Dr. Oz & Dr. Phil have been stridently pro-death on Fox News this week

Dr Phil McGraw at the induction ceremony...

There’s a rumor going around that Donald Trump is about to appoint Dr. Phil (not a medical doctor) and Dr. Oz (a real surgeon) to some kind of coronavirus taskforce. Why, you may ask? It’s because he has a very tiny brain and he only watches Fox News. Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz both appear on Fox News regularly, and they’ve both been saying a lot of sh-t on that channel about how we need to reopen the economy and reopen the schools. Here’s the awful Dr. Phil clip:

This is disgusting. Not just disgusting, it’s stupid. Even Donald Trump (a moron) has realized that he can’t restart the economy as soon as he wants. But I’m sure he’ll want to surround himself with people telling him he should. And here’s the Dr. Oz clip:

Oz to Sean Bloody Hannity: “First, we need our mojo back…I tell you, schools are a very appetizing opportunity… the opening of schools may only cost us 2 to 3 percent in terms of total mortality” and that the death rate “might be a trade-off some folks would consider.” The reaction was so swift that Dr. Oz released a video statement/apology:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very worried about the children living in food-insecure homes too, just as I’m worried about all the kids that need school to escape abuse and to help them grow into the people they can be. But I’m also deeply uncomfortable with the breezy way Oz dismissed the deaths of thousands of kids with a shrug. And this wasn’t an isolated statement – the Washington Post pointed out that Oz has been making lots of pro-death comments about reopening the economy on Fox News. He’s also been answering a lot of coronavirus questions with “medical authority” even though he has zero medical background in viruses, pandemics, etc.

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  1. Lightpurple says:

    I just can’t with these idiots.

    • They are both narcissistic idiots. And that face lift on Oz does him no favors.

    • Snappyfish says:

      I’m sorry but am I missing something? Since when is a virus with no vaccine or cure the same as an automobile accident? Dr. Oz thinks that schools are “appetizing” & should be reopened & a 2-3% death rate is “acceptable”? There are 75 million children in American public schools. I do blame Oprah but believe once she no longer held the reins they became monsters

      • I am Mimi says:

        Yes, all those contagious car accidents and pool drownings….

      • lucy2 says:

        I know, what a stupid comparison. I keep seeing that on social media too – “more people die of cancer!” It’s so f’ing stupid.

        There are actual experts out there who would be happy to talk to the media. Why is Dr. Phil, a psychologist who isn’t even licensed anymore, talking about infectious diseases and viruses!?!?!

      • Lady D says:

        They don’t understand the word spread?

    • Still_Sarah says:

      I know this sounds a bit reactionary (for me) but I wonder if Dr. Oz and/or Dr. Phil will support sending their grandchildren back to school if/when their schools open. Are their grandchildren as expendable to them as other people’s children seem to be? I doubt it.

      • theotherViv says:

        They won’t because they realize it’s not primarily the children they are endangering. While children can get very sick and there have been deaths among children they are more likely to be carriers without symptoms or light symptoms who bring the virus home to Grandma, Grandpa, Mom and Dad. These are the percentages we’re talking about. These doctors won’t want their grandkids i. their home after school opens.

  2. Tate says:

    This crisis is truly revealing people for who they really are.

    • Astrid says:


    • Kimmie says:

      +2! We should all remember who these idiots are and cancel the hell out of them.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      eh, these two have shown their asses repeatedly over the years.

      not sure why anyone takes either of their medical advice seriously. they’re both quacks.

    • FC says:

      Never forget who “discovered” these aholes and gave them a platform. Oprah. She should be speaking out against them and pulling her investments. As of right now, she makes money every time they speak and should be held just as accountable as they are.

  3. Whatnow says:

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    • Keira says:

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    • LadyD says:

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      I stopped even coming here except on a desktop.

      • Lady D says:

        Do you have any objections to finding a different moniker when you come here? I have been using this name for almost ten years now. Thanks.

    • Celebitchy says:

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      • Traveler says:

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        Thank you for your efforts.

      • Slint says:

        Yes. The intelligent political writing really is a highlight. So balanced, fresh and insightful.

      • Marjorie says:

        You go ahead and put anything you need on this site, which is the best place on the interwebs.

      • Celebitchy says:

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      • Kh6 says:

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      • Celebitchy says:

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      • Jerusha says:

        I figured it had to do with sustainability which is why I didn’t gripe.

      • Whatever you need to do to keep going I totally support as a reader. Your site is the best!

        As to these 2 Quackers ——- When you start bowing down to the idol of fame, you become enslaved to it in my opinion. Both these guys have unbelievable egos and are addicted to fame. I really wish Oprah would admit publicly that these guys are now F**kups and she regrets unleashing them on us.

      • Anna says:

        CB, for what it’s worth, I’d absolutely subscribe to this site for an ad free experience. I’m a long time reader and want you guys to stay in business.

    • 10KTurtle says:

      If you pause the video as you initially scroll down, it won’t play (it still pops up but is slightly less annoying). Do what you gotta do to hang in there, Celebitchy!

  4. Cacec04 says:

    As long as these elites aren’t affected by it they don’t care. As soon as one of their kids die (not wishing that on anyone) they’ll turn around and say we shouldn’t have opened so soon with no sense of responsibility. How anyone is listening to these two “doctors” (might as well throw in Dr. Drew too) still is beyond me. There’s no way any of them could be practicing in real life as they flagrantly violate the “do no harm “ oath.

  5. Yoyo says:

    Years ago someone told me Dr.Oz was a kook, I did not believe them, but he proved their opinion was right.

    • Still_Sarah says:

      @ Yoyo : I still can’t believe that Dr. Oz became such a quack when he was a very respected cardio surgeon in the US. And now he hawks freaky diets “solutions” from green tea, etc. where people buy things on TV and internet in the middle of the night. I guess money – but probably the fame – makes it ok?

    • According to a cardiologist I know, his reputation is not very good in the medical community anymore, especially with surgeons in his field of cardiology.

  6. stormsmama says:


    As a woman who believes in choice I am enraged by the hypocrisy and blood thirsty greed of these monsters

    I wish they would just admit their agenda:
    Money, power, control, subservient women, mass poverty to control the majority, and more money power and control

    • BearcatLawyer says:

      They are pro-birth, not pro-life. They could not care less what happens after babies exit the womb.

    • Prayer Warrior says:

      @stormsmama, @BearcatLawyer @ Roberta….you three, wise, thoughtful and intelligent commentarians. Thank you. re Ads: do what you need to do, Celebitchy~I cannot with People, Hello as ‘gossip’ sites and I cannot with news (because it’s mostly awful). THIS IS WHERE I COME FOR IT ALL 🙂 Thank you 1 gazillion times for your hearts and your brains, both working together brings us all together for the greater good…(sorry, I am feel quite emotional these days, alternating between rage, deep sadness, appreciation, gratitude and moments of hope, sometimes all in a matter of minutes). Stay safe XOXO

      • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

        @PrayerWarrior I second your praise for this site wholeheartedly: it’s the one place I come daily, even if I don’t have time to post, for the witty and incisive commentary and the fabulous community of commentators. The support of fellow ‘Bitchies carried me through my recent bout of coronavirus and the support I’m receiving now for my ill father as he also battles it is truly moving – humbling even.
        I hope you stay well and safe: I understand how you’re feeling. An emotional seesaw! Do keep posting and offload as much as you need; you’ll be in my thoughts.

      • ➕💯….this site is a must stop for me too.

  7. Sam says:

    The biggest charlatans on TV. Odious creatures.

    Some people get the Jacinda’s of this world as their leader and some poor souls get the orange dimwit.

    • Slint says:

      ‘The biggest charlatans on TV.’

      There’s a lot of competition for that title. At this point it would be harder to find someone on TV who isn’t a charlatan..

    • AnnaKist says:

      I haven’t seen what these two covidiot doctors have been saying, but the 2-3% mortality rate is a figure I’ve heard mentioned a lot n general, global terms.

      I’m in Australia, and it was announced yesterday morning (it’s already Saturday here!) that our schools would begin reopening from 11 May, in a “staggered” fashion, which wasn’t explained. What was said was that children have a very low rate of infection, and that teachers had a far greater risk of being infected with the virus in the staff room, since adults are far more vulnerable to COVID-19.

      If we want facts,we’ve got to look to reliable sources. I only e Er go to our national broadcaster. They’ve got so much information, updated “as it happens” and throughout the day, it’s like having a personal news service.
      Here’s a great place for fact-checking:


      And for reliable news:


      No, I don’t work for them, but would do so any day…

      • Markio says:

        Jacinda Ardern is the PM of New Zealand, not AUS. Scott Morrison is the PM of AUS, and he has had a fair amount of criticism this last year with his handling of the wildfires and his Covid response. Jacinda is fantastic! What I wouldn’t give to have her as our President. That cake is hilarious.

      • Belly says:

        Speaking of Jacinda….? You sure you’re in Australia?

        You can’t have missed the stinking turd that is Smoko, the PM of Australia.

        That cake was made by Laura Daniel, a Kiwi comedian. And Jacinda is the PM of New Zealand.

        Jacinda isn’t our PM, no matter how much we may wish it.

      • Lou says:

        She was replying to Sam’s comment that mentioned Jacinda – she knows Jacinda isn’t Aussie.

      • Belly says:

        @Lou @ AnnaKist
        Ah, sorry. Missed that bit. Am a bit grumpy and shouldn’t be such a nitpicky arse.

  8. Sam the Pink says:

    3% of school children in the US would amount to almost 2 millions deceased children.

    It also would not account for the deaths that would result from children who contract the virus and do not die but carry it home to their families.

    And why is he even going on a political commentary show now? Is he desperate for press?

    • LadyD says:

      While I agree with your entire sentiment, I just want to point out (in always trying to present a fair perspective) that the 2-3% mortality rate was a general number, not specifically stated that it would apply to children alone.

      Opening schools is a bad idea. While children *for the most part* fare well, what about the teachers, administrator, paraprofessionals, lunch workers, secretaries, janitorial staff? Not to mention bring it home to family.

      Also, on a tangent but related, there’s a petition going around to open up beauty salons May 1, only one client at a time per beautician. It states that it’s no different than going to a grocery store. WHAT? Sure, no different. I’d love to see the magic of getting your hair cut and colored from 6 feet away.

      • Prayer Warrior says:

        I was wondering…if I came out of a thorough shower, could my hair gal cut my hair if we do it outside on the patio? If we were both wearing masks and gloves? and if she came straight from her home? Would that be safe? I’m desperate, but not enough to put anyone at risk. Her hands would be on my head for about 20 minutes? I sent the question to our BC Health Authority but haven’t heard back yet. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    • april says:

      Dr. Sanjay Gupta was on CNN last night and said of what Dr. Oz said, between 1200-1800 people would die with reopening schools. This would be across all age groups.

      • Lady D says:

        There are 75 million students. A 3% death rate is 2 million kids and that doesn’t include the ones who get sick from the child carriers.

  9. Scal says:

    right now coronavirus is the 3rd most likely way to die in the US on a daily basis. Only heart disease and cancer are ahead. So more than accidents.

    But conmen are always going to pull out their straw men arguement

  10. JillyBean says:


    • Liz version 700 says:

      Appetizing… he described a 2-3% increase in deaths centered around opening schools as appetizing. That is some cold dark evil. They are both a boil on humanity.

  11. Rapunzel says:

    You cannot help the economy by opening too soon, getting more people killed, and collapsing our health care system to kill even more! I swear, the lack of critical long term thinking is angering.

    And these morons yammering about freedom: the only freedom you are being denied is the freedom to get yourself and others killed. Considering murder is always illegal, you’re losing a freedom you never had. Idiots.

    The US will become a global pariah if other countries deal with this virus properly, while the US screws around and keeps it alive. All these economy and freedom people don’t realize what putting those things first now means for them in the future.

    • Turtledove says:

      “You cannot help the economy by opening too soon”

      This! This!! This!!!

      I am currently much more fortunate than many, as I still have a job. My husband and I both work for the same company, and our primary function is producing large conferences. As you can imagine, our business has been hit VERY hard. We had our first round of layoffs, and are taking a temporary pay cut. We are still employed, working from home, have health insurance and some of our pay coming in. I am 100% grateful and 100% recognize that this is SO much better than many people. BUT…we can’t RUN any conferences right now. We postponed a bunch that were meant to run April/May/June to late summer/fall. But realistically, we know that even these postponed events may not run, or if they are able to run, they may not be terribly successful because even if people are ALLOWED to attend large gatherings, they may not feel comfortable doing so for quite some time. Whoooo…I am long-winded, sorry. All this to say that even though my livelihood depends on getting things back to normal asap, I recognize we can’t rush, it has to be done RIGHT. If they open too soon and the #s of cases shoot up all over again, as they will if things are rushed, that is only going to make this all take longer to get back to normal again. In the meantime, more deaths to people, and small businesses. It is so scary to have so much uncertainty AND realize that the people in charge are not qualified to handle things properly and will likely make everything even worse than it already is.

    • Holly hobby says:

      Dead people can’t buy anything nor help the economy. Any one of those dummies think about that.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Exactly! Bill Gates has it right when he said no one is going shopping or to a restaurant if they have to step over the bodies to get there.

    • Case says:

      “You cannot help the economy by opening too soon, getting more people killed, and collapsing our health care system to kill even more!”

      THANK YOU. I keep thinking this and don’t understand the lack of long-term planning. If we reopen too soon, people will still be afraid to go out for fun — so we’ll have restaurants and stores open with few customers, which will hurt business even more as they incur operating costs with no customers. On top of that, and most importantly, MORE people will be at risk of catching the virus and we’ll have a full-on second wave.

      The sooner we take the virus SERIOUSLY (we should’ve had a national lockdown, IMO), the sooner “normal” life can resume. How do some “leaders” not understand this?

    • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

      @Rapunzel So true! It’s about flattening the curve so that health systems aren’t overwhelmed and that infrastructures don’t fall apart. But in the deranged mental pathways of those who think only of profit, mammon, profit, logistical concerns are meaningless to them. Along with, you know, the value of human existence.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Andrew’s Nemisis- yes, imagine Doctors and nurses becoming as scarce as toilet paper because they keep dying from treating infected folks! I swear, I teach critical thinking, and the amount of bad logic being employed lately is absurd.

    • Linda says:

      Thank you!!! We have 18% unemployment in the US. Not all the recently unemployed are going to be able to find work since some of those jobs are in the service sector. Who would be out shopping like ‘normal’? We need to come to terms with the fact that we will never go back to ‘normal’. Things have changed permanently. Even after covid is a memory, we’ll never get the pre-covid times back. It’s up to us to decide to make something good come out of this horrible time. Maybe passing laws to ensure a living wage, universal health care, acknowledging the people who kept the country running and being kind to each other. Making everything political and partisan would be a good start. Oh, and not seeing people as disposable.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Linda- Yes, all these folks wanting to make money don’t realize, there’s much our government could do to help us and they aren’t. Just $1200 for some that many people can’t even access.

        Maybe instead of demanding an end to the lockdown, people should start demanding that the government stop funding unimportant things and give that money to the people. But wait, that’s Socialist and there’s not to be any socialism in a society. Except bailouts for farmers, cruise ship companies, hotels, banks, and Medicare.

  12. Alexandria says:

    Sometimes even idiots have humanity and compassion. These two are not humans, no.

  13. Maida says:

    If nothing else, this crisis is revealing what many people actually care about, and what they don’t. Money and publicity are evidently more important than saving lives to Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil.

  14. Traveler says:

    Up until now I had no idea they were both regular contributors on faux news but it makes sense.
    The best thing I can say about either of them is that they are first class charlatans.
    Now these incompetent, attention mongers are selling their dangerous opinions to an already dumbed down, rabid audience. Yeah, whatever happened to “do no harm”……….when do these so-called doctors lose their licenses (not sure phil even has one)?
    Each will do anything to keep the dough rolling in. I say they and their families should volunteer to be the first to die in order to save the economy.
    Thanks Oprah for this contribution to the world!

  15. Dizzy says:

    I’m Canadian so I don’t know a lot about what’s going on in the USA, but I watched Dr Phil yesterday and I definitely thought he was making veiled jabs at Trump. He is pro WHO and encourages people to donate to the WHO. He is cautious about the malaria drug and is worried that people who need it (for malaria and lupus) won’t be able to get it. I was surprised that he gave some reasonable, science based advice to suffers of covid 19.

    • Sankay says:

      I have nothing but disdain for Dr Phil but agree with you. Also, a dill provably get a lot of hate for this but we need to ‘open and some point or will have more deaths from starvation. The poor live on what they make that day and we should look to see how to manage how to open businesses limitless and slowly. I’m liking what Germany is going to start doing and they have an educated leader.

      • Keroppi says:

        I think it is less about opening the economy and more about having a social safety net that takes care of everyone and all members can access. Not just bailouts for corporations.

  16. Züri says:

    There was a movement by a group of doctors to have Oz removed from the Columbia faculty because of his quackery, and I think there was also some kerfuffle with the FDA. Both are more entertainer than practicing medical doctor.

  17. Chaine says:

    Dr. Oz is the worst. I think the American public recognizes Dr. Phil as a grandstanding windbag and takes him with a few grains of salt, but people really trust Dr. Oz. Both my mom and my MIL are always mentioning stuff they saw in his show, or sending me links to some of his “advice.” And I have to admit the times I have seen the show, it does suck you in and it can be hard to discern when he is giving real medical info and what is hype and marketing.

    • Spicecake38 says:

      Grandstanding windbag,lol!
      I recall a time when Oz gave decent medical advice,like just sort of leaning into homeopathy and eastern medicine,he opened some interesting conversation about ways to help ourselves without always taking a pill.About 7-8 years ago I started watching his new season and every single show was another weight loss cure,every day.
      I was done at that point.

    • elle says:

      Grandstanding windbag! That is so perfect, I am sure his picture appears next to it in the dictionary.

  18. adastraperaspera says:

    Interesting to see how the Trump campaign is spending down the warchest. From Kanye to Dr. Phil, some big checks going out lately. Keeping eyes on the circus so no one looks over to see Trump’s genocide.

  19. KBeth says:

    OZ isn’t just an idiot but he is creepy AF.
    Why on earth does Dr Phil think he needs to weigh in on this??

  20. Emilia says:

    Is Oprah ever going to have to answer for the part she played in giving these quacks a platform? I know she’s seen as a “can do no wrong” figure around most parts but she has a long history of promoting pseudoscience bullshit on her shows (also giving airtime to Jenny McCarthy and Marianne Williamson) and most people seem to ignore that.

    • wildwaffles says:

      I was popping on here to say “Thanks, Oprah”. She’s the reason why these charlatans have platforms. Ugh.

    • lucy2 says:

      Yeah a lot of the people she promoted years ago have done some serious damage since.

    • Kath says:

      Came here to say the same thing. I think of Oprah as a sensible, smart woman – but she created the media profile for these two odious figures. Dr Oz seems to peddle mostly in unscientific woo these days, while Dr Phil is just a toxic, horrible, exploitative asshole. Plus the Jenny McCarthy anti-vaxxer bullshit, plus that crazy stuff about “attracting” stuff through quantum physics (!). Ugh.

  21. KellyRyan says:

    I haven’t watched Phil, former therapist for years. Oz hasn’t been of interest for some time, too much pandering. I’m cringing this morning at governors who are determined to lax standards. South Dakota which has refused to set limits closed a meat packing plant this week.

  22. ME says:

    How is Dr. Phil even allowed to call himself a doctor? Didn’t he lose his license a long time ago?

    • Elizabeth says:

      Presumably he doesn’t practice, if he is unlicensed, but he will still have the degree he earned, and will still be a doctor.

    • MaryContrary says:

      Isn’t it a doctorate in PE or something like that? It’s not an actual medical degree.

  23. grabbyhands says:

    If there is any kind of silver lining to come out of this, it’s that so many people are showing their asses.

    May this be the beginning of the end of the era of reality show “doctors”, social media influencers and total jackass celebrities who are adored even though they are callous, tone deaf morons. I mean, it probably won’t be, but maybe we can start to see a reduction.

  24. Valerie says:

    He went downhill fast. I’m embarrassed to admit that I used to watch him, but that was back before he started hocking miracle cures and seizing on every opportunity he had to dupe the public. i don’t believe in spirit cooking or whatever the f people think he’s involved in, but he has metaphorically sold his soul to the media machine.

    • april says:

      I used to like Dr. Oz but after he was on the show The Talk when the virus started, he said a vaccine would be available in 6 months, which was such BS that I would not trust him again. At that same time Dr. Fauci was saying a vaccine would take 18 months.

      • Valerie says:

        He’s a mess. Total charlatan. I think he started off with noble intentions and got sucked in by sensationalism quickly. His early shows were ok,but then they turned into game shows, lol.

  25. LisaT says:

    Dr. Oz is a cardiothoracic surgeon. How does he think that his commentary is in keeping with the medical ethics of his job. The patients he would treat are a high risk group for the coronavirus. I still don’t understand how he can still have a position at the medical school.

    Dr. Phil has never been a medical doctor and no longer has a license for clinical psychology.

  26. Holly hobby says:

    Gawd what would,Oprah say about this? She foisted these dummies on us. Dr Phil car accidents and cigarettes are not contagious find a better comparison. Oh yeah Spanish Flu which had everyone quarantined too.

    Dr. Oz – why don’t your sacrifice your grandkids first. The way he was saying we should sacrifice 1-2% so people can go to school is heartless.

    It doesn’t matter the governors are in charge.

  27. Val says:

    You know, your reactions strike me as normal…whereas our President has decided to reopen schools, starting May 11th…Yet, cafés, restaurants…, will still be closed !
    Does that mean Macron is Pro Death ?
    We, as teachers, are aghast by the news… scarred for our/children’s/parents’ safety.

  28. Truthiness says:

    There is no way to keep up a 6 ft distance in a class of 20 to 30 kids. The classrooms do not have the size! Plus sneezes can travel 20 or 30 ft. Grade schools have always been a petri dish of germs and you are expecting a teacher to run herd over 30 chaotic youngsters?!? Let’s have Phil and Dr Oz take the first turns as schoolmarms and let’s have them tell us which of their family members they are willing to let die.

  29. Case says:

    It horrifies me that they’re talking about death so casually.

    I read a wonderful NYT piece with five different thought leaders discussing how life will return to “normal” in stages. One takeaway I thought was interesting was the idea that come September, maybe parents and teachers should be able to opt in or out of returning to school. Some parents might be willing to chance it because of their own good health and lack of childcare/money for food/etc., while others will not feel comfortable, so it should be optional until a vaccine is in place. I know some universities are considering staying virtual until 2021 and I think that’s a great idea. Why take extra chances if the current setup works and keeps students healthy?

    Another expert said he doesn’t know what anyone Is thinking when they say they’ll be able to have large gatherings like concerts and conferences again come October 2020, and that “normal” on that level won’t return until 2021. I found that refreshingly honest.

    • Rapunzel says:

      Case- the current virtual mode for colleges doesn’t work, unfortunately. I’m a community college prof of 16 yts. , and my students are not liking the set up, and many are simply unable to access or keep up with the work. And I’m an experienced, online only certified, instructor. Many of colleagues, older ones especially, are totally at sea. Some have gone from flip phones to teaching. It’s not a viable long term alternative. Maybe until 2021, but…

      • Elizabeth says:

        Rapunzel, I taught for thirteen years at the college level. I taught hybrid courses (half online, half in person), as well as traditional of course, and I would say most of my colleagues would have trouble switching over. My students, on the other hand, would have no trouble, but there might be a gap in motivation and an increase in procrastination. Lol.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Elizabeth- students are overwhelmed and many community college students in particular have equity issues when it comes to accessing online materials. I work with lots of low income and minority students and they are hating it.

  30. 2lazy4username says:

    Since when are car accidents and swimming pool deaths contagious?
    False equivalence and false expertise.

  31. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    I actually feel physically sick.

    • Some chick says:

      Don’t call these quacks!

      Given what you’ve just been through, I don’t blame you in the least.

  32. Joanna says:

    I am so sick of hearing this bullshit about deaths being acceptable. I’m going stir crazy but I am ordering all that I can off Amazon so I don’t have to mingle with these idiots and put my life in danger

    • Liz version 700 says:

      I have asthma and my husband and mother and in-laws are higher risk too. The people talking about letting us die off so the economy can restart are making me so anxious I actually asked my doctor … “what is the highest dose anxiety medication I can take?” That also probably puts me into a Dr Oz/Not Dr Phill appetizing death group. These statistics are people. They have families. What cold dark evil is wrong with these awful men

  33. Christin says:

    Anyone who has read about the Spanish Flu (which possibly originated in Kansas) realizes there can be further outbreaks. The subsequent waves in 1918-early 19 were the most deadly.

    If we rush back into “normal” economy mode, we’ll likely just have repeat stops and starts until a vaccine is ready. I personally cannot justify going to the eye doctor or the hair salon (places where you are within 6 feet of another person for 10+ minutes) anytime soon, no matter what a mayor or governor decides.

    • Case says:

      Same here. I’m totally mentally prepared to spend all summer at home. My desire to stay healthy is so much stronger than any interest in going out right now. I’m very fortunate to be able to work remotely. Ordering online and using grocery delivery has worked out fine. I’m cool to let my grays grow in and postpone unnecessary appointments and outings for the foreseeable future if it means I’ll be safe and keep others safe in the process.

  34. EllenOlenska says:

    Here’s my question… and I say this full well knowing what a cluster the economy is in…what has changed? What’s the real go forward plan? Yes, we have lots more data on who was impacted the most, how the disease seems to work, a little more intel on how it spreads…but what has changed? No vaccine, hospitals still juggling respirators, ventilators. What has changed besides the calendar page? Get some concrete plans, supplies and we may have a plan. The mere fact that farmers are having to kill crops and animals because the supply chain can’t be re-swerved from restaurants/hotel buyers to the public (tried to get any fresh veggies lately?) shows we’re not able to turn on a dime. And that’s just a basic transportation/redeployment issue. What has changed? Or are we okay writing off African Americans, the elderly and apparently 2-3% of school children…never mind we did have large swaths of the population at home for the past month, what happens when we’re all interacting?

    • Emmitt says:

      I think quite a few people in this country would have zero problem writing off African Americans, the elderly, those with pre-existing conditions etc. They would love it and welcome it. Sad but true.

  35. Bluenoser says:

    “I tell you, schools are a very appetizing opportunity… the opening of schools may only cost us 2 to 3 percent in terms of total mortality” and that the death rate “might be a trade-off some folks would consider.”

    Then, when he gets criticized, “I misspoke”.

    Please. He knew exactly what he was saying. Now it’s just back-pedalling. His comments are so dangerous, especially if tRump is looking to morons like this for information on how to go forward. JFC.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Oh yeah he meant it. He tried to soften it after he realized he used his outside of his head voice when he said it. But he clearly meant more dead is ok so we can get our MOJO back.

      • elle says:

        HAHAHA… that is exactly right. He thought, “Did I say that out loud?” He must have been hit with the some of the same “truth powder” that has T-diddy exposing the festering contents of his brain constantly.

        The big problem is that their supporters have never heard/practiced the old axiom, “If someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

  36. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    You know, at the beach last summer, this person was drowning. Lifeguards were running into the water to bring him to shore for rescue efforts. It was at that point I started coughing up seawater. I had no idea what was going on. I swear it was like I was about to drown. Had I known drowning was airborne, I wouldn’t have gone to the damn beach.

  37. Keroppi says:

    My response to “Dr.” Phil’s statement abiut car accidents is this.

    If there were 600 000 car crashes within two months in one country. And experts were saying that the cars’ brakes were faulty, but they didn’t know for sure what cars were safe and which one’s weren’t, recommended that driving stopped, roads closed & all cars are tested to ensure they were safe, would you still put your family in the car and go driving?

    All his examples of causes of death are dumb. They arent contagious and the numbers aren’t exponential!

    • Veronica S. says:


      The amount of cars on the road IS a problem, both as a public safety and pollution issue. This is a discussion point brought up all the time for the need for better public transit or AI driven cars! It gets talked about plenty, but it doesn’t get addressed because automobile and oil industry has such huge lobbying power and nobody wants to raise the taxes to deal with it!

      Cigarettes ARE a major killer. That’s why we have limits on who can buy them, why they’re taxed to death, and why most places won’t allow you to smoke for fear of second hand damage. We’ve seen massive changes to the industry regulations around them for that exact reason!

      Pools have lifeguards! They have warnings about deep ends and diving! Places that don’t have lifeguards have warning signs and restrictions about unsupervised children swimming!

      They are all literally arguments that undo themselves, my God.

  38. Coco says:

    “What’s that oath I took again? First, do no harpsichord? First do no Harvey, starring Jimmy Stewart? First do no hark, the herald angels sing? Yeah, I think I’ve got it.”

  39. Rose says:

    School districts have arranged drop off points for sack lunches and meals—my district is offering three squares a day to any child, doesn’t even have to qualify for free/reduced lunch. Chicken salad wraps yesterday. It was actually really good!

  40. Veronica S. says:

    What makes me laugh is just….this is literally all the result of conservative policies. No social safety nets for people beyond unemployment and Medicaid? No socialized healthcare? Allowing states to make their own shut down decisions? A reality tv host in office?

    You can’t pay a virus to go away. If you kept the country open, the economic fallout from the virus ripping through workplaces would be devastating, if not more so than what we are already seeing because of the combined death toll and cost of having hospitals slammed. (And we are, in fact, seeing that play out in the rural areas and states without stay at home orders right now.) In fact, we don’t even need to see this with a shut down because all you have to do is put progressive, ongoing stimulus packages that puts money directly into the hands of taxpayers, small business, and essential business. That’s it! That’s all it takes!

    But conservatives don’t want that. They want to funnel money into billion dollar enterprise to “maintain the economy” in its current status quo, so that means we get the economic hit harder and faster. That’s why they’re scrambling to literally blame anybody else for this or generating outright misinformation. They can’t possibly own the mess their incompetence and short-sighted thinking created – and their voters are too caught up in the sunk cost fallacy to examine how they may be wrong, anyway. There were a thousand different ways they could have addressed this situation head on without so much damage, but that would mean having to admit their ideals are not as sound as they think.

  41. L4frimaire says:

    Of course Oz is happy with those 2%-3% odds of kids dying. These are public school kids so in the Trump administration eyes, they’re a drain on tax dollars and their only value is to prop up big agriculture through the lunch program. You think kids who go to Groton or Spence have to worry about learning deficits or access to tutors?

  42. Reece says:

    I don’t know who is holding whose beer with these two.

  43. Cl says:

    It wouldn’t be kids dying, more like the kids transmitting it to older people and then dying. Also in medical school you learn about viruses and infections so saying he has zero experience isn’t true.

  44. SJR says:

    Didn’t Dr. Oz used to be an actual trained medical doctor, cardiac surgeon IIRC, before he sold his soul for $$$$? As if a surgeon “needs” more money, ha!

    Dr. Phil has always been shady, IMO. Oprah unleashed these 2 vile creatures on a public media platform.

    F.U. Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil and you too, Oprah!
    Calming discussing 2-3 million dead children as an “appetizing” option? F.U.!!

  45. Allergy says:

    Dr. Oz shamelessly ripped off Dr. Eric Berg (YouTube). Check it out, there’s a clip.

  46. Brigitte Aston says:

    I’ll go with Sanjay Gupta has to say before the avaricious and insipid comments Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz express. Sanjay Gupta is not attempting to cash in on his notoriety nor does he treat people as idiots. He is well respected and, most likely a more-contented individual because of this. Both Dr Phil and Dr Oz are targeting and playing to the lowest common denominator solely for profit … much like Oprah. As long as the sheep continue to follow these morons, they laugh all the way to the bank. I confer with the other comments related to this website … conversation and comments intelligent without incessant disparaging and bullying comments. Thanks Celebitchy for a bit of very welcome escapism. I can live with the ads

  47. Jo says:

    I gather they’re losing money the same as Trump is with his golf courses and hotels? This virus is really bringing the sociopaths out of the woodwork.