picture I was seeing from that meeting was Kate laughing at William with something about how in love they are or whatever. So she clearly knew that that smile would get picked up in a positive way.

    I have to admit, I was sort of impressed, but seeing the video was awkward.

    Anyway – just goes to show that you can really suit any narrative with pictures alone.

    • Belli says:

      I saw the same video and I honestly felt bad for her because she looked at William a few times and he didn’t once look back.

      It reminded me a bit of the video from a few years ago at the Tour de France. Kate holds up a hand and makes a surprised expression and… holds it. Everyone else is still moving around her. The photo looks like a candid capture of a split second moment of shock though.

      • Nic919 says:

        Everyone else was also looking in the opposite direction while actually watching the race. She was obviously posing in the other direction for a fake reaction shot. Anyone who watches that video will get a better sense of just how much Kate plays to the camera and has done so for years, well before meghan entered the picture.

    • I would bet that both Charles and Camilla and William and Kate have worked on their public appearance with ‘body language experts’. You can drive a narrative with your body language no matter what is being said or not being said. People will read what they want to in to it. It’s ‘selling yourself via the media, 101’.

    • notasugarhere says:

      W&K Ireland 2020 = Charles and Diana South Korea 1992?

    • February Pisces says:

      Everything Kate does publically is just a photoshoot, that’s why she has literally no substance to her. As long as she gets a good picture that’s all that matters. All anyone has to say about Kate is that’s she’s so ‘classy and elegant’, nothing about her work. Even this ‘body language expert, ‘she’s carrying the royal family’ based on nothing but the fact she’s just stood there. She’s basically praised for being an ornament.

  24. Lizzie says:

    What a hoot. They are simply arranging photo ops and planting press stories, and that is all they are ever going to do for decades to come. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  25. Veronica S. says:

    Is the royal family the size and weight of a clutch? Then I can believe it.

    Sometimes when I look at women like her, I kind of want to ask whether it was worth it. She never looks completely comfortable in her own skin, and that’s a little a sad to me. It’ll be really interesting to see what happens when the Queen and Charles are gone.

    • carmen says:

      She definitely would have been better off if she had taken a different path, perhaps one similar to Pippa’s. A life of luxury but with minimal commitments and outside scrutiny.

    • Deering24 says:

      “ Sometimes when I look at women like her, I kind of want to ask whether it was worth it.“

      I always wonder this about Stepford Wives. She’s stuck doing a lifetime of things she doesn’t really care about and is no good/mediocre at. No amount of privilege in the world can make up for that. If that’s not a working definition of hell, I dunno what is.

  26. Jana says:

    I’ve never understood the hatred in England for Harry and Meghan, or their desire to walk away from the circus that is their Royal life, but the press needs to realize all they are left with are these boring family members, who are absolutely incapable of exhibiting any form of adulation or glamour.

  27. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    Hahaha haha. No.

  28. Anne says:

    I am now comparing this look and Meghan’s look from last night and I CANNOT, Kate girl, you are young, pretty, with a killer body, you can do better than this, I mean come on…

  29. Chelle says:

    Not wearing that pink dress.

  30. HK9 says:

    She may be single handedly boring us with her fashion but single handedly carrying the BRF??No.

  31. Katie says:

    I mean … Kate’s the best of what they have left. The whole family is in tatters and she’s got to push through for the next ten years until George gets interesting.
    All the monarchs by birthright in this family seem so paranoid and viciously jealous about anyone overshadowing them. The Queen with Princess Margaret, Charles with Diana and his own sons, William with Harry, Meghan and even Kate. I think the most interesting BRF photos in the last few years were Kate and Meghan together. (Even with the annoying Kate caring for Meghan narrative.) I bet they made William’s head explode.

  32. Florence says:

    Imagine trying to hold a conversation with her. Like talking to a puddle. Or a wall.

  33. Teel says:

    I like the boots in the farm photo op. And that’s all I’ve got.

  34. L4frimaire says:

    They’re a cold couple, that’s their way, but it’s obvious she is so much more into him than he is into her. I definitely think the shrug and the no- show at that charity event ( remember the child care “ crises”, showed something is up. Im not a Kate fan, she’s an insecure mean-girl, but she may have a natural warmth ( with those she likes at least), that William either doesn’t care for or discourages. I’m not into them at all because I think they’re lazy and insipid, and don’t do the work required for their future role, and have no interest in being either innovative, inclusive, or flexible. They expect everything to come to them and people to just revere them, without doing anything to earn it.

  35. grumpy says:

    It is an insult to womankind to hold her as any kind of role-model for the nation. She is a work-shy waste of space who has done nothing except wait around to ensnare a prince, she has never even had a proper job. I had high hopes for Meghan joining the family as someone who knew how to work – I think Meghan is awful now but that doesn’t suddenly make Kate wonderful. I am sick of hearing how great ‘Catherine’ is when she has no redeeming features and seems only to be valued for being skinny and having lots of hair.

  36. Eugh says:

    I wonder if anyone is incandescent with rage today that a beautiful backlit rain photo has just overtaken an entire 80′s costume tour

    • Lizzie says:

      LOL, the glow is probably visible in Ireland. Even Piers Morgan was forced to say he was charmed.

  37. AMM says:

    I do believe they are closer than ever. And I do believe she is supporting him. I never subscribed to the theory that Kate is meek and living in William’s shadow. I think this smear campaign is a joint effort and they are working together now more than they ever have. Her family has a major hand in their PR. I believe if Wills was on his own, he would just be throwing fits and wouldve revealed his real personality to the press already. Hed have lost his shit. . Shes keeping him calm and putting on the good front and also reaping the amazing press she gets for not being black. Her family knows how to play the long game and William is benefiting from that.

    That’s not to say William is being controlled. He just wouldn’t have the brains or temperament to execute the smear campaign on his own. I do think it’s a fine line for the middletons though. Theyve got to be careful to not make him look “fragile”.

  38. Marivic says:

    I agree with the comment up thread that Kate is more into William than William is into her. In Ireland she tried to link her arm with his but was not reciprocated. It was short and painfully awkward for Kate. It was only reciprocated when they were on the hilltop where their backs were turned against the camera (in a far and long shot) and nobody can see their facial reaction that William finally put his arm around her. What???? Sometimes one would think that William gets embarrassed when Kate initiates some sort of PDA and that he thinks that it is cringeworthy for him to even hold the hand of his wife in public. He is very uptight. King Felipe would hold Letizia’s hand in public and nobody thinks it violates anybody’s sensibilities. It just shows he cares and loves his wife.

  39. Lizzie says:

    DM says their Australian trip might be cancelled due to Covid19.

    Sounds legit, still maybe Ireland was such a fail the firm is pulling them back.

    • D&C says:

      Of course, poor children and elderly will be hit the hardest by this virus not the rich.

  40. Awkward symphony says:

    @EMME like they say “each to their own”!People have different rules and ways of showing affection to their spouses. I’m not married yet but I’d definitely do the same as H&M but my twin sister is different(prude) and just like our father doesn’t like PDA.
    I’m a romantic and I love seeing the Sussexs so in love despite all the hate and ruthless campaign to destroy their unity.

  41. Seraphina says:

    I’m a little late with my commenting, but Kaiser thank you the laugh this morning. I almost spit out my coffee: Poor William, uneasy lies the crown on his bald head.

  42. justme says:

    I really like the Duchess of Cambridge. I don’t always or almost never like the way she dresses. To each his own. She’s stuck with her role and done a good job (it’s not much of a job compared to the work we regular people have to do , but she’s done her bit and done it well) and she does represent the monarchy properly and without scandal. Kuddos to her.

  43. Molly says:

    Why is Kate carrying the RF. What happened to oh say Charles and/or William? They are the future Kings. No one is saying Philip is carrying the RF because Betty is Queen. I think there is way to much pressure being put on Kate. Mark my word….she will fall under the pressure.

  44. L says:

    I always thought that aside from the privilege that comes from the monarchy, Will doesn’t really want to be there. He seems depressed to me, and probably a little socially anxious. I can understand why… And that’s why he seems disinterested in everything and standoffish.. I think Kate has always followed his lead, she takes her cues from him which is why she comes off disengaged (BC Will is disengaged, and it would upset the dynamic if she were to appear engaged. I think this began when they first met – at that point Kate HAD to follow Wills lead, and now it’s become a pattern of behaviour).

    I do think Kate carries the BRF in terms of publicity. She’s the youngest adult member, aside from Beatrice and whatever the other one’s name is, Kate’s a household name and she’s goodlooking. But she doesn’t carry the BRF in terms of work, beyond being in the limelight.

  45. emme says:

    I find them sometimes too much, but they are also still in the honeymoon phase. But maybe everyone projects their own way of handling PDA onto other couples. Me and my hubby are very affectionate, but when other people are around he totally scales it back. And in front of our families? No touching whatsoever lol.

  46. Molly says:

    I wonder if you had cameras and editors ready to catch you at your least best if you would reach to your husband more often for comfort and protection