The Queen offered support to Boris Johnson & his pregnant partner Carrie Symonds

Boris Johnson becomes PM

Prime minister Boris Johnson was admitted into a hospital for “tests” on Sunday. About 24 hours later, it was confirmed that he was in intensive care, and while he is not on a ventilator, he is on an oxygen machine. He’s now been in the hospital for three full days and the official word is that he’s in stable condition:

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has spent a second night in intensive care at a London hospital, suffering from coronavirus. Johnson is in a stable condition, according to junior health minister Edward Argar.

“I understand the Prime Minister is in a stable condition,” Argar told the UK’s Sky News on Wednesday morning. “He’s comfortable and in good spirits. He has — in the past — had some oxygen but he’s not on ventilation.”

It’s unclear when Argar was last briefed on the Prime Minister’s condition. On Tuesday, Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove acknowledged that fellow ministers were taken by surprise when they found out Johnson had been taken into intensive care. A Downing Street spokesperson said on Tuesday evening that Johnson, 55, was still “in intensive care for close monitoring” and “in good spirits.”

[From CNN]

Do British people trust the government spokespeople enough to believe that BoJo is stable and responding to treatment? That must be nice. Here in America, we don’t trust anyone in the Trump administration to tell us the truth about anything, especially the Orange One’s health, weight, and whatever corona tests he might have taken.

Meanwhile, the Windsors’ social media accounts all acknowledged BoJo’s hospitalization, and the Queen even sent a message of support to Carrie Symonds, BoJo’s pregnant girlfriend.

The Queen never made one single public statement in support of the Duchess of Sussex during Meghan’s pregnancy. For months, Meghan was harassed and abused by racists and trolls and… other royal households. I’m not saying the Queen was wrong to send support to Carrie Symonds – that was absolutely the right thing to do, and I feel for Symonds too. What I don’t understand is why the Queen found Meghan so undeserving of public support during her pregnancy. Curious, isn’t it.

Commonwealth Day Service -  Monday 9 March  -  Westminster Abbey, London

Coronavirus - Sun Apr 5, 2020

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37 Responses to “The Queen offered support to Boris Johnson & his pregnant partner Carrie Symonds”

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  1. Vegan says:

    Because Meghan wasn’t someone she chose to be surrounded by , she was Harry’s business, and a part of the RF and therefore expected to hold her chin up high and suck it up like the rest of them. Trying to publicly protect her would show vulnerability from the family and they will not give that to the press or the public, it ruins the brand. Nor did she need her alliance. The prime minister and his wife are political allies.

    • MrsBanjo says:

      That’s absolute BS. She had no problems showing public support of Andrew the minute everything with Epstein blew up. She didn’t support H&M because she didn’t give enough of a shit to take the energy to do so.

    • Izzy says:

      Are you for real? The reason they never said a word about anything Meghan was subjected to is because they – the Royal Family – were actively encouraging the press to do it. The Queen couldn’t say anything without having the press later out her family for it. What a bunch of lazy, racist, inbred hypocrites.

    • lanne says:

      your argument flew out the water the moment The Queen publically defended her son after his interview. The Palace has spoken out when Kate was speculated to have hair extentions. The Palace spoke out when a reporter claimed that Kate had “shut out” Rosewho? as a rural rival. The RF said NOTHING in response to the disgusting treatment of the media, and even encouraged the abusive behavior of her own father. The silence of the Royal Family regarding Meghan is loud and clear. They never wanted her to join the family, but instead of simply saying so, they thought they could just bully her out instead. It’s the worst form of cowardice and passive aggressiveness, but they showed the world what complete and utter racists they all truly are.

  2. Eliza says:

    Not the same. If the Queen defended Boris and his partner against the press that would be similar.

    • tempest prognosticator says:

      I agree. It’s basically a ‘get well soon’ post.

    • ARBELIA says:

      I agree, plus people seem to forget that Carrie is also sick . It’s not just a support because her fiance is suffering from Coronavirus, she is infected too ( although she has milder symptoms).

      • Ali says:

        Support is support.

        Any word from the queen to support her grandson and granddaughter in law would have been important.

        Her supporting boris shows she chose to have her grand son’s family to be attacked daily.

    • Beth says:

      Any support would’ve been better than their evil silence. Harry publicly expressed Meghan’s sorrow behind closed doors. Wasn’t that enough to warrant sympathy or a statement from the queen? Their agenda was clear, for her to lose the baby and leave. I doubt anyone from the RF even checked on her after the baby, hence her statement “no one has asked me if I’m ok”. The stress alone and mental anguish from the daily press onslaught could’ve killed her, how is that different from you thinking Boris and carrie are suffering from this deadly disease.

    • It doesn’t need to be the same for the Queen to show support when needed. Note Carrie Symonds isn’t even related to the Queen. Even 70+ MPs knew how to show support to Meghan (and Harry, by extension) while UK tabloids and BBC decided that Harry deserved to be bullied for not marrying a white British woman.

      The Queen, Charles and William ….where is the leadership?

  3. As always Kaiser, you speak and I agree. I’m all for Queen’s and Cambridge’s public support for Johnson and his lady. I’m sure the Charles and Camilla and other royals will also put something out. And yet —- there was total and unremitting silence and lack of any public support for over 2 years. (I am not counting H/M attending BP garden party stroll with C/C, nor Meghan’s outing with the Queen, as they were right after the wedding and so long ago). I too feel for Carrie Symonds dealing with all this while pregnant, but during Meghan’s pregnancy it seems the royal family did everything they could to make her feel as bad as she could. Total silence, unless it concerned Kate’s hair extensions or something equally critical to the Firm. Then they were all over releasing public rebuttals, etc.

  4. M Narang says:

    The Queen could have supported Meghan if she wanted to. She is the Queen after all. A smart Monarch would have, especially after seeing the global popularity of the newest Duchess. This needs foresight though. All the Queen cares about is the here and now. Having a Tory government protects her and the lifestyle she is accustomed to. I hope some day someone smart writes a book analyzing the austerity measures of right winged Tory British governments and the suffering they cause for British people and how they use a willing Monarchy to distract.

  5. Jamie says:

    I’d be interested to hear from British commenters here because I read a story (in the Guardian, I think) that the government had been lying about Boris’ condition throughout the weekend and that it eventually leaked because Carrie was calling people, anxious about his well-being.

    • Mara says:

      So British politicians seem to rarely make black and white lies because London (and Whitehall especially) is full of leaks. The press is brutal so public figures seem to trade information for a chance either get ahead or just stay afloat.
      Seriously everyone leaks, it’s a way of life, the British establishment is more leaky than a sieve.
      So if you make a concrete lie then you’re probably going to get caught out pretty quickly.
      What our politicians do instead (and this is why nobody trusts them) is talk around the truth, stretch the truth, not answer questions and soundbite a journalist to death in a way that would almost be an art form if it weren’t so frustrating and ,you know, damaging to democracy.

      • B says:

        That sounds like home. We are nice to people’s faces then bitch about them behind thire backs. It’s why most people still have net curtains. We get to be nosey and we love gossip.

        No one deserves this. She must feel really isolated.

  6. ABritGuest says:

    It was nice to reach out to Carrie directly . Surprised palace’s well wishes weren’t announced earlier when it was first revealed Boris was ill which makes me believe he was very poorly & now they are confident he’s going to recover.

    There is a real difference in how pregnant Meghan& pregnant Carrie is treated in the media. When Carrie& Boris’ pregnancy news came out & people were joking on social media about how many children Boris has, people like the Fail’s Sarah Vine were saying this is Carrie’s first child, be kind as it’s a sensitive time for her. But the nasty press went into overdrive when Meghan was pregnant. Difference in tone shows they knew it was wrong to be so nasty but they had no care for Meghan’s well being.

    Doesn’t look like the royal family did either. Silence on the press attacks during the pregnancy when there are countless examples of royals pushing back against press directly through statements or indirectly through ‘sources’, was a choice. Recently they were happy to brief the press that Andrew was the Queen’s rock during Sussexit& that palace was frustrated with international press coverage over his cooperation with US authorities over Epstein.

  7. LindaS says:

    I am sure I will get ripped for this but people are dying from this. There is a difference.

    • helonearth says:

      But you are right.

      This isn’t even in the same ball park. Boris could die.

    • blue36 says:

      So it would take Meghan actually dying in order for her to show support? Okay. Pregnancy is a vulnerable time for any person and even when she was on maternity leave, the press wrote some of the nastiest pieces about her that could lead to her mental health being affected, which in turn can affect the child. Didn’t Caroline Flack commit suicide because of the press coverage. Also, what about Andrew???

      • Helonearth says:

        Meghan was not sick with a killer virus during her pregnancy. Harry was not in ICU during her pregnancy. Not the same thing.

      • blue36 says:

        She asked the press to back off when Diana was pregnant. Pretty sure if Kate as attacked to the degree that Meghan was when she was pregnant, she would have issued a statement as well. When Sophie was tricked by a reporter from the Sun, she publicly released a statement. So basically, until Meghan is on her deathbed will the queen actually say something.

    • dora says:

      Is the pregnant girlfriend dying from it. No? So she is basically like Meghan was, pregnant and vulnerable and Liz the petty, did not say a single word of support while they called her child a monkey and attacked her for eating a vegetable. The queen is a racist old cow. Miss me with the its not the same bullshit. Empathy and simple concern for someone being attacked shouldn’t be limited to white, blond women screwing old fat white blond men.

  8. Beth says:

    I couldn’t agree more….Jasmine Alibhai Brown couldn’t have said it better – she said “Meghan don’t do it, not all crowns are made of diamonds, you’ll regret this….the royal family are the coldest, evil, calculating humans the earth has ever produced”. Queen has the strength to commiserate with Johnson and her mistress yet released no statement of support to the then pregnant Meghan and to date. Even Harry’s statement expressing he’s been a silent witness to her pain for far too long didn’t move evil Queen to release a statement of support. Yet she supported Andrew and statements were released to refute Kates botox claims. self righteous inbreds! Im a Brit but I loathe them with passion.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      @Beth – I agree with you. None of this makes any sense on the surface. There has to be a metric-tonne of $hit that went on deep in the background that the public does not know about.

      • Nic919 says:

        Keir Simmons, Tom Bradby and that guy on the Piers Morgan show have all said that there is a serious thing that caused Harry and Meghan to leave and if it was made public then the sane ones would understand why and side with them.

      • Dinah says:

        Lu, you are afraid of the trued, in fact you don’t want to be confronted with the evilness of the British royal family. Diana told us so, remember. But, like Nic919 mentioned, these three guys indeed did say that something really terrible happened that contributed to Harry and Meghan leaving their royal role. That Mirror guy on the GMB show also said that it will come out at Meghan’s lawsuit. So stay tuned to watch the British monarchy causing its own downfall; and that might be sooner than later.

  9. aria says:

    is it me? I feel Carrie seems like a silent mean girl like keen Katie. I always get that vibe from her whenever it is around Boris and his family. Its also shocking none of his kids were seen with the carrie. Anyhow get well soon.

  10. dora says:

    Because the queen is a petty, racist old cow. Many family members were nazi, William with his bald headed ass, prejudice, and Andrew The rapist, has said many racist things, dont get me started on Phillip he was openly racist. Liz the Petty, didnt seem to mind. Shes didn’t defend Meghan because she hoped she died, and they could replace her, but she didnt die during delivery, which was smart on Meghan’s part, to not go the usual delivery route, i bet they were all ready with the ‘many black women don’t survive…bullshit. Harry was probably the best of all of them, he is more like his mother.

  11. ABritGuest says:

    Carrie said on Saturday she has coronavirus symptoms but that she felt better. I would expect the Queen to send well wishes to the prime minister but thought it was nice that she offered support to Carrie directly too especially as I don’t even think Boris’ divorce is finalised yet. It must be a worrying time for Boris’ family. Just ironic as like Boris, his father was the idiot saying he would still be going down the pub&wasn’t taking the virus seriously.

    Doesn’t change fact that Queen&her family showed no support for their in-law in marked contrast to visible support for Andrew.

    I definitely think No. 10 downplayed Boris’ condition- he looked terrible in his last video before going into hospital. His biographer said he would be annoyed being ill&that he sees illness as weakness. Eyeroll. but that& fact he was starting to be heavily criticised even by friendly press on Saturday with people lauding his chancellor as future leader, is probably why it was being downplayed. But now his friends in the press are trying to make him ‘fighting back from illness’ a political thing.

  12. Truthiness says:

    Since the PM is in the ICU, this should be expected. But last August :

    “ANDREW WINDSOR has done good work for British businesses overseas ” Boris Johnson said today [Aug 2019] . The Independent

    • Dinah says:

      “Truthiness, this sounds like “You (Boris) scratched my back so I (queenie) scratch) yours (and your girls’ back) back”.

  13. S808 says:

    Cause the Queen and the rest of her family had a personal stake in letting Meghan be harassed to the point of miscarriage or, probably preferably, her death. They all benefited from the harassment she received and I’m sure they all hope it continues. She’s a great shield for their indiscretions.

  14. B says:

    If my family sent well wishes through Instagram to me it would be weird. It would be a post about being seen and not about getting better.

    No uk person wanted Megan miscarry.

    I still think they are bunch of entitled layabouts.

  15. Dinah says:

    As we all know, all possible PR-stunts are conceived and deployed by this monarch and her two heirs, to increase their popularity and sympathy with their people (even PR means to compete against/upstage each other). That is their only daily routine and concern, as they have no reign power and live on the public’s’ pockets. Everything little thing they assume as working against them, is carefully avoided. Like expressing support for a pregnant, brand-new family member, who is taunted and racially attacked daily, for nearly four years, while getting used to her new role and residence.

    And when they do express sympathy via their courtiers to whoever/about whatever- often in writing, not personal, and heavily PR-scripted – it often looks stiff and not too genuine, cause it’s just part of the calculated PR-strategy.