HRH Prince Andrew hired an expensive lawyer specializing in extradition cases, huh

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After the dust settles on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s You Coulda Had a Bad Bitch farewell tour, I foresee a campaign to bring Prince Andrew back into full-time royal status. I mean, the campaign has already started, let’s be real. The Queen – dear old mummy – didn’t even want to fire Andrew last year, and she’s done the most to protect him and shield him in the past year. My guess is that Princess Beatrice’s wedding will be the “Trojan horse” by which Andrew is fully brought back into the fold. So let this serve as a reminder that Andrew is still scum and the Queen is protecting her predator-rapist son from any and all consequences of his association with Jeffrey Epstein. Andrew has a new lawyer, and the lawyer is one of the best when it comes to extradition cases.

Prince Andrew has hired a leading extradition lawyer to fend off the FBI probe into his links with Jeffrey Epstein. He has taken on Clare Montgomery, whose previous clients include Shrien Dewani — cleared of murdering his bride on honeymoon in South Africa. Ms Montgomery, 61, is thought to earn £1,000 an hour. She is briefed by Gary Bloxsome, who defended Brit troops against war crime claims.

A pal said: “He is as sharp as a blade, absolutely brilliant.” Mr Bloxsome was also appointed directly by Andrew, 60.

Buckingham Palace has previously refused to reveal who acts for him. Sources have confirmed the duke has regular meetings with his team about the investigation into associates of Epstein, who killed himself in jail last year. In January, US prosecutors publicly accused the royal of ignoring attempts to contact him. New York attorney Geoffrey Berman said the duke had given zero co-operation.

Buckingham Palace will only say it does not represent him as he is no longer a working royal. As a rule, US prosecutors wanting to speak to a witness in Britain would go through the legal attaché at the US embassy in London. But sources at the New York prosecutor’s office said they went directly to Andrew’s lawyers.

[From The Sun]

Who is paying for HRH Prince Andrew’s extradition lawyers? Don’t tell me, I think I already know. And this is what dear old mummy chose – she chose to punish and smear Harry and Meghan to deflect from her favorite son, who now employs extradition lawyers. Because he doesn’t want to answer the FBI’s questions about his association with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, nor does he want to go to America and actually get served with papers from the civil lawsuit brought by Virginia Roberts and Epstein’s other victims. But hey, Andrew still has his HRH, his ducal title, his giant Royal Lodge mansion and mummy’s good graces. And that’s the choice Liz made. She has to own that now.

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  1. Rapunzel says:

    Do they conduct their meetings at the Pizza Express in Woking to save money?

  2. Karen says:

    Will the UK royal reporter press pack ever acknowledge how much The Queen & Prince Andrew benefitted from the mass hysteria about Meghan? They used her as tabloid bait to distract from Andrew, while he continues his life of luxury, dodging the FBI and watching the people unleash their anger on Meghan. I wonder if the royal reporters have the guts to admit it, but then again, they basically serve the Windsors so they’ve helped redirect the public. They’re too scared to point back at Andrew in case they lose access to the royals. The Windsors will always protect themselves first, at any cost, no matter what someone has done. I wonder if that entitlement will survive into the next century.

  3. Kari says:

    I’m not surprised. The Royal Family is an institution that has thrived on the pain, genocide, and colonization of people of color. They don’t care enough to show any level of shame. They’ve historically gotten away with a lot worse.

  4. P says:

    His victims deserve justice, but because of who he is, it is not going to happen. Why bother getting a lawyer.

  5. smee says:

    “the Sussex’s You Coulda Had a Bad Bitch farewell tour” is solid gold!

  6. Quincytoo says:

    A few stories ago this morning I saw the picture of the queen of petty racism frack all
    I instantly thought omg this looks like rapey pedro Andrew in drag
    This new picture just reconfirms it

  7. Anony83 says:

    It would be hilarious (in a dark humor way) if Prince Andrew gets back into the working royal rotation but couldn’t leave the country or at least can’t go to any countries that have extradition agreements with the US. He’d have to be formally charged for that to happen, but that could still happen (the NY prosecutors may get fed up soon with his refusal to actually cooperate and could use criminal charges as a bargaining chip to force his hand).

    For all the talk about how the Royal Family will be the face of the soft diplomacy efforts to negotiate with individual EU countries for trade agreements and other things that got scuttled with Brexit. Andrew is going to be very useful for that if he can’t leave England. Well, frankly he won’t be much use no matter what because can you imagine if England sent him out to other countries as a informal ambassador (for lack of a better term)? It would be a diplomatic nightmare when all the countries either refuse to let him come or got super offended that England would send a pedophile to be their representative while trying to rebuild relationships with the same countries. That would probably backfire spectacularly.

    Though I also think he is going to be really ineffective as a working royal even in the UK because what places/organizations would want him as their patron or to attend one of their events or whatever else working royals do. The Firm is already having a public relationships nightmare with Harry and Meghan putting them in their rear view mirror. The do NOT need endless stories about patronages and such declining offers for Prince Andrew to visit or cancelling any appearances that he is scheduled to make. I mean, the royal rota might be willing to gloss it over but people will still definitely notice. (And that doesn’t even get into the public objecting to using public funds to support the pedo Prince.)

  8. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    If it looks like Andrew might actually be charged with something, the Queen will say he was serving as her emissary at the time, and therefore “diplomatic immunity.” Then they’ll say how this kerfluffle has upset the queen so very much, it’s taking a toll on her health, and shame on people who won’t let it drop.

    • Why all the serious lawyering up if he’s got nothing to say? What happened to his public, on-air commitment that he would be happy to talk? Just like the non-sweating and the pizza fest BS, he again proves he is such a liar.

  9. Ames says:

    Yet more evidence that #MeToo isn’t quite the reckoning we’re being sold that it is. There were key points along the way – many of them, in fact – that law enforcement and the courts system could have actually done their jobs.

    But powerful men at the highest levels – looking at you, Cyrus Vance (but he’s just the tip of a very sleazy iceberg) – have been protecting each other for so long, that few if any of these girls and women will ever get ANY justice, let alone the justice they truly deserve.

    Epstein killed himself before he could be tried and convicted for what he did, tying up his fortune in such deceptive and labyrinthine ways that will take decades to sort out. The little girls he raped and sold will never see a dime.

    Not that being tried and convicted does all that much good, as we’ve seen with Weinstein. That man has spent decades using his Hollywood clout to rape women indiscriminately, repeatedly, and without consequence. He ruined countless women’s careers and lives. Five years in prison is probably the most he will get, and it’s not enough.

    British authorities either believe Andrew or they simply don’t care. He’s untouchable. The only people who can remedy that are his “subjects,” and they don’t seem inclined to turn the necessary screws.

  10. Catstan says:

    I hope Charles kicks him to the curb when the Queen eventually passes.