Angelina Jolie reveals that two of her daughters have needed surgery in recent months

Angelina Jolie shops with her two daughters Vivian and Sahara at the Century City Mall

Is Angelina Jolie still in England filming The Eternals? I know she was there last fall and into winter, and I have no idea how intensive the film shoot is or what kind of stunt work she needed to do. I ask because I have no idea where Angelina and her kids are at the moment. Either LA or London, you choose. Wherever they are, Angelina is camped out at the hospital because two of her daughters needed surgery. She wrote an essay for Time Magazine (she’s been a contributor for months now) in honor of International Women’s Day, and the point of her essay was not to spill some tea about her kids, but to note how odd it is that girls are expected to take care of each other. That’s the expectation.

I have spent the last two months in and out of surgeries with my eldest daughter, and days ago watched her younger sister go under the knife for a hip surgery. They know that I am writing this, because I respect their privacy and we discussed it together and they encouraged me to write. They understand that going through medical challenges and fighting to survive and heal is something to be proud of.

I have watched my daughters care for one another. My youngest daughter studied the nurses with her sister, and then assisted the next time. I saw how all my girls so easily stopped everything and put each other first, and felt the joy of being of service to those they love. I also watched them their face fears with a resolute bravery. We all know that moment when no one else can help us, and all we can do is close our eyes and breathe. When only we can take the next step or breath through the pain, so we steady ourselves and do it.

Their brothers were there for them, supportive and sweet. But on this International Women’s Day, writing from the hospital, I find myself focusing on my daughters for a moment, and all that I have learned from them and other young girls I have met around the world.

Someone said to me, when they saw my daughters caring for each other, that “it comes naturally to girls.” I smiled, but then I thought of how often that notion is abused. The little girl is expected to take care of others. The woman she grows up to be will be expected to give, and care for, and sacrifice. Girls are often conditioned to think that they are good only when they serve others, and selfish or wrong if ever they focus on their own needs and desires.

Little girls’ softness, their openness and instinct to nurture and help others, must be appreciated and not abused. We must do much more to protect them, in all societies: not only against the extreme ways girls’ rights are often violated, but also the more subtle injustices and attitudes that so often go unnoticed or excused.

So my wish on this day is that we value girls. Care for them. And know that the stronger they grow, the healthier they will be and the more they will give back to their family and community. And my message to girls is, fight on, little ladies. Your care for each other will be a large part of your way forward. Hold your nerve. Know your rights. And never let anyone tell you that you are not precious and special and, above all, equal.

[From Time]

I agree with her sentiment about gender norms and how everyone expects women and girls to “nurture” and be caretakers (physically and emotionally). But yeah, I’m also interested in whatever is happening with her daughters? So, Zahara is the oldest girl and she’s been having multiple surgeries? And Vivienne is the youngest, and she had hip surgery? Lord, are these girls crazy-athletic or something? If you told me that Shiloh needed surgery for some broken bones from skateboarding, I would say “yep, makes perfect sense.” But Zahara and Viv? What’s happening??

Angelina Jolie leaves Petco with her happy daughter an a pet

Angelina Jolie gets some holiday shopping done at The Grove with her kids

Angelina Jolie spends a day shopping at the mall with her kids and an assistant

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  1. minx says:

    Oh no, hope they are okay. AJ’s done a wonderful job with her kids, particularly with being a single parent.

    • crogirl says:

      Yes, for the last two months while the abuser was making fun of Angie in his speeches she was taking care of her children.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        This puts Brad’s relentless Oscar campaign in even worse light. Two of his children needed surgery and he was so much out and about making sure he got those awards.

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        While we don’t know if he was on the phone daily with them, he wasn’t THERE with them when it mattered, and that is horrible. It’s one thing if a parent can’t be there if it’s due to unavoidable issues (ie: has to work to keep the health ins., to pay the rent, etc), and a *whole ‘nother story* to be out there partying for a statue.

        When I got sick with Leukemia, and was hospitalized (once initially to get into remission, and the second time for my stem cell transplant) my dad was there every day, ALL day. For the first bout, the hospital was in the neighborhood, and he and my sister were there every day, all day. For the SCT, he took a hotel room near the hospital for 5 1/2 days a week (we lived over an hour away, and it was too much for him to make that drive alone at 83), and he sat with me again, all day every day (my sister and her family had a planned overseas trip that was unrefundable; I told her to go). But it was unthinkable for my dad to not be there, even if I spent the day sleeping.

        Brad is just a sh!tty excuse for a father. Full stop.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Zahara’s history of surgeries go back to her toddler years as AJ has spoken about it in the past. I think that is a continuation.

    • crogirl says:

      What history of surgeries?

      • Tiffany says:

        With Zahara it started with, I think rickets. When the adoption was finalized was when she was first hospitalized. And also there was something with her legs that might still need correcting.

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        Oh, that makes sense. It seems reasonable to think corrective surgeries would be recurrent until a child’s linear growth is over.

    • crogirl says:

      When she was adopted she was treated for salmonella infection. Other than that I don’t remember any surgeries, certainly not confirmed by Angie.
      Tabloids however invented rickets and multiple other things, same as twins down syndrome.

      • Lady D says:

        What I remember of Z’s adoption was that they weren’t sure if she had AIDS or not, and were going to get her tested in the States.

      • Carmen says:

        The rickets wasn’t invented. When she was adopted at the age of seven months she had rickets along with severe dehydration. In her early toddler pics you can see at least one of her legs was severely bowed. They straightened up nicely with treatment.

  3. crogirl says:

    I think Shiloh had hip surgery (younger sister), she was photographed with crutches. And she clearly distinguished Vivienne as the youngest.

    • Keekee says:

      Yeah Shiloh is Zaharas younger sister while Viv is the youngest. So it must be Shiloh

  4. ME says:

    Zahara has some great style ! Hope her daughters are well now.

  5. Mia4s says:

    To be honest I didn’t even blink. I had three surgeries between the ages of 11-18 (and none since) for two minor and one serious issue. The adolescent body is gigantic pain in the ass! Still, I hope all is well.

    • Erinn says:

      I had tubes in my ears, my tonsils out, and then almost died because I was one of the ‘lucky’ few who had a secondary hemorrhage afterwards. This was all between the ages of 6 and 10.

      Because it’s what I know, it always surprises me that this isn’t the ‘norm’. My husband had one hospital stint when he was around 4 because he got pneumonia. That’s the only time he’s spent more than an hour in a hospital, other than waiting to see a dr. on call.

  6. nicegirl says:

    Amazing words. Really hit home with me. Hard not to love Angelina.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      Agreed. “Little girls’ softness, their openness and instinct to nurture and help others, must be appreciated and not abused. We must do much more to protect them, in all societies: not only against the extreme ways girls’ rights are often violated, but also the more subtle injustices and attitudes that so often go unnoticed or excused.”

      • Lilly (with the double-L) says:

        Thanks @nicegirl and @Otaku fairy, I’m so much in agreement. These words touched me deeply, it’s very true and incisive. Things are so skewed to take away female power and displaying power is often equated to being like a man when, no, it’s being a woman and it’s met with fear. Then women are supposed to soften that or otherwise take parts of ourselves away. Anyway, just realized I could go on and on, when really, let’s just do better by our girls and women. In these times, and on these streets, I do see change and I’m glad.

  7. ChillyWilly says:

    Aw, I feel so bad for kids that have to have surgery. Hope Viv and Zahara are doing ok.
    Aj is so right about women being somehow expected to be better caregivers based on gender alone. I mean, maybe woman are just better at that stuff, or MAYBE it’s just that men have been allowed to avoid caregiver roles because they just don’t wanna do it.
    I know lots of women who suck at taking care of others and men who have great bedside manner. I’m pretty sure these roles have been forced upon us.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree with you. And while it is important for girls to know that’s not all they are, I think we should be trying to encourage boys, and men, to be caregivers too, to be more caring, and to not be pushed away from that by society’s expectations. As you said there are some men who are great at it, but I know far too many who back away from it so the women will pick up the slack.

  8. savu says:

    She said Zahara’s “younger sister” had surgery, then referred to the “youngest” caring for her sister. That doesn’t make it clear whether it’s Viv or Shiloh that had surgery, right?

  9. (TheOG) jan90067 says:

    I read through this article, nodding my head to the whole thing. This is all SO true for me. I’m the eldest daughter, and it was/still is! my role in the family to be the “caretaker”, the nuturer, etc. I moved in with my dad about 7 yrs. ago to watch over him/keep him company (he’s 92 now, having some memory issues and getting frailer with each passing month). I do it gladly, as I could never repay all he’s done for me all of my life, but when I reach out to my sister (the spoiled baby of the family; over 5 yr age gap btwn us) for some help (to come stay with him for an afternoon if I have an appt. of my own), she will either grudgingly come over (usually late!), and/or tell me she “has her own life to live” and is busy, and maybe we need to look into getting “in some help”. And I feel *very* selfish and guilty for wanting to get out, or wanting her to take him out (to lunch, the park, anywhere!) and just wanting to some alone time IN the house.

    Sorry for rambling on… just sometimes gets overwhelming. But yes, I think we condition *most* of our girls this way.

    • Scollins says:

      Wish I could help you out. Try your best not to feel guilty. Keep looking for ways to get breaks, treat yourself kindly, have some R&R or just have fun.
      I remember telling my husband during a time our infant son was on a heart respiration monitor that I’d be happy with just sitting outside on the curb to get a break. Prick didn’t help and didn’t get it. We’re divorced. I know you can’t divorce your sister but maybe forget her and search for respite elsewhere. Sending you hugs.

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        Thank you, Scollins. I hope your son made a full recovery is a happy, healthy boy now!

        Hugs to you, too! ❤️

    • ArtHistorian says:

      Yeah. I recognize that situation as well – I ended up as my mother’s care-giver in my early 20s, until my father retired. He worked in a very large but old-school corporation where it wasn’t appreciated when the family life wasn’t in order + very long working hours as well as over-time. His career stalled when he wouldn’t travel abroad anymore because my mother got increasingly ill.

      I am the eldest and my sister moved to another part of the country. So I had full-time studies, part-time job + caring for my mother and running the entire household.

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        I was always my mom’s “helper” as the eldest; I was 13 when she got sick, and pretty much started to take over things when she couldn’t do them. She died when I was 25, and my dad was a wreck for years. He managed to live alone then, but I lived with him through grad school. I moved out when I went to work full time; he was “better” then, but I was there after work 3-4 days a week (I lived 6 blks away), and was calling him 2-3 times a day to check on him. Of course, my sister was in school, but even then…crickets unless she needed something (usually money lol).

    • Lady D says:

      @(TheOG), if your town has senior centers or rest/retirement homes go talk to one of them about some respite care. There are groups and organizations who will come and sit with the housebound, and they do it gladly and free of charge. Or talk to your doctor @OG, more and more professionals are recognizing and creating solutions for the burnt out care giver. It can get serious, and burn out is a real danger. You get run down, tired, you don’t eat properly, your sleep suffers and it goes downhill from there. Maybe start with your or your dad’s doctor. They will know what you’re going through and will have helpful suggestions for you. They are also well equipped to deal with the heavy load of unfair guilt the caregiver feels over the situation, which can be incredibly helpful in taking some of the weight off your shoulders. Hospice care societies are another source of respite care. They are there for the dying, but they will help point you in the right direction. You’re admirably doing the work of an angel OG, I hope this helps.
      Nursing/rest homes also usually have a room or two for respite care. Some have transportation, some you might have to take your dad, but they will care for him very well for an afternoon or a night, or even a week. They charge and I’m sure the price will vary but it might be another temporary solution. I wish you luck.

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        Thank you for the good tip, and your kind words, Lady D! ❤️ I’ll look into to it.

    • lucy2 says:

      One of my friends is going through the same thing, caring 24/7 for an elderly parent, while her siblings do very, VERY little. It’s incredibly frustrating to even see from the outside, I can’t imagine how she herself feels.
      She did find an experience health care companion to come in occasionally and give her a bit of a rest, hopefully you are able to find someone similar, or a program for him. It’s so hard, I wish you the best.

  10. TheOtherSarah says:

    Wishing a speedy recovery to both girls.
    This happened around the time their father was making fun of their mom to win a few awards, right?

  11. lana86 says:

    Historically women are expected to care for sick / kids, men are expected to provide financially for family, build and protect. Not sure which one was easier. That was a logical division of labor due to differences in strength and biology. Now it’s changing because work is less physical, more intellectual, and intellectually women are equal to men. Just a normal evolution. But still some of tradition holds, and nothing wrong with that. I’m from Ukraine and most men I know there, work much harder, risky, shitty, physical jobs than their wifes. Wifes do easy clean part time stuff , or whatever low income hobby job.

  12. Ali says:

    Little girls’ softness, their openness and instinct to nurture and help others, must be appreciated and not abused.

    Reading this brought tears to my eyes.

    • hello says:

      Just have to say I’m in awe of how beautiful AJ is – clicked your link and looked through the pics. So so beautiful. And her love for her children shines so bright. Made me smile

  13. Kinsley says:

    So Angelina was taking care of her daughter’s surgeries and health and Brad was busy with his Oscar campaign and his Idiotic speeches?? 😒 Just when I think Brad cannot get any lower or more awful… He does exactly that; and he shows what a heartless coward, he truly is!!

  14. Meg says:

    Yes we are supposedly naturally nurturing and mature for our ages so it’s taken for granted instead of valued
    Yet women being mature for our ages was never given as a reason for us to hold more positions of power was it?

  15. ranny says:

    It seems Zahara is ok now, she was with angie when they went to see the cirque de soleil show. It was Shiloh that needed the hip surgery, there are new pics of her in crutches.

    I hope Angie gets all the help from Brad in taking care of the kids, it seems that couldnt care less as he attended a concert with Alia last saturday. And I believe he was in Nola during valentine weekend and was in France just last week.

  16. Liz version 700 says:

    She seems so full of grace behind the scenes while he is off on a big party. To have six kids 2 of whom don’t see you and be off making jokes about them while 2 of them are ill just wow.

    Edit a story on Page 6 now says Brad missed BAFTAs to be with daughter after surgery. I wonder if it is true, it seems the kind of thing he would have publicized thoroughly. Maybe he didn’t like how the essay portrayed him?

    • Lilly (with the double-L) says:

      Hard to say. The bro press and Hollywood old guard have his back very firmly. It’s clear what he really wants is an untarnished image and power and he got the oscar, it’s pretty clear what he truly values. Although, in my placement only maybe, this year’s oscars were not the prestigious award to take home. I didn’t watch any of it or really follow the fashion, which I normally always do. Which is why I intentionally won’t capitalize the name, either.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        You are absolutely correct the Bro’s in Hollywood always have the back of the white men in Hollywood. Instant forgiveness while women are vilified.

  17. Lowrider says:

    Brad RAN to Page 6 to say he missed the BAFTAs because he was with his daughter but he will never talk about his kids… ..LMAO!!!

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Right? I wonder if he was out of breath as he gave them his story!

    • Thanks says:

      Wasn’t it reported that he missed the Baftas because he was reconnecting with Maddox?

    • ranny says:

      Page six should be embarrassed as they wrote a hot piece on Angie while she was having to deal with the medical issues of her daughter. They wrote how BP was winning the public war waged by AJ.

      Their article on Angie’s time essay said, Pitt rep has no comment. And now they came up with the defensive stance after the People Mag article came out saying that Pitt was there for her daughter.

    • Mireille says:

      Don’t forget the little snide comment from Page 6 about how Angelina does talk about them. Puh-leeze, Pitt used to talk about his family ALL THE TIME until they left him. Angie writes an essay in Time magazine and Pitt’s people make sure that the gossip mags know that “oh yeah! Brad was there at the hospital too. SEE he loves his kids!” I HATE HATE HATE The Racist, Misogynistic, and Pro-Trump New York Post and Pitt PR Mouthpiece Page 6.

    • Kinsley says:

      Brad Pitt first say that he missed the BAFTAs, because he was visiting Maddox to repay their relationship and NOW… Brad is saying that he was with his daughter??, He is lying about everything!! Horrible man he truly is!! 😕

  18. ranny says:

    From People Mag:

    A source from the hospital tells PEOPLE that Jolie has been by her kids’ side for the past two months as they were in and out of the hospital.
    “She’s been in her pajamas, in the pediatric ward, by their side,” the source says

    I hope Pitt also helped Angie, but it seems he wasnt there for them.

    • Thanks says:

      If he was there, where they there at the hospital at the same time or did they take turns, I wonder? Why was he insulting her throughout the Oscar season knowing what the family/she was going through? Or is it because Zahara didn’t want him there hence the bitterness towards her mother?

    • Say what says:

      Pitt has been in an Oscar campaign for two months. Making jokes about being single, hob nobbing and laughing with his HW friends who according to THR prefer him. People on social media sh###ing on her when he was fake getting back with Aniston. Partying with AS and lying about his kids. He is a real POS that HW wants to coddle. He is a simple mess and Angelina should do everything she can to protect those kids not only from him but from the gossip media.
      She their mom was in pjs with her kids at the hospital. Clearly she is talking about Zee and Shiloh. SHI IS VERY fragile. I don’t know if she is still skateboarding and it’s causing her accidents.
      They have their mom who is always there from what we SEE. My eyes don’t fail.

  19. Mireille says:

    Wishing a speedy recovery for both girls. Must’ve been stressful for the family. Also hoping Maddox is safe too considering that South Korea is dealing with their own Coronavirus epidemic. Praying for an end to the virus affecting South Korea and all countries dealing with it.

  20. jade says:

    Pitt skipped bafta, but I think he watched the superbowl instead rather than go to the hospital.

    Because page six said, he just stayed in LA, did bot specifically said he was in the hospital for the surgery.

  21. SURFCHICK says:

    She uses her kids for attention and sympathy.

    • Truth hurts says:

      Sympathy and attention? Writing about them being strong is just the opposite. Boo! So sad that this woman can’t say anything about her kids or do anything with them. Hell every HW mom including myself can’t stop talking about my kids and do things with them. Shut up!

      • me says:

        Why would they need to be that strong?? I had to be very strong to survive in my mother’s world, all projection and sabotage and it took me decades to wake up. She is exactly AJ’s type. Everyone believes the mask. Some people have exposed my mother but they were usually trained or experienced with this kind of situation. I re-member one time a doctor who saw through her: and she melted, like the coward that she is. Covert narcissism is evil, and they themselves don’t know what they are doing. It’s the hate programming in their mind. It’s insanity. They feed from taking care in every sense of the word. And they have a very strong mental grip on their target (child) ‘s mind. Just read about AJ’s experience of abuse as a child from her mother and you will see a different picture of her. Anyway if you haven’t lived it what i say sounds like fantasy, I know, or like I am the evil one smearing a poor dedicated mother celebrity. Who’s children just happen to not look ever ok if you REALLY look at their pictures, not through a filter what you think you know about them. What AJ is always blabbering about them. Imagine is your child with that face, or clothes, or body posture. Would you like your child to always look like that? I wonder.

      • Hmmm says:

        Umm, me, one needs to be strong to go through the drama they’ve had to go through because of their dear old daddy dearest. Alcoholics are a nightmare to live with especially if you’re a kid. Countless hours of intense therapy, interviews with Cps, and fbi. On top of that their mother had a cancer scare where she decided to have preventive surgery and now they are going through their own healing for their surgeries.

        This isn’t rocket science, deadbeat fans /paid bots.

        The only narcissist is their father who desperately needs the world to adore him and vivienne only looks like that when she can’t hold her moms hand. Pay attention, bot.

        The last time she was photographed with her father she was looking down with her arms wrapped around herself while he was walking about ten steps ahead of her. He should’ve been reassuring her and held her hand but he’s not a good parent soo….

        Also, funny you know what “type” she is. Well her family was investigated by Cps and had countless therapist and a custody evaluator. They don’t seem to feel the same as you do. I feel y’all bots forget that fact. It turns out everything you project onto Angelina is true about dear old daddy dearest brad Pitt. Too funny.

    • blue waves says:

      IMO she’s overly focused on her kids and possibly overly reliant on them. She needs to just give them their privacy and stop talking about them in public and pap walking them.

      • Hmmm says:

        Overly focused on her kids. LoL not possible. In my opinion brad Pitt is overly focused on his image and not nearly enough on his kids. Kids don’t raise theirselves.

        Y’all have got to be paid bots to defend Brad Pitt cause ain’t no way that’s how people really think. The most important thing for parents should be raising your kids, not selling your soul for an ugly statue.

    • Hmmm says:

      Brad Pitt can’t use his kids anymore because he doesn’t know them anymore. He can’t even be left alone with them. Sad. Sucks for deadbeat fans.

    • Carmen says:

      Of all the ridiculous comments. I talk about my son and my grandson all the time. Want to know why? Because I am immensely proud of both of them. You seem to be grasping at any excuse to hate on the woman and when you can’t find one, you invent one.

      • Yeppers says:

        Carmen, did you sell your kids’ pics from birth, including including an older child you’d just adopted who was terrified of you in a photoshoot where said child was topless (People Mag) ostensibly to look as “orphan-like” as possible? I think raising awareness of the plight of people in the Global South is commendable. But I don’t agree with the way she does anything.

  22. Say what says:

    “I have watched my daughters care for one another. My youngest daughter studied the nurses with her sister, and then assisted the next time,” she wrote. “I saw how all my girls so easily stopped everything and put each other first, and felt the joy of being of service to those they love.”
    So sweet. It’s clear whom they got those traits from. It sure wasn’t the coddled golden boy who was more interested in telling jokes and trying to shade their mom. O let’s not forget the faux charade with Aniston.
    How he describes his daughters surgery as an family obligation is pathetic.

  23. Christina says:

    Can anyone please I.d. Her sunglasses?

  24. Lop says:

    Speedy recovery for the girls…. I’m sure Angie had all the support she needed…
    Aww Brad I hope that golden statue keeps you warm and close when you need man and always there by your side

  25. Sidewithkids says:

    This a beautifully written article about girls and women and how society should be better to them. So true. I wish her kids a speedy recovery and nothing but the best.

    BP is lying. Straight up. His stories always change I thought he skipped the Baftas to supposedly talk to Maddox now it’s he was w/ his daughter. Then for those who keep saying he never talked about his kids is all types of lies and bs. Dude use to talk about his kids all the time before Angie threw him to the curb. Now, it’s I don’t talk about my kids and Angie shouldn’t either. Why shouldn’t she? She’s a loving mom. Most if not all loving parents talk about their children and they aren’t chastised for it. Will Smith always talk and w/ his kids and nothing. Angie does the same and she gets criticism. I’m so glad she doesn’t buy into people’s and her lame ex’s mess. He runs to these tabloids every time to do some lame damage control. You have to admit (love her or not), Angie never does that. All the lies thrown her way, she never goes to tabloids and feed them more mess. She wrote two elegant pieces on International Women’s Day then he goes to Page 6 to cover up the last lie he told when she speaks the truth.

    I’m so tired of these white rich privileged men. Ugh.

  26. Truth hurts says:

    Pitt can stfu about his child/kids etc. He is quick to run with the, “ I keep that inside.” like they are pets trying to cast some kind of shade at Angie. Or planted BS about how he doesn’t take them out by he is so GD private. Where? When his every move is leaked to the media. Now his agents run to their go to hit rags after she writes an a op ed. He used his platform while campaigning for an Oscar to lie about how he is filled with adoration for JA , shade Angelina, and rarely mention his kids.
    But Oh now daddy was there too like it’s a competition. It like a big glob of slime should be poured on his head.
    Then his stupid azz fans run in comments talking about how she uses her kids. How tf is she using them by encouraging them, taking care of them or having fun with them.
    And yes they have been through a lot because of their daddy and the freakin slimey media. It’s her job to protect them from them him and some of his ignorant fans.

  27. MangoAngel says:

    I imagine this was the “family situation” that caused Brad to skip that awards ceremony. The BAFTAs, maybe? Can’t remember.