Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello are isolating together & they seem to be fine??

Camila Cabello tries to shake Shawn Mendes awake as couple step out for morning walk WITHOUT their coffee!

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes have been together since June-July of last year. They’ve known each for longer, and maybe they even “started” before then, but that June-July period was when their relationship ramped up and they started making all of those cheesy coupled-up pap strolls together. I honestly thought they’d be over in a few months. Even 2019 feels like such a simpler time, and it felt like Camila was simply part of Shawn’s Hot Girl Summer. But, strangely, they stayed together. And now they’re self-isolating together. That’s how you know it’s true love, I suppose. If I spent 24-7 with either of them, I would need many stiff drinks, but maybe they sort of cancel each other out when they’re together.

Anyway, because they’re isolating together, they’re also exercising together in the new popular celebrity form of exercise: a leisurely neighborhood pap stroll. The same method Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck are using! I can tell that Camila wanted to be photographed because of the outfit she chose for this walk. Shawn, on the other hand, is giving off “it’s day 19 of quarantine and IDGAF” vibes. I wonder if Camila will attempt to give Shawn a haircut at some point? He looks like he needs it. And you know what? Shawn is much more muscular than I previously believed. His legs look NICE.

Shawn and Camila did a little home-performance for the iHeart thing a few nights ago. One of the few cool/interesting things about the pandemic is that it’s a buffet of celebrity interior design. A lot of celebrities have struggling design sensibilities. But I sort of like the wall background here. I feel like they probably chose this room for the acoustics. Camila doesn’t sound terrible here.

Camila Cabello tries to shake Shawn Mendes awake as couple step out for morning walk WITHOUT their coffee!

Camila Cabello tries to shake Shawn Mendes awake as couple step out for morning walk WITHOUT their coffee!

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Michael says:

    They can cuddle up and share all their favorite racist jokes with each other. Love in the time of COVID-19 (Cholera)


    I realized Shawn was muscular when those Calvin Klein ads came out- I was shocked! And I do not care for that Senorita song but I personally feel they had great chemistry in it.

  3. Allz says:

    I feel like I’m living in an alternative universe whenever someone says Camila doesn’t sound terrible. She has one of the worst voices I have ever heard, from a celebrity or otherwise. I absolutely have no idea how she got through on a talent show. I do know why Taylor Swift keeps her around though. With a friend like that singing next to her, Taylor actually has a decent voice in comparison.

  4. Babadook says:

    I wish there was a way I could transfer some of Camila’s fame to Normani.

  5. Winnie Cooper’s Mom says:

    She is so so thirsty! Everything about her is annoying.

  6. Koala says:

    Relations sincère

  7. Jamie says:

    Did anyone see the video that goes with these photos? They look like they’re either high af or literal zombies.

  8. Vanessa says:

    If Camilla wasn’t white passing or she wasn’t dating Shawn Mendes and she wasn’t friends with Taylor Swift she wouldn’t have been able to survive her disgusting racist behavior. She isn’t this oh so adorable singer she horrible singer who has been able to get with in my opinion disgust racist behavior because she can pass for white and her fan based is just as disgusting racist as she is . Her comments that she made where disgusting her actions towards her former group members especially Normani were disgusting her relationship with her racist fan base were more important to her than people she been in a group with since she was 15 . I don’t why she so hype up she a terrible singer and terrible dancer who also very racist but let’s keep give her press and attention.

    • Pepper says:

      She has an underdeveloped teeny voice. But that’s music nowadays – synthesisers and autotuning can cure most lack of singing ability and music seems to be more than ever about the persona and personal drama. At least with the former pop greats of the 80’s, 90’s they had genuine talent along with a diva persona – Michael Jackson, Freddie, Whitney, Mariah…thinking about it maybe Madonna was the start of the type of successful singer who relied more on provocative moves and lyrics, heavy synthesisers and sexual image to become an ‘icon’. Because what followed was Britney, Miley, Taylor Swift…

  9. EveV says:

    If I had to guess, by these shots, I would say she is the one who called the paps. She made sure to dress cute and in some of the pictures, she’s looking right at the camera. JMO, although I might be biased since I don’t like her because she is a garbage racist.
    Also totally agree with the poster above that I wish we could transfer her came to Normani, who actually deserves the popularity.

  10. Wilmarama says:

    I absolutely LOVE his hair here 😍 omfg he’s hot

  11. Alyse says:

    Don’t have the link, but there’s a video of this on twitter – they’re walking as slow as icebergs, so the paps can get their shots. It’s pretty funny.