Ben Affleck & Ana de Armas went for coffee and to a bookstore yesterday, really?

Ben Affleck lashed a big smile while picking up coffee to-go with Ana de Armas
In case there was any doubt that Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas are together, they went out for coffee yesterday with her sweet little white dog. After that they went to a bookstore, where Ben picked up the book Normal People by Sally Rooney. This wasn’t just a casual outing, there were enough paparazzi there that these weren’t exclusives. (Which is how we can publish them, honestly. Exclusives are expensive.) I know a lot of people think this is a showmance, but I know Ben isn’t this good an actor. Ana probably is, but I also buy that she’s loved up. Look at that blissed out look on her face. Ew.

New couple Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas look happy while on a coffee run

At first I only saw the coffee pictures, and they reportedly picked them up to go. I think that’s okay-ish, because takeout is something that’s not as dangerous and you can still practice social distancing while doing it. Then they went to a bookstore! Sure, you can also stay away from people while buying books, and it’s important to support your local bookseller, but it still bothers me. Sidenote: I’m not sure how everyone else is navigating social distancing but personally I’m not shopping until next Friday, March 27th. (It’s ok to do necessary shopping but it’s still a risk. Here are steps you can take to mitigate that.) That will be three weeks from the date that I got sick. The last time I went shopping was March 10th. (I do not have a fever but I lost my voice once and am very achy. I have no way of knowing what I have, there are virtually no tests in America.)

Ana recently published photos from her beach vacation with Affleck. Those are in the Instagram slideshow below. Despite the fact that they’re blurry (probably by design, but still), Affleck wanted credit for them. He wrote “Photo credit pls” with the laughing crying emoji.

In case you wondered how Jennifer Garner feels about Ben’s new relationship, her outlet of choice, US Magazine, has some quotes from an insider. (Remember she’s had the cover several times.) “Ben and Ana are happy together and officially dating. Jen has completely moved on from Ben in a romantic sense. She considers him a friend, thinks he is a good dad to their children and respects him. She is happy in her own life and supportive of him and happy for him and his relationship.

Maybe she can tell him how tone deaf it is to do a shopping rollout with his new girlfriend in the midst of a pandemic. Ben is encouraging people to donate to food banks at least.

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas are such a cute couple on their latest outing!

New couple Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas look happy while on a coffee run

New couple Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas look happy while on a coffee run

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  1. Kristen says:

    OMG what. Where are things like bookstores even still open? Here all non-essential businesses have been closed since Monday. WHY would you go out shopping right now???

    • Snappyfish says:

      Apparently it’s quite important for him to been seen….out & about w/her

    • Eliza_ says:

      Our library has become a “take out” mobile center pop-up location, where you can reserve then pick up the next day from the mobile center. All books are disinfected before distribution and upon return. I’ve put books on hold at bookstores before, hopefully it’s the same?

      I feel for these small businesses. I wish instead of giving every American $1000, the government suspended rent/mortgages for 2 months – it would give hourly employees a better fighting chance and help small business to close without needing to stay open to make money to keep their lease. Obviously I’m probably oversimplifying, and it’s a lot more difficult than just that, but at least more places would stay closed.

      • DS9 says:

        It needs to be both. People have already paid the rent this month and many paycheck to paycheck. If they don’t get paid, they can’t buy food. They won’t worry about rent until next month

    • Esmom says:

      I know. Bookstores in Chicago are offering pick up or delivery.

    • Lua says:

      You can socially distance at stores. The only store you can’t is the grocery store. As the wife of a man who owns restaurants, you SHOULD continue to order take out and delivery. Recognize your privilege that you get to stay home. He’s paying his employees benefits, but had to lay off every hourly employee he has. He’s small business. He, and many other small restaurants may not make it through this. People can’t make money to pay rent. You can socially distance and support small business at the same time. Anyone who frowns on someone going to an empty bookstore or ordering takeout, but is fine going to a crowded chaotic grocery store is a hypocrite.

      • Jess says:

        I feel for people in the restaurant business, I waited tables in college and it’s already a struggle to make ends meet! I can’t imagine how hard it will be now. I’m so torn between trying to stay distant but still wanting to support local businesses who have employees that depend on tips, so we have ordered take out twice.

  2. (TheOG) jan90067 says:

    I’m torn, like you. I KNOW we do need to get out for air; we KNOW we have to find ways to support (esp. local) businesses in this time*. But damn… browsing in a bookstore just feels “tone-deaf”… I don’t know. Guess if they were limiting the number allowed in at one time?? But then, when I think of all the hands that have touched the book I’m touching…!!!

    *There has been a good idea tossed out, such as buying gift cards from the business NOW (so merchants get the money now), and you can use the card later for things you need.

    It’s coming out of China that their curve is flattening and no NEW cases have been reported for a couple of days. But then, they are being *forced* into lockdown (which we know won’t happen here). Here, we have idiot republiTHUG politicians encouraging people to go out to eat! Saying you’ll “get better seats”!! SMDH… And don’t get me started on those kids in FL on the beach…who will be going home, spreading everything into their home communities now.

    • Becks1 says:

      Our local bookstore will deliver (I think for a fee, but I’m okay with that) and you can call, place an order and then just go pick up the book at the front counter without really going into the full shop. I think those are good options if people want to support a local business.

      But agree with you re: China, people keep saying “see this is getting better in China so we’re fine” and its like…..things are getting better bc China locked it down. South korea was testing continuously. etc. We aren’t doing those things.

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        Exactly, Becks1! In this same time, So. Korea has tested over 250K; US… less than 25K. And factored into our 25K, MOST sports figures, even though they may NOT have been exposed, celebrities, politicians… no shortage of tests there!

  3. T.Fanty says:

    Wow, this is spectacularly dumb. It’s beyond tone-deaf. It makes them look spoiled, out of touch, and quite frankly, very stupid. This is Kardashian-level thirst on display here.

  4. Lily says:

    Ben Affleck is the worst at timing to introduce us to his new chick. During coronavirus where we should all be staying home. Volontary confinement is so encouraged in canada this will be seen as inappropriate selfish careless and famewhoring during like, war time. There’s at least 3 coffees on that tray, a friendly hangout afterwards maybe? No. Dude, just no. Save a life, stay home. It’s coronavirus man.

  5. Jerusha says:

    Do celebrities not own coffee makers?

  6. brinibini says:

    I guess getting photographed together is more important than doing your part of stopping the virus. We know that you two are together, you can stay inside!
    Here in Germany everything except what’s needed for your daily life is closed. Even some supermarkets closed the aisles that sell dvds, clothes and books so people really only come to buy food the other necessities. Stay at home if you can!

  7. Whatsinaname says:

    Yeah this is making me dislike them both. Be loved up in his damn house or your house.

  8. C-Shell says:


    Wish paps were practicing social distancing.

  9. truth hurts says:

    She is cute and they make a cute couple. I think that he actually likes her. She is loving the attention imho but what celeb doesn’t. They are the new it couple in HW now believe it or not. Pitt can forget his new roll out of Shawkat. They both look like homeless introverts. lol

    • Eliza_ says:

      Ben is a love bomb. He LOVES that early feeling, and always is extra. Every woman he’s with says he is so sweet and gives gift and attention….. until he’s bored and the newlove high is gone then he self destructs. His need to show his love is true to form.

      • Ali says:


      • Lily says:

        ELIZA_ The same love and attention he gives to the strippers/nanny that ruined his relationships 😝

      • sunny says:

        I mean, he is an addict and that can take many forms. I hope he is still in treatment/counseling as he manages his addictions.

        I always feel like he is a smart, talented guy who has a lot of demons and is attracted to the cycle of crashing and burning and redemption. Hence the ugly phoenix tattoo.

        Good luck to her.

      • WriterMarie says:

        It’s the Leo in him. I’m also a Leo and when I get a new guy I’m kinda the same way. Grant it, I don’t have paparazzi on speed dial, but I get the feelings behind it. It’s the narcissist in the us Leo’s lol. He will probably figure out this wasn’t a smart choice later…hopefully not much later.

      • Jules says:

        it’s called addiction

      • TQ says:

        @Eliza_ Totally agree!

        It brings to mind that now infamous Jennifer Garner quote about Ben in her post-split Vanity Fair interview: “‘When his sun shines on you, you feel it.’ But when the sun is shining elsewhere, it’s cold. He can cast quite a shadow.”

    • Maggie says:

      Lol you guys…..Alia is Not into guys. I’m just gonna put that out there bc, well, trust me…Pitt & her for whatever reason are friends . I would not be surprised if she helped him write all those ‘funny speeches’

  10. Agirlandherdog says:

    On a completely different note… why is her dog not wearing a collar? I’m sure s/he is probably microchipped, so if the worst did happen, someone would be able to get her info, but the easiest, most expedient way to get your dog home if lost, is a tag! My dogs never step foot outside without their collar (with my phone number stitched into it) and wearing their tags (which also have my address and phone number on them). I don’t take chances with my dogs’ safety.

    • Bubbagirl says:

      Is this like mommy shaming but for dog owners? she’s holding her dog in her arms. Its not wandering around.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Shelters across the country are so overwhelmed with abandoned or homeless pets that they literally euthanize them. Be a responsible pet owner!

        Jesus everything is an excuse for someone to be stupid.

      • Traveler says:

        Maybe a little shaming is what we all need from time to time because stupid is running rampant.

      • Jules says:

        can we stop with the word “shaming”. it’s overdone and victimizes everyone and every situation.

  11. Solace says:


  12. a says:

    Damn, she’s so beautiful in that first shot. Ben looks really happy with her.

    • Lauren II says:

      This is the Best i have ever seen Ben. No booze bloat, clean clothes, and laughing. Ana is good for Ben…hope he doesn’t ruin her.

  13. Nikki* says:

    I have ZERO PATIENCE for any more idiots ignoring medical requests to self-isolate. I play with the Duke Medical Orchestra, and my friends are risking their lives while idiots like Affleck are getting lattes and perusing books. DAMN!

    • Swack says:

      I would like to mail a couple of packages but won’t go to the post office because of COVID-19. One for my grandson who is in the Navy. I just can’t with people like this.

  14. Who ARE These People? says:

    Looking at his attire I’m reminded of the old song, “Sam, you made the pants too long.”

    Other than children, he seems to have in common with his ex-wife a near-total inability to put together a casual outfit.

  15. Mumbles says:

    I have a very skeptical opinion of the judgment of PR people but this takes the cake. Honey, you got a Vanity Fair cover after one big movie. And buddy, everyone knows who YOU are. Just lay off, you two.

  16. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Okay this is a DEFINITE PR romance. Who tf takes a pap stroll in the middle of pandemic. Why is that bookstore even open?? Why are there so many people on that street? Why are Ben and Ana not just posting pics of them insides together? Oh – because they aren’t REALLY dating.
    And also what a tone deaf things to do during this time. Go inside!

    • Xx says:

      They may/may not be into each other (idc), but, either way we are witnessing the machinations of a publicity machine & it’s tone deaf given the circumstances. These folks are completely self involved.

  17. KJ says:

    I like Ana as an actress quite a bit, but I have to say that her “blissed out” look doesn’t seem to be due to love, but BIG FAT ATTENTIOOOONNNNNN.

  18. Case says:

    This makes me so angry. Even if some stores are still open, we’re supposed to be working together to flatten the curve, as in, no non-essential shopping. I’ve stopped my coffee runs every morning and it sucks, but it’s the right thing to do. And they’re out going to a BOOKSTORE? C’mon now. Order it online.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      I know. I’ve been surviving on my own coffee. Small price to pay to keep people safe and well.

      • detritus says:

        Ditto. I miss my lattes, but prefer to keep people alive. It’s a minor inconvenience to drink my own so-so coffee and I’m privileged enough that I *can* stay at home.

  19. sa says:

    Why does the dog have to go for coffee or books? The dog that tested positive for Coronavirus in Hong Kong died a few days ago, we need to protect our pets just as we’re trying to protect people. I’m sure she misses her dog after being away, but that doesn’t make it okay to bring it to stores during a pandemic.

    Protect your pets!

    • Case says:

      It freaks me out that we don’t really know how this impacts animals yet. I’ve been home for a week and my cats are indoor only, yet I’ve still been washing my hands regularly and taking measures to try to protect them. I hope and pray they can’t get this. They can get other strains of coronaviruses that can become quite serious.

    • lara (the other) says:

      according to the WHO there is no evidence that a dog, cat or any pet can transmit COVID-19.

  20. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Remember a few days ago when I was singing delivery praises? I can’t get groceries delivered, or picked up, from my stores again until April and May. All the time slots have been taken. For weeks. So these two with their freshly-frakked faces is disgusting.

    • Lizzieb says:

      @mabs are you ordering directly from the stores or through a third party delivery system?

      • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

        Stores directly. I’ll be using third parties from now on. I just wanted to use our loadable prepaid card (which I use online) and Instacart can’t hang with that.

    • Case says:

      Just so you know, in my area Instacart is overwhelmed, too. To order from my preferred grocery store will take until Monday evening at earliest, so order a few days ahead of when you need stuff!

      • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

        You’re right Case, of course. I should’ve predicted delivery issues. And you know what? Even online grocery options are extremely limited. No fresh meats. No deli items. No bakery items. Last night anyway. I’ll have to research restocking and plan to order whatever I can around that. I’m not freaking out or anything, and I’m perfectly fine opening a can of tuna lol. I know for a fact we could benefit from not having an overstocked pantry and fridge.

    • Joanna says:

      Wow, that sucks! I’m just shopping for myself so I’ve been going in the stores. And getting what’s left. I like out of the norm stuff anyway so it is not a huge deal for me. And I bought a bunch of TV dinners. I feel for people with families they’re feeding, hope you get what you need.

  21. ME says:

    Wait didn’t these two just come back from out of the country? Shouldn’t they be in self-isolation for 2 weeks ???

  22. Insomniac says:

    Wow, is this really the time for a pap stroll? Seriously?

  23. girl_ninja says:

    I can’t judge. I went to the post office and to get a coffee after 8 hours at home. But all by myself and far away from others (I though there were not many folks at either place.)

    Other than that it’s been isolation all day everyday.

    They look like they’re in ad for a toothpaste commercial.

    I must say he looks a lot healthier than when he was with that poor Lindsey Shookus.

    He doesn’t look bloated at all!

  24. Neha says:

    God, she is just SO pretty.

  25. Chica71 says:

    Is he “standing at attention” in the first two pics?

  26. amber says:

    This is making me think it’s definitely all for PR. I’ve seen a make up artist on Instagram talk about Ana, typing how many families she ruined with her hoe-ing around.Also, the timing is so off. Reportedly they were already together since at least January, as people saw them dining together in New Orleans. In February he confessed that divorcing Jennifer Garner was the worst mistake he ever made. Mid February they were done filming, and straight away he goes on vacation with Ana, not even spending much time with his kids, whom have missed him for a couple of months. Now that Corona is around, and people have to self isolate, they decide to go out and get papped, it’s just so bad, it definitely makes me think this has to be either a PR stunt, or they’re desperately trying to get into the news: him because he wants attention and wants to let Jen know how well he’s doing, and her because she wants to raise her media profile.

    • Xx says:

      He needs reputation assistance & she could benefit from an increased profile. Match made in PR heaven.

    • a says:

      He didn’t say divorcing Jennifer was a mistake, he said he regretted the pain it caused his kids, and his role in the events that lead to the divorce. He said in the same interview that he was looking forward to having a committed relationship with someone new.

  27. Rae says:

    Joining in the chorus of “WTF? During a pandemic?”

    This is not the time for pap strolls; people’s lives are at risk you selfish gits.

    I love books but still would either order online or reread the ones I have.

  28. PineNut says:

    They are in Pacific Palisades where I grew up (known as “the Palisades”), a formerly lowkey neighborhood of professionals. That is where Ben and Jennifer have their own McMansions–houses that replaced pleasantly-scaled houses with mammoth “farmhouses” of white board-and-batten or white brick and black roofs and black windows. Now, there are cookie-cutter developer houses everywhere. Ben & Jennifer and their ilk have forever ruined the Palisades. Now, there are nouveau riche and entitled entertainment types who are snotty and RUDE AS HELL all over the place. End of rant. Every time I see that pink and green Starbucks in a celebrity photo….

  29. lucy2 says:

    I hate to say, all this makes me think less of her. I already had a low opinion on him.
    Going out for paparazzi strolls right now is irresponsible, and shows a gross need for attention.

    STAY HOME. If they’re concerned about a bookstore or coffee shop staying in business, buy some gift cards or just give them some cash.

  30. Marcy says:

    They are just ‘meh’ to me. But good for them. Floating boats, and what not.

  31. Jules says:

    you think he would have learned by now that every time he flaunts a relationship so publicly like this, it can only crash and burn dramatically. my guess is that she is his new addiction. and she comes off as not very smart to be stepping into this.

  32. Gurl says:

    Remember when he whined that he valued his privacy and the paparazzi attention with JLo made him feel gross?

  33. sassafras says:



    Also, Pandemic.

    Pap Stroll.

    With new Co-Star Ingenue Girlfriend.

    There’s so much to hate on here, I have to go take a nap to get my energy up to do this properly.

  34. MD says:

    What is wrong with these people. Here in Canada no one is doing such things. We have been locked up in our house for days, as it should be.

  35. Krissy says:

    Where are they? We live in a small suburb right outside the city and I take my son to the local coffee shop, they’re are doing take out and depend on local business. We go for walks and to the local playground which is always almost empty but if we lived in the city we wouldn’t do any of that.

  36. Nev says:

    Real or not he’s playing the media game the same way he excused JLO if doing when they were together and then he cheated on her. Stop this.

  37. Emily says:

    Getting takeout is perfectly acceptable social distancing BUT if they are back from vacation and have spent any time in an airport they should be in a 14 day quarantine otherwise they are incredibly irresponsible.

  38. Discharge says:

    Ben reminds me of when Tom Cruise jumped the couch (and the shark) on Oprah.

  39. bitchy architect says:

    I thought you were supposed to have a year of sobriety under your belt before you start dating… also how can anyone find him attractive? I find him absolutely repugnant.

    • Lisa says:

      Why don’t you ask Jen Garner what was so attractive about him? She chose to stay with him for 13 years and brought three kids into the world with this person.

  40. Awkward symphony says:

    Why Ana?whyyyyy???🤦‍♀️

  41. Lisa says:

    I don’t recall any outrage when Jen Garner was using Ben to improve her standing in Hollywood. She did that for a decade and turned their kids into her ~brand. Ana has been merely dating him for a month or two and people are literally in hysterics. It’s so odd.

    • Theo says:

      Fifteen years ago he was a handsome young man . Now he is a middle age man, with three children ,
      with health problems as a lot of men at this age who have drinking problem and a huge tattoo.

      • Theo says:

        And she is a young woman.

      • JB says:

        Not really. He had already been to rehab, had known drinking and gambling problems, and had sabotaged his engagement to J Lo by cheating on her with STRIPPERS. Who would choose to procreate with him? He wasn’t a catch.

    • Brinibini says:

      And there wasn’t a pandemic where people were supposed to stay at home, when Garner and Affleck were a thing.

      Ana and Ben were out of the country as we all know, and now they’re out to get their photos taking even though they should be in self quarantine. This whole thing doesn’t make them look any good.

      • JB says:

        Why did Jen Garner invite him over to her house then? Why did she allow her kids to be exposed to him?

  42. HELEN says:

    a papwalk and PR romance… at his big age?

    • Lauren II says:

      Ben gets followed everywhere, and i doubt he called the paps. My son wòrks at Starbucks, and there is still takeout available.
      Still, Ben & Ana just returned from Cuba, and should be self- isolating.
      Ana looks deleriously dickmatized, and Ben looks healthy. I think he might marry her.

  43. SM says:

    Oh such a drag, you have a new relationship to promote yourself but everyone is on quarantine…. well you are going to to that anyway, an opportunity can not be missed.

  44. Kissyspanks says:

    I’m the GM at an independently owned coffee shop in Denver, Colorado. Mayor Hancock put out an 8 week “take-only” order for all bars and restaurants on Monday… on Tuesday we had to let 11 employees go.

    We’re fighting tooth and nail to keep the business viable so we can hire back every single one of our employees. For 15 years, we’ve prided ourselves on being a safe space for everyone in the community to come and gather, exchange ideas, and enjoy each other’s company. We had to shut down our lobby and now we’re serving coffee out of our garage door in the middle of a snow storm.

    People are scared. I’m scared. 2 months is a death sentence for most small businesses. I’m not sure if we can push through, but we’re there everyday fighting for our family (employees) and for a sense of normalcy for our friends (customers).

    If you’re feeling healthy and comfortable, please support local business in your area!!

  45. detritus says:

    The privilege of this outing is what gets me. This is their normal. The not caring about others, the lack of social conscientiousness, the putting their need to promote (business or for personal pleasure) over social good.

    I mean, they could post quarantine shots hanging out just the two of them, it would accomplish the same thing, but the smallest effort to think of a different roll out was dismissed.

    I think less of de Armas for this and it doesn’t raise my opinion of Affleck.