DM: Duchess Meghan criticized for her ‘shallow’ narration for Disney’s ‘Elephant’

The Duke of Sussex and Duchess of Sussex watch the wheelchair basketball final in Australia

One of the reasons why I’m concerned about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s absence from the royal conversation for the foreseeable future is because the British tabloid press loves a vacuum. They will fill the vacuum of information and legit news with all kinds of inane, racist sh-t. They’ll blame Meghan for the coronavirus and blame her for not coming back to Britain during quarantine. They’ll blame her for every single bad thing that happens during the pandemic. The Cambridges will still gleefully remind Brits that Harry and Meghan “abandoned” them. And on and on. Then the “poor Kate” stories will start. Poor Kate wanted to have another child but Mean Meghan forced Harry to exile, so now Kate is tired and overworked.

If and when the Sussexes do anything new, the British press is fully prepared to jump down their throats about anything and everything too. Look no further than this Daily Mail piece about the “reviews” for DisneyNature’s Elephant, which Meghan narrates. The headline: “Meghan Markle’s Disney debut gets a drubbing from critics: Narration of Elephant documentary is branded ‘over-eager to please’ and packed with ‘schmaltz and cheesiness’.” Is… is this the first time these “critics” have ever watched a Disney animal/nature documentary?

Reviews from British and US press have been relatively consistent, with critics awarding it an average of three stars and praising its stunning cinematography as it follows a family of elephants travelling 1,000 miles from Botswana’s Okavango Delta to the Zambezi and Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwe Zambia border. When it comes to Meghan, her ‘excitable tones’ are a ‘perfect fit for the natural-history-with-the-edges-shaved off remit’, according to Empire’s Ian Freer, who awarded the film three stars.

‘For her part, Markle’s delivery of the commentary is wholesome and over-eager to please,’ he added, citing some of her vocal observations such as: ‘It’s time for a pool party!’ when the elephants take a mud bath. He added that the duchess ‘just about stays the right side of annoying’.

The Telegraph’s Robbie Collin, who awarded it three stars, said the documentary is ‘not quite Attenborough’, admitting Meghan’s ‘honeyed alto’ is ‘a fine match for the tone of the piece, which vacillates between regal and cutesy-poo with occasional gusts of girl-power uplift’.

The Times’s Ed Potton was decidedly more scathing – evident by his two-star rating. He said Meghan is ‘swapping pomp and circumstance for schmaltz and cheesiness’, adding: ‘The departing Duchess of Sussex narrates Disney’s tale of a herd of elephants crossing the Kalahari Desert from the Okavango delta to the Zambezi River, and boy does she lay it on thick.’

Ed observed how her ‘silken tones’ employed on the legal drama Suits which were ‘often muzzled during her time as a full-time royal’ are now ‘given free rein’. He did concede that she has an ‘actor’s way’ with a phrase and a ‘likeable sense of mischief’, but concluded the performance often feels ‘overegged’.

‘Even the underwhelming moment in which the elephants rip some bark off a tree is presented like the announcement of the winner for best picture,’ Ed deduced. ‘To anyone raised on Attenborough’s urbane authority… it all feels a little bit shallow.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Again, this is a DisneyNature documentary. Disney’s targeting kids, tweens and their parents. It’s supposed to be twee and cute and they’re trying to rope in lots of kids. It’s not “Attenborough” and not every nature documentary has to be narrated by a posh old white British man. The Daily Mail was so thrilled to be able to jump down Meghan’s throat for a narration gig in which her salary went to charity! Can you even imagine the reaction by the DM if Kate ever narrated a documentary about her struggle survey or something? They would declare that she’s the most perfect queen ever. Lord.

Also, not for nothing, but Meghan’s whole persona is one of positivity, bordering on sugary, overeager, trying very hard, affirmational, etc. That’s her whole vibe.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex in Ireland - Day 2

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  1. Brit says:

    These media people are so tired, lol. It’s only gotten bad reviews from the hating British Press and let’s not act like they’re not pissed and angry at her for Harry and Meghan not letting them abuse and dehumanize her any longer. It’s for Kids and it’s Disney, it’s not that serious. These obsessed looms need to get over it. They’re gone. Get over it, move on and find another victim to abuse.

    • I agree, Brit. I also think the RR —— and let’s remember that The Times is owned by Murdoch as well —- is consistent in only writing negatively about Meghan. Nothing she does or will ever do will be judged fairly or without bias by any of them. From here on out it will only get nastier. I’m willing to bet that these same reporters — if they write about it at all —- will praise Portman’s narration of the Disney dolphin documentary and compare Portman’s ‘delightful and professional’ narrative to Meghan’s. They will definitely use their praise of Portman to take a second shot at Meghan. And I think all of Murdoch’s media empire (including those he owns in the US) have had their marching orders from him to trash Meghan every chance they get.

  2. BabsORIG says:

    I have no idea why these “critics” would expect a “Attenborough” of a documentary that in NOT Nat Geo but rather Disney? Don’t tell me these critics are THAT thick.

    • Miss America says:

      Exactly. And it’s not like she wrote the script. She would have read lines written for her. So for people to basically say the commentary is trite or whatever are just idiots. She didn’t write it. She’s bringing her fame to raise money and awareness, can they not be so critical?

  3. Nev says:


  4. Ela says:

    For the most part these reviews seem ok…
    Yeah, there is some tongue in cheek snark but even the Times reporter did give her some credit.

  5. Lucy2 says:

    Right, it’s all Meghan- certainly there wasn’t a writer who wrote the script, or a director who guided her performance.
    And yeah, a Disney film? It sounds like she did a good job for it!

  6. maggi says:

    Just prior to this pandemic, I was forced out of my 30 year nursing career by a very sick, powerful man. For the three years before he escalated to the coup de grace that broke me, I would approach all possible layers of management to ask what I was doing wrong.
    The response, without fail, was that ‘you are too enthusiastic and you ask too many questions’.
    Small people need to attack Meghan for having and being and doing what they cannot.

    • BUBS says:

      So sorry for what you had to go through Maggi. I think most women – myself included- can relate. But you’re strong, and you’ll be fine. And when you feel sad, please know that you have an army of sisters out there who are rooting for you. And one day, justice will be meted out to all those who have treated us unfairly. We love you.

    • Fleur says:

      I’m sorry, Maggie. You deserve better. This will be small consolation, but the problem is the people in power who feel threatened, not you. Unfortunately I have seen this exact scenario play out as well

    • betsyh says:

      How is enthusiasm a bad thing? That’s ridiculous. I’m so sorry you went through this.

    • Izzy says:

      I’m sorry you went through this. I’ve been watching this play out at a major health system in my city, at all levels (nurses, doctors, researchers), and now that every healthcare facility is being overrun with COVID patients, the ineptitude of these tyrants will be laid bare when the only staff left are the sycophants willing to do the bidding of the inept. Things fall apart. Unfortunately, it’s the good providers and the patients who pay the price.

    • HELEN says:

      i hear so many stories like that about the “politics” within the nursing profession. like, a lot of abuse and power trips, in what is supposed to be known as a *caring* profession. my mom is a nurse and so are my aunts – the stories are endless. my mom basically took early retirement because she was beint bullied by her head nurse and one of my aunts now works as an agency nurse to avoid being stuck in a toxic environment indefinitely. my mom says it was even like that in nursing school! the teachers were apparently horrible. almost like hazing-level. all that said, you have my utmost respect and compassion. the supervisor of yours should be fired for pulling such a stunt in the face of a pandemic.

    • Veronica S. says:

      I’m sorry that happened to you but LOLOLOL @ them getting rid of a highly experienced and skilled worker right before a pandemic hit, those fools. You’re certainly not the one who will be hurting for options now.

    • Joanna says:

      I’m sorry that happened to you! I get told I ask too many questions sometimes too. It’s just cause I want to know what I’m doing

    • paranormalgirl says:

      Wish you lived near me, Maggi, and that I was in the market for a nurse. I LIKE people who are enthusiastic and ask lots of questions. That makes them good at their job. The nurse at my clinic is awesome like that. She asks a ton of questions and it makes her that much more valuable to us because she can answer patient’s questions and put them at ease.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ha! The bad reviews were pre-written and waiting in the Drafts folder.

    Hollywood doesn’t give a damn what the Daily Mail has to say. Hollywood only cares about the number of eyes who’ll watch. Give it up tabloids and worry about your own dwindling ad dollars. You’re out of your league.

    • Belli says:

      The headline was that the documentary got a “drubbing” in the press, but the reviews were actually mostly positive?

      It’s Disney, of course the cheese is going to be laid on thick. That’s the whole point. And that seems to be the only criticism people have.

      Sounds like exactly the sort of thing we need to get through quarantine!

    • Well said Annoymous. I hadn’t thought of it but I have a gut feeling you’re right and the reviews were negatively drafted well before they got an actual view of the documentary. I’m sure they have drafts in place for drubbing her expected children’s book, or cookbook, or whatever.

      • Chica says:

        They are trying to make Meghan radio active. That is to make everything she does look like shit and make ppl not want to work with her. It’s sickening how they try to poison the perception of anything she does. That nonsense will only likely ever work for those hateful British assholes and the MAGA wretches who already have to contend w their racism and sexism and didn’t like her anyway. The rest of the globe doesn’t GAF.

        It is very frustrating though.

  8. BUBS says:

    Meghan, if you’re reading this, just keep being you! Didn’t even bother reading the Fail’s report because I know it’s all bullshit. Only went through Kaiser’s portion. Meghan is vilified for doing anything at all. At this point, the Fail is a joke. But I’m sure that with new representation, M and H will be able to push back when they feel it’s necessary- because, frankly, it’s not worth their time to give attention to loonies. Just keep working. As I keep saying, those who love them are greater than those who don’t. I’m starting to see more positive press from the US and I’m thankful for that, since that’s where they are now and where power moves really get made. So whatever comes out from across the pond doesn’t really matter in the great scheme of things. Godspeed M and H. Your latter days will certainly be greater than your past!
    By the way, the British press don’t need a vacuum to talk shit…they’ll do that with or without one anyway, so H and M are better off doing just whatever they want to do. That’s what FREEDOM is about, isn’t it?

    • Chica says:

      You also know that’s all Meg to have convinced Harry to take that approach. He hates those rags and I don’t think he’ll ever forgive them. Harry knows how to hold a grudge. Meghan is so inspirational and reminds me of the poem IF by Rudyard Kipling. When I learnt it back in college bc I was hoping to become a Delta (they were suspended on my campus at the time) I truly didn’t understand just how applicable a poem it was to those who are striving to do the right thing, achieve greatness, and the like. You really have to know who you are, have direction for where you’re trying to go, and keep you head.

      I’m so empowered by her exemplifying this in the choices she’s made and am excited to see where her and Harry goes. Radical Scrutiny is a such an unbearable place to be in and you have to have to do the work with yourself to survive and stay the course and not let shit eat you alive.

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        Oh, exactly @Chica! Thank you so much for sharing your insights. I get the same positive, uplifting vibe from Meghan. She’s a rare individual who possesses sweetness, kindness, toughness, vulnerability and strength! As I said in another thread here, Meghan doesn’t suffer fools! She focuses on what matters and she ‘gets shit done!’ As her Suits colleagues noted a long time ago.

        But frankly, I’m so tired of all the pettiness and hate directed toward her by small, nasty people. May God continue to bless and protect Meghan, Harry and Archie!

  9. Sofia says:

    I’m sorry but it’s a damn Disney documentary. Aimed at kids and families. It’s not meant to be some award winning nature doc.

    It’s just meant to educate kids about elephants using a fun narration and a story instead of a bunch of scientific facts they won’t remember or know.

    • Veronica S. says:

      Not to mention she’s reading a script lol. She likely had limited input in what she actually had to say on the documentary beyond maybe changing some lines here or there. So hilariously overwrought all the way around.

    • Tifffany :) says:

      Exactly. I mean, as the example line “time for a pool party” illustrates, this is for kids! Should she sound gravely serious when saying “it’s time for a pool party”? Edgy or sexy? Obviously not!

  10. Pineapple says:

    The Okavango Delta has to be one of the most magnificent and magical places on earth. I saw a documentary on it years ago and wrote that name in my journal so that I could always remember it.

    I am going to friggin’ love this documentary.

  11. Beach Dreams says:

    Heh, and yet reviews outside of the usual suspects have been positive. Of course the British media will bitterly sh*t on this, just as they’ve tried to do for all of her past projects. These reporters continue to think that the insular space they operate in is somehow representative of the world.

    • Agree Beach Dreams. And I have my popcorn popped for all the positive press that will now be written about Sara Latham who has been hired by the Queen. We all remember how the RR dragged the Sussexes — mostly Meghan — for hiring Latham. This is how they roll —- nothing either of the Sussexes ever do again will be worthy and everything the rest of the royals do —- or just THINK about doing —- will be astoundingly amazing and without fault. And —- PS — Latham works directly with and answers only to the Queen’s chief of staff. I’m sure Latham negotiated that into her work contract so she didn’t have to answer to those endless layers of courtiers. And I’m sure those same little grey men are livid about that. 😂

    • Amy Too says:

      I think that’s one of the things that bugs me most about the British RRs. They’re acting like England is the only place in the world, and that Harry and Meghan need to please and appeal to England above all other countries in the world, and they seem to think that everything Harry and Meghan do/say/work on/post on Instagram is aimed solely at England.

      Harry and Meghan are GLOBAL. They are no longer part of the BRF working only in and for Britain. They are based in North America now, doing work in North America. She voiced a DISNEY movie. The main audience for a Disney movie is NOT England, it’s America/Canada and then the entire rest of the world.

      The RRs are acting like they still own Harry and Meghan and it bugs me SO MUCH. They’re acting like Harry and Meghan are JUST ex-royal family members, and not actually smart, philanthropic, hard-working, charismatic, well-loved individuals in their own right. I get that the Queen, Philip, Andrew and his family, Edward and family, Will and Kate, and most of the rest of the royal family would be nothing and would do nothing without the monarchy. Being a member of the royal family is really the only thing that makes those people special or worthy of press coverage. And it makes sense that their press coverage would be centered around the U.K. and what the British people and British RRs think about them. But Harry and Meghan are different. They’re like Diana—break out stars who will shine no matter where they are or what they’re doing. They are an international phenomenon. They’re not a British-first/only brand anymore. They’re not part of the British royal family anymore. They don’t need to please you or make sure they don’t rock any British boats anymore. They’re not talking to you anymore. This work isn’t for you. They don’t care if you approve or not. And frankly, neither does the rest of the world. No one in the rest of the world cares that some crusty, stick up his butt British Royal reporter thinks that Meghan’s voice is “too engaging,” or whatever other ”insult” that’s only actually an insult in Britain, they want to throw at her. (Too eager, too earnest, cares too much.)

      It just reeks of colonialism and imperialism when the British RR keep trying to center England, and the British point of view, and what the British reporters think about Harry and Meghan. We don’t need you to export your ideas to us “savages” anymore. Your opinion isn’t going to be taken as the most important and automatically correct opinion anymore. The rest of the world is not looking to you to influence them right now. The royal family, and all of their various palace aides and sources, and their royal reporters and British tabloid press could be shot into outer space and Harry and Meghan would still be fine. They don’t need you. We don’t need you.

      • Chelle says:

        When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life . . . Samuel Johnson

        @Amy Too – I agree with so much of what you’ve written. I’ve been really trying to figure out why this has been so personal for the RR and their readers. I don’t know if it’s because they feel as it they own Prince Harry or if he somehow owes them but they are taking this as if this is a deep, deep betrayal. It’s as if he’s rejected them and they are experiencing it at some deep pre-verbal layer. But even saying that I can maybe–big emphasis on maybe–understand how they may feel that Meghan waltzed in, grabbed their best, and then walked out the door with it ala that b*tch, (Secretly, in my mind, when I think of their departure I hum the children’s rhyme “and the dish ran away with the spoon”.) But even then and in no way shape or form did he say he was tired of the UK or its people. Alls the man said was that he wanted to build a life outside the fishbowl and, even then, he was trying to keep one foot in by offering up a hybrid model.

        I just don’t get the degree to which the anger, the vitriol, the hatred and the deep feelings of betrayal are really surfacing. Honestly, Meghan could have stuffed the queen inside of her purse or into a suitcase and made off with her and the BRF, the RR and its readers wouldn’t have been this gut-shot about it. I guess they are finally appreciating the man and his value now that he’s gone. But that’s always the way, isn’t it? SMH. Just SMH.

      • Missskitttin says:

        The Royal Family and the DM and rest of British press take Harry’s departure as a worse offense than Andrew’s myriad of pedophile sins. This is flabbergasting and insulting. Andrew has pretty much disappeared from their news. How convenient.

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        @Amy Too said:
        “… The royal family, and all of their various palace aides and sources, and their royal reporters and British tabloid press could be shot into outer space and Harry and Meghan would still be fine. They don’t need you. We don’t need you… Harry and Meghan are GLOBAL.”

        This!!! Thanks for your eloquent post, @Amy Too. You speak for me too! And thank you! 😍

      • songbirds_thrive says:

        @Chelle said:
        “… Alls the man said was that he wanted to build a life outside the fishbowl and, even then, he was trying to keep one foot in by offering up a hybrid model…”

        Exactly! Here’s an apt cartoon that demonstrates the escaping ‘fishbowl’ part of what you said:

        @Chelle and @Amy Too and other likeminded observers, I always revisit M&H’s engagement interview, because they told us a lot in that interview. They showed us how in love they are and how eager they’d been to get to work on behalf of the Commonwealth, representing the Queen.

        Harry and Meghan are individually remarkable people, and together, they’re dynamite and they know it! Harry said, “We’re a fantastic team. We know we are, and we hope to over time have as much impact on the things we care about as possible.”
        Harry’s comment comes @9:36 in the interview video:

        A little later Harry says: “At the end of the day, she chooses me and I choose her, and therefore whatever we have to tackle, we’ll tackle together as a team… We’ll make sure our relationship comes first…”

        It’s a fantastic interview that foreshadows a lot and shows us how strong their union is. Of course, they didn’t have any idea of the betrayals that would happen, forcing them to strike out on their own for self-preservation. What they have had to face, has only served to make their bond stronger and their profile larger and even more significant in the world.

  12. Flying fish says:

    It’s a Disney documentary…

  13. Marie says:

    I have read a lot of great reviews for this. She has the perfect voice for projects like this and I see her doing more in the future. She has a very soothing voice that I think kids would be drawn to. I cant wait to see it.

    • Livvers says:

      Agree, her voice is lovely and I bet she is really good at modulating between soothing and exciting in a way that would really engage children’s interest.

  14. Gwendolyn says:

    It’s a Disney nature film, this sounds on brand. And as long time listener of the Empire podcast, 3 stars is a recommendation. And you have to side eye the Times review, as they’re under the Murdoch umbrella along with the Daily Fail.

    Disney is probably fine with this, because this documentary is getting a ton of free publicity by virtue of her voice over and I have family members in their target audience and guess what they don’t do, read reviews. Heck my niece and nephew LOVED Doolittle and we know what reviews it got.

  15. HMC says:

    The headline is misleading, the cherry picked reviews aren’t bad. The worst one is saying she is cheesy in a Disney sort of way. While narrating a DISNEY doc.

    This was the most interesting quote: “But the arrangement with Disney hints at Meghan’s future career plans, which could see the couple use their celebrity status to benefit chosen causes”

    Isnt that what the royals are supposed to do anyway? So why is it now bad?

    • ABritGuest says:

      That’s exactly what royals are meant to do. It’s funny though- whilst they act like royalty is above celebrity- all the press focus on (and most royal fans too) is gossip, hair, jewellery fashion, kiddies. Not that different to say Kim Kardashian who is also meeting top politicians& ‘working on social issues’ lol.

      Most reviews I’ve seen are 3/5 stars so basically good. Like with her Vogue issue, some British press may scorn but they are just giving it lots of promo. When will they learn

  16. Marivic says:

    Looking forward to seeing this Disney presentation soonest . I’m sure it’s going to be a box office hit !

    • L4frimaire says:

      Well it’s streaming on Disney+ but same energy. It looks cute and I like her voice. I remember watching March of the Penguins, and while it was good, wasn’t expecting it to change my life arc or anything. Got more out of Happy Feet 2.

  17. aquarius64 says:

    The BM have lost their targets. I hope the Sussexes continue to strive and survive.

  18. Becks1 says:

    It’s a Disney nature doc. Of course it’s going to be relatively cheesy. I can’t wait for it!

  19. Valiantly Varnished says:

    How do you “shallowly” narrate something?? It’s amazing to watch how hatred negates all common sense and logic.
    But whatever. In the words of Jill Scott this is Meghan’s theme song: “Hate on me haters. Now or later. Cuz’ Im gonna do me. So be mad baby.”

  20. Ruby_Woo says:

    Loool, the fact that the DM are just reporting on OTHER reviews mean that they don’t have access to the documentary.

    They don’t even bother to report on the documentary; just her voice. They are obsessed. And they are literally criticising a Disney nature film!

    ‘Honeyed alto’… ‘Silken tones’… even when they try to criticise her, they end up complimenting her.

  21. rawiya says:

    She f****&#*&#(@#* narrating a f*&*#*@(* Disney f&*&@(#& documentary about ELEPHANTS.

    It’s not a bloody BBC radio version of Hamlet or Othello.

    These people. They’re the same who’ll wet their panties when The Keen One manages a two-line speech or learns how to say “Hello” in a Arabic.

  22. Who ARE These People? says:

    Because a cheery American woman’s voice cannot possibly be as authoritative as an older man with a British accent, right? She’s telling a kiddie story. Many well-known actors hired to do these documentary voice-overs do an “okay” job, by the way. They’re not uniformly well equipped for voice work.

    • Livvers says:

      Also the people comparing her to Attenborough unfavourably cannot possibly have actually watched his documentaries, because there’s always room for whimsy and cheekiness from him when it’s appropriate to the subject matter.

  23. Harla says:

    I’ve been on the fence about watching this documentary but now I feel that I must! I’m sure the ratings of this show will be through the roof, with kids out of school and legions of Meghan supporters staying home!! Take that Foul British Press!!

    • Bella DuPont says:

      Please watch it……and encourage your loved ones to as well. We don’t want the hampered publicity due to the deadly virus make those monsters at the Daily Fail win. 🎈🎈

      • Harla says:

        I only on the fence about it because I know it’ll make me cry at some point and I hate that. But I’ll turn it on and probably mute it, anything to support Meghan!!

      • Bella DuPont says:

        Yup, exactly. Turn it on, mute it and go read a nice novel or Netflix Downtown Abbey until it’s over! 😬👍

  24. Ela says:

    Can anyone remember the meltdown during her engagement, where she was being accused of faking a British accent? I am assuming she is using her normal American accent in this documentary, lol.

  25. Cosmo says:

    I just don’t understand why all the hate for this woman. She has done nothing wrong but marry a prince and try to help people. Are the royals just that jealous that they will use anything in the media to try to bring these two people down.

    • Harla says:

      In a word Cosmo, yes, yes they are. That family always has been and until someone actually takes charge and get’s the whole lot of them into intensive therapy they always will be.

  26. starcreactor says:

    I avoid cheesy storytelling like crazy, but cmon. the press is ridiculous. it’s a documentary for kids. the tone is suitable for the type of show it is. she’s not striving for an oscar or anything

  27. Deanne says:

    It’s a freaking Disney “documentary” and it’s aimed at children and families. It’s not like she did a cutesy pie voice in a National Geographic documentary on North Korea. The woman wrote inspirational messages on bananas. That’s who she is. It sounds like she struck the appropriate tone for the material and audience she was presented with.

  28. A Guest says:

    And that cheery, upbeat, affirmative persona was just one of the many reasons they hated her.

    Dang, these people must live such tiresome, dull, sad lives.

    • MarcelMarcel says:

      I realise it’s all just fueled by misogynoir but the ongoing criticism of her positivity is ridiculous. Like how you can be offended by someone focusing on positive collaborative efforts like the cookbook or enjoying yoga & avocados?

  29. Aurora says:

    Her voice is lovely

  30. Loretta says:

    Sorry British press but the reviews are good

  31. Bella DuPont says:

    @ Celebitchies

    Well, it’s a call to arms (of sorts)………I know a lot of you are worried about being too emotionally swept away by the nature of the show (animal documentaries + Disney’s emotional brutality), but no worries…..just tune in to the show regardless, and turn the volume down!

    Go on your phone or laptop to watch something else, or catch up with some work, it doesn’t matter. But let’s not let the ratings suffer because that’s exactly what the vipers and sadistic crocodiles in the BRF + British media are hoping for.

    Set to be released on Disney+ on April 3.

    (Please enter in diaries) 😁🙏👍😘💕

  32. L4frimaire says:

    We’ll still watch it. I actually feel if Meghan was still officially a senior royal, the tabloids would have attacked it more, the way did the Vogue cover. That reaction was bonkers. Some reviews I’ve read say it is very sugary in parts but very Disney, and they like what she brings to it. They’ve been fair, not fawning or malicious. We’ve watched so many dry documentaries on Nature or only heard male voices like Attenborough or Morgan Freeman, so to hear two younger women narrate will be a change. Also, Disney knows their audience.

  33. MsIam says:

    Yawn, it’s a kids documentary. It’s supposed to be fun. These reporters are for sh!t. if kids and their parents enjoy it, that is all that matters, not these fools.

  34. Lisa says:

    The reviews I have seen were mostly positive save for a few. Of course the DM would run with the negative.

  35. Sunshine says:

    These people also trashed her British Vogue edit. It wound up being the best and fastest selling British Vogue.

    • Elena Rindell says:

      Exactly. Those idiots never learn. The more they hate on her the more her fans love her. It’s the universal story of the underdog. It is the BM that made Meghan super popular with all the hate towards her. It’s like they all share a brain cell.

    • Nyro says:

      Exactly. I liked Meghan and was impressed with her from the beginning. But seeing the British right wing establishment mobilize a hate campaign against her, a woman of color who simply fell in love and is just trying to do good work, is what made me become full on #TeamMeghan. I always rooted for her but this hate campaign has made me want to actively support her. I made sure to go search for her Vogue and bought several copies. I made sure to buy something from her SmartWorks collection. And I will make sure stream this documentary as well. Several times, in fact. Like, to play it all day on one of my TVs just to get the numbers up.

  36. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    We will definitely be watching this documentary and counting it as homeschool work for the kids. I can’t wait to see it. The Fail et al can kiss my patooty.

  37. Abena Asantewaa says:

    Gosh, their hate for Meghan is relentless, and so biased. It is disney for god’s sakes! It is suppose to be sugary and schmaltzy! Imagine if Kate had done this, they would be hailing her. It is sad that they even find the need to bash her, while’s failing to tell people of her noble act of donating the money to EWB. I will be watching with my family, the perfect film for the lockdown. Good timing.

  38. Sunshine says:

    These tabloids are very short sighted. They are ruining potential future advertising for a petty vendetta. @disney is more powerful than all of them combined.

  39. Mtec says:

    The best thing about this is that it doesn’t matter what they twist and make up to criticize it. Her fans AND her haters are gonna watch it, and all that’s all streaming platforms care about, the views. So the hate is gonna make her even more lucrative to Disney and the charities this nature show and the Sussexes are supporting.

  40. Emma says:

    I’m still gonna watch though.

  41. Awkward symphony says:

    As they say “All publicity is good publicity, as long as they spell your name right.”😏

  42. Izzy says:

    I’m sure Disney will weep over these reviews… all the way to the bank.

  43. Margetta says:

    It’s incredible to me how she seems to be as polarizing a figure as, say, Hilary. Clearly people are threatened by her (just as they were/are by Hilary)–strong women with power are to be punished, you know. But with Meghan, it seems really extra crazy to me because let’s face it–it’s ALL because she’s a woman of color. At least with Hilary people can try to frame it as political hatred (it’s not and we alll know it), but with Meghan it’s personal and it’s because she’s biracial and has the audacity to exist. It’s disturbing and sadly not surprising (which is also disturbing). She’s not infringing on anyone’s rights, way of life, she doesn’t express intense opinions, she is always warm and steady despite it all, she’s really kind and does her own thing, and she’s just objectively not objectionable. And yet the hatred! People love her or hate her (just like with Hilary) and that hatred is HATRED (all caps style hatred). And for her it is framed in terms of all sorts of created narratives about what she thinks, what she intends, what she has done, why she did every single thing in her life, and what she is doing. People literally create entire narratives based on nothing which are disturbingly detailed and insane.

    This poor woman will never escape this. Ever. Not…ever. She will be hated wherever she goes, whatever she does, whatever she doesn’t do, if she lives publicly, if she lives entirely privately………. If she cures cancer, people will come up with nastiness about that. If she became a nun and lived in a cloister and did nothing but quietly read her bible and never showed her face again, people would create insane, nasty narratives about that too. It’s just completely nuts. I for one will always stand in her corner because this is a bunch of BS and cannot be tolerated.

  44. Haha says:

    Meghan has always been a little extra, but can’t fault her for this. It’s a great cause!

  45. RoyalBlue says:

    Omid gave it a good review on Twitter. I am paying attention to the positive as too much negative will send me in a rage.

  46. cherriepie84 says:

    Documentary set for release on April 3rd. Cue some “important release” by the petty normal bill and duchess dolittle on the 2nd or the 3rd!

  47. Missskitttin says:

    Are the British that gullible that rather eat up empty news about the Sussexes instead of attending to the real dirt of Andrew and his pedophile follies?

  48. Caty Page says:

    So the criticism is that she doesn’t sound like a droll old white man? HOW DARE SHE.

  49. Lisa says:

    The reviews have been overall positive but of course the BM are twisting it.

  50. songbirds_thrive says:

    Eh, I’ll judge my impression of the documentary and Meghan’s voiceover for myself. I once did a brief voiceover for a real-life supporting character in a biographical documentary film. It was only a few lines, but it still required a great deal of preparation and voicing the lines a number of times with different takes and intonations so the filmmaker and editors had options. It was a huge learning experience and great fun too. At the time, I had been working as a production assistant for the filmmaker and he felt my voice had the right qualities and intonation that matched the voice of the real life person.

    I mention that to point out how doing voiceovers is not a piece-of-cake. It is significant work that is difficult and you have to prepare as with any work of this nature. Not everyone’s voice (no matter if they are a good actor with good voice quality) works depending on the nature of the film. Even for animated cartoons, casting actors with the right voice qualities for particular characters is essential.

    In advance of viewing Elephant, I think Meghan’s voice probably works well for what this documentary is about and for the targeted viewing audience. One of the drawbacks is that everyone knows it’s her voice, and so her work is part of the promotion for the film. Therefore, people are automatically going to be tuning in just to hear her, so there will be some inevitable distraction from the film itself. But once again, I’ll judge Meghan’s work on this film for myself. I don’t need the DM or any other critics telling me what to think.

    Ultimately, it’s a bonus for Disney and for the cause of elephants in general that a lot of people will be tuning in simply because of Meghan. That’s not a bad thing.

  51. yinyang says:

    But but I thought according to BM she was an oscar worthy actress that acted her way into the Royal Family and Harry’s heart…now she is not very good??

  52. Nic919 says:

    Meghan has a voice that lends itself well for voice overs because it is an alto tone and not too high pitched or mumbly. Criticizing her about the script is just being obtuse because she doesn’t write it. The UK critics can spew their biased bitterness all they want but they don’t matter to the rest of the world.

  53. David says:

    African Cats in 2011 narrated by Sam Jackson was my favorite Disney Nature film. Ed Helms, James Earl Jones, John Krasinski, and now Meghan Markle sounds like a great addition.

  54. Feeshalori says: