Aaron Paul: ‘Having a child is the closest thing to magic anyone can have’

Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren showed their house in Idaho to Architectural Digest in a video which came out last month. It’s made of three barns into this gorgeous resort-style rustic getaway and they have a huge piece of stone they flew in for their enormous fireplace. There are other fireplaces throughout the house along with special guest wings. It was completed six months ago and that makes me wonder if they’re trying to sell it. It seems like celebrities invite AD into their house when they want to flip it. One thing that comes through in their interview is that Aaron absolutely adores Lauren and they’re very connected. There’s a bird theme in the house because Aaron calls Lauren his pretty bird. There’s a media room, spa center with sauna and steam room, and a bar area that has a speakeasy vibe. We do see their child, daughter Story, 2, sledding but only from behind as they’re trying to protect her identity.

Aaron has a new interview and photospread with Haute Living, which you can see on their site He gushes about Lauren and calls being a dad the “closest thing to magic.” He’s promoting season three of Westworld, which premieres this week. (Honestly I gave up after the first season. It just got so complicated.)

“[Lauren] completely changed my life, saved my life. She’s such a beacon of kindness and hope and love,” he says, adding, “Fatherhood has definitely changed me. Having a child is the closest thing to magic that anyone can have. I see why people rush home to be there when they get home from school. You don’t want to miss any of it.” As an aside, Story is now talking nonstop, but he refuses to be the one to teach her Jesse Pinkman’s signature word: “bitch.”

In fact, he’s loving this Zen new chapter so much that turning 40 barely registered, instead of being an age to dread. “I honestly thought, ‘This is going to be the birthday that finally, really hits me,’ but I don’t think it really has,” Paul declares. “People get stressed out when they get older, but you should be happy that you’re still here. It’s easily the best chapter of my life. I think if I maybe was single, didn’t have a job and was struggling and I turned 40, it would be a lot harder, but I feel I’m in a good place. I can’t wait to have another baby, and I’m so excited to see what 40 has to offer. I’m just excited to be around, to be alive. I’m just happy to be here. Life is good.”

[From Haute Living via People]

These two are goals and Aaron has always talked about Lauren like this. I remember one of the first interviews he did about her, where he talked about how she brought wine and cheese to one of their outdoor dates and how awesome she was. I also like what she said about seeing where the next chapter of his life leads him. He just seems like a stand up guy who adores his family and who is also tight with his coworkers. In fact he gushed about working with the Westworld cast and producers, saying how talented and welcoming everyone was. Of course he was cagey about any plot details for this season though. Given what the other actors have said about how confusing it is, I bet he can’t make sense of it either.

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  1. Aims says:

    I really like him. I think he’s sincere and a stand up guy.

  2. Bettyrose says:

    I think Big Love was first time I ever laid eyes on him…and was just like…he’s.so.pretty…😍

    • Ellie says:

      Haha it’s funny. When I saw him on BL I was like ew what a dweeeeeb – Sarah you are way too good for him!
      He is more attractive now.

  3. pineapple says:

    Love is the thing that is magic. Having a kid, it’s just all the love.

    But, I always personally like to remind people also of the FATIGUE. Like, the time I leaned into the mirror, reached into my ear, to try to take my contact out. Toddler fatigue, it is real and it is crazy. XO

    • hereforit says:

      I dunno… I think it is more than just the love. I think it is watching someone become a person, and helping them discover the world. It is watching someone see and experience everything for the first time, seeing the joy they have in the things we overlook every day. It is how they make time stop (sometimes at the least opportune moments) and make you just be. It is just the purity and innocence of it all. You can’t really replicate that anywhere else in life. It is truly “creation.” I don’t think you have to be a parent per se to experience this magic, but I do think it is a unique experience that comes from a very close relationship with a child and helping that child grow.

      But man, the fatigue is REAL. If anyone else made me this tired, their life would be in danger. But you greeted by that smiling, chubby-cheeked face that could not be more overjoyed to see you, and somehow it’s like a shot of life. Children have the special ability to take us out of ourselves and put us in whatever the moment demands. I think that is pretty magic.

  4. Naddie says:

    If he’s taken the “anyone” I’d be completely fine with it, but I give a pass because he’s really feeling it. Motherhood and fatherhood are as subjective as it can be, and as a woman I’m tired of this sacred aura people put in it.

    • BearcatLawyer says:


      I am *so beyond tired* of people implying that parenthood is next-level love, rainbows, unicorns, glitter, and all that. You procreated. Congratulations. Glad you are happy with your decision and hopefully the results.

      • hereforit says:

        I feel like you hear so much more of the negatives of parenting these days. It’s all instagram memes about needing wine, exhaustion, hiding in the closet eating cookies, being covered in poop, temper tantrums, and oh, being tired some more. Yes…all those things happen. I think the truth is definitely in the middle. Is it all rainbows and soft focus, blissed-out photos? No. Is it all crying, meltdowns, bloody nipples, and exhaustion? No. Somewhere in between those two things is the truth of parenting. It is both mundane and magic. There is magic in the mundane. Not always…but some moments are just like “wow… I am really watching someone become who they are. I am watching life.” Children see things we don’t. They appreciate things we don’t. They pull us into their world and help us see things we new eyes and a fresh perspective. If you approach parenting with empathy and curiosity, even the worst moments can be a learning and growth experience. It’s not easy, but it is special.

      • AMA1977 says:

        But it is next level love. It’s not always rainbows and unicorns (glitter is the devil, so I don’t consider it a positive!) but it is a love like no other. I don’t love my kids for any particular reason other than because they’re my kids. It is wholly unconditional, complete love. They don’t have to do anything, they owe me nothing, and I would lay down my life for either of them without hesitation. I love other people deeply and profoundly, but not the same way that I love my kids. I can sympathize with people who feel fatigue and irritation at hearing it all the time, but for most parents, it is the most magical, special, and important aspect of life. It just is.

      • hereforit says:

        @AMA I agree completely with what you said…also yes, glitter is the devil. Ban the glitter!

      • Ali says:

        Agree 100%

    • Jess says:

      I’m a mother and I completely agree with you. I think Aaron was being genuine with his comments, but so many people come off condescending. One phrase I cannot stand “you don’t know what love is until you have a child”, it’s complete laughable bullshit. It’s a different type of love yes, but love is love and it comes in many different forms, and one isn’t superior to another, certainly not one that takes the simple act of knocking genitals together to create. I honestly think people who say shit like that are only trying to convince themselves.

      While I’m at it another phrase parents needs to stop is, “you don’t know what tired is until you have a child”, god just stfu, lol.

      • Naddie says:

        @Jess Yes yes yes, please write a book because if I do people will say it’s because “I don’t know what true love is since I’m not a mother” lol. It’s horrible to assume things like that. When my nephew got really sick I considered suicide if he didn’t get better, fortunately he did, but no one can say what I feel for him is not true love.

  5. MJM says:

    I don’t find it magical but glad he’s happy.

  6. Erinn says:

    I find he and his wife kind of annoying. There’s such an over the top performative nature with their relationship that just doesn’t seem genuine. I don’t think they’re bad people, or that they’re doing anything nefarious or anything. But they do remind me of all those insta influencers who are dead set on showing only the most perfect, story worthy parts of their lives regardless of how much they’re going through.

    I still can’t get behind Story as a human name lol. I know a girl who named her son Storey – like a 2 storey house. It’s perfectly cute on a baby, but it’s one of those names that kind of just seem weird to picture a grown adult having. I’m sure it’ll be fine for their kid – and it seems like it’s a name that’s picked up at least some popularity, so it won’t be suuuuuper rare, I guess.

    • lucy2 says:

      I would never look at a little girl and think “yes, let’s name her Storey.”. I have a few in my family history though, oddly enough.

  7. AmunetMaat says:

    I love how my fertility/menstrual cycle app calls it magic & science. And I agree it is science and magic in a way because so many things have to align perfectly to create a fetus.

  8. Kk2 says:

    I get him. When my son was born I remember thinking that I understand why people believe in God. I mean, my husband and I had sex and made a new person! That is wild! And to see my exact facial expression on my son’s facE feels like magic. And my friend is carrying a baby conceived using her female partner’s egg. Modern science! And to see my niece who I held when she was a 5lb preemie grow into an 18 yo woman… Amazing. I personally agree that these things feel like magic. Miracles if you are religious… They don’t call it the miracle of life for nothing. That doesn’t mean it’s not hard work or a relentless slog at times, but it’s easier to put up with the exhaustion if you appreciate the magic of it.

    • Naddie says:

      All the process of life is really beautiful, it usually hits me when I see pics of me or anyone else when we were kids, or when I see someone I used to see in their childhood many years later. My only problem lies with aging and dying, it’s like life and death reclaiming what they gave, almost out of spite.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I totally agree. It is an amazing thing, and as a non-parent, I can’t believe people are giving him a hard time about these comments. He wasn’t putting anyone down, he wasn’t saying that other people “don’t know love” or anything like that. He was just saying being a parent is really amazing for him.

  9. ChillyWilly says:

    It’s not magic. It’s biology. Even insects do it. Sigh…humans think they are so dang special.
    But I will always love Jessie Pinkman. That character broke my heart and made me laugh.

    • Bryn says:

      He said it was close to magic, not literally magic like harry potter or something. Hes not an idiot. Hes obviously enjoying becoming a parent for the first time.

    • Ariel says:



      Honestly, humans really do think they are special – & get offended often when it’s pointed out they aren’t. We are no different than any other living thing on this earth that reproduces. we really need better science education & less religiousity. Our brains ARE amazing but it doesn’t make our births, deaths & reproduction akin to ‘magic’ – congrats, those are the hormones doing their job. But sure, something something magic lol

      I think a great example of how that thinking can be hijacked is the anti-choice movement. It’s not about science, it’s about everything but. The other day a friend of mine said she’s getting her eggs frozen & her mom said she could never do that cause she’d “always think about those eggs that weren’t used, it just doesn’t feel right…” THEY ARENT HUMANS. And there’s no fate or destiny that exists to be violated. Apparently she told her mom w/that thinking, everytime a woman has sex w/a man but not for procreation, “think of all those poor sperm & the humans that could have been!” What does her mom follow up w/? “Eggs are much more special.”

      *facepalm* there’s just so much stupid out there in bulk. facts matter. science matters. opinions do not change those.

      • Kk2 says:

        Meh. We are different in terms of consciousness, not in reproductive biology. Anyway, I posted above about agreeing with Aaron’s sentiment here. I have a bachelor’s degree in biology, my husband is a physician. We are atheists. But still you would feel that since we feel that some aspects of life “feel like magic,” we should probably just get educated because we obviously don’t understand the science? You can appreciate the beauty of things while understanding science. These aren’t mutually exclusive concepts. It is nice to appreciate cool and beautiful things when you experience them. It makes life a little happier.

      • cleoette says:

        “But still you would feel that since we feel that some aspects of life “feel like magic,” we should probably just get educated because we obviously don’t understand the science?”
        Ummmm pretty sure she was talking about ppl besides you like the example w/her friends mom. U can think it’s beautiful experience but still think people get Way too rosy about it.
        “You can appreciate the beauty of things while understanding science.” Yea, that was never argued…Go have your coffee, mum😂 there’s no disagreement

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Well said, Kk2. I totally agree.

    • Wisca says:

      Why would you be mad because someone treasures human life and the life of their child? Why critique someone for believing their child is like magic? Life is sacred and special. I love my children. I loved my grandparents and when they died I mourned them deeply and treasured being alive. I think being human and thinking and creating music and art is special and beautiful. These beliefs do not contradict my love of and respect for science. Some of us are fighting for the planet because we believe human life (and non human life) is very special and worth cherishing and preserving and like MAGIC.

  10. Chaotik says:


    Good for you, KK2. Here’s a gold star for your superiority lol Seriously, you know what @ariel meant. But go off 😂

    • Kk2 says:

      I don’t think I’m the one acting superior here. But I’ll take my gold star and coffee and go enjoy the rest of my day before I’m stuck teleworking from home with my magical children.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      You’re handing out “gold stars” and you are accusing others of acting superior? That’s super condescending of you.

  11. galina says:

    No idea who this man is but he seems nice.

    Babies are magic. Parenting is magic. Love is magic. Magic carries you above the mundane, above the physical. Magic is the “more” that Horatio couldnt dream of. We need more magic, or at least the appreciation of it.
    And, yeah, humans are special.

  12. Lily says:

    Bunch of hocus pocus I say.

  13. Ang says:

    It’s golden till she turns 15 !!

  14. Pineapple says:

    It is interesting, all of the different points of view on here.

    It is love that makes life worth living. And it’s the love of children that you sink into … you can experience it with your own kids or others. It’s love … and maybe cute little hats with ears.

    But someone said STFU about the fatigue. And my response is “DUDE NEVER.” You have to think about all those adult humans who maybe can’t have children, women who have been made to feel that’s why we are here. Infertile people. People who choose to not have kids and get asked about it all the time. I want all of these humans to know it ain’t just rosy magic. And any one parenting or caring for these “magical beings”, it is perfectly fine to find it not magical sometimes. All of our opinions are okay.

    • Jedi says:

      Yes to this, pineapple!

      I personally never felt fatigue or exhaustion like I did when my son was a newborn. I thought I knew what tired was, but I was wrong. I get that other people may not have that view, but my experience was that I have never been so painfully tired in my life as those four months. I thought my brain was going to bleed and my body would break into pieces. Every single day.

  15. GenTer says:

    Well, I can tell you Aaron Paul put up with my toddler daughter very well, ha — on different occasions, she called him “Mr. Poop” over and over and then was a complete pest to him on a flight (when she was 3 years old). He was totally into it, though. I know him from Idaho — we graduated from high school the same year and ran in the same circles for a bit. I’m not friends with him, but I would sometimes run into him. What you see seems to be what you get with him.

    In terms of his comments on parenthood, I don’t think he’s saying you don’t know love till you have a kid. I think he’s saying he’s grateful for the opportunity to be a father.

    • Wisca says:

      Parenting is very hard. Giving birth is very hard. If having children wasn’t really special, no one would do it. And if parents don’t want to do it–we will perish. This shit is necessary so we are hardwired to find immense pleasure in children.

  16. StrawberryBlonde says:

    My 1 year old drives me nuts sometimes. And I am often fatigued, bored, and restless. But then he flashes me a cheeky little smile (one that is so similar to mine, but also has a hint of his dad’s mischievousness) looks at me like I am the most important person in the universe and then takes his first few steps (followed by a wiggly bum dance and an incredibly loud velociraptor scream bc he is so happy)…and in that moment, yeah, it does feel like magic. Those hormones are powerful.