Would you like to see Brittany Snow’s rainy-Malibu wedding photos?

Brittany Snow is, I suspect, most famous for her role in the Pitch Perfect franchise. Snow has been around for years, appearing on many TV shows (she’s currently in Almost Family) and films over the years. I’ve always liked her, but I really don’t pay much attention to her as a celebrity. But everybody loves wedding photos, right? This past weekend, Brittany married Tyler Stanaland in Malibu. My guess is that they’d planned the wedding for months and since it was a relatively small ceremony anyway, they didn’t feel like cancelling just for the coronavirus pandemic. Even though… they probably should have? I don’t know. Apparently, 100 people were there. Bad news, in retrospect.

I think Brittany’s new father-in-law was the one who posted this Instagram collection of their wedding ceremony. Brittany wore a simple Jonathan Simkhai gown with long lace sleeves. Her hair was held back loosely, and she skipped the veil, opting instead for some flowers in her hair. Apparently, they intended to marry in the sunshine on the lawn of Cielo Farms, but the ceremony was moved to a covered terrace because it was raining on Saturday in Malibu.

Her guy gives off “Tall John Stamos” vibes.

71st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Photos courtesy of WENN, IG.

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12 Responses to “Would you like to see Brittany Snow’s rainy-Malibu wedding photos?”

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  1. NWRose says:

    Congrats to her! And they had a puppy there too!

  2. girl_ninja says:

    She looks lovely and happy. Her husband looks like a handsome Jax from Vanderpump Rules.

  3. Kyla says:

    To me, she’s always going to be Meg Pryor from American Dreams. I think I might need to get my American Dreams DVDs for a rewatch.

  4. lobstah says:

    Wow, he’s super good-looking. To quote Bridesmaids, I’d climb that like a tree ;)

  5. Whatnow says:

    Yes Meg Pryor.

    I have season one of American Dreams which sheer luck I picked it up years ago in a discount bin at surplus type store.

    My understanding is because it had such wonderful music in It’s soundtrack that they could never get the license be able to put out the full series.

    American Band stand rules LOL

    • Kyla says:

      Before it was shut down, iOffer was a good source for finding DVDs of various shows. I got season 2 and 3 of American Dreams there. Sure they have commercials in them, but it’s the original music as it aired on tv.

  6. LDub311 says:

    What is her reception dress? Those stars are too cute!

  7. harlowish says:

    I’m getting married in two and a half weeks, but my wedding has changed drastically in response to the coronavirus. The original plan was very small, 24 guests total, but I’ve cut it back to 10 (including my fiance and me), and we’re having to hold it at home because our venue canceled. Our plan is to have a celebration with our friends in a few months/whenever things normalize, but I didn’t want to postpone the marriage because I am beyond ready to make this man my husband, and that’s more important to me than the party.

    • Lipreng says:

      I am so sorry you had to change your plans. Thank you for your concern about the health of others :)

    • Sarah says:

      Yeah my poor sister was set to get married in two weeks and has now had to postpone until the fall, as it was a large wedding and half the wedding party can’t even fly in, plus it would have been hundreds of people, ( we have a huge family) And I feel so bad for her. Thats awesome for those who can still make a small wedding work, I wouldn’t wish the logistical nightmare of what’s she’s going through on anyone.