Presley Gerber compared his face tattoo to being transgender

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I’m concerned about going out and getting a haircut. That’s where my head is now – because of self-isolation, I don’t want to go out and run that kind of mundane personal errand and ask someone to touch my hair. But apparently the kids don’t feel the same way. Presley Gerber was one of many celebrities getting face tattoos back in February. Presley, 20, got “misunderstood” tattooed across his cheek, because everyone knows that rich white-boy nepotism models are truly the most misunderstood people in the world. I called him The Rebel Without a Beach House, and “sources” leaned into the idea that Presley is in a “rebellious” phase. As opposed to him just being a privileged brat who had everything handed to him.

Anyway, Presley maybe has a new face tattoo. He got “LA” tattooed on the side of his face by his cheekbone. It honestly doesn’t look AS stupid as the misunderstood tatt? But still, it looks enormously stupid. Update: according to Presley… this is just a filter. Is it though? Should we trust the guy who truly got a “misunderstood” face tattoo?

Incidentally, I missed this when it happened (thanks to CB for showing it to me), but Presley released a message less than a week ago about how deeply misunderstood he is, because face tattoos are like being transgender:

The model took to Instagram stories to respond to the hate, but managed to totally miss the mark and draw even more criticism when he compared his tattoo to being trans.

“Most and a lot of people can get face lifts, change genders, lip injections, etc, and it’s offensive to say anything in today’s day in [sic] age but I get a little face tattoo and now people love to hate me,” he said, according to The Independent.

[From Pink News]

Mess. Deeply offensive mess. I have to ask something and I hope people aren’t offended by these questions. Should I be concerned that Presley Gerber is a symptom of a larger problem with Generation Z? Because so many of the people I see from that age group online are the absolute f–king worst. I can only hope that there are great kids who don’t live online, who aren’t getting dumb face tattoos, who aren’t comparing tatts to being transgender. Please.

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  1. egot says:

    I have two great gen z kids.

    • minx says:

      I have a millennial and a gen z, and thankfully they are nothing like this douche.

    • vesper says:

      Me too. My Gen Z kid would take this spoiled brat to task for even daring to compare his BS to the struggles of people in the LGBTQIA community and she would be speaking as an ally. Cindy and Rande really dropped the ball with this one.

  2. Astrid says:

    My Gen Z kids aren’t this stupid. Considering his privilege, you’d think there would be a bit more substance.

  3. Seraphina says:

    This is what happens when everything is handed to you, including your fame. This child has way too much time on his hands. If he had to worry about how to earn a loving to pay the bills, he wouldn’t be doing half the stupid crap he is doing.

    • minx says:

      Yep. His parents pushed their kids into modeling, knowing all the pitfalls. This is what you get.

  4. Thaisajs says:

    You know, at a time like this, Presley Gerber is the least of anyone’s worries, except maybe his parents, who really ought to think about why he turned out this way. He’s not that important. No one really cares what he does to his face.

  5. EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

    My kid is Gen Z and she’s awesome. Granted, she’s only 9.

  6. Caty Page says:

    Gen Z kids are actually the best. They are deeply interested in science and environmental protections, they normalize identifying as a part the LGBTQ community, they have deep political thoughts and awareness and a desire to spark change. They’re generous and aware of their privilege because of the pervasiveness of the internet in their lives.

    Perhaps I can only speak for the kiddos in Chicago Public Schools where I work. But the majority of my Little Nuggets are first generation Americans and give me hope for the future of our country. I have at least two girls who could easily become president if our country ever starts to see women as people.

    • lucy2 says:

      That’s how I see a lot of that generation as well. Especially going through this now, I think there’s going to be a huge interest in science, medicine, public policy, etc.

      This idiot is just a waste. With his wealth and privilege, he could have done so much. He’s clearly deeply unhappy and self absorbed, and utterly clueless.

    • Sarah says:

      I love and appreciate this comment so much. Thank you.

      People like him and whatsherface that licked the toilet seat? Do not speak for a generation, the just have an unearned megaphone.

  7. Ariel says:

    Well, bless his heart.

  8. OriginalLala says:

    There are lots of great Gen Z kids around – their common quality is usually that they don’t absolutely live and die by social media, the “influencer” and “wannabe influence” set though…ooof

  9. Aims says:

    I have gen z kids and they are empathetic, kind and aren’t self absorbed. I think its parenting. You gotta raise your kids to understand that the world doesn’t revolve are them.


    The way he phrased that was like people “change genders” for cosmetic reasons… what an asshole.

  11. Mtec says:

    I think he just needs a lot of attention. Probably feels really validated he even has “haters.” He’s a walking privileged call for help.

    Not a reflection of Gen Z ‘cause there are a ton of amazing kids his age and even younger doing amazing things for the world and their communities.

    He’s just bored and talentless so he has to entertain the hate he gets cause it makes him feel worth something. It’s honestly sad really. Get this kid to a therapist.

  12. Scarlett says:

    My Gen Z kid is studying law and plans on working with refugees when done. I most definitely did not raise a Presley Gerber, thank god!!

  13. paranormalgirl says:

    I have gen z spawn. They are great kids – kind, empathetic, generous, resourceful, charitable… I’m a proud mama.

  14. Steff says:

    He’s trying so hard to be edgy it’s laughable.

  15. Veronica S. says:

    The numbers of white boys I’ve come across who want to be victims of society is so ungodly high. I assure you, gentlemen, it’s not as fun as you think it is.

  16. Lightpurple says:

    I am not impressed with the parenting of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber.

  17. JoJo says:

    Please don’t lose hope. My Gen Z son (just turned 23) and his friends are all sensitive and wonderful people. My son is a 4th year university student with hopes of becoming a teacher. He is uninterested in status symbols and dresses in Value Village clothing and lives on poverty wages in a shared apartment with other students. They are accomplished cooks and live on pasta, beans and rice. He NEVER asks for help or money. He is very involved in environmental and feminist causes. He and his friends, several whom are non-binary have impressed this baby boomer mother with their commitment to social justice issues. He plays basketball and floor hockey and he is also an accomplished knitter (I don’t even knit!) When we get together we sit and watch jeopardy and he always knows more than I do despite our 40 year age gap. I sit there while he knits. He sends me texts reminding me and my husband to adhere to social distancing. I am so proud.

  18. LidiaJara says:

    I’m a Millennial, but the waaayyy oldest, my brothers are Gen Z and they are *amaze*.

    What did George Carlin say? “Kids are like everyone else, a couple winners and a whole lotta losers.” For real though, I think every generation gets better while also inventing new ways to be d**ks. That’s the push and pull of progress. I’m a teaching assistant at my university, and I think most of these kids are fantastic. I think they understand mental health, sustainability, market externalities, work-life balance, and worker rights better than most of the professors I work with. Lagging on the systemic nature of racism and nuances of trade, but aren’t we all.

    • Guest with Cat says:

      Perfectly said!

      Yeah I used to work with the public back in the 1990′s and while some people idolize the Greatest Generation or whatever they’re called I ran into plenty of entitled assholes among them as well as some gems. They are in every generation and take self absorption and blaming other people for their messes and misery to an art form.

      My former goddaughter is 15 and transgender, so now he is my godson. He hopes that his generation will make mental health care a priority so that incidents of mass violence will be eradicated because people who need mental health intervention will be identified and provided with the help they need before they self destruct or mass destruct. I find most of the ones I’ve gotten to know to be surprisingly good listeners.

      But we have to remember there is an opioid crisis going on among the parents of Gen-Z and a lot of these Gen Z kids and younger are taking/have taken the brunt of it: neglect, trafficking, abuse, poverty, lack of access to education. If we don’t address this crisis and the needs of the kids who end up in the foster care system (which I’ve seen first hand is really messed up) then we will have a mass of very dysfunctional adults with no resources to get on a better path.

      Presley Gerber needs to STFU and get mental help. At least he has the resources to do so and parents who love him, even if they apparently may have missed something important along the way.

    • Marigold says:

      Exactly. I’m the youngest of Gen X, and my brother is the oldest of millennials. Our kids are Gen Z, and they range in age. They’re all fantastic young people, and they don’t resemble this train-wreck of emotional damage that so many associate with Z’s. I think it’s dangerous to compare an entire generation’s subculture to its most famous examples. The extremely rich & extremely famous & extremely privileged have nothing in common with average citizens going about daily life. They never have. Kurt Cobain was the icon used for my generation, and as much as I loved his music and found his death tragic…he had nothing in common with me or anyone else in Generation X. Of course Gerber isn’t an example of Gen Z. He’s an example of rich, entitled, insanely privileged, and physically beautiful Gen Z, and it isn’t the same thing.

  19. Jules says:

    he’s just upping his game because the coronavirus is taking over the news. he wants all the attention. the world is falling apart but look at meeeeeeee.

  20. Venus says:

    My hair salon closed on Monday for at least two weeks, but the tattoo parlor down the street is still open. Go figure, huh?

  21. Whatever says:

    He and Greta Thunberg are only three years apart in age, so no, I can’t say it’s a generational thing

  22. Jaded says:

    Shades of Chet Haze…what in the name of god(dess) is wrong with these kids? They have everything and yet life is all angst and being misunderstood and getting devalued. F*ck off you rich little wankers and go spend a year volunteering for the Peace Corp or a soup kitchen or something. He’s an utter waste of air.

  23. Aurora says:

    Why do I feel like this kid just needs to be acknowledged and maybe hugged? Maybe starving for attention? Didn’t he start modeling with Kaia? Of course that’s never gonna happen now….

  24. Jana says:

    He just looks like an entitled douche, the tattoo confirms it.

  25. Marigold says:

    My Gen Z is nothing at all like this. She cares about developing safe energy, dreams of cold fusion and clean nuclear. She texts with her friends, doesn’t take selfies, and could not care less if other people think she’s pretty.

    She’s sweet and aware of others, and despite being 16, still suffering the self-centered reality of adolescence, and having spiky moods as a result of same, she is developing into a fully realized and independent human being who wants to be useful in the world.

    Fame messes young people up. Being rich and spoiled messes young people up (I’ve met a handful of rich young people who were emotionally okay, but most are a mess). Knowing that everything you have is a result of how you look & your parents will mess people up.

    We can’t make judgments about a generation based on the behavior of its famous youths. The pop stars, socialites, and models are not a template for their generation. They are serious outliers with lives several standard deviations from the mean. You want to know Gen Z, you need to visit them in high schools or colleges or the places they work/play/contribute.

    They are tech-dependent, a little unsure, and they don’t trust ANYONE in authority because they’ve grown up with nothing but fake news. They are also extremely open-minded, tolerant, and inspired by the idea that their generation has an important role to play in big areas. They are also–the majority of them, anyway–not yet old enough to buy beer. So. Give ‘em a decade to smooth out who they are.

  26. Pineapple says:

    Education people. It might not have hurt to encourage this boy to get a post-secondary education. Cindy and Randy certainly had the money to send Preston to college or University. He could have studied all his life if he had wanted to … something tells me if he was busy earning a degree he might not have so much time for face tattoos. XO