Mountain goats have overrun a Welsh town during the coronavirus lockdown

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If you’ve been on Twitter this week, chances are you’ve already seen the now-viral thread of photos and videos done by Welsh writer Andrew Stuart. Stuart is in lockdown in his small Welsh town of Llandudno. With everyone isolating and quarantining, the streets are empty and everything is quiet. Which is just what our Goat Overlords wanted. Local goats have now overrun the town, eating whatever they want, taking naps in churchyards and playing in the streets, parking lots and sidewalks.

As people across the globe are remaining indoors during the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, animals are taking the place of the residents in a town in northern Wales. Herds of mountain goats overtook the town of Llandudno over the weekend, sauntering down the coastal town’s streets and munching on grass on lawns and in hedges. Photos and videos of the goats show the animals roaming everywhere from car parks to sidewalks as they explore, unbothered by humans.

“The goats live on the hill overlooking the town,” Llandudno resident Carl Triggs told CNN. “They stay up there, very rarely venturing into the street.”

Another resident, Mark Richards, told the outlet that while the goats sometimes venture to the Great Orme, a large a limestone headland in the area, they rarely come close to town, let alone its streets. “They sometimes come to the foot of the Great Orme in March, but this year they are all wandering the streets in town as there are no cars or people,” Richards said. “They are becoming more and more confident with no people,” he added to CNN, joking that he no longer needs to cut his hedge thanks to the goats’ munching.

Local police told CNN that if the goats do happen to wander toward civilization, “they usually make their own way back” to their hill. According to Llandudno’s website, the goats are a specific breed called Kashmiri goats, which are ancestors of goats from Northern India.

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Of course some Welshman went to Northern India and brought back mountain goats. OF COURSE. And that’s how Kashmiri mountain goats came to live in Wales and now the goats are in charge of the town. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind some roaming goats around here. It must be fun to watch from home: oh, look, the goats are out again! It’s all fun and games until one of the goats runs for mayor.

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38 Responses to “Mountain goats have overrun a Welsh town during the coronavirus lockdown”

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  1. OriginalLala says:

    Goats are amazingly funny, sweet and mischievous friends to have (I have 3 rescued goatie friends, and they are awesome little buddies)

    I for one, would welcome some goat overloads should they decide to take over my town.

    • Enny says:

      O.M.G. I am dying over here. Goats are the world’s most perfect creatures. They can be my overloads any damn day of the week.

      And, might I add, that is some A+ karma on the ol’ colonialists, eh? 😉

    • vanna says:

      They’re amazing, one of my favourite animals. Kinda like hoofed cats. Some are really mischievous and most are very curious. It’s just so entertaining to watch them!

      • Lisa says:

        Nice. Interesting to see how the earth and animals are responding without human interference

  2. BUBS says:

    I wouldn’t even dare venture out of my house. They’re probably harmless animals, but they look scary in a group…horns and all…lol.

  3. Ali says:

    Hahaha! So cute! I love goats!

  4. lily says:

    Overrun with goats? That’s too baaaaaaaad.

    Okay, logging off now lol

  5. Chrissy says:

    The face of that one overlooking the hedge…AWWW so cute! The other looks so soft… and such impressive horns. They’re probably wondering where everyone is. Lovely!

  6. Ginna says:

    Kashmiri goats have soft coats, and are the source of Cashmere! So they’ve ended up all over the world. Also pretty easy to raise.

  7. lucy2 says:

    I love this. And that town looks so pretty!
    I once was in a tiny town near the New Forest in England, and there are “wild” animals all over the place – horses, sheep, ponies, pigs, etc. It was amazing.

  8. Lightpurple says:

    Nature reclaims. Given even the briefest of moments, nature takes back what was taken. Yesterday, while walking a usually chaotic street in downtown Boston, at noon, I was struck by the fact hat seagulls had pretty much taken over. It was just me and dozens of seagulls.

  9. Jane Doe says:

    I love these stories of different types of animals returning to towns and cities.

    • Snazzy says:

      Me too! Kaiser let’s have more animal stories :) Ok I know it’s not celeb gossip but just so fun

  10. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    That’s too awesome.

  11. alexc says:

    Come on, they’re just helping with the pruning lol. I’d love a sweater out of one of those guys.

  12. Gutterflower says:

    On a now deserted beach in brazil apparently endangered turtle have come up to hatch their eggs. They were all over the beach.

  13. Allergy says:

    All towns should always be overrun by goats. They look like my dog! You go, goats!

  14. minx says:

    So cute.

  15. maggi says:

    “Life After People” in real time, who knew it could happen so quickly.
    Reading this site gives me a sense of connection in these strange times so I salute all you Celebitches and say thanks.

  16. KBeth says:

    I love this story.

  17. SJR says:

    Hi Goats!
    Love these photos.
    If they are not aggressive in town, I would enjoy them.
    I am sure once people start driving about, the goats will head back to their hilly spot.
    So fun to see them strolling about the pretty town.

    Mother Nature fights back, hope more folks become more considerate and helpful to each other when we adjust to getting re-started again.

    My kid, me and Buffy, our dog say Hi ya, Celebitchy folks. :)

  18. Other Renee says:

    The videos are adorable. And what a beautiful town! Makes me sad to think of how much we have taken over the planet and deprived other creatures of freedom to roam. Or exist.

  19. katharine says:

    I was so thrilled to see a goat face among all the celeb pics! More goats please! Maybe exclusively goats!

  20. Jodabel says:

    I used to live here with the mountain outside my window. I remember the first time I saw them climbing along the mountainside outside my window. I can imagine how funny they will look in the town, just waiting to see them head towards the beach! The town looks so gorgeous in this vid. It’s a Victorian seaside town with so much charm. FYI Llandudno is pronounced Clan-did-no!!

    • CactusWren says:

      Thanks for pronunciation— I was wondering!

    • emmyb80 says:

      I love LLandudno and the Great Orme. I think it’s hilarious that these guys are in the town, they’re usually so elusive up on the Orme, hiding on ledges high up away from tourists and now they’re just running rampant through the town. One of the most beautiful towns in Wales. Actually sad to think we probably won’t get to make our annual trip their this year but glad the goats are having fun!

  21. Amelie says:

    Goats are some of the most hilarious and mischievous animals out there! That video of them just roaming around all over like they own the place is just priceless.

    I’ve been wondering about wildlife taking over towns and cities now that people are all indoors. I’ve been waiting for the deer and coyotes to show up at some point. We had some deer last year we saw on a regular basis, a mama deer and a couple of fawns. I haven’t seen them in several months though.

  22. KellyRyan says:

    What fun :) The pictures are so entertaining. Two goat stories in CA. My husbands family had acreage north who would eat among other things, Poison Ivy. Ronald Reagan museum in Simi Valley is on open land. Goats are kept to keep the vegetation cleared.

  23. Texas says:

    They have sweet faces.

  24. Golly Gee says:

    That’s no longer a herd of goats in the bottom photo, that’s a gang!
    I love this story. Same with swans and Dolphins in the Venice canals. Animals deserve this earth more than we do.

  25. Hotsauceinmybag says:

    My first thought: they are sooooo cute!

    My second thought: there’s definitely goat sh*t everywhere now.


  26. EP says:

    My hometown! I feel so represented suddenly… finally a connection to fame!

  27. The Recluse says:

    There were pictures of gangs of wild turkeys on the east coast in that Twitter feed too.
    And coyotes have begun to own the streets of Chicago.