Demi Lovato’s ‘immunity table’ includes vitamins to ‘protect against 5G radiation’

Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus did an Instagram Live splitscreen interview yesterday that I just happened to tune into. First of all, I’m running with the most sensational part of their interview because it’s my job to find an angle. Overall it was uplifting, sweet and they both were open for their fans. I was touched by some of the things Demi said and you can tell she has done a lot of work on herself. Demi has a entire table full of different vitamins, disinfectant and protective gear, but I don’t think she believes that vitamins protect against 5G. More on that below.

Miley was mildly annoying, but she was also professional and kept the conversation flowing. Viewers kept telling her the audio was bad, because Miley’s audio was echoing when Demi was talking. I do video conferencing all the time and usually one person needs to wear headphones or there’s an echo! Miley blew off the criticism though, calling it picky because she didn’t hear the echo. Demi is now living with her family in a mansion (I’m assuming, she said they had a guest house) that they just moved into. She said a guest who visited her apartment building tested positive for the coronavirus so that’s why she left. Miley mentioned that her grandmother is short of breath but Miley thinks she’s just having anxiety. Miley’s mom still visits their grandmother so Miley isn’t visiting her mom so as to reduce risk. They’re both taking social distancing seriously!

Miley had a lot of questions prepared and they bonded over a few things. They’ve known each other since they were fourteen and Demi said they really connected back then, I’m assuming when they worked for Disney. Miley said “maybe that’s because we’re gay as f-ck” and Demi looked embarrassed at that! There were a lot of “Memi was real!” comments so maybe they did hook up at some point, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Both Miley and Demi said they’re prioritizing wellness, and that they love to meditate using apps like Calm and Breathe. Demi showed her “immunity table.” It was stocked with so many vitamins, medicine, rubbing alcohol, masks and elixirs! She had ultra greens, oil of oregano, apple cider vinegar and probiotics among other things. I’ve included some poor quality screenshots below and Demi has a video on her stories as well. She said one set of dropper bottles called C60 was supposed to “protect against 5G radiation” but that a friend of the family bought those. She laughed afterwards like it was a dumb concept. There’s a conspiracy theory that 5G internet caused the coronavirus outbreak, which… no. To be clear Demi did not mention this, I’m just including it as background.

They talked a lot about body image, Demi has been open about struggling with that, and about staying positive and healthy. I took notes but they’re paraphrased as I had to type quickly. Here’s some of what they said:

Miley asked Demi the blessing and curse of social media
Demi: The blessing is humor. I’m so grateful that everyone is able to make content. There’s going to be a lot of interesting stuff that comes out of this, like movie ideas and tv shows. The curse is that I think the cancel culture is way too savage. You have no room for error and that’s a huge problem. People say things online 15 years ago. Think of how things have changed [over the years].

You say one thing it’s on the internet forever and you’re all of a sudden canceled. There’s no room for forgiveness. We lose ourselves when we’re so quick to judge. Cancel culture either needs to stop or slow down.

Demi on her purpose now
Demi: My whole purpose in what I do is to help someone else. [In puberty] I didn’t have anyone in young Hollywood to look up to that had a normal body. It was just these stick figures. I made a vow to myself, when I get older I want to represent what I don’t have. I want to be that person. I talked about my struggles with food and stuff and I’m glad that I did because it’s brought me and my fans closer. It helps young people learn to accept their bodies.

Miley didn’t wear skirts, shorts or a bikini after people mocked her at the VMAs
Miley: I went 2 to 3 years where I wouldn’t wear skirts because after the VMAs everyone started comparing me to a turkey. I was feeling so bad about myself that I did not wear a bikini for two years. Memes can be so hurtful. When it’s about you it’s so not funny. I was probably 21 and I was just starting to understand myself as an independent person. It was so hurtful to be body shamed like that. It changed my personal life. What was so hard about it is that my brand was being so unapologetically myself and so confident. I felt like [my] persona was a fraud.

Demi on struggling with body acceptance
Demi: When you were feeling like a fraud I related to that. When I did my song Confident I was working out so much and eating such a strict diet that I wasn’t confident. I may be heavier… but I’ll take that over being thinner and miserable everyday.

I still sometimes struggle with body dysmorphia. [Instead of telling myself I'm beautiful I try to] just look in the mirror and go “I’m grateful for the body I have. I’m grateful for the health and the strength.” It’s just asking yourself what are your values and how can you be the most authentic to yourself.

It’s important not to be consumed with negative thoughts. These are different very scary times. We’ve never been through anything like this in our lives. It’s ok to take care of ourselves and be gentle with ourselves.

[Transcribed from Instagram]

Demi really impressed me and this is a great idea of Miley’s, to interview other celebrities. I like all these live events the celebrities are doing and I came away from this feeling like I knew both of them a little better. Miley interviewed her therapist on Monday. Hopefully she’ll wear headphones for the next interview. That’s today at 11:30 am PST with that one successful couple from Love is Blind, Lauren and Cameron. You can watch Demi and Miley’s interview on Miley’s Instagram stories until it expires at 11:30 am PST and someone put it on YouTube.

As for the stuff that’s supposed to protect against 5G, it’s an antioxidant called Carbon 60 or shungite, and I found a study that shows that it worked somewhat in mice to protect them against UV radiation. That doesn’t mean it works in humans or that 5G is harmful.





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  1. Erinn says:

    I really wish celebrities would stop promoting bullshit. If you want to pump dumb things into your body because someone is preying on your fear – go for it. But don’t publicize it for other people. I think shungite is used in like… filters? While it might help purify water… this kind of thing is so wildly unregulated and dangerous. You just don’t know what you’re getting.

    • LadyMTL says:

      This x 1000. I hate it when people do this, be they celebs or people I know.
      A friend on IG put up a story yesterday that was basically just the bottle of vitamins that she was using to ‘protect herself’ and she’d put in hashtags like #Covid19 and #I’mready…I looked at the bottle and it’s supposed to help “boost your interferon levels” and therefore improve your immune system.
      I swear, I came so very close to unfollowing her. One more like it, and I probably will.

    • Celebitchy says:

      To be clear she was not promoting this at all and she did not elaborate. Read what I wrote. She said a friend bought those and she laughed about it afterwards.

      • Kayla says:

        I’m actually going to push back a little at this. Celebs and influencers strategically place things in the background of their photos for the sole purpose of promotion. Demi specifically mentioning something, even if she laughed after, was still promotion.

      • Jules says:

        @ kayla, I agree. it is hypnotic and subliminal advertising that we are supposed to not catch.

    • Noodle says:

      If you believe that, you are clearly not getting enough silver in your diet. Silver removes all doubt and helps you see the truth clearly. It also turns you blue, which is pretty awesome. (/s, if my humor isn’t communicating clearly this morning.)

  2. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    The internet is funny for sure. But imo, it’s hardly the best thing by a long shot. Don’t get me wrong, I still sing, ‘Seagulls gonna come, poke me in the coconut, and how I’m gonna, ‘Run to Dagobah’ singing, ‘We got Death Star death star.’ but the age of information has brought us so much more. It’s tough and unrelenting, but we have better clarity and purpose. We’re not working in the dark. And we don’t blindly go. Anywhere.

  3. Thaisajs says:

    5G hasn’t even really been deployed in the US. So there’s no reason to “protect” yourself from anything. Radiation from cell phones is a thing, although there is still no definitive evidence of what it does to your brain, but obviously not sleeping with the phone next to your head would probably do more than any vitamins she’s taking.

    I love it when idiot celebrities show themselves on social media. It shows us all what publicists have been dealing with behind the scenes for years.

  4. Kimberly says:

    I have a 5g Phone bc I buy phones 1x every 3-4 years…..I’ll let y’all know….