Daily Mail: Duchess Meghan ‘got what she wanted’ but Harry ‘burnt every bridge’

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attend The Mountbatten Festival of Music in London

Rebecca “Becky” English at the Daily Mail had a big, exclusive story in the Daily Mail this weekend, because that’s what happens whenever the Duke and Duchess of Sussex make any kind of move at this point, even if we’ve known for months that the “move” was going to happen. We all knew that Harry and Meghan would eventually move to LA. Sources had been saying it for months now, especially People Mag’s sources, all of whom insisted that Meghan, Harry and Archie were going to spend the summer in LA. Well, it happened.

Instead of acknowledging the fact that they had egg on their faces from misreporting the “Canadian lockdown” stuff, the royal reporters have just gone full-throttle on how Harry and Meghan are terrible people for… like, rejecting Canada? Two weeks ago, the Brits were smearing Canada because the Sussexes weren’t in Britain, now suddenly it’s some huge insult to Liz of House Petty that the Sussexes have decamped to LA. Anyway, Becky English has one of the nastiest stories about all of this. This is how she opened the story:

They’ve opted for a new life in La La Land – it’s what they wanted and planned. But how long will it be before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – especially the duke – begin to experience niggling regrets?

As one royal insider – previously a great admirer – said to me recently: ‘Harry has given up everything, literally everything. He has burnt every single bridge back at home. And ­Meghan? Well I rather think she’s got what she wanted…’

How fair this waspish conclusion is, remains to be seen. And they’re not hanging about. As I revealed in January California was always the plan. The move hasn’t surprised the Royal household, but many feel it appears disrespectful to the Canadian people.

[From The Daily Mail]

Racist dog-whistle much? Lord. Anyway, that’s all I’m going to excerpt, the rest of it is like Racist Mad Libs in which you have have to decode all of the dog-whistle crumbs left to us by Becky. Harry and Meghan left Britain because of [their own insane idea that Meghan was the victim of a racist, misogynistic, anti-American smear campaign]. Meghan’s problem was that she was [racist trope about black women]. The royal staff hated her because [she’s a biracial American woman with a work ethic]. The Queen began to loathe her when [Meghan didn’t wear a hat]. William was uncomfortable with [the fact that Harry wouldn’t be his doormat]. William blamed Meghan for [being more popular than Kate]. Kate was always [a petty bitch] to Meghan. The Sussexes felt like William [was trying to derail them] which is [correct].

Anyway, Beckys are gonna Becky and I don’t buy most of the information in her article. I don’t even think the article was strictly a Team Cambridge-PR piece, honestly, although William’s fingerprints are definitely on many of those unnamed-source quotes. I think the Sussexes setting up shop in LA is absolutely driving the entire royal establishment bonkers. I imagine the Men In Grey have never had their panties in this big of a twist. More hit pieces are on the way. And yes, they’ll find another way to strategically use the word “niggling.”

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  1. Belli says:

    I thought Meghan plotted for decades to be a princess because she was once photographed in front of that place that no tourist had ever visited, Buckingham Palace.

    And now she never wanted to be royal?

    Can these people make up their minds about what they imagine Meghan “wants”?

    (Obviously no, because they need their story to be able to change direction at a split second’s notice, no matter if it’s the opposite of what they claimed yesterday.)

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      They’ve got the wrong Duchess – there is ONLY one recently married in Duchess that schemed for over a decade to get what she wanted.

      They are projecting much.

      • Nic919 says:

        That is the funny part. Only one Duchess dedicated her life to catching a prince while not working or doing anything of value at all. Only one Duchess still can’t give a proper speech a decade into the position.

      • starryfish29 says:

        That’s the thing though, they hate her in large part because she didn’t buy into the idea at the heart of the British class system, that joining the aristocracy is the be all and end all. Kate was the proper British wannabe aristo, she “respected the system” so to speak, her lifelong quest to make that happen ends up being a selling point for her in comparison.

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        Exactly @Digital Unicorn! We all know it’s Kate-Unable who schemed with her mommy Carole’s help to land big pr*ck, uh prince Cain, aka Willileaks. I’m beginning to think it was mommy Middleton more than Katie who done most of the scheming. Katie is freakin’ Unable to do much of anything with any competence (except have babies) without her mommy’s interfering, smothering, controlling hand in it.

        Any young woman worth her salt, no matter how scheming, woulda dropped big little Willie well before he had the chance to disrespect and break up with them twice! The fact Katie didn’t drop Wills but continued to meekly cultivate him, is due to her mommy’s status-hungry foot on her neck. As well, Kate was surely holding out for and ‘Waity Katie’ biding her time dreaming of the delicious prize of becoming Keen Queen England and lording it over people.

        Kate-Unable didn’t fully figure in all the work she’d have to do, even as she plotted and struggled mightily to channel the People’s Princess, with only boring, superficial success. Plus, neither Kate nor mommy Middleton factored in spare puppy Harry growing up to become a real man with a real woman by his side! Make that a WOC raised by strong black matriarchs, and none of us should be surprised by the racist backlash and hater-ade fallout, directed toward Meghan, that even the Coronavirus hasn’t stopped!

        BTW, Kate and Pippa were famously called The Wisteria Sisters by aristo snobs. IOW, wisterias are clinging vines that are “highly decorative, terribly fragrant, and have a ferocious ability to climb.”

  2. Edna says:

    Goodness…those people suffer from serious Sussex Derangement Syndrome. It’s incredible how much psychotic venom they spew against the Sussexes.

    • bamaborn says:

      Use to believe they were just small minded people. Now, you wonder if they don’t suffer from some form of psychosis? Kudos to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for escaping that cabal.

    • Edna —. Love the Sussex Derangement Complex and I love, KAISER’s summation of all this RR vitriolic BS ——“….Beckys are gonna Becky…..” Well said, Kaiser, very well said.

      • Olenna says:

        Agree, Beckys are gonna Becky, but it’s gotta be said that Rebecca English is one twisted, racist-ass person with no conscience and no integrity.

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      Right @Edna. It’s pretty scary, to say the least. I’m glad there’s at least one place on the Internet where some of the receipts against the Lamebridges and Carole Middleton are honestly and unflinchingly examined! Kudos to Kaiser & Celebitchy for telling the truth, and for allowing clear-eyed push-back commentary against the hoard of scurrilous, vicious lies, venomous projecting against and dragging of the Sussexes.

      May the truth reign and overcome, and may God continue to strengthen and sustain Meghan & Harry who never cease to surprise us with their ability to stay focused on what matters. The Sussexes uplift and encourage others, as they seek out good while being embattled by hate.

  3. Ronaldinhio says:

    Imagine working for the Fail. Then imagine being a royal correspondent for the Fail. Where did it all go wrong you might wonder hourly.
    So you make up lies daily. Heap misogyny into every story.
    Get excited because with the Duchess of Sussex you also get the chance to slut shame her and be a racist – every single day
    This racist theme is particularly special because as it turns out lots of your brain dead foam mouthed readers are also racist and lap it up
    Weekly meetings surprised you in the beginning as it turns out many readers who are the worst are women. You take this as encouragement and behave worse

    Then they leave!!!

    Being outside the rota there are now reporting restrictions

    You make up lies and get things wrong daily
    No one notices

    • Tessa says:

      Yes it is so very misogynistic, the “bad” woman
      entrapping the Prince who has to “come to his senses again.

  4. Yoyo says:

    The British Media ran into a buzz saw dealing with Meghan and Harry, they’re accustomed to breaking people and getting them to cooperate, it didn’t work with these two.
    No matter how many leaks they got from the pissy courtiers, at the palaces and his brother, it was never enough.

    • Toot says:


    • Na says:

      Absolutely agree. It couldn’t end any another way when one brother is actively plotting against the other.

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      @Yoyo said:
      “The British Media ran into a buzz saw dealing with Meghan and Harry, they’re accustomed to breaking people and getting them to cooperate, it didn’t work with these two.
      No matter how many leaks they got from the pissy courtiers, at the palaces and his brother, it was never enough.”

      This! One Thousand times! You’re hitting that necessary nail on its head! 🔨

      Plus, M&H are battling back too. As a result, DM/ Mail Online, The Sun, et al are freakin’ fit to be tied, and boiling mad. They’re still trying their level best to ‘break’ M&H. Let’s keep lifting M&H way up high. The Sussexes left the gilded cage and are already out of rabid RR and British tabloids’ petty, graspin’ reach. So let’s keep setting the record straight!

  5. Ali says:

    This lady is insane.

    I can’t wait for the Sussexes to announce they are having another baby.

    Daily fail will explode.

    • Belli says:

      You know what would be even better? If one day, years from now, they’re seen with two kids and no one had a clue.

      Not realistic at all because Kensington Palace would leak it, but a girl can dream!

      • Bella DuPont says:

        THe other kid would spend the rest of their natural life being called anything from an adopted baby, to even stolen.

        Only Archie’s red hair quietened those unhinged rumors of him being a fake baby. I’m not creative enough to imagine what they would say about a baby they didn’t almost watch come out of Meghan.

    • KellyRyan says:

      Meghan and Archie are US citizens. New baby born in the US with Harry becoming a citizen because, Harry and Family are happy here. SussexRoyal site to change tomorrow? I thought the site said end of the month.

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      That’s just it @Bella DuPont! We all know those rabid RR and despicable tabloids wanted to be in the f’ing delivery room watching with a microscope and giving the play-by-play to all the racists and haters… This after none of them cared whether harm came to Meghan or to her baby from all the dragging and dissing they did of her throughout her pregnancy, with KP’s assistance and approval.

      Arthur Edwards is the slimy worst. He’s a doddering, dirty old man who needs to be retired post-haste. HIs biggest claim to fame is having photographed the young Diana with the sun behind her clearly exposing to the camera through her long skirt, the shadow of her shapely legs.

  6. GG says:

    Full disclosure, I had to stop reading the article full stop and consult Mariam-Webster after the use of the word “niggling.” While apparently it does mean “petty,” there’s a reason Rebecca English chose to use it, and that reason is racist.

    • Erinn says:

      It gets used in the comments of this site sometimes, and in the articles themselves even, I think. It has no racial connections – but it’s definitely one of those words that I had to look up because it just LOOKS awful.

    • ABritGuest says:

      I’ve seen at least 3 different Fail pieces with the word ‘niggling’ about Meghan most famously in Sarah Vine article around the engagement. With its closeness to the N word im curious how often these writers use that word in their articles. Dropped in ‘waspish’ too. Think it’s deliberate dog whistling.

      Weren’t the press all jubilant back in January that the Queen had turned down their proposed part time royal duties model& gone went for a hard exit putting the shattered Sussexes in their place? So funny this is now spun into Meghan got what she wanted.

      And the Queen’s statement on Sussexit& the reporting at the time said there had been months of discussions. Tim Shipman’s piece suggests some move for the Sussexes had been in discussions since April 19. So new spin that Harry blindsided them by breaking up by email is laughable. Rebecca English has also clearly forgotten her own piece a few weeks ago where she said Harry had long wanted out. Good thing her readers forget/ don’t care.

    • May says:

      While I am prepared to believe the worst about the so-called press, I believe “niggling” and particularly the expression “niggling doubt” are very common in British English. I knew it and English is not my first language. There is even a short story by Tolkien where the main character is named Niggle.

    • rawiya says:

      EXACTLY. She used it because she’s racist. RACIST.

      I remember a story about Jeremy Lin (an AMERICAN basketball player, whose parents are from China.) Remember, he himself is born in the USA.

      The title of the article about him? Something like “A chink in [insert opposing team]’s armour”.

      Like, yes, “chink in the armour” is an actual phrase, but to use it when talking about the first player of Chinese-descent to play in the NBA? Come on, son.

      • Veronica S. says:

        Major newspaper (I think it was NYT, actually) ran an article a few years back about…oh man, can’t even remember now, but it was some sort article about a political development in the PRC, and the title of the article did the same thing – “A Chink in China’s Wall” or thereabouts. I was like….are you for f*cking real, NYT? That’s not even subtle. If it was an error, how naive were they and how did an editor not catch it??

    • Christina says:

      From the Etymology Dictionary online:

      niggle (v.)
      1590s (implied in niggling), “work in a finicky, fussy way; trifle, be employed in petty carping,” a word of uncertain origin; possibly from a Scandinavian source (compare Norwegian dialectal nigla “be busy with trifles”), perhaps related to source of niggard. Related: Niggled; niggling; niggler.

      Damn, Becky!!!

      We are back to the 1940s, when racists racisted openly (yeah, I made up racisted. Adverb meaning “practiced racism”). Sheesh!

    • Fallsnow2020 says:

      Yes, I started to read the article and quit after the “n” word. It bothered me that much. I was disgusted!

  7. manda says:

    niggling??? omg I know it’s a word but….. wow

    • Sojaschnitzel says:

      I have never heard that word before and I refuse to believe that the usage is coincidental. Took me a second why she would potentially use it. I hope my interpretation is wrong. I do not want to believe that someone could be this mean.

      • Becks1 says:

        I know its a word, but the only time I’ve seen/heard it used that I can remember was when someone…..Sarah Vine? Camilla Tominey? used it in a headline about Meghan.

        So yeah, its not a coincidence.

      • Belli says:

        Sarah Vine used it on the front cover of the Daily Fail when they got engaged (and she knows what she was doing and gets no benefit of the doubt). Becky works for the same paper and will have seen the reactions and connotations.

        She has no excuse. She can’t claim ignorance. She knows.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        Comes from a Norwegian word “N-gardly”. Make of that what you will.

        * Source: Google

      • Abena Asantewaa says:

        @Please let’s not be ridiculous, about the word; ‘niggling’ it has got nothing to do with the N word. I use it sometimes. It means a slight but persistent annoyance, it could be a toothache, or a slight feeling of anxiety. Let’s not see nails everywhere because we have a hammer.
        However, I hate Rebecca English with every fibre in my bones. I find her obssesive maligning of Meghan very disturbing, and she has been, relentless, that makes me think she has been put up to it by The Cambridges. Afterall, her profile photo is of W&K.
        Oneday, oneday, they would all sing like the canary. They hate it that Meghan is far superior in all departments, to any of the dimwitted Windsors, especially Kate Middletton and her husband.

      • Joanna says:

        @arena, but when the person using is someone who regularly does hit pieces on the mixed royal, it’s usage is suspect. If you used it, we would not feel that way

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        @Abena Asante said:
        “Please let’s not be ridiculous, about the word; ‘niggling’ it has got nothing to do with the N word.”

        That’s your wishful thinking Abena. The negative connotation was meant by RE, and it’s on purpose!

    • TQ says:

      Totally agree. While it may be an old Norse word (just looked it up), it closely resembles the spelling of the n-word. The near exclusive use of it by DM writers in relation to Megan is 100% a racist dog-whistle designed to further embolden the racist DM readers.

  8. Toot says:

    Harry had made it perfectly clear how he felt about the British Media before Meghan came along, but he worked with them for the royal family. He married Meghan, and then his family (Willaim, Catherine, Charles) worked with the ones he’s despised most against his wife, of course Harry “burned bridges” with those folks.

    Harry knows what went down behind the scenes and that’s why he’s gone.

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      Exactly @Toot!

      Plus, I don’t think Harry ever wanted Meghan to have to give up everything in order to marry him. Yet, they were both willing to make the sacrifices in order to serve the British people and the Commonwealth on behalf of the Queen and the House of Windsor.

      The rabid media keep changing their story like the weather, and their biggest lie is the whole notion that Meghan wants to be a celebrity. Nope, she’s been there, done that. She and Harry have moved back to L.A. because that’s where Meghan was born and raised, and that’s where her mother and many of her close friends are. Everything else in the Sunshine state is simply a bonus!

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        Plus, Meghan was always a hardworking actor, and thus she became a successful working actor, which eludes many talented thespians.

        Meghan’s head was never turned by the trivial ‘celebrity’ aspect of her former profession. As Meghan has said, ‘I never wanted to be a lady who lunches. I always wanted to be a woman who works!’

  9. ABritGuest says:

    If Harry has burned every bridge what was the point of having and announcing a 1 year review& then allow palace staff to continue to brief against them? Some commentators suggested it was to give Harry space to return to all he’s ever known, but given this behaviour is what they’ve been up against, who would want to rush back to that if there’s no indication things like internal briefings to the press will change.

    • Islandgirl says:

      I don’t know what they are accustomed to doing to Harry and having him carry on smartly but….if they treat him like this do they really expect that he will want to return.

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      @ABritGuest said:
      “If Harry has burned every bridge what was the point of having and announcing a 1 year review& then allow palace staff to continue to brief against them?”

      Members of the Sussex Squad have said, and I agree, that the one year review, serves as a signal and an opportunity for the British media to continue dragging Meghan & Harry and prying into their business. After all, didn’t the shadowy ‘gray men’ claim that “Harry and Meghan will be punished!” This, while Willileaks is contorted with ‘incandescent rage’ in perpetuity. SMH!

  10. S808 says:

    “Harry has given up everything, literally everything.” This line annoys me so much. First of all, let’s not act like Harry didn’t leave for him too. Mans been itching to leave before Meghan and Archie and they were the perfect reason to finally go. Second of all, Meghan had to leave A LOT behind for Harry and now he’s doing the same.

    • Harla says:

      Actually, what Harry gave up didn’t have any value (or morals) and decide to keep the very best bits (Meghan and Archie)

    • Truthiness says:

      Yes, he did give up everything, including his role as a doormat/whipping boy. But what did he get in return? Freedom, the love of his life, and a gorgeous baby boy. A connected life, a life of meaning.

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      @S808 said:
      “… Mans been itching to leave before Meghan and Archie and they were the perfect reason to finally go. Second of all, Meghan had to leave A LOT behind for Harry and now he’s doing the same.”

      Exactly @S808! And that’s clear as crystal for anyone to see who isn’t blinded by drinking the shady, deceptive British tabloid kool-aid. Of course some peeps and haters want to be fooled.

  11. Becks1 says:

    Its been made patently clear that harry has not burnt every bridge; every reputable source indicates that Harry and Meghan can go back to FT royals at any point. I don’t think that will happen, but its always a possibility.

    Anyway, what happened to “a door has been left open” and all those stories from a month ago??

    The hatred people like English have for Meghan is on a different level and honestly, its really disturbing.

  12. RoyalBlue says:

    If you knew what I know.

    That’s all I remember Harry saying in his swan song speech. So he left fully well knowing the reasons why and apparently he had no choice. The Sussexes wanted to keep working and were told no. So they can stop rewriting history.

  13. Yoyo says:

    The women RR act as though they own Harry and he is their son or husband.
    It’s funny, embarrassing and pitiful to hear them bleating about him.

    • Anonymous says:

      Rebecca English and certain others in the rota are disturbingly creepy when it comes to Harry and/or Meghan. Ewww, icky, voyeuristic, orgasmic outrage, creepy. All hidden behind the veneer of British decorum. Only that Irish Times reporter picked it up.

    • Marie says:

      I definitely feel like most of the female royal reporters are in love with Harry. They are acting like bitter exes.

      • ABritGuest says:

        Agreed. There’s a rage/bitterness that just jumps out. It’s so unprofessional. But I’ve seen comments on SM that Meghan ‘stole their Prince’ so think there is a slightly unhealthy obsession with Harry probably from seeing him grow up& Diana funeral images of course.

        The rota will continue to report on the Sussexes but so many podcasts etc started when Meghan entered the family, I wonder if rota not having direct access to their events/projects will affect these podcasts& their ability to sell themselves as experts on the Sussexes on international Tv shows etc. One reporter said they were going to do podcast just on yesterday’s security issue. Content may start drying up& even more with this pandemic so think that adds to the bitterness.

    • S808 says:

      This is why the royals need to keep a professional distance from these people. Becky and the rest (men included) are acting like bitter exes. It is disturbing.

      • Loved Bella DuPont above referencing this ‘bitter ex syndrome’ as Bunny Boiling. On point Bella!

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        @ABritGuest said:
        “… I wonder if rota not having direct access to their events/projects will affect these podcasts& their ability to sell themselves as experts on the Sussexes on international Tv shows etc. One reporter said they were going to do podcast just on yesterday’s security issue. Content may start drying up…”

        Exactly. There’s already a ‘royalty news’ (i.e., M&H news) online show by People TV in the U.S. that has had to resort to rehashing old hash and ancient clips about Diana PoW. No, really!

  14. Mika says:

    The Press MISS THEM SO MUCH.

  15. emmy says:

    I mean … yeah? She wanted to marry him and live in peace and he wanted to move into the 21st century. They all tried to drag him back to the 50s, kicking and screaming, so he burned some bridges. None of that is actually scandalous or bad.

  16. Harla says:

    I’m so glad that these tabloids aren’t the papers that Harry or Meghan will be seeing first thing in the morning, in fact they probably haven’t read any British press since November.

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      Meghan never reads any of it, remember? She reads nothing written about herself whether positive or negative. Harry can’t help but to read, though he’s probably cut back following Meg’s example. At the QCT panel discussion in 2018, Meghan informed us (when asked about this topic) that she reads The Economist. Smart lady!

      Of course, M&H both have to be informed of the gist of what’s being spewed in the media by RR. So they obviously are aware and kept abreast. That’s how they are forewarned and forearmed to strategize and fight back, e.g., with their current suits against Mail Online and The Sun.

  17. Awkward symphony says:

    This psycho acts as a scorned woman who’s husband left her for a younger woman!! I mean she has used that one picture of meeting harry at a polo event several times now as “proof” she “knew him”!!! I’d be embarrassed to say something like that whilst writing columns about the man’s wife criticising every little detail. Have some self respect🤦‍♀️
    I cant wait for march 31st. The Sussexs will surely update the site to SussexsFoundation or something. They say that Meghan will announce upcoming projects too. I cant wait to hear new details about the oprah doc. I hope it’s not delayed because of the virus.

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      The Sussexes are reportedly abandoning both sites and starting anew. It’s been written about by Kaiser already in a thread here.

      The Disney film Meghan narrated drops April 3. There’s a thread here about that too.

  18. pottymouth pup says:

    and, of course, Mango Mussolini (who should be focused on other things) had to tweet his anger at H&M being in LA and how the US will not pay for their security/H&M must pay themselves which sparked even more idiot ire from the MAGA crowd in addition to the Piers MOrgan type British a-holes

    • Well what else does he have to do? No golfing, no Nazi rallies or travel to them. Hell, he doesn’t even need to keep to the facts as he just steps to the podium and vomits his lies and ego over anyone and everything. Makes sense that he would have plenty of time to take a potshot at the Sussexes. After all, the big orange baby really thinks his presidency is a television show and — as he said recently —- he’s winning in the ratings. Thank God, the pandemic is so helpful to his ego! I loved how the Sussexes immediately released a counter statement that their security was privately funded. There team must have been expecting the Trumpster to tweet some bullshit along this line. That a world leader would comment about security arrangements for another just shows how that small minded idiot’s pea brain functions during a worldwide pandemic.

  19. Jaded says:

    Disrespectful to the Canadian people??? How so??? Most of us were pleased that they could get a few months of solace here on Vancouver Island after the monstrous way they were treated by not only the tabloids and courtiers but they their own f*cking family. Just because we’re a Commonwealth country doesn’t mean we’re getting our knickers in a twist and pouting because the Sussexes chose to move. In fact it makes sense as Meghan and Archie are American citizens and their 6 month Canadian visas were about to expire.

    Quit putting words into our mouths you useless, prevaricating bottom-feeder.

    • Lady D says:

      I was sad to see them go. I really liked having the emotionally intelligent Canadian branch of the royal family here. It felt like they were safe for the first time in two years or more. We’ll take them back in a heartbeat.

      • Jaded says:

        I felt honoured that they were on Vancouver Island as a place of safety after the shock and trauma of what they went through. I’d like to think that Canada and Canadians in general (save for a few indignant and uninformed whiners) were pleased that they chose Canada as their safe haven. I’m sure they will be back again and again.

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      Quite right @Jaded, and thanks. Meghan & Harry and little Archie will surely be back often for visits to your friendly shores. Canada is like Meghan’s second home. She made two Hallmark films in Vancouver and that’s how she developed a passion for that area. Plus, we all know she lived for 7 years in Toronto filming Suits.

      Cosmopolitan Toronto is where Meghan met many llfelong friends, where she achieved career success beyond her dreams, and where the foundation was divinely laid for her serendipitous ‘blind date’ in London with Harry.

      The Sussexes said ‘North America,’ and that’s what they meant. They will be dividing time in a variety of locales, no doubt, with L.A. likely their main home base.

  20. RoyalBlue says:

    Is it just me who can no longer see comments on the Sussex IG or have they blocked posting.

    • OriginalLala says:

      yep, they disabled comments – probably for the best, too many hate-filled trolls

    • Olenna says:

      The comments aren’t turned off on some posts. So, the haters, in order to vent their psychosis, are posting disgusting sh*t on any older post that is still open.

    • BabsORIG says:

      Everything will be disabled by midnight tomorrow, even the SussexRoyal website that had been created in January.

      • Lady D says:

        OMG, that makes me laugh, the haters are going to lose their gd minds without that site to vent their fury on. I hope the animals don’t turn it on their families.

  21. Flying fish says:

    ‘Beckys are gonna becky.’😂

    Let’s get some t-shirts printed up with this slogan.😂

  22. ennie says:

    They were petty, starting with some of them laughing at the wedding speech, following with not uttering a supporting word publicly (let alone privately) after the harassment they, especially her suffered during the pregnancy (all after defending the natural sausage curls and non botox of the future-future -queen consort, current duchess).
    Add to that how supportive of prince randy andy they have been, going to church together, just begrudgingly retiring him of his public duties, but keeping every other perk.
    Allowing suspicious/obvious “leaks” from trusted royal courtiers. Really , HOW IS THIS ALLOWED? this, particularly the leaks to that reporter. It is blatantly disgusting and yes, PETTY.
    I liked the royals, I was even warming up to Camilla, and tolerated William, no opinion on his wife, but I totally loathe unfairness.

  23. Charfromdarock says:

    I made the mistake of reading the twitter comments on Becky’s article.

    I have never clicked on the fail’s articles so I had no idea of how actually vile and evil people are.

  24. starryfish29 says:

    I firmly believe that the British tabloid press would love nothing more than to have something happen to Meghan and/or their marriage, they want Harry & Archie back without her. Imagine the bonanza they’d with the single dad Harry narrative, starting with “Devastated Harry spins out of control,” followed by “Harry rescued by the loving arms of the RF,” and “Harry’s life as a single dad,” culminating in “Single dad Harry finds love again with perfect British Rose,” plus giving Meghan the Diana treatment that they’ve milked for decades. It’s disgusting the level of hate that they have for Meghan.

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      @starryfish29, if anything ever ‘happens’ to any of the Sussexes, guess what? There will be pure hell to pay! The monarchy was driven to its knees after Diana’s death. If anything strange happens to the Sussexes, anything at all, and it will ring in the complete end of the British monarchy. Full stop! Make no mistake! I’m not sure the ‘gray men’ and the government and senior members of the firm are exactly willing to risk those netherworld waters again.

      Plus, I doubt they really want something to happen to Harry. But if anything happens to any of the Sussexes, the aftermath will NOT be pretty. And, in any case, Harry will NEVER go back regardless! Believe it! Plus, as we all know, the monarchy and the British media NEED the Sussexes! They thirst after them, and are obsessed with them, just like all the jealous haters and racists.

  25. Marivic says:

    Good to hear they have disabled the comments section in their IG. RRs and haters rant no more. Peace of mind. Finally.

  26. Grant says:

    He’s better off with her, to be honest.

  27. Le4Frimaire says:

    This whole thing was so deranged. What did they want from the Sussexes that they weren’t getting that made them so dissatisfied with them, but then so angry when they left? You’d think they’d be happy with the “ important “ royals .I hope the distance as well as everything being shut down gives these people some perspective ( hah! doubtful) and the Sussexes from peace. Things are so scary out there and to see the British press focusing on them instead of the pandemic is seriously messed up.

  28. Lezlie O. says:

    The reason why the UK is several weeks/months behind the coronavirus is that they’re so obsessed with Meghan & Harry. The UK is now Left Behind with the dull, dimwitted Cambridges. And thank you Harry & Meghan for not taking Archie back in the midst of a pandemic. Like “duh, I’m bringing my precious Archie back so you can give him one last lick of some of that UK hatred. I don’t THINK so.” I will never forgive the UK and esp. the Daily Hate Mail for their daily dose of racism and prejudice of Meghan. From their leaders (Boorish Johnson), media (Pierce Morgue of the Daily Hate Mail) to the Royal Pains for their jealousy and prejudice of a very beautiful, extremely intelligent, stylish, successful, self-made, talented, artistic and wealthy Meghan Markle. Good Riddance UK (Un-Kind)!! Welcome Meghan, Harry & Archie!!