Jared Kushner: States can’t use our federal stockpile of medical supplies

Coronavirus Taskforce briefing at the White House

Perhaps because I am not watching the news, I feel like not enough has been made of the fact that Donald Trump and his administration are making the choice to not fully support “blue states” in the pandemic. Trump is literally sending all of the supplies to the states which supported him in 2016, and leaving Democratic-voting states to fend for themselves, or he’s giving the blue states broken equipment or only a fraction of the resources given to red states. It’s one of the most shocking things that’s happened in my lifetime, where a sitting president is truly trying to kill off Americans who (he assumes) don’t support him politically.

Speaking of, Jared Kushner is now sort of in charge of the coronavirus task force, and The Boy decided to “brief” reporters at the White House yesterday. There were questions about the federal stockpile of PPE and ventilators and Kushner said this:

Jared wants everyone to know that the federal stockpile is for the nation and not for…you know, states. States in dire need of supplies from the federal stockpile. And here’s Prince Jared arguing that he knows better than governors and senators about individual state’s supplies.

You might think, as many governors have, that they are seeking out supplies from the federal government before the pandemic peaks in their individual states. These would be considered scientific projections, made by scientists and doctors, driven by data of what we know about the coronavirus and infection rates. But Jared is still convinced he knows better: “People who have requests for different products and supplies, a lot of them are doing it based on projections which are not the realistic projections.” Easy-peasy, Jared says, when faced with Democratic governors projecting the need for thousands of ventilators: that’s not realistic! My projections are better than yours, he says.

Coronavirus Taskforce briefing at the White House

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Edie says:

    Jared the no nothing slumlord.

    • Snappyfish says:

      Uh, it’s EXACTLY why we have a federal stockpile you ridiculous ignorant plastic tool. The fact that he is ignorant is incredibly obvious. The fact that he doesn’t realize his ignorance is beyond belief. The average American learns about this “job” of the federal government in beginning Civics which is taught alongside the Founding of America in the FOURTH grade.

      And now everyone can feel better about not going to Harvard.

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        To say that smarmy, smug face is SO punchable is the BIGGEST understatement in the world!

        This idiot needs to crack open a civics book for once. He might learn what the “Federal Gov.” is comprised of and for.

      • Traveler says:

        Snappyfish, It couldn’t have been said better nor more succinctly; thank you.

        I have no words for the level of evil that would take this opportunity to punish certain states/governors. When all is said and done, they should be tried for war crimes.

      • Zantasia says:

        “And now everyone can feel better about not going to Harvard.” THIS is Golden

      • phaedra7 says:

        What can you say: He’s the chip off the old BLOCKHEAD OF A FATHER-IN-LAW (Take-A-💩 approved!).

      • Rascalito says:

        Traveler, at the very least Trump and Kushner should be charged with negligent homicide for the deaths they willingly have and will continue to cause.

        Also, I thought Trump’s face and voice was vomit-inducing, but looking and hearing Psycho Slumlord Ken Doll is enough to give me nightmares…and DAYmares! :S

  2. Edie says:

    Jared the no nothing slumlord.

  3. Ali says:

    November 2016 I knew something terrible was going to happen because of the election.

    Almost 4 years of stupidity and criminal behaviour.

    • CooCoo Catchoo says:

      And this administration is literally killing the people of this country. Trump, his sycophantic cabinet, his advisors, and those republican state governments are killing us.
      I hope there’s a special place in hell for anyone involved in any of this.

    • The Truth Piper says:

      POTUS Trump should NOT have his daughter and son-in-law working as Senior WH Advisors.

      Trump-GOP have decimated the federal government and destroyed our democracy and the fibers of our “Of the People, By the People, For the People” government foundation with its checks and balances. As a result, as the U.S. experiences a real crisis, we have NO leadership and NO coordinated national response.

      Trump claims he failed to respond to COVID-19 because he was distracted by the impeachment. In February, the GOP failed to impeach Trump and hold him accountable for abusing the powers of his office and obstructing justice — which Trump continues doing. Absolute power corrupts.

      Trump-GOP have failed the American people. They’re an existential threat to the U.S., the world and planet Earth and they must be voted out of office.

      WAKE UP America.

    • SarSte says:

      Here we are, and yet most Americans think Trump is handling the pandemic well and his approval rating is the highest since he was sworn in. Brace yourself for November 2020.

      • dreamchild says:

        The only Americans that think Trump is doing a good job, are for the most part, Americans that will probably get sick and die from the virus. These people believe everything Fox News put out and they continue to lie shamelessly. I was watching MSNBC and three of the white reporters were lamenting how their parents would not take seriously the implications of the virus because Fox/Trump. These professionals were so frustrated at their parents lack of awareness because these are the people that raised them. SMH.
        As a black American I have always had a healthy skepticism of the government because of past behavior. We have not been treated equally as Americans and don’t have a lot of expectations because of that going forward. However, there is a bright spot on the horizon for all Americans who detest this as*hole and crew running the show. They are advocating for mail in ballots for the primaries and hopefully for the November elections. This will make it easier for Every American to cast their votes and if that happens those cheating Republican mofos are out of there. Pray for us.

      • What...now? says:

        His approval rating went up initially, but is beginning to fall–and dramatically in some areas. Right now he stands at about 40% approval — which is 40% too much, but . . .’Murica. 40% approval means it’s a hard, steep climb to reelection. Biden is still polling higher than he who will not be named, by double digits in some areas.

        He’s gonna have a hard time winning Michigan again–a state he desperately needs–considering he slags their governor and the governor said that medical contractors were told NOT to send necessary medical equipment there. That’s a winning strategy. This virus won’t only kill “the libs.”

        Compare that to Gov. Cuomo who’s approval was okay before this happened but now that he’s taken such a decisive lead in this pandemic, his approval in NY is up in the 70s to high 80s depending on which party. 70s from repub and independents. Other governors are getting higher than normal ratings from their constituents based on how they are handling the crisis. I think Newsom’s numbers are up too. . .

        We haven’t even hit peak ‘Rona, yet. Wait until all those magats lose someone due to this thing…for a few of them, it WILL hit home and sour them to the mess we have in the white house–especially if they lose their job, and don’t qualify for any $$ or any healthcare. Not all, of course, because most of them are deranged losers of the highest order.

        It sucks that tens of thousand might die because of the staggering incompetence we see — and that NO ONE will do anything about it, but make excuses how “oh we didn’t knoooooowwww.” All I can think about his how Putin laughs himself silly every damn day at us, because even though the corruption has been laid bare — so many don’t care or are too afraid too do anything about it. It is astounding to me to see this and deeply frustrating.

      • Leesa says:

        His approval went as high as it’s been, which isn’t very high – somewhere in the mid to high 40s. Compare that to governors or other world leaders who are in the 70s-80s and it’s clear that he has an approval ceiling – his core thinks he’s doing well for now. No one else does.

      • Lisa says:

        Magats who lose someone close to them will just blame the democrats or whomever Trump tells them to. In Germany after Hitler died, they mourned him.

      • Gaah says:

        The poll that came out today says that 55% now disapprove how he is managing the pandemic. A bump up is normal as a rally around the flag attitude . But his bump was only 6 points where other leaders of other countries had bumps of 20%. It won’t last for him. And he is making every mistake. Wait until the red states get hit hard and they will not be so kind to him.

  4. Edie says:

    Jared the no nothing slumlord.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      Errrr……I’m very much on your side, but it’s “know-nothing”, as opposed to “no nothing”. 😬😬😬👍👍👍

      I’ll return to my cave now. 🙃

  5. Edie says:

    Jared the no nothing slumlord.

  6. Alissa says:

    who the fuck does he think the federal stockpile is for if not for the states that the federal government is overseeing. what a god damn moron.

    • TIFFANY says:

      You mean a guy who paid someone to do his work in high school and whose father had to make a multi million dollar donation to Harvard to get his kid in and who over paid on a building that is in default by hundreds of millions of dollars is not smart.

      I believe you. 😜

    • Becks1 says:

      Right???? He’s so stupid. he knows that….people live in the states, right? People who are US citizens and who the federal government is supposed to serve and protect? Its not like the state governments want the supplies just to put them in a warehouse. they want to use them to SAVE PEOPLE. That’s how its supposed to work.

    • Aimee says:

      The stockpile is for all their rich friends! Duh!

    • whatWHAT? says:

      when I read his statement yesterday, I was like “oh, ‘our’ stockpile…as in ‘the Trump Companies’ stockpile…which they can sell to the highest bidder and make $ off it”.

      sometimes it scares me, how much I loathe this criminal family.

    • ReneeM says:

      It’s mine, mine, all mine!!!! That whole family makes me sick! I sure hope Putin is ready for them to move in.

  7. Carol says:

    The Blue Wave can’t come fast enough.

  8. Mac says:

    The tax dollars from people who live in states paid for that stock pile. The fact that they are using it to extract favors is criminal. As in against the law. If, god willing, Joe Biden wins, he better not do the “let’s just move forward.” There people are dangerous and should be in jail.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Nancy Pelosi is not just going to move forward without fixing things.

    • MrsRobinson says:

      A friend at Stanford hospital told me that they were expecting a delivery about 2 weeks ago of protective equipment and that the federal govt commandeered the delivery. So they’re not just managing the stockpile.
      He said it was the first time he’d ever heard of something like this in his 35 years in medicine.

      • tempest prognosticator says:

        Oh my god… that’s insane! WTH is going on?

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        Welcome to the Trump-Age Piracy: “YOU pay for it…WE take it! Whether it’s golf trips, crotch-spawns’ business trips, PPE supplies… ALL OURS!”

      • Pineapple says:

        This is so sad. I am up here in Canada and I am so, so, so sad for you all. I don’t even know what to write.

      • schmootc says:

        What the ever-loving sh*t? That just boggles the mind. I mean, I knew they were criminals busy criming, but I really hope that (and things like that) don’t go unpunished. And that this is the kind of crisis that brings about real actual change when it’s all said and done because this just can’t happen. Ever again. I want public hearings! And not like the Mickey Mouse crap they did for the impeachment. Seriously, Trump, Mitch and company, you’re going to have to answer for this crap!

        Rant over. For now.

      • Emily says:

        Trump is also taking PPE from other countries too. He commandeered a delivery on route to Germany. What is he doing with all this equipment if he’s not sharing it with the states?

  9. Chica71 says:

    For anyone who doubts white privilege, Jared Kushner is the poster child. Not successful in any area of his life, yet he get access and a seat at the table to make decisions about things.like the federal government, which he clearly does not understand. He gets to kill people and will get a pat on back saying job well done.
    Yet his poor decision making has resulted on a 200+ million loan default because they can’t pay bills.
    Wait for Corona in red States, perfect storm of ignorance and religious intolerance.
    Jared needs to be reminded that the largest portion of taxes and government money are generated in California and NY area. The longer NY and CA stay off line , the more painful the coming disaster in red States especially those with little social nets, Obamacare or Medicaid Expansion. Trump needs blue states to carry red sates. Sweet Irony

    • Lightpurple says:

      Massachusetts, although a smaller state, contributes far more to the federal government than most others, behind NY and CA. We are a hot spot and Trump is ignoring us and refusing our governor’s requests for help.. The plot to kill us off for revenge will backfire when we can no longer pay everyone else’s bills.

      • Christin says:

        Did the Patriots’ jet successfully return the PPE you mentioned earlier this week?

        Edit – I just saw your post downthread. So thankful it was a successful mission.

    • schmootc says:

      Don’t forget the MALE part of privilege. And – smaller case – rich.

  10. anniefannie says:

    There’s a NYT editorial entitled “ Jared Kushner is going to kill us all” today.
    It lays out his disastrous, arrogant , over simplifiied approach to this crisis.
    What gives that all of these deeply flawed people keep volunteering for positions they’re alarmingly incapable of performing?!

    • Jerusha says:

      They’re not volunteering. They feel it’s their god given right to rule.

      • Giddy says:

        Remember how the T-rump kept bragging that he would have “all the best people” in his administration? Instead he has Jared, Repub. cronies, Jared, Ivanka, Jared.

      • Christin says:

        I hope we eventually find out how much profit they are their cronies have made from these “jobs”. Stock market jumps, contracts, the whole thing.

      • E.B. Mann says:

        Oh, I can help with that, Christin: The recent bailout included a change to the real-estate depreciation cap, which had been set at half a mil. (Rich real-estate moguls, ahem, could write off the depreciation of their holdings against other income up to $500,000.) The bailout removed the cap and made it RETROACTIVE for 2 years, meaning that giant orange assholes can now file amended tax returns for those years and receive refunds. Yeah.

  11. Sean says:

    So…the federal stockpile is for the nation, not the states. But the states are in the nation and American citizens live in these states and the federal government is supposed to protect American citizens.

    I hate this administration so much and people continue to support them. In my darkest thoughts, I find myself wishing Trump supporters will be hit the hardest by this. Sometimes, that includes my own family. God, it’s 7:46 AM here and I already feel like I need a drink. I don’t know what to say.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      “In my darkest thoughts, I find myself wishing Trump supporters will be hit the hardest by this. Sometimes, that includes my own family. God, it’s 7:46 AM here and I already feel like I need a drink. I don’t know what to say.”

      I feel you, Sean. I hate these people so much, esp those that, after EVERYTHING, are still supporting him and making excuses for his ineptness. I wish evil on them, and I HATE to feel that way.

      • Ali says:

        I have so many dark thoughts about specific harm that I find myself questioning if I’m really a good person deep down. I’m just so tired of bad things happening to good people and nothing happening to truly guilty minds and acts.

      • Mac says:

        I am filled with seething rage. I didn’t know I could experience this level of rage. I want to scream and break things.

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      “I am filled with seething rage. I didn’t know I could experience this level of rage. I want to scream and break things.”

      Same here, Mac. Same here.

    • Pineapple says:

      Sean … hang in there buddy. Throughout history Governments like this have risen to power. The people fight to get them out. XO Decent, fair, sensible people fight to get them out. That is how it has always been done, that is how it probably always will be done.

    • schmootc says:

      You are most definitely not alone. I have an uncle (by marriage, I must specify) and cousin who are evidently Trumpers and I just don’t know what I’m going to do the next time I am home and have to be around them. Schadenfreude, it’s a real thing.

    • Totally agree. And it is WE THE PEOPLE, not ours versus yours. They work for us, but are using this In every illegal and immoral way they can to get even richer.

  12. Lightpurple says:

    My blue state has a Republican governor.
    A Republican governor who was a Medicaid commissioner, a Secretary of a state Health & Human Services, and the CEO of one of the nation”s most highly rated health plans.
    My state is a hot spot.
    Hundreds of medical professionals in our hospitals have tested positive for the virus.
    Our Republican governor has gone public about the problem of states being forced to outbid one another for supplies, thinking they have a deal, only to learn that the federal government has then outbid them all.
    Our Republican governor has gone public with the problem that Trump only fulfilled 10% of his request for equipment, here in a hot spot.
    Our Republican governor bought 3 million masks; Trump seized those masks as they went through shipping; Trump has NOT reimbursed the taxpayers of Massachusetts for those seized masks.
    Yesterday, our Republican governor announced that he had reached a deal directly with the Chinese government to buy masks. To avoid Trump seizing those masks, Robert Kraft gave our governor the use of the New England Patriots plane.
    Yesterday, morning, most of Massachusetts watched videos of masks being loaded onto that plane in China.
    We held our breaths in prayer that Trump would not seize the plane when it landed.
    Last night, our Republican governor greeted the plane, emphasizing that such steps were necessary because of what Trump has done.
    This morning, trucks are leaving Gillette stadium; filled with mask. We are sharing our masks with New York.
    Trump is deliberately killing Americans.

    • lizzieb says:

      Omg….they really are murdering Americans. Yet I see online that some religious leaders are still stating this admin is doing God’s work. I weep for everyone.God bless you all.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I’m sitting here on the other side of the world and trying to follow what’s going on in the US – and it feels like I’m watching a dystopic novel play out. I fear for all Americans – your country is held hostage by a political cult of malicious morons and though I’m not particularly religious I find myself praying for you all.

      • Emily says:

        Trump really is murdering people. It’s in a less obvious way than shooting people on 5th Avenue but he’s doing it and getting away with it. In my darkest thoughts, I wish someone would assassinate him but rational me what’s to see him tried and punished for his crimes so he goes down in history as a monster not a martyr.

        In Canada, even our conservative politicians are showing leadership and getting behind our liberal government and working together. It’s really not that difficult – Trump is so unqualified and unfit.

    • Prof Trelawney says:

      I’m in MA too Lightpurple, thanks for covering this so cogently… I’ve been stressed and not following it as closely as I’d like, but yes, here’s hoping we can continue to work around the orange menace and his awful regime. Stay safe…

      • Lightpurple says:

        Stay safe, Prof Trelawney. I’m not a fan of him for other reasons but Baker’s press conferences, while not on par with Cuomo’s, are informative. Healthcare is his policy wonk drug, as opposed to transportation, which is his failure. He has good people working with him, they really are fighting for us.

        Stay safe everyone.

    • Giddy says:

      Thank God your masks made it. Trump was probably congratulating himself and bragging about his high ratings when so many watched that plane land. He is insane and I honestly believe that his actions constitute murder.

      • Lightpurple says:

        The masks that came directly to MA from China made it. The first set of masks Baker bought in the US that were being shipped through US ports were seized by Trump.

    • Ali says:

      @lightpurple I am in WA and followed that story all day yesterday. Im not a Robert Kraft fan but he did an amazing thing for the people of MA and NY.

    • Green_Eyes says:

      I wish more people knew about this. I live in Kansas and have been following Trump and his band of crook’s move from day one. I am disabled and as Drs say on the high end of high risk for Clovid-19 so nothing better to do. I am not a ventilator candidate so I avoid people other than my husband (also high risk). Lately I question a lot of people I grew up with that still support Trump and am pleasantly surprised by those who have stopped drinking the orange kool-aid and seeing the truth themselves. I wish the media would actually cover more of this type of thing that the administration is actually doing. To air on a grand scale on a major network what your Governor in Massachusetts and Roger Kraft had to do to insure that the masks went where they were meant to go & needed I think would wake some more people up. (Then again some there is just no hope for). I liked the Patriots before… you can bet if I live to see another football season I will be sitting in front of our tv cheering For the Patriots During every televised game. My biggest fear is not that I don’t survive this (though most of my family may not. I’m in bad shape, my hubby is high risk, my dad is in kidney failure w/ Alz & mom gets chemo shots every 6 weeks – had to miss twice now too dangerous for her, my brother in law is fighting lung cancer, SIL is diabetic, sister is high risk w/ chron’s and god bless her in charge of hospital cleaning)… no my fear is this next election will Not just be hijacked by Russians again, but rather it will be canceled all together by Trump due to this war as he calls it. He won’t leave and who will make him?
      I hope it’s ok I that I say this.. I am not a bible thumper (I can’t even go on FB the crazy has come home especially among Trumpsters).. but I do pray.. and I had been asking God every day to please bless the different countries, our states, our country..I’m just down Now to God please bless the world and all you know who need you most.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Kraft was on CNN being interviewed last night. The man does have some serious issues and done many wrong things but this isn’t the first time Kraft has done something like this. But he shouldn’t have had to do this. Trump should have given Baker what we need and not confiscated the order we paid for.

    • Rebsm says:

      He’s also been doing this to other countries orders of PPE. It’s happened to Canada, France and Belgium from what I understand. We’ll have a shipment on the way then the plane is redirected to land in the US and the PPE is confiscated. Him and his lackeys are terrible. At the end of this they will have been responsible for so many deaths across the world. Trump wasn’t joking when he said he could kill people and his base wouldn’t blink an eye. As a Canadian my heart breaks for what the people of the US are going through because of Trump and his minions.

      • Marv says:

        He´s done that to Germany as well. The PPE consignment had been bought at 3M, was already on the way to Germany, and the US simply tripled the price, disregarded the former contract and unloaded the container in Bangkok. This whole thing has been confirmed today by our State Secretry of Health.

        It is still, after several years, reaching new lows what the USA has become nowadays. At least the government. There is def. no friendship or morals lost anymore…

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        He’s clearly trying to stockpile as much PPE as he can get his little hands on in order to blackmail the rest of the world to a) kiss his fat lard ass, b) make them pay for it through the nose and then some and c) to cause as much damage as he can to the global economy as he thinks its going to ‘Make America Great Again’. Its not and it will bite him in the ass, I was reading that the UK is or was refusing to buy the Chinese PPE as the NHS consider it to be sub par quality that won’t protect anyone. Plus I’ve read that intel reports have said that China has been actively hindering research into the virus as they race to cover it up.

        This will come back to haunt him and the US as a nation – the rest of the world won’t forget what he and GOP have done and they won’t be quick to come to his rescue because of it. I really fear for the good innocent people of the US who just want to live.

        At this rate he won’t have a base left as he’s going to kill them all.

      • lizzieb says:

        @digitalunicorn. You are so right. The world will not forget. Some of the things the admin has done are comparable to war profiteering/ war crimes. Still my heart goes out to the American people.

      • Sunny in CDA says:

        Trump just ordered 3M to stop selling N95 respirators to Canada. My American friends you live in a dictatorship. Forget the free market. Forget that 3M has operations around the world. He is ordering private companies to kill others because they are not American. This will not be forgotten.

      • Arpeggi says:

        At least 3M is fighting back and is telling the federal administration this is bad business. For instance Trump might want to block 3M to ship masks to Canada, but many Canadian nurses are crossing the border daily to go work in US hospitals… That can be stopped too ya know? We’re all in this together and not recognizing this or trying to put the blame on a country or ethnicity ultimately will make everything worst

      • Mini says:

        Last week Trump wanted troops on the Canadian border – as if anyone wants to go to the US these days. Trudeau subtly mentioned in his speech today the thousands of Canadian healthcare workers that work in the US in a response to this. He also went on to say that he is confident that shipments won’t be blocked and trade will continue to flow between the 2 countries.

    • Lucy says:

      I am so thankful you received the masks without the cult leader doing anything. I wish I could share your story and Rebsm’s so that the people who think he is doing a wonderful job would know just what he is actually doing. I just cannot understand how people think he is great!

    • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

      I have tears rolling down my cheeks, reading this. Dear God..I cannot believe it has come to this, in this country… and all in less than 4 years!

  13. MD says:

    He is loathsome. Somehow I had avoided even hearing him speak until yesterday. And….WOW. Imbecilic, yet he is in charge of the coronavirus response? Michelle Goldberg’s op-ed on him is damning. He is going to get us all killed.

  14. Ali says:

    What a mess

  15. Jerusha says:

    Is there any way the House can defund the Secret Service and let all these c*******ers fend for themselves?

  16. grabbyhands says:

    I see daughterwife is grooming her hubby to take over daddy’s throne by pulling tactics out of his playbook and letting him play at the microphone just like he was a real boy. 45 must be so proud right now.

    I really hope people remember this at the next election – the president and his cabal literally telling people it’s pay to play for actual survival.

    I wish to god major networks would stop airing these – they contribute zero real information and they’re just opportunities to dig whistles his rabid zombie base.

    • Sean says:

      Watch for them to attempt to suspend the constitution so Trump doesn’t have to worry about reelection. Then, when enough laws have been altered so they won’t face prosecution, Trump will step down so daughter-wife and Jared can ascend to the throne.

      • uninspired username says:

        They’re already trying to seek “emergency powers.” Frightening.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        This is what both Trump and the GOP have been working 2 for the past 4 years, they want full control of all 3 branches and will do whatever it takes to consolidate that and keep themselves in power.

        They are parlaying the pandemic into a crisis so that they can do exact that – they are stockpiling and seizing medical equipment to create a massive disaster which is their excuse to suspend the constitution and American democracy so Trump can become Emperor and daughter wife can take his place.

      • Allergy says:


      • dreamchild says:

        NEVER NEVER NEVER!!!!! I have to believe that the good people of America will rise up like never before. F*ck that Mofo and his brethren. We will not go down with their ship.

      • Anna says:

        This is what scares me the most. I have lived in a country where there were constant military coups, outright killing of those who were part of the last overthrown administration, reporters “disappeared”…I’m having serious PTSD right now not only from the stay-at-home/quarantine but also seeing what this government is doing. I said in 2016, even before then, and it’s all being confirmed now. This is how a dictatorship operates. Human life is worthless to them. And don’t forget: their base included/includes over 50% white women who voted for 45. White supremacy wins out over everything in this country, no matter what the risk even to people’s own interests (see what’s happening with abortion rollbacks across the country).

        There is an article in the last day or so by Charles M. Blow in the NYTimes regarding the fact that this pandemic in U.S. is hitting Black and Brown communities the worst and will continue to get worse due to the gross inequities in health care both presently and historically and the physical effects of racism on the body that show up in myriad ways. And another scary part of this is that life and death decisions are being made in a medical industry that has historically been brutal to Black and Brown folk, and there may be no oversight, people passing alone. And it is largely people of color who are the essential workers at ground level, many of whom have no choice but to venture out in dire conditions.

        I have panic attacks when I think about watching the tv series Handmaid’s Tale. I remember being fresh to this country when the original movie came out based on Margaret Atwood’s book. It traumatized me for the last 30 years and I probably shouldn’t have watched the tv show because even though I know things like masks are to help us, it’s triggering to think about how much even the show’s updated re-write–including visuals and design–is prophetic (or whatever the word is for when something is predicted at the same moment it’s actually happening…)… I’m so, so scared but also trying to keep going and trust in…something…

    • Giddy says:

      Daughterwife and the Real Boy must spend the evenings grooming each other’s eyebrows and little girl whispering about taking over the government.

  17. Sean says:

    Also, someone needs to ask Jared if he’s a real boy. He reminds me of an evil ventriloquist dummy from a Goosebumps novel.

      • Sean says:

        I knew it! I freaking knew it!

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        Oh holy shit, Lightpurple. That is f’ing scary. A puppet is running our country for his father-in-law, who is busy thinking about other things and actually said at a coronavirus conference, “Did you know I’m Number One on Facebook? I just found out I’m Number One on Facebook.”

    • damejudi says:

      Exactly. And (hangs head) my son was a huge fan of Goosebumps in grade school.

      But I fed his habit when I found a collection of 80+ Goosebumps for sale for under $40 on eBay.

      All hail Slappy Kushner!

  18. Feebee says:

    I hate this man with a passion

  19. Essie says:

    I am so grateful for the leadership of our elected members in my part of the world, Western Australia. The vid is worth a watch…shows the great leadership of our Premier, Mark McGowan in his efforts to cheer up our very frightened and confused kids, by eggs-empting the Easter Bunny from our strict travel restrictions.


    • lizzieb says:

      @Essie. This is awesome👏🏻🙌🏻👍🏻🐰🐣

    • R says:

      Essie, the rest of Australia would like to remind him he is actually in Australia ; W. A. is not an island.

      • Essie says:

        @R what an odd sentiment. The Premier was using figurative speech to describe the extent of the border closures. We have many vulnerable communities throughout our state, in particular our remote indigenous communities. I highly doubt anyone in WA or the rest of Australia for that matter, resents proactive government measures taken out to minimise the spread of COVID-19…except for those who selfishly insist on breaking the social isolation rules currently in place.

    • R says:

      Essie, it’s not an odd sentiment; it’s a fact.

      • Essie says:

        @R Semantics. Do you also take issue with other states and territories who have enforced border restrictions, or are you just pissed off with WA in general?

      • R says:

        All have their limitations.

      • R says:

        All have their limitations. I was going to go deeper with this reply since you asked, I honestly don’t have the energy though.

      • Essie says:

        @R unprecedented times call for unprecendented measures. Our Premier has made a very good call by taking advantage of our already isolated geography, not just to save lives, but also to save jobs. His reasoning is valid and on point. People are always going to whinge that these restrictions are such an imposition on their daily lives, but the alternative is carrying on as usual and allowing the virus to spread exponentially. My year 2 students get this, it’s a shame so many adults are incapable of looking at the broader picture, be it due to their selfishness or plain ignorance. There is NO perfect solution, for this is not a perfectly behaving virus.

  20. KellyRyan says:

    Jared Kushner the face of evil. The body never lies, there is no humanity in the face of this man. I continue to agree the current WH administration needs to be ignored by media. Dr Fauci is making appearances on CNN recently. Did he give up his roll of prop for Drumpf? Kudos to Robert Kraft for setting politics aside and delivering masks to Massachusetts.

    • Prof Trelawney says:

      I know right…the translucent skin and cold dead eyes. Something just soulless about him. The netflix special on his slum landlord ways tells us more than we need to know about him. How did we ever think he’d be a moderating force…?

      • Jerusha says:

        “How did we ever think he’d be a moderating force…?”

        Probably because he looks like a neutered Ken doll.

      • teehee says:

        Nobody thought that???

        Its like thinking that ANYONE in this camp could be a better or a good person— NO good peopel would EVER associate with them or even be allowed to STAY in the vicinity of them– once they sniff you out as someone with fairness and morals, thy will kick you out and work to hurt you financially, politically, legally……

        It is therefore IMPOSSIBLE that a good person could ever be that close to this murderous tyrant.

        I am literally so shocked right now- I know I shouldnt really be because history tells us this thing happens – a tyrant comes in, charms or lies or overtakes and they begin a slaughter campaign- this happens even in other smaller countries and this isnt “new”– but to SEE it with my own eyes, on my own clock, and in the country that I used to call home !??!! That just hits so different…. I am so – really I dont know the words– but to know that people are being sacrificed like this…… literally killed out of hatred, selfishness, racism, partisanship — we are literally in the midst of a Genocide / Purge and I would never have dreamed it to be happening.
        Not that it was very far away. It was happening already, at 1/500th of the speed, but this pandemic, where many lands are using this as an opportunity for good, this land is using it as an opportunity for evil.

    • Prayer Warrior says:

      If they stop covering him, they make it all the easier for FOX news to do so…and it will build the FOX news company’s profits. It’s bad business to stop airing his words…and it’s bad for the world as they show their asses each and every time and maybe more will come to their senses.
      I hope and pray!

  21. Desdemona says:

    I do feel sorry for the American people… How can someone be so petty that he’s willing to let thousands of people die / get infected by a virus because they didn’t vote for him???
    There are no words to describe Trump, definitely… Maybe Satan?
    I’m sorry… I feel sorry for the Americans, the British and the Brazilians… All three chose the three stooges as presidents… ;( Only that the three stooges were funny, these are just sociopaths….

    • Suz says:

      Because it goes beyond petty. Trump is truly evil. He has no conscience. And the Americans didn’t choose Trump. Hillary Clinton won by 3 million votes but we’ve got a messed up system called the electoral college.

  22. Harla says:

    We’re doomed

  23. Seraphina says:

    What an entitled piece of 💩. The fact that he is even up there is beyond all reason. No credentials to back him and yet he is up there saying: our stockpiles. Dumdass Jared, who the hell are they for if not for the states? I just can’t even today. I cannot wait for the Howdy Doody show to leave the White House.

  24. Jerusha says:

    USA becomes first country in the world to register over 1000 Covid-19 deaths in a 24 hour period.
    We’re #1! We’re #1! Happy now, MAGAts?

  25. Edna says:

    You can’t fix arrogance and stupid. It says on the agency’s website that is their mission:

    “Strategic National Stockpile is the nation’s largest supply of life-saving pharmaceuticals and medical supplies for use in a public health emergency severe enough to cause local supplies to run out. When state, local, tribal, and territorial responders request federal assistance to support their response efforts, the stockpile ensures that the right medicines and supplies get to those who need them most during an emergency. Organized for scalable response to a variety of public health threats, this repository contains enough supplies to respond to multiple large-scale emergencies simultaneously.”

    • Andrea says:

      Thank you for posting.

    • Thea says:

      They changed the wording this morning – probably on orders from the real boy. Now it says the stockpile’s role “is to supplement state and local supplies during public health emergencies. Many states have products stockpiled, as well.” These people have no shame.

      And how dumb is Jared. The stockpile is for the nation not the states? Who’s the nation? Well, maybe the states should keep their money and not give it to the feds. California gives way more than we get.

      And he needs to lay off the plastic surgery. He’s looking very nipped and tucked. Not a good look.

  26. Audrey says:

    How about the story of Trump’s NY friends calling Trump to tell him that the hospitals needed supplies…so THEN he sent them. Because his friends called. I hate the whole family.

  27. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Yeah, not much more hate left to level at this fubar family. They’ve all I own.

  28. Léna says:

    The US are also buying on the tarmac of Chinese airports millions of masks ordered by and for france, 3 times the price and cash. I am honestly pissed at this. My parents are working in an hospital in France and cannot wear masks because there isn’t enough supplies.

    • Xena says:

      It happened also with supplies that were ordered from Germany…That is not a good Look during a State of worldwide emergency during which the world should work together. And to read now that it isn‘t even distributed fairly or according to medical necessity makes my blood boil. I do fear for underdeveloped countries. Spain and Italy aren‘t getting enough support.

      • Jerusha says:

        I also worry about what happens when it hits underdeveloped nations and refugee camps. What then?

    • Veronica S. says:

      I would be very careful believing some of those claims coming out. The one article my French friend linked me made said the claim came through a Russian source. Not that I would be shocked if my country pulled this sh*t, but I would be equally unsurprised if Russia was using this to sow Western discord.

      • theotherViv says:

        German government representative for state of Berlin confirmed today in a press conference that US intercepted a shipment of masks for Germany and redirected them, so they are not arriving in Berlin on Sunday as planned. We have over 2300 medical professionals tested positive so far and are in need of protecting the rest of our first responders just like any other country. The representative called Trumps behaviour “Piraterie” which basically means it’s downright theft. None of Europe’s COVID projections included robbery, so we better brace ourselves. This is getting shittier by the minute.

      • Veronica S. says:

        That’s definitely more verifiable then. I’m not surprised, like I said, but I am sorry that our irresponsibility is spilling out into the world causing so many problems for everyone.

    • Mel says:

      With Brazil also. Chineses vendors cancelled our contracts because America was offering more. Trump has so much blood in his hands.

  29. Tia Maria says:

    As someone from the U.K., can anyone explain the difference between the federal government and the states / governors? If they are stockpiled by the federal government for the use of the nation, do the states not make up the nation? What would the stockpiling be used for if not for this kind of scenario? Genuinely confused by the logic of this.

    • Lightpurple says:

      There is no logic. The federal stockpile exists to be shared where needed. Trump has decided to hoard it and share only with governors who talk nice to him in public from states that voted for him. Florida got everything it asked for, NY, MA, ME, and CO got next to nothing.

    • Jerusha says:

      There is no logic. The Fed govt is supposed to marshall its vast resources for the good of the nation wherever needed, but this is the dysfunctional trump crime family we’re talking about. They have succeeded in crippling all the agencies tasked to deal with emergencies and the bottom line is they really don’t give a fuck about people suffering and dying. They only respond, and respond ineffectually, to shore up their power.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        They are dysfunctional and stupid crime family at that – a real mob family would have done a far better job than this shower of pathetic wannabe’s.

    • Veronica S. says:

      It’s complex, and it can vary dramatically different depending on what type of law field it’s addressing, but in the simplest overview, the idea is that the states function as essentially sovereign answering only to the federal government. Hence “United States” – it’s basically a bunch of functioning governments agreeing to work together under a larger government. It’s actually a somewhat sensible setup for us because the United States is enormous and most states have dramatically different problems to address that are better dealt with by people living there, but it also means you get major cultural shifts across the United States due to discrepancies in demographics, income, infrastructure. It’s really useful if you have something like, say, minimum wage – because while the government can set a minimum standard that states can use if they choose, it allows states the say, “That actually won’t work for us” and can pick a higher or lower number that overrides it based on their median income needs. In the most extreme situation, it’s meant to allow states to protect themselves against a corrupt federal government – and hoo boy, aren’t we getting a thoughtful lesson on the significance of states’ rights right now.

      What he’s saying here is a load of shit, though. Those federal stockpiles are absolutely intended to help states get more product in times of crisis. That’s why it’s purchased with the tax dollars paid to the government BY PEOPLE LIVING IN THE STATES. We have a federal government precisely because we are such a large geographic area, and it can deal with issues like pandemics and recessions that involves the health and safety of multiple states across the entire country.

      • Tia Maria says:

        Thank you all for the explanation. I did think this was the case but for a moment thought I was missing something. But no, that is exactly what it is!

    • JRenee says:

      There will be deaths at the hands of this administration. Petty retribution as a factor along with sheer ineptitude. The pandemic team that was disbanded would have been a good start to navigate through this mess, but they were set up by President Obama so we suffer as a nation because of retribution.

      We are living in the twilight zone..

  30. Veronica S. says:


    Oh my God, guys. Oh my God. I cannot stay in this country if he gets in again with a Republican Congress. I literally put off medical school for another year, so if I desperately have to, I’m applying to attend overseas just to get the hell out. I know there’s probably some karma in this for how poorly we’ve treated the world up until this point, but for f*ck’s sake.

    • Prof Trelawney says:

      I already feel like I’ve stayed here too long, not learning well enough the lessons of my german jewish ancestors…

      • schmootc says:

        You speak the truth. People drag out the Nazi label a lot, but what else do you call people who purposefully and systematically inflict pain, suffering, death and just plain evil on others on the basis of race, income, political affiliation, etc.?

  31. Prof Trelawney says:

    does anyone else think this may all be part of Putin’s plan, whispering in the orange menace’s ear to dismantle the CDC, pit governors and states against each other, create shortages of critical gear, fan the NRA flames, and overall worsen a crisis to lay a foundation for even more of a power grab in coming days. I hope I’m wrong, and in normal times, even I’d think I’m being crazy in this, but I’m surprised more isn’t being said about this…

  32. KellyRyan says:

    Crying is a part of everyday living for me. I’m okay with feeling deep sadness as long as I don’t carry it through the day. Captain Brett Crozier of the USS Roosevelt was relieved of his command. He called for help, 93 of his 4,000 men are suffering from Covid-19. He was accused of contacting media and not following the direct chain of notification. Captain Crozier was cheered by navy members on his ship as he left. F-Drumpf, and all those associated with his administration. Caring for our healthcare workers, our military and each other is the priority.

  33. Powermoonchrystal says:

    You know, I also blame Harvard, Yale, and all these greedy universities that allow the sale of their diplomas to complete idiots like this one. They give these morons legitimacy, and decrease the value of the actual smart people in their ranks. Most of these places have huge endowements, so you know this is not just about neeeding the money. As of him, he can go eat caca and leave the lives of real people alone.

  34. HK9 says:

    The States are the nation FFS. They need to send that stuff out pronto.

  35. Desmond says:

    How I hate this Tom Riddle sociopath.

  36. Marjorie says:

    I have been adjacent to some Kushners here in NJ, never met Jared or Josh but have met Charles, the felon father, and a couple others, through business or political events. They have always been liberal Democrats and donated tons to Democratic pols and progressive causes. Josh allegedly still thinks he is liberal, although Mrs. Josh says it can be “problematic”. That this Boy has gotten where he is is astounding. Michelle Goldberg is right, he’s going to kill us all.

  37. Smiles says:

    As a US citizen and nurse practitioner who works in an ER this fucking floors me! So is he ignorant to the fact that the states make up the freaking country?! Meanwhile at my work, like so many other healthcare facilities across the country, are re-using and rationing PPE while they sit on a stockpile of PPE!

    • ChillyWilly says:

      Right!? I mean what does he think The UNITED States of America means? What our our Federal income taxes for? It’s insane.
      Thank you for putting yourself at risk to save others, Smiles. You are our heroes!

  38. Sojaschnitzel says:

    Those eyes are the material for nightmares.

  39. Keroppi says:

    God help America. I am so sorry for what your country is going through! COVID-19 is awful enough without this “administration.” When this is all over, Trump and his cronies should be charged with war crimes or whatever charge will fit and stick. He is killing his own citizens. I weep for what America will look like when this pandemic is over.

  40. Jerusha says:

    Never forget!! If there’s a nuclear war these are the people going in the bunker to re-populate the earth. Take that into consideration.

  41. Alexandria says:

    I am very sorry to hear this Americans…

    My culture believes people like these will not die easily…they will be in extreme pain but they cannot die easily even if you take them off ventilators or life support. One can only hope that is their karma.

  42. sassafras says:

    There will be a Covid Commission to discover and uncover the criminal scope of this administration, mark my words.
    Related: I will stand in line for days to vote in November if I have to.

    • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

      Commission to investigate… Congressional investigation… doesn’t matter WHAT crimes are/were shown. He and his fellow republiTHUGS slither out, unscathed. I just have no more words… just despair at this point.

    • Alexandria says:

      Can states take this to the UN? THIS IS A WAR CRIME.

    • Lady D says:

      There is no doubt in my mind that Trump will end up in front of the Hague.

  43. lowercaselila says:

    Kushner has succeeded at exactly three things in his life. He was born to the right parents, married well and learned how to influence his father-in-law. Most of his other endeavors like his biggest real estate deals, he bought a newspaper and his attempt to broker a peace deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians have been failures. His family money and connections allow him to rise to higher levels. His incompetence will kill us.

  44. Rachel says:

    I feel so much better that Jared is now in charge of the pandemic…

  45. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    I can’t wait for Karma to come for these asshats. Sadly, I think it’ll be a long wait. I’m running on fumes of hate because they have pulled so much out of me.

  46. Michael says:

    Those states should withhold their tax money from the federal government and use it to fight this on their own. It is clear that Trump wants to have his ass kissed in order to do his job and he is ignorant of the fact that the “Blue” states send far more money to the Fed than they take and his beloved “Red” states almost always take more than they give.

    I do believe a congressional inquiry will be held once this man is out of office and plenty of indictments will be in the offing. Assuming Trump does not try to declare Martial Law and suspend the election (not as crazy as it seems frankly)

  47. L4frimaire says:

    The Trump administration is an absolute disgrace to this country. This is like latter day-Mugabe level targeted neglect, and what’s worse is the fact no one in his party calls him on it. This Kushner guy needs to be brought before congressional committee for his gross negligence and incompetence. He was never vetted for anything, yet was supposed to solve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and now in charge of Coronavirus response from the Federal government? How can anyone support this level of incompetence, nepotism and corruption? They should all be in prison and Kushner with his waxworks face, needs to be literally booted out.

  48. ChillyWilly says:

    Anyone who thinks Kushner,Trump and the rest of this regime are merely ignorant, unqualified and incompetent are not seeing the bigger picture. They are all of those things but they are also JUST PLAIN EVIL. I guarantee SOMEONE in the Trump Crime Family is making money off of this pandemic and that is why they are doing such a heinous job of controlling the virus.

  49. So let me get this straight – the States that they do not deem worthy are denied the already promised supplies and then told to find their own supplies which the federal government then outbids and stockpiles so they will not be able to use them too…. yeah that tracks with these pirates.

  50. Truthiness says:

    Let them eat cake, eh Jared?

  51. nicole says:

    He is one creep, I think he plucks his eyebrows too!

  52. Alexandria says:

    He has threatened a Singapore-registered 3M mask factory too. There was a comment on social media from a local commentator that this was too much even though she sympathized with the American healthcare workers. I’ve explained that the scum is not doing this for the welfare of the American healthcare workers or public. He is doing this to stockpile and release them to the highest bidders and use the stock to threaten blue states.

  53. Romi says:

    And who uses them? His rich friends?

  54. nicegirl says:

    Yes. Trump hates sanctuary state Oregon too and now we’re in for it.

    No longer do we live in the UNITED States of America. We’re in Trumpland.

  55. Travelin says:

    Apparently he thinks the national stockpile is for their personal use! Do they plan to seek it themselves? It is so maddening!

    • Alexandria says:

      Of course! He can use it to threaten blue states, get bribes, curry favours to keep his Presidency, and threaten other countries if the US has the most stock.

      • Giddy says:

        Exactly! All states, especially the hateful blue states*, must bow and beg, then sing Trump’s praises. He said he needs to be appreciated! What a fragile ego.

        *only hated by Trump

  56. Andrea says:

    Who is the stockpile for if not healthcare workers in various states?? There are no “federal” hospitals other than maybe VA hospitals, but those are run by the state also. Am I missing something? Is the stockpile supposed to be for the military?

    Signed, confused healthcare worker in TN

  57. Jaded says:

    Interestingly, 3M has pushed back against Trump. From this morning’s Globe & Mail in Canada:

    “In a statement on Friday morning, 3M said the American government has invoked the Defense Production Act to force the company to prioritize orders for N95 respirators that come from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).”

    “The Administration also requested that 3M cease exporting respirators that we currently manufacture in the United States to the Canadian and Latin American markets. There are, however, significant humanitarian implications of ceasing respirator supplies to health care workers in Canada and Latin America, where we are a critical supplier of respirators,” 3M statement said.

    The company went on to warn the measure could backfire because of potential retaliations from other countries.”

    I am sick at heart at what’s going on south of our border. My BFF’s daughter is a nurse at a hospital in Detroit. She says it’s utter madness and her mum here in Canada is going insane with worry. This touches everyone.

    • Pineapple says:

      If FEMA was doing it’s job … that would be one thing. Competently getting PPE to all of the States that desperately need it. But they are not. Trump is stockpiling for his own profit, it sounds like. In which case, this is ludicrous and I hope Nancy Pelosi and all of The Democrats are taking note because this finally sounds like something Trump could go to jail for.

      He knows full well how serious this situation is. Not providing PPE? That is criminal.

    • Veronica S. says:

      Literally, all of these shortages are artificial. Completely and utterly unnecessary if they had utilized the DPA earlier or, God forbid, stockpiled literally anything like they’d been warned years back. I seriously cannot believe we’re at the point where CORPORATIONS are thinking of the broader international consequences than the goddamn administration.

  58. Summer says:

    Jared is an evil man. He’s a sociopath.

  59. JanetDR says:

    I have never wanted to lunch anyone more in my life 😵

  60. Jackie says:

    Maybe Jared is just covering up the fact that the Trump administration LET 18 TONS OF PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT BE SENT TO CHINA IN FEBRUARY. THEY DIDN’T THINK WE WERE GOING TO NEED ALL THOSE MASKS, GOGGLES AND GOWNS HERE. This administration has always been amateur hour. See Politico article “Pence Task Force Freezes Coronavirus Aid Amid Backlash” 3/31/20.

    • adastraperaspera says:

      It will very likely be sold or “given” back to us to generate positive propaganda for China, like the plane of supposed goods sent from Russia.

  61. IntheKnow says:

    Is it me or is Jared slowing morphing into Voldemort? He looks very very Lord Voldemort-ish right before the full transformation. Ivanka is already full on Nagini so I suppose this makes sense…

    • Alexandria says:

      Since life imitates art and it’s been surreal this year (Contagion, Black Mirror, The Simpsons) it’s not you. It’s likely.

  62. Haha says:

    Does he pluck his eyebrows or something? He looks like a 12 year old.

  63. Jerusha says:

    Goebbels, Jr. has tested positive. Ain’t that a shame.

    Now I’m hearing it’s the other way around-Covid-19 tested positive for Stephen Miller. Thoughts and prayers.

  64. Eulalia says:

    How does Jared Kushner manage to look so mean and so vacant at the same time?

    • Summer says:

      After watching ‘Dirty Money’, Jared is soulless to me. I had a lot more to write, but times are…..we are hurt. We are finding out that despite financial means, we are all human. People like like Jared will never realize that until he’s on his deathbed unfortunately.

  65. adastraperaspera says:

    Finally! Kushner gives us the answer to why it’s been taking months to coordinate the Covid-19 response while people die–he needed time to organize his network of mob buddies to retool their drug running operations and take over our federal stockpile of supplies. They are now allegedly selling those off to companies and middle men who then sell them back to the states, generating a huge profit and probably loads of kickbacks to the Trumps and GOP. Also, let’s not forget that the head of our Department of Transportation is Elaine Chao–whose family runs the very shady shipping company, Foremost. This is the company that has made McConnell most of his cash, as it was his father-in-law who gave him a 2008 gift in the range of $5 to $25 million. I believe this administration is killing Americans for cash.

  66. Bucky Bieber says:

    Trump is what happens when you put partisan politics above all else. So stop doing it.

  67. L says:

    So if the stockpile can’t be used by the states, what is the stockpile for? They’re just stockpiling to say they have a stockpile?
    *Bratty kid voice* “It’s myyyyyyy stockpile!” He even looks like a child… And what is with the face he’s making? He looks like he just inhaled someone’s rotten egg fart.

    If dump is witholding supplies from the states that didn’t vote for him.. woah. That is effectively genocide…

  68. vegasschmegas says:

    I wonder how many books the Clown Prince has read this time to be so knowledgeable about global pandemics.

  69. Julie says:

    Another super scary thing is that, According to Vanity Fair, he was running a secret/shadow task force this whole time!!

    And many of the people he was calling and emailing and from the actual team didn’t know what he was doing or what his role was!! And from *cough* *cough* from unsecured email addresses (hypocrites).

    Also, he was the first one to ‘advise’ Donald Trump on Coronavirus and convinced him it was a PR issue, when did he become a scientist? A doctor? And a spy? Imagine being this stupid but being this confident about it!

    Not only that but his brother owns Oscar Health and might want to get involved in creating testing kits or something like that. And Karlie Kloss’s father had a private FaceBook group gathering information from other doctors and they were using that information somehow. They definitely seem to have something up their sleeves to prop themselves up and profit from the situation. It’s shameful. They are grifters! Crooks!

  70. Eugh says:

    This grifting, moronic, moray eel faced MFer…

  71. Slacker says:

    this is the sort of behavior that needs to be documented by that house committee investigating the handling of coronavirus. they tried nazis for sending Jewish people to gas chambers. how about this administration;s refusal of National appropriate aid to states that arent blue , to governors who dont kiss his fat a##. they should be tried for war crimes and intentional homicide, all these m*therf*ckers. And the favoring of sycophants like Rob DeSantis is gross, makes me nauseous,

  72. Jana says:

    I really hope this arrogant prick winds up just like his dad….in prison.

  73. virginfangirls says:

    Trump and everyone associated with him are so damn evil.

  74. MsGnomer says:

    45 is a traitor