Duchess Meghan stuns in a body-con Victoria Beckham at the Endeavor Awards

Duke of Sussex and Duchess of Sussex arriving at Mansion house

The Duchess of Sussex returned to England this week, and was first seen exiting the Goring Hotel mid-afternoon on Thursday. She wore a beige robe-coat and looked very happy. Her husband, Harry Mountbatten-Ragland, was around somewhere. There was a kerfuffle because of course the British papers immediately seized on the idea that Meghan and Harry are staying at the Goring Hotel, which is apparently very expensive, and something something taxpayers, Frogmore Cottage, something. Most reporters got the tip that Meghan and Harry were simply at the hotel for a meeting of some kind, and they are actually staying at Frogmore. I wouldn’t mind if they were staying at a hotel. I mean… why not? It’s the last time they’ll be in the UK in a while. Plus, they had an event in London last night…

Which leads me to these stunning photos, of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the Endeavor Awards. I bet the British tabloids were hoping for some subdued, nay, humbled look from Meghan. They wanted her to visually represent her SHAME at having let down the British people by… not wanting to be smeared and abused by racists. Meghan wasn’t playing that game though. If anything, she feels more free to be her naturally glamorous self. It makes me wonder if she was consciously trying to de-glam a bit in her first few years with the Firm. You know, frump it out so she wouldn’t outshine the Willileaks and Ms. Victorian Collar-Ruffle? Once Meg stopped giving a sh-t, she started going GLAM, that’s all I’m saying.

Meghan’s turquoise dress is Victoria Beckham. It is snug and Meghan is clearly showing off her figure. She’s spent a big chunk of the past four months in Vancouver Island, doing yoga and hiking and eating organic, and it shows. She looks well-rested, happy, peaceful, Zen. She’s either growing out her hair or she got extensions, because her hair is super-long now. Love the sleek ponytail. I love that she’s noticeably wearing bright lipstick too. All in all… yeah, she looks amazing. I can’t wait to read all of the salty comments and articles about how many “protocols” Meghan broke. Also: how cinematic are these photos of Harry and Meg in the rain? It looks like a movie set. One more thing – someone “booed” Harry and Meghan as they were walking into the event. LOL. I’m sure Harry and Meghan cried about it as they banged five times in a row last night.

Beaming Meghan Markle makes her first public appearance in the UK since Megxit

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Photos courtesy of Getty Backgrid.

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  1. Ariela says:

    That picture of them under the umbrella smiling at each other is glorious. She looks radiant. Love this look on her.

    • Jane says:

      Boom! It’s the photo of the decade! Representing how good it feels to stop taking the establishment’s sh@t.

    • Bella says:


    • Nev says:

      Duchess looked spectacular.
      There’s always a comeback.

    • Nic919 says:

      That photo is iconic and will be used for years to come. Kind of like the Diana revenge dress photo.

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        YES!! THAT is what’s been niggling in my mind!!! YES!

      • Babz says:

        That’s the perfect comparison! That photo is going to grow up to be the screensaver on my computer. It is absolute perfection, and captures the very essence of this couple.

      • Julie says:

        Diana’s revenge dress moment is the first thing I thought of when I saw that photo.

      • Lizzie says:

        +100. Frankly this pic is more charming than many wedding photos.

      • Genuine Dinosaur says:

        Just like in the Diana Revenge photo with her glorious heels and taut body – they both look so dynamic and well. It demonstrates how toxic that Royal environment must be.

        Imagine who Kate would be if she could be free from these expectations (although her family of origin also sounds very strict and controlling)

    • Kinsley says:

      That photo of them in the rain… Is BREATHTAKING!! 😳 Its gorgeous!!

    • mar says:

      Stunning photo.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Yep. This soon-to-be-iconic photo says it all.
      Madly in love, relaxed, happy. It’s glorious.

    • Nahema says:

      I love that last photo too!

      The blue dress looked stunning on her too and the bright lipstick. Let’s hope this is the Meghan we see more of now.

    • Happy_fat_mama says:

      “When the sun shines, we’ll shine together
      Told you I’d be here forever
      Said I’ll always be your friend
      Took an oath I’mma stick it out ’til the end
      Now that it’s raining more than ever
      Know that we’ll still have each other
      You can stand under my umbrella”
      - Rihanna

    • THeCat'sMother says:

      I thought the same :) they look FREE. Good for them

    • All I’ve got is, WOWZA! I’ve seen several articles that reference that photo of Harry and Meghan under the umbrella with the raindrops as “Diana’s Revenge Dress photo 2.0”. I totally agree. Another “shot” heard and seen round the world. The difference is, Diana deliberately wanted to blow Charle’s tv interview off the front pages; I think the Sussexes are just living their best life.

      And yet here is the Royal Rota banging on about Meghan’s dress costing almost $1000 and how Hollywood she is in the way she looks. And what a fame whore she is because they’re all chasing her to take her photograph. I guess if you’re not dressing like your grandmother as a royal, then you are just too Hollywood. Hollywood seems to be the go to word to trash Meghan’s style.

      • Candikat says:

        Am I crazy or are those Diana’s earrings (reconfigured a bit) she’s wearing?

        ETA: Nope, scratch that. Saw a different closeup and can see they’re small hoops. Just looked different on my phone. But, if we’re going with revenge symbolism, that would have been cool!

    • Liz version 700 says:

      She is stunning. The glamour the happiness but also just their radiance. Good lord that is an amazing picture and they look so amazing. Wow !!!!

    • Cidee says:

      That photo is the ONLY one in which he doesn’t look pissed off. They are clearly a team and this obvious proof of their happiness puts a lump in my throat. I am rooting for them SO HARD.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      That picture is *everything*.

      Runner-up: Harry’s hand on Meghan’s lap as they “innocently” listen to the speech.

      • notasugarhere says:

        There’s another good one of Meghan with both her hands on his left knee as they’re sitting.

    • PrincessK says:

      Utterly amazing! So wonderful to see Meghan. As a Brit, l feel that the British public will live to regret the treatment of this warm, beautiful and intelligent woman. People should have done much much more to rise to her defence.

    • Carmen says:

      This is the absolute best. The haters must be grinding their teeth down to the nubs.


      • A says:

        That is why they hate, no? It’s because they can’t get on that level. Getting on that level means working on yourself. But they seek to do it by tearing others down. Haters hate because other peoples’ goodness reminds them of their own shortcomings, and they despise that above all else.

    • JanetDR says:

      Love this so much! Turquoise forever! Living well is the best revenge.

    • Vava says:

      The last photo reminds me of the wedding photo of JFK Jr. and Caroline Besset (sp?) when they emerged from the church.

      • Michelle says:

        The umbrella pic is iconic, and will live on forever. I admire Harry for wholeheartedly supporting his wife, despite all the hatefulness. Harry has Diana’s good heart, thank goodness.

  2. OH NO says:

    Look at that glow when you take your power back 😍

    • L84Tea says:

      She looks incredible. The epitome of chic! She is radiating confidence and happiness, she looks healthy and glowing, her makeup is FAB, her dress is so sleek and beautifully buttonless. She has never looked better, and frankly, neither has Harry. Nothing sexier than a man who adores his wife and puts her first.

      This coming back entrance was the ultimate “suck it” to all the critics and proof that the star power all lay at H&M’s feet. You can literally feel the energy of her return all the way from across the pond. BAM!!

      • julia says:

        “and beautifully buttonless” thank you @L84Tea, that made me laugh so hard

      • Amy Too says:

        She’s leaning more towards the chic and gorgeous Letizia type of looks, complete with great evening makeup, when before I think she was leaning towards the frumpy duchess of Cambridge/Cornwall looks in order to dim her light and “fit in.”

      • L84Tea says:

        @Amy Too, you are right! This totally has Letizia vibes in all the right ways.

      • Becks1 says:

        @amytoo – yeah I agree. I think she tried to fit in and it didn’t work for her, because that wasn’t her style – now I think we are going to see the old Meghan and I think its going to be great.

      • Ams says:

        BEAUTIFULLY BUTTONLESSSSSS 😂😂😂 The people that come to this website are the best. That’s hilarious!!! Also could they look any better?!!!! LOOOOVE IT!!! Team Ragland 💓

      • Becks1 — Love the ‘beautifully buttonless’ comment —- priceless. I would also add uncluttered, unpleated, unpatterned, unruffled and uncovered. I hope Meghan really sticks it to them and doesn’t wear one of those silly hats at the Commonwealth service —— oh the horror if she shows up hatless 😱.

      • Carmen says:

        LOL poor Kate. Her nose must be 60º out of joint. Meghan made her look like a bag lady.

    • Veronica S. says:

      This feels a bit like Diana’s little black dress moment in ’94. I’m wondering if it’ll have the same resonance for people in a few years down the line in retrospect.

    • Anita says:

      They never lost their power! What a stupid thing to say…

  3. Becks1 says:

    She looks AMAZING. Dress is gorgeous, hair and makeup are great, but most importantly – she and Harry look happy and confident. That was something that was missing last fall in many appearances.

    And there was one “boo” but there were also some cheers so hopefully it evened out for them.

    Also – what was it someone said yesterday? “sleek minimalism is out”? Meghan disagrees, lol.

    • Osty says:

      The boo I believe was a plant from the media but thankfully no one joined and the person looked foolish. Although the media tried to make it into something big, but they couldn’t since no one cares about what they write anymore. We were all busy making the sussexes trend.

      • Belli says:

        Yeah, who’s going to wait around in the pouring rain to boo them? Either some very sad individual or a plant. I clearly wasn’t watching the right video because I didn’t hear the boo at all!

      • Becks1 says:

        @Osty – the idea of a plant makes sense. And I agree the person did look foolish because it was literally just one BOO! and then people were like….yeah we aren’t joining that, lol.

        @Belli – I’ve only seen it in one video, and I think the person who yelled Boo must have been really close to person taking the video. In other videos from other perspectives I haven’t heard it.

      • Carrie says:

        Yes, I definitely suspected that boo was a plant. NOTHING could diminish the night . All the headlines were about how glowing she was and what a power couple they both are. Absolutely love the look. Articulate, intelligent, hardworking, beautiful- how stupid are the UK and how jelly are the ‘family’? 😂👏🏼👏🏼💐💐🥰🥰

      • One celebitchy poster commented last week that she planned on being in that crowd last night. Hope she was and hope she posts her take on it. Are you out there reading this fellow celebitchy?

    • manda says:

      Someone said sleek minimalism is out? That is crazy! And once you reach a certain level of maturity where you know who you are, you pick the style that works for you. I think Meghan looks fantastic here

      • Sass says:

        @manda lol I love you said maturity instead of age because we all know Kate ain’t there yet.

        Thinking on it it’s almost as though the crown and possibly even the queen herself want the women in the family, blood or otherwise, to stay infantile and malleable so they will be easier to bend. And they all end up dressing like QEII as part of that cult like behavior.

      • Yeah, I couldn’t believe one fashion forward mag that said the seventies and eighties are back. Ugh!

      • Kristina says:

        Meghan does look very good in that color and that pic is amazing. But her dress looks too small- I thought maybe it was a blouse tucked into a skirt first because it has a line around it from being too tight.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Kristina, that is a diagonal seam in the skirt, one on each side.

      • Ellie says:

        @kristina – Agreed. The dress is one size too small and the tailoring is bad for her body shape, but she is a gorgeous woman and it is a gorgeous color on her. I hated the dark lipsticks and heavy eye makeup. Her beautiful face doesn’t need it.

      • manda says:

        sorry @ kristina and @ ellie, but you are wrong, the dress is not too small at all. Now, next time you see kate in jeggings, THOSE will be too tight. But not this dress on meghan

    • Sass says:

      Lol what idiot said that?! I missed it. They haven’t been paying attention. Sleek minimalism is frickin EVERYWHERE and shows no signs of going away.

    • Ann says:

      She’s not wearing hose and the Queen can’t do a thing about it! She is absolutely radiant!

      • SomeChick says:

        The hose thing was a red herring anyway. Another non story.

        It’s not protocol. It’s lterally copying the queen. When she’s not present, many of them do not wear hose.

        Love these photos! That dress is gorgeous – the length is perfect! And she looks amazing. They both look so happy.

        The BRF is a ship of fools. H&M made themselves a lifeboat and sailed it to Canada.

      • Yeah and that zipper up the back from hemline to neck certainly must have broken some unspoken royal protocol. 😎. When I saw Meghan from that view I actually laughed out loud and thought —- you go girl.

        I’ll bet poor pathetic Piers Morgan is having naughty dreams about that zipper. I’m sure he’s foaming at the mouth today about awful, unroyal Meghan.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Sophie wore an outfit with an exposed waist-to-hem zipper a few years ago. Didn’t look as good as Meghan does in this one of course. Sophie’s was shiny material reminiscent of a SCUBA outfit.

      • PrincessK says:

        I loved the fact she wasn’t wearing tights. She is saying this is me. Go Meghan!

      • Ennie says:

        The other duchess has broken protocol showing her baby maker area more than five times. A back zipper is not that bad 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • February Pisces says:

      There were a couple of people who were in the crowd on twitter and they said it was cheers and then literally just one asshole on their own. I doubt they heard it or cared. And yes @osty it probably was someone who worked in the media, just to get a headline.

    • Moneypenny says:

      She is just a fantastic looking woman. She is always beautiful, but she looks so happy here, so in love and just exuding such good energy. Slay, my duchess!!

    • Jaded says:

      That “boo” was probably Piers Morgan.

  4. Nina Simone says:

    Absolutely stunning! I’m so proud of her. She came through showing an ex what their missing hahah. Also, The makeup! The lipstick also such a nice choice. I love that Meghan looks so modern and happy. Showing the others how’s its done ** clears throat. She’s explicitly showing her new found liberation. The RF weeps! Can’t believe they willingly let go of such unabashed glamor. But in a way I love it, it’s not a woman of color’s job to enlighten them, Let then devolve and get left behind.

    I can’t stop raving lol 🤪

    • Enny says:

      I have just one (minor) complaint. I really wish she’d chosen a darker, more dramatic nail color to really drive home that the pearl-clutching “protocol police” have absolutely no power any longer to dull her shine or control her beauty and fashion choices.

      • TheOtherSarah says:

        Yeah for dark nail polish. I love burgundy, dark red or (gasp!!) black. Show them Meghan!

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        Should’ve been a dark navy blue. I have a GREAT Essie navy that I love. Meghan rocked the black polish she wore with the one shoulder gown (when she was pregnant with Archie) at that fashion award thing for Claire Wright (whatshername? too lazy to look it up) from Givenchy.

      • Some chick says:

        Nail polish and tights are NOT PROTOCOL. They are only CUSTOMARY, and then only when seeing the Queen in person.

        Protocol means a RULE. People are just copying the queen! That isn’t at all the same thing.

        There is nothing whatsoever against protocol going on here. Except perhaps that Harry and Meghan truly love one another and have chosen to put their family first, before the Firm.

        Criticize that all you like (it’s a bit cold hearted, but whatever) but please can we stop yammering on about “protocol” about stockings and nail polish?! Because. It. Isn’t. That’s the tabloid/tumblr narrative.

        It is possible to look this stuff up on the google! And it has been repeated endlessly here.

        Don’t believe everything you read about “protocol” because I guarantee you at least 75% of it is made up of whole cloth.

    • Agree Nina Simone —- Meghan brought it last night. I was so proud of her. She looked and radiated healthy and strong and happy. A powerful image for any woman, but especially considering the racist, mysoginistic, classism and hatred she has had to endure. PS — love your handle. Nina Simone is one of my all time favorite singers.

  5. STRIPE says:

    The best revenge is living (and looking) well!

    • Becks1 says:

      This sort of reminds me of Diana’s “revenge” dress. Obviously very different circumstances and the dresses themselves are very different, but the whole “look at what you could have had” vibe is similar.

    • Eeeeeeetrain says:

      I could not get enough of these photos last night…iconic. She’s never looked better. Definitely kept thinking about a ‘revenge’ moment also but I like to think they aren’t that petty and just living their best life!

    • sunny says:

      Exactly. They both look amazing, happy, and in love. As Beyonce says, “Keep twirling on those haters.”

      I was reminded of how “This little light of mine” at their wedding and here you see them brightly shining. Love to see it!

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Oh yes that was a revenge dress mixed with a sprinkling of “look what you are missing!”

  6. Belli says:

    She looked AMAZING! I bet there was some fury in the palace this morning! She and Harry weren’t supposed to look this happy!

    And that photo Samir Hussein took of them glowing as they smile at each other under their umbrella? That’s historic.

    • Joan Callamezzo says:

      The Samir Hussein photo is breathtaking and iconic. I wonder what the reaction was in The House of Petty Betty upon seeing it.

    • Bella says:

      So true! The colour version is like the poster for a classic romcom and the black-and-white version is like a still from a fragrance commercial.
      There were several other shots which ran it close for photo of the year, but this one had everything.

      And I think Harry is wearing the same suit as he wore in Ireland – the colour is *royal* blue!

    • chicken tetrazzini! says:

      Sam Hussein just got one more instagram follower… and probably 20,000 more than just me

    • I think that photo is going to put Samir Hussein in clover. I read that Diana’s Revenge Dress photo made the photographer a millionaire.

  7. OriginalLala says:

    The colour of that dress is amazing, I need turquoise in my wardrobe. I have the same colouring as Meghan and never thought turquoise would work on my skin tone..i must get some!

    • Mak says:

      I already ordered mine – same colouring as Meghan and can’t wait to try mine on

      • TheOtherSarah says:

        I’m sure you’ll look amazing Mak !

      • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

        You lucky person, @Mak! I have Meghan colouring also though am closer to six feet – but can’t afford Victoria Beckham! Bet you look absolutely wonderful though – you rock that dress!
        Duchess Meghan: singlehandedly improving Victoria Beckham’s bottom line :)

      • Mak says:

        I see it reads as I ordered a dress from VB… my bad .. I ordered in the same color …but waiting to try nevertheless

        @andrewnemesis- I can’t afford VB too😔

      • GreenDress says:

        This is funny…I too have Meghan colouring except I have darker hair and am a couple of shades paler, so maybe the blue would be too much for my skin tone. But I love the electric blue/turquoise on her as she has a warmth to her colouring that sets it off. I don’t like VB much as feel her designs are actually very bland (like her) and they are clearly designed for stick thin figures (like her).

        Although the meanies have already tried elsewhere, I don’t think there is anything to criticise Meghan for in this look. She is naturally photogenic but also has the type of face that can pull of dramatic make-up and eyeliner. My only wish is that she would wear her hair naturally curly. Constant and excessive straightened hair just looks too obviously unnatural to me. I wear my own curls now after years of straightening and wish I could get some of those years back. I know it’s her personal preference but there are so many women these days who wear their curls with unashamed glamour and there are plenty of amazing styles that you can do with curly hair, especially if you have Meghan’s length. To me, her natural curls would soften her face.

      • PrincessK says:

        Great! It has sold out now.

    • Guest with Cat says:

      When my mother-in-law passed away last year she and her daughter let me have almost her entire wardrobe. There were a few turquoise pieces I was afraid to try. I also have similar coloring to Meghan. I am going to wear those pieces now. My mother-in-law had exquisite taste. I miss her so much.

      Anyway when I saw these photos I was shocked to see this color on Meghan and most of all stunned to see how she glows in it in all the different lighting. My goodness this woman is stunning.

      We often see her being bullied for not being willowy and blonde and blue eyed like Diana. But she shows beauty is available in all shapes, sizes and colors. I don’t understand how people don’t see how weird it would have been if Harry had married a clone of his mother. But they act like that’s what they expected. I think he did fine falling in love with a woman who shared his mother’s ideals but looks completely different in every way.

  8. Cidy says:

    Super amazing! Simple, yet beautiful. A great choice. And that color is amazing on her. Her and I are close to the same skin tone, I’m maybe a bit darker and I tend to shy from blue tones but maybe I should give it a try again! I looove the lipstick shade she chose I’m obsessed with that purple/red that is so popular and I’m glad she didnt choose a matte it really creates a beautiful glow and compliments her smile. A little heavy on the eye make up by it was a nighttime/evening event so it’s appropriate! All in all super cute.

    She looks happy and well rested! Very glad to see her again stunning on the haters.

  9. KBeth says:

    They look gorgeous together.

  10. S808 says:

    That photo was absolutely stunning and couldn’t have been more perfect. Not to be dramatic but both in blue (color of House Sussex imo), and the symbolism of the photo?! That despite the horrible weather (cold and rainy) they’re under an umbrella together, arms linked with eyes only for each other. Weathering a storm both together figuratively and literally.

    And that Stella McCartney clutch is to-die for.

    • WingKingdom says:

      Ooh, you are so right. I didn’t think of it that way but that must be why the photo gives me such joy!

    • Lara says:

      I read a tweet that said they were under the umbrella as hatred bounced off them and I love it.

    • Guest with Cat says:

      Oh, excellent observations, S808! It’s so incredible how that dismal weather became a perfect dazzling backdrop for them. Sussex fans could not ask for a more perfect return to public life in the UK to show one more time who really put the fabulous in the “Fab Four.”

      They’re to be commended for rising above so many pressures to make such a confident, truly royal entrance and the photographers, particularly Samir Hussein, should be commended for excellent work with challenging conditions. It all came together. Wow.

      I absolutely love how Meghan has on just the bare minimum of her signature delicate gold jewelry. I can’t think of a better way to say “Keep your tiaras and all that other gaudy Royal bling. I’m quite good without them, thank you very much.”

      Lol, I have to admit, though, I would have been tempted to wear Diana’s aquamarine “divorce ring” with this outfit. But Meghan has her own style and she’s rocking it out, here.

      And who needs a tiara when you have a face and a butt that fabulous? Lol! The haters are really choking on how nice her butt looks. They’re trying to accuse her of copying Pippa. Roflmao!

    • A says:

      This might be an off-beat comparison, but does anyone else remember Prince’s Superbowl performance? When it started pouring, and he was singing Purple Rain in the rain? How amazingly perfect all of it was, not in spite of the rain, but because of it? That’s how I feel here. The rain gives you a chance to shine, and shine they did.

  11. Mrs. Darcy says:

    You just cannot fake true love, it’s why they outshone Wills and Kate and why they were a threat that got thrown under the bus. Love their colour coordination, they both look amazing.

    • Brit says:

      Piers Morgan, who is clearly bothered and infatuated with Meghan posted a William and Kate picture from the planted Ireland tour pictures, that said royal couple pic of the day 😂 He and everyone else in that media, along with those fake Cambridge supporters know that no one gives a hoot about them. The tour was a dud like everything else they do.

      • L4frimaire says:

        Why would he make such a petulant gesture. The thing with Piers the stalker is that his thing is hating on a Meghan and she’s going away and won’t be in the public eye for him to berate anymore. He has no real interest in the Cambridge’s and it shows by that silly stunt, which actually diminishes the Cambridge’s. Piers is such a joke.

      • Piers’ problem is he desperately wants to physically F*** Meghan and that is never going to happen so he constantly jerks off by by verbally F***ing her over publicly.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        William and Kate who? And yes Piers is terrifyingly stalkerish!

    • Becks1 says:

      I said this on twitter last night – these pictures prove why the Sussexes were such a threat to the Cambridges.

      • GuestOne says:

        Was honestly surprised how ‘mature’ the Cambridges look in that photo. I think it’s largely what they are wearing that’s giving them a fuddy duddy vibe but phew!

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      I’m now waiting for William and Kate to stage a similar photo where they’re sharing an umbrella, to show how “in love” they are too.

      • Kristina says:

        But if it were Kate, negativity would be ready such as that the hair is too long and too long for her age and that the dress is a size too small- all of which I always read about Kate here. Just saying. She wouldn’t get the applause because the teams are locked in and partial.

      • Becks1 says:

        She wouldn’t get the applause because William and Kate have never looked at each other that way.

      • notasugarhere says:

        They posed on a cliff in Ireland but no one cared.

      • anon says:

        Give them one week, tops!

      • Marie says:

        @Mrs Krabapple That will be hard. First, he would have to actually hold an umbrella over Kate and he never does that lol

      • Guest with Cat says:

        @Kristina. Oh for cripes sakes I am one who recently said Kate should try a shorter do. So what? Her long hair is gorgeous but right now, while she’s been looking a bit strained lately, the length of it is dragging her face down a bit. She should try a cute shorter style. It would add a dash of fun and adventure to her look.

        People here have been critical of Meghan’s hair, if you would take the time to note back when she was still doing royal engagements. Meghan has had a few hair don’ts as well. People do, however, rightfully speak out against racist based comments against her hairstyles.

        Kate’s been shrouding herself in ruffles and buttons and too much themed dressing. Of course we are going to notice that.

        Many, if not most of us here happily admit she’s a beautiful woman. But she dresses herself in that “royal look” that is sort of a nod to the Queen’s stuffy sensibilities and just kills any charisma and appeal a woman could hope to exude. Ruffles and bows and buttons oddly make her simultaneously look older than she actually is, yet also infantile. However, her sporty and outdoorsy looks are usually very nice and do get praised here.

        Her Pakistan tour wardrobe was a hit with almost all of us here. She looked amazing!

        It’s just that the most recent tour produced some of the most comical looks I’ve ever seen on her. It was almost like she was trolling Ireland and her detractors by emphasizing every fashion quirk we’ve ever laughed at on here. It’s truly unfortunate timing for her and her fans because Meghan just shed her own history of frumpery to make the most spectacular re-entry into London anyone could have imagined for her. And it wasn’t just the dress. She herself glowed and sparkled and smiled and did not give any indication it is scary or intimidating to be back where she got the bullying of her life.

        Nobody here has a problem with Kate showcasing fashions, good or bad. That is the fun aspect of her job and reacting to her fashions is our fun in the peanut gallery.

        Some of us have a problem with her neglect of her patronages, her past disinterest in her royal duties to the point of extreme avoidance, and her being complicit in her husband’s apparent attempts to sabotage the Sussexes via the toxic tabloid press. THAT is what truly is not a good look on Kate.

      • Nic919 says:

        I will happily congratulate Kate if she ever does 400 engagements in a year. So far she hasn’t even hit half that number.

      • swirlmamad says:

        They had that photo of them with arms around each other from behind in Ireland. How interestingly convenient that they NEVER show public affection and we get that picture now…..

      • A says:

        @Kristina, Kate doesn’t look the best with longer hair. Not everyone does. Some people don’t have the volume or thickness for it without a lot of work or product or extensions. Kate is one of those people. She’d look perkier and lovelier with a shorter do, not because of her age, but because of how short hair suits her.

  12. OzJennifer says:

    To quote from the anthem – they look victorious, happy and glorious. Team Sussex for the win!

  13. Crowned Huntress says:

    Absolutely stunning the pair of them. That umbrella photo by Samir Hussein should go down in history & be hung up in museums.
    I love that these two are still standing by each other just like their wedding song. They’re in this together and it shows. I hope they finish out their final royal engagements beautifully and start their new projects with a bang. Can’t wait to see what they’re up to next! 💙👑💙

  14. Estelle says:

    BAM !!!

    There is no greater revenge than to live a good life.

    She looks spectacular!!!

    Team Sussex all the way.

  15. Osty says:

    Its true that dispelling negativity makes one glow . And Meghan proved it. They looked so happy, so free and so in love . God bless them
    I bet william , his assistant, his courtiers, his cheerleaders are seething now ,and I love it

  16. ziaaa says:

    There was a solitary boo in the beginning of their entrance but no one seemed interested to join the incandescent with rage lousy attendee/bystander? and the couple were soon inundated with loud cheers.

    Gosh both look so amazing and electric…I have barely paid attention to them individually before their wedding but together as a couple they are the epitome of CHARISMA!

  17. Sesame says:

    Omg this post contains golden nuggets and I totally agree with the entire thing!! And I screamed at reading “Harry Mountbatten-Ragland” yassss. Meghan looks AMAZING. Harry too, but moreso by osmosis bc they look so good together 🤩.

  18. Originaltessa says:

    I think she looks great and I love the color. I like the sleek ponytail and bright makeup. Dress on its own sort of meh, but the overall effect is great. Harry looks much better here. He was really looking woof there for awhile.

  19. Tila says:

    I gasped when I saw these pictures. They both look so happy! Vancouver life agrees with them. As a Brit, I’m sad and annoyed they got bullied out of the country but I’m happy to see them shining.

  20. Digital Unicorn says:

    She looked STUNNING – they both looked so good, relaxed and like they can actually stand to be in each others company. They have an air of ‘we DGAF so suck it’.

    Someone is bringing her HW GLAMOUR and you just KNOW someone will up her game but as much as you try to polish bland it will never shine. Also cue painful PDA’s from the Cambridges.

    I can’t wait to see what Meghan is going to wear to the Commonwealth service. I stan this dress and colour SO MUCH!!

    • PrincessK says:

      I can’t wait to see what she will wear to the Mountbatten festival of music…..l think she is going to go all out and stun everyone. At the Commonwealth service she will dress more businesslike is my guess. Let’s see! Meghan has lightened everyone’s mood and made us all so happy….Yaay!

  21. TheOtherSarah says:

    Wow! She looks amazing, even more so than usual. This is her equivalent of Diana’s revenge LBD rigth?

  22. Erinn says:

    Has she been away long enough to have grown this much hair? Or maybe she has? lol.

    Either way, it looks great – hopefully we don’t have half the commentators complaining about the length and saying it’s not appropriate for her age to have hair that long, like we seem to see whenever someone doesn’t have an iteration of the same bob/lob haircut.

    I’m not fully sold on the color of the dress. She looks great in it, but it’s really just a personal dislike of that shade of blue. I’ve never liked it, since I was a kid. It reminds me of the crayola markers I had as a kid where they could color change – this color of blue was paired with a deeper blue (funny enough almost the color of Harry’s suit), and I just never liked the combo. They both look great on their own, but I don’t like the two blues together. Though I do recall someone calling bright colors childish yesterday, so I guess I’m not the only clothing color snob. 🤷

    • Scollins says:

      I love the colors they’re wearing. Always have. Since I moved to the tropics I appreciate it even more as I see it complimentary on both men and women..

      • Erinn says:

        I think maybe I’d like them more if I saw it in person. I suspect the camera isn’t giving the full effect.

      • Erinn says:

        Alright, I’ve just seen a video of them in motion on instagram, and it gave a more balanced view of the color. I actually quite like it – I think the photos in the post were just edited (nicely, don’t get me wrong!) and the contrast and stuff like that were adjusted to amp up the photo in general.

        I’m more on board now haha. I DID like the dress in general, but I ‘get’ it more now.

    • Cidy says:

      I was trying to remember how long her hair was last we saw her but I cant think of it, either way it looks nice. I like that she has it back in a low ponytail, very sleek. I dont understand the weird commotion about “older” i.e. 30+ with long hair, it’s just hair and it’s their choice. I dont think it has anything to do with maturity or whatever.

      I usually like that shade of blue on other people but hate it on myself! Harry looked really good in the blue though, and Meghan looks great in that color but I totally get what you’re saying. I can be a bit of a color snob for colors that go on me.

      • Erinn says:

        I don’t get it either! There are SO many people that are seemingly offended by long hair, and it doesn’t really make sense. It’s something that truly doesn’t effect their lives haha. I don’t know. It’s such a weird thing though.

        My favorite blue is probably comfortably between Harry’s and Meghan’s outfits haha. I look better in cool tones, and a nice deep blue makes my eyes look more blue.

      • Honeybeeblues says:

        It’s very simple: men consider long hair sexy and women over a certain age aren’t “sexy.” Text book sexism. “Cut your hair! You’re too old to be sexy!”

      • PrincessK says:

        It is probably a hair piece….but who cares!

    • Becks1 says:

      The last time I remember seeing her hair down was the military event she and Harry attended in November, when she was wearing that big cozy coat? And I don’t think it was this long, but it was also curled, so it could have been longer than it seemed. It’s also possible she got extensions.

      Re: the color, I like it, but I hate pink and black together, lol. I think everyone has some colors they just don’t like.

      • Erinn says:

        To be honest, a lot of my color snobbery is mainly from having to code out so many horrible color combos in the sites I’m developing. I loathe almost all (some shades make it work) green and purple together, green and orange together, red and purple together … I’ve developed a complex from having my retinas burned out for hours on end haha.

        I think it’s probably looking so long because it’s straighter. I had to go back in the posts and she did have pretty long hair even when it was curly. She might have gotten some sort of ponytail extension to beef up her pony, but she almost always has great hair, so I don’t know. Looks lovely, though!

      • Cidy says:

        BECKS1 -

        I hate pink and black too. It reminds me of minnie mouse lol

        I think she may have just dont a ponytail extension to beef up her low pony. It was a good idea because it looks cute as hell. There is the possibility that maybe she just has it straighter? Either way, cute as hell.

      • Sass says:

        Another good point @Becks1! Most of my clothes have a “ballet palette” so lots of black, gray, cream, and a pop of very pale pink all in various shades. I mix in cognac and navy blue here and there and through the seasons I’ll have one or two items that are darker, lighter, or brighter depending. For example cranberry or turquoise. But usually it’s the colors in the palette. I’m very much in to neutrals and minimalism.

        And I loathe orange, but that’s because it looks awful on me. I went to bridesmaid dress shopping a couple years back and the matron of honor threw on an orange chiffon one shoulder and I had to stifle a gasp because she looked like a flipping goddess. She can pull off orange. I can…never lol

    • Chelle says:

      The color of her dress actually livens up his tired ole same blue suit. Her presence does a lot from him and not just esteem wise😂.

      • Erinn says:

        He does have a love for that suit. He looks great in it, so I don’t really blame him, but I’d like to see at least some more pops of color with the tie/shirt.

      • PrincessK says:

        They coordinated and matched perfectly!

    • M.A.F. says:

      I’m the same age as her and I have been growing my hair out for the past year. It would be nice if would finally get to her length. It’s almost there. Don’t why people still think if you are of a certain age your hair needs to be short.

      I like the color of the dress but was it not cold there? Just wondering why no coat but then again, I never leave the house without some type of jacket even in 100 degree weather.

    • Guest with Cat says:

      Okay fine, I formally apologize to this entire forum for making the observation the other day that Kate’s long hair was dragging her face down recently and making her look a bit older because she was looking a bit strained lately.

      I thought a shorter cut would perk up her look as such a cut recently helped me do the same.

      Somehow I guess that’s been taken to mean I am slamming all women over 35 who wear long hair. I’m going to assume it was my post that has set people off as I haven’t seen anybody refer to hair lengths recently. It was just one observation I made in passing and now seems to be referenced for both Kate and Meghan’s hair.

      Meghan and Kate can shave themselves bald for all I care personally. It was an innocent observation and not meant to make a statement about what all women should do with their own hair.

      • Nic919 says:

        If a women with long hair has it styled properly her age is irrelevant. The problem is that Kate has so often missed the mark, with the sausage curls or the head band. And extensions aren’t a bad thing either if they don’t look like a bump it and you don’t send press releases denying you use them.

  23. pineapple says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Perfection.

  24. Anne K says:

    I love Samir Hussein’s photo of them in the rain. They are such an attractive couple.

  25. Brit says:

    They looked so glowy and happy. Everyone’s been sharing this picture on the internet. I know that photographer is extremely happy because that‘s an image that will be shared for a long time. The RF really let jealously, hierarchy politics and an overzealous tabloid media, make them lose this. Well good luck trying to sell the Cambridges and Cornwalls because that’s what they’re stuck with and media knows that all embiggening and ass kissing wont make them interesting. All of them truly played themselves and lost big time.

  26. Scollins says:

    Over 3.5 million views in under 12 hrs! Eat that, Wills and Kate. Better go buy more followers.

  27. Nikomikaelx says:

    Love the dress and hair! The make up is not my taste but she does look glowing either way!

  28. HK9 says:

    So glad to see them looking so well……I guess Will & crew will be “incandescent” with rage. Lol.

  29. Tangie says:

    Iconic photos! I cannot wait to see her glow at Commonwealth. Should be an interesting dynamic. I’m sure she is so happy to be done with the Firm. I know I would be! I need April 1 to get here so I can see what they have planned! #sussexglobal

  30. Flying fish says:

    Harry and Meghan…well done.

    Eat that, British media and haters!

  31. BUBS says:

    I smiled all through last night!!! H&M, wow…just wow! Was also interesting to see a Daily Fail editor on Twitter loudly proclaiming that she’s “here for Meghan’s glamour”. I guess at some point, even your enemies have to acknowledge your glory. These two are stars!

    • PrincessK says:

      Exactly….l sense a tinge of regret from DM….now that they, aided and abetted by you know who, have driven them out. That man Morgan also wrote some nonsense about why couldn’t they always be smiling like that…..he is such an imbecile.

  32. GuestWho says:

    I read that many RRs skipped out on the last day of the Ireland tour to be back in London for this. That’s gotta burn Cain and Unable. Anyone else read that?

  33. Qzie says:

    After all of the crazy has now settled (for the most part), I’m truly happy for Harry. He found a beautiful, smart, articulate life partner who has been his rock on this journey of escape from a toxic family and institution. As painful as it has been, he can live an independent life now and self-actualize outside of the monarchy and what would have been lifetime limitations on who he can be, what he can say, what he can do. Live your best life, Harry, Megs and Archie – Harry, I do believe your mother would have been happy for you. Godspeed.

    • Dee Kay says:

      I’ve said it before and will say it again: Diana was trying to get out of the Royal Family at the time of her death. Harry has actualized plans that his mother made. Diana would be more than proud. She would be triumphant that her son understood what she was trying to do — how necessary it was to escape the toxicity — and made it a reality.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Diana was already out of the Royal Family. She and Charles had been formally separated since 1992. Left most of her charity work and was moving to a more private life long before the accident in 1996.

      • PrincessK says:

        Diana would be so proud of him!

  34. Valiantly Varnished says:

    She stunted on their hating racist asses. What brings me sweet sweet joy is thinking about those photos of Kate trying SO HARD in Ireland with her maniacal smiles and crappy dresses. And all Meghan had to do to shine is walk into a building with her radiant smile. William is having a rage spiral right now. And that photo of Harry & Meghan in the rain is iconic and will be splashed everywhere to further remind Wills of his inadequacies

    • RoyalBlue says:

      You know Cain is seething right now. It sucks to be you Will.

    • Nic919 says:

      That entire tour was forgotten the second this photo came out. Can’t say I’m sad.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Truth – the Commonwealth service is going to be fun!!! You just know Kween Katie of Bland Cosplay will be scrambling to find an outfit to out do this.

      • Vava says:

        yes, absolutely. But Kate doesn’t have the inner happiness that the Sussexes do, so that will be quite obvious, too.

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      You said it @Valiantly Varnished! And thank you!
      “She stunted on their hating racist asses. What brings me sweet sweet joy is thinking about those photos of Kate trying SO HARD in Ireland with her maniacal smiles and crappy dresses. And all Meghan had to do to shine is walk into a building with her radiant smile. William is having a rage spiral right now. And that photo of Harry & Meghan in the rain is iconic and will be splashed everywhere to further remind Wills of his inadequacies.”

      It’s great being able to come here and see there are other people who see the truth and who aren’t fooled by the tabloid media nonsense and the leaky, out-of-touch palace, and the Lamebridges’ sad attempts to cover-up their inadequacies and insecurities. If the Cambridges had just chilled, and had the Queen and Prince Charles not succumbed to wrong advice from the whack courtiers, they might have all presented a united front in support of the Sussexes. Instead, they drove them out. And honestly, M&H are better off!

      I’m so thrilled to see M&H showing they don’t need ‘HRH’ nor the word ‘royal.’ Who they are together is magical, and they will always possess their own brand of royal. F’ those who think they can break the Sussexes or own the Sussexes. Nope, M&H know who they are and they own their future, just as much as they rock their present! Kudos to them!

  35. Linda says:

    Meghan looks absolutely stunning. She just glows effortlessly.

  36. Mar says:

    BRAVO 👏🏼
    I love this whole post

  37. Lucy says:

    The rain picture looks straight out of a rom-com. She looks fab!

  38. alexc says:

    They are the true stars of the RF – can’t fake charisma. Meghan looks gorgeous.

  39. RoyalBlue says:

    Kaiser girl you on fire 🔥. After seeing how hawt that beautiful and loving couple looked last night I am sure they went straight to Frogmore and conceived a sibling for Archie Ragland.

  40. Lyn says:

    Here I was thinking the rain would dampen the evening instead it produced one of the best photographs in a long while. Sam Hussein is going to make a lot of money off it. And kudos to him.

    As for Meghan, well she looked at amazing. The dress, the hair, the clutch all great and the makeup was so much bolder. The dress is way more fitted than anything she’s worn in the past 3 yrs. I do have to wonder as well if she was getting restricted and lists of dos and don’ts on how to dress.

    Will never understand how the Royals just would not have their backs, like they do all the other members. These two are assets for any family and should have been treated as such, instead they were treated like second class citizens and in Meghan’s case an invader that needed to be run off. So sad.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      Thanks Lyn. I wanted to know who the photographer was because he just took what will be one of the most iconic photos of our time.

    • Mich says:

      Every photo director in the world seems to be tweeting it with a comment that starts with “Wow!”. Even Getty Images has tweeted it. Truly iconic.

    • 87% says:

      Look at American history; certain people would rather burn everything they own than give up their own sense of racial superiority.

    • Lady D says:

      They were always going to be too big for that stuffy and musty BRF fiefdom.

      • notasugarhere says:

        If they had been the heir couple, it wouldn’t have been a problem for the BRF. But they have Charles/Camilla followed by bland William/Kate.

    • PrincessK says:

      The rain had the opposite effect, it actually enhanced the love they have. That is the Sussex effect.

  41. olala says:

    She looks amazing. She is so beautiful. What a pity they were not protected/allowed to live and work. Such an asset both of them. They always chose interesting causes/charities and really worked

  42. Beth says:

    She looks incredible and it was freezing in London last night.

  43. Beach Dreams says:

    She looked amazing! Outfit, hair and makeup all on point. That’s such an excellent shade of blue. But best of all is how happy and radiant Meghan looks. Being away from all the hostility has given her and Harry new life.

  44. HufflepuffLizLemon says:

    Samir Hussein will be living off that pic for DECADES! Man, what a fantastic shot. They look radiant!

    • Brit says:

      Ok!!! That’s why the photographers love them so much because the chemistry comes out especially in photos. He did an amazing job.

      • Marie says:

        Every photographer that photographs them talks about their insane chemistry. Even Arther Edwards and he hates Meghan.

  45. Sass says:

    I saw these yesterday and did a silent cheer because Meghan’s comeback is here and it’s big and she’s showing that she won’t let the mustards win. I LOVE her whole look here. And that lost shot of them in the rain. Cinematic is the right word! Gorgeous.

  46. Darby says:

    I gasped when I saw these photos! Stunning, happy, in love and trimphant!
    Yay Meg and Harry! Go out there and change the world! 🇨🇦

  47. heygingersnaps says:

    They both look amazing! Samir Hussein’s photo of them is iconic! One can see the love & joy that they have.
    I hope Harry, Meghan & their family continue to live their best lives.

  48. Mellie says:

    I’m joining the crowd here in stating how beautiful and happy she looked, they both looked content. I think the BRF was a detriment to both of their physical/mental well-being.

    • Harla says:

      These photos certainly drive home the point that they made the right decision for themselves and their little family.

  49. Guest2.0 says:

    Those pictures are stunning. Meghan looks gorgeous and made her statement. So happy for H&M that they’ve shown the world their light will not be diminished.

    Countdown to the trolls invading CB to infect the site with their nonsense…

    • carmen says:

      I hope this article is “troll proof”. What’s not to like? These two are radiating positivity and happiness. Even if we look at the superficial aspects like what Meghan is wearing – she is absolutely glowing in that dress.

  50. Stacy Dresden says:

    I’m a little bit jealous. That is a glamorous shot. Go Megan!

  51. 10KTurtle says:

    Picture perfect! I’m so glad they knocked it out of the park on their first appearance back in U.K. together.

  52. Loretta says:

    That pic under the umbrella is iconic. Meghan was so stunning yesterday. Beautiful and sexy.
    Harry looked so happy and hot, I can see another baby next year.

  53. KellyRyan says:

    Cain and Unable :) She’s glows. I have the same approach with jewelry, minimalist. It’s good to see Meghan without the BRF repression, wearing what she enjoys. The clunky, overdone, jewelry of the monarchy needs to be in a museum. It does not make the woman.

  54. NYCGirl says:

    A photo that spoke volumes and yet left millions speechless.

  55. bamaborn says:

    Don’t want to pile on, but, they are one gorgeous couple. Duchess Meghan did appear nervous at times, it appears Harry made a conscious effort to make sure his hand or arm was there when needed. What A Man!!

  56. manta says:

    Great look except for the back view of the dress.
    The apparent zip up to bottom was never a fave of mine. I like it better on the front usually.

  57. Harla says:

    What a loss for the British people and the Commonwealth. But hey in the end the British people get to keep Piers Morgan and the rest of the world got the Sussex’s, have fun with that.

    • Babz says:

      These two could have lifted the BRF to the stratosphere if they had just defended them and Archie from the rabid press. Instead, they blew it, and they have no one to blame but themselves. They say the Queen is leaving the door open if H&M want to return, but after seeing these pictures, Chuck and Bill will do everything they can to keep that from happening. Their egos are too fragile and their skin too thin to allow this kind of star power anywhere near the Firm again. What a tragic loss to Britain. They could have done so much good for so many, and smoothed the rough edges off of Brexit. Instead, Harry and Meghan will go global and succeed beyond anyone’s imagination. I am here for that all day long.

    • PrincessK says:

      Well said!

  58. GuestOne says:

    That is one iconic photo& a lot of media people agree. Not sure what their arrangements will be going forward with photographers but the content these photographers got with the Sussexes is unmatched.

    Meghan looked stunning last night. When I saw her I thought I wouldn’t want her at my wedding either lol. Would be cool if she does more bright and sleek looks like this and that yellow Brandon maxwell more often.

    A FT journalist said the tabloids have fumbled the bag with their campaign helping to drive the Sussexes away. I think realisation is dawning on some. Arthur Edwards was even talking about wishing to take some things back (whilst still blaming Meghan of course). This article says that the other royals just aren’t as exciting despite how much likes of Piers & Katie Hopkins try to hype others (and really who wants their support) https://amp.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/royals/meghan-and-harrys-farewell-tour-highlights-major-headache-for-royal-family/news-story/4e623cb720cf757f189f747c8c0d86f2

    • Becks1 says:

      That article is good and highlights what a few people said above, thanks for sharing!

    • carmen says:

      Thanks for sharing that – it was a good read.

    • L84Tea says:

      Wow, great article!

    • Kk2 says:

      Yea I do actually feel for Kate a little
      …I cannot Imagine being compared to Meghan in terms of glamorous photos. I wouldn’t want to be photographed next to her! She’s a superstar! What’s a more normal looking duchess to do?? Kate is an attractive woman and probably the kind of woman who is more attractive in person than she photographs, but the camera loves Meghan. She outshines everyone in every photo. I will miss getting pictures of her on the regular (Kate probably will not).

      • PrincessK says:

        Well Meghan was a model for a reason. Kate is not unattractive but never in the model category.

      • A says:

        The thing that makes Meghan attractive, esp in these photos, is just how much happiness and genuine joy you can see she’s carrying within herself. I’m one of those fluffy idealist types who never finds a particular set of features beautiful and thinks everyone can look good and not look good. And that’s the case for Kate as well, if you ask me. When Kate is happy, with genuine joy, and you can tell she’s eating better and resting better and everything is content within her life, she looks amazing. There are pap shots of her before her marriage where she as bags under her eyes and she still looks really good because you can see she’s happy, not just in the moment, but in the sense of her larger life as well. That’s what comes through with your face, in photographs, and elsewhere.

    • GuestOne —- What’s an FT journalist?

  59. Joanna says:

    She is so photogenic! I love that lipstick color. She looks fantastic.

  60. Ina says:

    First thing I noticed was the stunning red lipstick which she never wore before as a “royal”. Kaiser is right. She may have been de-glamming on purpose. She’s beautiful!

  61. Bohemian Angel says:

    She is just beautiful and Harry’s not bad either. That photo under the umbrella says it all, it’s like they are just singing in the rain whilst haters are dumping crap on them, they look so happy I love it! I really hope they are financially independent sooner rather than later so they never feel the need to go back to that hideous family of his.
    This is the glow you get when you leave toxic people behind and live your best life. Truly lovely.

  62. Lisa says:

    Meghan and Harry just have it. Separate and together. Last night was wonderful. As for that plant they just embarrassed themselves.

  63. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    That last photo is everything. Epic. Legendary.

    Lmao @Wilileaks.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      It is and to me it shows their power and how strong they are as a couple.

      I fully expect the Keen’s to try and pull something similar off – we KNOW they do NOT like being out shone and this image is a PERECT example of why the Sussex’s are a massive loss to the BRF.

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        They already have! They “posed” with their arms around each other’s backs on the top of a hill during their staged hike, the one where there was ONE photo of Keen’s arm linked into Willileak’s arm (LOVE that name! lol). It was SUCH an obvious copy. “SEE??? SEE??? WE’RE in “love”, too! LOOK. AT. US!!!!!” Yeah, bland milquetoast. Pablum for the masses of sheeple.

  64. Veronica S. says:

    Whoever took that photo of them smiling at each other under the umbrella GOT PAID because that is a hella nice shot. Even an intentionally arranged shot wouldn’t have looked as nice or genuine. You don’t generally get to see so much artistry out of paparazzi camerawork, but occasionally we all get lucky.

    Great color for her. Great styling. I think I like the dress a touch more sitting or standing than in motion, but otherwise, she looks great. Total glow up. If the intent was to say, “We’re doing better than fine without and despite you,” they nailed it.

    • 87% says:

      This is what Henri Cartier-Bresson meant when he said photography is about the decisive moment.

  65. Flying fish says:

    Look no frills, no ruffles, no shiny buttons…

    • Anita says:

      Okay this is for all people who struggle with fashion in general. Google the Kibbe theory. Basically there are five types (Dramatic, Romantic, Classic, Natural, Gamine) and every type has subtypes.

      Meghan is obviously a Natural (maybe Soft Natural like Jolie) since she has an athletic build and looks best in relaxed clothing and natural flowy hair styles.
      Kate is a Soft Classic and she looks great with buttons and frills but it has to be symmetrical whereas other types doesn’t look that great in this combination.

      I think Kibbe is awesome and maybe Celebitchy can make a post about this system, so we can all learn or incoorporate a little bit of it in fashion posts. It will be so much fun to analyze and tell why something is working and why not!

      • Mercury says:

        I feel like this system is silly. We don’t need to conform to any system. Wear what makes you feel comfortable period

  66. Anilehcim says:

    I personally love Meghan and Harry and wish them the absolute best.

    I just have to mention any place I can because I’m so annoyed by it: It will never not disgust me that so much of our society thought it was perfectly OK for a woman to give up everything in her life to cater to her husband’s lifestyle, but when they agreed as a couple that it wasn’t working, a large majority of the world turned it into how she’s this evil, money-hungry, power-hungry selfish person. The double standard is gross.

    • Babz says:

      Excellent observation, and you are absolutely right. There have been stories about how bittersweet it is for Harry to turn away from his family and leave his home land, and the life he knew. Meg did the same thing for him! And without any family support except for Doria, who lived thousands of miles away. She did it willingly because she loved him, and in the end, they vilified her for it, while feeling sorry for him. They simply can’t admit that Harry wanted out on his own, and so they need a scapegoat. Meg is that scapegoat. In the end, though, the press and the BRF will be left behind, and Harry and Meg will go on to live their best lives, together.

  67. Trish-a says:

    I could not wait until this was posted! I was up last night watching it all.
    To just puke on-the picture under the umbrella is like the Caroline and JFK Jr one with her wearing his coat. We will see it forever. It IS straight out of a movie. And I would love the poster!!! Congrats Kiddos! You rose and shined!

    • L4frimaire says:

      That photo really is cinematic. It just captures a moment in time, makes one feel hopeful. Many a rom-com script writer will be trying to incorporate a romantic stroll in the rain storyline into their script. Looks like a shot from a classic film.

  68. Awkward symphony says:

    This was the equivalent to Diana’s revenge dress. Meghan killed it🤩
    I hope they use the great shot as greeting card

  69. aquarius64 says:

    Meghan looked amazing and the pencil dress is a nice break from the school marm look Kate was sporting in Ireland. BTW Meghan’s dress sold out. ITA the boo bird was a plant. There’s a picture inside and the PDA was amazing. The BRF and the BM coven shot themselves in the feet for Sussexit.

  70. Leftie says:

    Meghan looks beautiful and happy. She definitely was giving her third finger up to the Brits who trolled her, but in the nicest way.
    One quibble: the dress was too tight across her hips. It was quite bunchy. She needs better tailoring.

  71. Marjorie says:

    Stardust. Her FACE!

    HAHA white England. You are stuck with the orange jumper-wearing nitwit and her raging sperm donor. Enjoy.

  72. paddingtonjr says:

    Dayum, she is beautiful! This definitely the “look what you could have had” picture. When Meghan wears clothes that she knows she looks good in, she can really wear clothes. The affection and PDA between H&M is so natural and they are incredibly photogenic and attractive together. Love seeing them!

    • L4frimaire says:

      Looking at that photo, you realize how unhappy they looked prior to Christmas, after the South Africa tour. They looked a bit bloated, very guarded in their expressions, isolated with the crowd. They definitely have a spark back. They will have challenges going forward as well, but having more control, not having to placate others, and piece of mind makes a huge difference.

  73. MJM says:

    It’s like these two have been bathing in rocket sauce while in Canada 🥰

  74. MellyMel says:

    She looks FANTASTIC!! They both do. Just happy, relaxed and in love. The best revenge!

  75. A says:

    The rain picture is great, and so are her hair and makeup. Though I don’t think bodycon is the best look for her as she has a bit of a boxy torso and the fabric is bunching a bit.

  76. MsIam says:

    That photo of them under the umbrella is everything! It looks like it could be a fragrance ad: “Love: The scent of victory.” Anyway, kudos to the photographer who took that picture because in the video it looked like they glanced at each other for maybe two seconds and who would have thought he would get such a great shot out of that. I truly wish them and Archie all the best ahead.

    • Some chick says:

      They have fast shutters and “burst” mode where it takes a ton of images an very short order. And then you have to flip through them all to find *that* image.

      The lighting/flash/fill was also perfect. So, he does have a very nice camera. And is an excellent photographer in general.

      He was also lucky, and in just the right spot. It’s GORGEOUS. If I found that on my roll, I would gasp out loud!

      I really hope he retains the rights to use it, sell prints, etc. Because right now, Getty is licensing it. Hopefully at some point it will revert, or he still has some rights to it. Or at least a percentage of licensing. He deserves to.

  77. swirlmamad says:

    She looks absolutely beautiful and glowing, he looks so happy and handsome and the rain photos are beyond. ❤ LOVE seeing them!!!

  78. Chickaletta says:

    Maybe the person who booed them is just a really big Princess Bride fan?

    She looks resplendent. He looks radiant. They are giving me color coordinated LIFE and I love it.

  79. TheOriginalMia says:

    Best revenge is living well. Harry and Meghan are living their best lives. They are mentally happy and it shows. They radiate. I love her VB dress. The color is amazing. I wanted to her to have on her Aquamarine dress just to drive the haters crazy, but her look and happiness are much more effective. She is, they are unbowed and unbroken.

  80. Watson says:

    These pics make me smile so hard. She looks so happy and has definitely been enjoying the Island lifestyle. The forests are life affirming.

    Look at that effortless glam and charm the two of them have! No wonder they’ve been smeared so hard: Will and Kate (bless), could never. Lololol!!

  81. Elizabeth says:

    Sooooo beautiful!!!!

  82. jferber says:

    Love. Charisma. Happiness. That’s what Harry and Meghan have together. And you can’t fake any of that. And God bless them for emerging triumphant from the negative toxicity of England. Yes to all that.

  83. Scollins says:

    No crown or royal jewels necessary to show the world you are a true Queen. Harry and Meghan are magical together.

  84. CheleBelle says:

    Here’s to wishing someone would create a YouTube video featuring pics of M&H under umbrellas to the song Umbrella by Rihanna. And yes she looks amazing. They are happy with their decision.

    • indiesr says:

      OMG!! I was thinking the same thing!!! LOL. It would be awesome, so many adorable pics of them with umbrellas to use too.

  85. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    They both look amazing! So content. They definitely made the right decision in leaving the firm.

  86. Anne says:

    The difference between the Cambridges and them is astonishing. It’s like comparing plain oatmeal with cherry-chocolate cake (my favorite :) ) They look so awkward and boring and plain and Megs is glowing. So happy for her. The fact that they let these two slip away at this age and time just shows how incredibly dull, rigid and shortsighted the royal house is.
    Also, I briefly read GOMI also known as hate central for Meghan and since they don’t have anything else to say they are now hating how her dress is “bulking”. I literally LOLd.

    • Vava says:

      I was wondering what GOMI was saying. And the Royal Dish is probably exploding in hatred, too.
      I follow a couple of so-called fashion bloggers on GOMI and get a charge out of that, but I refuse to ever enter the forums pertaining to Meghan and Harry.

    • Abby says:

      GOMI is my guilty pleasure for influencers, but I’ve only looked at the Meghan thread once or twice. I can’t deal with the pettiness. It’s dumb. I don’t go there.

      • Vava says:

        I only go there to follow the Pink Peonies snark, that influencer is so amazingly LAME, imo.

  87. Jessica says:

    She is stunning! That might be the best I’ve seen her look. Contrast that with whatever the heck Kate’s been wearing the past few days.

  88. ChillyWilly says:

    They both look terrific and that last photo is a dream. They should get that sucker framed.

  89. Cel2495 says:

    Meghan looks stunning…. that smile is everything. Harry looks great as well. I’m so happy to see them smiling and radiant!

  90. Marivic says:

    It was just one boo that came from one person and the press made it their headline. It’s good that some press didn’t pick it up and instead headlined the loud cheers from the crowd. Happy to see them together again. They look sexy together, by the way.

  91. Saralee says:

    Dayyyyyyum she looks amazing!!!!!

  92. February Pisces says:

    Meghan looks stunning, I think this is her best look yet. She really knows how to hold her head up high no matter what. I love that shot of them in the rain, it looks like it could have been shot for a magazine. The Cambridge’s must be fuming, they basically look like a couple of pensioners in comparison. William can trash them all he wants, but he and Kate are never going to have that same superstar charisma, ever.

    • PrincessK says:

      There just doesn’t seem to be any sensuality or attraction between the Cambridge’s.

  93. Lily says:

    That was dan wooten booing or someone sent sent by the cambridges lol

    • Jaded says:

      Piers Morgan.

    • Olenna says:

      LOL! Whoever it was, they sounded like a damn fool. When I saw this couple in a shower of diamond rain drops, the biggest sh*t-eating grin spread across my face and I knew nothing the haters and scheming media tried make of their return could diminish their glow.

      • Olenna says:

        Wanted to add this Tweet because the comments are so spot on (and funny) about how the racist, bigoted BM always tries to spin the worst about the DoS :

      • bluemoonhorse says:

        @Olenna that was hilarious!

      • Olenna says:

        Yeah, I was LOL, but this dude, sadly, hit the nail on the head, “As a lifelong republican it is amusing to me that a major royal just basically walked out of the gilded cage and royal fans that think they own them lost their shit. Shame, maybe if the venn diagram with a royalist and a racist circle hadn’t had quite as much overlap…”

      • bluemoonhorse says:

        @olenna sometimes it takes humor to show how ridiculous something is. It’s why comedians are often banned or imprisoned in dictatorships. Editorial cartoons can be piercing. It gets the message across in ways that using common sense with these people don’t.

  94. Giddy says:

    Iconic, gorgeous, happy, and in love! Sorry Granny, when a couple looks at each other like that, there is nothing you can offer that is enticing. Meghan and Harry escaped the RF and can do absolutely anything they desire now. How fabulous is this? The RR’s and the Cambridges hoped H&M would look shoved aside, pitiful, and cowed. But they shine with love and happiness. Hooray, for love. Hooray for the loyalty they have shown each other, as they have created their own world. My heart is dancing for them!

  95. Betsy says:

    I don’t always love her clothes. This, however, OH MY GOD this is beautiful. The turquoise, the fit, the clear happiness… and it’s not inappropriate glamour. This is the kind of politely radiant glamour that Diana brought, and she brought that same stardust to her charities.

    I still think Willie is behind their being banished/the leaks and his granny and dad went along because they don’t want another abdication, as I’m sure Tantrum has threatened.

    The royal family is poorer for the loss of these two.

  96. GuestWho says:

    This actually made me laugh out loud. Yeah, she does know what she’s doing – escaping from a bunch of people who want the worst for her and took every chance to try to break her. She wouldn’t let them.

    Miserable people hate to see happy people smile. Get used to it.

  97. DP says:

    You can’t fake that chemistry! Wow! Good for them!

  98. Florence says:

    The true queen came to slay. All hail Meghan.

  99. Goldengirlslover34 says:

    Love the dress and the simplicity of it all. Timeless and classic but in a nice bright color. I’ve been finding it harder to find dresses in these styles even for work. It feel like I’m battling polka dots and stripes every chance I get. I love print like any other woman but My style is simple so I reserve prints for tops pairs with sleek skirts at work. I just want a nice sheath dress to rock with clients. Sigh. This turned into my fashion conundrum post.

  100. val says:

    And this is why that family is jealous of Meghan. Goodness. All it took was a slick back ponytail and a plain dress in an electrifying color to break the damn internet. Brilliant and beautiful. Oh Kate, you are so out of your league. It would have been best if you welcomed your new bad ass sister in law so you can actually learn something from her. She finally gave the royal family some much needed flavor, and now it is all gone and they are back to the land of bland mediocrity.

    • Ina says:

      Kate has a million dresses in that blue color. She wore a ponytail in Ireland. Even if Kate put those two together, she’s still bland and boring AF. She doesn’t have “it.”

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Agreed! If Kate has this dress she would add a terrible Victorian color and 700 buttons to it

  101. anon says:

    “I’m siiiiiinging in the rain, just singing in the rain! What a glorious feelin’ I’m happy again!”

    She. Looks. Exquisite.

    Like, I dunno what’s up, but this is Next Level.

    Well played, Megs. Well. Played.

  102. Texas says:

    She looks like a different person. Just glowing and full of health and happiness. Good for her.

  103. shells_bells says:

    Gorgeous. The only thing that could make this look better would be (forbidden) dark nail polish!

  104. DM2 says:

    Brilliant. Just gorgeous. I wonder How Carol reacted to the pics, and if she has any hair left on her head…

  105. L4frimaire says:

    Meghan looked absolutely stunning. Loved the fit and clean lines of her dress. She dresses like a confident grown woman who knows her style. Definitely not turning down the lights now. She came prepared. Her and Harry together really have that something special. It looks like they had a successful night and really wish them well in whatever the future holds for them. So much grim in this world, so nice to see a bit of spark and positivity. That photo is just iconic. Just captured everything.

  106. Dee Kay says:

    Iconic and legendary photo. What a huge win for House Sussex. Harry really picked a bride who, while being totally different than Diana in many ways, has that ineffable quality that Diana had: stardom, magnetism, supercharisma, a photogenic kind of beauty that allows her personality to come through in photos so that millions of people can admire it.

  107. Malcolm H. says:

    Absolutely stunning, the both of them. Willileaks and Ms. Victorian Collar-Ruffle could NEVER.

  108. Carmen says:

    Living well is the best revenge and both of them look fabulous!

  109. I love this couple
    Meghan smile is heartwarming. Her inner happiness radiates than any flash light could

  110. Isa says:

    Just here to gush over them. I love that photo and the way they look at each other!!!

  111. AMM says:

    I was up late last night watching the internet and tabloids lose their minds. I loved it so much. They couldnt have planned a better comeback. Her look was perfect- simple yet glamorous. They were so in love. The rain provided a perfect backdrop. The great cause and warm reception by the people in attendance. A surprise engagement. Everything just fell into place for them last night. Hopefully the next couple of days keep the same momentum and they go out with a huge bang.

  112. Jaded says:

    Revenge is a dish best served cold and in a stunning turquoise dress.

  113. Mia says:

    Sycophants! Pass me the sick bucket. Viva the republic!

    • Olenna says:

      LOL! Most people here are American with only moderate fan-level gossip interest but a good sense of fairness, so give it a rest. Better yet, go over to the Fail and try to discourage all those royalist Brexiters loving on Ole Queenie and the Keens.

      • GloryS says:

        Sorry folks, replies showed in the wrong place.

      • Gingerbee says:

        Oleana and Jaded, yes Meghan look fantastic and the dress is perfect. It galls the trolls, because Meghan is not getting bash on this site.

    • GloryS says:

      :lol: :lol: :lol:

      @ Mia Good on you. And that dress is tight, it is wrinkling especially round the waist. Apart from that she looks great. Though I am not a fan of centre partings.

      @ Olenna – fairness doesn’t seem to matter when it is Kate!

      • anon says:

        Is fairness applied to Kate when she gets superlative compliments in pretty much every other site, tabloid and fake news sites but here? Her propaganda machine works fine, she’s not a victim.

      • Olenna says:

        @GloryS, do you have any links for that unfairness? They might help to pinpoint what issue(s) you’re having with fairness to the other duchess.

      • hudson girl says:

        @ GloryS. Kate burned all those bridges when she barely showed up to do charity work for the first… 8 years was it? When she did show up for the “fun” events, she looked like some weird cosplay in banana curls and flashing swing skirts. Initially, I thought she was just harmlessly vapid. Now, I’m starting to think she’s a lot bitchier/ passive-aggressive.

  114. RedWeatherTiger says:

    That photo in the rain is one for the ages. If they never take another good photo, it is more than enough.

    I love how happy and in love they look. Beaming!

  115. What. . .now? says:

    Le sigh! Iconic. Legendary. The absolute perfect picture for their first event together.

    I hope they get a copy of that photo and put it in a frame, because that is such a fabulous shot–perfection.

    Meghan is so beautiful and photogenic it’s unreal. Kate is very photogenic as well, but seriously, Meghan is next level.

    H and M for the win!!!

  116. Catting says:

    Picture under the umbrella is so beautiful. Living happy is the best “revenge”.

  117. YAS says:

    She looks INCREDIBLE. I’m sure they wept so many tears last night over that one jerk who booed. LOL.

    Though, to nitpick – her foundation is slightly off. It looks like it has too much pink in it (check her jawline vs. her neck and arms). So whoever did that makeup, needs to adjust that. But her eyes look so good.

  118. Eugh says:

    Have to give credit Harry too, his suit is hot fire

  119. February Pisces says:

    That photo in the rain could be a movie poster. I have a feeling it will be somewhat iconic in years to come. If there’s ever another harry and Meghan Lifetime movie they’ll probably recreate it.

  120. Ada says:

    She was totally in control and that was quite commendable. Also looked beautiful and classy. Kinda made the other camp look dull. Well played

  121. JRenee says:

    She looks great, they look happy!

  122. Rose says:

    It looks so magical like they are in a snow globe.

    • Your cousin Vinny says:

      Yes, note to anybody out there worried about rain on their wedding day – get yourself and awesome photographer, good lighting and an umbrella and you may feel blessed that it rained. The pictures are incredible.

      I love this look on Meghan – I do wonder if a red or pink shoe might have elevated this even further? Either way she looks happy and gorgeous.

    • Jo says:

      This photo is iconic and I can see it being referenced for years to come. What a great shot. Hats off to the photographer but give credit where credit is due. It wouldn’t be possible to capture this moment if they weren’t so happily smitten and in love with each other living their best lives.

  123. Hannah says:

    NEVER has the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” rung more true for me than Samir Hussein’s pic. Everyone who has commented has covered everything I could and would say, so I’m just gonna say PERFECTION

  124. Kimber says:

    Actually brought tears to my eyes seeing how beautifully happy they are. Missed them and their chemistry. I’m fairly new to this site, I’ve seen references to Carol. Is there any chance she could be the leak for the Duke and Duchess of Boredom? Forgive me if this has already been determined!

    • anon says:

      Carol is a master marketeer and her main purpose is to sell a product: Kate. She seems to be behind a lot of positive spinning on every tabloid and magazine, but I think the leaks come mostly straight from Willileaks himself.

    • Millicent Vannicent says:

      She’s blaming it on the rain.

  125. Lizzie says:

    I wonder if Liz has any regrets today.

  126. bamaborn says:

    OMG!! Time magazine has this Iconic photo on their cover. I just can’t anymore!

  127. Marie says:

    These two are a romance novel come to life. They are such a gorgeous couple.

  128. Dropbear says:

    I’m not a fan of the British monarchy but my hats off to H&M for breaking free from institutional toxicity and racism and living the good life. And the emotions projected in that photo in the rain – a visual smackdown to all their haters. Drown in salt, Duke and Duchess of Irrelevant Doolittle, Petty Betty, dour grey suits and sour RRs

  129. Oatmeal says:


    It’s like Harry and Megs said “oh, your little trip to Ireland was cute, now watch this!”

    I promise you Will is somewhere seething

  130. Harper says:

    Hail King Harry and Queen Meghan. THE true king and queen of people’s hearts.

    C’mon Willileaks. Just step down now so these two can preserve the monarchy. You know you want to.

  131. Moon River says:

    The guy in the back right of the movie poster represents British racism.

  132. GloryS says:

    @ Olenna – my replies aren’t sticking

  133. Nyro says:

    OMG, this could not have been a better comeback appearance. That photo, my gawd!!! It’s like the ancestors were shining down on them. The haters wanted nothing more for them to look miserable and fall flat on their faces yet look at what happened: The most iconic royal photo since Diana’s revenge dress photo! And all of this happening while Cain and Unable are at their frumpiest and dumpiest. I mean, the contrast, good lord. Ruffled librarian 80s cosplay versus what Meghan have us yesterday. Ugh, I know the haters are SEETHING! What a day, Sussex squad. What a day.

  134. Lizzie says:

    Cathy has to appear along with Meghan on Monday, I feel a bit sorry for her.

  135. nicegirl says:

    And Kate knows and Will knows that neither of them look at each other in such a fashion, so in love. I bet it’s sad for Kate. And pisses Wandering Willy off to no end. Keep living well, Meghan, Harry and Archie!

  136. SunGoddess says:

    Give it a rest lol. They won. They’re major. Their impact is certifiable. Y’all will grasp at straws until you’re blue in the face and they’ll still be well on their way to becoming an iconic duo that eclipsed a centuries-old institution LMAO

    You bitter Beckys will pop a blood vessel if you don’t chill.

  137. Awkward symphony says:

    @LIZZIE I used to pity kate thinking she’s overpowered by bill but no anymore! She’s clearly approves the BULLYING of Meghan or else carole would’ve leaked a fake solidarity message!
    These two idiots don’t know how much they lost especially the idea that they are above the Sussexs. Time will come when royals particularly their children will be expected to g through what Harry did. I mean do they not see it??Suprised they dont think of precedent of taking royal title from Harry and Meghan🤦‍♀️

  138. Reilly says:

    Meghan is a naturally beautiful woman, and That. Dress. Yow and Za.

    But. Left to her own in-the-wild fashion devices, I think she tends to wear way too much makeup.

  139. blunt talker says:

    If their picture is on the cover of Time magazine, the global journey begins. Very beautiful photo-someone said it look like they were in a snowglobe and I agree. I looked at the photo when Meghan had returned to Canada during the negotiations-she took a photo with some women at a shelter-her hair was very sleek and shiny and about the length we saw yesterday. A lot of women hair grows out after having a baby-my sister-in-law’s hair grew a lot. God speed to the Sussex family and best of luck in the future.

  140. Alex West says:

    Call me a crazy feminist but her comeback is not a dress. She could have worn that brown coat, been 10 pounds overweight, no makeup and still kicked ass like the boss she is.

  141. Scollins says:

    Loving the glorious pic of them and her outrageously gorgeous look but Harry’s suit is also stunning. To my sons and son-in-law, no more black suits!

  142. Seraphina says:

    She looks great and they look like a united front. Bravo! While I do miss Meghan being part of the RBF because her work ethic, obvious love of what she does and style was great to see in comparison to Will and Kate. I’m glad she’s making appearances. Her style brings some fun back.

    The full blown pic is amazing with the rain in background and them looking at each other. One would say even symbolic: the dreary cold rain behind them as they walk off (the rain being BRF). And if someone already said it, please forgive me.

  143. He he says:

    It’s laughable. The video that shows how they brought their own photog

    • Mtec says:

      Lol you mad?

      The photographer that took that iconic pic under the umbrella was the same one who had just joined Will & Kate during their ireland tour, so is it laughable that they “hired” him in that case too?

      That same photographer also said he’s been photographing royals for over 12 years and said this was the one that gained “huge interest” and he himself called it iconic.

      In his page (@samhussein1) the Kate in ireland pictures have almost 2k likes, and the ones of Meghan and Harry have over 25k… so it’s pretty clear when both couples “hire” the same photographer and these are the results, we know which ones are the laughable ones.

      (Also put “hire” in quotes because neither couple hired private photogs for things like this, they’re part of a press tour and hired by news companies/magazines etc…)

  144. Nibbi says:

    In the face of the absolutely unrelenting barrage of horrible awful dark scary headlines of this week, I am completely clinging to these shots of Meghan and Harry absolutely slaying it & right in the faces of their abusers. That chick definitely knows how to hold her head up high.
    Makes me happy.

  145. (TheOG) jan90067 says:

    That was my first thought too. It didn’t “lay smooth” as it does on the model in the ad. Meg should’ve gotten one size larger and had it fitted to HER shape. Still… gorgeous color on her…and GORGEOUS face. Wins hands down every time.