Angelina Jolie donated $1 million to No Kid Hungry to support food-insecure families

Angelina Jolie and kids at Maleficent: Mistress of Evil - London Premiere held at the Odeon BFI IMAX.

When states started suspending and then cancelling their school years, many states decided to still have school buses run the same routes, only the buses would drop off food to the families most affected by school closings: the families where the kids go to school to eat their only meals of the day. Food insecurity and poverty were two of the biggest and most immediate issues for the pandemic, and there are still millions of kids (not to mention adults) who are still falling through the cracks at this time. Angelina Jolie has donated to No Kid Hungry to help with this vital issue:

Angelina Jolie joins Kylie Jenner as the latest celebrity this week to donate $1 million to help with COVID-19 relief. Jolie gave to No Kid Hungry, which focuses on ending child hunger in the U.S. The organization announced the gift in a statement yesterday. Her money will be used to provide meals for children in low-income families across the country.

Jolie said, “As of this week, over a billion children are out of school worldwide because of closures linked to coronavirus. Many children depend on the care and nutrition they receive during school hours, including nearly 22 million children in America who rely on food support. No Kid Hungry is making resolute efforts to reach as many of those children as possible.”

The organization has so far donated $2 million to 78 organizations across 30 states. This week alone, No Kid Hungry “issued new emergency grants to school districts, food banks and community organizations feeding kids nationwide and in Louisiana, Texas, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Maine, and Oklahoma,” according to its statement.

[From Harper’s Bazaar]

Usually, Angelina’s advocacy work and charitable contributions are international, not national or local. But she’s based out of LA full-time now, and she must be seeing the local and state reports about food insecurity and all of these children who aren’t going to have access to food. No Kid Hungry is a great program, as are local food banks and Meals On Wheels and whatever else you can find. I love that Angelina is highlighting this issue.

Angelina Jolie goes shopping at Lassens amid coronavirus pandemic

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  1. Sidewithkids says:

    This is a beautiful woman inside and out. For all that noise the tabloids and a couple of other people stans want people to believe, Angie keeps the idiocy and hate out and just does her and good along the way. I knew she was gonna do something and this is a great thing to do and a great organization to support.

    Kids and healthcare professionals need our support more than ever in a time like this.

  2. Sierra says:

    Why this woman is my idol when it comes to charity.

    Angelina has done lots in US as well. She opened free cancer clinics, co founded KIND which gives refugee/immigrant children access to free legal advice.

    She is more focused internationally but she still helps out domestically as well.

    • whatWHAT? says:


      I hope this will shut up the people who are like “but but but WHY doesn’t she help domestically?!”

      and these are just the donations that are reported. I’d be willing to bet she gives a lot that doesn’t get publicized.

      • Charfromdarock says:

        Those are the people who aren’t doing anything themselves.

        Angelina has consistently stepped up at home and abroad for years. She deserves all the good PR in the world.

    • Sierra says:

      1000s of children won’t go starving. I will take this form of PR over fake relationships any day.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      PR well…………OK. I do not care what it is because $1 million will buy a lot of much needed food for many children who do not know where there next meal is coming from when they are not attending school and eating lunch provided by the school.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      well, then she should stop this obvious ploy right away and let all those kids go hungry because how dare she, right?


      trolls gonna troll.

      • Sidewithkids says:

        LOL. Exactly @whatwhat and @sierra
        Everyone should do this type of PR if it means feeding kids that need it.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:


    • Jules says:

      She’s a goodwill ambassador. She has shown repeatedly that this is not just PR.

    • Christy says:

      Because she clearly cares so much what strangers think. Not.

    • ad says:

      Think of what the $1 million does to a lot of kids that’s all that matters to me, her intention & good deeds is well appreciated, I knew she will do something during this time of uncertainty.

  3. The lady walks the walk, not just talks the talk. Publicizing her donation is also is very helpful because (just like the Sussexes) it helps highlight the organization and others are more likely to make a donation.

  4. Tiffany says:

    AJ is the one celebrity I would not expect anything less from.

  5. Gobmerg says:

    Go Angie! She does the walk and talks the talk
    You guys need to read this article.
    It shows several things:
    1. Angie has always been the only charitable person when she was with Brad Pitt
    2. She constantly donated to his make it right foundation
    3. Her donation stopped after the split
    4. Brad hasn’t made any donations since 2016 to his own Foundation after they split
    This woman has taken a lot of hate by his so called supporters meanwhile she was light while in his life. I am glad she’s doing okay now with her kids

  6. Joan Callamezzo says:

    She’s making a million dollar donation to an excellent cause during a critical time. She can have the good PR. This is in line with all the humanitarian causes she has been supporting for years. Good on her.

  7. Becks1 says:

    That’s great to hear!

  8. MJM says:

    Yay Angie!! Hope others follow suit.

  9. Janet says:

    22 million children in the richest country in the world have to rely on school lunches for a proper meal?

    That is very effed up.

    • Dee Kay says:

      That really stood out to me. What is wrong with our nation that so many of our people don’t have access to food, when there is so much food abundance and food waste everywhere??? It’s infuriating. Good for AJ for bridging the gap of needs but it sucks the gap exists in the first place.

      • Janet says:

        And those kids, their parents and grandparents probably have no health coverage either.

        I really hate to say it, but this is just the beginning of what is going to be a HUGE sh*tstorm for your country. All of those people who can’t afford to see a doctor will wait until they can’t afford to NOT see one. And will be infecting others around them until then.

        What a mess 🙁

    • Ellie says:

      The meals you get in restaurants in USA are the biggest in the world. Noone needs that much food in one sitting… sure some people take it home but so much would go straight to the garbage. It’s so gross.

  10. Awkward symphony says:

    Omg @GOBMERG I knew Brad was sleazy creep but that’s on a whole different level!! She’s unfairly attacked by the press because that creep had too many issues yet people gave him a slack😐
    Angie is just amazing. I’m not suprised she’s donating and I’ll bet she’ll donate MORE later to hospitals and emergency care services.

  11. jade says:

    Angie is amazing, hope this does not affect her divorce settlement, you know the ex legal team might use it against her, telling the court she has money and dont need child support.

  12. SaraR. says:

    This is not all she did.Per People, she donated also internationally, and is working with UNESCO (she wrote the new TIME op-ed with UNESCO chairwoman) on distance learning programs:

    Jolie also made a donation to the UN Refugee Agency and sent support to the schools she funds in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Kenya and Namibia to help insure they can continue teaching and learning through the pandemic.

    Jolie currently funds 10 schools in Cambodia through the the Maddox Jolie Pitt Foundation, set up in the name of her oldest son who she adopted in the Asian country. She also funds the Angelina Jolie school for girls in Kenya and two other schools for girls in Afghanistan.

    On a worldwide scale, Jolie is working with UNESCO on the establishment of a Global Education Coalition to help children access distance learning during the period of school closures.

    Parents and caregivers seeking meals for children can text the word “FOOD” (or “COMIDA”) to 877-877 to find emergency food distribution sites in their neighborhoods.

    • SaraR. says:

      Also, she always donates herself, she is never paricipating in telethons or asking others to donate. Long ago, she said in an interview, that she was at some charity fundraiser when she started working for UNHCR, and that left bad impression on her.

  13. lucy2 says:

    Very glad she did this and promoted it.

    The schools around here are providing meals and delivering them via school bus. Hope they’re able to keep it going!

  14. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I love the fact that our local kids are getting breakfasts and lunches delivered. We also have a drive-through for free cleaners and sanitizers. Where were currently living, one side of the river is quite affluent while the other side struggles with poverty.

  15. Kinsley says:

    I love Angelina!! She is such a beautiful person inside and out!! She is so strong that neither Brad Pitt or the tabloids; will be able to destroy her!! Like I said… I love her!! 💓

  16. Dee Kay says:

    I really, really hope that one day, history remembers Angelina Jolie as the extraordinary philanthropist she is, rather than hewing to the tabloid-promoted image of her as some wicked femme fatale.

  17. Liz version 700 says:

    I just doubled my monthly donation to our state food bank (MD). It was daunting to see them trying to raise $100k extra for Covid on top of the monthly budget and the emergency boxes they are trying to put together for families. To be trapped in your home with maybe no job suddenly, with no food and no way to get food for your kids. That has to be gut wrenching. So glad she and others are stepping up.

  18. Yoyo says:

    The one and only Angelina Jolie, may bend but is never broken.

  19. Brianna says:

    @Kaiser, I’m sorry but I disagree with you saying Angelina Jolie doesn’t do charatanle donation in her home country. That’s quite wrong, if you do the research you will find on many occasions Angelina Jolie has donated in her home country, take her KIND Organization that’s in USA, she has donated to LA Women’s refuge’s Safe Houses, she also donated to Massouri Hospital and one of their High Schools to name a few.
    The reality is hes donations only ever come to light when the organization she has donated to see the ones announce it as a thank you.

  20. Sarah says:

    Insparational lady with a big heart and deep pockets, she walks the walk and talks the talk. Nothing flash about her charitable contributions towards fellow mankind. Every dollar counts,every young child will be fed, every parents burden will be shared, no matter how little or large the donation is. It is the thought and actions that count. So bravo to Angelina Jolie for ways putting others needs at fire front and doing as what best she can do with the life and abilities she has.

  21. Lop says:

    Probs to Angie
    God bless her and her children

  22. Gwen says:

    I’ve read that there’s many strings attached to this “donation”

    • Noelle says:

      Oh really. Where did you read this? I have looked everywhere, and nowhere has anybody implied, let alone said, what you have Gwen. Thank you Angelina for your donation.