Camila Morrone is fostering two beautiful puppies during the quarantine

2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Camila Morrone is best known for being Leonardo DiCaprio’s current girlfriend. And whenever they break up, she’ll be best known for being Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend. It is what it is. I still enjoy covering Camila because… I don’t know, habit? I’m always fascinated by Leo’s girls. He always chooses ladies who are just young enough to think that they’re the first of their kind.

Anyway, Camila is actually doing something interesting during the quarantine and I wanted to talk about it: she’s fostering puppies. SO MANY people are fostering animals at the moment, it’s kind of wonderful and crazy. I guess when the bat-signal went out about the self-isolation/quarantine, tons of animal-lovers realized that this was and is the exact moment to either adopt a shelter animal or foster a shelter animal. So here are Camila’s new babies. They look like Huskies? They’re a brother and sister named Jack and Jill. First she was just fostering Jack and then she felt guilty and decided to go back and foster Jill too.

Something tells me that Jack and Jill are not going to end up getting adopted by anyone other than Camila. I wonder if Leo approves? Do you think Leo and Camila are self-isolating together? With the dogs? Hm. This will be an excellent test of their relationship all-around – the dogs and the quarantine.

Incidentally, I’ve been missing my old dog so much over the past few weeks. I’ve even been thinking about maybe going and picking up a shelter puppy or doing what Camila is doing, fostering a dog during the quarantine. I think I just have too much time on my hands. Plus, my cats would FREAK.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Instagram.

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  1. C-Shell says:

    Dang! Those are two adorable puppies! Yeah, no. She’ll have to keep those. 🐶🐶❤️

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      I see a fosture failure in her future. She’s definitely not taking them back. What cute doggos!

      • minx says:

        They are adorable! ❤️

      • SomeChick says:

        They are adorable! It’s wonderful that she is keeping them together.

        BTW I have friends who foster and if she does keep them, that will be a success! They screen the folks who foster, so permanent adoption is always an option.

        I hope she keeps them, and keeps posting videos! So cute! I’m sure they will be super well cared for.

  2. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    I would love to foster another doggie during the lockdown but we don’t have room in our RV for one. We’re already tripping over each other with four of us and one dog in here. Bless those who are able to help.

  3. Biff says:

    I f you enjoy covering their relationship, start mentioning how old she was when they first met. She’s a woman in her earl 20’s in a relationship with a 45 year old man she has known for over a decade. That should never be forgotten, but it keeps being buried in all the other nonsense about them.

    • theothercleo says:

      Yeah,I usually roll my eyes at Leo’s relationships but this one is really, really gross.

      • Biff says:

        I know, and it disappoints me that this site wrote about it once, and then just ignored it after that, because I hold this gossip page in a pretty high regard, and covering how a man who only dates women under 25 ends up with someone he has known since she was a child seems like something they should be on. It’s just so predatory and weird, and people keep forgetting it because it’s never mentioned in the articles. And so he keeps getting away with it, just as he does with everything else.

    • sa says:

      I didn’t know that, that adds such a big dose of ick to their relationship (on him, not her – at least in my opinion).

      Good for her for fostering those puppies. I so admire the strength of people that can foster. When I adopted my 2 cats, I’m pretty sure I would have fought anyone who tried to take them from me within less than an hour of getting home with them. I don’t know, maybe it’s a mindset thing, that it’s easier if you go into it knowing it’s temporary? Anyway, it’s a great thing she’s doing.

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      I didn’t know this. I’ve always thought he was a creep but this intensifies that feeling 100-fold.

    • Deina says:


      if this *Wasnt* another contract & Leo *Was* straight then yea, I’d think it’s gross too. But she is his beard. There’s nothing sexual between them & lmao they definitely aren’t quarantined together. She knows the deal. I actually…kinda like her?? Dunno lol

      this new normal of quarantining could out fake relationships for some celebs (if their handlers are foolish enough to hire paps for a stroll during this pandemic, when everyone knows the paps aren’t out right now unless called & $$$$). Esp since a lot of celebrities are doing SM stuff from home, and you can sort of see who is not with who you’d think they’d be.

      I bet there will be a lot of divorces/postponed marriages when the quarantine is up & *maybe* a quarantine baby boom 😂 I doubt the latter tho, cuz this is much more dire context than all that homecoming/celebratory sex the parents of Boomers had when returning from WWII. plus ppl are likely so scared of future inevitabilities, access to birth control etc couples not gonna take the chance.

  4. Jillian says:

    I’m honored that she chose my name

  5. Berner Siblings says:

    That’s great that she is fostering. We are fostering one right now as well and it brings a type of mental relief for those that could use it. If you are able to do it right now please do so, these animals could use the love and attention. You get it back 100 fold:)

  6. Sonia says:

    I’m a little torn on fostering…sometimes I think it’s mean because the animals will go back to the shelters and be heartbroken for losing their humans. I would totally keep all of them, my fur babies are all rescues and they are the best!

    • FrannyGlass says:

      Foster dogs stay with the foster until they are placed with a forever home. A rescue group usually facilitates. I think it’s very rare that they go back to the shelter ❤️

  7. Froggy says:

    Having my dog around me is keeping me sane when my husband is watching yet another car show or my sons are fighting. After my old dog died, I vowed never to get another one since his death was so traumatic. She’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made hands down.

  8. Jess says:

    She seems like a sweet girl with a good heart. She deserves better than to be a Leo plaything for a hot minute. Also, I didn’t know that he met her when she was a child. That’s just plain disgusting.

  9. lucy2 says:

    I love that she, and everyone else fostering, are doing this.
    I’ve always heard huskies need someone with experience, and she has 2 puppies now? Good luck to her!
    If I didn’t have my cats, I’d be going crazy here alone, so I’d end up fostering too.

  10. Anilehcim says:

    Geez, I went to her IG and looked around and I have to say, when she has no makeup on she looks all of 12 years old. Leo is really irredeemable at this point with this creepy shit. The media has always carried on like he’s just a playboy and it’s all innocent. No, it isn’t, he’s fucking gross.

    Awesome on her that she’s fostering!

    • Lucy2 says:

      I think she looks her age, and when she’s all made up for an event she looks much older.

      However, the age difference between them is a LOT, and the fact that he knew her as a child is disturbing to me.

  11. Naddie says:

    I doubt she will have the strenght to let them go. I wouldn’t. Also, she looks like Meghan Markle.

  12. It’s admirable that she wants to foster these two puppies, but why doesn’t she adopt them? She can surely give them a great home.

  13. Lisa says:

    Those puppies are adorable. I hope she keeps them or they find a great home.

  14. Cg2495 says:

    Those puppies are adorable!