Donald Trump tweets: The US will not pay for the Duke & Duchess of Sussex’s security

The Duke of Sussex and Duchess of Sussex visit the Redwoods Treewalk in Rotorua

People Magazine insists that Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex moved to LA more than a week ago, before the governor of California ordered the stay-home order and before the Canadian-US border was closed. I believe it. I believe they probably moved to LA just days after Commonwealth Day, March 9th, their final public event together as royals. So, by my count, they’ve already been in the US for nearly three weeks. And no one knew before last Thursday, because they have been living in a “secluded compound” and obeying all of the quarantine orders. Now that the news is out, all hell has broken loose in the petty, racist tabloid press. And of course Donald Trump had to chime in all of a sudden:

I’ve said many times before that I absolutely loathe the conversations – often gleeful and short-sighted – about Harry and Meghan’s security costs and who should pay what. Those very public conversations are part of the reason why they need such tight security, because they’re being targeted for abuse and harassment from the royal family, the British establishment, most of the British press and now the president of the United States. Even if you argue that “those are just words,” as we’ve seen with Trump in particular, his hate speech and bullying are dog-whistles to the craziest people in his MAGA cult, and they often react violently at his instigation. Besides that, Trump has authorized security for people like Skeletor Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and all of the large adult Trump children. Meghan and Harry are, frankly, more worthy of security than any of those a–holes.

Now, all that being said, of course Harry and Meghan worked out their security cost issue two months ago. Soon after Trump’s tweet, they released a statement:

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have no plans to ask the U.S. government for security resources,” the pair’s spokesperson said in a statement. “Privately funded security arrangements have been made.”

Harry, 35, and Meghan, 38, are planning to become “financially independent” after they revealed in their bombshell Jan. 8 announcement that they will be stepping down as senior working royals. The couple will not receive Sovereign Grant funding and have agreed to uphold the values of the Queen. A royal source told PEOPLE in January that Harry’s father Prince Charles — who recently tested positive for coronavirus — will be offering the couple private financial support.

[From People]

Yeah. It’s pretty clear that Prince Charles already pays and will continue to pay for the Sussexes’ security costs and that issue is probably the biggest item on next year’s agenda, when it comes to the Sussexes’ “one-year review” in 2021. My guess is that Harry and Meghan hope that they’ll be able to finance themselves and their own security by next year.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex at the US Open Tennis

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  1. Talie says:

    We’ll see what happens with the virus, but I think the odds of them coming back to the UK next year to resume duties seems far more likely than it did a month ago. Of course, I think major concessions will have to be made for that to happen, but I can see it.

    As for the tweet – well, anything to distract from reality…it all seemed like a coordinated effort yesterday. A lot of right wing commentators in America were suddenly tweeting about Meghan and Harry. I thought something was weird when Meghan McCain was blasting out tweet after tweet about it since she is always on The View saying she hates talking about the royal family.

    • Becks1 says:

      She’ll be a target for the right wing press here the same way she was in the UK, but the difference is that she wont have to interact with those haters anymore.

      • Yvette says:

        A majority of hateful Meghan/Harry posters at the Daily Mail label themselves from American cities. Meghan is black so I can see the negative press and commenters to get as bad as it was for Michelle Obama.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        The haters in the commentariat of the Daily fail hate on a regular basis: Meghan, Harry, Oprah, Gail King. The Obamas, Marcus Anderson, Omid Scobie, Victoria BecKhan, SoHo House, Sunshine Sachs and Serena Williams.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        I forgot to add Hillary Clinton to the list above.

    • Ali says:

      On the Sussexes will be back in the UK.

      To tell the royal family their year away was great and it will be permanent.

      Once you a taste of freedom there is no going back.

      • BabsORIG says:

        If they ever go back, it will be on their terms, not on the RF terms. That is if they survive up to the year mark. Harry will never give them the satisfaction, he’d die first before he grovelled back to those horrible people.

      • I agree BabsORIG —- Why any healthy, adult capable of supporting themselves would willingly step back in to the toxic mess of the life they just left —- at great emotional cost to themselves —- is beyond belief. Not only would it be just as bad, it would be worse as the royals, the Firm, the press would also see it as open-Sussexes season because they have been forced to return to the cage. And this isn’t even taking into account the horrible life that would be setting up for Archie. I’d shoot myself before I’d ever willingly go back to that shit!

        Totally agree with Kaiser, we ALL need to stop talking about the details of their security. They have stated clearly and succinctly that they will not discuss it for security reasons and now they have clearly stated it is paid privately. PERIOD.

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      I utterly disagree – what makes you believe this is an option?

      William and Kate are dimmed by them – to have them shine at all, the Sussex family must not be in the U.K.
      I think that they will never again wish to be part of the rota
      Their court cases against the media will seal that decision and unless huge restrictions are placed upon reporting they will never return to the U.K.

      • Yvette says:

        If they return, people connected to the Royal Family will still leak or encourage leaks about them. They would never have a private moment. Point in fact, it was only after Prince Charles contacted both of his sons that we learned about Harry and Meghan being in L.A.

        I’m amazed that William and Kate don’t seem concerned that a lot of leaking about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex seems to come from Kensington.

      • BYk says:

        as long as they keep being “financially independent” with Chuck’s money they will keep being object of public scrutiny, as Chuck’s Cornwall money is larger seen as what it is: public money disguised as private money. In Hollywood they’re even less protected now, no matter how many private armed security they will have: here there are no boundaries, nobody will give a sh it about their (ex) royal status. We never had pap photos of them around Frogmore, heck we don’t even have photos of the house from afar, you think the backgrid and mega paps will respect that boundary in the US? Also after this pandemic the world will be entering in a huge recession, Hollywood included. It will be hard for them to get going whatever plans they had previous Coronavirus. Everything has changed. I think the new person they have, this Gates person, has giving them great advice if she told them to disappear for a while during this pandemic and completely shut down their sites and social media

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        What do you happen to know about ‘money they desperately need right now,’ @BYk? You may as well leave the orange monster out of this discussion. He has no relevance to the Sussexes’ plans and positive goals for the direction their lives will take.

        Also fyi: You are floating false, misinformation that was purposely disseminated earlier this year to mislead the public, in reference to Harry speaking with Bob Iger during the Lion King premiere. In fact, it’s been reported that Meghan met the Elephant filmmakers in 2016 during her initial visit to spend time with Harry in Africa. While there, M&H were working on a project with Elephants Without Borders. Meghan developed a friendship with the filmmakers who last year approached her to see if she would do voicover narration for their film. Subsequently, Meghan agreed and it was arranged for her salary to be donated to the nonprofit Elephants Without Borders to help with their preservation efforts.

        If you listen to the mis-captioned clip of Harry speaking with Iger, you will notice that it’s impossible to clearly hear everything that’s being said, much less the context. Iger was probably not directly involved on the film project, so perhaps he was unaware of Meghan’s involvement, which was slated to begin in the fall of 2019. It wouldn’t matter if Harry was singing his wife’s praises in order to help land her a voiceover gig. But in this particular instance, that’s NOT what happened. Harry mentioned the project to Iger, but his words and the context are indecipherable. What is clear now however, is that Meghan was already contracted at that point (summer 2019) to do voiceover narration on the film. It’s dropping on Disney+ on April 3. Be sure to tune in. 😉

        LOL, you wish M&H would disappear! 😆 Good luck with that! 😂

        Unsurprisingly, Penny Junor and other KP cohorts agree with you

    • Royalwatcher says:

      Wow, I’m so curious as to why you think they’ll be back? Can you elaborate? I think the opposite. The family will beg to have them back when they see how lazy and useless the Cambs are, but the Sussexes won’t be coming back…because why would they?! Unless they totally bomb and aren’t able to earn any money or there’s no interest in them (which we already know isn’t happening with them trending yet again yesterday and her elephant movie voiceover), I don’t see them wanting to return to that family of vipers!

      Not to mention Ronaldinhio’s point about being free of the nasty rota system. I can’t see them going back to that either.

      • BabsORIG says:

        I don’t think they will begin them, but I think the RF will make the mistake of continuing to underestimate Harry. And Harry will continue to call their bluffs and laugh in their faces. He’ll never give them the satisfaction of seeing him beg or cry.

      • Talie says:

        I can see it happening if the business/media/entertainment world they are entering continues to be paralyzed for the next year. I think it’s likely, but not certain that they could be back if they can’t get anything moving.

      • BabsORIG says:

        @Talie, they’ve been outta the royal family for almost 6 months now, not working but no plans to go back to that viper pit. They are NOT GOING BACK TO THE ROYAL FAMILY, PERIOD. I mean, haters can wish and dream, but those dreams will never be realized.

      • BYk says:

        do you realize they were trending because of a very negative thing right? the orange monster got them trending. and her “elephant voiceover” I think it was a huge mistake, starting with the fact that basically he cornered Bob Iger to get her, not a good look when your husband gets you a gig that way, specially if you call yourself a feminist. the voiceover isn’t a project which reflects the magnanimous nature they want to project: it’s quite pathetic and small. I would have expected her involved in something really big. is not even earning them the money they desperately need right now. I see the clock ticking and all those billions aren’t really showing up at their Malibu door.

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        @BYk, see my reponse to your previous post which addresses your above nonsense. 😆

        Leave orange monster out of it. He has nothing to do with the Sussexes’ lives or their positive plans for the future.

        Meghan already had contracted with the filmmakers of Elephant to do voiceover narration when Harry spoke to Iger, who apparently was unaware of Meghan’s involvement with that film. Harry was simply having a casual conversation about the work Meghan was slated to begin in fall 2019. Make sure you tune into the film on Disney+ on April 3.

        Perhaps you, Penny Junor, the DM and other RR and Sussex-haters are ‘desperate’ and ‘need’ something. But your OTT thirst surrounding the Sussexes will NOT be satisfied.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      This is

      1) Part revenge for Meghan’s continued snobbery of him and his trash heap family (and let’s not forget Harry recently saying he has blood on his hands)

      2) Distraction. It’s the perfect subject matter to distract his followers from his horrific handling of the pandemic.

      Let’s see how far it works.

      • Mac says:

        Since there was no expectation the US would pay their security costs, why does anyone care about this? Trump is desperate to change the subject.

      • bettyrose says:

        Desperate to change the subject *and* Meghan is one of those “nasty” women who dares to have a brain. Prolly more rage tweets to come.

      • Lee says:

        And he loves to smear others as he’s raging on about something, like Mexico is going to pay for the wall, which 2 or 3 weeks ago was reported to be falling down, the new section. Plus I love that the environmental and Native American tribes groups pounced on him like a panther with protected status, and the NA claim that they are destroying tribal burial lands. How low can you be to destroy tribal burial grounds? I guess this proves how despicable and disgusting he truly is, as are his cult followers.

    • Essotea says:

      Going back and having their child put up with racist attacks….nah…

    • Powermoonchrystal says:

      This comment! IT was so unbelievably transparent how coordinated it was, from the timing to the randomness (but not really) of Meghan McCain tweeting about her (her husband is editor or owns one of those right wing sites) to the fact that it all stem from an opinion piece that was not even pretending to be factual. I think that is why it blew over so quickly though, cause I saw many defending the couple or being indiferent to the topic when more important Matters at at stake.

  2. Becks1 says:

    We’re in the middle of a pandemic. People are dying. And Trump is tweeting about Harry and Meghan.

    I loathe this man so much.

    (and to add, I agree with you Kaiser about the discussions about their security costs. They bug me too.)

    • Royalwatcher says:

      It’s like certain people literally want them to be killed so they keep feeding the racist troll machine. It’s horrible, scary and sad. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be them right now. You may not like them but they are still human beings!

    • Mel M says:

      Same! Did anyone even ask him? He’s just jumping on the “We aren’t paying for them bandwagon” because it makes him feel important telling people you’re on your own and I won’t help you. He actually on a roll with that right now. Not that M&H need or want or asked or expected any help.



    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      He’s one of the, “Housewives of Washington DC,” he studies gossip and follows trends, has a big mouth and wears too much makeup. We should probably send him a pen15 pump to remind him the majority thinks he’s a flaccid cocktail weenie.

  3. CidyKitty(CidySmiley) says:

    I will continue to tinfoil hat that their 2021 review will come because the Queen will have stepped down by then, putting Charles as “the head” of the monarchy.

    With them not being able to do any events or really go to meetings or anything they are definitely taking a financial hit right now, I’m sure they had engagements planned and such to hit the ground running but they are definitely doing the right thing following social distance rules.

    And of course Charles is paying for their security, hes Harry’s father. He would not want anything to happen to them, and it would only make sense that he would pay until they are financially independent enough to do so, and even after I’m sure Charles will want to make sure that Harry and his fam are perfectly safe wherever they are.

    • Becks1 says:

      “I will continue to tinfoil hat that their 2021 review will come because the Queen will have stepped down by then, putting Charles as “the head” of the monarchy.”

      I think that’s definitely what’s going on.

      • Erinn says:

        Me too.

      • Spicecake38 says:

        Agree very much.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Yeah I think that Chuck wants them to be a part of his reign but Cain and Unable will do whatever it takes to stop that. I think they’ve been planning for a Chuck regency which will come into effect next year hence the review of it next year.

        Cain and Unable can do a LOT of damage in that time.

    • Royalwatcher says:

      I dunno. She vowed to be queen for her entire life, “whether it be short or long.” I can’t see her officially stepping down. Or do you mean just reducing her engagements? She didn’t even want to do that with a worldwide pandemic happening!

      I also think Meghan and Harry will definitely be working from home (unlike the photo-op Cambs) and taking meetings as normal via video. I doubt they’d announce any big projects but I’m sure they’re still getting things done and lining up their future work.

      • Honeybeeblues says:

        Agreed. The crown conditioned all individual identity out of her. Being the queen is all she has. It’s all she is. Beyond that, there is no there there. She’ll never give up that crown; it’s her only identity. Plus,she actually believes that ordination crap.

      • Yoyo says:

        Someone wrote that speech for the Queen.
        She is just a figure head, reads whatever the Prime Minster tell her to.
        It is strange that she don’t spend more time with husband, there is cold and then there Windsor cold.

      • Aria says:

        She wont give up the crown not for duty beacusenof andy and Charles and will is keen on throwing Andy under the bus but now queen is still top dog. Throwing andy under the bus where they will get their savior of woman title and I dont think will and chuck will give up on that. In reality she is hanging her life on that throne for Andy and his daughters. Chuck has already cut York girls from working royal , in reign he will surely banish those girls from using kp and james palace for their home residences .

      • Lee says:

        Yes they are as Meghan has proven herself to be a diligent worker with several important projects that are close to their hearts that they will want to handle head on. I am sure that they have been working on them for at least the last 6 weeks, or more. Yet, I am sure that Meghan is so happy to be near her mother right now!! As for Dora, she must be thrilled!! I would love to have a human grandchild!!

    • So it seems an American outlet is providing counter info to the Daily Mail:

      Despite reports that Prince Charles is paying for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s security costs, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have vowed to do so themselves.

      “All security costs are being personally covered by the couple,” a source close to them tells PEOPLE.

      Reading the daily mail is like eating three day old vomit. One can do it but should one?

  4. Belli says:

    Big surprise that the same people that are so up in arms at the imagined cost of Harry and Meghan’s security are the same people that would be filled with glee if something happened to them.

    • Royalwatcher says:

      ^^^ This!!!!! It’s sickening!

    • Aang says:

      Thats a terrible thing to say. I never imagined that the US government would pay for their security. It literally didn’t cross my mind because why would the US government have anything to do with it? They shouldn’t. But to suggest that I wish harm on two adults and a child I don’t know? Because I think rich people can look after themselves? No, I would not be gleeful.

      • Ennie says:

        There are People who receive some kind (or a lot) of security or assistance from governments. Obviously they are not going to print a list for you. Harry and Meghan can qualify to receive security help from their government and from any other due to the level of hate and harassment they endure, add to that their VIP level as close relatives of such an important head of state, wether some lime it or not.
        What these people are doing is goi g os social media to try to create “pressure”, so the people gets annoyed at M&H for daring to breathe and live in countries that they have ties to.
        We (in every country) already pay for A LOT of very undeserving people’s security, you’d be surprised.
        I would not mind paying for this family, but my country is out of their minds and not a first world country.

    • Jules says:

      What? Where are you getting “filled with glee if something happened to them”? It didn’t occur to me that the US would even consider paying their security, which is a far stretch from wishing them harm. People really need to chill out in these comments FFS.

      • GuestWho says:

        She was pretty specifically referring to people who are up in arms about the security costs – and there were THOUSANDS of them on twitter yesterday, regardless of the fact that nobody asked the US to pay dime one. And, yes, those people would be filled with glee.

      • Pineapple says:

        GUESS WHO … I think the THOUSANDS are paid bots.

  5. Ronaldinhio says:

    The structures of power offended by this couple is so telling.
    We, as a world, are a garbage fire

  6. YT says:

    Attention-seeking Trump strikes again! Idiot! Sad!

  7. Alissa says:

    because obviously there’s nothing else pressing happening in the US right now. I hate him so much.

  8. girl_ninja says:

    I wish that Megs and Harry didn’t even respond to the tweet. This loser only cares about money and ratings and he’ll use anything to get them. Why are Meghan and Harry’s names even coming out of his gaping orange twitter hole? He can’t even manage to focus on the pandemic helped to spread. Disgraceful.

    • Royalwatcher says:

      That’s why (can’t focus on his actual work of being president)…he needs something to distract from his enormous inadequacies!! What better way than to get his racist followers all up in arms about something that really isn’t important right now and was never a reality anyway (we were already told their security would be paid privately). He’s a disgusting, immoral, lying, racist, sexist, incompetent pig.

  9. BAddie says:

    Why oh why is it so hard for that man to act decent for one whole day?

    I wish the universe would pick a struggle, quarantine and trump as “ president “ is just too much!

  10. A Guest says:

    This is Trump’s 2020 version of “football players kneeling for the National Anthem” and intended to be a distraction and get the MAGAts in a froth.

    It backfired spectacularly. Even WH reporters and members of Congress responded telling him to STFU and do his job. Even a couple RRs were like “what?”.

    The Sussex’s responded immediately saying “yeah, we didn’t ask”.

    • Le4Frimaire says:

      It seemed to blow over. A lot of serious reporters, including those from White House press corps called it out as a distraction from dealing with the pandemic. I mean, Trump had the My Pillow guy praying at a press conference today. His Coronavirus updates are becoming a side show where he goes after credible news outlets and feeds his own ego. I actually think this raised Harry and Meghan’s profile and makes the UK press seem trivial in the wake of the pandemic.

  11. Guest says:

    When it comes to this mess, it feels like the Hunger Games, with Meghan and Harry being volunteered as sacrifice. And the odds are NOT in their favour.

    Whilst Corona definitely puts a damper in their plans, I have no doubt that they’ll find a way. Meghan is a hustler, and hard working. I remember watching an interview with her where she said her car remote wasn’t working for some reason, so to get into the car, she had to go through the trunk. I don’t believe she believes in giving up. I’m rooting for them so much.

    • BabsORIG says:

      Meghan is a hard worker but so is Harry. Their employees reported that, while at Buckingham palace, both showed up ready for work every single morning, they both thrive on work. Harry’s record speaks for itself, these two are , TOGETHER, are definitely a force to be reckoned with.

    • Prof Trelawney says:

      I think H&M will find modern ways to continue to work, and will do this better and faster than the BRF (barf). So many things are rapidly transitioning to virtual inc the kinds of corporate speeches that would have prob been one big source of income for them. I just spoke w a comedian friend who said one of her upcoming corp gigs wasn’t canceled, it’s going virtual. Also I bet we’ll see more animated types of entertainment, which can be more easily done virtually, and Meghan has already dipped her toe in there. Aside from the awfulness of the virus, I think it may be exciting and much more efficient on many levels in terms of work and possibilities to connect and create in new ways virtually…also much better for the planet…

      • Le4Frimaire says:

        Agree. They’ll get some things off the ground that will work in this atmosphere. They may be publishing things or podcasts, or signing future projects. The rest of the royals are being photographed holding vintage phones while Harry and Meghan actually have things to do. For now, they’ll focus on the crises at hand and keep it close to home.

  12. Yoyo says:

    I hope the Sussexes are not going to live in Trump’s head, like Obama does.
    Normally they would have taken a while before they reply, but they had rebuttal to ‘liar in chief’ out in no time.
    The dailyfail is left with egg on its face again, big headline Trump says the US is not paying for security for Meghan and Harry. Since they went to press, they missed the reply, the Sussexes didn’t ask the US to provide security for them.

  13. S808 says:

    We were never going to pay for their security in the first place. This was all planned cause trump, Charles, the Queen and the Cambridges are all interesting in Harry and Meghan being the topic of conversation instead of themselves. They all seem to like the limelight until it’s the slightest bit negative.

  14. ABritGuest says:

    the press always point to fact that Diana turning down royal security contributed to her death, not them. So for them to hammer on about security on top of those pics& videos they took of the Cotswold place pointing out where bedrooms were etc is very sinister.

    Meghan is part of the latest culture wars now so sure Trump was rallying up the MAGAts to distract from his disastrous handling. So ridiculous to be talking about them in the middle of a pandemic.

  15. February Pisces says:

    It’s pure deflection and that is all. Trump and his right wing minions are trying to distract from the fact that he is well and truly fucking up with his handling of the coronavirus. It’s just annoying that everyone feels the need to always throw harrry and Meghan under the bus to distract from their own shoddy behaviour whether is affairs with the neighbors or letting your own people die in a pandemic because you would rather they were out making money.

  16. Awkward symphony says:

    @TALIE I wholeheartedly DISAGREE. Trolls and cambridge stans are dying for their return to get back to “saint kate” vs evil Meghan scenario but you’ll end up waiting forever and then some because it’s never going to happen.

    The Sussexs definitely get help paying for security via dutchy for now but I suspect they’ll be completely independent from next year.
    My the tabloids miscalculated their attacks on that one😂now they have no topic to harass them with. The buffon will regret ever speaking about this once Ivanka’s taxpayers funded security expires along with his presidency. The fool practically made the argument that once you’re not “working” for government you cant expect secret service personnel which relates to his sons and Ivanka’s use of taxpayers funded security.

  17. KellyRyan says:

    The Orange Toddler attempts to strike again. His resentment is showing in defense of Queenie, and attacking what his addled brain perceives as the enemy. As a couple I don’t perceive H&M and Archie returning to the UK as a family. It’s over. As to security in the US, gated communities provide the security they will need. If they leave to do xyz, they will have private security, possibly a former member of law enforcement paid for by Chuckie or Queenie. H&M due to threats were at high risk for safety in the UK . BRF will not take the chance of injury to this family.

  18. Priscila says:

    Unsurprising. The alt right outlets like DM and Blind Gossip were hinting at this new turn in hate speech. BG stating that Meghan would have to ” beg” for Trump to pay her security is laughable. Charles might not have done much to disperse the hatred those two got from the Press- my guess is that the mags do have enough dirt on him – but he is rich as fuck and not a bad father. Of course he would either pay for their security of make sure that harry indeed got his share of inheritance money to do it himself ( I say that because rich people usually have all those strange clauses on their wills, so it would not surprise me if Diana set something like a fund trust he cannot touch until a certain age etc)

    This is all deflection, of course. Trump needs to pump up the hate for his followers to have something to say ” oh, he is such an amazing person, telling it like it is” or whatever and of course he has not forgiven the fact that Meghan skipped his public visit to the UK- he is petty as fuck.

    • Royalwatcher says:

      I’m pretty sure Harry and Will got their full inheritance from Diana at age 30. Not sure about the age clause from other inheritances, like from queen mum.

      • Priscila says:

        Good to know! I am not as well versed and in their affairs. Just know those super rich types have all sorts of clauses and funds. 30 sounds just about right to be in full control of estates but somehow I heard stories of people just getting full access after turning 40.

    • fluffybunny says:

      Not a rich person but I have those types of clauses in my trust because if we die tomorrow I don’t want my teen running through everything we’ve managed to accumulate before his brain is fully formed.

      • Still_Sarah says:

        Good idea. My sister’s husband was a widower before they married and he had a sixteen year old son. The son got an inheritance of $200,000 (30 years ago) when he turned 18 because the relative didn’t write a will and so the kid got the inheritance as soon as he was an “adult”. And he went out and bought a car and a truck before finally getting smart and using the money to buy a house. The son lived in the house when he went to college and rented out the other bedrooms. But I totally understand your perspective – smart idea.

  19. Toot says:

    I don’t see Harry ever going back to live in the UK even if Meghan and he don’t last, which I hope they do.

    Harry remembers everything and I don’t see him rushing back to that family of his anytime soon to be around them regularly.

  20. Harla says:

    If Brad and Angelina could pay for security for themselves and 6 kids, Harry and Meghan can too. I have no doubt that they’ve got this handled.

    Off topic a bit… but I really hope for Mother’s Day we get a photo of the whole Sussex family including Doria!! That would be such a wonderful thing ❤️

    • Still_Sarah says:

      @ Harla. Exactly. Harry and Meghan are worth $30-40 million combined. They are financially independent NOW and can pay for private security like other wealthy people who need security. Living in a gated community is a good idea for them because of this.

    • Royalwatcher says:

      I would love a pic with Doria, Meghan and Archie. But I’m sure they’d be ripped to shreds for tons of stupid made up reasons that only apply to Meghan even though other royals have done the same 🙄🙄🙄

  21. BabsORIG says:

    I was horrified, just horrified when I read this yesterday. Like, at what point do these leaks stop? When a life is lost? When they (whoever they’re) leaked to Wootten about the Sussexes’ whereabouts, that was endangering an entire family. Harry was right when he said his fear is his wife ending up like his mother. Now that Trump has joined in the harrassment, the hunt for the Sussexes has earnestly began, and it won’t end till someone is dead. The MAGATs will see to that. Mark my words.

    • BUBS says:

      No physical harm will come to Harry and Meghan…of that, I’m certain. Harry learned enough from the past and has taken remedies to prevent a recurrence. Those two know what they’re up against. They’re not walking blind. I suspect they’re getting more emotional and mental help in dealing with this than we even know. Remember how Michelle Obama was vilified in the press years ago? Isn’t she thriving now? They’ll be fine dear. Don’t get too worked up. I know it’s hard to see people we love constantly being thrown to the wolves; but don’t worry. Stay calm.

    • Abena Asantewaa says:

      Please you guys stop predicting death for the sussexes. Nothing will happen to them. Trump is the village idiot, his reputation precedes him. 1 more day to freedom. The Lord is Their Shepherd.)

    • Babsorig says:

      I’m just praying for long lives and peace for this family,I really love the Sussexes and I don’t even know them personally. I’m just so terrified for them; I was really sick with concern when Trump jumps in and started riling his hate-filled MAGATs cult. I’m really not predicting anything, I don’t have any powers to see the future, nor am I any kind of prophet or anything, I’m just a mere mortal that cant give nor take anyone’s life. I’m hoping that, after March 31st, no one in the BRF or any of the Sussex haters know where they live. March 31st cant happen fast enough.
      God speed.

  22. Sofia says:

    The Sussexes put out a response saying they’ve got privately paid security.

    So I hope that it finally puts the whole security narrative to a rest. It won’t but a girl can dream

  23. Lisa says:

    The crazy thing is giving a response to something nobody asked for because of click bait British Tabloids. Then they wonder why Meghan and Harry left wanting nothing to do with the games being played to damage them deliberately. Nobody could live under those circumstances.

  24. Flying fish says:

    The President is more concerned about H&M instead of making sure that the people of the US are equipped with what’s needed to fight the pandemic!
    I am not surprised.

  25. BUBS says:

    Just read a report that Charles is better and is out of isolation. Really hope it’s true -especially for Harry and Meghan’s sake. I know Charles hasn’t done much to stick up for his younger son and daughter-in-law, but I would prefer for him to still be in control of the Duchy of Cornwall until H and M can fully stand on their own financially. Just a little more time and they would be able to handle everything themselves…it won’t be long. As for Trump: no words. This is who he is. It’s all red meat to his base. I wouldn’t get overly upset about the tweet if I were you. Take care of your mental health, people…keep your eyes on the bigger picture…stay safe and God bless.

    • Prof Trelawney says:

      I hope so too re Charles, but from what I understand from an ER MD friend is that it can start mild, seem to go away, and then spike again, requiring intubation for oxygen (I think that’s what she called it) esp she said for men… But here’s hoping his will be a mild case throughout…

      And yes, I think we all need to limit our exposure to the disturbing social virus that is our leadership these days, whether in US, UK, Brazil, Philippines, and other areas… I still btw see Putin’s thumb print on much of this, inc. the dismantling of the US and UK responses…great way to wage war w/out having to fire a single gun…

      Actually, my MD friend said she was so restricted in being able to test or even isolate clear corona-risk patients, she felt like the CDC was almost trying to make things worse…not better… Stay safe and sane friends here…

      • Dilettante says:

        Don’t worry, Chas is in a league of his own and would have received all of the off-label meds others can’t get for their on-label needs.

  26. Iknow says:

    The president of the United States is commenting on a tabloid story!!!

    • kodakay says:

      SAD but not unexpected.

    • Yoyo says:

      Trump’s friend owned the national inquirer, so dealing with tabloids is nothing new to Trump.
      The tabloids bought the “stormy story” and refuse to print it, of course he paid off the tabloids for not printing the story about how much money he paid stormy.

    • lucy2 says:

      In the middle of a pandemic which he thoroughly failed at controlling, while people are dying and doctors and nurses beg for supplies.

  27. kodakay says:

    Did the Duke & Duchess ask for security? I’ll bet it’s just the orange one showboating as usual. When would they have spoken to him and why??

  28. Isadora says:

    We’ve known for some time that Harry & Meghan would not be part of the BRF anymore. It’d be weird if only now they would start thinking about security. It was clear that Canada wasn’t rooting any bill. And that same was already evident with the US. So BS of prez Doofus. He should be worrying about the increase of the death toll. And he has already blood on his hands from people dying in Puerto Rico, the children of refugees etc.

    He needs to be kicked in his flabby butt really hard come November and be sued for every cent he and his shady family have.

    • kodakay says:

      I agree with every word. He’ll say anything to TRY and be relevant but the truth is, he’s simply not relevant and should give up the ghost.

  29. Lolo says:

    The Sussexes themselves made their security an issue, they mentioned it in both of their website statements, the first time claiming their status as “internationally protected persons” entitled them to taxpayer funded security indefinitely. It was one of the first things that was quietly removed when they actually started negotiating with the royal family abou their exit. Canadians were very supportive and welcoming but they drew the line at Funding their security and the drumbeat got so loud that the prime minister (an actual friend of the Sussexes), after hemming and hawing for a long time, was finally forced to say Canada wouldn’t pay. Meghan had state department funded security when she was here for her baby shower and for the US open, so there is precedent and, yes, American taxpayers have the right to wonder if they are going to be asked to pay, the same way Canadian and indeed British taxpayers do and did. They were going to have to clarify sooner or later they just had to do it sooner because they got put on blast by Donald Trump. And yes it was stupid and he is awful but that doesn’t mean the Sussexes should get the US government to pay for their security. Honestly the BRF has been very silent, likely trying to convince the British govt to pick up as much of the tab as possible (because they are cheap) and this has created resentment from British taxpayers which has then spilled over everywhere the Sussexes have landed. When the reality is Charles and the Queen are obscenely wealthy and can afford to pay security and so they should. The end.

    • Emmitt says:

      The Sussexes did not ask the American government to pay for their security. Stop spreading fake news.

    • BUBS says:

      Oh child, they never asked the US to pay for nothing. Thou dost protest too much!

      • NeutralObserver says:

        Emmitt and BUBS, nothing in your two comments disputes what Lola says. Everything she says is factually correct.

    • Olenna says:

      “The end”? You could’ve saved yourself about 200 words by just accepting the fact that the Sussexes security arrangements are none of our business, wherever they live. It is an established fact that their are at risk without personal security, so why belabor the issue?

      • NeutralObserver says:

        Olenna–I don’t think anyone is doubting there are risks. But everyone has to make difficult choices. They made the difficult one to leave the royal family, and they–and their family–needed to have a plan to cover the cost of their security. It is most certainly my business, as an American taxpayer–especially at a time like this–to know where my tax dollars are going, insofar as they are going to their “security arrangements” as you call them.

      • Olenna says:

        I do not understand why you or anyone else would even think the US is responsible for funding or supplementing the Sussexes’ security detail. They did not arrive in the US for official business or to represent the British monarch. Further, as of 1 April, they are no longer full-time royals, no longer official representatives of the British monarch. They can live and do as they please, at their expense. How their security personnel are paid is none of our business. The US has royals and high-ranking dignitaries from other countries visiting, living and buying property here on the regular. The Yorks come here at will. A Swedish princess lives in Florida. Most people who are aware of these situations don’t need reassurance from a government official that their tax dollars won’t be spent on foreign residents. And, I’ll say here, again, there is no good excuse for the crass, undiplomatic and ill-informed way in which the US public was told the US wouldn’t be paying for the couple’s private security detail.

  30. khaveman says:

    Um, when did they ASK? My hunch is they haven’t and the orange embarrassment toddler just wants press. Sad.

    • Tiffany says:

      I don’t think it came out of nowhere. He likes to brag about the celebs that he gets on the telephone (he said that he called A-rod for advice and A-rod has not even confirmed it).

      Something tells me that he tried to do that with them and was given the brush off and that is why he is salty. He was ‘giving’ Harry a chance to do ‘right’ by him over the prank phone call.

      • fluffybunny says:

        What kind of advice might he be seeking from A-rod at this point in time? Not sure what a retired baseball player could add to the current situation.

      • MsIam says:

        @fluffybunny, he needs someone to tell him he’s doing a “great job!”. Because even he knows it’s a dumpster fire at this point. The Orange Ego must be fed continually.

      • Tiffany says:

        @MsIam. Yep, it is all about ego. He wants to be so Hollywood he can taste it.

        @Fluffybunny. A-rod is prolific at this point and I am betting money that he cannot get the Commissioner of MLB or any of the owners on the phone because this idiot is messing with their money and there might not even be a full season of baseball or one at all.

  31. Marivic says:

    Really and sincerely rooting for PHarry and Meghan. I hope they find their footing soon enough wherever they think they will thrive as individuals and as a family. They didn’t deserve that from Pres Trump. His comment was not coming from anywhere and had no basis in fact. The Twitter comments are as vile and evil; very dark in that space. Whew !

  32. Tiffany says:

    The U.S. is not part of the Commonwealth.

    -says someone who remembers that from grade school social studies and am completely embarrassed that a POTUS does not.

  33. Babs441 says:

    I actually agree with Trump on this. Why should we foot the bill? If they want security they can pay themselves.

    • Marie says:

      Well lucky for you, you won’t be!! It’s being paid for privately as stated in the post. This was figured out months ago and they never intended to ask for the US to pay for security.

    • BUBS says:

      They never asked you to pay…they never ‘intended to’ either, as @Marie has beautifully pointed out. Get over yourself!!!

    • Sid says:

      Why do you believe anything that comes out of Trumo’s mouth? Anyway it is moot, as the Sussexes’ rep released a statement saying their security is privately funded.

    • clairej says:

      Definitely not a fan of Trump and it isn’t great timing, but if H&M moved to my country our Prime Minister would also have to reassure everyone that we were not expected to cover their security costs. People would want to know.

      • bonobochick says:


      • GuestWho says:

        If this was about reassuring the citizens of the US, he would have said H&M haven’t asked for security/funding, so there should be no concern about American taxpayers paying for it. Instead, Commander Bone Spurs went on an infantile scree that, as is his specialty, had no basis in reality.

      • Olenna says:

        I would hope your prime minister has more common decency and intelligence, and a better grasp of diplomacy before tweeting about a high-profile person’s security arrangements. I would also hope your PM’s staff (to include his ambassador in the UK) is professional and competent enough to keep him up to date/informed on any high-profile foreign nationals entering his country. Further, I would hope your PM is not so stupid as to react to tabloid gossip and right-wing tweets without consulting his staff first to determine if any high-profile requests for security assistance were made or pending submission.

  34. Marivic says:

    @Lolo. The Sussexes know they’ve stepped down. If Canada, a Commonwealth country, refuses to pay for their security because they are not working royals anymore, they are more than smart enough to think a non-commonwealth US would foot the bill for their security. Trump was just riding on their popularity because he knows he is losing his after he screwed up in the battle against this virus. If he paid attention to the Coronavirus much earlier on and didn’t convince himself and the whole world that it was a hoax, he would have spared thousands of lives.

  35. Sarah says:

    US should focus its attention on the healthcare crisis. I don’t think it’s fair even as a fan of RF and Meghan to have to work like. A slave 40h a week to ensure their luxurious life. I am not paying for anything

    • Marie says:

      Great because you won’t have to.

    • L84Tea says:

      Don’t cry yourself to sleep over it because you don’t have to. They never asked the US to pay for their security and it’s already covered privately. So give me a break please.

    • MsIam says:

      The US does not pay for security unless it is for a visiting head of state or a diplomat. Since Harry and Meghan have said their intention is to earn a private income and they are not here as reps of the royal family, I’m sure they know they do not qualify for that. While in Canada, they were still senior royals which I believe would entitle them to some protection from Canada. But I understand it was only as a supplement to their RPOs from the UK. Now it sounds like they will have entirely private security while they are here, which is typical of most celebs. So your tax dollars are safe.

    • Pineapple says:

      Sarah, this is a far right talking point. Wise up. Don’t fall for this, this was not even a discussion until that tool in The White House restarted an unintelligent conversation.

      Harry and Meghan are progressive and care about helping in the world. The right … is an “ us versus them” selfish mentality. Tons of these emotionally hot topics will be brought up to fan the flames. Be smarter than a person who falls for this.

  36. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    No one thought for a second that we would be paying for their security. This is another on of the Dump’s “Look, a squirrel!” tweets to distract from the dumpster fire that is his handling of the COVID-19 crisis.

  37. Jay (the Canadian one) says:

    The only reason there was a question of whether Canada would pay is because we were legally compelled to do so as a Commonwealth country. The US is not a Commonwealth country so there’s no reason for it to come up. Trump may as well be assuring the public he has no intention to eat a vegetable. There was never a question he would.

  38. NYCGirl says:

    Not sure what’s worst…The POTUS reading TRASHY BRITISH TABLOIDS or the Brits more concerned about this instead of their PM who has COVID-19

  39. Charfromdarock says:

    I realize it’s a distraction noodle.

    But my god, the POTUS is posting about this while thousands of people are sick, dying, losing their livelihood in America and around the world.

    It’s like he gets up every single day and thinks how can I be worse than the day before.

    My heart truly goes out to Americans who are suffering under this administration.

  40. Jaded says:

    Of course Trumpolini would open his anus of a mouth and spew out more shite to distract from the impending apocalypse the US is facing. America is looking at the possibility of millions of sick who can’t be looked after. Over a hundred thousand dead, many of whom will not be able to get the medical help they need. Reinfection is going to cause wave after wave of COVID-19 and continue to decimate businesses, overburden health workers and hospitals, and impact society in ways we cannot begin to fathom. This is a world-changing event and this bumbling despot is tweeting nonsense about imaginary security costs for Meghan and Harry?

    Although I’m not showing anxiety during the day, it hits me at night. I wake up after having a stream of dystopian nightmares and can’t get back to sleep. We live in Canada, just across the border from Washington State, too close for comfort and until a world-wide vaccination protocol is in place we’ll be holed up in our 8th floor condo, making brief sorties out for food and wine. We have to line up outside grocery and drug stores as they’re only allowing in a certain number of people at a time. Store shelves are looking kinda bare. I’m running out of Lysol wipes which means I’ll have to buy a jug of bleach to sanitize everything. I’m running out of the ingredients I use to make my own hand sanitizer so where will I find them?

    Most of all I’m running out of faith that this will all somehow magically disappear in a month and life will go back to normal. Life will never go back to normal, especially if that orange bastard gets in for a second term. This stinks of “let the poor and struggling get sick and die, all the more for us” thinking of the current GOP.

    Sorry for the rant but this is bad.

    • Shoshone says:

      Fellow PNW dweller here. Jaded please take a couple of relaxed breaths and think about cute puppies or even puppies visiting aquariums. That video really helped me. We are going to be all right. Washington State is getting it all together and now with the borders closed there won’t be any more transmission spill over.
      You are currently doing everything right and that is the best that you can do. If you can’t buy bleach for wipe ups try using a strong vinegar water solution. Maybe it’s not recommended but it’s certainly better than plain water and you will know that you are doing what you can.
      I know how you feel. I know what it is like to panic in the middle of the night trying to think if there is anything else you can do to keep you and your family safe. You are not helpless. You are being successful in your efforts. You are fighting to overcome and reverse a set of circumstances which you never asked for. Stay strong.

    • Redgrl says:

      @jaded – well put. We are in Ontario & Quebec near New York State which is in a world of hurt right now and I feel the same way you do. Hang in there and stay safe.

  41. Snap Happy says:

    I don’t understand their move. If they are not using some government security from the US then they don’t need it from Canada. That means they didn’t have to get out as soon as Canada stopped paying for their security. They had just come back from travel abroad where they were in contact with a positive person. I don’t understand why they didn’t quarantine in Canada. They were literally advocating for it on their Instagram. I just thinks it’s a strange time to move unless there was some kind of deadline.

    • ennie says:

      We don’t know what’s really going on with them, what their family commitments are. I don’t like to speculate here, because this friendly site is obviously read by people who dislike them, especially her, and are on a collective mission to harass and bully them.
      I will continue to comment, tho, thanks CBer for being a voice of reason among the craziness.

    • Als Em says:

      How can you not get that they were on a tourist visa in Canada that was going to run out. Also, Meghan is an American citizen.

      • MsIam says:

        @Als Em, the trolls are growing frustrated that H&M have thwarted their talking points. They have to search for something to screech about lest their handlers stop paying them. Since the security issue has been taken off the table, it’s “why did they move from Canada!”.

      • Snap Happy says:

        Not a troll. Just voicing my curiosity on the move. I don’t know much about visas. Do you ALS? Did they have 90 or a 6 month? Are governments allowing visa extension because of what’s going on?

        I definitely think they need security.

    • Jay (the Canadian one) says:

      As I recall Canada was compelled as a Commonwealth country to pay for security regardless of whether or not the couple wanted it. They had no say in the matter and neither did the Canadian government. There was some negotiation with the Crown to release Canada from the obligation but I don’t recall if that ever reached a conclusion.

      • ME says:

        Trudeau stated Canada would pay for their security until March 31.

      • Olenna says:

        Here’s an excerpt from the official statement:
        The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have been assisting the UK Metropolitan Police with the Sussexes on-the-ground security “intermittently” since November 2019.

        “As the Duke and Duchess are currently recognized as Internationally Protected Persons, Canada has an obligation to provide security assistance on an as needed basis,” per the statement. “The assistance will cease in the coming weeks, in keeping with their change in status.”

    • Thea says:

      Have they even confirmed the move yet? Why don’t we reserve judgment until it’s confirmed.

    • Babsorig says:

      @Snap Happy, this is the wrong thread you posting. The “they moved to LA” was from yesterday. This is discussing something entirely different honey.

  42. Cosmo says:

    Why won’t the media leave these two alone. They are not or have they ever done anything to justify the abuse they take ever day. I don’t know how they stay strong. Why do they keep going on about who pays for their security. Do we get a detail account of what is paid for for any other royals? If the media didn’t keep inciting such hate against them they wouldn’t need that much security. They won’t be happy until one of them gets killed like Diana?

  43. yinyang says:

    Trump is a puppet, stuff like this is exactly why he gets overruled by the government, he lacks the integrity to be taken seiously as a president. What kind of president gets into onesided nonexsistent twitter battles with it’s own civilans, pathetic, an embarrassmetn, the elections can’t come fast enough. Oh yeah, and I’m not surprised he is a friend and admirer of the Queen, they both are selfentitled egomaniacs who couldnt care less about their people.

  44. Vic says:

    I just don’t understand one thing-why can’t they pay for their own security?!? Don’t get me wrong, I am no ‘hater’ nor ‘ a fan’, and I have absolutely nothing against them, but I just don’t understand. Everyone talks about their security, and if they want the stories to stop, all they have to do is pay their own security bill like all the other celebrities do. They finally told that it was going to be financed privately,but it turns out that Charles will pay 2 million pounds every year. That money comes from the Duchy of Cornwall, and I think that, at this time it could be used for so many better and more necessary things- they could help people who lost their jobs,or help people that can’t afford medical insurance. I know that the Prince of Wales can use that money, but it’s not HIS personally, and don’t you think it could be put to better use? Soo much money is being spent on financing the working royals’ lifestyle, it really shouldn’t be spent on those who CHOSE to leave. They are rich, and they can live their life of priveledge where ever they want, whereas there are a lot of people that struggle at these dark times,and even little would mean a lot to them. Stay well!! ✌

    • Ennie says:

      One simple thing: if they are hounded, bullied or threatened they will need security, even public one. Even as a private person, if he is threatened or his family, they could be protected due to their high profile, even if they pay.
      If they were not tabloid fodder, they would probably enjoy a lower profile while still doing good deeds and working on their finances.
      Princess Haya I bet, is somehow protected by British intelligence while living in the UK, and she is very rich.

    • Babsorig says:

      @Vic, the Sussexes ARE paying for their security, end of story. You should have ready all of Kaiser’s post. You probably rushed to post before reading everything, could have spared yourself some writing.

      • Vic says:

        What makes you sure they are paying for it? You want to say they are already paying for their security or they will, from tomorrow on? What is there to read that really proves your claim? I am ready to accept that I might be wrong,bacause I really didn’t spend that much time on two of them, because as I say, I’m not that invested. Could you send me any references that back up your statement? Thanks!

      • yinyang says:

        I don’t get it people are harping on Charles paying for Harry security cost maybe 2 million, but the rest of royal cost hundreds of millions, why the double standards, these peole are really exhausting. Meghan and Harry keep calm and carry on as you’ve been doing, the other royals are so loud look at Uncle Pedo, Shrug-gate, Rose-who, William pr stunts, Harry and Meghan have been neutral through everything.

    • Thirtynine says:

      Comment deleted.

  45. adastraperaspera says:

    Soon, the U.S. won’t be paying for the Trump family security either. Oh, except for Maximum Security in ADX or Leavenworth!

  46. Magenta says:

    Thanks Harry and Meghan for taking our fearless leader’s tweets in a different direction today. Trumps tweets have a tendency to cause great havoc so the change of focus may have saved us all. Lol

    Now as far as security costs. Not sure Trumps lack of good decisions on security for others is a justification to provide security for Meghan and Harry. Plus I don’t think the US would provide security indefinitely for any royal member who would move to US. The reason Meghan & Harry need security is because they are a part of the royal family. Shouldn’t it be their responsibility to pay for it? Luckily it seems Meghan, Harry and most importantly Charles seems to agree with this. So it’s a moot point and Trumps just trying to get more attention.

  47. June says:

    I thought the Royal Family pays any member of the Royal Family’s security from birth.
    That it is their birthright. I don’t know. Trump always has a nasty remark about everyone. I can not imagine that Harry and Meghan asked the US government to pay for their security. Of course, if Charles pays then that’s that. I am sure Charles would want to pay anyway. I would want to pay if I was him. Certainly Diana would have as she loved her boys so much.

  48. blunt talker says:

    I read back in January in the USA Today that a non-working person can live in Canada for 90 days-if working in Canada they would need to get a work visa. So glad the discussion of their security has been laid to rest. Meghan and Harry plus little Archie have all my blessings and good luck going forward. People are adjusting to working at home and will be probably be little more creative . Meg and Harry need to careful what they say when calling the royal family-somebody has diarreha of the mouth by running to the tabloids. They signed off on their instagram- they left a lovely message to their fans and the world community. God bless this family.

  49. Sheree says:

    Trump always has to be an embarrassment to our country. I wish someone would shit down his Twitter account. I really don’t like Twitter. Seems like it just starts too much trouble. And I really hope that Harry can feel at home in California. It’s a big change from dreary ole’ England. Harry is a grown man, capable of protecting his own family. After all, he served 2 duties in Afghanistan. And if he wants to, he can have his own security locked safely away, because he’s in ‘Merica now.

  50. Sheree says:

    Trump always has to be an embarrassment to our country. I wish someone would shut down his Twitter account. I really don’t like Twitter. Seems like it just starts too much trouble. And I really hope that Harry can feel at home in sunny 🌞 California. It’s a big change from dreary ole’ England. Harry is a grown man, capable of protecting his own family. After all, he served 2 duties in Afghanistan. And if he wants to, he can have his own security locked safely away, because he’s in ‘Merica now.

  51. Snap Happy says:

    eta: responded in wrong place.