Reese Witherspoon went for a jog: how are you working out in the lockdown?

Reese Witherspoon keeps up with her Fitness

Reese Witherspoon has been keeping it “on brand” during the quarantine. She’s been hosting Instagram Live interviews and chats, posting a lot on social media, donating Draper James clothes to medical workers and trying to keep morale up during the lockdown. She even interviewed Offset as part of the launch of Quibi:

Which was apparently pretty funny – they bonded over vintage Cadillacs and tons of other stuff.

Anyway, I mostly wanted to talk about these photos of Reese running in LA during the quarantine. As we know, the stay-at-home order in most states excludes outdoor fitness. I’ve been taking advantage of this, as have many other people who have seen their gyms close for the lockdown. Which means sidewalks, parks, running trails and tracks have been more crowded lately, right? Is it just me and my area? I wish I was a runner, but I always hated running. So now I just walk outdoors whenever I can and I’m trying to get two to four miles every day, depending on the heat and time of day and rain.

I still miss the gym every damn day. But I’m curious as to what people are doing now that we’re several weeks/a month into lockdown. It certainly feels like more people are going outside and trying to get some runs, walks or hikes in. But are tons of people just working out at home? I’m genuinely curious.

Reese Witherspoon keeps up with her Fitness

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. MaryContrary says:

    Dog walks, Yoga with Adriene and the Peloton. Also using the Calm App for meditation.


    It’s been crazy trying to run outside! I live in a small apartment complex very close to the highway so there is a very, very small loop I can run around. Now everybody is out there trying to run and walk all at once and people are literally stepping off the sidewalk into the street to avoid each other. I get the idea but there’s still a fair amount of traffic in my area (to and from grocery stores I guess) so it’s actually pretty unsafe. I am limited in when I can run due to my work schedule, but I don’t know if other people have flexibility or not.

    • Kaiser says:

      Yes, there’s so much foot traffic everywhere in my area!!

      • Eleonor says:

        here in France, at least in my town, we are allowed to go running near home, I am a runner and to avoid people I wake up early in the morning, I go outside around 6:45 am, I have met other 2-3 runners and I am at home one hour later, so I can start working from home at 9:00.
        I HATE waking me up late, and I know I could go in the evening, but in this way I reduce the chance to meet other people, and to create problems.

  3. lemonylips says:

    I am a huge Jane Fonda workout fan. Been doing it for years and since I did ballet and yoga for years, I do my own thing every day for 40 minutes. My flatmate even joined in so now I actually workout twice a day at least. Once for myself in the early morning, then with my bf and flatmate. And it’s great. We’re having fun and I feel really good and healthy. I miss my long walks though sooooo much. I’d love that. But people are not all really following the rules so I don’t want to risk it.

    • WTW says:

      I do Jane Fonda yoga! Trying to get my husband to join in. I also bought an elliptical machine the weekend the lockdown was announced, and I take my dog for walks.

      • lemonylips says:

        try it with him! my bf thought it was funny at first and now every day we do jane’s beginners together and he is loving it. and it is fun!

  4. Becks1 says:

    I have an echelon and I’ve been using that pretty much every day. We also have been doing family walks every day. Today we’re going on a hike at the state park. I’ m trying to ease back into running bc that’s alone time LOL but my feet are pretty bad so I’m taking it really easy.

    I definitely see lots of people out on walks and runs – more than before. I think its a combination of the weather is getting nicer, so people are just outside more, but also that its one of the few ways we can get a change of scenery. Its nice to see something besides just my house and yard. and the kids like being active.

  5. SilverPoodle says:

    I’ve always been a runner, so I’m running (and walking). I also have a little gym set up in my basement – barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, bench, steps, jump rope. I use an app call Sweat for strength training workouts. I’d like a Peloton, but I don’t want to cost!

  6. Jules says:

    I get out to hike and walk. Most of the hiking trails around me have been really quiet and I have the space all to myself. Which is nice and kinda strange. But people are friendlier than ever when we cross paths, everyone is respectful. Stay well everyone!

  7. Scotchy says:

    I am a walker as i too hate running. Due to the nature of my work and the travel it involves( well may not involve anymore eek) I signed up to beach body( they have a tone of workout programs) and stayed up to date with my yoga and pilates instructors as they have moved into online live classes. Honestly I am thankful that I had an indoor workout routine as it’s be a normalizing lifesaver during this time. Personally I have been struggling maintaining my diet during this time.. ugh. 😩

    • Diana says:

      Stress eating is a challenge I struggle with too! But try not to beat yourself up! This is a really trying, panicky time for everyone! I tell myself I need to worry less about chiseling out my abs and focus more on just staying well enough to not get sick. It’s ok!!! Really!!! We will have plenty of time after to focus on diet when we get back to a new sense of normal. 🙏

  8. Jennifer says:

    I’m a runner and get in a few miles every day. I try to get out before sunrise to encounter fewer people. Are we supposed to be wearing masks when we walk or run? I really don’t know.

    • Esmom says:

      I don’t think masks are necessary as long as you keep a distance. But you’re right, I don’t think I’ve seen any actual guidelines. My neighbor insists on wearing a mask when she’s out walking her dog even though we’re in a very low population area with houses very spread out. I go running and walking and don’t wear a mask, but I also encounter very few, if any, people.

    • maximeducamp says:

      From one source, I read that runners/Joggers should keep a much larger distance from other people (I think that they recommended 25 feet!). The reason given was that they were more likely to spread the virus farther (assuming that they were asymptomatic carriers) because they are breathing heavy and/or panting than someone breathing normally while walking at a sedate pace.

      • Jennifer says:

        Right! This is what I’ve been thinking. I’ve literally been running in the middle of the street for this reason. 😂 There’s not a lot of road traffic in my neighborhood, fortunately. Thanks for the advice!

      • Esmom says:

        That makes sense. When I do encounter someone I am definitely careful not to exhale as I pass them, even from a distance. I kinda hold my breath as I go by.

    • jbones says:

      I’m a runner and a germaphobe. I miss the mental clarity that would come from care free runs; it’s becoming mentally exhausting planning and re-routing to minimize contact with others, and I live in a relatively spacious exburb. My mind is consumed with who’s been expelling into the air prior to me, can ‘rona stick to the dust on my shoes, does it hitch a ride on passing cars and blow in my face, should I be wearing a mask…I always get out early and avoid people by at least 10 feet, or turn around, but I start to wonder if that’s sufficient. Last Friday an emerg epidemiologist from T.O. posted that it is risky to run or walk through your neighbourhood, that exercise should be confined to your yard, as it is not entirely known how long this virus lingers. My mind was blown and it’s all I can think about. I’m scouting out unpopulated country roads for a new people-free running route.

      • Zan says:

        I’m an early morning runner living in a large city, but since I have been locked down for a month, I’ve only gone out running once. My neighborhood was so crowded, I was running in the street as people were veering toward me on the sidewalk. I swear I see more people out running and walking than ever before!
        I have been working out everyday inside. It is a bummer because I love my daily run, but my family has started a boxing program together (sorry downstairs neighbors!) and I also work out with my middle schooler, doing his school workout with him, then he will do my workout with me!
        Also, it has given a hip injury I’ve been dealing with time to heal from the running.
        So I’m trying to look on the bright side, on this front at least.

  9. NotHeidisGirl says:

    Going for a run in the morning when it‘s not as crowded yet (I used to go twice a week but now while working from home it‘s pretty much every day) and yoga after work.

  10. Diana says:

    Everyday it is not raining I run a 4 mile loop around my house. I’ve also discovered Les Mills on demand and having been supplementing my runs with Body Pump, CXWorx and Body Attack! Also do yoga through the Asana Rebel app mostly to prevent injury. The Les Mills workouts are the real deal, folks! I don’t have all their fancy equipment so I modify with dumbbells ranging from 6lb pairs to 15lb pairs. I taught spin and Jazzercise as a side job before covid and really miss it. I am working out now more to stay well enough to teach when all of this is behind us. I miss people so much!!!! Stay healthy everyone!!

  11. morningjacket says:

    I’m a barre3 instructor, so I’m biased, but I’ve been doing barre3 online workouts and also streaming yoga from Alo Moves.

  12. Sean says:

    Walking after work followed by body weight exercises.

  13. Lightpurple says:

    I’m a swimmer so that’s not happening. All the parks in my city are closed now because they were too crowded. I walk around the block a few times a day but it has been raining pretty much every day

    • Jennifer says:

      My 15yo son is a competitive swimmer and this quarantine has been toughest on him, by far. So sorry you aren’t getting your regular workout.

  14. HMC says:

    I go to the mall. I kid you not! They’re all closed so the parking lot is a great place to walk. (Plus I play The Walking Dead Our World so I level up quickly too)

  15. Elisabeth says:

    I signed up for Rebecca Louise’s Burn app and do the daily 30-minute workout. Every day targets a different area, so it keeps me from being too sore (mostly)! I was doing her free YouTube videos before, so I decided now was the time to bite the bullet.

  16. lowercaselila says:

    I live in Chicago and many people have become marathon runners, plowing down people on the sidewalk or they are practicing for the Tour De France , zipping around on their bicycles , as if they are on a country road. If I want to exercise outside, I get out by 6 am or go out after dinner. Otherwise, I have put together a bunch of exercise videos that I have found on you tube and dusted off a treadmill , that we use for a closet ever since I joined a gym.

  17. Blairski says:

    My M-W-F 6:30 a.m. fitness class moved on line a few weeks ago (yay Zoom!) I’ve been pleased at how good of a workout I can get at home with improvised supplies.The other thing that is saving my sanity is that I live at the base of a big hill and every day at 5 p.m. unless it’s pouring, I get up from my dining room table aka WFH office and ride my bike up that hill. I’m getting faster!

  18. emmy says:

    I’m walking but other than that I’m mostly trying not to eat cake all day.

  19. Esmom says:

    I run every other day and walk or ride my bike almost every day. Not many people around in my area so I don’t have to worry too much although I have noticed more people than ever out and about at certain times. As my gym owner said, people who have never exercised seem to have discovered it all of a sudden, lol. Maybe we as a populace will be more fit when this is over!

    Since I can’t go to the gym anymore, which involves small group strength and conditioning classes, I’ve also been lifting weights and doing planks and pushups in my basement twice a week. I can’t manage more than that because I get really bored and unmotivated on my own with this stuff. My trainer/gym owner just moved to doing group Zoom workouts twice a day but I opted out because the times don’t work with my schedule, sadly.

    Exercise is one of my front line “treatments” for managing depression and anxiety so keeping it up, even stepping it up a bit right now, is key for me.

  20. CanadianJac says:

    Lots of YouTube workout videos (I’m home with 2 young kids so running is out). I like Madfit but there are SO many to choose from – you should be able to find a style that fits your wants/needs. Keeps me sane and helps offset my stress baking!!!

  21. Becks says:

    I’m in Los Angeles, still running on my trails. They are pretty isolated right now. I am lucky to have this trail so close to where I live, so I’m staying in my neighborhood. I also do online classes like yoga, barre, and HIIT.
    Self has a great variety of classes on you tube. I’ve been doing the cardio HIIT and it’s crazy intense. Like drenched in sweat, but I love it.

    • Dee says:

      Hi! Whereabouts are you running? I live in Hollywood Hills East and all the trails in my neighborhood – and Lake Hollywood loop – are closed to the public. Thanks.

      • Becks says:

        Arroyo Trails in Pasadena. I access them off Arroyo Street and take the stairs down to the trail. Hope this helps.

    • Dee says:

      Ah, yes! That does help, thank you. Keep on enjoying nature.

  22. maggi says:

    sorry if this is an overshare but I am very excited about this…I’ve been doing a 75 minute yoga class every day and omg, my fellow perimenopausal Celebitches, I have actually regained pelvic floor tone. After 50, I was watching my ability to sneeze and laugh freely fade away but it turns out that it doesn’t have to be that way.
    My heartfelt recommendation is Yoga for Inner Freedom with Shari Friederichsen on Yoga International. (not a sponsor, haha). I’ve been doing yoga since the 80′s but this class engages my core in a new way. There is a connection between continence of the body and continence of emotion that seems extra relevant for me right now.

  23. Nicole says:

    So Im not super fitness queen, but I am having real difficulty finding certain gear. I have been to several websites, and finding a 12kg and 16 kg kettlebell is so frustrating. I cannot find them anywhere. Everyone is sold out.

  24. Janey says:

    Running with the dog, getting annoyed when people don’t avoid each other. I will always get out of the way for others but some people just run past others without even trying. PE with Joe Wicks with the boy, and weights after an evening run, I have the Fiit app and do yoga too. I’m using this as a reason to get fitter and healthier.

  25. Mireille says:

    I’m a runner so I run 2+ miles/walk 1 daily. Or at least try to. I live in New York City, so I try to run early in the morning and in areas where there are little to no people. Whenever I do see someone coming, I swerve big time. I avoid all parks and playgrounds, but sometimes I run circles around this empty tennis court near my apartment. No one’s there so why not? I tried running with a mask, but it was hard to breathe so I had to take it off. I’m keen on keeping my health up as I have some chronic conditions but also to keep my lungs healthy in case (God forbid) I do get sick. I also do some aerobics and stretching in my apartment. Trying to boost my body and immune system as much as I can.

  26. tempest prognosticator says:

    I follow the Leslie Jordan workouts.

  27. Imara219 says:

    I know I gained a belly from the first couple of weeks. I’ve been doing two Women’s Fitness apps 3-4x a week and I just started the walks. I push my toddler in the stroller for 2mi. My goal is to do that 3x a week.

  28. February Pisces says:

    I’ve been exercising twice a day, more than I ever have. And physically I can see a difference. My arms look more toned and I’m losing some belly flab. My plan is to emerge from isolation with a new body so everyone say ‘wow, have you lost weight?’

    • Mireille says:

      Oh geez, full confession: me too. It’s superficial I know and not something to be focused on during this time, but I am thinking about coming out of quarantine looking fab in evening wear and swimsuit.

    • olala says:

      February Pisces what excercise do you do for arms. My weakest point. I have elastic bands at home but no weights. Started running slowly, power walking, squats and stretching. But need to do more

  29. KBeth says:

    I’m mostly just eating.

  30. ReneeM says:

    I run several times a week when the weather allows. I follow Chalene Johnson and do some of her workouts that use body weight or bands. I think i would go mad not being able to get rid of energy. I can only do so much cleaning.

  31. Anners says:

    My trainer does one-on-one and group training via Zoom so I do that once or twice a week, and I try to go for a walk, do yoga with Adriene, or just do my own weightlifting exercises or the dance classes from the list Celebitchy put out. I feel like if I keep moving every day, then I can watch as much tv as a I like and not feel guilty (I’m only half joking lol)

  32. salmonpuff says:

    My gym gave us free access to their Mossa workout app, so I’ve been doing one of those every day. They’re fun and fast! My husband and I also walk the dogs a couple of times a day, and I try to get out and run a couple of times a week. I’m getting about the same amount of exercise I was before, but more spread out through the week and a bit gentler…I miss the social aspect of the gym, though.

    We live near a large park and people are driving from all over the city to walk/run here. It has made avoiding people and distancing during walks and runs challenging, so I’ve been avoiding the park and running through the neighborhood streets. There are so many fewer cars out now that I just veer into the street when I have to pass someone. I have to get outside and move every day or I get a little buggy!

  33. Madi says:

    I am back to doing my Tracy Anderson workout DVD’s, which I have done on and off for years. 30 minutes of her mat workout, and 30 minutes of dance cardio. We walk every day also, and thankfully I live in a neighborhood with very wide, tree lines streets. It is very pleasant and no one has a problem with the six foot rule. When I am lucky, I also fit in a Yoga with Adrienne session. I am actually working out more during this time, largely because I am able to work from home.

  34. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I love my elliptical. Someone paid a couple thousand for it, or something like that, and had to get rid of it fast because the three months they had it, it was never used and they were moving. My husband picked it up for $200. :D Yes ladies. I get all the bells and whistles and speakers and fans and displays and automatic everything for frakking $200. But I’m mostly eating right now.

  35. Le4Frimaire says:

    I’m not exercising enough, but getting outside with kids a few days a week to the parks. Also done a few short YouTube workouts, mostly Popsugar fitness & Bodyfit by Amy.

  36. tina says:

    Pre-corona days, I usually ran on a treadmill & did abs a few days and about 2X a week I did orange theory. I was at a loss for what to do once everything closed shop because I live in a tiny condo and was reliant on our condo building gym and orange theory gym for workouts (minus spring/fall/summer weekend hikes). But, I found this amazing HIIT workout by Heather Robertson. She does a variety of different stuff and sometimes, I’ll do her super long ones or combine two shorter ones together. I am telling you, I think after this I may cancel orange theory altogether. It’s been a better and more effective HIIT workout than orange and free… Now i’m not sure if she’ll keep the videos free once this is all over but if anyone is interested, Heather Robertson is amazing!!

  37. Hyrule Castle says:

    It’s an awfully big chance to take, being outside, considering they don’t yet know how long the virus can linger in the air.

    Even if there are no people around, there could have been 10 minutes ago, people who coughed and the virus is just… hovering there for you to walk or run through.

    Please be safe.

    ETA: or just breathing, it can be passed just breathing.

    The experts don’t know what they don’t know, yet. Be. Safe.

    • jbones says:

      This is what freaks me out. This is what a Canadian epidemiologist suggested; outdoor exercise is risky because the virus could linger, only safe place is your yard. yikes.

    • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

      In L.A., our mayor said everyone who goes outside needs to be wearing a mask, not to keep YOU safe, but so you keep EVERYONE ELSE safe (and you will in turn be kept safe from THEIR germs). Ralphs market (Kroegers in other parts of the country) is mandating everyone wear a mask/bandana or you can’t enter the stores now.

      I would love to get “out”, and maybe I’m paranoid, but I am SO afraid of bringing something into the home, not for me so much, but my elderly dad that I live with and take care of. I have tried walking on our balcony…cranked on a 45 min. high energy playlist on my phone, and just circled back and forth. Not very inspiring, but the fresh air was nice. I have streamed some yoga but haven’t done it yet.

      It’s SO EASY to get lazy!!

  38. Jaded says:

    Jessica Smith (her indoor jogging is great, I do it on a rebounder)
    Pahla B
    Coach Kel for ballet barre workouts (I did one yesterday, it’s a killer)
    Yoga by Adriane
    Jenny McClendon workouts (great for the over 505s)
    Kathy Smith’s Step and Walking workouts
    Ellen Barrett’s workouts are great – a combination of yoga/pilates/low impact cardio
    The Firm with Tracie Long

  39. Spikey says:

    As I’m still workig full time and have two young Huskys and I’m growing my own vegetables – I really don’t notice a lot of change in my day-to-day. Due to climate change we’re suffering from very stable weather phenomenons. We’re having what I call “the rains” from like October to February. Flooding, lots and lots and lots of water everywhere, no real winter / proper frosts etc. For a few years now we started with our very own, teutonic “dry season” in March. I’ve not seen a drop of water from above for six weeks. When the wind blows you can see dust clouds.

    The garden where I’m working doesn’t have a functioning pump so I’m taking my two 15l watering cans to a nearby river, climb down the embankment, fill them up, carry them back up, schlep them to my garden and water my spinach. This process has do be repeated like six or seven times, depending on the crop, its growing stage and the weather. You guys – I am strong like the Rock! I’ve done cross fit, I’m a runner, Ive done calisthenics – nothing compares to this garden work. I do everything by hand, no mashines, no noise (I’m also a beekeeper, they like their peace and quiet). I’ve literally never been this fit in my entire life! And my spinach is awesome ;)

  40. FHMom says:

    There is a 2.5 mile loop by my house. I run there every other day. It’s too crowded if I don’t get out by 10 am. All the parks have been closed, so I’m thinking maybe the mayor should close down a few streets and allow pedestrians only. I also wear a thin mask because of allergies. I also don’t do well breathing in cold air.

  41. Snazzy says:

    I bought an exercise bike that I try to use daily, and I do the 7 minute Tabata workouts. Not a lot, but something at least

  42. Taya says:

    Parks, trails, and beaches are closed in LA. I was running last week, but with the rain this week, I’ll try to do indoor workouts.

  43. Amalia says:

    Before quarantine I would go indoor rock climbing 2-3 times a week, and get on the elliptical a couple of times.

    Now, I am walking the dog. Was going every day but we did a big project last week and I got interrupted–we built a tiny climbing wall in the garage. So now, I am trying to do “time on the wall” every other day, and walk as many days as I can. I want to add some yoga in, for the stress relief.

  44. olala says:

    By opening wine and chewing food😁

    I feel a bit down lately on 4th week of lockdown:( and i really need to excercise. Will try to run and do squats. Hoolahoop. But atmjust letting myself be

  45. Suzanne says:

    I’ve been hiking with my dog (a 3yr old German Shepherd who needs tons of exercise or else she’ll eat me – like literally, she’ll nibble nibble nibble. It drives me bananas) and working in my Mom’s yard. My husband and I live in a rural area in Colorado and it’s funny, I used to miss the gym and food delivery (we used to live in a city) but now I feel blessed living where we do. Our backyard backs up to National Forest so save for worrying about bears and mountain lions we can hike for miles without running into anyone.

    In terms of my Mom’s yard (she lives down the street from us) I go down an hour or two a day and rake pine needles, it is a never ending job and my Dad used to work on the yard most days in the Spring/Summer/Fall. He died in April of 2018 and last summer I had a hard time working in her yard because I missed him so much. I couldn’t not cry. But this year I feel so close to him when I go down there. It’s really neat.

  46. Nina says:

    No going outdoors for us in South Africa. You are only allowed to leave for essential groceries and medication. Roadblocks, army and police can arrest you if you break the lockdown rules. So not even walking the dogs at the moment. We have another week or so to go of 21day full lockdown and then government will make a call if it will be extended. Oh yes, you cannot buy any alcohol or cigarettes, as those are not considered essential lol! We are mostly remaining positive, and everyone knows the stakes. Our HIV and TB infection rates are astronomical so the risks are very high, coupled with poor public health infrastructure. At least the TB vaccine is showing promise in mitigating Covid-19 symptoms, and most babies are given it at birth here, so we have some hope! Wherever you are in this world, stay inside and stay safe and healthy

  47. Miss b says:

    I’m not. I’m trying to keep a 2 year old and 4 year old alive, stress-vomiting constantly, Crying a lot, and eating just an infinite amount of mac and cheese. I have an anxiety disorder, my husband is working from the home on a high pressure deliverable so I’m with the kids 27 hours a day. I would love to work out but it’s just not where I am right now. I’m working on being ok with that.

  48. Lily says:

    I’ve been lazy. But running IS on my mind (usually 5km everyday on the threadmill) but the thought of cooking and baking and doing everything from scratch seems like better fun these days. So I have accepted I might get fatter from quarantine. just this morning I weighed myself, and yay! I have only taken 2 lbs after almost a month of pigging out during dinner – must be the stress. Mornings I just have my coffee and lunches are pretty basic. Dinner I go all out and dig deep into the bowl to eat. Since a few days we have found another way to make the most of the lockdown, my husband and I, we have so much fun trying to have sleepless nights EVERY NIGHT, just because why not? we can!!! And then anywhere between 1 and 4am we just fall asleep, because… age. I’m having the best time with the kids and my husband. No makeup, no dressing up, food, netflix, youtube and fun 24hrs. The bad part of course is just the stress caused by possibly getting sick…. sigh…

  49. Anna S says:

    I go for daily walks, also. I’m fortunate to live right by a park and a canal with paths along it but I have to go early in the day or both are crowded with people who don’t seem to know we’re in a pandemic. I also have an exercise bike and a rebounder, on which I do LEKFit workouts. Which I learned about through Busy Phillips’s IG – ha! It’s excellent.

  50. Kari says:

    I live in NYC and to be honest every time I leave my apt to go to the store (thankfully just a block away) my anxiety skyrockets. For that reason my walks outside are less often. Thankfully I do have access to my rooftop so I have been doing Zoom dance and boxing lessons there and in my living room.

  51. adastraperaspera says:

    Neighborhood walks for now–most of the other walkers use social distancing, but the kids and dogs don’t quite have it down. It’s easier if we leave our neighborhood to avoid people who want to chat.

  52. Eda says:

    Los Angelinos are encouraged to cover their mouths with cloth masks outdoors/in public as of a few days ago. The population density is very high here. It has made outdoor exercise while practicing social distancing very challenging. Basically, someone is always around and I found myself constantly stepping off the sidewalk to create clearance.

    I respect the new recommendations (which are more about protecting others from your own aerosol if you’re asymptomatic vs protecting yourself). I see many people outside who are nonchalant, walking their dogs together and chatting in close range; farmer’s markets still up and running with throngs of people. It’s really concerning.

    If everyone decides independently what’s safe enough, the outcomes will continue to be disastrous. Reese lives in my neighborhood. She needs to wear a cloth mask. If a paparazzo can access her in public (even with a telephoto lens), she can’t ensure she won’t encounter people on her runs.

  53. Veronica S. says:

    I have exercise equipment in the home, but my treadmill is trapped at my friend’s house because I was out of town when all this went down, so I haven’t had a chance to get it. Hopefully in June, though. My neighborhood is outside the city so it’s not crazy populated like some areas, but we are all out walking, so there’s a lot of hilarious shuffling around as we dodge each other to get space. I’ve started walking later at night (8-9pm) just to get outdoors without so much foot traffic. Definitely have to keep it up though, since I apparently I no self control when it comes to snacking when I’m stuck indoors all day with a disrupted routine.

  54. Bernie says:

    Pahla B on you tube!

    And fitness type and puzzle fit. some heather robinson.

    So much you tube

  55. Katie says:

    Peloton – I was so against the cost when my husband just “had to have it” and now I’m so glad for it. They just realized dance workouts and family-friendly workouts on the app and the kids and I do them every day.

    Also, Cosmic Kids much of that :)

    I’m doing it all for the excessive amount of wine I’ve started drinking…..