Vanessa Hudgens: ‘people are going to die, which is terrible but like, inevitable?’

2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

You know what? I’m actually surprised that more stupid celebrity stuff hasn’t happened already. Maybe it’s taken this long because celebrities had, up until now, thought they were above a peasant-level quarantine. Meaning, self-isolation, social distancing, quarantines, the lack of availability in testing… all of that is for the peasants, the poors. I’m sure that’s how many rich people think. But very few of them are ditzy enough to say it on their Instagram Stories, which is what Vanessa Hudgens did.

The background: Vanessa has been on “lockdown” like most people, and like many celebrities, she’s been doing social media content, like makeup and hair videos. At one point on her IG Stories on Monday, she looks into the camera and talks about how Donald Trump said on Monday that this pandemic crisis could last until “July” or “August.” Vanessa said:

“Um, yeah, ’til July sounds like a bunch of bullsh-t. I’m sorry, but like, it’s a virus, I get it, like, I respect it, but at the same time I’m like, even if everybody gets it, like yeah, people are going to die, which is terrible but like, inevitable? I don’t know. Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this right now?”

After that clip was picked up and it went massively viral, Vanessa then posted another video on her IG on Tuesday where she claimed people were twisting her words…?

“I realize that some of my comments are being taken out of context. It’s a crazy time. it’s a crazy, crazy, time, and I am at home and I am in lockdown and I hope that’s what you guys are doing, too; in full quarantine and staying safe and sane. I don’t take this situation lightly by any means. Stay inside y’all.”

I’m including the videos below. I think Vanessa sounds baked as hell in the first one, not that being high is a good excuse for this kind of assholery. She’s basically saying that she’s not going to stay in lockdown until July because by then, the coronavirus will have killed off all of the people who deserved to die and it was all inevitable, probably because they were poor and old? Sorry, I don’t really speak Baked Rich Bitch Celebrity. All of this is deeply f–king offensive and her half-assed apology is terrible.

West Side Story Opening Night - Arrivals.

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  1. Tammy says:

    This coming from the same woman that carved her name into the rocks at the National park. Not surprised … she’s in her own world.

    • Mtec says:

      And who still publicly supports Woody Allen.

    • Esmom says:

      Oh geez, I’d forgotten about that. Wow. The self-centeredness is mind-blowing. I don’t know how old she is but seems like she should know better by now. JFC.

      • Mtec says:


        She’s a grown-ass 31 yr-old (with the vocabulary of a vapid teenager). So yeah, she should know better by now.

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        I saw that and tweeted back that maybe she shouldn’t tweet when she was so high; and didn’t she have a grandparent/parent/relative that could be at risk if she didn’t take this “bullsh-t” seriously? What a twat! She has a lot of empty-headed idiots that follow and listen to these “pearls of wisdom”.

      • Mich says:

        @(TheOG) jan90067 Even if she can’t bring herself to worry about other people, with the amount of weed she has smoked, her own lungs are likely compromised. Not so sure I’d be all that cavalier about this particular virus if I was her.

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        Mich, very true!!

      • Erinn says:

        Mich – it depends. If she’s using a dry herb vape to get high, the risk is incredibly minimal. Much safer than smoking a joint or vaping liquid.

  2. Sam says:

    Could you imagine being her PR person. Minding their own business. Thinking they’d have minimal work to do and then this happens.

    She really came with a trifecta of PR nightmare: the initial video, the video claiming her words were taken out of the context and then the “apology.”

    • Mia4s says:

      If anywhere is still delivering liquor I’d send a case to her publicist. Your client managing to damage her career and make people hate her while she is isolated and you are likely trying to isolate? That’s…a lot.

      Poor girl is probably just upset all the Native American headdresses Coachella-goers planned to culturally appropriate will go to waste.

      • Tiffany says:

        @Mia4s, that is exactly why she is upset. Coachella is a big payday for her. Her spon con is thru the roof.

  3. Mtec says:

    What a f-king moron.

    Let’s even say she meant something else, how is anyone supposed to take context from the dumb-ss way she speaks.

    “I’m sorry, but like, it’s a virus, I get it, like, I respect it, but at the same time I’m like, even if everybody gets it, like yeah, people are going to die, which is terrible but like, inevitable? I don’t know.” —is this supposed to be a coherent sentence? What IS she even trying to say except something stupid and heartless about people succumbing to this virus.

    Her team should invest in public speaking lesson ‘Cause even though she doesn’t really say anything coherent here, somehow she still manages to say something so f-king moronic.

    • smcollins says:

      Forget public speaking, how about an actual education? She’s showing just how uneducated she is, not just with what she’s saying but with how inarticulate she is at conveying it (I get the impression she talks like that all the time, possibly baked or not).

  4. Moxie Remon says:

    “Some of you will die, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.”

  5. K says:

    I’m freelance housemanager/nanny and meditation teacher. At this time I’m lucky I work for hospital physicians so I’m working extra in the midst of this but many of my friends are soon to be out of work with no paycheck in sight. At the moment, that is where my mind goes when celebrities chime in… there is so much being impacted by all of this and Vanessa Hudgens is privileged to sit inside and chime in on Instagram while many of her fellow humans around the world aren’t sure how they’re going to feed their families, stay healthy and make it day to day as this all unfolds. She’s an asshole.

    • LuckyD says:

      This. So much this. Service worker from health care workers, to restaurant workers (cooks, dishwashers, servers, bar tenders, owners), sanitation employees, small businesses, day care workers, the list of people that are going to deeply affected even if it just lasts a few weeks is mind numbing and keeps me from sleeping at night and I have the luxury of being able to complete my office work from home while homeschooling my kids.

  6. MCV says:

    This is why you don’t use your phone while you’re high.
    All this because Coachella got cancelled lol

    • Mel says:

      That’s exactly what I said on Twitter. She’s drunk / high as hell. And an asshole, obviously. I would have more “respect” for her if she’s posted “I was high. I panicked. I’m stupid and anxious that I can’t do pap strolls to keep relevant. Thank you to all medical staff and caregivers doing their best and putting their health in jeopardy”. There’s your apology.
      I get that many people will be hit with confinement anxiety but…if you feel it coming DO NOT START A LIVE FEED!!!

      • MCV says:

        She’s been spiraling since the breakup with Austin so I’m not surprised about this attention seeking behaviour.

      • sa says:

        “I get that many people will be hit with confinement anxiety but…if you feel it coming DO NOT START A LIVE FEED!!!”

        This is my thought. I’m sure that at some point we will all say something stupid that we really don’t mean because staying home will get to us. But be smart enough not to say it online, but if you do, just admit the confinement got to you and that you said something awful. Don’t put it on other people ‘taking it out of context.’

      • Pineapple says:

        So, so, so many lessons for these youngsters on social media. Although, at 31 … I would really hope an adult human would know better. All or many of us have said ridiculous stuff while intoxicated. You keep that stuff to yourself, do not post it.

  7. Alissa says:

    I read the word she said and was pretty horrified, but watching the video was so much worse because her tone was just so obnoxious and dismissive. between my husband and I, we have five grandparents and his father who are absolutely in high risk. I’m not worried about myself getting sick, but I’m very worried about them getting sick. what an ass hat.

    • OriginalLala says:

      im in the same boat with my grandparents and parents – this dumb ass can go take a long walk off a short pier. what a horrid person.

    • Mel says:

      I just left a note on my mom’s table yesterday as I was dropping off a few necessities for her. She was not home at the time. We had until 12 non yesterday to get into confinement in France.
      I couldn’t even hug her or kiss her anyway so it’s best we didn’t see each other. But then I went home and cried because I don’t know when I’ll see her again.
      I don’t want to put her at risk, she has preexisting conditions.

    • Nikki* says:

      I’m a grandma, but I’m so concerned for my grandchildren. One has asthma, and one is an infant. Kids don’t get it too much, but some get terribly sick. Frankly, I’d much rather an older person like me is a victim than a young person, but I’d still sure like to live decades longer, God willing! I know my kids really appreciate having loving babysitters handy, and it’s very weird to be apart so much now.

  8. Carobell says:

    The lack of empathy is astounding. People will die NEEDLESSLY. Yes people die every day, but not because a doctor had to triage them and decide that this person was too old or sick to even try anything but palliative care!

  9. Who ARE These People says:

    Age has not brought her wisdom.

    • jwoolman says:

      But what has age done to her face? She hardly looks anything like what I remember. Is it from Botox or botched plastic surgeries or what?

  10. manda says:

    I don’t understand not being worried. I am staying inside, most of the time. I’ve taken walks and will need to go grocery shopping again. My husband works for the phone company, and since that is a utility, he has to work, but the places he is supposed to go at times are blocked to him. So, like, some apartment buildings have decided “no contractors”, and that means he can’t go do the work, but other homes he has entered, and some businesses. So I am assuming that we will both get it and I’m worried about that. Although, I went to a funeral last week and we went to a show at a theater two weekends ago, so we might already have it!

    I also find myself worrying about fairly trivial things–will I be able to get my dog’s meds when they run out? Should I still schedule that mammogram that I’ve been putting off for a few months? I would like to get my hair colored, I need to reach out to my stylist and see what they are doing. That can wait but I’m worried about her income and family. Will I be able to get my pool opened? I guess we could try to learn that. Being quarantined when it’s hot seems better with a pool, not that we are quite there yet. I’m worried that the election will be harmed. That isn’t that trivial. Our primary has already been moved

    It’s for sure hard to make this drastic change and yes it does seem like it will last a while. I wish I felt optimistic, but all I got is a modicum of hope

    • Erinn says:

      I’m with you on the trivial things. It’s like – I’m scared of the whole thing and getting ill or losing loved ones. But then I’ll be thinking about how badly I need a haircut, and the dogs meds… luckily my dog is on anxiety meds, so I could wean her down for sure. But still. And I feel guilty about it? But it’s really mostly a case of things that are habit. It’s hard to reprogram yourself to a completely unknown thing.

      I’m not optimistic, but I’m also not as dismal as I’ve been late last week. I’ve got that bit of hope. We only have one confirmed case in my province, 6 presumptive. Our government and businesses have been starting to shut down so many things, that I think for us, it looks like the curve is going to be at least somewhat flattened.

      • manda says:

        Yes, I feel guilty about it! I think you are right about habit and it being hard to reprogram. I never thought about it like that, and now I feel a bit better. Thank you!

        Also, I am super worried about my mom, who doesn’t live near me and so I have no control to exert over that. That’s probably adding to my anxiety. I’m worried I might not see her for a while 🙁

      • Erinn says:

        I’m worried about mine as well. She’s 62 and she works retail. I know it’s a lot safer here than it is in many places, and I’m thankful for that. But I worry. Dad’s retired and healthy, so I have a lot less concern for him overall. But I’ve been losing sleep worried about mom.

        Sending some good vibes your way, manda. I’ll be rooting for your mom, too <3

    • Case says:

      I’m with you. I guess I just find myself wondering how the world will look when things DO get back to normal. When will the movies I was looking forward to be rescheduled? When will I be able to get in with my hair stylist (I had an appointment this week that I switched to May, but that might not be long enough)? My birthday was this month and I had plans with a couple friends — when will that be? I had some minor renovation plans for my house — when will I feel comfortable letting strangers in again? Will I get to go on my yearly weekend getaway in October? Etc. Etc. On top of the anxiety of getting this virus (I have asthma) or my vulnerable family members getting it (my mom especially has a lot of health issues). The world is a question mark right now. People like Vanessa who are seemingly unconcerned about all this confuse me so much. Even if you’re rich and healthy, you’re not worried about…anything right now? Really?

      I’m staying inside as much as possible — to protect me and my family, as well as those who are unable to stay inside because of their jobs, their need to shop more frequently due to budget constraints, etc. And she wants to go to Coachella. Okay then.

    • Vizia says:

      You can get your pets’ medication online. There are websites that take your order, contact your vet, and send them via USPS or UPS. I use

      and they’re quick, reliable and professional.

    • jwoolman says:

      The mammogram can wait unless you have worrisome symptoms.

      The dog’s meds – well, the vet can mail them out or you could ask the vet to send a prescription to an online critter pharmacy. Maybe ask for a bigger prescription than usual?

      That’s all I got…

  11. grabbyhands says:

    Poor little thing is pissed she can’t go to Coachella in some stupid costume right now.

    I can believe she said it, I can’t believe anyone still gives her the time of day.

  12. Marzipan says:

    Her posts are really stupid and ignorant.🙄
    I know this is off topic, but: What is it with this constant use of the word “like”…??? It seems to be an epidemic of its own. When I learnt English at school, we were building complete sentences…

  13. Mellie says:

    OMG…here we go again with the privileged celebrity BS, many of them are doing good things, donations, free online concerts/shows, helping their communities out, staying home…then you have this dumbass who ruins it for all of them, yet I’m sure if she needed a Coronavirus test, she’d get one before one of us regular joe’s would.

  14. Marzipan says:

    I’ m pretty sure: the minute she became gravely ill of Corona herself, if she were in pain and would struggle to breathe ect., she would probably sh*t herself and call people heartless who make jokes about the virus…

  15. Em says:

    God she sounds stupid and entitled.

  16. Izzy says:

    Best Tweet I saw about this: “Who knew the firs celebrity casualty of the Coronavirus would be Vanessa Hudgens career?”

  17. Veronica S. says:

    Spoken like a person who’s never had to worry about what happens if you get sick without money or health insurance.

  18. Mia4s says:

    She’s afraid if Coachella doesn’t happen we will all forget she exists… know what? That’s actually a great idea. Bye!

  19. a says:

    Chrissy Tiegan’s take on this debacle was the correct take

    • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

      What did she say?

    • Jules says:

      no, tiegen is just as dumb and entitled. celebrities are no better than us, they just think they are. and they need to be held accountable for the shit they say.

  20. Emily says:

    I’m not sure why a woman in her 30s thinks that faux baby voice is attractive.

    Anyone else noticed that since Austin Butler and Vanessa broke up that she’s been acting off? Her IG is all #ThirstyThursdays and that awful interview where she tried to equate going to European raves with being unique.

    In the words of Ariana Grande, she is privileged and stupid and needs to care about other people more. Like now. And her hip hop yoga class can f***ing wait.

    • Fleur says:

      I also noticed she’s been erratic and acting out since her breakup. I followed her career and her insta for a long while because I like her fashion style and her cheerful low key hippy vibe. She seemed to have a really calm life prior to this-pics of a garden, pics of the occasional play she was in. Since the break up, though, I’ve unfollowed her because the thirst baiting pics and partying shots exploded on her Insta and held no interest for me. I feel sorry for her. I like her and she seems like she’s in a bad place right now. She also has to check her privilege because if we don’t try to mitigate, instead of a shortage of toilet paper, in a few weeks or months it will be a shortage of hospital beds and respirators. This can be very dangerous in young adults too- Some 20 something’s in China died of organ failure. It depends how virulent the strand you get is.

      • Shutterbug says:

        What happened between Austin and Vanessa? I feel like they were totally loved up (per her Instagram) and then suddenly over. I’ve been wondering if he ditched her for Olivia DeJonge? I’ve seen some online rumours but nothing concrete.

  21. Hannah says:

    “Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this now” Properly baked 🥴

  22. Travelin says:

    I want to like her. Maybe it was too many years of my kids watching high school musical. But she is doing an incredible job showing what an entitled egocentric person she is. Seriously. Why the need to livestream while high? They really can’t stand to fade away for a bit.

  23. Mumbles says:

    This dingbat judged “So You Think You Can Dance?” a few seasons ago and could barely articulate a sentence (“Oh my gawd, guys, like, wow, like, that was truly amazing”). So I always assumed she was a dim bulb, a tween star who was pulled out of school too young. But this reveals her to be a fairly callous person too.

  24. Valiantly Varnished says:

    This is the same chick that gushed about wanting to work with Woody Allen. She’s a garbage person and a moron. Every time she speaks its clear that she’s not ver bright – and also incredibly self-absorbed. 30 years old and as immature as a teenager.

  25. Sean says:

    A lot of people still don’t understand how serious this is and will get. I have a colleague who was supposed to be going to Disney for a week in April and is now grumpy they had to cancel. They said they were just going to make sure to wash their hands before they ate and touched their face. “Other than that, go about your life.” Is what they told me.

    I know this is an inconvenience but it’s for the best at this time. Something like Disney will still be around once this is over. However, a lot of people won’t. I read something that while not everyone will die from this, everyone will know someone who did. Sobering thoughts.

    So, if you and your family are healthy; if your livelihood isn’t at stake; if you have shelter and food, don’t take these things for granted because it can all change in the blink of an eye.

    • Case says:

      I’ve heard of many people whining that they can’t carry on with their spring vacation plans, and even though I get it’s a bummer and some people will unfortunately lose money over it — why would anyone WANT to go? I gladly, immediately, canceled all my plans, big and small, as soon as this got serious. I’m thrilled places like Disney shut down and are helping people get refunded or rebook, because people WOULD continue to visit until they were forced to stop.

      I’m just grateful to work from home, to have a comfortable home and food to eat, and a personality that can handle living a quiet life without wanting to climb the walls. That’s all we can hope for right now.

      • Lady D says:

        I have three close neighbours coming home this week from Mexico, Thailand and New York. None of them are crossing my door before the end of April at the earliest.

  26. Otaku fairy says:

    FFS, not everything has to be shared. It was only a matter of time before some celebrity said something stupid about this.

  27. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    What a, like, moron.

  28. paranormalgirl says:

    “OK, those words I said? That I recorded? And posted? Myself? Yeah, like, they were, like, taken out of context. The context I actually meant, like, for them to be in. Because, like, I posted an actual video of me saying them, like out of context.”

  29. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    You know, I’m remembering being 31. I don’t remember speaking as though I was 15. I quit doing that at 16.

  30. nicegirl says:

    This idiot

  31. ME says:

    I can’t stand all the people who are acting as if their social lives are way more important that people’s ACTUAL lives ! Oh boo hoo you can’t go to Coachella or a club. F*ck off. Have some sympathy for people who have to work during this time and can’t sit in their mansions having their assistants go out and shop for them. She just ruined whatever career she had left. I can’t even believe she would say that as she lost her own father just a few years ago.

  32. Jonsey says:

    Vanessa, rightly so got dragged to filth on twitter. I hope this had inspired her to speak and listen to a professional health official about this serious and deadly virus.

  33. Flying fish says:


  34. Caty Page says:

    Girl, you’re not even famous anymore. Sit down.

  35. kellebelle says:

    Yes, Vanessa, like, totally. Ugh.

  36. SJR says:

    OK, like, shut up, like. Idiot. Ignore stupid, it is everywhere.

  37. Joy says:

    Two of my employees have lost family members to the virus. But I guess it was like, inevitable, right Vanessa? I work in public health and my frustration with people being flip about this is HIGH.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Sorry for their losses.

      I do Public Health communication and my frustration has been high for weeks. At least people will start to shut up once they start to things get close to home.

  38. Grace says:

    Can she even mutter a sentence without the word “like”? Sorry, she’s a fool.

  39. L4frimaire says:

    I thought the so-called apology was worse then her initial statement. She’s too old for this nonsense. Why can’t these people talk about books they’re reading or something while they’re isolating, instead of spouting off this nonsense.

  40. JRenee says:

    Vapid as hell…

  41. ChillyWilly says:

    “Sorry, I don’t really speak Baked Rich Bitch Celebrity”
    Me neither but let me try to translate: Vanessa would like us to stop social distancing now so that all the useless old people and poors hurry up and die so that Coachella can go on as planned.
    I hate to tell her this, but reports from France and Italy are that more and more Millenniais are now being hospitalized due to Covid-19. How’s that for “inevitable” , Vanessa?

  42. Julie says:

    She needs to read some books and educate herself while she’s at home. Maybe do some online courses and Khan academy…oh and while she’s at it read a newspaper or two. Maybe she’ll develop some brain cells! This was so hurtful. But I guess she was always given a pass because of High School a Musical and how she remained an ‘adorable tween’, but she’s 31 and never grew up.

    In the real world we’re not allowed, we are expected, to mature and evolve in order to get into schools or secure job interviews and adult properly. She never had to and she’s cloistered.

    Not to mention self-absorbed and short-sighted and materialistic and shallow if she is so worried about partying, clubbing, socializing she missing Coachella. It’s shameful and disappointing.

    I have to say that Sarah Highland has a much better response and grasp on this. She could sure learn from her!

  43. Diamond Rottweiler says:

    You take a tiny sub population of people who most often have little formal education, give them enormous privilege, surround them with staff who enable and cheer every stupid, vulgar and misinformed thing they fart out of their mouths, and you get a 31 year old women who thinks and sounds like your dimmer sort of 13 year old. This is why Hollywood acts like anyone who has a basic undergraduate degree is a Nobel prize winning rocket scientist. Lol.

  44. Julia says:

    This will suck for MANY people who get it, even if it’s not fatal. I live in Western WA, and we have lots of sick people here, even if we don’t have anywhere near enough tests to officially diagnose them. One family friend with “likely” symptoms has coughed so hard she cracked a rib. Take this seriously, people: it’s truly awful, we have zero immunity, and there’s no way the situation is going to be fixed by July.

  45. Middle of the road says:

    She looks like sh!t idk if she sucks in her cheeks or what but she looks 50.

  46. Anilehcim says:

    She’s obviously genuinely extremely stupid. As much as I’m disgusted, I couldn’t help but laugh when she said “Like, I respect it” referring to the virus as she flipped her hair. Girl, read a book.

    I mentioned her in another comment on another article a few days back here on Celebitchy. She’s the moron who threw a “Corona party” where her and her friends, some of whom are also “famous,” sat around in their pajamas and drank/posed for pics and videos with bottles of Corona. She has not taken this seriously and unfortunately whether we like to admit it or not, celebs have influence. It’s messed up because they say this age group is NOT taking this seriously and it’s getting to be a really serious problem for their own health and the health of everyone around them.

    I just wanna know what the fuck she would say if her mother, who she is notably close to, contracted and “INEVITABLY” died from Coronavirus. This was so astoundingly insensitive of her. Her career, which has never even really taken off in the first place, has been on life support. She was lucky to get herself hooked up with the Hallmark Channel. This was a very stupid thing for her to do.

  47. Christina says:

    Vapid idiot!

  48. holly hobby says:

    I miss the days when the studios taught actors how to speak. Reading her comments verbatim was horrifying. I know her father passed on right around the time Grease premiered but she still has her mom. Thanks for being so thoughtless.

    There’s a reason why her career never amounted to much.

  49. Pose83 says:

    She didn’t say anything about poor or old people. You’ve taken a bit of a leap there. I do think people are being a little harsh. Our Prime Minister told us we were going to lose loved ones before their time, our Prime Minister! Let a girl get baked and have an opinion on IG.

  50. A says:

    I don’t get this girl, I really don’t. What is it in her mind that possesses her to act like this and say these things? And at the end, when she’s like, “Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this right now.” NO, you SHOULDN’T be doing this right now!!!! Where is your impulse control??

    I don’t know. She has a pattern of behaving in thoughtless ways, it’s tiresome.

  51. 123 says:


  52. Mina_Esq says:

    I think she likely is taking this seriously because she has been self-isolating. She is probably just going crazy due to the major change to her lifestyle. I reckon trying to rationalize/minimize a bad situation is a coping mechanism. I don’t think anyone is going to her for guidance on a proper response to this pandemic…

  53. Jules says:

    I don’t think she’s high, just dumb.

  54. TeaForTwo says:

    She was either drunk, or high, and so her filters were off. Meaning, we got the real Vanessa on that IG video, not the PR-packaged Vanessa, so those thoughts she expressed were her REAL feelings. Thanks Vanessa, and so noted.

  55. Yeppers says:

    She acted just like this with this voice in that movie with Nicolas Cage, in which she was a stripper or something. I can’t believe she gets acting roles. She’s a horrifying actress. Worst acting I’d seen in a while. Her mannerism in the video just somehow reminds me of that comment by Tina Fey saying Paris Hilton was so proud of being dumb.