Omid Scobie: What happened to the Sussexes was ‘unnecessarily cruel’

Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex arrives at The Mountbatten Festival of Music

Omid Scobie at Harper’s Bazaar is one of the “friendliest” journalists towards the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Most of the Harry & Meg fans know him to be reliable, and we know that he’s got a good bulls–t detector when it comes to the fake news about the Sussexes. Scobie wrote a lengthy piece for Bazaar about Harry and Meghan’s You Coulda Had a Bad Bitch farewell tour, with an emphasis on one of Meghan’s final, solo events for the Association of Commonwealth Universities. He used the piece to basically say what many of us have said for months: it didn’t have to be this way, the Windsors are losing a bright, interesting, youthful couple, and Harry and Meghan were treated so poorly by the Windsors and the media. You can read Scobie’s full piece here. Here are some of the most interesting parts:

The Sussexes were crushed to leave: To say they were crushed is an understatement. It’s a decision that the couple still feel wasn’t necessary, but also wasn’t a surprise, given the lack of support they received as they were relentlessly attacked by sections of the British press with almost daily mistruths and hateful commentary. While recent tabloid coverage has made it seem like the Sussexes’ half-in-half-out bid was about wanting it all, the reality was a couple who were left with no other choice but to create their own change after being left to fend for themselves against impossible circumstances—even during her pregnancy. They knew something had to change, but they also didn’t want to stop supporting the queen. One can’t help but wonder if things might have been different if a family member or two had stood up for them during the darkest times.

Harry is gutted about losing his military titles: [One of Harry’s first tasks is] bringing the work of the Endeavour Fund and Invictus Games, both of which he helped establish, closer together. Harry’s lifelong commitment is why Saturday’s Mountbatten Festival of Music was a particularly difficult moment, wearing his Captain General of the Royal Marines uniform for the last time. Giving up his royal duties has resulted in his military honors coming to an end—a particularly tough pill to swallow and something that has been just as difficult for his wife to witness. It is, a source close to the couple tells me, a wound that will take time to heal for Harry.

They are hurting: Getting on with the work has always been what it’s been about for Harry and Meghan, but behind the smiles of the photos has been a vulnerable couple who are still very much hurting.

Omid says goodbye: Back at Buckingham Palace, the ACU students now en route to Westminster Abbey and Harry quietly slipping through the door to say hello, the reality—and the emotions—finally set in as I give Meghan a goodbye hug. She’s flying back to Canada on the last commercial flight of the day, eager to be back in Vancouver Island by the morning before Archie wakes up. For a couple who only ever wanted to focus on their work and bring good to the world, it seems like an unnecessarily cruel ending to their royal lives. Forced to give up roles they’re incredibly proud of after sacrificing so much to get there.

They’re free now: While the weeks and months ahead will no doubt present new challenges for the Sussexes, the couple genuinely feel a sense of excitement about what’s to come, which includes the freedom to work at a pace that suits them, no longer weighed down by protocol or threatened by toxic agendas. And while much has been (incorrectly) speculated about specific commercial endeavors they might be taking on, both Harry and Meghan are eager to get stuck into their work, which will still revolve around their humanitarian efforts and helping amplify the voices of young people around the world on a wide gamut of issues.

[From Harper’s Bazaar]

Yeah, I still don’t understand why the Queen took away Harry’s military ranks and patronages other than as a petty, punitive measure? Is there any kind of law or rule or make-believe protocol which says that a royal prince and war veteran should be stripped of his military titles when he moves overseas? Or was that – hear me out – just one of the many ways which Liz of House Petty tried to punish Harry and encourage him to abandon his wife and child? Thank god Harry and Meghan are out of that toxic family. While it would be nice to see Scobie’s words lead to some kind of internal reckoning within the royal press and the royal family, it won’t happen.

HRH The Duke Of Sussex Prince Harry and HRH The Duchess of Sussex Meghan attends The Commonwealth Da...

The Commonwealth Service 2020

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  1. L84Tea says:

    I read the whole article this morning and it actually had me shedding tears. You can really feel the magnitude of what was done to them, especially to Meghan, in his words. It’s truly heartbreaking.

    Also, I was so glad to see him clearly calling the RF out. Someone needed to say it in print.

    • betsyh says:

      “One can’t help but wonder if things might have been different if a family member or two had stood up for them during the darkest times.” Thank you for putting that in print Scobie!

      • ShazBot says:

        That line really stood out to me too. What a gut punch.

      • Cee says:

        That sentence cuts deeps. I’m glad they got the eff out.

      • jimmywho says:

        All this drama and no mention about this ensemble. I love this emerald green and hope she sticks to more colors like these. They are not only flattering but draws your focus in.

      • February Pisces says:

        Yep, I’m glad he said it out loud. The rest of the family can go and chew wasps after what they did. I know not all of them were behind it, and it was mostly willieleaks, but they still sat back and did absolutely nothing.

    • Nikki* says:

      I’m with you. Although we’ll still see coverage of them, it’s very sad they won’t be full time Royals. I think the Queen is enormously petty and vindictive.

      • sushi says:

        She is her mother’s daughter after all. Similar what they have done with the duchess of Windsor.

      • Lady2Lazy says:

        Yes she is. And I agree with the other comment or that TW used the stripping of his medals as emotional blackmail. TQ has stepped too far and I think that is why they pushed the agenda that Harry is always welcomed back as it was a form of extending an olive branch from the Firm. Why would he ever consider going back? I hope he told his grandmother how hurtful it was that she stripped him of his military honors, then maybe she would have realized the utter mistake and devastation she intentionally caused.
        Plus this constant push of the hurt that Harry ans Meghan are causing THEM by keeping Archie away from the family. What complete garbage and insensitivity! How hurt they must be to punish them as they have for 2 years.

    • EMF999 says:

      I have to admit to shedding a tear reading Omid’s article. All I can say is that the RF are bloody idiots and racist AF. So glad Harry and Meghan were able to escape and I cannot wait to see how and where they shine their lights.

      • jimmywho says:

        Yes me too, before I was skeptical and really beleived there was two sides to every story. I feel really bad for them and glad she found the courage to leave.

      • Lou says:

        @sushi Don’t compare this to the Duchess of Windsor, please. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor’s were Nazis. Meghan is leagues better than that.

    • I’m so glad Kaiser posted and commented on this article. I read it last night and it actually brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Omid for your journalistic integrity and for speaking truth when others won’t. And thank you Harper’s Bazaar for providing him the platform. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

      • Guest with Cat says:

        Ditto this. I’m too emotional to write anything after reading all this, so thanks for saying it for me. 😢

        I mean we all kind of suspected this was hard for them because we knew what they originally said on their site about how they wanted to serve the Queen but not at taxpayer expense. To read it the way Omid wrote it is so poignant.

        If they, with their lawyers, didn’t seem to expect they would get thrown out this hard, then I have to believe it isn’t legally necessary and Betty and her courtiers are that petty.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      I don’t get why they wanted to “keep supporting the Queen”? From what we’ve heard of the way they were treated, and what we know about that racist, rapist-protecting family, the Queen should go. The entire monarchy should go. I get they are Harry’s family, but the statement “supporting the Queen” seems more political than “family” to me, and politically, the whole institution should be gone. Nobody should be “supporting the Queen.”

      • Some chick says:

        Because Family.

        Harry believed in Family. And they let him down in the worst way possible.

        You can’t drag him for that. You can drag House of Petty Betty all day long. But not Harry (or Meghan). They acted with integrity.

        The Mountbatten-Windsors utterly failed him. And they KNEW what they were doing. They knew EXACTLY what they were doing. They hung him out to dry. Purposefully.

        I will give Edward credit. He showed basic human decency, when none of the others would or could. (TBH it was a relief to see someone acting like a decent human being, while the rest of them showed their entire asses.) They should all be ashamed of themselves.

        Omid seems to genuinely care.

        Good for him for speaking out.

        Over/under on when HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York will be back with all of his honorary “military” decorations?

  2. Becks1 says:

    This was such a sad but well written article. I was surprised at how pointed he was in some respects – lack of respect, fending for themselves, etc.

    I think Omid is in a different position than the other RRs (first he’s not part of the rota obviously) in that he’s not white. So his perspective on Meghan is going to be different, and isn’t going to always align with what the older white RRs think. He’s made it clear how important her presence in the royal family is to him and so many others, and that was never taken seriously.

    • carmen says:

      Yes, Becks1, definitely a refreshing change from the rest of them. And he pays the price too, it seems. He faces a lot of trolling & harassment for his balanced approach towards the royals and for taking a stand and being fair to M&H

    • CidyKitty(CidySmiley) says:

      Becks1 –

      I agree. To non-white people Meghan was a light in the royal family, that people of color (especially women of color) can break down walls and burst ceilings everywhere, even in patriarchal white institutions like the one monarchy and to see her be treated the way she has because she is a hard worker, because she cares, because she is thoughtful is so disheartening.

      • Truthiness says:

        Prince Charles walking a woman of color down the aisle to marry his son was the first time I had ever seen Charles in a positive light. It was a seismic shift, the ground was truly breaking. And then the royals blew it. Day after day, leak after leak. I would be happy to never read another article about the rest of that family except…WHAT ABOUT THE PRINCE WHO RAPED TRAFFICKED TEENS WHO WERE DELIVERED TO HIM JUST FOR THAT PURPOSE?

      • Tessa says:

        Charles should have continued the same behavior. He had hired PR for Camilla and he could have extended the same thing to his son and daughter in law.

      • A says:

        @Truthiness, Charles walking Meghan down the aisle was everything. Even my dad was impressed, and he dislikes Charles something fierce. He thought he did one good thing in his life by walking Meghan down the aisle in such a kind, thoughtful way. I will always cherish that because that represents so much of the hope we all had for her marriage and entrance into the RF. And then everything falls to pieces. Such a shame.

    • GuestOne says:

      I was suspended how pointed he was- saying if some relatives has spoken up would it have made a difference. I wonder if this affects his relationship with the palaces or maybe he knows he won’t get exclusives so hes just gonna say it how it is.

      There’s countless examples of royals pushing back against the press including by the Queen. Silence was a choice. Although I’m curious with the Queen if she still reads papers every day- royal historians Etc always say she’s well briefed. So if that’s still the case even less excuse.

      • carmen says:

        In general he’s pretty balanced though – to the extent that Meghan supporters will call him out if he tweets something about Kate at an engagement, her survey, etc. I figured he still wants to have access to the other royals so he has to appear fairly neutral.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think he will still have access to the royals, same as before. I do think he has good sources in the Sussex camp, but I don’t think he’s their mouthpiece the way English is for KP. He was pointed here but he didn’t name names – “a family member or two” is as close as he gets to that. So I think he will be okay in terms of his royal access.

    • windyriver says:

      It’s also the second time in a week that he’s been so direct. He previously posted a picture from Meghan’s visit to the Robert Clack school on twitter with the caption:

      “I rarely add my own opinion to reporting but if there was ever a photo that illustrates what the Royal Family is about to lose – it’s this. Diversity, modernity, inclusivity, and representation.”

      That didn’t get much play, but turns out it was an appetizer for this well-written Harper’s piece.

      Good for him for putting it all out there.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Windyriver I saw that comment from him too and that combined with this article – you can tell there is a personal element to this for him, and its not just because he likes Meghan. And he’s obviously not the only one.

      • HK9 says:

        He’s right-that little sentence will haunt them when things begin to implode.

      • I saw that too WindyRiver and loved that he put it out there. I don’t want or need him to be in one camp or the other. I like that he tries to keep his personal opinion out of his reporting. How much FAIRER it would be if there were more journalistic integrity in others in their reporting. What a difference it makes when you personally hold yourself to a high standard in your chosen profession.

      • February Pisces says:

        Omid has the patience of a saint for how much he’s held back. I bet he would love to just tell it like it is, but he has done such a good job at just sticking to the facts. I noticed the gloves are slightly coming off with him, like when he called out Sarah Gove for bullying. I’m sure he know so much and would love to call the Cambridge’s out, but he’s a professional and knows how to act as such.

    • Amy Too says:

      I liked the parts where the woman in charge of one of Meghan’s patronages was saying she loved how the press Meghan brought them was about their work and not about what their patron was wearing, or how long she was there, what time she showed up and left, and if tea was served. It was about their actual work and Meghan was educated about what they did, she cares, and she amplified the work the charity was doing, she didn’t just use her visits as PR for herself.

      • Emily says:

        THIS! Meghan did the work for the charity not for herself. It’s such a subtle diss to Kate as well.

        … “she loved how the press Meghan brought them was about their work and not about what their patron was wearing, or how long she was there … she amplified the work the charity was doing, she didn’t just use her visits as PR for herself.”

      • L84Tea says:

        I caught that part too and thought it was brilliant. I really hope we start to see more people speaking out about what an asset Meghan was and still is.

      • TheOriginalMia says:

        That lady was definitely directing barbs at certain royals who just show up for photo ops. She might as well have said Kate.

      • Hey Amy Too — yes that was great quote and the two other invited reporters to that event have also included what she said in their articles, which makes it even better. The woman is Ms Newman, the Secretary General of the ACU. I liked that she got that subtle dig in as she genuinely praised Meghan. The president of the National Theatre has also stated that Meghan has been firm in that she doesn’t just want to support them with a photo op or an appearance at a reception, but instead to actively engage with them in projects where she can help to make a real difference. But that’s how both Meghan and Harry roll. Obviously, for many royal patrons it is about just showing up and posing and not bothering to learn about or engage in the organization. I love that Ms Newman is subtly saying that the organizations know this even if they can’t openly call them on it.

      • Bellah says:

        I feel the need to excerpt that quote here for those that may not be inclined to read the whole article.


    • Becks1 says:

      Just adding that I finished the Vice documentary (which ended up being very good, overall), and Omid is featured in that (more so than Katie Nicholl, bleh) and he’s also pretty pointed in that – a bit more pointed than this article. Again he’s not naming names, but he reiterates the idea that no one in the family supported them, etc.

      many of us have said here that things must have been really bad behind the scenes, and I think for Omid to make so many references to how not one family member supported them – things REALLY must have been bad, or else he wouldn’t be making those comments.

  3. Seraphina says:

    When one thinks about it, all the lies that were “leaked” and his family – especially Liz (nope I call her Liz short for lizard- cold blooded) who did not support him was harsh but to add the petty measures of having your tank taken away and he’s a vet????? I can see why he is PISSED and so would anyone else in his shoes.
    I can’t imagine being in his shoes or Meghan’s but they will be far happier away from that family. A door mat to Wills and Kate this couple could not be. They shine too bright.

  4. Marni112 says:

    Harry’s recent ” interview “makes it clear he is neither phased nor upset about not being using the royal title and so by definition he knew he would not be keep his patronage etc.The impression I got from the “inteview” with Greta , if true, is that there Is a huge disconnect between reality and what the press reports.

    • Smices says:

      He’s crushed about losing his military titles. He doesn’t care about the royal titles(which he isn’t losing).

      • bananapanda says:

        Remember Harry went to military college and was in Afghanistan twice. He earned his military ranks. It’s probably doubly galling to see his brother keep his military uniform and ranks.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Harry keeps the rank he earned in the Army, Captain. He is set to lose any honorary titles the Queen gave him. Those are under 12 month review, but given their reception the other night, the Marines want to keep him around.

    • Some chick says:

      They cannot strip him of his EARNED titles.

      I would like to see HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York lose all of his unearned titles.

      Likewise HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Did he earn (EARN earn) even one?!

      And how about HRH Prince Charles?

      I think if they took away all of the honorary/fake ranks from all of the rest of them, all there would be left would be Harry and Anne.

  5. Nev says:

    Obie has a great podcast called the Heir Pod.

  6. Ali says:

    The British royal family are doomed.

  7. truthSF says:

    “Harry is gutted about losing his military titles: [One of Harry’s first tasks is] bringing the work of the Endeavour Fund and Invictus Games, both of which he helped establish, closer together. Harry’s lifelong commitment is why Saturday’s Mountbatten Festival of Music was a particularly difficult moment, wearing his Captain General of the Royal Marines uniform for the last time. Giving up his royal duties has resulted in his military honors coming to an end—a particularly tough pill to swallow and something that has been just as difficult for his wife to witness. It is, a source close to the couple tells me, a wound that will take time to heal for Harry.”

    This is why his and Meghan’s hand holding during the standing ovation was so poignant and heartfelt! You could see how emotional that moment was to him, and to see her being so supportive was so touching!😭

    • Erinn says:

      Honestly, they have to be HANDS DOWN one of the cutest public figure couples out there, ever. They seem like they’ve only grown stronger and into a somehow even more cohesive team where so many people would end up being torn apart dealing with all of the stress and abuse they have.

      “She’s flying back to Canada on the last commercial flight of the day, eager to be back in Vancouver Island by the morning before Archie wakes up” That line also got me because it’s just so freaking sweet.

      • Courtney B says:

        They and CPss Victoria of Sweden and Daniel in my opinion. No coincidence that both royals had to fight against the establishment to be with their chosen partner and that the battles made them stronger and more unified as a couple and family. And that both nonroyal spouses are such supports and true rocks for them.

      • notasugarhere says:

        And Felipe and Letizia.

    • windyriver says:

      You know, Meghan didn’t just step up her wardrobe for the three big public events – Endeavor, Mountbatten Festival, Commonwealth Day – she hit it out of the park, in bright, striking, photographic color. I don’t believe she’s a petty person, but I could see her being angry on Harry’s behalf over having his military honors, which mean so much to him, removed. Could see her saying, screw that, I’m going to remind them of what and who my husband is. She was perfectly pleasant and polite to all, but with that straight posture and total confidence, and resulting pictures in all the papers, she landed a gut punch on the lot of them, especially brother dearest and his lovely wife.

      • Giddy says:

        Judging by W&K’s demeanor, that punch landed. The RR’s deserve what they have now; angry, empty, jealous William and Kate. M&H will continue to electrify with their work, their warmth, and their charisma.

    • Yes truthSF —- The stripping of Harry’s military titles by the Queen (and Charles) goes way beyond petty. It was a hostile and cruel act, especially considering that for disgraced Andrew it seems to have never even been considered. How these two can see a desire to step back as worse (and more punishable) than probable criminal behavior against minors is beyond comprehension. Harry will get past this though and take that same desire to continue to serve and pour it all into projects like Invictus or the Endeavor Funds.

      And I agree WindyRiver — Meghan is amazing. Her public persona reminds me of Jackie Kennedy’s public strength and grace as she buried her husband while the whole world watched. Two totally different situations, but Meghan like Jackie has amazing grace.

  8. DP says:

    I have always thought that the family rallying around Rapist Uncle Andrew while hanging them out to dry was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  9. Originaltessa says:

    You know, William and the Queen take a lot of heat for the situation, deservedly, but I want to call out Charles here. At the end of the day he is Harry’s father, and Archie’s grandfather, and he could have stood up for his son’s wife to the press. I could write the speech for him. But he didn’t. Obviously no one did. But I think of my own parents and the lengths they’d still go for me, I’m 36, and I feel sad for Harry. Obviously this is about a lot more than press treatment. There’s a feud between the brothers for sure. But Charles could have addressed the press. He should have.

    • L84Tea says:

      And now, it’s really going to backfire on them because from here on out whenever they get interviwed by anyone, they are going to be asked their thoughts on them leaving, on why they didn’t speak up and say anything. Someone, somewhere is going to put one of them on the spot and ask the hard questions, and when that moment comes, I guarantee Charles or whoever it is just might feel the sting of regret for not speaking up when they had the chance.

      • Tia says:

        The Royals aren’t going to be asked this because they almost never do unscripted interviews. They ALWAYS know and agree the questions in advance. I’m fairly sure that was even the case with Andrews’s interview – he was just too stupid to realise how people would respond to his answers.

      • Harla says:

        I would like to see a school child ask them during one of their engagements or walkabouts. It doesn’t have to be a member of the press to demand answers as to why the Royal Family, the pinnacle of British society, the family who is expected to be an example to the rest of the world, let this happen, let the courtiers who are driving the leaks continue to do so and why are they so damn cold and cruel?

    • Nlopez says:

      Charles could’ve and should’ve done more. I think he cares about being king more than any thing else.

    • I agree OriginalTessa. And he and/or the Queen still could release a statement calling out the treatment being dished out by the press. But they never will because the Firm and it’s continuation is more important to both of them than family.

      I just read where there is a book coming out — although I think it is going to be a tabloidy, anti-Sussex take —- on all of this: “……an explosive exposé, ROYALS AT WAR, takes readers inside a riven Buckingham Palace to provide the definitive account of the unfolding abdication crisis of 2020 — dubbed Megxit — during which the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, became royal outcasts. Through revealing interviews with royal family insiders, friends, aides, historians, royal watchers and others with intimate knowledge of The House of Windsor ———- from author Dylan Howard.”

      Personally, I’m looking forward to Tina Brown’s book, THE PALACE PAPERS, that she is currently writing, which is going to cover from Diana’s death to now. Tina is a seriously good journalist and does her homework.

    • MJM says:

      I always thought my mother would side with me until I had a falling out with her sister, my aunt. It was entirely my aunt’s fault however Mom is remaining firmly neutral which kind of hurts tbh. All signs point to a huge falling out between the Sussexes and Cambridges so this could be Charles choosing to remain neutral. The fact that Meghan curtseyed to him makes me think there is still a connection with Charles.

      The entire situation is a complete mess and it’s amazing how much collateral damage can be done by petty, entitled narcissists like William and Kate in a family. Particularly ones who have a lot of clout like an heir to the throne. William is the future of that family, he knows it and uses it to his advantage. I bet they all walk on eggshells around him. Harry broke the mould, stood up for his wife and was cast out. It’s textbook.

    • Keira says:

      This has been my big question for a while now: Where is Charles on all of this bullsh*t? I would think he would get it, having himself often been the brunt of the queen’s and the Firm’s obtuseness and protocols. Why isn’t he standing up for Megan and Harry?

    • February Pisces says:

      I agree, Charles is an appalling father. I don’t think he was behind the smear campaign and I actually think he quite liked Meghan, all it would have taken is a few photo opps with the couple just to show support. That’s what the Rf do, pose together to pretend all is well. It literally would have required zero effort. But nothing. I do think the queen and Charles are stuck between a rock and a hard place, in that William must be holding something pretty big over them for them to let him run rampant and destroy their public image.

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        Perhaps. But I think it’s mainly that William is the 2nd in line to the throne, and thus he’s the future of the British monarchy, according to the royal firm’s archaic rules and traditions. They always coddle and toady along the heir to the throne.

  10. Toot says:

    Great article by Omid!

    I think of all the BS articles about how Meghan made Kate cry, that could have been easily denied and other articles like that, but were used to tear Meghan apart. This is why Harry was looking ready to murder some family members and why they left.

    Meghan’s and Archie’s lives were in danger the way she was relentlessly attacked while pregnant and not one peep from the royal offices. Yeah, Harry is so done with his family. He holds on to things when he’s wronged.

    • Harla says:

      I thought how great it would have been to see Kate wearing one of the pieces from Meghan’s Smart Set as a show of support. For all of her talk about supporting new mothers, Kate really dropped the ball concerning Meghan, her words and her actions are polar opposite.

      • Bren says:

        That would require Kate to care for someone other than herself and social status as future queen consort.

        William and Kate could have done a lot of things to be more welcoming to Meghan but they chose to be savage. That savagery will come back to bite them one day.

      • Lady D says:

        “they chose to be savage” I believe in treating people how you want to be treated, and Kate and William have shown me exactly how they want to be treated.

      • Courtney B says:

        And it would’ve been SO easy. It even would’ve gotten around any supposed ‘don’t complain to or about the press’. And have the added effect of further publicizing the charity and tying the ‘we’re family and support each other and our respective causes’ narrative tighter. Even f it wasn’t entirely true it could’ve helped prevent so much of this and been a win-win. But nope.

      • Mia says:

        I think that they didn’t deny these because they were true – that’s possible – yes? Is it possible that the RF really did not care for the way Meghan treated people? And hence they never stood up for her? Is it possible that some people .. *some people* don’t like Meghan? It is possible, right?

      • GuestWho says:

        @Mia – before she arrived in the UK, Meghan had a stellar reputation with the people she worked with in her profession and in the charities she supported. From high school on until she arrived in the UK, people involved with her tell stories of her great caring, and her charm, and her commitment to helping other people. All of a sudden, she arrives in London and starts acting like an asshole? Not likely. The people who actually spend time with her literally sing her praises – her staff, the people at her patronages, etc. Sure, some people may not like her, but that doesn’t give them license to destroy a great reputation – which is what they set out to do. And you have to question, knowing what kind of person she has been since she was in high school, what is it they don’t like?

      • A says:

        @Mia, yes, that’s possible. It’s possible she made Kate cry. It’s possible her staffers thought her weird and funny and an object of ridicule because she bustled in with her American-ness and started firing off e-mails at 5 in the morning from her yoga studio where she sipped the espresso she made from the machine she was rumoured to have bought for the KP office.

        But the fact is, in the grand scale of things, none of that warrants such a huge lack of solidarity from people who are your family and purport to love you. You don’t need to be a saint in order to be treated with basic decency. There are plenty of people whose personalities I don’t exactly enjoy being around in my own family. But that doesn’t mean I go out of my way to be unfair to them. And if people were doing their best to dehumanize them, I’d stick up for what was right. People didn’t need to like her, but they couldn’t even be bothered to respect her, and that’s the sad part.

      • Tessa says:

        If Kate cried, it could have been to try to get Meghan seen as the “bad one.” and faking the tears. And it was,if true, leaked to the press. I think this made Kate look bad.

    • Agree Toot —- The Times of London has also just published an article discussing Meghan’s last meeting with ACU at BP and the writer really goes after Scobie. The slant seems to be if a reporter says anything positive about always Meghan or sees her as human then they are showing a unjournalistic bias! Which is the reporter’s way of saying that bashing Meghan is correct and appropriate. As I was reading the article I had to remind myself that Murdoch owns both The Daily Mail and The Times. The Times constantly goes after the Sussexes — just in a more upscale way than the Daily Mail. I wonder if Murdoch also owns Cosmopolitan and US in the United States as they both recently turned pretty ugly towards Meghan and have now completely reversed their previous FAIR reporting about Kate. Now it is all Keen Kate all the time.

  11. Harper says:

    Threatened by toxic agendas. Here’s to Scobie having loads and loads of receipts and becoming the Andrew Morton of this story.

    I’m old enough to have watched the Diana/Charles story implode and have no doubt that the real details of what happened to the Sussexes WILL come out. There is too much money to be made, and no amount of deference to Petty Betty will stop it. Didn’t stop it in Diana’s days and won’t stop it this time.

    • Betsy says:

      Well let’s hope he turns out to be more fact based and tabloidy than Morton, but your larger point stands – more info will come out, in dribbles, in gossip, in slips, in tell alls. And it won’t look good.

    • BUBS says:

      I think a lot of secrets are still being kept and the other members of the RF (apart from H and M) are still being protected by the British (tabloid) media because the queen is still alive. I have a feeling things would really go south when she passes! The truth will come out in the end!

    • KellyRyan says:

      Agree. Diana may have lost some favor in the UK, but she was well loved in the US. There were the ever present rumors once the boys reached 18 she would move to New York. Endless abuse heaped upon her by the BRF was well understood.

  12. CidyKitty(CidySmiley) says:

    To non-white people, especially women of color Meghan was a light in the royal family and what we publically watched is what so many women of color in the world face.

    As a black woman in a corporate environment I know, you can’t be too driven, too smart, too kind, too motivated. You’ll be painted as angry and conniving and rude, it happens to me all the time, and it is/was so heartbreaking to watch it happen to Meghan, it was like it was happening to all of us.

    I hope she goes forward and continues to absolutely smash it, like she does – I know we will see them on the global stage doing amazing things.

    • CidyKitty — I can barely begin to imagine how much pain the treatment of Meghan churns up your own pain. As a white woman, I am so angry, hurt, and demoralized at her treatment — but I know it is nothing to how it impacts on you. As a woman though, I am so proud of Meghan and how she proves over and over again what a heroic figure she is. I believe “her little light” is going to shine brighter and stronger and be a real force for change to many young people as they grow into there own. Let us both remember her recent words empowering us all to join her as she stands and fights for right: “May I just say that while I am here with my husband as a member of the royal family, I want you to know that for me, I am here as a mother, as a wife, as a woman, as a woman of colour and as your sister,” Team Meghan — Team Women — all women.

  13. Abena Asantewaa says:

    I read all 3 articles, and they were all heart breaking, I applaud Omid, for not mincing his words. I got the impression that The RF with the help of the Media, engineered this whole exit. They had no intention of stepping down from their royal duties, they were pushed out, Harry’s military patronages stripped off him, was an attempt at emotional blackmail, so as to force him to choose between his wife and The RF. Now I am beginning to believe, the whole Thomas M saga has had an inside coperation to embarass Meghan to abandon the nuptials, or taint The Wedding. There was no help from The Palaces, she was left at the mercy of The Press, and it continued through pregnancy and beyond, so sad.

    • Toot says:

      I think they were hoping she would miscarry by using her father against her at such a delicate time.

      • A says:

        I think it’s even worse than that. I don’t think they were really even aiming for anything. All they wanted was to be cruel. They didn’t care what happened. They just wanted to pick on her. The reason the RRs and the tabloid press is so upset right now is because they truly do think, on some level, that Meghan existed in order to be a target for their hatred and their vitriol. They’re furious that she refused to put herself in their crosshairs anymore. Cruel people are cruel for no specific purpose, and that’s the most devastating part of their cruelty. They just want to hurt you. That’s it.

    • Marie says:

      I completely agree with you Abena. I think KP and William bought Thomas to try and destroy the wedding. Tom Bradby said something awful happened before the wedding.

    • Belli says:

      Isn’t that what Tim Shipman’s article in the Times heavily implied? That the Thomas M stuff was sanctioned by William?

      “This sense of embattlement has been entrenched by William’s decision to reach out to seniors figures in the media as he prepares for kingship and by the apparent decision by those same newspapers to side with the palace over Harry and Meghan by peddling the most negative coverage of the duchess’s relationship with her father.”

      Siding with the palace? You’d have thought the palace and H&M would be on the same side against Thomas Markle. Why did the palace want that most negative coverage peddled?

      • betsyh says:

        The Tim Shipman article has been mentioned before. Is there anywhere I can read it without setting up an account with the Times?

    • Bunny says:

      I’ve wondered for a while if the tabloids didn’t offer Thomas Markle money at the behest of the BRF.

      That doesn’t excuse TM’s rotten behaviour then or now, bit it might help explain his motivation and the tab’s repeated visits to that particular well of nastiness.

    • Golly Gee says:

      It will be interesting to see what comes out in the Sussex’s lawsuit against the daily mail etc.

      • betsyh says:

        I can’t wait!

      • Pineapple says:

        I can’t wait either! I do not have the grace and class of Meghan … I am more of the Harry vein. XO

        Every time I see her gorgeous smile I think to myself, “Pineapple, be an adult.” 😜 If Meg can handle this with aplomb so can you … but truly I can’t.

  14. Nina says:

    Courtiers told the tabloids that Harry will be punished for his statement.
    Then they denied it.
    But the queen took this from him as a punishment… the royal family isn’t trustable

  15. Lyn says:

    Didn’t Richard Kay say that William should take over the Captain’s General title from Harry last week? And since he’s a mouthpiece I can only imagine William is putting the notion out there.
    Also it was said that he wasn’t happy when the Queen made Harry the Commonwealth youth ambassador and that was another title removed. I wouldnt be surprised if he also lobbied for it.

    So I imagine these are some of the reasons Harry’s titles were removed on put on hold, some (William) saw the opportunity to take wgat they’ve wanted. He’s seen the accolades, ovation, adoration, camaraderie that Harry gets from the military & commonwealth and he wants it too.

    But the Royals don’t seem to understand that Harry didn’t get all of that just because he was the Queen’s grandson, he also had shared experiences or spent a lot of time with them.

    • notasugarhere says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me if William’s petulance was behind a lot of it.

      The Queen cannot remove Harry’s earned military titles, she can only remove honorary things like the Royal Marines. Given the standing ovation Harry and Meghan received, I don’t think the Marines want him gone as their royal rep.

      • Speaking as a US Marine’s daughter: Once a Marine, Always a Marine. I imagine the British Marines will always consider Harry as one of them. He not only actively served, he was a squad leader and lead his command in action on the front lines. Sure, he’s lost the royal military appointments, but I think the standing ovation by the Marines was to remind Harry that he is, was, and always will be one of them.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Harry’s part of the military “band of brothers” which is an unbreakable connection of solidarity and support among his comrades. They stand by their own. Bad, bad mistake for the queen to have underestimated that by her vindictive action.

  16. heygingersnaps says:

    If pedo andy still gets to keep his military titles and ‘honours’ Prince Harry should have never been stripped off his, he earned it as well by serving for 10 years and not just presented to him because of his title.

    I am sad and angry that there are people spouting a lot of nonsense about Harry and Meghan on twitter, instagram and other social media channels. I had hoped twitter has completely banned one of the oxygen thief, katie shitkins but alas, her account is back again, lying and stirring up her racists, sexists and misogynistic followers.

    • Cee says:

      pedo andy served, too. he’s also a veteran. He should be stripped of everything by virtue of being a POS, though.

  17. Joy says:

    Remember when her half brother wrote an open letter to Harry urging him not to marry Meghan because blah blah. In hindsight, perhaps someone put him upto it.

    • Bunny says:

      Absolutely. I will say that I think some of her family acts on their own. MM’s toxic, narcissistic half-sister seems to relish her role as n antagonist.

  18. JaneDoesWork says:

    The part about the work is what I always suspected. The Media component was insult to injury, but behind the scenes I think the family politics and protocol police that surrounded the work was something Meghan and Harry couldn’t deal with anymore. I have worked in a toxic environment, and I know that feeling all too well – it completely overshadows the work.

    I suspect Meghan and Harry would have battled through that for another year if a single family member had defended them publicly, but the writing was on the wall.

  19. carmen says:

    Just noticed the Fail has a piece on Omid’s article, authored by the esteemed “Mailonline Reporter” (wtf -you’re that ashamed of your work you can’t put your name on it?). It’s already generated 1,000+ comments no doubt the usual trolls and bots.

    • Pineapple says:

      That’s the thing isn’t it, “ Mailonline Reporter”????? That’s not a journalist’s name. There is a war on ethics and truth. Journalism is necessary for a fair and just society. Meg and Harry are also caught in something much bigger than themselves. Bots are doing SO MUCH commenting and writing … “mailonline reporter”, as if! Wealthy ars#s are buying up papers.

  20. Lyn says:

    Also, the Windsors didn’t intervene when the media was going to town on Meghan, then Harry because it suited them. There’s a hierarchy in that institution and Harry/Meghan’s reach and attention they got threatened the structure.

    You can’t have the 6th in line and his wife becoming the face of the monarchy at the expense of two future Kings and Queen Consorts. It was one thing for a single Harry to be popular but not Meghan too. Never. The only thing that went wrong was they underestimated the two of them and pushed too hard and caused them to leave.

    This has invited the global world to look at them differently and to start taking potshots at them for anything. The Windsors certainly didn’t want that and will try to change that in the coming months. That’s if the Sussexes don’t overshadow them from Canada.

  21. Mumbles says:

    Is it customary for journalists to hug the people they cover?

    • Sid says:

      Some royal reporters have mentioned having Kate’s private phone number and having private get togethers with her so….

      • GuestOne says:

        Yeah and some royal reporters allegedly went to Pippa’s wedding.

        Isn’t part of why they are upset with Harry& Meghan because they never invited them to the palace for cosy off the record chats. Camilla Tominey was practically begging Meghan to pass on her number.

        I personally think the way most of the royal rota operates is unprofessional- too close to some of their subjects.

      • windyriver says:

        During the criticism over H&M not doing the photo op on the hospital steps, photographer (Sun?) Arthur Edwards lamented that Harry no longer joined them down the pub for occasional off the record chats. Blamed evil Meghan of course – because it couldn’t have anything to do with the awful things the RR had been writing about her.

        He’s banged that same drum more that once since then…

    • S808 says:

      These people hang out with the royals sometimes. They have tea with them and one of them (I wanna say Becky) has Kate’s number. That was another problem they had with Meghan— lack of access directly to her.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Do you question the little parties and get-togethers many royals have routinely held with the royal rota for years? Somehow I doubt a tinhatter hypocrite like you has…

      • VS says:

        @Beach Dreams —- Bazinga!!!!! Racism, Sexism, Xenophobia, a lot of isms aside, I will take a liar over a hypocrite!!!

    • notasugarhere says:

      Oh, does it upset some people that there is someone reporting fairly on this situation?

      Far better that royals do underhanded things like leak secret plans and locations to their RR of choice, to try to submarine the whole thing.

    • Cee says:

      Considering the Cambridges paraded their children in private meetings with RRs, then, yes, quite customary and per the norm.

  22. S808 says:

    I expected bullshit from William but Charles…I think I hate Charles the most. I think he had a hand in smearing Meghan but stepped back when things got out of control. How could he? How could he stand by and let his son, daughter in law and infant grandchild be harassed and abused like this? I can’t wrap my mind around it. I can’t rationalize it. He’s gonna need them when he becomes king.

    • Harla says:

      I had long been on Charles’ side, mostly for all the incredible work he’s done through the Prince’s Trust and seeing him walking Meghan down the aisle was incredibly moving. However, his silence in the face of the horrendous abuse his daughter-in-law and grandson faced has completely tainted my view of him. He used Meghan when it made him look good and when things got difficult he turned tail and ran. I have no use for him any longer.

    • Geraldine Granger says:

      I saw an article about how Charles yells at his staff when he doesn’t get his own way. Could be retaliation for the change in the procession on Monday. There may be a new feud in the works.

    • notasugarhere says:

      One, there is Charles’s ego. Two, there is the fact he’s afraid of William’s temperament and doesn’t know how to handle him.

      War of the Waleses 2.0 coming soon to a tabloid near you.

      • betsyh says:

        Nota, As far as William’s temperament goes, do you think William was initially reluctant to be king, and his father convinced him by letting him have whatever he wanted? And that William continues to control his father with the threat of bailing?

      • notasugarhere says:

        He is as temperamental and petulant as both Charles and Diana at their worst. Charles has no idea how to deal with him, no clue how to extract him from the Middletons or from his downward spiral.

        William has always hated the idea of his royal role, but he will never walk away. He wants the big private money he gets as monarch. He would be happy to see the monarchy end once he’s king, as long as he gets the wealth before the monarchy dies.

        William wants it all ‘his way’, which we’ve seen from the beginning of the W&K marriage. Extremely low engagement numbers, claiming they want to do a handful of impactful projects – and failing at doing anything. Demanding people bow and scrape, acting like everyone should fall down in wonder every time he opens his mouth. He wants to return the monarchy to a Kiss My Bum, don’t dare question my actions era. See his threats and lawsuits to shut down investigations into his affair.

      • betsyh says:

        Ah, thank you Nota. This explains why, though he seems disinterested, he would want to be king–all that money.

    • Elisa says:

      @S808: what still amazes me is he is still not being called out for his lack of support. It’s mostly W&K who are blamed, and only recently the public started to turn against TQ. Charles is the future king and no-one talks about HIS role in all of this.
      IMO he has been pulling major strings in the background all along and if there are leaks by KP, Charles is at least OK with them.

    • Michelle says:

      He let all the crap happen to Diana, why are you not surprised that he would let it happen to Meghan. He’s been a POS since day 1 in my book. And if pedo andy keeps to keep his military titles, so should Harry. He earned those regardless of being a prince or not.

  23. Alexandria says:

    L84TEA can also care for other people at the same time, it is not humanely impossible. And what does it say when a rich, beautiful biracial woman like Meghan still gets discriminated against and attacked for no reason? And her royal son still gets called a monkey in 2019? It means racism is still a problem, they are not immune to it and we should still call it out. Oprah was a powerful and rich celebrity and still got discriminated against in Paris. Michelle Obama was the First Lady and a highly educated woman mingling with the rich and famous but she also wasn’t immune to it. It IS heartbreaking when these women have worked so hard but they are at times being unfairly brought down because they are not white. And it is heartbreaking when Harry optimistically expected his family to be the family Meghan never had. It is heartbreaking when Harry has always supported his grandma, father, brother and always friendly to his sister in law. It is heartbreaking when Harry got called a race traitor. Look how it turned out. Tragic it is.

    Edit: I see the post against L84TEA was deleted.

    • L84Tea says:

      Whatever icky reply I got, I missed it, so ha….

    • Trashaddict says:

      Michelle and Meghan both have been so graceful through all of the $#!+ they have had to put up with. They have done the absolute best that they could do! It must be so painful inside to hear the things they have heard. I’m very sad about them having to go through that pain. What a waste, for human beings not to encourage each other’s talents and gifts. I wish them success, happiness and that their children will get to see people behave better.

  24. Marie says:

    Taking away his military honors was wrong and very petty. I think they thought he would stay if they did that. He proved them wrong by sticking with his wife.
    Omids article was much needed and called the RF out.

  25. Aurora says:

    The Windsors can’t push back against the press because of their scandals. If Will speaks out the press will bring the receipts they’ve likely been withholding on his dalliances in
    Rose bushes. That is why the family couldn’t compromise with the Sussexes on ditching the Royal Rota. That is also why the Cambridges are suddenly pimping out their kids. There’s a price to pay for good press and the Sussexes weren’t willing to pay it.

    Harry’s skeletons have already been laid bare thanks to his role as the human shield for William. The press have been so futile in finding real dirt on Meghan that they have to make things up. The Sussexes greatest weapon is the lack of skeletons in their closet to be used as blackmail. The rest of the Windsors have enough skeletons for a cemetery.

    • Harla says:

      Exactly this!!! All the Sussex’s really wanted was not have to work with the royal rota, hence giving up their share of the Sovereign Grant. But the rr’s have Waaayyy to much dirt on members of the family and I’m sure hold it over them every chance they get. But as you said, Harry’s skeletons have been on public display for years and he has a spine, unlike the others, and the courage to do what’s right.

    • Oh God, that’s good Aurora —- “ The rest of the Windsors have enough skeletons for a cemetery.” Thanks for the laugh, I loved the snark. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  26. Florence says:

    I hope the tide is turning. Watch out Cain and Unable, they’ll hound you next…

  27. Lizzie says:

    Living well is the best revenge and Harry and Meghan will do that in spades.

    I’m glad at least one reporter documented the truth.

  28. Atorontogal says:

    Does this backstabbing behaviour go on within every royal family?

    • notasugarhere says:

      Spain, yes.

      Japan, hell yes. The second son’s wife didn’t *just happen* to get pregnant with a boy at 41.

      Sweden, yes, with Sophia leaking constantly against her SIL Madeleine. King and Queen both thinking the son should have been the heir, not firstborn Victoria. King giving the only money-related Dukedom to his son’s son. It should have gone to Victoria’s son who was 1) born first and 2) is higher in succession.

      Belgium, sort of but it comes down to Laurent’s mental instability.

      Netherlands and Denmark, not that I can tell.

      • Cee says:

        ooohh, can you expand on Japan? I’ve always hated the exclusion of women from the line of succession.

      • notasugarhere says:

        The government was officially debating the idea of letting Aiko inherit. All of a sudden, Akishino’s wife is pregnant and gives birth to a son? That was not an accidental pregnancy twelve years after they’d stopped having kids. After the son’s birth, Akishino also started dyeing his fully gray hair coal black out of vanity.

        They both simpered around gleefully, oh look, we now have the surprise male heir. Government stopped debate about letting females inherit when the pregnancy was announced. After the birth of a male heir, never picked it up again.

      • Cee says:

        I wonder if this kid is the product of IVF, why the then-heir did not go this route too? Especially considering the amount of shit Masako had to eat for failing and giving birth to a woman.

      • notasugarhere says:

        There was talk she did go through repeated rounds. Miscarried a son late-term before having Aiko. It may be they were unable to produce more healthy embryos.

      • Couch potato says:

        There are stories from Denmark, about a fallout between CP Mary and P Marie. Some claim P Joachim was frozen out by his mother and brother, and more or less forced to go to the military academy in France.

        In Norway on the other hand, the RF are more inclusive. A singel mother with a child, a drunken poet and a shaman have all been welcomed with open arms.

      • A says:

        @nota, it makes me so sad and disgusts me to think about how the King and Queen of Sweden both treated Victoria growing up. What sort of effect did it have on her to constantly hear from her father that she “stole” her position from her younger brother who wasn’t even a year old? What must it have been like to have been constantly told, “You’re not good enough, you’re not supposed to BE here, you’re an interloper,” if not out loud, then quietly?

        Both of her parents let her down massively, and so did people in her extended family. Everyone talks big game about how Prince Bertil and Princess Lillian are such a huge love story, even though Bertil was a certified a-hole who hated the fact that the Swedish parliament reinstated Victoria as the Crown Princess. He had a huge chip on his shoulder about it, and wound up leaving the majority of his personal fortune and properties to Victoria’s younger brother as a direct snub. It’s disgraceful behaviour.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I doubt Fred and Mary would bother trying to send Joachim and Marie away. J&M have the best of both worlds already, but they are mostly private and don’t draw huge attention. They seem to like their smaller role, private lives, and their personal wealth (which F&M don’t have). Marie likely loves being in France again, because that’s where they spend every summer. Their kids are already bilingual, French/Danish.

        I blame Victoria’s parents for her anorexia. When your own parents constantly tell you your brother is better simply because he’s male? And Sylvia with her desperation plastic surgery to counter her husband’s many affairs. I’m sure she wasn’t easy on Victoria about her appearance either.

  29. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    This is even more tragic when you consider how few people there are to really, really admire in the ‘celebrity’ world. We’re inundated with Kardashian trash, reality TV ‘star’ nonsense (including the Nuclear Orange Mussolini in the White House), z-listers and instagram endorsers. But when it comes to GOOD people – really, truly good, those who will stand up for right no matter the censure they receive, the mockery flung at them by the self-interested – my country… just threw it all away. Who now is there to admire, to emulate? The robotic, icecold and mediocre FF monarchs? Brenda, who puts her repugnant son above moral considerations? The Love Island hordes; TOWIE participants? Just heartbreaking.

    • Harla says:

      Human nature is rather perverse this way, we tend to hound, torture and kill the very best among us, just look at history. I read somewhere recently that Harry & Meghan really appeal to those who want to do good, who are good people but to those who just don’t care, who are questionable, they scare them and intimidate them. So when I read negative comments about H&M, those comments tell me so much about the person that wrote them.

      • A says:

        Insecure people externalize their shortcomings. They project their insecurities out onto the broader world at large. Externalizing it is how they cope, because having to confront the sad truth about your own shortcomings is tough as sh-t. It’s much easier to point the finger at other people and yell loudly that they’re the problem, even though it’s really you. People who tear down good people do it because they truly believe, in their hearts, that another person being or doing good is a direct, personal attack on their own inability to do the same.

  30. fleur says:

    The amount of loyalty nearly all British people have towards Queen Elizabeth is flat-out surreal to me. It’s like no matter what she does—or pointedly doesn’t do—her treatment of Diana, her treatment of Andrew, her husband, her questionable relationships with other shady rich folks, the masses in Britain will not say a bad word against her. It’s like they’ve all been collectively brainwashed. How does this persist? As an American, it’s almost unfathomable to me.

    • What. . .now? says:

      It’s the same with people who seem to worship trump. Long time senators who all of a sudden are sycophantic, ridiculous fools with the way they cover for him, make excuses for him, support him even when he dumps on them…regular people who after three years of his nonsense, his lies, his insults, his cruelty — still cheer him –it’s baffling. . .

      • Harper says:

        But the public did get very angry with the Queen during the days after Diana’s funeral. If anyone is interested, the movie The Queen with Helen Mirren is a very good portrayal of the drama that went down. The press and the people were very loudly expressing their disapproval of her reaction. Diana was an outsider to the Queen at that point and even in death she was going to be treated as such, until the uproar became so loud that Elizabeth had to have her arm twisted to DO SOMETHING.

        After DIana died the Royals were not worth following anymore so the Queen got to hide out and recover from the bad PR.

      • So true Andrew’s Nemesis. My personal favorites in the “Unf***ingly Unbelievable” reality we now live in, are the senators who said they thought Trump was definitely guilty of treason but they would not vote to impeach him. And true to form, when the vote was called they were true to that. Makes me think Trump has paid private investigators to provide him with the goods on a lot of them. The way I think the RR has the goods on the royal family.

      • grumpy says:

        The public didn’t get angry with the Queen after Di’s death, nor do the public unswervingly support the Queen. The PRESS were the ones who had an issue after Di’s death – don’t forget people leaving flowers at the gates of Kensington palace are not a representative sample – and they were the only ones being interviewed. It was total press hype, milked for all it was worth by Tony Blair. Most normal people who were around then and who are around now will tell you they were utterly bemused by what was being reported. Don’t believe everything you read.

      • Lady D says:

        Half the planet mourned that woman’s death.

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      Someone on FB tried to eat me alive because I dared criticize TQ. She spewed all this malarkey about duty and how HM has been so stoic, blah blah blah. Being stoic is one thing. Standing by while your grandson and his wife assaulted in the press, all while coddling a child rapist are two completely different things. But they don’t want to hear it.

    • Dear Fleur —- as an American, this is unfathomable to you? Open any newspaper and read how “great” Trump is. How he can lie, commit treason, treat woman like shit, send troops into harms way to stroke his own ego, and say green is red, etc etc, and be given a pass and get away with it. At least the Queen has been part of British life and done her duty to her country in an honorable way for decades. What is the excuse for so many Americans and their zig heil response to Trump?

    • Thirtynine says:

      Lady D, yes. Grumpy, can not agree with you at all. As one who was around then and is around now, the shock and grief of those days after Diana was killed was mind-numbing. The press had played their part in her death and afterward, but the multitudes that came to mourn her, and the millions more who couldn’t, can’t just be wished away.

      • Lady D says:

        It might have been the press that nicknamed her The People’s Princess, but the world embraced the moniker wholeheartedly. It was a perfect description of the Lady Diana.

  31. aquarius64 says:

    This is heartbreaking. Karma is going to come for the House of Windsor. The Epstein mess and William’s affair(s) are going to come out because that tabloid beast needs clicks to be fed. The Markles and the RRs are going to get theirs too.

  32. L4frimaire says:

    This article made me so sad and angry. Bryony Gordon from the Telegraph also was there and wrote a good piece about it. Another reporter from Town and Country also wrote a piece on this. While the British press is trying to spin it as Harry and Meghan wanting it all, being selfish, blah, blah,hiss, it’s obvious they really wanted to stay working within the family, just not at the expense of their marriage and mental health. And it’s obvious the Royal family said know and went really nasty with it is because they are so determined to drive Meghan out, and split her and Harry. That’s still the goal. There is no remorse or compassion there in the UK. They’re just upset a Harry hasn’t ditched her yet and they’re just watching the clock for that. Will never forgive them for trying to destroy and woman for being decent and hardworking. Those people are the worst.

  33. HS says:

    To play devil’s advocate for a moment, is it possible that the Queen and the immediate royal family just…don’t like Meaghan in general? Not saying racism isn’t a HUGE factor in all of this mess, but part of me really feels like there’s more here than just racial tension. Because I feel like if they genuinely liked her someone might’ve said something, whether that was the Queen, Prince William, etc.

    Don’t know what their reasons would be for not liking her outside of thinking she’s “fake” or inauthentic because she’s an actress and can put on a front, but we all know “The Family” didn’t like Princess Diana and clearly race wasn’t a factor there. And because they didn’t like her, they didn’t protect her.

    Maybe bc I’m a publicist and I never take anything at face value, let alone media sources like Omid and their “unbiased” observations, but something in my gut says there’s so much more to this story than what’s being presented. But, for the time being, the “we got kicked out bc of racism” narrative has proven quite effective bc we all know that racism played a huge part, just not the whole part.

    • Whatsinaname says:

      Squints. Walks away.

    • Originaltessa says:

      I don’t like my sister in law, but I’ve accepted her as part of my family. I would never do anything to her that would hurt or embarrass my brother. It’s just what you do. You make small talk at holidays, share some laughs at baby showers or weddings or funerals with the family, and you only say NICE things about them to anyone that asks. It’s just how that works. It doesn’t matter if Meghan is an obnoxious weirdo or a lovely sweetheart, they owed it to Harry to protect her.

      • HS says:

        You’re right! They 100% should have accepted Meaghan and protected Harry, without a shadow of a doubt, respecting his choice. I’m just curious in getting to the crux of what’s really happening behind these closed doors, which we, of course, will never really know. We know racism played a (big) part, but what else?

        Obviously being part of a royal family, a royal bloodline, is different from any regular family, so there are very real reasons for not liking someone and actively trying to keep them out. But what are those reasons, ALL the reasons? I’m sooo curious to know.

      • Bren says:

        @Originaltessa – Thank you, perfectly stated.

        The family didn’t like Meghan because she made them look average. She shined too brightly for existing and it was no fault of her own. Like Diana.

      • Originaltessa says:

        I think they didn’t like her before they met her. She’s a black American actress that’s been divorced. That’s all they needed to know. They never gave her a chance. I can only imagine the kinds of things Will and his Eton pals would say about Meghan in private, and not to mention Thomas and Samantha. They’d sleep with someone like Meghan, sure, but marry her? They think Harry dumpster dove. I know a lot of white rich people. It’s grosser than you can possibly fathom. And then when Meghan actually became a member of the family and started getting crowds cheering for her and more press and attention than Kate, the perfect English Rose? Goodnight. Meghan was done. It’s racism and extreme classicism at the heart of it. She just was never going to get a fair shake. And sometimes I think Harry should have known that. But I guess he was optimistic.

      • Karmak says:

        Exactly! This is what you do when you love your family member and want to see them happy.
        I agree about Harry should have foresaw some of this. But …I will give Harry credit for not keeping his head in the sand. He got his family out of that mess of a family.

      • Trashaddict says:

        Classism from a group of people who can’t seem to fathom what constitutes classy behavior.

    • Ennie says:

      Sorry, but I think aristocratic Brittish upoer crust cannot judge anyone as “fake”. Be real. They are the definition of hiding skeletons in their closets. Absolutely far from down to earth, humble and no -fake.
      I was reading an article and it mentioned how absolutely odd was that aristocratic Diana had that innate emotional intelligence that made her so relatable, so apt to empathize with people of different ethnicities and economical levels. She could not relate to them either. And I know that aDiana was not perfect, but in that regards, sorry, not buying.

    • GuestWho says:

      Well, the Queen doesn’t like princess michael, and yet there she sits decades later using her HRH to make money on trashy romances.

      Their narrative isn’t that they got kicked out, btw, which tells me you’re not exactly unbiased here either.

      The “narrative” is that they were consistently and continually lied about in the “press” and nobody in the family did anything to stop it, nor did they publicly support them – and that it was literally unsafe for them to stay in the UK. Those are facts. We can all see that there were daily lies (vicious shit too), and there was no push back from their family at all. There is also a ton of pretty decent evidence suggesting that their family was behind a lot of the smeer campaign.

      Whether you like someone or not on a personal level doesn’t give you leave to destroy that persons character.

      • HS says:

        Hi GuestWho,

        Not sure why you’re looking to call me out for simply trying to have a nuanced conversation here, but whatever floats your boat.

        Not that this should matter, but I’m actually team Meaghan and Harry, so your assumption about my “bias” only illuminates your own and, quite honestly, your lack of reading comprehension. They indeed were forced out – even this article says that they didn’t want to leave and wished something could’ve been worked out. Yes, they were lied about, yes a lot was racially motivated.

        My whole point was this – what else could motivate a family to not support their own? Is it because they didn’t just like Meaghan? If so, why? And why so much that they had to leave?

      • GuestWho says:

        As a publicist, you should realize that the phrase “kicked out” takes away their agency.

        They were forced to make the decision to leave – but the BRF would have been delighted had they agreed to stay and dim their shine for cain’s sake. But they made the decision.

      • HS says:

        @GuestWho arguing about semantics doesn’t take away from the main point I was making in my original (and then subsequent) comments. But nice try.

      • Jaded says:

        @HS – you’re spelling Meghan’s name wrong. The BRF flat out couldn’t stand the fact that Meghan is bi-racial, divorced, American and an actress. It is anathema to the royals’ caste system. They also couldn’t stand that fact that Meghan is accomplished, smart as a whip, dove in head first on a slate of great projects that she pulled off at lightening speed, and the worst thing…she made Kate and William look like utter tools. Not deliberately, but it’s not too difficult to make the Cambridges look like lazy, insulated nobs, and being an “outsider”, the family and the firm (through the tabloids) had to turn on her and put her in her place, hurting Harry by association. But they ended up shooting themselves in the foot, again and again and I truly hope this is the beginning of the end for that vile family.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        @ HS

        You should know you’re not dealing with novices or fools here. It’s clear you’d like to put forward a specific reason/narrative, but you’re hoping to tease it out of a more trusted member of the site, so it’s more palatable to the others. 🙄

        Problem is, try as you might, you can’t hide your agenda (Meaghan?) or suppress your aggression (thanks for trying though).

        We don’t have to agree with you for you to thrive on this site, as long as your Intention isn’t to troll or mindlessly insult. Now……why don’t you just tell us what you think was so unforgivable about her, and we can all debate it like adults?

        P.S: @Jaded just gave an excellent, comprehensive breakdown. Does your reasoning differ from this?

      • GuestWho says:

        So much for “nuance” I guess. Kicked out and making a decision to walk away are two very, very different things.

        Nice try indeed.

      • HS says:

        @Jaded Thanks for that catch – my computer was autocorrecting her name because I have a friend named Meaghan (TMI but still, appreciate the heads up). And I appreciate your comment, I’m truly interested in hearing the different reasons why the royal family has it out for Meghan and Harry bc maybe I’m just baffled as to why people can be so vicious for no real reason (i.e. unlike if the Sussexes were horrible people, for example) and have it out for others.

        @BellaDuPont Clearly I’ve stated I’m team Meghan and Harry. Clearly I’ve agreed with others commentators on here on how horrible the royal family is. Clearly I’ve acknowledged the shitty and racist situation they were in.

        What’s not clear is how you think addressing different perspectives – with the goal of trying to get a more complete understanding – is a bad thing or somehow advocating for one side over the other? If you have a point to make on how horrible the royal family is to add to the conversation, please make it (and like an adult as you so pleasantly put it). Otherwise, you clearly have an axe to grind and going after me by saying I have an “agenda” or trying to “suppress” my “aggression” is just childish.

      • Thank you GuestWho and BellaDuPont for your great responses. I got an “A” in reading comprehension and I can read HS’s bias loud and clear.

    • Elisa says:

      @HS: Charles walked Meghan down the aisle and TQ showed visible support in the beginning (the train ride, doing engagements together etc). While I can see Charles being strategic about his role in the wedding (makes him look good), I don’t think TQ did this for PR, IMO she was genuinely fond of Meghan in the beginning. So what happened to make them turn against her (and Harry)?

      • HS says:

        @Elisa Right! That’s what I’m trying to understand and that’s why I’m wondering what else is or was going on for them (the royal family) to behave they way they did. It utterly sucks that Meghan and Harry had to leave, it should never have come down to this and seeing how Charles and the Queen were reacting to her in the beginning felt promising.

      • Ennie says:

        I really think that she (and Harry) were too well liked and on top of that she was being a hard worker and did not slack off. She was/ is full of ideas and was not afraid of asking people to help and come together to achieve their philanthropic goals.
        Her initiatives had a bigger impact, the slackers (and their minders-courtiers) were being put in the spot and did not like it.
        All that happened while they were newyly married, and during her pregnancy and maternity leave. Even then. They’d be happy with a dullard, but Harry was not.

      • Jaded says:

        @HS – IMHO Meghan and Harry started outshining Wm and Kate, they were clearly eclipsing any of the “so-called” work they were doing and becoming extremely popular. The Cambridges obviously started a grudge match, leaking to the tabloids, etc. and Meghan, as a bi-racial American actress, was shut down despite her obvious successes and charisma. I really believe Kate is behind a lot of this because, in her position, nobody should outshine her. She’s also in a miserable marriage and probably jealous as hell of the obvious adoration Meghan and Harry have for each other.

      • HS says:

        @Ennie and @Jaded all good and interesting points! Isn’t it sad to think that all this would be the reason to basically force someone out of your family? How petty and what an overall mess. I so wish we could’ve just had Meghan up there with the Royal family shinin’ her light and being awesome. It sucks that we won’t get to see that 🙁

      • blue36 says:

        The Queen does what her courtiers tell her to do, Harry was trying to talk face to face but was blocked by the courtiers.

      • windyriver says:

        In addition to what’s already been said, here’s one more angle.

        I mentioned once before, Angela Kelly had interesting information in her book last year about dressing TQ. She started about 1994 as an assistant dresser, and writes she did her job efficiently, but “soon became aware that I was also ruffling feathers.” She states, “On one occasion, I remember being told that only after twelve years as a staff member would I be allowed to have an opinion…I would only ever act in Her Majesty’s best interests and yet I often felt patronized and belittled.”

        And this is a woman who’d been personally requested to work at the palace by TQ, who met her when she visited the German residence of the British Ambassador there (Kelly was his housekeeper).

        She implies the household was very male dominated then, and that things are different now, but why would they be? Certainly the older members of the family would know the routines and traditions that had always been followed, and jealousy of status was obviously a longstanding part of the environment for people who worked there. So, that’s more background of what Meghan was facing.

        Kelly (who came from a modest background much like Meghan) survived because ultimately TQ did have her back. Maybe according to tradition Meghan was expected to keep her head down for a decade and not make waves by working too much. So, it wouldn’t just be the RF disliking her for reasons, but the courtiers as well, because she didn’t follow their “rules”. (Remember the fuss early on about Meghan supposedly pissing off staff because she sent a few text messages early in the morning?)

        It’s all part of a hostile picture.

      • MsIam says:

        Imo, I think it was Andrew who turned the queen against H&M, especially once the heat got turned up on him. And the idea of an outsider, a black one at that, being more favored than his daughters? Oh no. I think she would front for him even before William. She probably sees William as Charles’ problem to deal with. Charles, I guess is intimidated or was trying to placate William to build a relationship with him and looked the other way at his and Kate’s antics.

      • betsyh says:

        windyriver, What you wrote rings true. The men in gray dislike her because she doesn’t follow the rules, despite their trying to control her through leaks to the media. She set her own agenda and that is intolerable. Will and Kate dislike her because they do follow the rules and they are not getting the same level of public attention.

    • Le4Frimaire says:

      @HS, Like Tessa said, I have a few in-laws who I would never be friends with outside of marriage and they do things that drive me nuts. However, we keep it amongst ourselves, can coordinate get togethers, and talk about our kids. Not liking someone is no excuse to willfully try to destroy a marriage and use propaganda like levels of vitriol to drive them away. The Royal family’s behavior is a disgrace to the nation they supposedly represent. They decided they had to do this to protect the hierarchy. It was never about liking her, it was about neutralizing a threat, and Harry is the collateral damage.

    • Guest with Cat says:

      It has been widely reported that William’s Eton friends derided Kate for being a commoner. William didn’t do jack to stick up for his own wife on that, as he has repeatedly gone off with them and on jaunts that demonstrate he cares nothing for her feelings or dignity. Hell, he has Kate playing hostess on her own birthday with the “alleged” mistress he humiliated her with enough that she wanted the woman banished from their social circle. That tells you all you need to know about the levels of douchebaggery these people are capable of, even with people they conceive children with. Meghan doesn’t need to do anything wrong or annoying to get frozen out. And if you don’t believe the reports about William, fine: Diana has already told us it doesn’t take much, just having normal emotional needs and normal vulnerability is enough to get you reviled and exiled.

      • MsIam says:

        Dang, @Guest when you put it that way I could almost, sorta, kinda feel a tiny bit sorry for Kate having to put up with that. Girl must want it really really bad.

      • yinyang says:

        Yes @ Guest is anyone really surprised that this family is petty enough to dislike someone for no reason at all. Even if she was the most “fakest” and “actressy” it doesn’t give the right for them and their goons to treat her in such an undignified manner. When I first saw Meghan I couldn’t get over how much she looked like Kate’s biracial twin, similar hieght, age, build, dark features. But evidently Meghan quickly surpassed Kate in terms of likabilty, and that’s when the rift happened, William and Kate feel Kate has more seniority and Meghan should play second fiddle, but Meghan didn’t play that and so Wilileaks started.

      • notasugarhere says:

        The ‘doors to manual’ and all that other ‘middle class commoner’ stuff was a pile of bunk from the paid Middleton PR hacks. Did the aristocrats like the Middletons? Of course not, they could see those social climbers coming a mile away. But those stories that are quoted constantly about William’s friends not liking her and those quotes? All from Carole’s PR people at the Fail.

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      I’m going to throw my tin foil tiara into the ring here and say that TQ doesn’t necessarily not like Meghan. I think she’s just doing what she does best and is burying her head in the sand while Wills has his little tantrum over little brother and his bride being more popular. She’ll kowtow to the spoiled firstborn and throw anyone under the bus if it keeps him “happy.” I think this has always been an issue between the brothers and the rest of the family is really inept at dealing with Will’s ego.

      • The Queen has always followed the Windsor dictum: Duty to Crown first, family second. I think as a grandmother to a Harry she likes Meghan. But as Queen, she is the Sun around which every single member of her family must orbit and never, ever outshine. Every single one of them, from Phillip on down are there to quietly and blandly support her. No one is allowed to outshine the monarch. No One. Not now, not ever. There is a 1000 year history to support this and British monarchs have always been ruthless in their pursuit of this. Just because there are no literal heads rolling or stays in the tower nowadays doesn’t mean the Crown is incapable of ruthless behavior. It just takes a more modern form.

      • MeghanNotMarkle says:

        And yet she fails to understand how Meghan’s star shining doesn’t diminish her own. If anything, showing to be open and accepting of Meghan would have been PR gold and cast her in a good light. She’s really, really bad at this game.

    • MsIam says:

      Is there anyone more “fake and inauthentic” than Kate Middleton? The faux-ristocrat? And yet they accepted her. Whatever could be the difference? Hmm, let me think…….

    • Anon says:

      PR troll, I guess… Who do you work for, “publicist HS”?

    • February Pisces says:

      @HS I think like a lot of people in positions of power, they generally don’t trust outsiders. The Kardashian’s are the same, as soon as one of them startes dating someone, the others gather around like a pack of wolves ready to defend themselves. I think around the time harry met Meghan, he had probably fallen in love quite a few times, and the RF thought here’s the ‘next one’. I don’t think they initially took the relationship seriously, and probably just saw some glamorous actress looking for a come-up. So I get that they might have been guarded, but they should have atleast been nice, and slowly got to know her. Most of the reasons that the trolls hate her for is that they didn’t ‘trust her’ or that ‘shes trouble’. I think at this point she has proven her trust worth-ness, becuase they have been tested more than any other couple and have come out the other side together. And as for ‘trouble’ she’s not responsible for that either.

    • A says:

      They didn’t like Diana because Diana refused to conform to the rules as they were laid out for her. She was told to be quiet, to accept Charles’ affairs, to slog through an unhappy marriage and put on a happy facade in the public, to not rock the boat, to respect the hierarchy in the royal family, and above all, not steal the spotlight from Charles, and most importantly, the Queen. She was to show no personality, no semblance of independent thought, at least nothing that hadn’t been pre-approved by the Queen and her staffers. She was to never stick up for herself. She was expected to quietly and cheerfully acquiesce to all types of indignities and never complain. She was expected to accept the Queen’s mandate that to be a royal is to be self-sacrificing and miserable above all else, because that’s how she’s been doing it for the last 40 years, so that’s how everyone else should as well. And as I already stated, she was to never, ever, dare to upstage the two most important people in the royal pecking order, which is the Queen, and then Charles.

      The explanation you’re looking for, that whole, “Well there must be something MORE,” is this. The Mountbatten-Windsors are a deeply dysfunctional family full of fundamentally insecure people who don’t have a very resilient sense of self-worth. The only way they’ve ever learned how to assert themselves is by behaving incredibly petty and entitled, especially towards those they see as their inferior. They tear others down and demand that they stop shining so brightly because they think someone else being good will expose how bad they are. They clashed with Meghan because she made it clear, from the beginning, that she would not be setting herself on fire to keep them warm.

      The racism was an added, yet huge factor, in just how infuriated they got at Meghan. Because Diana, for all of her faults, was still a white lady from an impeccable aristocratic background. You could forgive her, somewhat, for asserting herself. She had “earned” it by virtue of her birth and standing in a classicist society. But Meghan?? A biracial actress raised by a single black mom, with a tacky white family, who was American no less. And she came in there thinking she was just as good as all of these born-in royals? With her hard work and her charisma and the actual interest she took in the lives of other people? Her existence was probably deeply upsetting to their lily-white understanding of the world where they were always on top. She was a threat in a way that even Diana wasn’t. And that probably accounts for at least some of their abysmal behaviour.

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        So true @A… Everyone should read up on the history of the British Aristocracy and how it developed out of medieval times and eventually flourished in the late 1600s through the 1700s and 1800s, and then began a slow decline in the 1900s.

        Meghan entering the British royal family ultimately ended up exposing all their f’ing sh*t. And I do mean all!!! That actually is a good thing. Diana’s story ended the fake fairy tale of being swept off one’s feet by a loving prince. Meghan & Harry’s absolutely authentic but unexpected love story ended the knee-jerk tiara, ballgown, fantasy palace dreams of to-die-for luxurious perks and benign royal in-laws.

        The ‘royal fantasy’ was exposed to high heaven because of the Lamebridges’ jealousy and insecurity, but also because of the old-fashioned, stuck-in-the-mud courtiers, and an aging Queen who has never liked dealing with family squabbles in the first place. Also, all the royal sh*t has been exposed because Meghan is a full-grown woman who already had a successful life and is comfortable in her own skin. And because she and Harry shine so brightly together. What people neglect to notice though is that M&H both have their feet on the ground, and they’ve both made sacrifices to fully commit to a life together and to nurture their love against all odds. Nothing in life comes without a price to pay.

        Despite the Sussexes’ initial gung-ho enthusiasm and their best upbeat efforts, life inside the gilded cage became an actual migraine headache nightmare. No kidding. None of the perks are worth putting up with abuse for, much less ‘to-dying-for,’ and certainly NOT ‘dimming one’s light’ for! OTOH, finding, falling in love with, and strongly aligning with an unexpected soul mate is EVERYTHING, and well worth fighting for!

    • Pineapple says:

      HS … I’ll bite. Here is my take on this. Okay, say they don’t like Meg. Okay. Now, do they like Harry? I would argue yes. So then the question is do you sit down and not like her quietly like an adult? Like so many of us do with family members? Because you are grown up and want to preserve your family and those relationships? I would argue the disrespect to Harry is appalling.

      Second, Harry is a grown adult. I don’t expect my children to marry “who I want”. I expect to have to work to like my family members. Who my children marry is none of my damn business. My decision is do I want a relationship with them? If I do? I make things EASIER for them, NOT harder.

    • HeySanDiego says:

      I also think there is way more going on behind the scenes. I honestly think the major problem was/is with Megan is a fully grown women with real world experiences, worked from a young age, has earned her own money and lived by her own rules for decades before coming into the royal family. They can’t control and mold her into what they want.
      The royal family is a family of know your “role”, “conform” and do as you are told. Fall in line and remember the heir is the most important member of this family. Everything we do is to preserve the monarchy and the head of the monarchy is the “heir”.
      William’s position is secured in the family and nothing he/wife do will ever change that. Harry on the other hand had to find a way to exist within the family. He knew what was expected from him but he also wants more for his life. More than just smile and nod.
      He met a woman who shared the same values and work ethic and most importantly, AMBITION. AND THAT IS THE CARDINAL SIN.
      Unfortunately, i think they were very naive in thinking that they can work and coexist within the family structure.
      The family is not going to come out and support them especially an outsider with her own opinions, voice and who will not just accept what they are told and fall in line. Everyone else is doing it, why can’t you.
      In their view, they have no need for Harry and Megan but that is also their own short sightedness. The world is changing and more people are paying attention. I do think Harry and Megan are going to go on to do great things but they cannot fulfill their purpose, ambition and remind in the family.

  34. Jackie-Oh says:

    I wish the press would stop calling it “Megxit” it was “Sussexit” as they left TOGETHER. Or, even more appropriate would be “Megxile” as she was singled out and run off!!

    • Ina says:

      I agree. “Megxit” is a cruel term as it ascribes their exit to Meghan and Meghan alone. This term needs to be burned.

      • notasugarhere says:

        It is a term straight from the bowels of tumblr and the Meghan haters. They’ve been using it for years now.

  35. TheOriginalMia says:

    I read the article last night and it just depressed me. Meghan is a good person. Pettiness, racism, and misogyny both outside and inside the BRF dimmed her light. They wanted to crush her spirit. Shame on the entire family for abandoning Harry and Meghan. I know this hurts Harry because he’s always been there for both the Queen and William. For them to turn their back on him, to allow the press to malign and abuse Meghan without one word being said…I know he’s pissed at them.

    I’m not surprised Omid came out as strongly as he did. He’s not part of the Royal Rota. He works exclusively for VF. Obviously, Meghan trusts him, so he’ll get those exclusives. Also, he’s a POC, he probably has experienced racism in the UK and isn’t burying his hand in the sand over it.

  36. GuestOne says:

    I can see where she wouldn’t fit personality wise with the royals. They also haven’t known her that long, she’s an outsider, may be suspicious of her intentions etc. Not that Windsors are any better but they probably judge her because of the Markles behaviour too.

    But if they can be nice to likes of Andrew, Fergie, Sheikh Mohammed& whole lot of shady characters they have been associated with & been protective of& we haven’t heard she’s done anything as awful as those types- can’t see how treatment can be justified

    • A says:

      The difference between Meghan and Andrew and Fergie and Sheikh Mohammed and everyone else is that all of these other shady people are still royalty/aristocracy. Meghan is not. That informs their whole view.

      There was a Vogue article which explained how, to the Queen, the most important person in the world is her, the monarch, because she is the monarch. After her are her heirs/immediate family and children. After that are all of the other members of the royalty, in Britain and elsewhere. After that are the aristocrats and other nobles. And then it’s the common folks like you and me and Meghan.

      If you are a commoner, you are fully expected to grovel and beg for their acceptance and approval. The more sycophantic and deferential and self-debasing you act, the more they’ll treat you better. If you don’t, they’ll think you’re uppity and putting on airs that don’t belong to you, and shut you off straight away. This is born, not out of suspicion or protectiveness, but from a desire to have their egos massaged. I’m willing to bet Meghan refused to play by those rules and reduce her self-worth for the sake of theirs, and they punished her for it by behaving like a-holes.

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        @A says:
        “If you are a commoner, you are fully expected to grovel and beg for their acceptance and approval.”

        I agree with you A, once again. They all apparently expected M&H to fade into the background after their royal wedding, but interest in Meghan, and in M&H as a couple only increased after their wedding. And then, ironically, the abuse and mistreatment that reached a fever pitch after the Sussexes’ successful South Pacific tour, and increased throughout Meghan’s pregnancy, also spurred even more widespread interest. Tabloid disrespect toward Meghan rapidly built the loyalty of a huge Sussex fan base.

        Bottom line: Meghan was expected to grovel and to be grateful and to kowtow in the background while the royals who ‘matter’ hitched a ride atop the Sussex coattails. It was never going to work. Still, Meghan did her level best bending over backward in the beginning, trying to fit in, without losing her own identity in the process.

        When Meghan saw that it wasn’t working and that nothing she did would ever make any difference to the haters and the racist instigators, she realized she just had to be herself and stop trying to ‘fit in.’ When I saw M&H at the London premiere of Hamilton, in September 2018, I got the message loud and clear. To me, Meg in her black tuxedo mini-dress was saying: “This is me. This is who I am. I shall NOT be moved.”

  37. Royal says:

    I think that the royal family was honestly surprise they were leaving. I believe the royal fam did not speak up because they had a built in scapegoat. when Bush needs trimming or fingers need fattening they could always have someone to throw under the bus. I think the royal family think they would just stay there and take it

  38. RedRoyal says:

    I hate, loathe, and despise the royal family.

    • Lady D says:

      With the exception of the Canadian branch, I’m with you. The world moves in the 21st century, the BRF wants to stay in the 1600’s.

  39. JRenee says:

    Maybe this is a start for other journalists to show some integrity and publish what is really occurring instead of the bull crap they have overlooked..

  40. Lily says:

    All this unnecessary cruelty against Harry and meg because willie-prince-to-be couldn’t watch the younger brother be loved by the people, couldn’t accept him to have a strong hardworking wife instead of the weak power wife he chose, couldnt watch them have sooooooooo much staaaaaaaarpower and of course, how dare she be black and be better than him & katie?
    Meg and harry will have so much love from the world, i hope they thriiiiiive.

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      @Lily says:
      “… willie-prince-to-be couldn’t watch the younger brother be loved by the people, couldn’t accept him to have a strong hardworking wife instead of the weak power wife he chose…”

      Honestly, ‘Willie-prince’ couldn’t find a strong, hardworking, comfortable in her own skin wife who was willing to put up with his petty a$$. One aristocrat Willie fell passionately infatuated with, Isabella Calthorpe (Cressida’ half-sister), apparently saw William for exactly who he is. Isabella wasn’t interested and she patiently let William know he was wasting his time running after her. So Wm tucked tail between his legs and went back to Kate (he actually returned to Kate more than once after ditching her). Kate was the only one hungry and eager enough to wait as long as she did, putting up with William’s cruel dismissive, entitled a$$.

      Frankly, most aristocratic female contemporaries of William and Harry knew what had happened to the Wales boys’ mother, Diana. So fat chance of any young ‘Sloan Ranger’ in the aristocracy giving either of them serious consideration as marriage material.

  41. Lis says:

    They got a raw deal from the UK press but its not like they are homeless and on the streets. I get the feeling they will do just fine without the stress of making the bills like the rest of us mere mortals.

    Everyone wins. William and Kate have all of the UK to themselves. Meghan and Harry have the whole world.

    Cue up the music and lyrics from that old gladys knight song about the need to be which fits this situation 1000% and move on

    • MsIam says:

      If only it could be that simple. I’m sure H&M would love to move on, the question is will they be allowed? The BRF and the RR are not done with them yet, not by a long shot. Since W&K are not capable of much of substance, they can’t have H&M out here shining like the sun over in the US or Canada or wherever they land. So the game will continue….

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        Sadly, there’s every evidence you are right. That’s why the Meghan, Harry & Archie need our continued prayers and support. #ISTANDWITHTHESUSSEXES!

    • Anon says:

      Quoting Bill Barr, “everyone dies”. Meaghan and Harry are also mere mortals, humans like everyone else. You’re minimising the basic respect they are owned with assumptions about status and wealth, and that is one of the excuses the tabloids use for their harrassment: it comes with the territory.

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      Oh yes, @Lis, Gladys Knight & The Pips, “The need to be…”

      To fulfill the need to be who I am
      in this world, is all I ask
      I can’t pretend to be something that I am not
      and I won’t wear a mask…

      So if you are sure it’s love
      just be sure it’s love for this thing called me
      cause I am who I am and I have the need to be.

  42. Awkward symphony says:

    This article left me crying for hours😭omid was brave to publish this. I’d recommend you all read the times one by bryony Gordon too. Shes a close friend of harry’s and is the one who interviewed him for his exclusive mental health admissions during the kick start of heads together.

    The RF has been on a steady decline since Diana’s death. The intrest in her boys was the firm’s only safety net and that interest was even pre-Meghan heavily swayed in harry’s way as the playboy “troubled spare”. Now that the world sees that William was bullying his brother and the possibility of it all being exposed during the court cases will only expedite their public fall! After Queenie dies, I predict Charles’s reign will be the last.

  43. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    Omid did a great job with that article. I think it articulates everything really well and we very poignant. This whole mess really could have been avoided if anyone in that family had a spine or a heart. As one commenter mentioned above, it seemed to have gotten off to a good start. Charles walked Meghan down the aisle and looked genuinely happy to be doing it. TQ invited Meghan on that train ride for an event right after the wedding. And then the wheels came off. Will’s petulance must really be unmatched. I firmly believe this is between the brothers and the rest of the family has no idea how to put Wills in his place, or how to handle the star power they were handed when they got Meghan. It’s truly their loss.

  44. February Pisces says:

    Being a married in ‘working’ member of the royal family is the only job your Not actually allowed to be good at. When Meghan joined I bet she thought her enthusiasm and work ethic would be appreciated. But no, if only she was dull, boring , lazy doormat, who spent 8 years working on a 5 question survey, she would have been called a ‘success’.

    • A says:

      I don’t want to be trite or flippant but honestly…Meghan really did go into it with such an American attitude didn’t she? That all she needed to succeed as to work hard and love the game and show up and have a good work ethic. And then you get to the reality and it turns out that everyone expects you to purposefully flunk so that two people who don’t put in half as much as work as you do can still look better because one of them was born a few years ahead and somehow that makes a difference.

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      This. They celebrate mediocrity so much that when someone comes along ready to really work, she’s run out of the country for being too popular. And too black. And too American. And too divorced. But I digress.

  45. Vava says:

    Well one good thing has come from this. I got blocked from GOMI for standing up for Meghan and Harry on one of their forums in there. I posted something, it was deleted. I posted it again and now can’t access the site. My IP address is blocked now, and so I’ll never be able to read the nasty crap on GOMI again. YAY. I do think some of the “influencers” who are reviewed on that site warrant the snark, but the treatment of the Sussexes is completely disgusting. The vitriol is ever bit as nasty as some of the comments on the Daily Mail.

    • carmen says:

      What is GOMI?

      • Vava says:

        It’s a site called Get Off My Internet. Where people snark about bloggers, instagramers, royalty, and probably politics (but I’m not sure). I usually just followed a couple of threads on two weird sisters from Utah who think they are everything… But I checked out the Sussex page and really couldn’t believe what I was reading. So obviously, the owner Alice, is also a racist bortch just like the rest of them in there.

    • Abby says:

      I cannot with GOMI. I read the influencer snark but the Meghan stuff is mean and racist and biased. I agree. It’s just as bad as the DM.

  46. yinyang says:

    Don’t the british have defamation lawsuits, they have harrassed this girl and tarnished her reputation, make up bullshit off the top of their heads and blame it on “sources” It’s disgusting, BP behave like a stalker narcissit ex boyfriend that torments their victim, there;s got to be a way to stop this. I hope once theyre back in Canada, he or Meghan come out with their story to a canadian paper just to set the record straight, the WEstern world is more unerstanding than ridicluing.

  47. Bellah says:

    Shade alert!. ….a cuppa tea in the middle….😂
    Love the commentary from the Sec General.

    ““She has been a fantastic amplifier of ACU messages to much broader audiences for us,” she tells me, adding that her patronage has given the ACU coverage in places they could have never reached before, including Harper’s BAZAAR. She calls Meghan a powerful spokesperson, recalling how she started public conversations about the lack of Black professors and even period poverty. “The headlines haven’t been about what our patron is wearing or the official engagement started at this time and ended at that time and there was a cup of tea in the middle, it’s about why we are doing what we do and why ACU exists. She’s been a real champion of the work that universities do.””

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      And then there’s Kate, who let one of her patronages fail and another chose Ed Sheeran to be their public figure because Kate couldn’t be bothered to work for them. The mind boggles.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Rose Hanbury and her husband did a fund raising dinner too, because W&K weren’t doing anything to raise funds for EACH.

  48. Eva J. says:

    Meghan and Harry were treated disgracefully and it’s true, what a loss. And I have to say the fact that racists in the royal family would rather see them go and not support them says it all. They prepared to show support to Andrew, a disgraced pedophile enabler but not Meghan. And there are no words to describe how rude William and Kate were to Meghan and Harry. Shameful.

  49. Well-Wisher says:

    Just imagine if Harry was allowed to see his grandmother before the “request to step down as senior royals” was leaked by his brother. The summit would have had the Sussexes present and future employers. The second heir wouldn’t/shouldn’t have been in the room and his “blame Harry and Meghan” and “all or nothing approach” would not have been an issue as he tried unsuccessfully to yet again bully his brother. The results would’ve been different.

    Further down the Sussexes would not have had to be harassed by the press which was instigated to “cause a divorce” and a “miscarriage”.

    Prince Charles failed his son. If he tried to really listen to Harry and ponder what was best for the BRF. The results would have been different.
    William was being himself- whatever that means” and lovely Catherine “bless her heart”. She is the embodiment of status anxiety and jealousy. How can one be so insecure inspite of having so much? The Cambridges positions are secured by luck of birth order and the ability to “be the last one standing cate” yet are unable to be magnanimous and gracious.
    Such coarse and gauche behaviour, unbecoming a future monarch and his consort. Where are the non-exsisting protocols when one needs them?
    It is comforting to know that his reign will be unlike his grandmother’s and maybe confined to the UK or Little England.

  50. Office says:

    There are a lot delusional morons on this.

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      And maybe @Office needs to stop name-calling and trolling over time, and take a vacation.