It’s so weird how Dan Wootton at The Sun got another exclusive on the Sussexes


Last night, People Magazine broke the news that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had already moved to California. This move was in the cards for a while – “sources” had told People Magazine for two months that Harry and Meghan wanted to create a base in LA and stay there through the summer, but most of us thought that perhaps the coronavirus pandemic had changed their plans, and they were staying in Canada for the time being. Turns out, not so much – they managed to relocate to LA at some point (soon) after Commonwealth Day.

Anyway, after I read the People exclusive, I thought “it’s interesting that Dan Wootton did break the news, weird.” Turns out, People probably got the exclusive from the Sussexes because the Sussexes knew that Wootton would be going to press on his story soon. Think of the timeline – the Sussexes quietly move to LA and don’t inform the viper courtiers in London. Then Charles tests positive for the virus this week and he has to get in touch with Harry. Through phone conversations with his father, William puts together the fact that Harry and Meghan are not in Canada. Willileaks and Poor Jason Knauf then call up their favorite journo, Dan Wootton at the Sun. And behold, the Cambridge-approved version of the “Harry & meg moved to LA” story:

Prince Harry and Meghan have fled Canada amid the coronavirus pandemic and have moved permanently to California. They took a private flight to the Los Angeles area before the borders between Canada and the US were shut. The Sussexes will set up a new home close to Hollywood, where we are told they are currently living in lockdown with their ten-month-old baby Archie.

Last night a royal insider said: “Harry and Meghan have left Canada now for good. The borders were closing and flights were stopping. They had to get out. But this move was planned for some time. They realised Canada would not work out for various reasons and they want to be based in the Los Angeles area. They have a big support network there. It’s where their new team of Hollywood agents and PRs and business managers are based. Meghan has lots of friends there and, of course, her mum Doria.”

The bombshell move — dubbed Megxit 2 — has “stunned and horrified” members of the Royal Family. They believed that Harry, 35, and Meghan, 38, would consider returning to Britain to help their relatives. A growing health crisis, has seen Prince Charles, 71, test positive for Covid-19 and The Queen, 93, and ailing Prince Philip, 98, put into self-isolation.

Royal courtiers believe the decision to move full-time to the US makes a mockery of the couple’s earlier pledge that they chose Canada because they wanted to live in a Commonwealth country. One said: “We are stunned and horrified. The country is going through a traumatic event at the moment. They have a beautiful cottage in Windsor where they could have based themselves. It’s just a stone’s throw away from where the Queen and Prince Philip are in self-isolation. Prince Charles and Prince Andrew are both out of action too for very different reasons. This was an opportunity for them to put country before their own interests. California isn’t going anywhere.”

[From The Sun]

If the Cambridges are going to cry to Dan Bloody Wootton about the Sussexes’ lack of support for the family, surely that means that William and Kate are making arrangements to travel to Windsor to personally check in on the Queen? And then, clearly, they should fly to Scotland to personally check in on Charles and Camilla too. Oh what’s that? Will and Kate are staying in Norfolk and isolating, which is what every single person should be doing right now, including Harry and Meg? As for the “they should have stayed in a Commonwealth country” argument – Liz of House Petty stripped them of their HRHs and military titles and told them to go away, they were unneeded and unwanted. The Windsors don’t get to turn around and dictate where they live. They all thought she was a gauche American and they wanted to send her back to America. Well, that’s what happened. They didn’t count on Harry joining her though.

Members of the royal family and politicians are pictured arriving at the Commonwealth Day Service

The Commonwealth Service 2020

Photos courtesy of WENN, Avalon Red and Backgrid.

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  1. Nic919 says:

    Until there is a photo of William and Charles in the same room, they all need to shut the fuck up about Harry flying back right now. No one is supposed to be in close contact, especially with someone who tested positive.

    • Kaylah says:

      Apart from this being another dig at the Sussexes, the timing is also hilarious.
      The trailer for Meghan’s Elephant Without Borders documentary came out yesterday and I believe the Invictus song has also been released.
      Best way to silence any good work they’re doing is to bury it in Wooton’s drivel.
      Well done William & Kate, I’m going to thoroughly enjoy watching you both crash and burn.

      • BearcatLawyer says:

        Karma is a bitch.

        Kate, you in danger, girl. Wandering Willy will throw you under the bus to save himself.

    • Rapunzel says:

      Even if Will is pictured with dad, the complaints are ridiculous.

  2. Lisa says:

    Yep. My thoughts exactly about the coincidence of the reveal and of course the spin. I also was amused by the scrambling that is bring done by the DM in the face of their lies about having sources bring exposed. It is ridiculous that they keep pushing this narrative that Harry needs to drop everything and leave his family when it is the last thing that should be done or is needed. Unless something dramatic happens Harry and Meghan need to stay put.

  3. Aria says:

    Very nasty Windsor , keen cambridges and their pathetic fans wish Meghan and archie to usa and they dont count on harry. Plus many canadian cry for wasting their tax payer money on Sussex security . That’s why they moved to america where the bill will be played by Charles. Good for them. And for paps in LA is mainly beacuse the celeb called them. The paps wont magically show at their door. Anyone who believe paparazzi stalking celeb is laughable. Maybe be few and diana really stalked by press. But most celeb and thirty middleton call the press for their own pr. They will be more than fine. I love this version of fu to courtiers and cambridges and uk press.

    • Lady D says:

      Not one Canadian I spoke too was crying over paying for Meghan and Harry, not one. We all, with the exception of certain small but vocal groups, wanted them here and were glad they were safe here. Charles will be paying for their security no matter the country they live in
      ” Anyone who believe paparazzi stalking celeb is laughable.” Do you really believe paps don’t stalk celebrities? Seriously? They viciously hound stars in every country this site mentions. To believe they don’t is naive.

    • Nic919 says:

      The only Canadians complaining about the cost of security were concern trolls that have never been seen again. Most Canadians didn’t even think about it.

    • Jaded says:

      I live near where the Sussexes stayed and nobody here was up in arms about security costs. We don’t even know if the Canadian gov’t was paying anything, I and many others assumed that Charles was reimbursing the RCMP for their security.

      • aria says:

        even in celebrity some Canadian complaint about the cost that’s why I said. @lady D , Charles was not paying for security when they stayed in Canada, pm of Canada said Canadians are paying up to march 31. Also lady d, I know one of the famous sister tabloid editor who said who the publicist of celeb will call them and so paps can get their photo. only few celebs are the exception but the majority of them call the paps.

      • Erinn says:

        Aria, that’s not fully correct. Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said this around the end of February:

        “The RCMP has been engaged with officials in the U.K. from the very beginning regarding security considerations.

        “As the Duke and Duchess are currently recognized as Internationally Protected Persons, Canada has an obligation to provide security assistance on an as-needed basis. At the request of the Metropolitan Police, the RCMP has been providing assistance to the Met since the arrival of the Duke and Duchess to Canada intermittently since November 2019. The assistance will cease in the coming weeks, in keeping with their change in status.”"

        They were receiving RCMP support in coordination with the UK because of their role. They were receiving the kind of support that any international protected person would have afforded to them while visiting the country. Once their roles switched they would no longer be provided the same service because they would no longer fall under that category.

      • Jaded says:

        @Erinn – thanks for being a voice of reason. There’s far too much misguided righteous indignation and hyperbole going around about this when it’s total non-starter of an issue.

      • aria says:

        @erinn okay cool.

    • SomeChick says:

      The LA paps totally stake out people’s homes, the farmers’ market, and other popular places. They are like flies buzzing around a picnic table!

      I don’t think we’ll see pap photos of M&H any time soon. Because they are actually staying in, like you’re supposed to do!

      • Olenna says:

        I won’t be surprised if we see pap photos of the Sussexes out and about in LA or anywhere else after the restrictions are lifted. But, what will be interesting (and sad) is the BM’s lack of access and insider knowledge of what they’re are actually doing (work, life, etc.) and how this, with just a photo, gets spun into tabloid articles for clicks and $$$.

    • Jumpingthesnark says:

      Haha, “stunned and horrified” that someone would choose to live in the USA. I know not all brits feel this way, but there is a widespread prejudice in the U.K. that “Americans” and “America” are irredeemably low class and tacky in every way, no matter who they are/what they do/how much money they have etc. This story is just pandering to that demographic. I do think the senior rituals and viper courtiers are clutching their pearls though. It probably boggles their Narrow minds that the Sussexes would prefer living in the USA over the vile racist xenophobic abuseThat they dish out

  4. goofpuff says:

    Well it wouldn’t be the first time that the H&M moved to get the jump on Wooton before he published his stories. I think its kind of sad that someone in the Royal Family is leaking their private information like this. How toxic is that family!

    They always complain about H&M and yet the British press still publish so many stories about them. If they really believed that H&M aren’t royal or important anymore, maybe stop giving them so much press time? Concentrate on W&K instead? I mean otherwise, it just looks like the British press and their sources are a bunch of racist pricks.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      W&K do not generate comments and click$ for revenue$.

      • Mads says:

        Very true; it’s so ironic to see the vitriolic comments on any article about Harry and Meghan thereby ensuring more negative articles will be written.

      • Mac says:

        Profiting from racism is as gross as it gets.

      • BabsORIG says:

        @Mads, it was established a while back that at least 90% of the Fail comments are from about 10 posters with multiple IDs each. And 80% of the 10 posters are women with American IP addresses. That alone put to rest the claims that the British media are printing these racist articles for clicks and $$$. I strongly believe that the British media are racist misogynistic evil people that print their articles in efforts to destroy Meghan for daring to marry into their royal family and to destroy Harry for marrying a biracial woman. I don’t believe it has anything to do with clicks and$$$

    • Agree GoofPuff. And I so agree with Kaiser’s take on how this story was outed. Glad the Sussexes once again got a jump on Willyleaks! Love that one photo of Meghan and Harry above with Meghan giving the side eye.

  5. Pineapple says:

    “How do you come up with your analysis?”
    … racism and misogyny and jealousy. That’s how.

  6. Margetta says:

    She did not strip them of their titles. They still have them. They just are not using them and that seems to be just fine with both sides. They are *still* both HRH.

    That said, we all knew it wouldn’t be long before the stories started coming out with a…ahem…strong bias. All about how mean and bad and virulent Meghan is. It’s so predictable, innit? I’m glad they at least get to be isolating during this together and on their own terms.

    • Mac says:

      Don’t forget how ungrateful and mean Harry is. His father has a highly transmissible and potentially deadly virus and Harry just refuses to visit.

    • BabsORIG says:

      Marietta, they were stripped of their titles except for the Sussex one. The point of stressing that “they’re still HRH but just can’t use them blah blah blah” was Liz of Petty trying to save face. Why can’t the Sussexes use their HRH while everyone else, even pedophile Andy, can use theirs for profit? Liz of Petty was just BSing to avoid being labeled a petty racist, (of which she failed miserably IMO)

      • Tessa says:

        It is so hypocritical that Andrew gets to keep all his titles. And the Sussexes are punished and apparently William and Kate’s behavior toward H and M apparently is not questioned or criticized by HM

  7. Charfromdarock says:

    “ Prince Charles and Prince Andrew are both out of action too for very different reasons. ”

    Oh FFS.

    Funny how Prince Andrew’s reasons is du to being a sexual abuser are never mentioned in these articles.

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      YES. We can’t let the Rapist Prince story die out. Keep mentioning it at every opportunity.

  8. SomeChick says:

    Wootton is such a bottom feeder.

    “They have a big support network there. It’s where their new team of Hollywood agents and PRs and business managers are based. Meghan has lots of friends there and, of course, her mum Doria.”

    That is a bish azz thing to say!

    Oh yes, their business associates (make sure to mention “Hollywood agents and PRs”). Like that is the most important reason – and can’t be done from anywhere. Mentioning Doria last is so transparent. She’s Archie’s grandma, too. Why wouldn’t they want to be close by?

    Give it up, Wootton. No one is buying what you’re pitching. Now, an update on what Rose (Who?) Hanbury has been up to lately would be a fascinating read.

    • Nic919 says:

      Kate was living with Carole instead of Wales for years and then when George was a baby (because William disappeared) and that was ok but Meghan wanting to be near her own fucking mother during a pandemic is spun as some business thing…. when productions are closed right now!!! There is no work!!!

      It is so damn offensive the way Wootton wrote this. He is a despicable man.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        And lets not forget that because of that Middleton Towers got £1million pounds of renovations done paid for by the taxpayers – all because Unable can’t cut the apron strings from Mummy.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I too have been waiting on an update about “Rose Who” for sometime now!

  9. February Pisces says:

    Anyone who is trying to insinuate harry should be with his father, even though there is a travel ban, and everyone on the planet is self-isolation, is just being deliberately provocative. Dan wootton is like a budget Piers Morgan, he’s a desperate wannabe who stirs up hate, controversy and stupidity because that’s what gets clicks and generates income. People like Wootton, Piers Morgan and Katie Hopkins make a living by being controversial. Haters make more money that fans. It’s best to just ignore and don’t click. I catch up on the British media foolishness on CB instead.

    Also I would love to see what happens between William and Dan when the leaks properly dry up.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      Piers Morgan is the budget Piers Morgan. Dan Wooten is just another sycophant RR.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      @ February Pieces

      Thank you! Every time we click on any of the abusive articles of DM, the Sun, Express, etc, you are literally endorsing the abuse and paying them $$$ for it. Literally.

      I also now rely almost exclusively on Celebitchy to tell me what is being said about the royal family, good and bad. I also trust them to select the “juiciest” bits from those articles and post them here.

      I can barely keep up with the quantity of info that’s posted on this site, along with the comments….I don’t know how to find time to go directly to the abusers anymore. But that’s just me.

      • SomeChick says:

        Ditto – I only ever click on links to the DM when I don’t realize that is where they are going. (If there is a way to mention that next to the link I would be grateful.)

        I used to enjoy the DM until it started going after Hillary C when the campaign wasn’t even started. Seriously, they started in on her a full year ahead of time.

        So, I do read the posts here that report on what they are saying over there, but never ever click if I can avoid it.

        It’s rather like one person going to the store for TP so the rest of the family doesn’t have to.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        Yup, exactly. Celebitchy goes into the gutters of the DM, sun, express, etc, so you don’t have to. 🙃

      • BabsORIG says:

        I’m so grateful to the @CB team, because of them I’m DM and other gutter British media tabloid free.

  10. Becks1 says:

    I cant with these stories. They want Harry to come back to the UK to do….what, exactly? Hang out in Frogmore? He cant go see the queen so that’s a non-issue.

    The part about being horrified that they moved to LA (and I guess we don’t know 100% that they did, or that its permanent) is laughable to me. Yes, how dare they move to Meghan’s hometown.

    • Lady D says:

      Hang out in Frogmore. Every single senior royal in that family lives in a palace, a castle or a huge mansion, yet they want Harry to come back and be comfortable in his “beautiful cottage” That family must think so little of Harry, every one of them has a beautiful home, that none of them earned, yet they all think he should be happy in a cottage, because it reflects his worth? They must really want to emphasize just how low down the totem pole they are. I mean, shouldn’t the future king’s son live at least as well as the FK’s less senior brothers and sister?

      • Lady D —- I agree. I also love how many publications post either photos of Frogmore House or Frogmore Guard Stand INSTEAD OF Frogmore Cottage depending on whether they want to slant their story to a huge mansion or a very tiny house (its set up for the gate guard on duty and you can tell because the gate is in the forefront of the photo and the guard stand is behind it to the right). I’m sure the Sussexes made Frogmore Cottage as lovely as they could but the exterior was an awful looking hodgepodge to begin with, that one road (open to the public visiting Frogmore House once a year) goes within a few feet of the corner of the cottage, and Heathrow planes fly over about every 3 minutes. On top of that it was unlivable as it had been broken up into small apartments for staff housing for years and then left vacant. I think it had to be about the worst GIFT that the Queen gave to any of her grandchildren. And, of course, now they have to pay back to the Queen’s own Privy Purse the cost of renovating it to a suitable single family home. A cost that the Sussexes will never recoup as the cottage is Crown property. When the payback is paid back to Privy Purse —- which is Queens to do with as she likes —- she’ll probably use it to continue paying for Andrew’s legal team or something. The British taxpayers will never see the Queen give that money back to government. And yet the RR whip them into a feeding frenzy about the Sussexes needing to pay back the people.

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        Frogmore Cottage was completely renovated @JALowCountry. In fact, the cottage was already being renovated as part of general Crown Estate upgrades, so it wasn’t specifically renovated for M&H. However, because Apt 1 at KP (where the Sussexes were considering moving) was going to require lengthy, costly, extensive renovations, the Queen gifted Frogmore Cottage to the Sussexes. And the Sussexes paid for their own furnishings and for some costs of the renovation that were over the original budget.

        Additional reasons for the Sussexes moving to Frogmore Cottage are: because the renovations would be completed prior to Meghan giving birth; because the house is in a country setting where M&H preferred living over KP; and because the renovated property also provides more security and privacy than KP. In addition, M&H have a fondness for the grounds of Windsor Great Park, where they spent quality time during their courtship.

        Frogmore Cottage is smaller than most royal residences, but in its renovated condition, it’s nothing to look down on. Cottage is just an architectural term, which doesn’t always relate to size. There are small cottages and large cottages. Frogmore is considered a large cottage. It had 10 bedrooms initially, but the renovation supposedly turned that number into 4 or 5 bedrooms. The public road was diverted and a security fence was constructed around the cottage during the renovation. It is kept very secure from prying eyes. Below are some photos of Frogmore Cottage:

        Front before renovation:
        Back angle before renovation:
        Side view with fencing after renovation:

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        The architectural term is ‘Cottage Orne.’ The whole ‘cottage’ craze among nobility, royalty and upper classes in Britain began in the 1700s. I learned all this from a book: “Cottages Ornes: The charms of the Simple Life,” (2017) by Roger White. Strangely, White mentions Frogmore House (which isn’t a cottage) and Royal Lodge Windsor in this book, but nothing about Frogmore Cottage. Royal Lodge started out as a cottage, but was greatly added onto by the Prince Regent George IV (son of Sophia Charlotte and George III).

        Maybe White doesn’t mention Frogmore Cottage because it was originally built by Queen Sophia Charlotte as a relaxing conservatory-type getaway retreat adjacent to Frogmore House. And when White wrote his book, Frogmore Cottage was still in disrepair and was being used as apartments for royal staff. Still, it should have been mentioned and the oversight is glaring. Frogmore Cottage has a very interesting history regarding former royal occupants. Despite his oversight, White’s book is well worth reading to learn more about the history of the cottage craze in England.

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        Also the above posts are for your understanding @Lady D. Frogmore Cottage after the renovations is surely a very nice place to live, and the Windsor Great Park setting is fantastic. Frogmore House is also a very special place, which the Queen rarely uses, but it is put to some use for parties, wedding receptions, and family gatherings. Once a year, the public are allowed to tour the grounds and some of the rooms of Frogmore House. To be honest, I’d rather live at Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor estate more than Anmer Hall which is further away from London near Sandringham.

        @JALowCountry, I think the media who show pictures of Frogmore House thinking it’s Frogmore Cottage is because these structures share the same name and are adjacent to each other on the same property. I think many in the media, especially in America are genuinely confused about the two properties, mainly due to the similar name. Frogmore House is also more prominent with more pictures available. There are no pictures of the interior of Frogmore Cottage and few pictures of the exterior.

        You are right that M&H should not have to pay back anything to taxpayers. The money for the renovations was placed into the Crown Estate coffers from the Duchy of Lancaster, so only people who live in that duchy would have contributed minimal funds placed into the Crown Estate. In fact, I doubt that M&H actually have to pay anything back. I think the announcement that was made that they would pay something back was just done for p.r. purposes and some kind of public whipping, but in reality they don’t owe and likely won’t be paying anything back! No one is saying anything these days about how much more the renovations to the Lamebridges’ Apt 1A at KP cost!

        Here’s a video of Frogmore House grounds, some interior rooms, the Mausoleum for Victoria & Albert, and Windsor Great Park grounds taken by tourists in June 2017. There’s a brief view of Frogmore Cottage toward the end:

      • Lady D says:

        Thank you so much for the information and the links, @songbirds_thrive. The links are going to be wonderful to help pass the time.

  11. Rapunzel says:

    “The bombshell move — dubbed Megxit 2 — has “stunned and horrified” members of the Royal Family. They believed that Harry, 35, and Meghan, 38, would consider returning to Britain to help their relatives.”

    Oh good Lord. Disgusting drivel. First of all, nobody is dubbing it Megxit 2 except YOU, British Media. Second, this move wasn’t a bombshell because you were reporting it would happen for quite some time. Third, it did not stun or horrify members of the RF, as they hardly seem to care at all about H&M and those that do were probably prepared in advance. Fourth, I’m sure nobody in the family believed they’d consider returning to help their relatives. The relatives don’t need their help and there’s a thing called quarantine, you morons.

    I swear, the BM wants Meg and Harry to return to the UK with Archie so the three of them will get the COVID and die. I swear they won’t be happy till the three of them are dead.

    • RedRoyal says:

      Someone made a good point.

      “The idea that Harry would rather live in America than return to his home country really drives home the point that he wanted out. Ironically, that family is responsible for helping to make this happen. They were the ones who turned down the Sussexes offer to work for free. Had they agreed, perhaps Canada would have been more likely to pay for their security and they’d have a legitimate reason to stay in Canada. But of course The Firm was thinking that the more they took away from the Sussexes, the more likely they would be to return to the UK. They continue to underestimate Harry.”

    • Harla says:

      That first line sounds like it came right out of Williams mouth.

    • Ruby_Woo says:

      ‘Stunned and horrified’ reminds me of ‘incandescent with rage’. It just has the same ring to it. In my conspiracy laden mind, I wonder if these are catch-phrases from certain palace leakers, like a covert shout out.

      The BM are losing steam with their golden goose. Said goose is gone across the Atlantic. Once you’ve interview the gross dad for the 1000th time, the stories start to loose their sparkle.

      I love how it’s called Megxit-2, like they can’t even be bothered to come up with a new catchy phrase. I have a feeling there is going to be a Megxit-3, -4, -5 all the way -190.

    • From what we know, none of the family except the Queen and possibly Charles and Camilla made any attempt to spend time with either Harry or Meghan this last time they were in London. Hell, William couldn’t even be bothered to have a drink with him, much less speak to him in church —- yet their need for them is just heart wrenching isn’t it? The royals have seemed to live just fine without Harry and Meghan and Archie for at least the last two years.

  12. Ali says:

    How weird that Dan Wooten keeps getting these exclusives. How weird indeed cough Kensington Palace mole cough.

    • Olenna says:

      Thank you. It’s not weird at all.

    • Amy Too says:

      And right after the RR were all publicly complaining about having nothing to write about. I imagine they went to their favorite blackmail victims/willing accomplices the Cambridges and said “do something exciting/important we can write about or give us Sussex information!” And of course the Cambridges went with the rattle on the Sussexes route, because they’re horrible people who can’t be bothered to do anything of interest of anything important right now.

    • blue36 says:

      While I’m sure every palace is leaking info, I don’t think this came from KP. I think it was Charles throwing his son under the bus because he was getting criticized for having been tested before everyone else.

      • Amy Too says:

        That could be. “Stop yelling at me for traveling to Scotland and spreading the virus! Harry and Meghan also changed countries recently. Yell about them!”

      • blue36 says:

        I still wonder who’s leaking to Dan?? He isn’t even an RR.

      • Mary Lou says:

        If it was Charles that was doing the leaking (or Clarence House) it would go to Robert “Jobba the Hut” Jobson. He’s the one who wrote the Meghan made Kate cry, what Meg wants etc stories that were leaked to him when he was writing an approved Biography on Charles. He’s the Clarence go to. Wooten is the KP go to.

        An aside….I used to like Kate and William but the curtain has been pulled back. They are terrible, jealous, insecure people. Also, so uninteresting in comparison to H&M.

    • Pineapple says:

      ALI …. bah!!!!!! XO

  13. Valerie says:

    I think it’s pretty much indisputable now that William’s office is the source of the leaks, and that he has condoned all of it. Too many stories track back to him. Which really puts the whole mess into a new perspective. No amount of money or privilege can save you from basic insecurity and lack of self-awareness. Or self-centred pettiness. And just think, only ten years ago everyone was crying for the crown to “skip a generation” and make him king.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      Lol…..better pray for Charles’ complete recovery then, or watch the horrors of William as Prince of Wales start playing out shortly.

      You think he’s bad now? I dread seeing him make the decisions on whether to fund the Sussexes on security…..or on anything for that matter.

      • Harla says:

        I think the Sussex’s know that and that’s one of the reasons why they want financial independence.

      • Nic919 says:

        It only confirms their desire to be financially independent now is the smartest thing they can do. William is closer to Duchy money than ever and will clearly be a jerk about it.

      • aria says:

        I think the real horror story start for Cambridge after William become prince of wales because it’s one the most cursed title in brf. the prince who held those title have a hard time in life and their marriage life is not good during that period. interesting the Cambridge will have their mid-life in that title. that’s when the real shit show starts in house of Cambridge.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        @ Aria

        We would be lucky to see William only accend the throne, well into his midlife. But at the moment, the only thing keeping him from the actual throne / the Duchy of Lancaster/Cornwall, is the state of the lungs of one 70-something year old and one 94 year old.

        Never have I worried so much for either of these two entitled queens. 😕

  14. DS9 says:

    Stunned and horrified that a man might relocate to his wife’s home country after his own family and gone country has treated him so shabbily and after months of handwringing over how much money they might be costing Canada?

    Uh huh

    • Islandgirl says:

      Poor poor Harry…..this family has treated so badly. But yet they want his support. I am sure they really hate Meghan because basically she has said to Harry “You don’t have to accept this treatment”.

      My goodness…even the Commonwealth service they tried to put them in their place by removing them from walking up with the queen. Then the way they were ignored them. These people made no attempt to show any remorse but want Harry to think of returning to the UK?

      Meghan and Harry…be happy

      • L4frimaire says:

        The more they try to damage Sussexes, the worse they look over in Britain.I wouldn’t be surprised if a Harry becomes a US citizen in 5 years if they keep up this BS. Hounding and harassing them is not going to get them, or him to return. It seems like they were pushing for them to leave, since that article in the Times last April. Now when it’s actually underway, they don’t want to give them the time nor space. Can’t decide if it’s panic or spite. Why are they trying to foist the monarchy on their shoulders? It’s not their job, never was, never will be. Pandemic panic.

  15. MaryContrary says:

    Yes, it is absolutely shocking that they would move back to her hometown, where her mother lives. Eye roll.

  16. Loretta says:

    “They all thought she was a gauche American and they wanted to send her back to America. Well, that’s what happened. They didn’t count on Harry joining her though”
    This is the perfect summery of all this story and why British media, Royal Family and royal courtiers are crying now. They understand only now that they lost their stars and their gold tickets.

  17. Bettyrose says:

    Fled Canada? The COVID problem is so much worse here in California. I know the accelerated timing was about the borders closing and wanting to be near Doria, but I don’t get leaving a sparsely populated region with opportunities for hiking to be in a congested urban region with fewer isolated nature spots. I’d love to be in a secluded spot on Vancouver Island right now.

    • Sunshine says:

      If true Bettyrose, they probably only had a short term lease on the Vancouver house.

      • lizzieb says:

        @sunshine. Very probably true. LA makes sense for a lot of reasons. They may have wanted to stay in Canada a bit longer, but neither is a citizen or permanent resident, and without that they would have been limited in length of stay. They were probably smart to move before the borders closed. I imagine they are taking all of the precautions that they can

    • CynicalCeleste says:

      Also the Canadian-paid security ends next week thereby ending the motivation to stay in canada.

    • maggi says:

      I live on a small island off the coast of Vancouver Island and you are quite right Bettyrose, this is a beautiful place to be. I enjoyed thinking about the Sussex family being somewhere (relatively) nearby, tromping through the woods at the same time as me.
      As a tax-paying Canadian, I am very sad to see them go.

    • L4frimaire says:

      Canada is less affected, but at the same time, they were staying on a resort island with fewer resources. It’s beautiful, but they were in a small community in a house that’s not theirs. Suspect they were going to leave by the official step-down date anyway, but the border closing sped up the timeline. Over here, a lot of wealthy people are going to places like Sun Valley, the Hamptons or Lake Tahoe to their 2nd homes. This puts a lot of strain on the limited medical resources in that community and they bring the virus with them. Not saying that’s the case with the Sussexes, but if anything were to go wrong, being stuck on that small island is not the best place to be. Canada is lovely but it is a foreign country for both and who knows what the immigration situation is. Meghan is a US citizen, and LA is a short flight from Vancouver. I think she’d rather face a zombie apocalypse in LA over returning to the U.K. unless it’s absolutely necessary.

    • BabsORIG says:

      @Bettyrose, if the Sussexes are human like you, me and the rest of the humankind, when they planned to move (IF they did move) they couldn’t have possibly read the future to know that round about this time in their lives, California would be a cesspool of COVID-19 don’t you think? I responded to someone in another thread that a move like this has to have been planned. There is a possibility that they only intended to stay at that house over the Christmas holidays but maybe extended their tenancy for an extra 2 months. There is a possibility that the home was only available short-term, the owner might have been going away till end of February and needed a tenant/house-sitting couple for that period. Regardless of the circumstances, the plan and decision to move might have been made BEFORE they left Frogmore for their Christmas holidays. And at that time, no one knew or even ever imagined that this time of 2020, the US would be the most COVID-19 infected country in the entire world.

    • Jaded says:

      @Bettyrose – That’s what caught my eye…”fled Canada”…good lord their 6 month visitor visas were expiring so this was in the planning for some time. They aren’t a pair of frightened refugees FFS.

      @L4frimaire – I respectfully disagree about Vancouver Island being a “resort island”. Victoria is the capital city of BC and is a business hub. Furthermore it’s not a “small island” without “resources”, it’s 31,285 square km (approx. 19,500 square miles) and has all the amenities of the mainland.

      IF they’ve relocated to LA it’s because her mother is there as are probably a number of valuable contacts in the global PR and charitable foundations world that can be a huge asset in helping Meghan and Harry get going with their soon-to-be-renamed foundation.

      • Bettyrose says:

        Jaded -

        Exactly. It was the fled part that bugged me most. Seems disrespectful to Canada, which has been extremely hospitable (goes with the overall narrative of “entitled” Meg). To have “fled” they had to have been fleeing from something, which is absurd.

  18. Noodle says:

    If it’s coming through Jason (and signs point to there being a history with him and Dan), can we stop calling him “Poor Jason”? He’s not a sympathetic figure anymore. Here are my suggestions:
    Like a Sieve Jason
    Jason “Adult Undergarments” Knaupf
    Drywall Destroyer Jason

    I tried to focus my new titles on the “Leaking” theme, if it weren’t apparent. Admittedly, 14 days of isolation have made more obtuse my snark.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      How about Jason Leaks?

    • Harla says:

      My vote is Like a Sieve Jason.

    • Noodle says:

      Ooooooo, I thought of a new one: “Drip Irrigation Jason, for Watering the Rosebushes”

    • Bella DuPont says:

      Personally, I’m partial to a good alliterative name:

      Jason Defamation
      Jason Desperation
      Jason Publication
      Jason Fabrication

      So many to pick from! 😫 Honourable mentions:

      Jason Accusation, Allegation, Confrontation, Complication, Defemation, Speculation

    • Mary says:

      Someone posted online evidence of a Jason Knauf being in Uni with Dan Wootton. Not sure it is the same Jason though as the Uni is in New Zealand. It is interesting that Pa Markle dropped Jason’s name in his last (on-screen?) interview as a former KP contact.

  19. Amy Too says:

    I think when they say things like “they should be here helping the royal family!” they mean more like doing working royal duties, so William and Kate don’t have to do it all. Especially since these are Cambridge leaks and spins, I’m sure they’re much more focused on “oh no! Now everything falls to us! Even more so than before. Before we at least had the queen and dad to help us out, now we’re literally all that’s left, boo hoo! Woe is me!” I don’t think they’re talking about “helping the family” by like taking soup to Charles or doing petty betty’s grocery shopping. The Cambridges want help. The Cambridges don’t think about others, so they wouldn’t be demanding that the Sussexes come home to help the sick family member, but they certainly would expect that Harry would just drop all of his lawsuits, grievances, and pretend like nothing ever happened, because now William NEEDS him. William can’t be expected to release videos of himself and his kids all the time. William is currently trying to hide away and distract from the fact that his Coronavirus jokes are all over social media. And Kate can’t be expected to come up with innovative and hands-off (as in not in person PR photo shoots) plans to help the people of the U.K. Now they actually need Harry’s personable attitude and reputation for not having recently joked about a deadly virus and Meghan’s innovative concepts. And they just can’t get over the fact that Harry isn’t willing to drop everything and instantly forgive and forget so that he can come bail them out of a problem of their own making. “Quit outshining us as non royals with your Instagram posts and charitable ideas and suggestions for how people can help. Come do all that same work here on behalf of the RF so we can take credit for it! Or at least come back here so the press can write more articles about you! We have a deal where we help the press sell X amount of papers a day and it’s getting very hard with you on another continent where we can’t infiltrate your household and feed the press stuff about you guys!”

    • Ellen Olenska says:

      They should drop a lovely picture of Doria with her grandson right about now…

      • MeghanNotMarkle says:

        Wouldn’t that be delicious? I’m all for it.

      • Bettyrose says:

        They can’t actually visit Doria during the quarantine unless they’re all quarantining together (which makes sense if they’re really in a secluded estate).

  20. S808 says:

    I’d wonder if they could cut off the palace completely in terms of disclosing information pertaining to work but there’s probably too much logistics that goes into it. The sooner they get financial independence, the better.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Unfortunately there’s still too many ties to do that. I think they’re still obligated to check in with Buckingham Palace when necessary, especially with the security issue.

    • Ruby_Woo says:

      That’s the dream! I hope that once they get financial independence, they can cut off all ties and have a wonderful life.

  21. L4frimaire says:

    The royal family was getting a lot of heat with Charles going off to Scotland while sick and Williams stupid Coronavirus joke recirculating again, so they needed to redirect and take the heat off. So they call up their dog Wooten to change the conversation. Also, they can’t get in the way of Disney, but the Invictus song was released today. Once again a Harry project is overtaken by news (like Travalyst last summer). This make me think the anger from the palace is really directed more at Harry, and they don’t want him to succeed,so he’ll go back to England. I saw some crazy rumor on Twitter from someone in Scotland saying Charles had left Scotland to go to a meeting back in London, then returned to isolating in Scotland, all after his diagnosis. However, that sounds beyond bonkers and couldn’t be verified. Even in the midst of a pandemic, the Royals still can’t stop plotting.

  22. Citresse says:

    I think once or if Charles becomes King, the Sussexes will want to move back to UK.

    • Dilettante says:

      Good point. He may make their return as part time royals possible.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Doubtful imo. The smear campaign by the press had Jobson as one of its key instigators, and Jobson did that recent biography for Charles. He could’ve spoken up at any time to settle things down, but he didn’t. Even if they were able to do the part-time royal plan and opt out of the royal rota, what stops the press from continuing its constant attacks on them? What stops the courtiers and the Cambridges from orchestrating the media harassment? Charles was never able to control William (too scared) and I doubt he’ll suddenly grow a spine if/when he becomes king.

      • BabsORIG says:

        Charles is a cowardly cockroach, he’s terrified of the British media because they are sitting on a minefield of his secrets. I don’t think he stays quiet to stick it to Harry, I think he stays quiet to protect and save his sorry arse. Harry, it seems, is the only RF member who the media have nothing on. So he wipes his arse with them tabloids/RR as he wishes because they have nothing on him or on his wife.

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        @Beach Dreams said:
        “… Charles could’ve spoken up at any time to settle things down, but he didn’t… Charles was never able to control William (too scared) and I doubt he’ll suddenly grow a spine if/when he becomes king.”

        I agree with your comments @Beach Dreams!

    • Ruby_Woo says:

      I’m from the UK and I hope they NEVER come back, especially with baby Archie.

      Meghan’s treatment was awful and we as a country, especially all those bigoted snobs who would throw a hissy fit every time she breathed, don’t deserve her.

      I hope they just live their best lives wherever that is.

      I do hope to see another rendition of their ‘fuck you’ tour, but to stay? Never! And if they did, all the RRs would be saying ‘I told you so, you couldn’t hack it and need the Crown’.

      The fact that Robert Jobson was involved in the pile on suggests that Charles is very happy with the bullying. Robert actually got caught retweeting Meghan trolls and claimed his account was ‘hacked’. Gross!

      • Tessa says:

        It is disturbing that Jobson really panned Harry and Meghan in his book about Charles. Even claiming Harry “said” that “whatever Meghan wants Meghan gets,” So the people who don’t like Meghan to put it mildly say Harry “said this” When it was Actually Robert Jobson. Shows how this is total propaganda .

  23. Harla says:

    These demands are so laughable, Come home Harry! Save the Monarchy Harry! what happened to the FF King William? I thought he and his FF Queen were the saviors of the Monarchy?

    No, W&K are “stunned and horrified”! I think they’re beginning to realize that the press has a stranglehold on them and the press isn’t afraid to flex.

    • Ruby_Woo says:

      These are the same people who called them hypocrites and unpopular. If they are so hated then why are they needed to save the Monarchy.

      What happened to the Wessexes, wasn’t there supposed to be new Fab Four. A Fab Four that knew how to ‘behave’.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        Yes, except nobody gives two shits about this Fab Four. More like “The Drab 4”. 🙄

    • L4frimaire says:

      There really is a sense of ownership over Harry that is not there for any of the other Royals, not even William. I read some guy on Twitter say about Meghan ”we gave her a $3M wedding and she stole our Prince”. Seriously. There are like 7 princes in the immediate family between Charles, his brothers and William and his boys, but Harry is “ their prince”. Where does this come from? I don’t think anyone would care that much if Edward for example, took off for Canada or Barbados or wherever. Harry and Meghan really did something to them. They resent them, hate her, but want to hold so tight to them, and control them. We really are in extraordinary circumstances right now which amplifies it even more.

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        I think it’s because Harry is so much like Diana. He was always portrayed as the happy-go-lucky spare, except for the grief and anger he experienced and didn’t know how to manage during his wild teens and twenties.

        Harry has a charismatic, empathetic personality, unlike William who somewhat resembled Diana physically in his youth. But Wills has completely lost his looks and his mind, apparently.

        The sense of ownership the British public appear to have over many of the royals though is borderline pathological. They particularly seem to identify with and channel their emotions about Diana through Harry, perhaps because of the memory of his sad face walking behind his mother’s coffin at the age of 12. That image is difficult to erase.

        The British public do not seem to understand the struggles Harry faced growing up nor do they seem to take into account how much he’s overcome in his young life in battling for his sanity and trying to find a sense of purpose. The military saved Harry, and going to Botswana and meeting Prince Seeiso saved him, and ultimately he found his purpose and came into his own as the strong leader he always was. Meeting Meghan simply completed his journey to wholeness and to manhood.

        The British public do not understand this. Nor do they seem to understand that M&H are charismatic soul mates, with their different backgrounds being way beside the point. Together, they pack a punch as a powerful couple who have deep passions for making a difference in the world. I guess their charm and their power are simply too much for people who feel lesser than. Thus these petty people respond out of seeing the Sussexes’ personal power as a threat instead of something to support, encourage and uplift in a unified way that would have many reverberating benefits for everyone.

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      @Harla said:
      “These demands are so laughable, Come home Harry! Save the Monarchy Harry! what happened to the FF King William? I thought he and his FF Queen were the saviors of the Monarchy?”

      Yes, @Harla, these OTT demands are crazy. But the reason the RR and British media are making these wacko demands is because they know they need the Sussexes for the magic they possess and for their substance, which the media wish to use to make money.

      But the British media’s greedy, leech-like grasping for access to the Sussexes has not won out. And the media are boiling mad, instead of remorseful for playing a role in harassing the Sussexes, which led to them pulling away and stepping down from senior royal duties for their own self-preservation.

  24. Brittney B says:

    TIL Dan went to university with Poor Jason.

    Meghan & Harry were *surrounded* by enemies.

  25. Pabena6 says:

    Plus the “private flight” dig, don’t forget.

    • Yes, the Sussexes on a private plane…..lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! Yet nobody is continuing to talk about Charles private flight to Scotland knowing he had virus. And, I’ll bet the Cambridge’s left London for Amner in that pvt chopper the Queen provided for him. It’s all Sussex all the time. Who’d have thought someone so far down the ‘future, future’ chain could be the linchpin that the entire monarchy is dependent upon?

  26. Ruby_Woo says:

    “stunned and horrified”

    “members of the Royal Family. They believed that Harry, 35, and Meghan, 38, would consider returning to Britain to help their relatives”

    Ummmm…. NO!

    It’s so satisfying watching these roaches practically beg for their number 1 target to come back.

  27. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    Wills is still a wee bit angry, I see. If these two are such unpopular nothingburgers then why the outcry because they aren’t coming back to the UK? I’m getting whiplash from all the spin these RRs are dishing up.

  28. ABritGuest says:

    Jason knauf definitely went to that New Zealand university. When it was announced he was going to work with the Cambridges& Harry articles mentioned it & fact he worked for New Zealand government.

    Knowing Knauf likely knows Wootton, makes idea of Wootton having info on Rose & Knauf possibly managing that through strategic leaks to Wootton more plausible. Wootton makes clear he is a blackmail journalist

  29. Well-Wisher says:

    This scenario seems plausible in terms of the success of the two foundations – the Royal foundation and yet to be named Sussex. Although not yet verified, the fee is more than what the Royal foundation ever made. In fact the most revenue ever raised was from the Together cookbook. That the Sussexes already made more money with their unnamed charity must be once again galling to the Cambridges.
    Hence leaking.
    I suspect that Guy the dog will get the last laugh because the BM needs and Cambridges conflict.

  30. Ennie says:

    Someone posted on Twitter that that Jason guy and the reporter went to Uni together. I googled their names and the name of the university and here are the results. Yes, they were definitely at the same university and program. What year they graduated, I am not sure, but.. as they say in my country if you cah hear the river it’s because it’s carrying water.
    I won’t link it but yu can just google it. It’s right there.

  31. L4frimaire says:

    You know, for all this fuss and fury, one thing I was never really clear on is what exactly was the Sussexes role in the Royal family? Seriously, why were they so critical to the operation that the tabloids and courtiers felt so threatened and have this obsessive ownership of them? There are so many people in the succession already and Harry is way down there, and William has three kids. Just don’t get it, I mean what do they need them there for? It’s not like they’re needed to run the government and the patronages carry on, independently of royal involvement. They’re never treated with the respect, you’d think their rank affords them, or the kid gloves that scummy Andrew or Will get. They never even get the benefit of the doubt. You’d think in a normal world, the Royals who aren’t heirs would be encouraged to live their own independent lives and earn their own living.

    • ennie says:


      The rota/tabloids need them because they are charismatic and mean clicks and money. The others need them total the pressure off them and since they are popular, they feel threatened by them and feel the need to harness them due to the interest they generate (AKA jealousy)

  32. anon says:

    Fuck the Cambridges. They’re about as relevant as a cactus in Norway. And a cactus in Norway is frankly more interesting.

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      LOL. W&K Lamebridges have always been boring, but I at least thought they were kind and had commonsense. Well, the shizz hit the fan and the masks have come off big time! All kind of nasty revelations are omnipresent, due to the racist hating on Meghan and all the destructive leaks. I said all along that the royals should have been smart enough to present a united front against the media. They didn’t, to their detriment.

      And yep, some people in the public are too dumb to think for themselves or to see through the tabloid lies and the constant embiggening of Cain & Unable. All of the major Windsors are being shown up for who they are too.

      Harry is like his mother through and through. And he doesn’t seem to belong in this deceitful royal firm anyway.

  33. Lisa says:

    Uhmm the person getting the exclusives has sources directly in William’s camp and all the spin is the same which is to make Harry look bad. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who is behind it and other articles. The dots connect.

  34. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    They do and they form a really ugly picture.

  35. Lowrider says:

    The dots connect but people who lack common sense will have a hard time connecting the dots.