Daniel Craig makes landlines sexy again on the cover of British GQ

Daniel Craig was on SNL this past weekend, and he covers the latest issue of British GQ, all to promote his last James Bond movie, No Time To Die. That movie was supposed to be coming out in early April. But then the coronavirus hit everyone, everywhere and movies are tanking right and left because no one wants the ‘rona. So NTTD’s release date was pushed back to November. So Daniel Craig has all of this advance promotional stuff coming out in the next month and they can’t stop it. It’s funny. Also funny? GQ’s editorial, which was basically like “Daniel Craig Makes Landlines Sexy.” They gave him a phone and took all of his shirts. It’s… okay. Like, I already think Daniel Craig is very sexy, I don’t need to see him dry-humping a landline. You can see the full editorial here. Some highlights from the interview:

His twinges of arthritis at the age of 52. “You get tighter and tighter. And then you just don’t bounce.”

He tried to make a speech on his last day as Bond: Craig struggled through his [speech]. Since having a daughter with his wife, Rachel Weisz, in 2018, he has often found himself on the edge of tears. “I had a whole thing kind of put together in my head that I wanted to say. I couldn’t get it out.”

Leaving Bond behind: “I’m really… I’m OK. I don’t think I would have been if I’d done the last film and that had been it. But this, I’m like…” He dusted his hands. “Let’s go. Let’s get on with it. I’m fine.”

Studying the original Ian Fleming books while auditioning: The Bond of the books was someone Craig could relate to: cold, messed up, human. “He is really f–king dark… I think it’s more interesting. I know we can’t have him having amphetamine and speed and doing all these things. But inside, I know I’m doing that. And I wanted to inform the part and say that’s what he is. He’s kind of a f–k-up. Because this job would f–k you up.”

He’s a US citizen now: Craig opposed Brexit and, as a US citizen, gave money to Bernie Sanders. “We struggled to keep Trump out of this film. But of course it is there. It’s always there, whether it’s Trump or whether it’s Brexit or whether it’s Russian influence on elections or whatever.” Like many Britons who have left home – Craig and Weisz are based in New York – he is baffled by the country’s seemingly inward turn since 2016. “There are British people working in the top industries in the world and at the top of those industries. We do that and we are good at that. And somehow we’re kind of breaking all that apart. Whether that’s breaking from Europe… There is a sort of nihilism, isn’t there?”

[From British GQ]

There’s obviously a ton more, about Daniel’s personal history, the history of his career, and an exhaustive section about the lead up to Casino Royale. Throughout it all, it’s clear that Daniel really has been DONE with Bond for a while, but he came back for the money and because he thought maybe there was one last film in him, but he’s clearly moving on. Or he will be once he finishes promoting this mess in November! Also: I think I did know that Daniel is an American citizen now, an ex-pat. I knew he lives in New York with Rachel and their daughter. And he supports Bernie? Ugh.

Photos courtesy of British GQ.

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  1. Madeline says:

    They photoshopped him hard. I saw a picture with him & Rami Malek in Times Square & under outdoor natural lightning…he actually looked older in the face than 52. A bit craggy? Then again I never found him attractive – same w/Fassbender, who somehow is considered sexy lol

    I bet if they offered Craig tens of millions more he would come back. Anybody see the BG item….? 😂 😉

  2. Lightpurple says:

    Rachel has nice toys

    • smcollins says:

      Lol I was just thinking “Dayum, Rachel is one lucky woman”

    • Snappyfish says:

      Yes she does. I do love Rachel though. I will miss her husband as Bond. I would like to see Fassbender or James Norton as the new Bond (wanted Idris but he said he was too old ☹️)

  3. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    His pursed photo lips pose has always cracked me up! It’s not full-on fish lips, but it’s a subtle ode to aquatic craniates. Who here still has a landline? Sometimes I think we should because… satellites. But we haven’t had a landline since our first Roku? I think that’s right, and that was 2007 or 08ish. So in more than a decade, I haven’t missed it all lol.

    • naomipaige says:

      Actually my grandmother had one up until she passed away five years ago.

    • janey says:

      I still have a landline, I use it to call my family on who, obviously, still have landlines.

      • Lightpurple says:

        I have a landline! A 91 year old lives with me and her medical alert system runs through it. I want as many methods of outside communication as possible in case of any type of emergency. My landline and the rotary connected to it will operate in a power failure.

    • sa says:

      I still have a landline. My cable/internet plan is only about $5/month more to include a landline and it helps when I misplace my cellphone.

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      I guess it’s weird not having a backup lol.

    • funfactor says:

      I wasn’t wearing my glasses and thought the headline was “Daniel Craig makes landMINES sexy again.” Did a huge double take!

  4. Jan080 says:

    I find this man very attractive, lines and all. Nothing wrong with wrinkles. He’s also a fine actor. He was great in Knives Out, Layer Cake, Logan Lucky, Defiance and Road to Perdition. I watch the Bond movies for simple entertainment and Craig is my favorite.

  5. Tiffany says:

    People keep forgetting about Henry, Rachel’s son with Darren. I am pretty sure that fractured into them being New York based.

  6. Léna says:

    He only has one facial expression?

  7. naomipaige says:

    I think he’s absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

  8. Mrs. Peel says:

    He is a spectacular human specimen. I will enjoy looking at the pics on the GQ website while turmoil continues world-wide.

  9. Kelly says:

    I’ve never found him sexy, or liked him much as an actor, but he has a very impressive shape for 52 and seems pretty grounded.

  10. Jupiter says:

    My friend is a DJ, who used to work at an Irish bar in Hell’s Kitchen. Daniel Craig used to pop in occasionally. This was around 7 years ago. He said that he was very down to earth, friendly, and approachable. Same with Nick Lachay. The only one that was rude to the staff was Kelly Clarkson. Apparently, she did not tip.

  11. Fleur says:

    I think he is so SO sexy. He and Rachel are the most beautiful pairing. And to be honest, it took awhile before I even noticed the phone. Definitely not where my eyes went!

  12. SM says:

    I just got two very interesting work trips cancelled because of the virus. It is depressing but we decided it is better to be on the safe side not stuck for two weeks in some transit due to looming travel restrictions. But pushing back all the way to November makes me think that there are bigger problems with the film. There were a lot of rumours about how messy the production was. Maybe the same is also true for post production. Anyway. Back to Daniel. I found his sketch of Bond clip really funny. He should do a comedy for a change. He clearly could pull it off. Did you see the last beer commercial he did called Daniel Craig or James Bond. Hilarious.

  13. GR says:

    I’m sure they photoshopped the hell out of him.
    But his eyes and his legs are still gorgeous. He is the male Helen Mirren.

  14. Dee Kay says:

    I love how Craig portrays Bond, he is my favorite Bond. That said, I think Skyfall and Spectre were not good. I know everyone loves Casino Royale, I am in the minority for loving Quantum of Solace too, and also in the minority for thinking Skyfall sucks, but then everyone agrees with me that Spectre super sucked. I have zero hope for No Time to Die but would love to be surprised. It’s a testament to Craig’s acting ability that even when I think the films are total s–t, I think he still does a great job of being 007 onscreen.

  15. Michelle says:

    Somebody once told my dad he looked like Daniel Craig. At first I said, “No! That’s crazy!” But I definitely see it around the eyes and that’s the story of how I’ve never been able to enjoy looking at this man and his sexiness ever again 😩