“Gal Gadot Zoom’d with the ‘WW’ cast for Pedro Pascal’s b-day” links

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Gal Gadot Zoom’d with the Wonder Woman cast for Pedro Pascal’s b-day. [Just Jared]
Have you taken this character-personality test? It’s crazy! [LaineyGossip]
Oprah is donating $10 million to coronavirus relief. [Dlisted]
What did people wear to the Bring It On premiere? [Go Fug Yourself]
Please fill out the LGBTQ media survey! [OMG Blog]
I love Seth Meyers so much. [Pajiba]
Australia is providing free childcare to flatten the curve. [Jezebel]
Dr. Fauci is getting more security. [Towleroad]
Toilet paper alternatives? Oh God. [Seriously OMG]

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30 Responses to ““Gal Gadot Zoom’d with the ‘WW’ cast for Pedro Pascal’s b-day” links”

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  1. SamGirl says:

    *sings* Imagine there were no birthdays…

    • SkaraBrae says:


      I was totally thinking that…

      That video put me off for life.
      That and the fact that I bumped into her while Christmas shopping in a posh London department store.
      We were in the men’s section and there was no-one around. She was looking through the store while her (adorable) toddler was running amok grabbing everything around and playing with it.
      Shop assistant was looking rather alarmed… GG clearly didn’t give a sh*t.

      • SamGirl says:

        That is a great story! ^.^ I actually liked her in WW. But the video was so cringe-y.

      • Dee says:

        That’s crazy because back when she was living in tel aviv she used to come to the store I was working in! It’s a fancy book store/gallery and at the time she only had one daughter. The kid would destroy shit in the store and we would ask gal to please pay attention to her daughter and gg wouldn’t bother. Until one time the store manager got pissed at her and told her off.

  2. lobstah says:

    Chris Pine? More like CHRIS FINE.

    I’m done now.

  3. Erinn says:

    I also got CJ from the West Wing on the quiz Lainey references.

  4. Michael says:

    Stephanie Powers looks fantastic!!

  5. Nonartistic Diane says:

    Man, I love me some Pedro Pascal. He is just…. *sighs*.

  6. (TheOG) jan90067 says:

    I LOVE Seth Meyers. His “Closer Look” is a thing of joy 😄


  7. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    Yes, go take the LGBTQ+ media survey! I took it a while back but it’s still up for folks to take.

  8. Aubrey says:

    i got georgina darcy

  9. Joanna says:

    There was no toilet paper at my grocery store. I do mean NONE. Thankfully I still have a few rolls. Hopefully I’ll find some before I run out. *fingers crossed*

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      We got lucky and my son smuggled some in his suitcase when he flew down to us at the beginning of the month. Those four rolls are like gold to me even though I was able to find ONE package of TP in the store two weeks ago. There haven’t been any paper products at all in our store since then. I can’t even get paper towels or napkins. I’m glad I invested in Swedish dish cloths, tea towels, and Norwex cloths way back when.

  10. Hahahaha says:

    I got Samwell Tarley! Lol.