George & Amal Clooney spread out $1 million in donations across six organizations

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Back in the day, George Clooney would be one of the first celebrities out, making statements and organizing telethons during a tragedy. But during the pandemic, he’s been strangely quiet for weeks? I have a theory about this, actually! Remember in 2018, Clooney got into that motorcycle accident in Sardinia? I always thought that he was lying about his lack of injuries following the accident because of the insurance on the production. While he’s stepped out to events since then (it happened almost two years ago), he hasn’t been anywhere near as “public” since the accident. I think he’s still struggling with chronic pain and probably tons of other medical issues. Just a theory! Anyway, George and Amal Clooney have finally released a statement about which organizations are getting their donations:

Add George and Amal Clooney to the list of Hollywood leaders who have made significant personal donations to help the devastation that the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought. Deadline has learned that the Clooneys have donated north of $1 million, targeted directly towards six areas in great need. They’ve donated $250,000 each to The Motion Picture and Television home — where Clooney is a board member — the SAG-AFTRA FUND, and Los Angeles Mayors Fund. An additional $300,000 has also been provided to three international charities; Lebanese Food Bank, Lombardo Italy Region and the NHS.

The Motion Picture and Television Fund provides temporary financial assistance for needs created or complicated by the Covid-19 pandemic. It assists with issues including health insurance, mental health assistance, rent, food and other essentials. The SAG-AFTRA Foundation COVID-19 relief fund helps cover member grants for health premiums, food, shelter and medical expense. The Lebanese Food Bank feeds the needy unable to work, the elderly, the disabled, those with chronic diseases, single mothers and orphans. The Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles supports the LA Emergency COVID-19 fund to help provide childcare for the city’s first responders and health care workers, help with shelter for the homeless, the feeding the elderly and offering direct financial assistance to Angelenos that have been impacted. The Lombardo Italy Region directly support hospitals in the Lombardo region that are facing the COVID-19 emergency. Finally, the National Health Service COVID-19 appeal supports hospital staff and volunteers at the front line who are caring for COVID-19 patients.

[From Deadline]

I don’t hate that people in specialized communities (athletes, actors) are taking pains to donate close to home rather than donating to larger, global non-profits. It makes sense to me that George is concerned with out-of-work actors and entertainment people, especially since he spent such a big chunk of his career as a struggling, out-of-work actor. I like how they parceled out their donations to Lebanon, Los Angeles and Italy too. But… *whispers* George and Amal truly have hundreds of millions of dollars? I know they’re trying to draw attention to other charities and raise awareness and all of that. But it still feels like the donations could be a bit bigger! Like, we know that George and Rande Gerber sold Casamigos for $700 million in 2017. Come on. Also: where are the Clooneys? LA or England?

Amal Clooney is all smiles as she steps out with her children  Alexander and Ella

Amal Clooney and George Clooney are all smiles as they step out during their anniversary in NYC

Photos courtesy of Backgrid and Avalon Red.

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  1. JennyJenny says:

    That picture of his son is how I feel today…

  2. Astrid says:

    When I read the headline, my first thought was, weird. Why not make the donation an even number? Good for them for donating.

  3. Truthiness says:

    That scowling mini-George Clooney photo is everything. I’m sorry, what was the question?

  4. lucy2 says:

    That’s awesome, and will help a lot of people.

    Their kids are really cute, that might be the only photo I’ve ever seen of them, but their son’s expression is epic! George had back issues for years, I can’t imagine the accident didn’t make all of that worse.

  5. girl_ninja says:

    I think the Alamuddin-Clooney babies are so cute. I cannot believe that his son already looks like an 80 year old man!

    I’ll admit though I like Amal I’m also annoyed by her. I can’t help it.

  6. Awkward symphony says:

    Actually they are donating more than that and its said that george will take part in lady gaga’s planned appeal to help raise funds. I agree Kaiser that they have been unusually absent and we haven’t seen them in a while.

  7. Laalaa says:

    I think this is just the beginning of their donations, we all have a long way to go.
    And I don’t think they owe anyone making a donation that “equates” their net worth.
    It is the goverment’s job to give the most.

  8. brooksie says:

    Yes, they could donate more, and maybe they will down the road, but this is a great start and as you said, will certainly raise awareness for some of these organizations.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Maybe they did not want to make all their donations public. I would not want everything released for public consumption.

  9. sealit says:

    Yay George! My grandparents spent the last years of their lives at the Motion Picture Home. They loved it there, and we were always impressed when we visited.

  10. Anniefannie says:

    Not to be superficial during these terrible times but of all things holy what is he packing in those jeans in that last pic?!?
    I’ll just excuse myself….

  11. SJR says:

    Am I supposed to cheer this?
    With his wealth + all the years he has been so smug telling us peons how to live/think = George, your cheapskate is showing, honey.

    I guess something is better vs. give nothing.

    Btw, Keanu Reeves has donated $millions for years. Quietly and consistently.
    Keanu has class. Take a lesson all actors.

  12. Eatcakedahhlings says:

    She hasn’t done a pap walk since she tripped on those cobblestones in NYC doing one of her annual series of “Columbia U visiting professor” pap walks, in October 2019. Well, she did one the morning after – stepping out of their specially rented townhouse with ideal-for-pap-walk stairs – but that was probably already booked. She must have been seriously mortified to give those up – the pics were horrendously unflattering – because it seems she LOVES those pap walks and showing off her fashionista side.

    The poster upthread has it right: these two are annoying and need to look at what humble, genuine people like Keanu do when donating (i.e., not effectively releasing a press release). They’re also building some extravagant five-, six-figure playhouse for their kids and somehow felt compelled to leak a news story about it. By all means enjoy your luxurious lifestyle but don’t think it gives you a good basis for telling the plebs how to think and live and what to care about in terms of issues. George is so smug; that’s why he was attracted to an even more smug person like her. Limo libs giving us lefties a bad rap. Just checked on DM and all their recent stories are about upgrades to their mansion. LOL, Amal is too embarrassed to do another pap walk after the cobblestone incident and so the glamour/power couple are resorting to leaking about expensive housing upgrades to their UK estate to show the plebs how glamorous and high-flying and elite they are. These two are right out of the 1980s or the “society pages” of a third-tier city. Tacky, tacky.

    And sorry, I’m not jealous and never have been; I’m as educated as she is (not Oxford) and am doing pretty well for myself in life. I just find these two as fake as anything. And, to add to the fakery point, I do believe George has always preferred male companionship and has had a lot of paid beards but is bi, IMO.